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Maid for Life              by: Paul G Jutras


"Thanks, Kenny." Steve said as he picked his newspaper off the front porch as he rode his bike to the next house on the route. As he rode up the next house’s front walk; however, Mary stepped out of her house with a shot gun in her hands.

"Get off my property!" Mary shouted as she fired a warning shot into the air. Kenny just dropped the newspaper onto the ground; turned around, and rode back off to the root. He was use to the attitude of the neighbor. Steve had about enough of it.

Walking back into his house, he went into the den and started to go through his books on hypnosis. He knew that Mary needed to be humbled by being force to be nice to people. He could use his a temp maid to help around the house for the next year. Especially while he’s in a vacation to the Bahamas.

"This should do it." Steve said, closing the book cover. He then slipped into the green combat outfit he wore back in the war. With his helmet and safety goggles on, he marched himself over to Mary’s mini fortress and knocked. "Hello?"

When the door flew open, Steve was face to face with the end of Mary’s shot gun barrel. "Look into my eyes," Steve said with a weird smile across his face. "You are getting sleepy, sleepy. You will be aware of your actions at all time, but unable to control your actions. You will be the maid of the person facing you is that understood."

"Understood." Steve answered himself. He had no idea that the glass in his safety goggled has reflected his hypnotic gaze and got him instead of her. A sinister smile formed on Mary’s face as she realized what was happening and was ready to take full advantage of it.

"Come with me." Mary stepped back and allowed Steve access to her house. Steve felt a cold shiver run through his body as he watched as a passenger in his own body, with no control. She took him upstairs to the bathroom where her hand signal for him to sit.

"No, don’t," he wanted to plead to her. He remained silent as she shaved his head. She then took one of her feminine style wigs and glued it on. As he stared helplessly in the mirror, he couldn’t believe how beautiful he now look.

"Undress, she ordered.

He did so and she spread a cream all over his body. With a cloth, he was whipped down and his body hair was removed with the cloth. The hair removal cream left some rashes needing to be treated. His new uniform would cover them up nicely. First she glued a pair of breasts forms and a latex vagina to give her the look she wanted. Handed a pair of white hose, she slipped them up his smooth legs and then changed into a black French maid uniform and heels.

"You will be a dutiful maid and answer to this little bell when it rings." Mary ordered as she rang it. "Now draw my bath and iron my slacks for tomorrow."

"Yes mistress." Steve said, wishing he never came up with the hypnosis idea. The shoes pinched his feet and the tight hose felt like his manhood was being squeezed beyond endurance. There was nothing he could do about it. He knew until the brainwashing wore off, he was stuck. Then he realized that he hadn’t ordered while hypnotizing for it to be only for a year like he had plan. Without a command to snap out of it, he would be her maid for life.

"I bet your own house is a real mess." Mary grinned, and handed her a feminine nightgown to wear. "Clean Steve’s house and then go to bed in this. You are not to do anything else until you get orders from me."

"Yes mistress." Steve said as he wanted to scream. He only took the nightgown and walked back home with hope that nobody would recognize him. Being dressed out in public made him hard and he wanted to relieve himself so bad. Without any orders from his mistress, his body wouldn’t.

The next morning, Steve awoke with hope that it was just a dream. As he stared at the ceiling like a mannequin, he realized the fact he couldn’t move a muscle was a sign it wasn’t a dream. When he heard Mary’s bell through an open window, he got up and let her in. "Mistress."

"Come my maid." Mary smiled. "At my place you will make Lesbian love to me and then you will start your maid duties for the day."

"Yes mistress." Steve said. "My life is only to serve you."




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