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Made for Love                  by: Paul G Jutras


Roger always put his work first, even toward his boyfriend. It was because of this that his boyfriend, Dick kept trying to make her into a better lover in bed. No matter what erotic tricks he'd try, she never truly warmed up to him. Her mind was on nothing but business.

As time passed, Roger made his way up in the corporate ladder. Just when he thought he'd make his way to the board of directors, the company faced a hostile take over. With that came a series of lay off. That included Roger's department.

At first he spent all his time in the unemployment office trying to get another job. Dick tried to talk him into staying home and adopting a child. He certainly made more than enough for both of them .He couldn't hear of it. He liked earning his own way and was proud of his collage degree. He thought that staying at home would be putting her education to waste.

Dick came home one Friday night from his job at a erotic love doll factory. When he told her than Penelope was going on maternity leave, Roger jumped at the idea of going back to work. He also hoped that working in the place building would bring the two of them closer together.

On Saturday morning, Roger got up extra early and went through his closet. He picked out his best silk blouse, blazer, skirt and matching heels. He picked out a neutral color hose and then proceeded to show and shave. He not only shaved his legs, but under his arms and her sex area too. He giggled at the bulge that appeared in Dick's pants as he put on his tie.

Dick went into work first as Roger finished getting ready then took the bus to work. He was glad Dick would be able to drive him home. As he entered the lobby, he listened to an automatic recording talking about the company web site where love dolls can be costumed made.

"Please stand with your arms at your side." A voice spoke as Roger reached a door at the far end of the lobby. He looked at the empty reception desk and shrugged his shoulders. He looked up at the weird security camera that looked like some sort of gun.

"I'm here to replace Penelope at her job." Roger said to whoever might be listening.

As he waited for a reply, a beam shot out of the camera gun and hit his feet. Roger tried to jump in surprise, but found his legs wouldn't budge. His feet were already melted in a wax like liquid. He just screamed in the sound proof room as he found herself getting lower to the floor. Like a wax candle, his body melted into a puddle that caused him to black out. His body slid down the slanted floor and into a grill.

When she woke up, he found he couldn't move. His eyes were fixed on what was ahead of him. He could see people's waist as they passed in front of him. "Where am I?" He thought when he tried to speak but couldn't. He wasn't even breathing and when his head was moved before a mirror he could see why. He didn't have a body to breath with. Just a surreal head with eyes. "What's happening to me?"

"Where's my body?" he thought.

He remembered coming in for a job and being hit by a strange beam. He had blacked out and woke up only a head.

As his head was turned almost on purpose, he could see a liquid being poured into a series of molds. A couple of hours later, a pair of arms and feet were removed by the mold. Although pale and plastic like, they looked just like Roger's own hands and feet. Only these fingers and toes were fused together and much smaller.

Just then Dick came walking up in front of him. "Are you awake my little love doll?"

"What is Dick talking about." Roger thought. "Did he have something to do with what happened to me?"

"You never did like my erotic little fantasies." Dick said with a smiled. "That is why I made up that story about a co worker going on maternity leave. We have altered your DNA and reformed you into my custom built love doll."

"This can't be happening." Roger thought as he saw his plastic naked torso. His new breasts were erect like she had just come out from swimming or left a cold room. The butt hole slid easily down a standing rod and remained in place. He could feel the rod in his and it actually turned on his on to be penetrated so.

A female co worker sprayed the tips of her breasts and the spray sent him through the roof with erotic sensations before his head was reattached. Despite his fused fingers, when his arms were put on he looked like he was getting ready for a gun fight. His torso was removed from the pole and placed on a bench. She noticed when his legs were reattached that he was now bow legged.

"Awww, she'll be perfect and will work fine." Dick said as he checked the doll oral opening as well as the openings in his new female sex and butt. "Best of all, I won't have to listen to you going on about work in bed. You'll be my silent partner in this business deal."

As 80 hours that it takes to make a love doll passed, Roger just sat silently as he was prepared. His skin was smooth and shinny. The tips of her breasts were as red as her cheek bones and her eyes were glassy and unable to even blink. As he felt Dick's hand run over her body, he could feel an air valve being touched in the back of her neck. He could be deflated or inflated at her husband's choose. "You'll find having air rushed in and out of your more erotic than anything you've ever known."

"Shame you can't have kids like this." Dick chuckled as he flipped opened the valve. As the air rushed out, she wanted to moan in pleasure, but couldn't utter a sound. He watched as his feet went first and then his legs became a flat, wrinkle surface. Then the rest of him folding in upon itself. His head being last to go.

"Hope you don't mind being shipped to me." Dick laughed as he picked up his deflated body and put it in a box. He could only stare up helplessly at him and he closed the lid and put the address on the label. He could only hear footsteps and murmurs as the box was picked up and moved about.

Seven days later, UPS dropped a package at Dick's front door. Dick thanked the driver as the man walked back to his truck and Dick took the package. He walked over to the dinning room table and opened it up. "Hope you didn't mind the trip. I knew that in your present state you had no need for food, water or sleep."

Taking the air valve to his mouth, he started to blow. Standing or sitting, she was still bow legged and arms bent like she was a cowgirl waiting for the fast draw. Roger was glad to feel his body expanding to near human proportions. To be three dimensional although weightless again. He put his in a chair and felt turn on just by looking at him. "You do look lovely dear."

At this point, he entered her mouth with his tongue. He undid his belt and pulled down his pants. As he ran his hands over the doll chest, he entered its pussy in the throws of passion. When he was done, he put her in one of his old blue cut off shorts and white tank tops. He figured he no longer had need for underwear.

"Trust me," Dick whispered in his wife's ear. "You'll love your new life. My co-workers even found a recently dead homeless woman of your height and weight. Her body will be found at the bottom of Lovers Leap in our car. With them backing up how distant we've become, the cops will believe you killed yourself. You won't be missed by anyone."

"This will help you." Dick added. "Now you'll have no choice to relax and find out that it better to be a lover in bed that a fighter in the board room. You'll learn in the end that we're not that different, you and I."

They sat on the front porch like a pair of new lovers. That night, he stripped Roger of her closed and put her in their bed for a night of hot passion neither would ever forget.



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