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Maggie Fights Back              by: Jennifer Allison


"I sorry, Maggie. There is nothing I can do."

"What do you mean. My husband is forcing to me to divorce him. And there is nothing you can do."

"Yes! Nothing I can do. You see a very unscrupulous lawyer wrote a book on how to screw your wife on a divorce settlement. And you husband is following it to a T. With the terms of your pre-nuptial agreement stating that if you divorce John. You would get only a thousand dollars a month for two year, and then nothing."

"I know, I signed it eighteen years ago. When I thought I was in love." Maggie said.

"Now, John wants a divorce and he wants you to file for it. This way you only get $24,000. If he filed for it you could claim at least three million. That is what my investigator has found out."

"Is that what John is worth? I never knew."

"That is not all, she found out. John has a girlfriend. Have you ever met Brenda Lee? She works for your husband."

"Yes, I have. She a twenty-one year old with the same body I had. When I was her age."

"John has been seeing her for at least a year. He is even paying for her apartment. She likes to spend money. My investigator has heard from another source. She has given John an ultimatum. Either get rid of you and marry her. Or she will find another Sugar Daddy.

"So you can see what is happening. John is trying to force you out."

"Is there anything I can do. John has canceled my credit cards, cleared out our checking accounts. He is even got our son doing some of his dirty work for him. By spreading evil rumors about me."

"It is going to get a lot worse."

"Then I might as well just give in and take the money. I have no choice."

"There is one option. I can’t go into details, cause I do not want to know about it, or get involved in it in anyway. All I am going to say is. My secretary has an envelope for you. That is all I can say."

"Thank you!"

"For what. As far as I am concerned you are going to settle with your husband. Good bye, Maggie."

Maggie said goodbye. There was nobody at the receptionist desk. But on top of the desk in plain sight was an envelope with Maggie’s name on it.

That night alone in her room Maggie read what was in the envelope. After reading all the information, Maggie tried calling the phone number provided. It was past midnight, but Maggie had to try. As if by pure luck someone answered the phone.

"Women’s Help Corp. Melanie speaking, may I help you."

"I hope so. My name is Maggie Courtland, and someone gave me some information on your Corporation."

"We have been expecting your call Mrs. Courtland. We know your lawyer doesn’t want to get involved. But she has informed someone who does. And they inform us. Would you like to make an appointment to go into more detail."

"Yes, I am free all day tomorrow. Oh! I should say today."

"Don’t worry about calling us so late. When we are working on a case. There is someone here 24 hours a day. Can you make it at 11:00? Don’t plan on lunch. The lunch will be on us."

The next day, Maggie arrived for her appointment at 10:30. She was so excited she couldn’t wait.

She was meet by Ms. Smyth, the director of Woman’s Help Corp.

"Maggie, all is not lost. We have looked into your case and there is nothing unusual about it. Your husband is cheating and then mentally abusing you. From our experience, physical abuse comes next. So it’s either roll over and give in to him, or fight back. There is nothing legally you can do to stop him. So my question is. What do you want to do?

"Ms. Smyth, I want to fight. I gave him eighteen years of my life and he can’t throw me for a newer model."

"Call me, Lesley. You read our pamphlet. So you know exactly what we can do."

"Yes, I did. I don’t want your treatment just for John. My son decided to join his dad, so he can join his dad in the consequences. Also I want my husband’s bimbo to join in the fun too."

"No problem with that. The total cost for all three will be 1.5 millions dollars. We charge accordingly to what our client will receive in the end. Usually it is . Why you are paying more is so that you can help someone else who can not afford it."

"I see no problem with that. As long as your treatment works."

"We haven’t had a complaint yet. We have been in business for five years. We won’t get paid until six months after the treatment. So if it don’t work we don’t get a penny. But if does. We will get our money. You will see what we can do to your husband and the others. I wouldn’t suggest not paying."

"I understand it all. I just want them to get what they deserve."

"So have you decided what you want."


After explaining what she wanted to Lesley. Maggie was asked.

"Can you put up with your husband for at least three or four days? If you need some money to tied you over. We can help you there. The reason I asked is. We want to use your voice on our tapes. This way, the only voice the three of them will hear is yours."

"For this, I can put up with them for a year. Cause just thinking of what will happen will help me through it. When can we start."

"How about right after lunch."

By Saturday it was all setup. The treatment was scheduled for Monday.

That morning, John was his usual self. "Hey bitch, when are you going to wise up and give me that divorce. I am sick and tired of you in this house. Either sign those papers or I will throw you out, and I won’t do it gently. So if I break something, it will be you own fault. If I do, don’t plan on my insurance paying for it. As far I am concerned you no longer exist."

Maggie took this all in, saying not a word. Just watching as John drank his coffee. Two minutes later, the Mickey Finn took effect, and John passed out. She then called her two helpers from WHC. They placed John on a gurney and wheeled him into the living room.

"The other one will down in a half hour." So they waited.

30 minutes later, Dean came into the kitchen.

"Where is my dad, bitch," Dean asked. He had been talking like this to Maggie for the last three days.

Maggie finally had to reply. "If I am bitch. That must mean you are a Son of a Bitch, right."

Dean jumped out of his chair with an angry look in his eye. Maggie stood her ground, with a frying pan in hand. "Come on, I have been wanting to whack your big fat mouth for a week. Come on, try it!"

Dean sat down, taking the carton of milk and raising it to his mouth. He started drinking it down. Two minutes later the two helpers had Dean on a gurney too. As John and Dean’s sleeping bodies were place in the WHC van. Maggie asked, "what about Brenda Lee?"

"A bouquet of flowers is being delivered to her apartment as we speak. Two minutes after she smells them, she will join these two in dreamland, or should I say nightmare land. After WHC get done with them. They will wish it was a nightmare."

At WHC all three were placed in lazy boy chairs in a padded room. Headphones were placed on their heads.

Lesley explained what is happening to Maggie. "For the next eighteen hours, Dean and John will be listening to those hypnotic tapes you recorded. They’re enforcing your control over them. Making them do and say what ever you want. You see we need to setup a cover story. So tomorrow both of them will be returned to your house, to wake up in their own beds, and then they will follow their instructions to letter."

"That is so there won’t be rude questions and such from friends and others, right."

"Then, after we pick them up. We will deliver them here. Dean will be ready to go home in three to four days. John will need about a month."

"What about the bimbo?" asked Maggie.

"About two weeks, but you want her to stay here until we are done with John. Cause we are starting her treatment now, instead of tomorrow."

"After John and the bimbo start their new lives. I want them to forget everything else. I know my husband. If he remembers anything, he will find a way to get even with me."

"Yes, just as you requested."

The next morning started as did the day before, except with some changes.

John was civil to Maggie, even kissed her good morning. As he left for work. Maggie reminded him about the big announcement. In John’s mind he was asking himself what the bleep is that bitch was talking about.

It was like a normal mother and son breakfast when Dean came down. As he left for school, Maggie reminded Dean to tell all his friends about having to move in with a sick uncle, who lived out of state, and that he will be gone for quite awhile. Dean said sure. But as he left, he was confused, what uncle, as far as he knew he had no uncle. So he let that pass, thinking that the bitch must be crazy.

But all thru school Dean found himself telling the same old story.

"I am going to away for awhile, to with my Uncle Paul. He isn’t married and has gotten hurt. I have been asked to help him."

"How long are you going to be gone for, Dean?" they all asked.

"I don’t know and they aren’t sure, how long he is going to be laid up." Dean was asking himself what is happening. I don’t have an Uncle Paul. And no one has told me about this.

It was like, his body had a mind of its own. He would try to say something, and something completely different would come out.

Even the administrative staff knew what was happening. "Dean, your mom called and told everything. Stop by the office after school is out, so we give you your school records, for your new school. Your mom wasn’t sure what the name of the school is, so we are sealing your records and sending them with you."

At work John was equally confused. First thing he did when he arrived was tell his secretary to start packing his stuff in his office. An hour later he called a meeting.

John stood up and announced. "As of yesterday I sold this company."

WHAT!!!! John screamed, but no one heard him. What the hell am I saying?

"For the last week I have been talking with another company and yesterday they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I do have some good new for all you. The new company likes the way this company is being run and does not want to make any changes. Their only condition is that they take over tomorrow. After today I won’t be back." As John’s mouth was saying these words, his mind was screaming. What the hell am I saying?

"See yesterday my wife and I finally came to a understanding. She gets the house and 1 million dollars. Dean will be living with a sick relative for a while then, he will come live with me."

"Brenda Lee and I will be moving out of state. That was one of my wife’s conditions. We have to live three states apart."

"I forgot one detail of the deal. The new company feels that all of our women employees are getting underpaid. So as of today their wages will be equal to their male counterparts. Also a bonus check will be given to said employees of $1000.00, as a thank you for putting up with this discrimination."

"I know you all have questions, but I don’t have time to answer them."

John left the room. An hour later John left the office and outside, the WHC van was waiting for him.

Dean was picked up by the same van, when his school let out.

At WHC, John and Dean started their treatment.

You see, Dean will soon become Deanna, the daughter Maggie always wanted.

Maggie has some very strange plans for John.

Both of them were put into a very deep trance. Maggie didn’t want them to realize what was going on now; she wanted to wait until both of their treatments were complete.

Two days later Lesley asked Maggie. "Would you like to see how Dean and John are doing?"

"Yes I would," Maggie replied.

"You see what is going to happen today, is the last major step in the treatment. There are a few minor ones for Dean, and a lot for John. After today’s step, the process can’t be reversed."

They found Dean sitting in a chair. Or we should say Deanna, she was sitting there in a pink teddy, legs crossed at the ankles, like any normal girl would. Her face made up. Her hair is down to her shoulders with lots of curls. There were hoop earrings in each ear.

"Deanna, wake up, wake up."

When Deanna saw her mom. "Good morning Mother. May I go to the powder room, please."

"Go ahead Deanna. There might be another girl in there. Why don’t you introduce yourself."

As Deanna left, Lesley turned to Maggie. "We fixed her voice box yesterday. This is the first time we let her go to the bathroom by herself. So lets watch and see how she does."

As they watched Deanna remove her teddy, Maggie noticed the last piece of male equipment left on Deanna’s body. Lesley explained, "we like to wait six months before we remove a penis from a teenager."

As Deanna sat down, they both noticed that all she did was take a piss. She even wiped herself when she was finished. Before Deanna could but her teddy back on. John walked into the room. Or we should say, was John. He looked more girlish than Deanna.

Deanna went over and introduced herself. "Hi, my name is Deanna."

Johm’s reply was. "Hi my name is????"

A strange thing happened as each pecked the other on the cheek. Both John and Deanna started squirting cum. Not just a little bit. Looking at both faces Maggie could see both of them in orgasmic bliss.

As they finished squirting. Lesley turned to Maggie. "Now that was the final major step. As of now the two of them are girls in mind and soul. And you are the only who can release them, temporarily from it. That is why we used your voice on the tapes. That is so no one else can say the magic word and change them back.

"You will be able to take Deanna home tomorrow. I figure you only want to see John only one more time, so we will call you when his treatment if over."

"Yes, only one more time. I want to be the one to tell about his, or should I say her new life."

Maggie picked up Deanna the next day. Deanna was wearing a dress, it clung to her new girlish figure. Deanna looked very like any normal sixteen year old girl.

"Lesley, I think it is time for Deanna to finally get a good look at her new self."

Maggie turned to Deanna who was standing in front of a full-lenght mirror, and said these words. "Dean is home, Dean is home."

Dean let out a scream, as he got a look at himself. "What happened, why am I dressed up like a girl?"

As Dean turned to face his mom, Maggie started talking, "Deanna, you just don’t look like a girl, but you are a girl in every way except one. In six months we will take care of that, too."

"Why did you do this to me?" asked Dean.

"The way you have been talking. I was no longer your mom, and I always wanted a daughter. So I decided that you will be my daughter."

"Please, I don’t want to be a girl? Please change me back," Dean said crying. Maggie could see her mascara running down his cheeks.

"It is too late for that. I would have never done this to you if you hadn’t picked your dad’s side in our little argument."


"Sorry, as far I am concerned you are my daughter Deanna. With help from hypnotic tapes, I have made you Deanna, using a few special words. I can change things for you. 1 is like right now, you are the old Dean. 2 you are Deanna, with no memory of anything else. 3 you have some of Dean’s memories. There are a couple more, but I won’t tell you about them. But let’s say, you won’t want to use them. There is a special one, which I will use when we get home tonight."

"Now, Deanna wash your face and touch up your make-up. Don’t make me tell you twice Deanna."

Deanna walked into the powder room, Maggie followed. As if by lots of practice Deanna felt an urge, and without hesitation. Went to into one of the door-less stalls, pulled down her pantyhose, sat and took a leak. When she was done she wiped her privates. In the back of Dean’s mind, he was saying. ‘What did I just do, why did take a leak this way.’

"I bet you, you are wondering what just happened. It is simple. You will be Dean only in your mind. Everything you do, like going to the bathroom, walk, talk, and the other mannerism is that of Deanna."

"Come fix your make-up. We have to be at the Mall by 12:30. We are meeting your old girlfriend for lunch. Then we are going to do some shopping."

"Please, I don’t want anybody to see me like this, I am a girl. I am a girl."

"Deanna listen to yourself. You can’t even say it anymore. You see we used hypnotism to make you think and react like a girl. If even when you are Dean, you won’t be able to tell anybody what happened. Even if you tried to write down what I am telling you, all that will be written is what has been programmed into you."

Twice more, Deanna tried to say that she was a boy, but what came out was, I am a girl.

After this, it showed on her face, utter defeat. She finally came to the conclusion. She is a girl and there is nothing she could do about it.

"I promise Deanna, no one will find out your little secret unless you make me."

As they drove to mall. Deanna asked Maggie about her father. "What happen to dad. Or did you let him just move away"

"No, he is still under going his treatment. His little bimbo didn’t get away with anything either. Don’t worry, I will give you a chance to say goodbye."

As if by accident, they meet Jennifer. Deanna’s old girlfriend, coming into to mall at the same time.

"Jennifer, I would like you to meet my niece Deanna. She will living with me for a while."

"Hi, Deanna."

"Hi, Jennifer," Deanna was a little worried that Jennifer would recognize her, but she didn’t.

After they stopped at the Salad bar, and got their lunches. Maggie told Jennifer the story that WHC with her help had come up with.

"Jennifer, I am sorry to say. Dean won’t be back. I received a letter from his Uncle Paul, it seems it will be at least six months before he can get along with out Dean’s help. After that Dean will move to Colorado and live with father."

"That’s perfect for me. I have been trying break up with him for the last month, but never found the words to do it."

"The main reason I asked you to lunch, is I want you to help me with Deanna here. When my sister found out I was going to live in that big house all by myself. She asked if Deanna could move in with me. It seems that there was a bad situation at home."

"I will gladly help. Will Deanna be in school Monday?"

"No, I have decided to have her attend a private school. Then next September she will start fresh. At the beginning of the school year."

For the rest of lunch, it was all girl talk, between the three girls.

As Jennifer left, she promised to come and picked up Deanna the next day.

The rest of the day mother and her new daughter spent shopping. Buying everything that a teenage girl would need.

As Maggie drove home Deanna started talking.

"Mom, I don’t know how to say this. But I beginning to like wearing a dress. Even having lunch with Jennifer. At first I thought I might have a little trouble. But by the time we were half finished I was feeling so good and comfortable. I didn’t care if I was a boy or a girl."

Maggie smiled, she the hypnotic tapes were doing their job. Making Deanna accept the change.

"I do want to tell you about the private school. It is called Ms. Lynne School for Girls. It is a special school for boys who want to be girls. They will teach everything you will need to know to pass in public. It also means, that no one will find out your secret. Cause most the girls there have the same secret."

As they entered the house. Maggie told her daughter to go and get dressed for supper. "I want you change clothes, I have laid out your new clothes on your bed before I left this morning."

As Deanna walked away Maggie said these word, ‘Fifi, the maid, Fifi the maid."

Thirty minutes later Deanna or should say Fifi, came down. She was now dress in a French maid uniform.

"I know you can understand me, Deanna. This is that special program I mentioned this morning. At least once, maybe twice a week you will become my new maid Fifi. Don’t worry, this program is just for my little pleasure."

So this is the way it went for the next weeks. Deanna would attend Ms. Lynne School during the day, and come home and be what ever Maggie wanted her to be, at night. Deanna and Jennifer became best friends. Deanna even had a slumber party one Saturday night. Two of the girls from Ms. Lynne even came. None of the real girls found out Deanna’s secret.

Six weeks later, Maggie received the phone call she had been waiting for.

"Maggie, this is Lesley, from WHC. I am glad to say, John has finished his treatment. I am sorry it took so long, but everything you wanted done is completed."

"Great, Deanna has school tomorrow, and I promised her a chance to say good bye to her dad. So is there any problem of us coming over around 4:30?"

"No problem," replied Lesley. "That reminds me. I was going to ask how Deanna is doing."

"Great, she loves being a girl so much. I don’t even have to use the control words anymore. Sometimes without me saying anything, Fifi will show unexpectedly. But that usually happens when she wants something. Like her slumber party this last weekend. It was something she never did as a boy. She is acting more like a girl everyday."

"You are still using the reinforcement tapes?"

"Yes, I am."

"Good I will see you tomorrow then."

That night Maggie told Deanna. "Your father is done with his treatment. I hope you don’t have plans for tomorrow afternoon."

Deanna replied, "nothing I can’t change."

"I’ll pick you up after school tomorrow. I also want to warn you. What I did to your father is not very nice. But with what he had planned for me, I call it even steven."

At 4:20 Mother and daughter arrived at WHC. They were ushered into Lesley’s office.

Maggie then turned to Deanna, "I don’t want to shock you too much. So we are going to let you see him thru a see through mirror. So if there is a problem or questions, I can answer them now."

After taking one peek, all Deanna could say was.

"My God!!! Is that my dad?"


"You turned him into his worse nightmare." Deanna exclaimed. "Is what he did as bad as that."

"Yes, he told me. Either I sign those papers, or he was going to hurt me, something bad. So I hurt him before he could hurt me.

"I loved that man for eighteen years. All of sudden he decides to turn me in for a newer model. He didn’t even have the good graces to come to me, and tell the truth. I wouldn’t have asked for the moon. No, he couldn’t do that. So he decided to force me to divorce him and get only $24,000. When he is worth six million. I would have settled for enough to keep me in the style of life I have now."

"You do know. That isn’t all his fault. Brenda Lee wouldn’t let him."

"Well, I hope Brenda Lee likes what we did to her, too."

"Does dad realize what has happened to him?"

"No, he still thinks it is the Tuesday after President’s Day."

"I am going to go in and talk to your dad, and I will call you when I want you to enter, okay."


As she entered the class partition room. The new John looked up. He then spoke.

"What in the hell is going on here. I have been sitting here for ten minutes, and I have a business to run."

"You no longer have a business to run. Remember you sold it."

"I remember saying I sold the business, but I also remember I kept saying in the back of mind NO! NO! NO! someone tricked me and I will fight them as soon as I get out of here."

"That might have worked then, but it won’t work now."

"Why not, I have the best lawyers in town. They know every dirty little trick in the book. Cause they wrote the book."

"Except you have one little problem. John Courtland is dead and buried."

"How can that be?"

"A simple question. What day is this?"

"The 22nd of February, the day after President’s day."

"I am sorry to say it isn’t it is actually the 13th of April."

"How can that be."

"Let me explain. The building we are presently in is owned by the Woman’s Help Corp. When I decided to fight you. I asked then to help me, and they have. For the last seven weeks you have been living in a hypnotic trance while WHC and I, have made some changes. Like arranging your and your girlfriend Brenda Lee’s deaths. To be precise I own your company now."

"What kind of changes?"

"Would you like to see one?"

"Yes I would."

Maggie beckoned Deanna into the room. "John I would like you to meet Deanna, Deanna - John."

You could have hit John with a 2x4 when he heard the next few words.

"Hi, daddy."

"This is one of the changes. Dean entered WHC same day you did, a boy. And left as the beautiful daughter I always wanted. Some time this summer she will have the last part of her body that is still male removed. Then she will be all girl."

"This can’t be my son?"

"Yes it is. This isn’t the only change we made, either."

"What else did you and these people do?’

"Why don’t you go over to the mirror and look at yourself."

John moved over to the mirror.

"John, what do see?"

"I see myself, nothing is different. So what!"

"Look closely, ‘Juanita is home, Juanita is home.’

John screamed. "What did you do to me?"

"What you see now is the new you. Your name is now Juanita Cortez and your home is in Tijuana Mexico. I remembered how much you hated the Mexicans, even refused to let them work for you. So I thought this was appropriate punishment. You are now, what you hated most."

What John found was a middle aged Mexican woman who was dress in a simple blouse and skirt. The blouse showed off her amble breasts. Which were 44 GGG. The rest of his body was showing signs of becoming over weight. With tears streaming down his face John asked. "How long will I have to stay like this?"

"For the rest of your life. If you’d check you’ll find out, that you have already had your sex change operation." John felt between legs, and this caused more tears to fall. "When we changed your skin color. We use the same ink that tattoers use. The new one that medicine can’t remove. I do like your new dark brown skin color."

"Why! Why! Why! Why!"

"You told me President’s day. If I didn’t sign those papers. I would be hurt, and hurt very badly. So I decided to fight back."

"We could have worked something out."

"You forgot, Brenda Lee wouldn’t let you."

"I could have made some arrangements."

"No you wouldn’t have. I most likely would have ended up dead. You know it as well as I do. So don’t lie to me. Would you like to see the changes we made in Brenda Lee."

"No! I don’t want her to see me like this."

"You should, a mother should see her daughter. That is right, using the tapes again we have made it so that Brenda who is now Maria Cortez thinks that she is your daughter and you think that you are her mom."

Maria was let into Juanita’s room. When they both got a good look at each other, they both broke down and cried. Still hugging each other. They turned to Maggie and said almost in unison. "You might have changed our bodies but we still love each other."

"Oh you won’t. We eliminated that love in the tapes. When I say the final words, your final commands will take effect. Each of you will become what you have been programmed for. Juanita and Maria Cortez, and the only love you have for each other, is the mother/daughter kind."

"What happens to us now."

"The both of you have jobs in Tijuana. Maria you are a whore in whore house. Juanita you work at the same place as a cleaning lady and sometimes whore. You’ll be a whore when a customer ask for a mother/daughter combo or when the house gets busy and they need an extra girl."

"Why a whore," asked Maria.

"Cause you like fooling around so much, we thought it would be a perfect job for you."

"Maggie I promise you this. I will be back, I will make you pay for this."

"No! You won’t, we put a little extra in both of your hypnotic programs. Both of you will crimp and save your pesos, until you get enough to get across the border. But at the last minute you’ll chicken out. We programmed both of you to chicken out, this way there is no way you’ll ever come back to the United States. Since your money was non-refundable. You’ll start all over again saving and crimping, and when the time comes again you’ll chicken out. You’ll repeat this process over and over. In the end you’ll never make it back."

"Maggie, you hate us that much."

"No, not really. I hate what you turned me into. We could have worked something out. If when you decided you wanted a divorce. No you couldn’t do it that way. You had to have everything, now you have nothing.

"The three of you got what you deserved."

"I have to go now. So Juanita and Maria I hope you enjoy your new life."

"Please, please Maggie, don’t do this to us."

"Sorry I have to. ‘Juanita and Maria work in a whore house, Juanita and Maria work in a whore house.’"

Both Juanita and Maria were fast asleep before Maggie closed the door. They both were in Mexico working in the whore house the next morning. With no memories of their past lives. All they knew is that they are mother/daughter and they work in a whore house.

Deanna had no problem with her mom. About what she did to her dad. Deanna knew that if her dad ever came back he would kill her mom.

Two days after school let out. Deanna entered the hospital for her surgery. A complete success. Over the 4th of July holidays Deanna found out that Jennifer knew the whole truth. It seemed Jennifer had seen Deanna in the bathroom during the slumber party. Jennifer decided right there and then. That she would rather have Deanna as friend than Dean, any day of the week.

As for Maggie, John’s business has gone through the roof. She is also seeing another man. There isn’t marriage in the future there. They are just friends.



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