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Maid for Life 2                    by: Paul G Jutras


"Got all the papers, Kenny?" Mr. Grundel asked as Kenny loaded the basket on his bike down with the Sunday edition.

"All but one." Kenny said as he counted them. "There seems to be one missing."

"Oh him," Mr. Grundel replied. "The paper got a call saying that he was moving and had cancelled his subscription. "Guess that nasty neighbor you’re always complaining about finally drove him off. "Guess you’re off then."

Riding off from the newspaper office, he started to his route and tossed the papers onto the front porch. As usual, the fence in house of Mary, required him to get off the bike and walk up to the front door. He was about to run when the front door opened, then stopped.

"Good morning and thank you for the paper." Steve curtsy in his maid outfit as he picked up the paper. He was so doll up that even Kenny couldn’t recognize him. "Here is the pay the mistress owe you."

"Thanks." Kenny said feeling the relief of not having to deal with a shot gun anymore. He rode off pass Steve’s old house with the for sale sign in the front grass. "I’m going miss my favorite customer."

"I miss Steve too." Steve thought as he looked over at his former house before heading back inside. The hypnotic control he was under prevented him from revealing his true self to anyone. He took the paper to the kitchen where he had eggs, bacon, orange juice and a flower in a vase. He then carried the try of breakfast for his mistress in bed.

Mary smiled as Steve entered the bedroom with her breakfast. She could tell from the way he was walking that his feminine panties were riding up on him. He was slowly becoming accustomed to wearing a bra and the feel of nylons over his legs. Though she knew all to well that the height of the heels he wore was no delight.

"I notice you’ve put on a little weight." Mary said with a evil smile on her ruby lips. "I want you to freeze up and don’t move."

"Yes mistress."

He did so and she put a constrictive corset around his waist. He felt his breath being taken away by its tightness as it was lace up. He could see the corset had pushed his breast forms up and together so that his feminine chest looked larger than it had before. After she finished redressing him, she pressed his lips against his. Steve wondered if he really had feelings for this woman or if the spell had caused the butterflies in his stomach.

"Bring the car around for a road trip." Mary said with a smile. "After I finish eating, we’re going out."

"Yes mistress." Steve said, feeling how much his rear wiggled as he walked now. He had to take dainty steps especially on the steep, marble stairs and went out to the garage .He was just glad that not all of his normal skills like driving wasn’t removed by his new state.

"Yes mistress." Steve said as he wanted to scream. He only took the nightgown and walked back home with hope that nobody would recognize him. Being dressed out in public made him hard and he wanted to relieve himself so bad. Without any orders from his mistress, his body wouldn’t.

A short time later, Steve and Mary were at Moon Beams Hair Salon. "We have an appointment for two." She said as those words made Steve extremely nervous. The two girls stripped out of their clothes and into special plastic gowns. Once in the chairs, they had face masks put on and told to relax while a manicure and pedicure was done to them. Through the mask, Steve could see the store’s ceiling light reflex off his new nail color. They then gave Steve a very feminine perm that told him that even if he broke the spell, he wouldn’t be returning to his male life anytime soon.

"You both look lovely." Miss Gusher said as Mary wrote out a check and ordered Steve to put his uniform back on. They then returned to house and made lesbian sex all afternoon.



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