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Maid for Sex

Debra Lynn Messer


This the story of how I took my pathetic sissy husband and created the best maid a woman could have. Debbie has turned out wonderful. She tends to the house, to me and any lover I have around.

Bill was a slight built man. He was cute in a boyish way when I met him. He was involved in creating some kind of computer program and later sold the copy right to it. I discover one day that Bill had another side. It seemed he fancied the idea of being a woman.

I first discovered it purely by chance. I had been in his office and there was a message looking for Debbie. He wanted to know if she was horny and needed her daily dose of dick. At first I thought he had it all wrong. I mean Bill wasn't overly manly, but never this. I decided to play stupid and find out what this guy was up to. The longer I chatted with him the more I realized he was looking for Bill. Since Bill was out of town for a couple of days I took advantage of this time to find out all I could. I was surprised and shocked to know Bill was so totally into all this and it disturbed me.

When Bill got back I decided to "meet" him. I searched him out online and introduced myself as Steve. After a few days I was hurt and angry. Bill not only liked the idea of being Debbie he really got into the role online. There seemed to be no limit to the games he would play. The more controlling I became the more he responded. That was when it hit me. I began to play a game with Debbie as a maid. As I went on I had Debbie into all sorts of different things. She would eat out a woman after I fucked her. I had an idea that she would service a room full of men. I even had her be a sex toy for a guest. It didn't matter what I came up with "Debbie" went along with it. I couldn't believe want I was seeing. In a last test I managed to get him to admit his deep seeded desire to become Debbie. I was hurt, angry and just plain devastated. I could not believe he felt this way. He admitted so much as to say he often thought being married ruined his dream. I began a plan to keep a record of our visits. I wanted him to know why he was about to fulfill his deep dream. I had decided that he would become Debbie, and with the proper planning become Debbie forever.

I had fixed up the room in the back of the house to serve as the Maid's room. It was about the size of a Master Bedroom, so it was big enough for someone to live in. I then bought all the necessary items. By the time I was ready I had everything in place. Debbie had her make up. She would have DD-cup breasts (his size of choice) and long Auburn hair. His choice and for now the wigs would work, later when Debbie had long hair I would make sure it was colored and styled. I had bought several basic gray dresses for Debbie to wear during the day. I had a traditional black French maid's uniform for formal evening events. It had a deep neck line and would show lots of cleavage and ruffled petticoat. I had two similar uniforms for day and garden events. These were not as frilly but were just as sexy. One was blue and the other yellow. She had low heels for everyday duties and matching 5" stiletto heels for the other outfits. Of course she had seemed stocking too, white for day wear and matching for the rest.

I bought Debbie a full set of under garments. I had several corsests to be able to help to develop her new body. She was going to need a much smaller waist. I then bought new under garments. I went wild with this, no cotton or satin here. Everything was lace or sheer and her panties were all thongs. I had matched sets of everything. Bras, panties and garters, they all matched. The best part of the bras I chose was that they would support her breasts some, but allowed them to giggle around pretty well. Since Debbie was going to need some everyday clothes I had to get some. I figured Debbie was a little tart and shopped accordingly. I bought short skirts, very short tight skirts. Her tops either had deep plunging neck lines to show off her tits or very light fabric that easily showed her bra underneath. What few dresses she had were all very short, tight and showed lots of cleavage. I wanted everyone who saw her to instantly think of sex. When I was satisfied I was ready, I planned the trap.

I packed away all of Bill's clothes. I had him keep me out late so that when we got home he wouldn't find out until the next morning. When we got home I asked him to cover his body in what I called a cream. The truth is it was hair remover, and a powerful one at that. Bill did and waited the necessary 15 minutes before taking a shower. Since he didn't have all that much hair one time was all it took to wash it off him. I then dried him off commenting on how nice he felt. Then before he could object I shaved his groin into a nice heart shape. As a special treat I fucked all night. He came at least three times before falling asleep. Little did he know that that was the last time his small dick would ever touch me again. The only pleasure he would give me would be eating me out and only when I wanted it.

The next morning I grabbed the last of his clothes while he was a sleep. I quickly got ready and picked out his first set of things to wear. I then got him up and into the shower. I left copies of our, Debbie and Steve's, online chats on the bed next to his bra, panties, garter and stockings. Left a note explaining that he was going to wear what I had out. I left notes in the closet and dresser drawers telling him that his clothes were in his temporary room {yea right—temporary}. In his new room I laid out a day uniform, breast forms, adhesive, wig and shoes. I left a note there explaining that those were his and to be dressed and made up. I then left a note in the kitchen saying I would be back around noon to see how he was fairing.

By the time I got back he was dressed. He seemed a little out of sorts at first. I quickly made sure he got the picture. I was Steve. This was what you said you wanted. So for the next few months you will be Debbie and you will be my personal servant. You will stay in your room unless you are requested. You will do as I ask and not argue an order is an order I do not expect to have to raise my voice. Failure to comply will result in punishment. I am Ms. Kim from now on. Again he began to say something. No, I am not done. You have a TV and radio in your room. You have your own phone and will not use the main line for personal things. Your day will begin at 6:30 and I will have breakfast at 7:00. You will wear the uniform I tell you. The black one is for formal or special functions. The colored are for outdoor functions. You will wear a corsest until I say so every day. You will have dinner ready by 6:00 unless I say other wise. You will be on duty until your chores are complete and the house is ready for the next day. You will have Monday night off and all day on Tuesday. I paused for a moment to think what else I had in mind and continued before he had a chance. Yes, I almost forgot. There is an intercom for me to reach you. Since you will handle all the daily chores you may use the small car as you wish. The Corvette and Jeep are off limits and the keys are safely locked away. Do you under stand? It was great, I just looked at Bill all dressed up and crossed my arms. Not giving him time to react I finished the orientation. Good I see you understand. When I think you are ready you will go back to being Bill. Until then you will be Debbie. Now Debbie I have to get back to work. I suspect you will have the house completed and my dinner ready. As I started out the door I turned back for one last instruction. Debbie I will be served in the Dinning Room or on the Patio, I will tell you which, you will use the kitchen. With that I closed the door and left.

As I drove back to work I was so proud of what I had done. I had my husband all sissified and working for me. I was impressed at how well I had kept my control. I wanted so bad to just let him have it. When I saw Debbie I knew this would be better than anything else I could have come up with.

When I got home Debbie met me at the door. Good Evening Ms. Kim. I hope your day was well. Debbie gave a little curtsy and bow of her head. Yes Debbie it was fine thank you. Debbie took my purse placed it in the closet. She then fixed me a Gin and Tonic. I went into the dining room and sat at the table. Debbie brought me a lovely meal of grilled chicken breast and fresh grilled vegetables. [Bill had been a cook in high school and college and was really very talented in the kitchen.] Debbie checked on me a few times and cleared the dishes when she was finished. I could hear her cleaning up in the kitchen and later met me in the den where I was watching TV. Is there anything I can do for you Ms. Kim? Debbie was in the doorway waiting for her answer. Just for fun I waited until the commercial break. No Debbie, I will be fine the rest of the night. Please have my breakfast and coffee ready in the porch for me tomorrow. Debbie curtsied and bowed her head and left me.

Later I decided to check on my sissy maid. I went to her room knocked and quickly opened the door. There she was in her baby doll nightie. She was watching TV when I came in. Debbie dear, please have your work done early. We will be going out tomorrow. I said good night and went up stairs.

The next morning Debbie had a nice breakfast waiting when I came down. When I was nearly done she came out to the porch. Will there be anything else? I told her no and she cleared the dishes as I picked up the waiting paper. Debbie saw me to the door as I left for work. Now Debbie, I will be home at about 3:00. I need you to have the house ready. Don't change this will be fine. Just be ready. I left and headed to work.

Debbie was about to enter the first real step of my plan. The maid thing was just to gain control and create a false sense of hope. Debbie believed if she that she had a chance to escape it ever it would be easier. Since she could hardly be seen as Bill I had a friend help me create documents making her Debbie. It wasn't easy but I had her name legally changed to Debra Lynn Messer. She already had a new Social Security card I got her a new Debit Card so she could shop for me.

When I pulled up Debbie was waiting for me. I had called her and told her to wait in the driveway. This way anyone passing by could see here standing there all dolled up. Debbie got into the car and we were off. Our first stop was the salon. Debbie did a petty good job with her make up. When she was all dressed no one could really tell she wasn't a natural woman. I just wanted her to get used to coming here and meet the staff.

Hi Kim, so who is that with you? Jennifer had been my stylist for some time now. She had helped me plan the whole thing and was now going to give Debbie a make over and show her how to best make herself up. She led use to a private room. So is this Bill, sorry Debbie. I could see the look of pure terror in his eyes. I just smiled into the mirror. Yes, Jen it is and she needs some pointers on making her look her best. Jen went to work on Debbie. The entire time I could see she was about to explode. When Jen went to get a nail polish I stepped in. Remember what I said the harder you make it the longer you live it. I could she her mull it over and begin to back off. When Jennifer was done I was really impressed. There was no way anyone could tell now. I arranged for Debbie to be able to sign on my charge account. I told them that as soon as her hair was longer she would need it colored and styled.

After that I drove Debbie to the Dept of Motor Vehicles. Debbie we need to get you a new license if you wish to drive. I am sure you would prefer making trips to the store in the car I have for you as opposed to a bus and walking. Debbie went in and I handed over Bill's license and the paper work to have the name changed. It was a blast watching the staff look at it and at Debbie. I knew she wanted to die and I struggled to keep my composer.

As a treat I took Debbie out to dinner. It was great watching her eat and conduct herself as a lady. I ordered her a simple salad and water so she did not get to choose. . There she was in her uniform sitting there with me in the middle of the restaurant. Before we left I made her use the ladies and fix her make up. No one looked at her twice and she just went in did what she had to and came back out.

For her co-operation and good behavior I let Debbie eat my pussy until I orgasmed several times. I then let her retire for the night.

The next morning I gave her her debit card and told her to make sure the receipt was left on the desk in the office. This way I could record and review her purchase. I reminded her that if she required anything she needed to tell me in advance so I would know.

That evening she met me at the door with a curtsy and tipped head. The receipt was left as I instructed and not one thing was added to the list. It all was going so good I was quite pleased. I figured that by the end of the third week I was ready for the next part. The next several days went by quickly. Debbie was quite the little maid. The combination of corsests and diet had trimmed her down too. I knew after she started the hormones she would gain weight so I figured this was the best time to start.

To stress the next part some I had arranged a visit to my Gynocolist. Debbie would meet Carrie and get the first of her shots. Carrie had already called in the prescription for her pills. Carrie explained the shots were part of her body modification {which is how I referred to the diet as}. The pills were strong "vitamins" that needed to be taken three times a day. I wished I could have seen Debbie in her uniform sitting in the waiting room with all the other woman. Just thinking about it made me smile. While Debbie was getting her shot I had met a new guy in our office. He was gorgeous too. He was over 6 feet tall and his trim body was well defined. We were talking at lunch when he asked me out. I figured there was no time like the present and took the rest of the day off.

I met him at his place. I went in and he was wearing a t-shirt and slacks. His well defined body got me wet instantly. I sat on the sofa and John sat next to me. He knew why I was there and took no time kissing me. I reached out and felt his cock. It was easily twice the size of Bills. It was a good 8 inches and thick. I freed his tool and knelt down in front of him. I took his pole in my hands and downed it. It did not take long for him to fill my mouth with his cum. I finished and thought how much better he was than my sissy maid. John led me to his room where I helped him strip down. After he slipped into bed I stripped down in front of him. John's cock was great, so much larger than Bill's. He was able to make me cum several times. It was the best sex I had had in ages. John asked me to stay. I told him that my husband was waiting with dinner ready and I had to leave. John got nervous so I quickly comforted him. Don't worry; the sissy bitch is my maid now. You will get to meet "her" soon. With that I gave him a deep kiss and left. All the way home all I could think about was what I had been missing. Bill had such a little cock. John was so much better in bed. I smiled at the thought of Debbie sucking John's beautiful member. Ah, but all in good time I reminded myself, all in good time.

The next few weeks went great. I noticed the combination or tesostrone blocker and hormones were beginning to have there effect. Debbie's skin had a new glow and she was developing nice breasts. {Granted we had to tell her that those were a side effect and not to worry} Her figure was coming along quite well to. I spoke with Carrie and arranged her to have a physical. Carrie called me and told me that Debbie was now ready for phase two. She said the Bill's small cock and balls were totally lifeless and the C-cup breasts were ready to be augmented.

During this time my routine had changed. I would go out at night and sometimes not even return. Every time my sissy maid squeaked I would just cut her off with a threat or a reminder of "Steve". I spent a lot of time fucking and sucking my new stud boyfriend. His was incredible. Sex was him was the best. I could hardly move sometimes. He had me reach levels of passion I had never experienced with Bill.

I took Debbie to the clinic and got her ready for her surgery. The plan was to shape her nose some, raise her voice and give her the DD-cup breasts she had told Steve about so often. I wasn't sure, since mine were D-cup, if I wanted my maid to have bigger ones. Of course to finish turning her into the sex object I had planned I needed to do it. Debbie was pretty out of it when she woke up the next day. I told her I could manage for a few days while she recovered. Once Debbie realized she had her new breasts I just reminded her how she had told Steve how much she liked them. I made sure she never talked for the necessary two weeks. I had Carrie give her a high voice and I did not want her to ruin it.

Debbie went to the office alone. There she was with her high squeaky voice and huge tits. Of course nothing fit her so she went braless with those tits and large nipples about to burst from her top. She had her new uniforms, but I wanted to wait till after that to give her her new bras.

When I got home I saw Debbie's new look. Of course the tits and voice made her seem like a sex kitten. Her nose was just large enough to look cute on her face. Carrier had done a great job. Debbie looked just the way I had planned. So dear, how do you like the work? Debbie just chimed off a little. I had no time for her ranting. Look Debbie you wanted this. You wanted to be a sissy maid and now you are. You have the body you wanted. Don't come to me with this, all I did was help you achieve it. With that I grabbed my coat and purse and left. I had a date with John and no sissy maid was going to ruin it. I saw the tears in her eyes as I left. I just let her deal with it.

That night I brought John home with me. We had sex in my bed with my sissy maid downstairs. He was better than ever. I nearly fainted when he came in me. I tried not to wake Debbie and spoil the surprise while we fucked. It was nearly impossible to keep from screaming. The next morning as John and I started to get each other hot I called for Debbie. I left the door cracked so that she could see John fuck me. I had my legs wrapped around him and he was ramming my pussy when she knocked on the door. John just kept drilling me. I saw her looking at me as I cried out for John to fuck me. After he pumped his load into me I told Debbie to come in. I threw back the covers exposing John's assume body and my dripping cunt. Eat me now. Get up here and suck my pussy. As directed Debbie got on the bed and began to eat my cunt. She had become quite good at it too. Yes, suck my pussy. Suck his cum and my pussy juices. As usual Debbie was getting me quite hot and ready. Suck my stretched pussy. Eat the cum that my stud has left in me. I was getting my shots in. The more Debbie ate the more I let her know what I was getting.

When I was finished I noticed John's cock was rock hard again. Debbie, I think this stud needs a release. I want you to suck his cock. Without hesitation Debbie took his cock in her mouth. Good girl, relax and swallow is entire cock. A woman like you should have no trouble taking his cock. Suck the cock that now pleasures me. Take the rod of a real cock. Lick and suck a real mans balls, a real man, not some sissy bitch. I knew it was mean, but I couldn't help myself. I mean here was my "husband" sucking the same cock I had just fucked, and right after "he" licked his cum out of my pussy. I want you to swallow his cream. Taste the cum of my stud. Take his cock and suck him dry. Drink the seed of a man who wants to be a man and please his women. It wasn't long before John began to fill Debbie's mouth with his cum. Don't let a drop get away. Women like you love cum; they want all a man can give them. Debbie did it too. When she sucked his cum down she then licked his balls clean. I had Debbie change the sheets while John and I showered.

Debbie had breakfast ready when we were done. Both of use just wore a robe to eat. Mine hung loose showing a fair amount of breasts. John was already sitting at the table when I came in. I kissed him deeply and thanked him for the fucking he gave me. I knew Debbie heard me and had a very angry look on her face. I grabbed her and took her to her room.

Don't give that look I demanded. Take off you dress. Take it off! Now your bra and panties do it! Look at yourself. Look! You are a woman. That pathetic thing there is useless. You are built for sex. I am a woman I want a cock in me. You…you can't even get hard. Hell, your cock was half the size of John's. Get real you are the sissy bitch you wanted to be. Gawd, it was so easy too. Deal with it. I told her to get dressed and get back to work. There was no way I was going to let Debbie have a chance to speak. I was nearly in tears too. It was just then that I realized how easy it had been to create Debbie. Bill never fought it, never even tried to defy me. He just went along with each step.

After breakfast John and I went back upstairs. I called Debbie to my room again. When she got there John was naked on the bed. Debbie you did so well earlier John wants some more. I told him you would gladly serve him. You should feel this wonderful cock inside of you. Find out why I love his pole and always want more of it.

Debbie just stood there. I knew this was the final blow. To have her get fucked by the same stud who was fucking me. This would seal her fate and make the last part simple. Take off your dress. Let John see those tits. Give yourself to him. Slowly Debbie stripped down to her bra and thong. John just lay there. His hands behind his head as his pole bounced in the air. Very good Debbie, take off your bra. Show this stud those DD-cups, and large nipples. She did as I said. Her nipples were stiff as she slid off the bra. Now let John see that cunt of yours. Take off your panties so he can burry his staff deep into your love tunnel. When Debbie finally was naked I went for the kill. Turn around, slowly, so that this stud can admire what he is about to have. I was smiling and I couldn't help myself.

Good girl, let this hunk of man see the cherry he is going to take. John, this is "Bill". You know my sissy maid and husband. It was all too good to be true. He goes by Debbie now and wants a well hung man to break him in. Show him the joys of womanhood. Debbie can't be Debbie without your help. With that I had Debbie get on all fours in the bed. I lubed her fuck hole and was slicking up John's tool. I then leaned to whisper in Debbie's ear. Try to relax. Women like you like it up the ass. They love to have a man fuck them. It will hurt at first, just let it go and you will reach a new high. You are made for sex and you are about to enjoy it.

John fucked Debbie hard. She tried to have him stop. She begged but John kept plowing in his cock. After he got it all the way in he held it there for Debbie to relax. Then he began to drill her. Pulling out to the head then deep in again. I noticed the cries were now moans. As John continued to drill the moans be came sounds of joy. There was my sissy "husband" now getting fucked by a man. He was rocking in motion to the pounding he was getting. John began to ram her harder and harder, then with a final thrust grabbed Debbie hips and let loose his load. When John pulled I could see the cum ooze out onto her thighs. Now wasn't that wonderful. I could see you enjoyed it as much as I do. I then explained to John that Debbie was instructed to follow any request given to her.

Debbie took her clothes and left. John and I got dressed to spend the day on his boat.

I got home late that night and went straight to bed. I wanted to see how Debbie was doing but just didn't want to have to face the reality that she had become a woman so easily.

The next morning I made an appointment with Carrie. I wanted to finish the plan. Since Debbie had come this far and after what I had said yesterday I figured to act now and finish it. I then called and told Debbie to meet me at the office.

We talked and planned everything out. Debbie came in a little later and we just laid it out. Debbie, Kim and I feel you are ready to undergo SRS. We feel you can handle the transition. I needed to hear you say it though. I need you to tell me you are ready. Debbie looked at Carrie and at me. I locked up to keep from crying. I knew it was for the best. Debbie was much more feminine now. Even if I could turn her back it would be no use. Debbie looked at the floor and around the room. I could see that she was struggling with all this. I just waited for her answer. Then with a single tear in her eye Debbie said "yes". Yes, I want to finish what I started. I want to become a whole woman. With that Debbie signed the necessary papers and the date was set for next week.

Everything went great. Debbie had a brand new pussy of her own. Carrie had done a great job. I took Debbie home and took her to her room after our last appointment. I had her stand naked in front of the mirror so she could see her body. Since I had Debbie in such a vulnerable state I took advantage of my last stage. I was going to turn Debbie in to a total slut. She was not only going to be my maid, but a sex toy for men. I wanted her to forget the word "No" and give herself to any guy who said "hello". Debbie now that you have a pussy, men will want you. They will want to fuck that pussy. You can handle it. Women like to have a cock in their cunt. You will too. You will allow and desire men to not only feed you their cock, but fuck your cunt and ass. Look at this body. Men well seek you out and you will gladly accept them. I left Debbie alone and told her to get dressed.

I had laid out a pair of red crotch less panties and a shelf bra. I had a skin tight leather mini that barely covered her ass. The top was tight and had a deep neck. When she wore it her tits nearly fell out. She also had a garter and fishnet stockings. The final was the 6 inch stiletto heels that buckled around her ankle. I had her tease her hair and made her up to look like a hooker. When I was done she was pure sex. I got dressed in a short skirt and light top with high heels. I was dressed to trill, but Debbie was pure "Fuck Me Now".

We met John at a local nude strip club. I got a few drinks into Debbie and set my plan in motion. I got her to get on stage and dance. She was great men were lining up to tip her and get a quick feel of her. When she was done the owner met her in back. He and I took our cut of the money and he told her she had the job. That night she stripped and gave private dances. She was doing great and later I took the boss aside.

Debbie also wants to do a sex show, except she wants the men to join in. The owner said he might be able to arrange it. At closing time he locked the doors and the remaining 10 guys were ready. Debbie thought she was doing another set and was in back. The other girls filed out while I kept her busy. When she stepped out on stage she was shocked.

Debbie I told you you were built for sex. All these men are here for you to service. Debbie stripped naked and began to suck the owner first. With cock in her mouth John got up. I had told him to break in her pussy. John fucked Debbie's pussy and both he and the owner came at the same time. Debbie down the cum and as soon as they pulled out two more cocks came in. Again Debbie took them and finished them off. Then I had three do her at the same time. There she was with three cocks in her, all of them pumping her full of cum. Again she took their cocks. She would suck then and downed their seed. John and I went into the back room and fucked while my "husband" took every cock over and over again. We were there for hours; Debbie could hardly walk when we left. John went up to bed and I helped Debbie clean up. See I told you you were a pure sex toy. You handled all those men like a pro. I know you will do the same here.

The next day I had Debbie pack up her day clothes. I had bought new dresses that were a lot more revealing. They were shorter with deeper neck lines. The length barely covered her ass. The front was so deep you could nearly see her large nipples. You will serve anyone who comes over. "NO" is not allowed. If they want you then lead them back here. If they are staying here then you can use their room. I took the clothes away.

I had planned to have friend drop some "important papers" by the house that day. I told him to enjoy Debbie. He was curious about what I meant. I just told him to enjoy and stay a while if he wanted. Debbie will gladly have you stay and tend to your "needs".

Greg told me how it went when he got back. He told me he nearly flipped when he saw Debbie at the door. He asked to come in and Debbie showed him in. As Greg put it, seeing those tits and legs made him instantly hard. He walked up and grabbed Debbie's ass. She didn't even flinch. He then said he copped feel of her tits. I was happy to hear that Debbie allowed him to feel her up. Then Greg said he wanted more. Debbie led him to her room. She stripped him down and the stripped. Greg explained how Debbie went down on his cock and was great at giving head. He then fucked my maid and left. I was impressed that Debbie was such a good maid.

A few days later I had John and a friend of his over. As usual John stayed with me and fucked me silly. Brad had a room down the hall. I had Debbie check on him before she could retire for the night. Brad saw Debbie come in and right into action.

He was naked and walked over to Debbie and asked her to suck his cock. Just as she was instructed she went to her knees. Brad held her head as he sawed his cock in and out of her mouth. Debbie sucked on his rod as he fed it to her. When he came Debbie downed his cum and sucked him dry. Brian then unzipped the uniform and had her strip down. Debbie did and joined him in bed for the night. I could hear Debbie getting fucked by Brian. The next morning Brian drilled her again. I saw Debbie going down to clean up and fix breakfast.

At breakfast I told Debbie I was going to gone for a few days. John would be here and that she was to follow his instructions as though they were mine. I then smiled and told her to have a good time. I knew John had planned to have his friends over. I said if he wanted he could fuck Debbie. After all she was just the maid and sex toy.

I heard all about it when I got back. Debbie started in her sexist clothes. All the guys were trilled to meet her. She served them and they were really very nice. As they got a little drunk they wanted to see more of Debbie. So John told here to strip off the top and skirt. That started it. Within a few minutes she was naked and had cock in her.

It was more than just a good fucking too. I learned that as the time passed they got a little tougher or Debbie. At one point Mark had her bent over a chair and when he was finished he wiped his cock off with her hair. John tried to apologize for that. I asked if it got worse. He went on to tell me how on Saturday she wasn't even allowed to shower. By the end of the day the cum was dried on to her and she smelled of stale sex. She had cum all over her body. I dripped from her pussy and ass. It coated her tits and her hair was all matted. I smiled and thanked him for the job he had done. By now I knew Debbie was under complete control. There was no way she would ever think of going back.

Since then she has become quite the slut. I even have her give the pizza delivery guy a blow job instead of a tip. She screws any man who shows interest. A first date with her will end with him getting sucked and/or fucked. Guests quite often have her service them. I have even had couples use her special talents during their stay. In addition to her sexual activities Debbie keeps the house in a wonderful condition. I have to admit every woman needs to find someone {or create someone} like Debbie.




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