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Magic Hands          by: Bobbi Dare


Sitting on this barstool sure is a lot harder in heels than flats, you can't shift foot positions very easily. I thought it might actually be easier since you could just hook your heels on the cross-piece near the floor, but nooo...doesn't work that way. I can see myself in the bar mirror...I'm lookin' pretty hot tonight. That make over was a good cost enough money though....but it was worth every penny...I look fab-ul-ous. I guess the guys must think so too...most of the admirers can't seem to take their eyes off me tonight. Hummm...I usually get a few looks, but tonight I'm feeling eye-pawed...this is such a rush! It's a good thing I'm tucked in tight tonight. Oh, here comes one.

"Excuse me, is this seat taken?"

"Uh, no's all yours."


Hummm...he's sitting a little close. "Ah...excuse me." I've got to get away from this guy, he's really creeping me out...ohmagawd, he grabbed my arm.

"What are you do..."

"Please, don't go yet. I have something to tell you."

Shit! He's really strong, why isn't anyone doing something? Crap! No one is watching. Ok, ok...just play along and maybe you can just slip away from him.

"What do you want?" Oh god, he's leaning closer, please don't kill me, please don't kill me...

"I know you're not a real girl..."

Well duh...he's smart and funny.

"I can help you become what you desire most."

"What do you mean? Are you a doctor or something?"

"No my profession is not important. I can help you become a beautiful girl."

"I don't understand...if you're not a doctor how can you help me?" I feel funny...he's only looking at me but I feel very strange...what the...he's kissing me...ohhhh, it feels good. lips feel odd now, like they're swelling or something.

"Mmmmm...that was nice."

"Have a look at your lips my dear."

"What? Uh, ok." Where's that compact. Ok here it is. Hummm...I don't notice anything...wait a minute! My lips do look bigger! What gives! "I don't understand. What did you do to my lips? They look really...good."

"You now have bee-stung lips my sweet. Would you like to see what else I can do?"

This guy is weird, but my lips look great. I wonder... "Yes... yes...please show me."

"Very well." Oh, he's going to kiss me again...mmmmm...just close your eyes and enjoy this girl...what! He just blew into my mouth, like he's trying to resuscitate me or something. "Hey! What was that?" Ohmagawd...what's with my voice? "Ahhh...ooooo...hmmmm...*cough* voice sounds strange. What did you do?"

"Listen to yourself. What do you think you sound like."

"I...ah...I sound like a girl!" Keep it down idiot. "I mean...ya...I sound like a girl. This is great...thank you...thank you...thank you..." What's up with this guy, I go to kiss him and now he's pulling away.

"Not yet my dear. Would you like to come to my apartment. It is close by and I have some more to show you. I think you will like it quite a lot."

Christ! This guy is weird, but he's right. I do want him to show me more. I love the way my lips look now, and the way my voice sounds. I just have to find out how far he can take this...I wonder if... no... he's just been doing a few tricks girl. There's no way that any of this is permanent, but I would like to know what he used to do it. I know I'll be using this stuff all the time. I still don't know...he's pretty gawdamn weird. "I still don't..."

"If you want more of this my dear then come with me."

"" Oh christ...this guy must be crazy if he thinks I'm going home with him. " well, I don't know..."

"I know you must be frightened, but please don't be my have nothing to fear from me."

Oh gawd...I feel funny. What is he doing? Shit! He's taking off my wig! In the bar! Uh...Oooh...I feel strange again. What is that feeling? My wig is on the floor...shit! Hey! My hair is still long...I mean this is my own hair! And it's long! Where's that compact mirror...Ok here we go... holy... "Shit! I don't believe it."

"Would you like to leave now?"

I've never looked so good in my life as I do right now. I have real hair...and it looks terrific! But this guy is weird, how can I trust him? Is my life worth this? It could turn out to be a total sham as well. What do I do...Gawd! My hair looks lips look incredibly sexy...

"Ok...let's go Sugar." Gawd, even his smile is weird...well at least he's a gentleman...You don't meet too many men that extend the elbow anymore. I guess there's no harm in going along with this...Is there? I may be found dead in a ditch tomorrow. Gotta chance it...ya I'm going. "You've got yourself a girlfriend."

"Hummm...not quite yet my dear, but soon...very soon." Well, that line gave me the creeps.

Jeez! His grip is really strong. "Please...not so fast...I'm wearing heels you know."

"I'm sorry my dear. I guess I should try to contain my excitement, but you see when I find someone like yourself, so beautiful and so eager for my help, I feel an urgency which is simply over-powering. Please forgive me." this guy for real? He talks like he's walked out of a romance novel or something. "Sure honney, I forgive you. Hey! You haven't told me your name yet."

" I haven't, but here we are..." He had that key out pretty fast. "After you my dear."

"Thanks." Well...there's no turning back. He's either going to fuck me or kill me...hummm...or fuck me then kill me. I don't know what's come over me. This place is really dark...yikes...that's a bright light.

"Sorry my dear. The inside lights are quite bright, I should have warned you."

"Uh...that's what are you going to do?"

"Give me your hands my sweet...that's it."

Ooooo... My hands feel all tingly. What! My rings just fell off. How could that hands look so much smaller now. I know they are smaller...they were about the same size as his before, now his are much bigger. "How is this possible? How are you doing this?"

"It is a power I have my dear. I could stop if you like, or I could even reverse the changes..."

"No! Please no..." Ok... play up to this guy. It's beginning to look like he really can do what he says. "...Please don't stop...mmmmm...I love what you're doing to me...I want you to keep going." I hope that's enough...ah...I'll bet that's what he was waiting for too...for me to beg for it.

"Take off your top then my dear."


"In order for me to effect these changes I must have direct, skin to skin contact with the subject. Do you understand."

"Uh...ok..." Great I've got to disrobe in front of this guy now... goes.

"Your bra too my dear."

Humf! Ok...unhook it. Gawd I feel so vulnerable. Mmmmm...his touch is warm. Ooooh... Here comes that feeling again... My shoulders are tingling, and my face my neck... Oh god...he's touching my your eyes girl...oh my g...I have breasts....uh... oh...I don't feel so good...I think I going to faint.

"I need to lie down."

"Sit down on the couch my dear, now lie back. Are you enjoying this?"

I feel like screaming 'Yes! Yes! Don't stop! Don't stop...' "Mmmmm... yes...oh...ah...mmmm..."

"Take off your skirt my sweet."

This feels soooo good. Oh erection is poking out of my panties.


"Don't worry about that my dear. I can help you with that too."

Ok, here it comes...well it won't be the first time some guy has jacked me off. Ohhhh...I'm still aroused but my penis is shrinking...'s disappearing...what's forming into a...a...

"What happened?"

"You passed out my dear."

"Huh? Oh, sorry."

"Don't be...I've finished."

"You've finished? Oh, oh..." I feel so weak, and my head is spinning... he's pushing me back down and I can't resist him at all.

"Don't try to sit up just yet my sweet. Just relax. Tell me how you feel."

"I feel strange." Feel around with your hands...oh penis really is gone...and I have a...a...pussy. Ooooo...that feels soooo good.

"You must be feeling better my love."


"What do you want right now?"

"Hummm...what do you mean?"

"You know what I mean."

Oh god...I'm so horny. Shit, I really need it. My hands are too weak to do myself properly. "Ah... it."

"Do what my love...what do you want me to do?"

"Fuck me...please...fuck me. I need to be touched...fondled...suck my tits...squeeze my whatever you want to me...But please please PLEASE fuck me!"

"As you wish..."

Did I hear the ' dear,' "Ohhhh..." I feel something long and hard pushing into me. "...Oooooo..." Oh god! His cock feels sooo good. "Mmmmmm...Oh...ohhhh...ah...yessss...deeper...put it in deeper..." He's saying something to me, but I can only make out the, 'my dear.' I really don't care what he's saying to me anymore, "...Oh..." as long as he keeps on, "...Yes..." fucking me, "Ah...ah...ahhhh...yes...yes... YES!" I feel something building up, "...Aaaah..." building...building, "OH GOD...FUCK...Fucking YES!" Ohhhhh...this feels fucking great! I think I passed out...Ooooo...he's still going...Oh's building up again... "Oh ya...suck my tits...oh...ohhh...OHHH!" I feel...I feel...oh gawd he's going to come...ahhh, so am I... "Ohhhh yes! Ahh... Ahhhh!" know I could really get use to this.

This feels nice too. Nestled here with his arm around me. I feel so complete. Oops! I need some tissue. "Uh...would you pass me some tissue honney."

"Of course my you go."

He didn't even have to let go of me. I won't drip for a while. Mmmmm... just a few more minutes and I'll get cleaned up. Gawd! His embrace feels too good to break.

"How do you feel my dear?"

"What? Oh, I feel wonderful. I don't want to move from here."

"Why don't you go and get cleaned up my dear. I'll be here when you get back."

Oh, legs feel weak. Yikes! This toilet seat is cold! Hummm...all the stuff just comes out when you squeeze the muscles in your tummy. I need to wash my hands...they're all covered in goo. Ok...I'm clean.

Wow! Do I ever look fabulous. Barring the fact that I now have all the right equipment, I don't think that I've ever looked this good as a woman. It's funny though, I can definitely see the resemblance between this face in the mirror and the way I used to look. Like I'm now my own twin sister or something. Hair colour is the same...eyes same... I'm definitely shorter by about half a foot, and a lot less hairy. Am I the same person though? I don't know...I just fucked a guy! And I loved it! I've thought about doing this, but I've never actually done it until now. Would I feel any different about the experience if I was still male...hummm...don't know. I really loved it...I really, really, REALLY loved it...and I'd do it again in a minute. Can I stay this way? If there is a way I can live a normal life as a woman then this is definitely preferable to the way I was.

He's sleeping peacefully...I wonder if I should wake him or not? No I'll just slide in beside him and snuggle close...mmmmmm...I love this feeling... Oh...he must be awake. I feel so safe with his arms around me.

"How are you feeling my dear?"

" more than fine, I feel wonderful. I can't really describe it, but I don't want this to end."

"It doesn't have to."

"But I'm a will I make a living? I have no history like this, no friends, no family, no job...what will I do?"

"I cannot help you with your friends and family, you will have to decide for yourself what to tell them. I can help you change your identity though...and I know a few people who might be willing to hire you the way you are now."


"Of course sweet, I've helped many people like yourself become what they desire."

"I have to think about this."

"I don't believe you do. I think you have already decided, have you not?"

"Yes..." Damn! How does he know so much about me? Hummmm... how did he just change you into a girl dummy! Don't think too much about this. It's being offered so take it. Yes! Take it! "...yes I have. I want to stay this way..." Hummm...what's this? He got hard all of a sudden...mmmm. "...and I want some more of this too."



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