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Maid Mimi's Night to Remember

by Sissy-Belle


The French Maid


The Girls were due to arrive at any moment and he listened nervously for the sound of a car door closing or the ringing of the doorbell. His wife was putting the finishing touches to her makeup and looked absolutely stunning. He, however, was desperately trying to fit his penis and testicles into the black lace panties he had been given by his wife. He felt silly and very nervous but also excited because he was about to act out his fantasy and serve his wife's girlfriends dressed as his wife's maid Mimi. Mimi's Maid's outfit had been hastily put together by His wife earlier in the day and consisted of a black mesh 'T' shirt, very feminine and tiny black lace panties, white lace ankle socks and black shoes. Of course Mimi was also wearing the frilly white apron that his wife had made for her but she could not help wondering why his wife had smiled and told her she would look even better later on. She felt incredibly nervous and was wishing that the 'cocktail' evening with 'the Girls' had not been arranged!

Just then her thoughts were interrupted by one of the sounds she had been dreading .The sound of a car door closing and now she could hear female voices approaching the door. It was too late! She was going to have to open the door dressed as Mimi the Maid.

The doorbell rang once and then twice as Mimi very reluctantly made her way down the stairs to answer it. She took a very deep breath and opened the door.

" Good evening ladies. Please come in. My name is Mimi and I am your Maid for the evening." Mimi blurted out trying her best to ignore their delight at her discomfort. "May I take your coats? Thank you. Please come this way. My wife will be with you shortly." Mimi showed the Girls down to the basement.

" May I bring any of you a drink?" Mimi asked politely. Mimi poured the drinks carefully and gave a glass to each of the Girls. She was just wondering whether they were wearing such short skirts on purpose to excite her when the doorbell rang again.

" Please excuse me." As Mimi hurriedly left the room she could hear them comment on her lace panties and frilly apron and discussing her Maid's outfit and giggling. Mimi blushed crimson as she opened the door to more guests.

Mimi had just returned to the safety of the kitchen and was breathing a sigh of relief after her ordeal of settling the Girls downstairs when his wife walked in.

" I hope everyone has a drink!" His wife said briskly at the same time reaching under Mimi's apron and teasing her penis. Within seconds Mimi's organ was quite stiff.

" You had better take the Girls some snacks!" She snapped playfully.

"Please not like this!" Mimi begged, acutely aware of the way her erect penis caused her apron to jut out.

"At once unless you wish me to punish you in front of my guests!" His wife retorted. "Oh of course! Silly me! You would love that wouldn't you? I take you downstairs. I stand you in the middle of the room and I pull down your black lace panties in front of the Girls, I then bend you over a chair and cane your bare bottom for you? Or perhaps I should give the cane to Ann. You like Ann don't you? Then you can ask her to give you six strokes of the cane across your bare bottom!" His wife chuckled as she followed Mimi down the stairs to the basement.

Mimi tried desperately to retrieve her composure and her penis was almost back to a subdued state when his wife again reached between her legs and squeezed her testicles causing an immediate reaction. When his wife was satisfied that Mimi was again fully erect she pushed her through the open door into the room.

Flustered and embarrassed and trying desperately to hide her erection Mimi hastily began to offer each of the Girls some snacks. Standing in front of Ann Mimi's gaze was drawn to her short skirt and the milky white smoothness of her thighs and Mimi became quite entranced and began to imagine being draped over those thighs for a bare bottom spanking. Her penis pulsed and twitched. Suddenly Ann reached up and lifted Mimi's apron.

"Oh! I do believe Mimi is excited!" She cooed " I think Mimi has an erection!" Giggling she let Mimi's apron drop but by this time all the Girls wanted to see for themselves and began to chant " Let me see! Let me see"! Mimi was embarrassed and surprised at the crudeness of their remarks and tried to escape out of the room but his wife stopped her and steered her back towards the Girls. Suddenly Mimi felt his wife's hands caressing her bottom and then to her surprise she felt her black lace panties being slowly pulled down over her bare bottom until they fell round her ankles. Her penis suddenly released from the confines of the lace panties came quickly to attention. Totally humiliated Mimi was instructed to lift first one foot and then the other as his wife completely removed her panties and tossed them to one side. Mimi's face flushed bright red but she sensed quite correctly that her humiliation was just beginning. The blood pounded in her ears her pulse quickened and her penis freed from the restriction of the black lace panties and stimulated by the rubbing of the apron stuck straight out.

" I think you had better serve the snacks!" His wife said playfully smacking Mimi's bare bottom before sitting down on the settee. The Girls chuckled at Mimi's discomfort. Acutely aware of her bare bottom and her erection but now in a state of unbelievable excitement Mimi bent over in front of each of the Girls to serve them.

"Mimi. The Girls have brought something for you! Would you like to see it?" His wife teased.

"Yes I suppose." Mimi mumbled.

"Well you do not seem very keen. I think the very least you can do is to ask the Girls nicely to show you what they have brought for you. Or do you want to go and bring me the hairbrush?" His wife spoke very quietly but Mimi knew she was annoyed at her behavior and was frightened she would carry out her threat. He was terrified of being spanked with the hairbrush! He vividly remembered the last time he had been punished with it. His wife had been very angry because of what he had done to her underwear and she had wielded the wooden brush mercilessly with him wriggling and protesting draped over her thighs. He remembered vividly how the fierce assault on his bare bottom had left him sobbing uncontrollably and screaming out that he would not 'come' into her panties again ever! And so far he had kept his promise!

Mimi swallowed and faced the Girls. " Please Girls show me what you have brought. " she whimpered rather pathetically.

The Girls pointed to the box on the floor in front of them and Mimi drew in a deep breath as she saw the graphics on the box.

"What is it Mimi?" His wife asked innocently.

"A French Maid's outfit!" Mimi stammered almost in tears.

"Oh how nice of them." His wife chimed, "Open the box and show us!"

Trembling Mimi bent down acutely aware of displaying her bare bottom and picked up the box. Placing it on the table she nervously took off the lid and slowly began to take out the contents.

First she removed a black satin dress complete with multiple petticoats. Then a pair of black fishnet stockings , then a white lace apron and cap, and finally a pair of black 5 inch high heeled shoes all of which she held up for the Girls to see.

"Oh Mimi you are lucky! You had better go and put them on and then come back here so that we can all see you."

Mimi gathered up all the items and almost ran out of the room and up the stairs. Behind her the room filled with laughter as the Girls lost all their composure. So that was what his wife had meant earlier when she said he would look better later on. His wife must have planned it with the Girls.

Mimi ran to her bedroom and threw the contents of the box on to the bed. She undressed quickly and then, trembling with excitement began to put on the French Maid's outfit the Girls had brought for her. At first Mimi struggled with the black satin dress pulling it on over her head but even pulling it down as far as possible could not disguise the fact that it was too small and quite indecent. Next she struggled with the stockings pulling them up as far as possible but fastening the garters was still very challenging especially the two that stretched over her bottom. When she had arranged herself as best she could the black satin dress was still far too short and the stiff petticoats made it flare out so that it barely covered her bottom and the garters and tops of her black fishnet stockings were completely visible. Mimi suddenly realized there were no panties with the outfit and so when she bent down to serve someone her bare bottom would be completely exposed to the Girls and she was quite surprised when this erotic thought made her penis begin to stiffen again. Resisting the urge to stroke her penis she hurriedly pushed her feet into the black high heel shoes. Fastened the ties of the white lace apron making a nice big bow and adjusted the ridiculous lace cap on her head. After checking her appearance in the mirror she hurried as fast as she could on her high heels downstairs to the basement wondering whether she should curtsy or not when serving the Girls. Mimi, the Maid, stood nervously on her high heels head bowed outside the basement door holding her silver tray knowing that her French Maid's dress was not long enough to hide the tops of her stockings and trying to hide her erection.

She heard them say 'come in' but she did not move. Nervously Mimi knocked on the basement door a second time. Finally his wife appeared at the door.

"What are you waiting for?" She asked irritably. Mimi moved closer to her wife and whispered in her ear. "I cannot come in there like this! There are no panties with this outfit and the dress is so short the Girls will be able to see my bare bottom!" Mimi blurted out more loudly than she had intended. Mimi heard the Girls burst out laughing in the background.

"You silly girl! Don't you remember I took your panties off before you left the room to dress up as a French Maid and now one of us has them and you will have to bend down and ask each of us when you come in."

Mimi tottered unsteadily into the room balancing precariously on her high heels and was greeted with a loud round of applause from the Girls.

"Better give us a fashion show!' His wife said smiling. " I know go out and come in again and this time walk like a proper French Maid with small mincing steps and let your hips wiggle." The Girls could hardly keep their faces straight.

Mimi escaped through the door and then spent a minute composing her nerves. When she was calm she pushed the door open and stepped through. Taking very small mincing steps and wiggling her hips outrageously she approached the center of the room and whirled round in front of the Girls. Of course the dress being very short and the petticoats being quite stiff made it inevitable that she would expose herself. The Girls applauded loudly and there were even some whistles!

Mimi felt quite light headed and egged on by the applause stepped in front of Ann. Slowly but quite deliberately she bent down to ask Ann whether she had her panties knowing full well that her bare bottom was now in plain view to the other Girls. Mimi blushed as she heard them giggle and make rude comments behind her.

"Please Mistress Ann do you have my black lace panties?" Mimi managed to croak..

"No I am afraid not." Said Ann giggling. Mimi moved on to Joy and bent over to ask her about her panties.

"Please Mistress Joy do you have my black lace panties?" Mimi asked desperately.

"No I am afraid not." Joy answered with a laugh. Mimi moved on to Julie and bent over to ask her about her panties.

"Please Mistress Julie do you have my black lace panties?" Mimi asked nervously.

"No I am afraid not." Julie answered with a laugh. Mimi moved on to His wife and taking a deep breath she bent over to ask her about her panties.

"Do you have my black lace panties?" Mimi begged in desperation.

"Why yes Mimi I do but the Girls like you just the way you are! Don't you Girls?" His wife chuckled loudly as the Girls all nodded their heads vigorously laughing so loudly and uncontrollably that they looked as if they were in pain! His wife rose to her feet and stood to the left of Mimi. Very slowly and deliberately she lifted the back of Mimi's dress and there right in front of all the Girls, smacked her bare bottom quite loudly.

"Well don't just stand there! You are now our French Maid! Serve us our cocktails!" commanded his wife sternly, "and you had better not make any mistakes because all the Girls are just waiting for an excuse to cane that bare bottom of yours! Aren't you Girls?"

Mimi's Maid fantasy had finally become a reality and to her surprise and delight it felt even better than anything she had imagined! Now all she had to do was carelessly but deliberately knock over one of the drinks to precipitate six strokes of the cane across her bare bottom by each of the Girls and her evening would be perfect!




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