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Magic Pink Bubble

by Minty Fresh


Part I


Jimmy was cornered by the bullies again. They surrounded him, breathing aggression and shouting insults. Too scared to respond, he looked around him in a panic, tears in his eyes. With nothing to stop them, the gang of teenagers began to push him, laughing at his ineffectual pleas for them to stop. Jimmy was shoved from one snarling face to the next until one boy stepped suddenly out of the way, letting him fall weakly to the floor. The boy kicked Jimmy's prostrate body in the ribs, so hard it virtually lifted him onto his feet. Seeing his chance, Jimmy ran away, crying, the jeers and cruel laughter ringing in his ears.

He didn't stop until he reached Sally Ashmede's house. He'd befriended this 30 year old spinster a year ago, shortly after moving here with his father. His Dad, always distant, had ceased taking any interest in Jimmy, working long shifts and brooding silently over his debts in the evenings. Jimmy would often stay the night here and his father wouldn't even ask where he'd been. It was Sally's house which felt most like his home now.

She answered the door promptly. "Hello Jimmy!" Her warm smile fell into concern. "Oh dear, what's wrong?"

"It's happened again."

"You poor darling, come on in." Her voice was like treacle as she put her arm round him. "Those horrid boys. What did they do this time?"

Jimmy sat in Sally's arms as he told her the story. Feeling safe and comfortable, his voice grew shrill with outrage before he broke down, leaning on her shoulder and bawling his eyes out. "There there" she said, tenderly stroking his hair. "It's all over now."

Jimmy continued to cry and Sally wrapped her arms round him, cradling and pulling him toward her until Jimmy's head was resting in the warmth of her bosom. "Shh" she whispered, with genuine affection, "I'm here, don't worry, I'm here."

Jimmy began to feel better and his cries died down to sniffles. He was blissfully happy in her arms, and he smiled up at her in appreciation. Sally returned his gaze with a loving smile of her own and Jimmy wished he could tell her, there and then, the nature of his feelings for her. Indeed, it was all he could do not to poke her with them.


On happier days Jimmy would arrive bouncing at Sally's door and they would spend long evenings cooking together and playing games. In this happy sanctuary, they would laugh at the outside world; at Sally's manager, who turned bright red when he grew angry, at Jimmy's chemistry teacher, who smelt permanently of fish. Sally kept an array of magical paraphernalia, and sometimes they would cast spells for good grades or better luck. One time, they made a voodoo doll with Dean Ashton's discarded tissue. Jimmy attacked the avatar ferociously and was terrified when the bully didn't show up at school for a week - he was convinced it was his fault and the boy would find out what he'd done. Sally never mentioned Jimmy's father and he tacitly understood that he shouldn't enquire into Sally's private life either, though Jimmy didn't see there could be much of it. Occasionally, she would cast Jimmy from her door because she had visitors, but this was so rare Jimmy never worried about it. She was always pleased to see him and called him sweet and darling and kissed and pinched his cheeks. Early on, when they began to cook together, Sally had handed him a white ladies apron with frilly ruffles round the edges. After a bit of persuasion, Sally had put it on him and she made such a fuss over him and complimented him so, that Jimmy had blushed to his roots with an embarrassment that was really pleasure. A few weeks later, Sally had embroidered Jimmy's name in one corner of it and insisted on taking a picture. Meeting one of Sally's mates later on, he discovered Sally had shown the picture to everyone she knew. Jimmy's mortification was dissolved when this lady began treating him with the same affection Sally did, and he went away with the feeling he had made a new friend.

Sally kept a spare room for Jimmy. At first he found it distastefully feminine, with its flowery wallpaper, full length mirror and canopied bed, but he no longer minded and found it cosy compared to the cold bare room he had at home. He stayed here so often that half his clothes were left here, his jeans, t-shirts and school uniform hanging alongside the frilly apron and bunny slippers Sally liked him to wear.


One evening in early January, Jimmy went out to get some groceries for Sally. On the way back he passed Dean Ashton and his gang. Fear rose in Jimmy's stomach and he looked straight ahead and prayed they wouldn't bother him. His prayers went unanswered and soon they were around him, blocking his path.

"You got any money?"


"How d'you buy those without money?"

"I spent it all."


Dean moved to grab him and, from somewhere, Jimmy found the courage to swing a punch. He hit Dean square in the face and the boys were so shocked they froze for just a moment. Jimmy ran, dropping his bag, pursued by four ferocious teenagers. He almost made it to Sally's house but, only one street away, one of them got hold of his coat and dragged him back. They were upon him in a second, throwing him against the wall and beating him until he begged them to stop. Dean's cohorts moved aside to let their leader through.

"You think you're hard do you?" he said, pulling a knife from his pocket. Jimmy froze at the sight of the weapon. His eyes followed the blade with terror as Dean waved it in front of him. "You wanna try it?"

"Fuck you!"

Dean plunged the knife hard under his ribs. Jimmy crumpled silently and fell to the floor, his hand over the wound. His tormentors suddenly looked very afraid and backed away from him in a panic. Then they were gone.

Wild eyed and weak, Jimmy struggled across the short distance to Sally's house. His knocks were faint but persistent and quickly she opened the door.

"My God!" she shrieked, "what happened?"

"They mugged me" Jimmy croaked, before falling into her arms.

Sally carried him into the living room and laid him on the floor. She disappeared for a moment, returning with a handful of bottles and trinkets. She opened one of these and began spreading a balm over the wound. She held a crystal pendant over his body and began to mumble an incantation. Jimmy was only vaguely aware but presently felt a warm glow spread across his body. His wound began to burn, like chilli on ones tongue, and he felt giddy and light headed. He passed out briefly.

When he awoke, Jimmy found Sally kneeling on the floor cradling his head. "What happened?" he said weakly.

"You gave me a nasty shock, that's what" answered Sally, smiling.

"But the knife…"

"It's alright darling, it's over."

"But…" Jimmy moved his hand to where the knife went in but found nothing, not even a scratch. He looked into Sally's eyes for a long time. "Did you…"

"I fixed you up, yes" she beamed back at him.

"How?" Jimmy was thoughtlessly amazed.

Sally just shrugged her shoulders. Jimmy thought this the most sensuous thing she'd ever done and almost forgot what had happened. "But... er… but how?" he said again.

"Magic" Sally whispered, with good humour.


"Yes, see?" She gestured to the collection of trinkets on the floor beside them. It was the same stuff they'd used in their games together. Jimmy took a moment to digest this.

"Does this mean that you're a…"

"Shh" said Sally with a grin, "don't say it!"

"But you are."

Sally simply shrugged her shoulders again. Jimmy lay back in her arms once more and let her pet him. He was more in love with her than ever.


The next morning, Sally knocked on Jimmy's bedroom door.

"Jimmy, it's gone eight, aren't you going to school?"


Sally walked in and went straight to his bedside. "I know you're scared, but you can't hide away like this."

Jimmy was uncomfortable with Sally so close to him – he was naked under the covers. "But they'll want to know how I got better so fast. They'll hate me."

Sally began stroking Jimmy's hair. "You know I'd never let anything happen to you. Come downstairs."

Sally left him to get dressed. They met over the breakfast table. "I've got something for you" Sally said enigmatically. She pulled a crystal pendant from her pocket.

"What is it?"

"Your protection sweetie. It's a magic charm." Jimmy stared blankly at her, not knowing what to think. "Here" she said, moving over to him. "Let's see how it suits you." She came round behind him and brought the pendant round his neck. As she fastened it at the back, she leaned close to Jimmy's ear and whispered "While you wear this, no-one will be able to hurt you, even to say a nasty word to you. It'll be like you're as big as Mike Tyson."

Jimmy smiled at the thought; he was a very small person. "Won't they notice that I'm not?"

"It doesn't work like that sweetie. Think of it as a mean pair of eyes looking out for you." Jimmy was mollified. Last night's events had left him with a deep trust in Sally's words. "But I've got to warn you" she said sharply, looking hard at Jimmy, "this is a powerful spell. You're not to misuse it, or take it for granted. If you start teasing people, or go flaunting your invincibility, I'll take it away from you." Jimmy nodded; he was sobered by her tone. "You've got to be a good boy" she continued in a new voice. "No lying, no meanness, no broken promises. But I know you'll be good. You're my little angel!" She began to tickle him under the chin and Jimmy squirmed with childish joy. They stopped and gazed into each others eyes. Jimmy forgot all about his fears.

Being at school was a different matter though. Jimmy tried his hardest to avoid Dean and the others, walking around in a state of constant nervousness. It was only a matter of time before they bumped into each other. When Dean saw him his jaw dropped and he stared. His face betrayed his relief and maybe even gratitude that Jimmy was alright. He came up to him.

"Are you alright?"

"Never better" chirped Jimmy.

"I thought you'd be in hospital or somethin'."

"No. It wasn't too bad."

Dean began to fidget. "Can I see it?"


"The scar."

Against his better judgement, Jimmy smiled and lifted his shirt. Dean stared with something like horror at the unblemished skin round Jimmy's ribs. The grin on Jimmy's face was so shit-eatingly smug that Dean wanted to hit him, but he didn't. He backed away nervously, and once he'd turned, almost ran off down the corridor.

Jimmy was ecstatic and spent the day almost skipping round school, a huge grin on his face. He was arrogant and flippant in conversation and his friends felt uneasy around him. Jimmy didn't care. He left school in high spirits and shouted a conceited goodbye to another boy who bothered him: Mark Hunt. He turned to shout abuse at Jimmy but stopped, unable, then made for Jimmy with an angry frustration on his features. He stopped an arms length from him and struggled to find something to say.

Eventually he managed: "What did you mean by that?"

"Nothing" said Jimmy nonchalantly.

"You know what I oughta do?"

"I don't know" said Jimmy, with mock innocence, "what?"

Mark couldn't find the words again. He grew more and more angry, then throwing his arms down, he walked off, his face burning. Jimmy was delighted. This was the final proof he was safe.


"I'm so happy for you!" exclaimed Sally, hugging him. "Come on we've got to celebrate!"

Her living room was decked out with balloons and streamers. The dining table sported a spread of fine food laid out on her best tablecloth. A space had been cleared in the living room for a dance floor; Jimmy could see the intention by the glitter ball hanging from the ceiling.

Jimmy was astonished. "How did you know?"

"Magic silly" Sally laughed. "Do you like your party sweetie?"

"Oh it's wonderful Sally! Thank you."

"Good. Let's get out of our day clothes – I bought a special outfit for you!"

Sally disappeared into her room to change. Jimmy found his clothes laying on his bed. He screwed up his face in distaste. It was a powder blue flannel suit. The shirt was a theatrical one with frills on the cuffs and down the middle. There was a bow tie and a blue beret to match the suit. It was the sort of thing an 8 year old, with callous parents, might wear to a wedding.

"You look lovely!" said Sally when she saw him, "but where's your little beret?" Jimmy looked at her amazed. Sally wore a long pink ballgown in silk and taffeta, with big puff sleeves and petticoats down past her ankles. Her diamond tiara, earrings and necklace completed the effect, which left Jimmy stunned. She was beautiful. "Do you like it?" she asked coyly.

"You're amazing" Jimmy stammered.

Sally giggled bashfully like a schoolgirl. "Thank you sweetie. Now get your hat and show me." Jimmy returned wearing the item with reluctance. "Oh, your so perfectly adorable! Come closer and let me straighten you out." Jimmy moved looking clumsy and miserable. "What's wrong Jimmy? Don't you like your little outfit?"


Sally took hold of her skirts. "Would you rather wear something like this?"

"No!" said Jimmy, too quickly and too loudly.

Sally giggled again and Jimmy began to blush. "You are just too darling!" she said between sniggers, "come on, follow me."

She lifted her skirts and made her way serenely to her bedroom. Jimmy followed reluctantly, several paces behind. When he reached the doorway, Sally had already sat herself upon her bed. In the dim, soft light, with her skirts billowing around her, atop her luxurious bedspread, Sally had never looked so seductive. Jimmy froze in the doorway.

"Come in" she said softly. Jimmy moved cautiously, like someone descending a steep slope. "I got you this as well, do you like it?" She was holding another ballgown, identical to hers, but in the pale blue of Jimmy's suit. Jimmy stood and stared at her; he'd never seen anyone so beautiful. Standing open-mouthed, his eyes moved unconsciously from Sally to the dress she proffered him. Sally wasn't going to give him the chance to answer her. "Come here" she said softly, moving herself in subtle but seductive ways. "Sit down." Jimmy sat down on the bed in front of her, just as she wanted, and Sally put her arms round him and held the blue dress up to his body. Together they looked into the mirror opposite. "It's a vision" Sally breathed, "you'll look unbelievable. You've got to try this on."

With Sally's proximity, Jimmy realised he was hard as a rod and on the verge of squirting. "Don't you love it? You'll be the sweetest thing ever!" Sally placed a lingering kiss on Jimmy's cheek and he quickly agreed with her, afraid of embarrassing himself. "Wonderful!" exclaimed Sally, jumping up. "Here, take this." She gave him the dress and rushed over to the corner of the room. When she turned round, Jimmy was still standing frozen, holding his pretty blue ballgown by the shoulders before him. "Take these, and these" she said, handing Jimmy a pair of white heels, just like her own, and a pair of blue frilly panties, to match his dress. "Now go get changed" she said ushering him to the door, "I can't wait to see you!" She followed Jimmy all the way to his room, virtually pushing him through the door, before closing it behind him.


Jimmy stopped in the privacy of his chamber and got a hold of himself. The heat went out of him and he couldn't believe what had just happened. Did he really want to go through with this? He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and flinched at the childish image he cut in his bow tie and beret. Was the dress much worse?

"Are you ready yet?" Sally knocked on the door.

"Not yet!" Jimmy shouted back.

"Well hurry up darling, I can't wait to see you."

Reluctantly, Jimmy began to get undressed. He got down to his underwear and paused once more to look at his pretty gown. An excitement rose within him as he contemplated putting it on – he'd always wondered what it would be like to wear women's clothes.

"Come on Jimmy" said Sally through the door, "you're missing the party!"

"Just a minute!"

Jimmy removed his boxers and picked up the panties Sally had chose for him. Carefully, he lifted them slowly up his legs, titillating himself with false anticipation. Once they were snugly over his bottom he jumped up spontaneously, overflowing with excitement. He surprised himself. Taking hold of the gown, Jimmy was struck by how soft and smooth the material was – how lovely it felt on his skin. He noticed it had two layers of petticoats sewn under the skirt and the faintest floral print across the bodice. He put it over his head and pushed his arms through the sleeves. Half dressed like this, he wondered how he was supposed to do it up at the back. Whilst he was contorting himself, Sally called through the door again.

"Jimmy, what's keeping you?"

"I can't do it up."

Sally walked straight in and gasped. "My you look wonderful!"

"How do you get these things on?"

"Oh let me help you dear." She zipped Jimmy up and tightened the ribbon inside the waist so that the bodice hugged the line of his body. She tied it up at the back with a little bow, puffed up the short sleeves at Jimmy's shoulders and smoothed down his skirt. "There!" she exclaimed, "have a look."

Jimmy turned to the mirror and saw himself, he noticed that his dress was a little shorter than Sally's, stopping just above his ankles. He looked ridiculous, a boy in a dress. "I don't know…" he said, moaning slightly.

Sally ignored him and took his hand. "Come now, let's get you made up and ready." She dragged Jimmy back through the house and sat him at down at her vanity. Jimmy didn't know how to stop her.

In the dim, musky atmosphere of Sally's room, Jimmy relaxed. Sally was behind him again, leaning down to whisper in his ear. "Just sit back now sweetie, let me show you how pretty you can be."

She began by plucking his eyebrows. Jimmy flinched and squirmed as she did this, but was ultimately very compliant. She applied plenty of foundation to his face, then gently patted layer after layer of powder on top, smoothing his features to a blank mask. Sally saw no point in being subtle. She rouged his cheeks to a deep and permanent blush and picked out his lips with the brightest lipstick she had. His eyes were ringed with moats of liner and his lids dressed in the blue eye shadow Sally chose to match his dress. His lashes were accentuated with darkest mascara and his nails picked out with red varnish. A few touches of perfume and Sally stood back to admire him.

Jimmy was too engrossed by the face in the mirror to notice Sally leaving the room. She returned and touched his bare neck. "You forgot your shoes silly" she beamed, brandishing the pair of heels. Jimmy turned slowly to look at her. Sally was struck by his wide, innocent eyes and his pouty, open-mouthed lips. It was the make up that brought it out, but he looked lost and amazed, helpless. "What do you think?" she asked softly. Jimmy was in a dream; the question floated in the air awhile, like watching a dandelion puff, before it settled gently upon him.

"I think it's wonderful" he whispered.

Sally took Jimmy's hands in hers, brought them to her breast and squeezed. Her smile deepened and a tear appeared in her eye. "I think we'll be great friends from now on Jimmy," she said with a sanguine gravity. "Forever."

Jimmy felt his emotions welling up too, but he couldn't be so articulate. He stuttered and started, before blurting out "I love you!"

"Oh you darling!" gushed Sally, putting her hand to his cheek. "You're such a sweetheart." She paused and looked at him, in a considered manner, before saying back "Yes, I love you too Jimmy. Now let's get down to the party!"

Jimmy stepped into the shoes Sally had brought him and stood precariously on the perches. Sally laughed and took his hand and gently led him forward. "One foot in front of the other dear, heel first. There you go."

The stairs were a trauma for Jimmy, but he made it without falling. He tottered into the living room whilst Sally turned on the music. The party had begun.


A 30 year old woman and 15 year old boy sat down for dinner together in their matching party dresses, whilst soul music blazed smoothly through the room and candlelight flickered against the last remnants of the day. Jimmy ate daintily, as Sally instructed, careful not to smudge his lipstick or drop crumbs on his dress. They hardly talked throughout the meal, but they often looked up at each other whereupon Jimmy would scrunch his face into a grin, a squirt of excitement running up his body. He found a bliss in him which was bound up with the feel of his dress, the knowledge of his appearance and the tension he felt in looking at Sally. He was hot, aroused; he shivered. The cosmetic mask on his face disguised it (or imitated it) but one could see it his eyes. He fiddled with his fork between mouthfuls and rubbed his legs together under the table whilst Sally looked on indulgently.

They moved into the living room. Jimmy took great pleasure in the way he had to lift his skirts carefully as he got to his feet. Wobbling, he followed Sally through the house, still holding them, like Sally, though this was unnecessary in his shorter dress. Sally turned to him in the centre of the room and curtseyed, like a princess, and held out her hand. He curtseyed in response, finding the movement unbearably sensual. His self-consciousness was delicious. Dropping his skirts, he walked forward to take her hand. They span round and round to the music. Jimmy struggled to keep his feet and fell forward into her arms and she pulled him toward her, holding him tightly to her body. Jimmy realised his erection was pushed firmly onto her, but Sally showed no signs of minding. Holding his hand, she thrust it out before them and they stepped a rough tango up and down the room. They danced for an eternity; up and down, round and round until Jimmy lost his senses. He was led from here to there, his body thrown around like a rag doll. In the end, he stumbled exhausted, and fell to the floor.

Maybe he passed out for a moment. He found himself sprawled sideways on the floor with Sally, kneeling beside him, trying to pull his body upright. He moved to help himself and ended up kneeling in the same position, so their bodies stood erect beside each other, surrounded by a glittering expanse of crumpled fabric. Sally took his face in both her hands and said:

"Oh I love you so darling! Are you alright?"

Jimmy blushed and wilted before her; he couldn't meet her eyes. "I'm Ok. I just… a little out of breath."

"You danced so nicely! Have you had fun?"

"It's been wonderful" he breathed, smiling.

"And do you like your dress? We could do this again you know."

Jimmy just smiled and nodded, more bashful than ever.

"Ooohh" said Sally, hugging him "I'm so glad! It's been wonderful to share this with you. It's been so… In a way, I wish you were a girl – this would've been more natural… But no" she said, lifting Jimmy's chin with her finger, "I'm glad you're a boy."

Jimmy stared longingly into Sally's face. In his arousal he misunderstood what she was saying and he leapt forward, kissing her amorously on the lips. His fingers scrambled greedily at her body as Sally let out a cry and tried to fend him off. She got her arms between them and pushed Jimmy away, onto his back.

She stood up. "What the hell do you think you're doing James?"

The formal version of his name struck Jimmy like a hard slap. He was afraid and confused. "I… I just…"

"I thought you could control yourself. I expected more from you Jimmy."

"I'm sorry!" he cried "I didn't think… I shouldn't have! Please! Please forgive me."

Sally let out a sigh and put her hands on her hips. Looking sternly down on him, she let the silence drag out before shaking her head. "You've ruined everything Jimmy. This was a lovely evening and look what you've done! I thought we had an understanding. What did you think I would do? You're a little boy. I know you don't really have a family – you're all alone – I thought you understood why I cared for you so. But if that's what you think of me, maybe we should see less of each other."

The comment about Jimmy's family was cruel but he didn't see it, he only felt it. Crying and trembling wretchedly, he could only apologise again and again until Sally stopped him. "Please Jimmy" she said, with an air of tiredness, "that's enough for tonight. We can talk tomorrow, Ok?"

Reluctantly, Jimmy lifted his skirts and made for the door. His heels seemed suddenly painful to walk in but he felt it would be ungrateful to kick them off in front of her. Sally let him get to the stairs before she twisted the knife again: "I'm sorry it's turned out this way Jimmy. Goodnight."


Jimmy fell asleep crying in a deep pool of angry self pity. He awoke the next morning from a night of lurid dreams and found he was still dressed up. The crisp stickiness in his panties told him he had come in his sleep. Jimmy groaned - he felt dismal. Getting up, he went over to the mirror and looked at himself. He was ridiculous – standing in the cold light of morning in a girl's party dress with his face a ghastly mess of ruined make up. He felt numb. He didn't know how long he stood there, not wanting to face the day, but he was interrupted by Sally's sharp knock on the door.

"Jimmy! Are you getting up or not?"

"I'll be out in a minute!" he shouted. He was angry with her. He began to struggle with his dress, managing after a while to get it unzipped at the back. It took him some time. There was another knock at the door.

"Alright Jimmy, I'm coming in." Sally was shocked to find him still in his party clothes. She allowed herself a smile when she realised it was because he couldn't get the thing off. "Oh let me help you with that." She untied the ribbon at the back and finished unzipping him. Then she pulled the dress off over his shoulders. Too late, Jimmy remembered the stain in his panties. "Oh no Jimmy – you didn't!"

Jimmy could barely speak. "It was a dream" he mumbled, at the floor.

"Well throw them away when you've done. And go wash your face – you've got to leave for school in fifteen minutes." With that, she turned and left the room, carrying the dress under her arm. Feeling unbelievably uncomfortable, Jimmy hurried to ready himself for school. He rushed here and there washing, dressing and ran out the door, late, without saying a word. Sally called Goodbye after him, but he didn't hear.


A terrible thought struck Jimmy on the way to school. Suppose Sally had taken her spell away from him? He took the pendant out and fingered it nervously. The longer he contemplated it, the more convinced he became that she had taken its power to punish him. Eventually he gulped down his fears and walked on.

He arrived to his first lesson ten minutes late. The teacher, who was known to have a sadistic streak, glared at him with contempt.

"You're late!" he thundered.

"I'm sorry" said Jimmy nervously, "I overslept."

"Oh really!" he began sarcastically, but then he faltered, as Jimmy had seen many falter yesterday, struggling for words, before finally saying simply: "Well, sit down."

Jimmy did so without gratitude. Ignoring the lesson, he sat and brooded over last night. He blamed himself again and again, cursing his judgement. Occasionally a spot of righteous anger flared in him, and he blamed Sally for tricking him, but these were soon drowned by yet another wave of shame. He paid no attention to his teacher and was vaguely glad he wasn't asked any questions.

During morning break, Jimmy noticed Mark Hunt following him. He was still angry at being humiliated the previous day. Wherever Jimmy turned, the bully would turn with him, keeping the same distance. Eventually Jimmy could stand no more and, saying a prayer, turned round to face him. Mark stopped, his face full of the same impotent rage Jimmy had seen yesterday. He stood there staring, doing nothing. As the time dragged out, Jimmy couldn't help but smile. This made Mark madder still - he turned red in the face, but he couldn't do anything. Eventually he stormed off. For a moment, Jimmy was happy. He took the pendant in his hand and looked up to kiss the sky in thanks.

Now he knew Sally would forgive him. But how could he face her? The problem crept up on him during the next lesson, and he fell back to brooding. In the lunch queue, his mates noticed how glum he was and tried to cheer him up. They made jokes and cajoled him but Jimmy just told them to cut it out. In response, they pushed the envelope a bit further, reaching the verge of offensiveness before abruptly, they stopped. As a silence descended, Jimmy realised with horror that it was his pendant that had stopped them. They weren't allowed to be mean, even in fun. Desperately, he tried to make conversation but Brian cut across him before he'd even begun.

"See you later Jimmy." He patted Jimmy on the shoulder before walking off.

Despondent, Jimmy went off and sat down to eat, alone. A girl, Stephanie something, sat down opposite him. "You alright?" she said between mouthfuls.

"Yeah" Jimmy grunted, "You?" The girl wobbled her head. Jimmy put his head down, eating quickly. When he looked up again, he found the girl staring at him intently. "What?" said Jimmy.

Stephanie smiled. "Have you plucked your eyebrows?" she asked.

"No!" exclaimed Jimmy, hoping he sounded incredulous.

"Are you sure? They look awfully nice."

"Of course I'm sure!" he said with annoyance. He wondered why the spell wasn't working.

"They sure look plucked to me. Wait a minute…" she leaned forward to look at Jimmy more closely. "Is that eye-liner?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" said Jimmy.

Stephanie whispered to him conspiratorially: "Have you been wearing make up?"

"Don't be stupid!" he said, too loudly; for the whole room turned round to look.

"I'm not being nasty" pleaded the girl, "I'm just interested."

"Well don't be." Jimmy was flustered. He felt like this near-stranger knew everything that had happened last night. He got up and walked straight out, leaving the remains of his lunch still hot on the table.


He couldn't face Sally either. He went home and ate with his father who, in his peculiarly taciturn way, informed Jimmy that he'd got the opportunity of earning good money out of town. He was leaving on Sunday and would be back in a month. He offered Jimmy no apology, only £200 and a warning to "stay out of trouble." Jimmy was visibly upset – he would miss his birthday.

"Never mind son," he cracked a smile, "you'll be fine. I hear you got a girl to look after you."


Sally called him Saturday morning. "I wish you'd come over last night" she said, "we need to talk."

Reluctantly, Jimmy made his way across town. He thought over and over what he might say to her, but couldn't decide. He was penitent.

"I'm glad to see you sweetie" she said when she opened the door, "I've been worried about you." Jimmy was reassured by the warmth that had returned to her voice. "Sit down." Pointedly, Sally sat apart from Jimmy on the opposite armchair. "I know your father is out of town next month."

Jimmy was stunned. "How'd you know that?"

Sally tapped the side of her head. "Never mind the morals of what he's doing, the fact is you need a place to stay."

"I still have the house." Jimmy didn't want to appear too keen.

"We can't have that – you staying there all alone, at your age." Jimmy blushed furiously at this reference, but stayed quiet. "So it's best you stay here I think. What about you?"

"I guess, but what about…"

"Yes, that." Her tone was acid. "We'll have to lay down some ground rules. Some boundaries. So that we can put it all behind us."

"That sounds fair." Jimmy was perking up a bit. There was a silence, then he ventured cautiously: "My pendant…"


"I… I was afraid it… you know, would stop working."

"I admit, I thought about taking it away. But that would be unfair. After all, you didn't really know what you were doing, did you?"

Jimmy was stung by her words, but he didn't dare contradict them. "No" he said weakly, "I'm sorry."

"Stop apologizing!" laughed Sally, "I don't want to hear about it ever again!"

That was fine with Jimmy. "Ok" he said with a relieved smile.

"Good. Now how about we bake some fairy cakes?"

It seemed like a good idea, but Jimmy had to say: "What about the ground rules?"

"Oh gosh Jimmy, we can worry about that tomorrow. Today we have fun. Now go get your pretty apron, so we can get started!"

Jimmy toddled off obediently and Sally sat back, full of satisfaction. She put her hands together and drummed her fingers. She couldn't wait to show off Jimmy to her coven. He was such a sweet boy, and so obedient; especially now. Smiling to herself, she closed her eyes and fantasised about his smooth young body and innocent face. Idly, she moved her hand inside her pants and rubbed herself gently, mouthing sweet nothings to the air. Then she got up, marched to the bottom of the stairs and shouted, in a voice full of implication: "Jimmy! What on earth are you doing up there? Come down this instant!"


(To be continued…)




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