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Maid In London

by Maid Monique


Curtsey and hello, my former wife and now my strict Mistress Nicola, has made me sit at the computer and tell the world how I have become her cuckolded male maid. I'm 33 years old, five feet eight tall, with blue eyes and used to weigh around thirteen stone. I now weigh nine stone, and live as a woman, I have no friends at all Mistress will not allow this, I live 24/7 as a female maid to Mistress and her Black lover, who as moved into my former house.

Before my change to Monique I took my wife out for a meal, when I returned from a trip to the men's toilet, a large black male, whom is now my Master was sitting at the table making my wife laugh and smile, there was only two seats so I just said hello, to this guy thinking he would get up out of my seat, but he stayed where he was, My wife said don't be so rude David was kind enough to entertain me why you went and emptied mister puny, David laughed at me, got up and left. After that my wife was very cold with me and snapped at me a lot, for the rest of the night, with just one word answers, I just thought ok now sex again for me tonight

After I had paid for our meal I held the door open for my wife and lead her to the car, only to find my wind screen smashed, it was a fairly cold November night so I said to my wife why not wait inside while I phone auto glass to come and repair the smashed glass. But just as I finished my sentence, David the big black guy drove past us, and offered Nicola a lift home, she almost dived into his flash brand new BMW, it took auto glass about an hour to reach me, and Nicola must have been indoors for at least 40 mins, when I eventually got home David's car was outside, I felt rage building up in me, and charged indoors, as I entered my living room David punched me so hard in my face he knocked me out . I awoke next morning tied to the bed in our spare room, I could hear my wife laughing and joking and David's voice, my heart sank, had he stayed, had my wife had sex with a black man, why the fuck was I tied up, it was hours till the key in the door turned .The smell of my wife's cooking had long gone, it was getting dark as well, my god she's cooked him dinner as well. It was my wife who entered the room kissed David on the lips, and he cupped my wife's breasts and told me they where firm and white and no longer mine, as I went to answer he bent over and slapped my testicles quite hard, told me to shut up and listen and never speak unless asked a question by himself or my wife. The pain from my testicles helped me shut up and listen

I have fucked your wife bare back all night, what do you think of that, and in a raised voice David shouted answer me bitch, I called him a flash bastard and if he unties me I will show him, but he just punched me in my gut very hard, and left the room with his hand around my wife's waist laughing and kissing her. Night turned into the next day, god I was starving. It's been a day with no food. Nicola came back into my room with two chairs, then David came in and both sat at my bedside. David told me that he liked my wife very much and will be fucking her whenever he wishes and Nicola laughed. I did not speak, as I did not wish to get hit again. Nicola outlined a plan for me, first off she told me to keep very still or David would hurt me again, and I was in no position to argue, she placed a steel tube over my penis, with cords that went between my legs and around my waist. Your not going to be needing your thing anymore so will keep it in this little package, is that ok, David said answer her. I said yes ok Nicola, and she slapped me very hard across the face, and said another thing I'm Mistress Nicola from now on, do you understand, SLAP again, in a panic I said yes Mistress Nicola, and for good measure call David, Master, yes Mistress Nicola I said

David then placed a metal bar between my ankles and locked it in place, Mistress Nicola then started to tell me that she had phoned my place of work and told them I had finished working there and would not be in, and I would not be working my notice as a had a new job as her sissy maid, Master David then told Mistress Nicola to get her camera as he wanted her to take a picture of me accepting a penis shaped object he had in his hand, Master David told me to open my sissy white mouth and he slowly placed a penis gag in my mouth , as Mistress Nicola clicked away with her camera , as he put it the sooner I learned to accept cock orally the easier life would become for me.

About dinner time Mistress Nicola, came into my cell as I now called it untied my hands, took out my penis gag but left my ankle spreader on, and told me not to say a word, she had some soup for me, and that was all I was going to be eating for some time as a sissy I was expected to drop a few dress sizes and soon, Master David had told Mistress, after finishing my meal Master entered the room, pushed me flat on the single bed placed hand cuffs on me took off my ankle spreader. Placed a collar around my neck, it had the words "slave maid of Master David" and pulled me to my feet and dragged me into my former bedroom. Shouted to my wife he wanted to fuck now in front of me, and Nicola came into our bedroom laughing, got onto my bed with David and started a heavy kissing session with him, I tried not to look but David saw this and shouted if I did not want to be punched, watch while your wife sucks my cock. And I had to watch while Mistress sucked this black mans penis, what could I do I was hand cuffed and she seemed to be his willing partner.

After about 15 minuets Masters legs stiffened and he came in my wife's mouth, David told her not to swallow any and go and kiss me, I was to swallow it. I tried to run but David was very quick, and with the threat of pain, kissed my wife who passed me the sperm in her mouth, David said swallow and get used to the taste you will start to enjoy the taste girl. Some of his sperm run down the sides of my mouth, and Mistress said she wanted a picture of that and David laughed and said yes good Ideal darling, so I had smile and thank David for my first taste of sperm, David then told my wife to get me showered and to get rid of my body hair except pubes and he wanted them in a nice heart shape, and make that fucking shower a cold one, sissies only provide comfort for me and you babe, they don't get any themselves.

So with my handcuffs on Mistress placed a crème all over my body and fifteen minuets later a cold shower washed away all my body hair, Mistress then dragged me to my former bedroom via a lead she had attached to my collar, when I entered the room Master was sorting through a suit case he had with him in side was a lot of female clothing, one of which was a corset, Mistress told me to raise my arms in the air and keep my mouth closed. Mistress placed the corset on me and tightened it as best she could, then Master lay me down facing the floor whilst he tightened my corset up, god I could not breath or bend over, I did not complain I hated pain and this brute of a man had me where he wanted me, Master told me, it does not matter how much weight I lose I will always wear a corset as he liked them. Then I was told to sit and Mistress rolled a pair of her own sexy black stockings up my legs and attached them to four suspenders. I shuddered when I saw Master bring out of the case some false looking breasts, he said with a smirk on his face don't worry baby you will have your own soon enough. My humiliation was completed when a silky maids uniform was taken out of Masters case and Nicola place it on me laughingly and said lets get all this on film, with that I forgot my place and pleaded with Mistress, but Master grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to him and roughly shoved My penis gag back in and tightened it round the back of my head, the uniform was now placed over my head and some four inch high heeled shoes where slipped on my feet. God I felt my cock try to stir but my chastity belt stopped all that, Master saw this and laughed very loudly and said see I told you all little white boys love this type of thing. And Mistress agreed saying yes" little" being the word for that wanker. Master then said I was to stand in the corner of the front room facing the wall whilst he watched a film on television with my wife.

After about three hours, with Mistress and Master making all sorts of kissing slurping and sucking noises, above the sound of the telly, I was told to turn around and see my Mistress being fucked by a real man. Mistress, then asked me while Master was pumping her, who was fucking her and said make sure I like what I hear sissy boy. I replied that a real man was making love to you Mistress Nicola, with that Mistress smiled to herself and told me to fuck off to the maids room lock the door and put the key under the door, I will visit you in the morning maid, we have shopping to get for the rest of your life. I was so scared by what Mistress Nicola said I just ran to my room and cried all night.

To be continued ….




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