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The Maid of Honor                              by: Janet Stickney                   


I had always liked to look at the models in the catalog, especially the prom and bridal dresses with their satin and lace corsets and panties. I even started an album and pasted in the best pictures. I knew it was unusual for a 17 year old boy to do this, but the clothes looked so nice, the lingerie so sexy that I couldn't stop. I was laying on my bed going through the album when mom and my sister came into the room. Both of them knew about my hobby, so I gave it no thought when they saw me.

My name is Jeff Grant, I'm 17, 5'7" tall with brown hair and blue eyes and I weigh about 135. I'll be out of school in a few months and on my own, possibly at college. My sister is dating a fool named Henry. Beth is a whole lot smarter than he is by a long shot, so I wondered why she agreed to marry him. But, there's no accounting for taste I guess. "Jeff, we want you to be the Maid of Honor at Beth's wedding." "What!" "You heard me. Beth and I talked about it, and we want you to be the Maid of Honor." "Why don't I see me all dressed up as a girl?" "Because" Beth said, "You don't want to admit that you would like to wear some of those dresses in your album, that's why." "But what about Emily? I thought she was going to be your Maid of Honor." "Until she eloped with her boyfriend she was. Now she's in Nevada and isn't coming back." "Stand up Jeffrey." I did as mother asked, and then she looked at Beth. I knew it was coming and tried to say no before she said it, but all I did was open my mouth, when mom simply said "yes, she will look smashing in the dress". "I'm not a she mother!" "You will be the time we get to the wedding."

It was futile arguing with my mother. When she got something in her mind it was like she turned into Attila the Hun in a dress. Beth was no help at all and after mom left the room I asked her why me. "Because, 1, your family, 2, I don't have anyone else, 3, you really want to do this for me but are afraid to admit it, and 4, I don't give a damn what anyone thinks about it. If we do this right, nobody will know except for the family, and they have already agreed to keep silent." "You told them!" "Of course! I had to, or they could have wrecked the wedding!" She was right about that at least. But I had never once, even on Halloween, worn female clothing. I had fantasized about it of course, but to actually do it? No. "Mom and I are going shopping to get a few things to start you off right, and tomorrow morning you will be transformed into my beautiful sister Janet Lynn." Then she left!

True to her word, the next morning I was subjected to a complete transformation. From the top of my head to my toes, from the skin out, I looked every bit as much a female as Beth and mom did. I had on a short tan skirt with a white blouse and short tan heels, my hair made up and makeup on. Looking in the mirror, my mind instantly visualized me in one of those dresses in my album, and no matter how hard I tried to shake it off it lingered in my memory. "Since you only have a few weeks of school left you can wait to start your training until then." I looked at mom and asked her what training! "You need to learn how to walk, sit, use your hands and so on, how to do your own hair, nails and makeup, what to wear and when, and of course how to react around males." "Mom, I might need a few of those things, but how to react around males? I'm not going to be around or interact with any males except at the wedding, so what's the big deal?" Mom looked at me like I fell off a vegetable truck. "Of course you will! You'll be out of school in May, the wedding is in September. That's four months! Of course you'll be around males!" The light clicked on and I knew that she intended me to become a female for the entire time! "Mom!"

"There will be wedding showers, parties, rehearsals, and so on from now until the wedding, and the Maid of Honor always attends all functions dear. That's you." I looked at Beth, then mom, and finally, in the mirror, at myself. It was just barely possible that I could pull this off, barely. "Now that we have all of your sizes, would you like to go shopping now? Or would you rather wait until school lets out?" It was only a question of when, not if I would like to do it. "Might as well do it now and get it over with I guess."

I followed them out of the house, Beth drove us to the mall, and I found myself in the lingerie section of a huge department store buying a bunch of stuff. Two padded pantybriefs, slips in the lengths, four bras, two waist nippers, three nightgowns, a robe, slippers, pantyhose, and the worst, a pair of breastforms. Mom had me use a changing room and put the breastforms in my bra and then we went to the dress department. Three dresses, four skirts and four blouses, three pair of shoes, a suit and a coat. Staggering under the weight of it all, Beth and I took the stuff to the car and we drove back home. Dad was there when we got there. He took one look at me and grinned. "I see they talked you into it. I didn't think they could!" "I did my best dad, but you know how mom is." "You better put these clothes away Janet, I'll help you." Beth and I went to my room, and as soon as we had it all put away I changed back into my own clothes. From that moment until I was out of school, nothing was said, not a word.

On the last day of school I went home expecting to at least have that day, but mom was waiting for me. She and I went to my room where I saw that every single item of male clothing had been removed from my room! "Go ahead and undress. I'll smear this cream on and we can get you ready." As soon as my clothes were off, except for the briefs, she covered me with a pink cream. In the shower, all of the hair on my body washed down the drain! I washed my hair and shaved closely, returning to my room wrapped in a towel. I was standing there as mom told me what she wanted to do. "What!" "It really will be better this way Janet. Just lay on your back on the bed and I'll take care of it." Mom had gone over the edge, but once again I found myself unable to resist her demand and lay on my back.

She propped my feet up and slapped an ice bag on me, making my manhood shrivel up; then she manipulated me and used super glue to hold everything the way she wanted. Within minutes she said she was done, and when I touched myself, I found a thin slit, not my proud manhood! Jumping up I looked in the mirror and saw that she had created a vagina! "Turn around Janet." She attached the lifelike breastforms to my chest using a special adhesive and all at once I looked like my sister. I pulled on the panties, then mom showed me how to put on a bra. My breasts were held firmly in the cups, soft yet firm, with a modest amount of cleavage. "I'll watch while you do your makeup. You have to learn sooner or later and it might as well be now." Under her direction I applied the foundation using powder to give my skin a matte look. The eyeshadow was a soft gray with plum highlights. The hardest to do was the eyeliner. My hand shook until I put my elbow on the mirror and drew a perfect line on each eyelid. Under my eye I used a black pencil to finish outlining my eyes. A coral blusher on each cheek and mom said I was done. "Pick out what you want to wear and I'll be right back Janet."

I chose the dark green skirt with a mint shell, and had them on when mom returned. "Did you wear a slip?" "No." "You should always wear a slip with unlined skirts. Go ahead and put one on. I did as she told me, the she pulled my hair into a ponytail. "Get some shoes on and bring a purse. You have an appointment at the salon at three." I wore the tan flats, put on some pink lipstick, and grabbed the purse, ready to leave. The purse felt heavy, so I opened it and saw a brand new wallet. It had all of my money and pictures in it. I also found three Tampons, a brush, and small mirror. I added the lipstick and joined mom. With every step I was aware of not having any restrictions in my panties, my breasts actually began to feel like they were a part of me, and as I felt them moving and my thighs brushing together, I felt very feminine. But I would never admit that, especially to mom.

I was taken to a chair and my straight brown hair was washed and styled, then an auburn rinse put in and a soft set perm added to "give it body". My nails were made longer and done in a soft red and my eyebrows thinned out. It was two hours before I left the salon, and when I did I knew that there was no possible way for anyone to think I was a male. Thinning my eyebrows had changed the look of my face, the makeup removed all traces of any masculine traits I had. My hair now hung down the back in ringlet curls, the sides waved around my ears and the top fluffy with bangs, and it had a red tint to it. My hands gave a flash of red with every movement. I was now a female, at least to look at me. "Now we get your ears pierced and some earrings!" I left the jewelry store with small gold hoops in my ears and a bag of assorted earrings and necklaces, a gold watch on my wrist and a ring on each hand.

Once we were at home and I spent some time looking in the mirror, I knew that this was the exact person I had pictured in those dresses in my album, and finally admitted to myself that this wasn't so bad after all. I still did not picture myself as pretty, but I wasn't ugly either. Once I admitted I liked it, I found all of my ID, I had mom take my picture using dad's new digital camera and downloaded it into my computer, scanned in all of my ID, and changed the name and picture on each one. I printed them all out and now had an ID as Janet Lynn Grant, female, age 17. I put them all in my wallet and went to see mom. I showed her what I had done, expecting her to be slightly mad. "That's wonderful Janet! Tomorrow you can find a job for the summer using those!" "A job? As a girl?" "Of course. You didn't think we were going to support you until school starts did you?"

At dinner that night Beth was effusive in her delight at the way I looked, Dad harrumped a few times, and mom acted like I had always been a girl. In the morning I did my own makeup with no help, brushed out my hair and found that it fell right in place! The perm was working. I wore a short plaid skirt with a white blouse and short black heels, grabbed my purse, and went looking for a job, one that a girl would have. Waitress came to mind but I didn't like that idea. Office work? I can't type that fast. That left retail, so I started asking at a small plaza near the house. I struck out at three places before I found myself in front of the Bridal shop. I went in, walking through the racks of dresses until I came to the counter.

"Can I help you?" "I was wondering if you need any help." The look on her face was one of relief mixed with joy. "I certainly am! My regular girl quit last week to have her baby. When can you start?" "Now?" She showed me to her small office and gave me an application to fill out. I used the name Janet on all of the forms, and as soon as I was done she had me stay at the counter. Her shop was busy, and we had a lot of customers. The wedding season was approaching, and a number of girls came in for fittings, often buying some of the sexy lingerie she also sold. Two days later, during a lull, she asked me to come in the office.

"As you know, we do a lot of dress fitting here and quite often the girls have to be almost naked. When I ran your Social Security number into the system it came back with your name as Jeff. You wrote Janet on your application. Which is it? Jeff or Janet?" I sat on the only other chair and told her the whole story, and when she showed some doubt, I did the only thing I could; I pulled my panties down. "You can see that I present no threat to you or any of the girls that come in here Carol. I'm a female now. I'm not Jeff in any way." She looked at me and started to giggle! "I never had a clue until that report came back Janet. Since you think of yourself as a female, and you certainly look like one, I guess it will be okay. I'll make your checks out to J. Grant." That was the end of it, and after that I would quite often find myself in a room full of half naked girls while they tried on their dresses.

After two weeks of dressing and actually working as a girl, my worst nightmare came true. I was set up on a date, by my sister of all people! "It's just a friendly dinner Janet. Relax and enjoy having someone else pay for dinner." Bob was tall, and nice looking, polite and attentive. I wore a lightweight summer dress and heels for the date. All went well until we got back to our house and he caught me off guard and kissed me. Then he asked me out for Saturday night. "We'll go dancing and have a nice dinner Janet. Please?" Now, I was tired of staying home all of the time, and impulsively said yes. "Great! Dress real fancy and we'll go to Fours." I now had my first real date. Beth was smiling at me when we walked into the house. "Bob thinks you're a doll Janet." "Ya. All foam and latex. This should be fun." I went in my room and then bed.

The minute Carol found out about my date she insisted that I try on some things. I had my eye on a dress, and she gave that to me as well. "You'll look fantastic in this dress Janet, go try it all on." In the back I stripped to my panties and slipped the white satin corselet around myself and Carol tightened the laces. When she was done my boobs were hiked up, slapped together, and pushed out, my waist was a trim 21 inches. I slipped the dress over my head and let it settle as Carol zipped it up. I took one look in the mirror and knew I was right. The dress was an all white sheath with thin spaghetti straps holding up a low, square cut neckline. The hem was above my knees of course and was form fitting. The sheer over dress had small sequins sewn on and the satin under dress was soft and sexy against my skin. "You'll have him tripping on his tongue in the dress Janet!" My mind said "That's the idea", my mouth said nothing.

I left the shop early on Saturday and went through my weekly ritual of hair removal and shaving, mom redid my groin and after I removed the breastforms and cleaned my chest, decided to try it without the breastforms. After I had the corselet on, Beth came in and tightened the laces. Holding my arms up as she did that created a modest but full breast when I put my arms down. Beth gave me some small foam pads which I used to push my own boobs up a little. She stayed while I did my makeup and hair, and slid the dress over my head, then zipped it up for me. "Damn!" "Like it?" "Sister, you look like a woman on the make! By the way, are you?" I sat at my new vanity and added the rhinestone earrings and perfume, refusing to answer her. My lipstick was a bright red. I waited until I heard the doorbell ring, counted to one hundred, and walked into the room. Dad choked and Bob gasped. Perfect! I now had their undivided attention! "Hi Bob. Daddy."

Carol and my sister were both right. All night he devoured me with his eyes, and I quickly understood the power women have over men. As we danced he pulled me close to him and I could feel him, hard against my leg and smiled to myself. His hands went down my back and up to my shoulders, making me shiver under his touch, an entirely involuntary reaction on my part, then again I loved it as his warm breath caressed my ears and neck. Later, on the way home, he drove to the park and pulled me to him. I did not resist him as his lips sought mine, or when his hand found my right breast. Everyone of my senses were on edge as his tongue flicked into my mouth and he stroked my legs and breasts. He moved slightly and out popped his weapon! "Touch it Janet, stroke it." Unbidden, my hand grabbed him and as my fist closed around his hardness the velvet over steel analogy came to mind. I did not want to get anything on my dress, and in a fit of overpowering femininity, I bent over and took him into my mouth. His hands on my head guided me as he pumped in and out and all at once, he shot and my mouth filled up.

Later, he took me home, and as I went in I knew in my heart that I could not be my old male self ever again. I had committed an act that let me admit once and for all that this is what I wanted. Beth helped me get undressed, and as I crawled into bed, I told her she had a sister at last. In the morning I was at the breakfast table alone with mom. All at once she said, "You have that look Janet." I turned to look at her and she smiled. "You've become a woman haven't you?" Before I could answer, she added, "You and Robert had sex last night I'll bet!" I did not answer her, choosing to let her think what she wanted. When I got dressed I wore the corselet again, vowing to never wear those breastforms again.

I went on as if nothing had changed until my birthday, which fell on a Monday this year. I would be 18 and fall under my own medical plan at the shop. Saying nothing, I went to see a doctor and explained things to him. After a lengthy physical, he prescribed the hormones, and I began to take one each day. It was the beginning of July, so I had almost three months. I hoped for the best but knew that nature had the last say. By the first of August I had a slight swelling in my breasts, and at the end of August I had a full A cup breast, all my own. On the day of the wedding I had swelled to almost a full B cup and as yet nobody knew but Bob and I. At the Bridal salon I waited until Beth was done, then undressed, standing proudly on the platform. Mom gasped and Beth smiled as I was fitted for my dress. The wedding went off without a hitch, and later, at home, dad asked me when I was going to change back and become Jeff once again. I looked at mom, who told him I never would. "She has the body of a female now dear. This is your daughter Janet." Carol made me a partner in the shop and that's where I still work. All the legal stuff is over, and tonight I intend to lose my virginity to Robert. All because of a simple wedding.




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