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Made to Serve Her

by Cindy Godwin


Three years ago I met and fell completely head over heels with a woman called Debbie. She was gorgeous and for a while we had a great time. Then after surrendering my male freedom, the slobby flat, the lads nights out etc the thing of

I wanted more than anything happened. Debbie told me she was pregnant, she also wanted us to marry, I was ecstatic.

After living with her for a while and enjoyed constant sex it suddenly stopped. I came home one day and Debbie was scowling at me. Whats up? I asked with a sense of dread. I have been thinking about things she said, the house is always messy with your bits, you treat me like a piece of the furniture and you seem to think I am little more than a sex object!!!! No way I protested but I knew it was true.

Shut up she yelled, and listen. Things are about to change. First I have had an abortion, no way am I am going to be a slave to a child, secondly you are going to agree to become less messy and learn what it is like being treated as you have treated me.

I was stunned, I had no way of knowing she'd been feeling this way. Anything I can do I will do I said I can't lose you.

Anything ??? she asked

Yes anything I replied.

Good, then first you will let me hyptnotise you.

Sure if you think you can I said not taking her seriously.

Oh I can she said producing a goldchain.

Follow the chain she said.

Sure I replied laughing at the absurb notion . After a few minutes I began to feel light headed. Then I must have greyed out.

When I became aware of my surroundings again I found myself lying on the bed. I tried to get up but something was wrong . I tilted forward, a large weight wobbled on my chest. I looked down and saw big boobs attached to me. I tried to pull them off but no joy. DEBBIE I yelled , what the hell is going on!!!

She appeared in the doorway, Careful you may break your hyptnotic promise she said.

What promise I replied, but my mind was telling me quite clearly, the promise to serve Debbie.

You will find the breasts are a 34D, they are glued on whilst your own grow. You will also find that that pathetic cock of yours is now securely tucked away, it will never bother another woman.

I tried to protest but couldn't recall what I was protesting about.

I see you are having problems thinking things out, good the hypnosis worked. Okay here we go, you are to become a frenchmaid working for me. I have a costume in the wardrobe waiting for you. You will wear panties at all times, silky bras, stockings and suspenders and you will after my friend has called round later be the proud owner of long fingernails, and gorgeous blonde hair. You will also undergo further hynosis and as the days go by you will remember less and less, in effect you will become a blonde bimbo and when you reach that stage your sex driv will return and we will have pleasure in seeing you humiliate yourself as you become a slut searching for cocks to suck and female vaginas to clean with that slutty tongue of yours. In essence you will be keeping my house tidy and I will be using you as part of the furniture and a sex object.

I felt my knees tremble, how could this be happening, but god it was.

One more thing, your new name is Cindy, and do not call me Debbie again if you want to avoid pain, call me MISTRESS DEBORAH, Understood.

I nodded my head and said weakly, Yes Mistress.

Good girl she said coldly and condescendingly.

Now go and put that underwear on the end of the bed on she said. I did as I was told, then after she applied makeup to me, red vampish lipstick greeted me as I looked in the mirror. I could not believe my eyes, I looked like a prostitute ready for a nights work.

Open the wardrobe Cindy, Mistress said from behind me.

I did as I was told and a black lacy maids outfit greeted me.

That is your future you slut, Mistress said coldly, SO PUT IT ON and let me insult and laugh at you afterwards.

My future, god it was, here I am some 3 years on, natural breasts, girly clothes, I even have to insert tampons up my anus once a month. Gee how it all came true, blonde bimbo coming through, yep that will be me. My trampy earrings, cheap perfume,and high sex drive , my life is spent sucking mens cocks and licking Mistress off when she asks. Humilation central!!!!

Mistress calls me her blonde bimbo pet, and hires me out to her men friends, the first time was the worst, mistress left just a fragment of my memory intact, the part that keeps telling me I am a male stud, ha ha, what an ultimate laugh that was.

But hey the early times of my descent into feminization can be told another day. For now I have to dress and serve mistress her breakfast. The makeup is the worst, dressing as a slut takes so long. Oh mustn't forget to take the buttplug with me, mistress will want to insert that herself as a little morning titillation, then she'll invite me to sit down for a rest throughout the day, knowing each time I do it will jam further up my ass. Now then where are my earrings????




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