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Magic Pantyhose                   by: Paul G Jutras


One warm Friday evening in early summer, Louis said in his father lounge chair with a curly blonde wig, purple dress and matching two inch pumps. His pink toe polish looked good through his suntan pantyhose.

The tape of Cinderella he was watching was just at the part where the fairy godmother had appeared to start using her make. Louis let out a sign and glanced out the window at the twinkling stars. "I wish I had my own fairy Godmother."

Without moving a muscle, Louis closed his eyes and clasp his hands together. As he prayed, his dreams was about to come true. As a light appeared in the room, it began to take shape. It grew taller and wider, skin blue in color to match the glow around her, her face becoming human in shape.

"Who.. Who are you?" Louise covered his eyes to shield himself from the light. As the light faded, he saw a woman in a long blue dress and pumps. A magic wand twirled in a pair of hands with nails painted a darker shade of blue than her skin.

"Your fairy Godmother." The woman's blue lipstick mouth smiled. "I came to grant your deepest wish. Give me your foot."

Louise didn't know what to make of everything that was taking place, but did as he was told. Sitting in his favorite chair; he slipped his shoe off, and pointed his nylon mesh toes at his fairy godmother. The tip of the wand touched his big toe.

All at once, Louise was lifted in the air - and glowed. As the strange wind held him up, his tingling nipples grew into air pair of perfect round orbs that could only be considered B- cup breasts. As his legs dangled like a rag dolls, he notice how much more he could bring his legs together without his manhood between them. His blond wig took on a brownish tint and began to flow down over his shoulders while his waist narrowed and hips widen.

"That's it," The Fairy Godmother said. "It's only a matter of perspective. Loose a little height, five cute little fingers, a short little button noes. You'll soon be a regular girl."

Down to the floor of the room, Louise crumbled into a heap at his fairy godmother's feet. The clothes that was originally made for his old male frame was now much to big for him. As he got to his feet, he let the dress drop to the floor.

"Something's wrong." Louise said as he stood in only his pantyhose. "The body is as great as Linda Carter's and all, but the hose don't have a waist band anymore. I can't pull them down when I'll have to... you know... go."

"Linda." The Fairy Godmother said as she circled her creation. "Even to your parents, that will be your name for now on. The pantyhose is magic and now bonded with you." The Fairy Godmother smiled. "You won't have to pull them down to go, need to shave your legs and you won't have to worry about yeast infections either. Also it acts like a condom. You won't get pregnant unless you wish to."

"Thank you." Linda said

"I must go now." The Fairy Godmother said as she began to fade back into the blue light. "Do me proud."

"What about my clothes?" Linda asked.

"Of course, silly me." The Godmother said as she waved her wand and filled the air with magic dust. The dust changed both the dress on the floor and the clothes in his closet to fit his new figure. "You'll look lovely in them."

"I can't wait to show my new body off." Linda said as she ran into the bathroom and took a long relaxing bath so she could get to know every inch of her new body. The hose; now being her body, didn't loosen in the water at all. She knew she wouldn't have to worry about embarrassing rugs either. She then wore a baby doll nightgown to bed with an eagerness for morning.

On Saturday morning, he woke to the rays of the sun coming through his window. At first he thought it was just a dream. As she felt the shift of his breasts under her nightgown, she knew it had all been real. After spending an hour with his hair and make-up, he picked out his favorite one piece bathing suit and climbed into it.

Looking like she was ready for gym class, Linda stepped into a pair of water thongs and headed down to the beach. Finding the most public area, she folded her blanket and laid face down where she could stare at the guys playing volleyball.

"Hi cutie." A young 26 year old man said as he caught the ball before it dosed her with sand. "Want to join us?"

"I'd love me." Linda smiled as she flexed her nylon mesh toes in the sand. As he helped her to her feet, Linda stepped back into her shoes and was given Jeff's side. She loved the looks the guys gave her bouncing chest, sexy figure and perfect nylon coated legs.

As Jeff took Linda surfing, they shared his surfboard. Linda loved having Jeff holding her tight as they kept their balance on the wave. With a jealous look on his face, Jeff friend Brian cut them off, and caused them to whip out.

"You okay?" Jeff asked as he spit out salt water.

"Physically fine." Linda said as she found her suit had gotten caught on a piece of drift wood and ripped. "I'd better get a new outfit at the boardwalk."

"Allow me to pay, hot stuff." Jeff said as he grabbed his wallet from his beach bag. They headed up arm in arm to the boardwalk like they had been a couple all their lives. As Jeff took a chair, Linda put on a bathing suit fashion show for him. Since nobody even took notice of the fact she remained in the pantyhose, even the bikini she finally bought was an attention grabbed.

"You're red hot, darling." Jeff said with a kiss as she stood in her fire engine red bikini. As the two left the store, Linda glanced back and notice a blue glow coming from the saleswoman that waited on them. Linda knew that her fairy godmother had brought her, her prince charming to live happily ever after.




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