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Maid For A Day

by Tammy Richards


I got my introduction to women's clothing courtesy of the Ohio State – Michigan football game. You see, I'm an Ohio State alum and my wife Danielle graduated from the University of Michigan. Needless to say there's a lot of good-natured kidding back and forth between us, particularly during football season.

A few years ago, we decided to have several friends from the neighborhood over for a party on the day of the big game. It turned out to be one of the most exciting games we had ever seen. By the fourth quarter everyone had had several beers and we were all getting rowdy. The score seesawed back and forth before Ohio State scored a touchdown with 2 minutes left to take the lead. I went crazy, jumping around the family room like a nut. Of course my buddies were right there to support me while Danielle and her friends watched my antics disapprovingly.

Finally Danielle had had enough. "OK, smartass. If you think your team's so great, how about a little bet?"

"What do you have in mind," I asked.

"If Ohio State wins, I'll dress up next Saturday in a sexy maid's outfit and serve lunch to you and your buddies while you watch the football game." Now Danielle is one of the most beautiful and sexy women I have ever seen. She has incredibly long shapely legs. The thought of her serving us lunch wearing a maid's outfit and high heels was enough to give me an instant erection. My buddies were thinking the same thing.

"That sounds like a great idea to me. I hope you guys can join me for lunch." Their enthusiastic response made it clear that they also thought it was a great idea.

"So what happens if Michigan wins?" I asked.

"Why that should be obvious," Danielle replied. "You dress up in the maid's uniform and serve lunch to me and my friends."

That slowed me down for a minute. Of course both the guys and the girls were egging me on to take the bet. About that time Danielle applied the crusher: "Don't tell me you're afraid your team will lose."

That did it. I couldn't resist the challenge. "OK it's a bet." Just about that time Ohio State kicked off. I watched in horror as the Michigan kick returner caught the ball in the end zone and raced through the entire Ohio State team to score a touchdown.

Now it was the girls' turn to celebrate and they did it in style. While they were cheering, my buddies were to trying to console me. My best friend Jim said: "Don't worry, Tom. There's still time for Ohio State to score again." I knew he was right but it didn't stop me from getting a little nervous.

Ohio State took the ensuing kickoff and starting moving the ball. As they moved deeper into Michigan territory, I began to feel better. Then with 15 seconds remaining in the game my world collapsed. The Ohio State quarterback went back to pass. He was hit by a blitzing linebacker and fumbled the ball. It was scooped up by another Michigan player who danced triumphantly into the end zone. It was all over but the shouting and Danielle and her girlfriends were doing all the shouting. They danced around my chair as I sat there in shock. It had just become the worst day of my life. Not only had my beloved Buckeyes lost, but I also faced the humiliation of dressing up and serving lunch to Danielle and her friends.

The rest of the afternoon was a nightmare. The girls spent the next hour planning their luncheon while my buddies razzed me unmercifully. One of the girls said to Danielle: "I think we'll need a different name for our maid. Tom doesn't sound very appropriate for someone in a short dress and high heels."

"I agree," said Danielle. "We'll call him Tammy." This brought another round of laughter from everyone.

Jim piped up: "Can we come over and watch Tammy work?"

Danielle replied: "You're welcome to join us. However since this is a ladies luncheon, you'll all have to wear dresses and high heels." That shut him up for a while.

Mercifully the party finally ended. As the couples left, each of the girls told me how much they were looking forward to having Tammy serve them next week. After everyone was gone I went back into the family room and plopped down in my chair to sulk. Danielle bustled about the room cleaning up and humming the Michigan fight song. Several times she tried to start a conversation but I just responded with monosyllable grunts. Finally she had enough. "OK Grouchy. It's time to get over the game and the bet. I won fair and square. If I had lost I would have swallowed my pride and served lunch next Saturday. You lost and I expect you to do the same. I expect you to follow my orders exactly and do your best to be a good maid, or else?"

"Or else what?"

"Or else I'll tell the girls to invite their husbands to the party."

That got my attention. It would be embarrassing to dress up and wait on the women but it would be a million times worse to have my buddies there also. I took Danielle in my arms, smiled and kissed her. "You're right and I'm sorry for acting like a jerk. I promise that I'll do my best next week."

"Who knows," she responded. "You might discover that you enjoy it."

That night when we were getting ready for bed, she took a tape measure and spent 10 minutes taking measurements of my body so she could get the right sizes for my outfit.

The next week seemed to fly by. On Friday I had a hard time concentrating on work, wondering what Danielle had in store for me. I soon found out. Friday night after dinner she took me by the hand and led me to our bedroom. "Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day so we need to start your transformation tonight. Take off your clothes and come into the bathroom."

She had me stand in the bathtub while she covered every inch of my body except my head and my crotch with a foul-smelling cream. "What are you doing?"

"I can't have a hairy maid. If you are going to do a good job, you need to look the part. I think you'll be a beautiful maid when I'm done. Now stand here for 10 minutes and then rinse all of this stuff off."

I followed her directions. When I was done showering she helped me apply skin cream to take away the sting. Then she handed me a knee-length satin nightgown. "Put this on. It will start to get you in the right mood." The feeling of the satin sliding over my now hairless body was electric. I could feel an erection starting to grow. Of course Danielle noticed the bulge in the front of the gown. She smiled and massaged my throbbing cock through the gown. "It looks like your enjoying yourself."

Next she led me back to her vanity. "We need to do something with your nails." She proceeded to apply glue on nails to each of my fingers and paint them a bright red. I had to admit that the nails made my hands look very feminine. While the polish was drying she trimmed and plucked my eyebrows into a more feminine shape, put a coating of red lipstick on my lips and placed a long blonde wig on my head and combed it. "I wanted to see how you look in this wig before tomorrow."

I looked at myself in the mirror of her vanity. With the wig and the lipstick I looked more like a woman than a man. "There's one more thing we need to do tonight," she said. She had me stand up and raise the hem of my nightgown. She attached a garter belt around my waist. She then handed me a pair of sheer black stockings and showed me how to put them on. When I had them on she helped me attach them to the garters. Finally she handed me a pair of black patent leather pumps with 4-inch stiletto heels. "You need to get used to walking in these shoes so you don't end up making a fool of yourself when you wait on us tomorrow."

Carefully I stood up and tried to take a few steps. My ankles were wobbling so badly I nearly fell over. "Wow this is tough. How do women walk in these things?"

Danielle couldn't suppress a giggle. "Don't worry you'll get used to them. You'll find it's much easier if you stand up straight and take short steps so that your body stays balanced over your feet." For the next hour I practiced walking around the house in the shoes while Danielle offered pointers. She got out a tray and had me practice carrying wine glasses. Gradually I became more comfortable and surefooted walking in the heels. I wasn't sure though how I'd do wearing them for an extended period of time.

When Danielle was satisfied with my performance, she hugged and kissed me. "I think it's time for bed. We need to be up early tomorrow because you have a lot to do before my guests arrive." After taking off the shoes, stocking and wig, we snuggled together in bed. Only two thin layers of satin separated my throbbing cock from her waiting love nest. As our passion grew, we pulled up our nightgowns so I could enter her. Moments later we both came in powerful orgasms.

The alarm clock went off at 6:30 on Saturday morning. I was dreading what was in store for me, but I knew that I had to smile and do my best. I climbed out of bed and took a quick shower and shaved very carefully. Following Danielle's instructions I used her powder puff to apply a perfumed powder to my body. Then I returned to the bedroom where she was waiting impatiently for me. She was wearing her jeans and a Michigan sweatshirt.

"Are you ready to become Tammy for the day?" she asked as she handed me a pair of white satin panties with rows of ruffles across the bottom.

"I guess I don't have a choice," I replied as I pulled the panties up my legs. The feeling of the satin caressing my crotch caused my cock to immediately start growing. Next I slipped my arms through the straps of a sexy black bra. After fastening it across my back, Danielle stuffed the cups with pantyhose to fill them out. She then handed me a black corset and instructed me to fasten the front clasps. Once that was done, she began to tighten the laces in the back. By the time she was done I was starting to have trouble breathing.

"I'm not sure that I'm going to be able to work in this thing," I complained.

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it in a while. Anyway you need to wear the corset so your uniform will fit properly and give you the correct feminine shape." She had me sit down and put on a pair of black nylon stockings with seams up the back. After checking to make sure that the seams were straight, she helped me guide the garters from the corset through the legholes of my panties and connect them to the stockings. "This way you won't have to get undressed to pee," she explained.

"Before you put on your uniform I need to make up your face and do your hair. Sit here at my vanity." She had covered the mirror of the vanity so I couldn't watch what she was doing. "I don't want you to see yourself until everything is done."

She started by covering my face with a crème foundation and then using powder to set it. She used a dusty pink blush to add color to my cheeks. Next she applied black eyeliner and a light violet shadow to my eyes, followed by two coats of mascara. Lastly she painted my lips a deep ruby red to match my fingernails. When she was satisfied with my makeup, she placed the blonde wig on my head and brushed it. She then handed me a pair of gold clip-on earrings. "OK, I think it's time to get you into your uniform so you can get to work."

She pointed to a short full white petticoat and told me to put it on. The bottom of the petticoat only came about half way down my thighs. "You will need to be careful when you bend over or your panties will show," she warned. She then helped me pull the maid's uniform over my head and zipped it up the back. It was a black satin uniform with white lace trim. It had long sleeves and a high neck and it fit me like a glove. She tied a small white apron around my waist and handed me a pair of low-heeled black pumps. "I decided that since you will be wearing high heels all afternoon, I would let you work in lower-heeled shoes this morning."

"OK, are you ready to meet Tammy?" she asked. With a lot of trepidation I nodded. She led me by the hand into our dressing room where there are several full-length mirrors. I was stunned by what I saw. Danielle had succeeded in transforming me into a reasonably attractive and feminine maid. I checked myself out from every direction. There was no hint of Tom; it was Tammy staring back at me. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I knew that if my buddies ever saw me like this, they would never let me live it down. I wasn't sure how the wives would react.

A bright flash of light brought me back to the present. Danielle had taken a picture of me with our digital camera. "Don't worry, this is just for us," she said. She had me pose while she took several more. Then she was all business. "It's time to get to work. I think I'll have an omelet with juice and coffee for breakfast." While I fixed the breakfast, Danielle sat in the family room reading the morning paper.

Over breakfast she laid out my morning duties. "First you need to dust and vacuum the entire downstairs. Then I want you to clean the bathrooms. When you're done with that I want you to set the table for lunch. That should keep you busy for a while. After cleaning up the breakfast dishes, I went to work. Periodically Danielle would check on my progress. While I was cleaning she worked on preparations for lunch. By 11 AM I finished the cleaning and was ready to set the table.

"I'm going upstairs now to get ready for my luncheon. When you're done setting the table, you can start cutting up lettuce for the Caesar salad." She took a small silver bell out of her pocket and smiled. "When I need you, I'll ring." With that she left the kitchen and I went back to work. I had just finished cutting the Romaine when I heard the tinkle of the bell. Well here goes nothing I thought as I headed up the stairs to the bedroom.

Danielle was sitting at her vanity fixing her makeup. She was wearing a ruffled white blouse and a long black hostess skirt. She handed me her hairbrush and told me to brush her hair. While I brushed she went over my instructions for the afternoon. "You must remember that for this afternoon you are Tammy my maid, not Tom my husband. I want you to address me as Mistress Danielle and my friends as either Mrs. or ma'am. Make sure that you walk, talk and act as feminine as possible. When I want you I'll ring the bell. Is that all clear?"

In my most feminine falsetto I replied: "Yes, Mistress Danielle."

"Very good. Now sit down here so I can touch up your make-up and hair." When she was done she handed me the shoes with the 4-inch stiletto heels. "It's time to get into the rest of your uniform." I put the shoes on and stood up. After last night's practice session, I quickly got my balance. Danielle had me turn around so that she could make sure that the seams of my stockings were still straight. "Now let me see you curtsey," she said. When I did it, she smiled and put her arms around my waist. " I want you to know how much I appreciate you being a good sport and honoring your bet. I know it's going to be difficult and embarrassing for you this afternoon." She kissed me lightly on the lips. Then she slid her hand under my skirt and petticoat and gently squeezed my cock through my satin panties. "When the party is over, you and I will have some fun."

We went downstairs so Danielle could review the luncheon menu with me. When she was done, she went into the living room to wait for her guests. It was Noon when the doorbell rang. My knees were shaking like mad as I walked to the door in my high heels. For the hundredth time I wondered why I was doing this, but of course it was much to late to back out. I took a deep breath and opened the door, being careful to position myself so that I couldn't be seen from outside. In walked Linda Peterson, the wife of my best friend Jim. "Good afternoon Mrs. Peterson," I said in a high-pitched voice.

Her jaw dropped and her eyes widened in a look of amazement. "My God, Tammy! You're beautiful."

I curtsied and smiled: "Thank you, ma'am. Please follow me. Mistress Danielle is in the living room."

As she followed me she said: "I'm impressed Tammy. You have very sexy legs. When did you learn to walk in those high heels."

"I had to practice walking in them last night. Mistress Danielle, Mrs. Peterson has arrived," I announced as we entered the living room.

"Hi Linda," Danielle said as she hugged her friend.

"It's incredible," Linda replied. "If I didn't know it was Tom in that uniform, I would never guess."

"I agree. I think he makes a really cute maid, don't you?"

As Danielle and Linda talked about me, I could feel myself blushing. Just then the doorbell rang again. It was the remaining two neighbors, Nancy Wilson and Carol Johnson. They were also amazed and impressed by my appearance. "You make a very sexy maid," Carol told me as I ushered them into the living room.

I stood there as the four girls hugged each other. When they were seated Danielle turned to me: "Tammy please get the hors d'oeuvres ready. I'll call you when were ready for cocktails."

I curtsied. "Yes, Mistress Danielle." I turned on my heels and walked out of the room with a sexy little wiggle. I could hear the women laughing and talking behind me.

Back in the kitchen, I began preparing the hors d'oeuvre tray. Danielle had prepared crab-stuffed mushrooms that I put into the oven. I also arranged cheese, fruit and veggies on the tray, along with a shrimp dip and crackers. As I waited for the mushrooms to heat, I heard the tinkle of Danielle's bell. I smoothed the skirt of my uniform, took a deep breath and walked into the living room. Walking into the center of the room, I smiled brightly and curtsied. "Yes, Mistress Danielle, you rang."

Everyone applauded. "You've done an awesome job of training Tammy," commented Nancy Wilson. "I could really use her for my next dinner party."

Danielle laughed. "Sorry Nancy, I'm afraid she only works for me." Turning to me she said, "Tammy, please take the drink orders."

"Yes ma'am." Turning to Carol Johnson I asked: "What would you like to drink, Mrs. Johnson?"

"Could you make me a strawberry margarita, Tammy?"

I would be happy to, ma'am," I replied.

"I'll have one also," said Linda. Nancy ordered a Cosmopolitan while Danielle asked for a Bloody Mary.

I again retreated to the kitchen to make the drinks. Now that I had gotten over my initial embarrassment at having Danielle's friends see me dressed like this, I found that I was beginning to have fun playing the part. I decided that it was time to show off a little. When I returned to the living room to serve the drinks, I was careful to keep my legs straight and bend over from the waist. From the giggles behind me, I knew that the girls could see my garters and panties. "My, my Tammy, you do have a cute butt," said Linda. "I like your ruffled panties."

I turned and smiled demurely. "Thank you ma'am. They're my favorites." That brought another laugh from the ladies. After serving the drinks I returned with the hors d'oeuvre tray and served appetizers to each of the women. For the next 45 minutes I alternated between preparing the lunch and serving the ladies. As I gained experience walking in the high heels I tried very hard to act as feminine and sexy as possible.

"Don't you think Tammy has cute legs?" asked Danielle as she ran her hand over my stockinged thigh.

"They're beautiful," responded Nancy. "I wish I could get my husband to shave his legs."

"You really should. You'd be amazed how different they feel."

The first course for lunch was French onion soup. When it was done, I placed a crock of soup at each person's place and then went into the living room. "Lunch is served, Mistress Danielle. Please follow me." When they were seated I offered each a glass of white wine.

While the ladies enjoyed their soup, I grilled some shrimp and dished the Caesar salad onto four plates, saving enough that I could also have some lunch. After clearing the soup crocks, I added the shrimp to the salad and served the main course. The ladies watched me as I worked. "Tammy, I can't get over what a cute serving girl you are," said Carol. "You actually look like you're having fun."

"Thank you Mrs. Wilson. It has turned out to be more fun than I thought it would be." I noticed my wife smile when I said this. After refilling their wine glasses I returned to the kitchen to eat my lunch. As I ate I could hear the ladies raving about the lunch.

When they were finished eating, Danielle summoned me with her bell. "Why don't we adjourn to the family room and get comfortable. Danielle can serve us coffee and dessert in there." Once they had left the dining room I cleared the table and then took the coffee and dessert into the family room.

After I had poured coffee for each of the ladies and served the dessert, Danielle instructed me to finish cleaning up the living room and dining room and then wash the dishes. While they relaxed and chatted with each other, I went back to work. Periodically Danielle would ring the bell for me to warm up someone's coffee or clear the dessert dishes. When I finally had finished cleaning up, I walked into the family room and curtsied: "Everything is cleaned up, Mistress Danielle. Is there anything else you need me to do?"

I could see a gleam in her eyes as she smiled. "There's some laundry that needs to be ironed, Tammy. Please set up the ironing board in the corner here so we can watch you work." This brought another fit of laughter from the rest of the women.

"Yes Mistress Danielle." For the next hour I stood and ironed while my wife and her friends relaxed and talked. Periodically Danielle would ask me to hold up the piece I was ironing so she could inspect it.

"You're doing such a good job with the ironing, Tammy that I may have you to do it all of the time in the future."

"Your wish is my command, Mister Danielle."

I was putting away the ironing board when I heard Danielle ring for me. When I entered the family room they were all waiting to thank me. "We've had a wonderful time this afternoon," Linda said. "Thank you so much for being a good sport and for proving that there is a thoughtful and loving husband underneath that sexy uniform." The other girls echoed her sentiments as they each gave me a hug and a kiss.

When Danielle's friends had left she took me in her arms and gave me a deep, passionate kiss. As she kissed me her hand slid under my skirt and rubbed my rock-hard manhood through the front of my satin panties. "Have you been this aroused all day?" she asked.

"Not all day, but most of it."

"Well then, I think it's time we did something about it," she said as she took my hand and let me toward the bedroom. There she unzipped my uniform and helped me remove it along with my petticoat. I stood in front of her in just my lingerie and high heels. Slowly she removed her skirt and blouse and then took me in her arms again. We kissed each other passionately as we fondled each other's asses. I slid my hand down inside her panties and began to rub her clit. She moaned deeply and pushed herself against my hand. Her intensity was incredible. She gently pushed me down onto the bed, grabbed the waistband of my panties and pulled them down my legs. She then pulled her own panties down and climbed on top of me, impaling herself on my throbbing cock.

She began to ride me, gyrating up and down with wild abandon. It was the most intensely erotic sex we had ever had. We both exploded at the same time and then she collapsed on top of me. When she finally caught her breath, she kissed me and whispered: "I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. It was incredible."

"I think I enjoyed it more. I don't think I've ever seen you so passionate."

"I don't know why. You looked so beautiful and sexy in your uniform that it really turned me on. I couldn't wait for my friends to leave so I could have you inside me." She continued: "So tell me the truth. How did you like being Tammy for the day?"

I thought for a moment. "It's hard to explain. Wearing that outfit was a real turn-on. I felt sexy and feminine and wanted to show off for you and your friends. Once I got over the fear and embarrassment of having the girls see me dressed as your maid. I really enjoyed the afternoon."

"Would you like to try dressing up again sometime?"

"Well if it's just you and me and we can have sex like we had this afternoon, I'm definitely game to do it again."






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