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Luck Be A Lady

by Catherine Linda Michel


Part 2

I took a look at my watch and it read 3:30! I’d been messing around with that alien equipment for almost 4 hours! I sat and smoked another cigarette, trying to come to grips with the discoveries I had made that afternoon. I could feel the tension, slowly leaving my body as I drew the aromatic smoke deep into my lungs. Yeah, yeah, I know what everybody is saying about smoking but, when you have been smoking as long as I have, when you get tense, or stressed out, just the act of smoking calms you. I couldn’t remember EVER having been THIS tensed up and I NEEDED those cigarettes!

Anyway, I sat there finishing yet another smoke and thought, hard, about what I had found and what I was gonna do with it. The more I thought about it, the more I began to realize that there was NO way I could turn this stuff over to anyone BUT the Government! Even if it cost me everything I had left, there was no way I couldn’t let people in a position to do something about what seemed to me to be an imminent threat to the whole planet, know about this stuff. If there was, indeed, an alien invasion underway, I had to do everything I could to help stop it. I didn’t know whether I would regret it on a personal level or not, but I couldn’t just keep this stuff, could I? Well, one thing was for sure. I wasn’t getting anything accomplished or decided, sitting there smoking. I had thought, earlier, I might invite Prue out for dinner that night but there was still time to do that. I finally decided to do a bit more experimenting with the alien machines to see what they could really do when used together. I got everything laid out on the bed, all the clothing and the equipment and began.

The first thing I did was to make a duplicate copy of the disc with my recording on it. If there was one thing I knew for sure, it was that my luck would ALWAYS screw things up if I gave it even half a chance and there was NO way I wanted to get trapped in a form that wasn’t my own! I took that second disc and wrapped it in a piece of cloth, then in plastic from one of my cigarette packs and stuck it in my wallet. At worst, it might get mistaken for the shape of a condom in there and no one would question that. Not with today’s attitude about safe sex. The other disc with my recording on it went back into the dresser drawer, under some of my socks.

Then I went through all the discs that I had found.

There were, it turned out, 8 discs with recordings on them, all Female! I wondered about that but as long as I had the recordings of myself, there was NO chance that I wouldn’t be able to return to my own form so I re-inserted the disc I had tried before and arranged the wires around me. I took a deep breath and switched on the machine. Again I experienced that moment of disorientation and, when I lifted my arm, there was that smooth, hairless female arm again! I took a little more time examining this form than I did the last time and noticed that it was pretty much flawless with the exception of there being no hair on it anywhere but between my legs. I did notice that I had no problems moving around in this form, though. Sure my hips and butt moved a bit more, side to side and yes, the feeling of movement was different with things jiggling and moving around but, all in all, it wasn’t uncomfortable or awkward.

I walked back to the bed and picked up the hair dryer/styler and went back to the mirror. For about 20 minutes I tried every style and setting on that thing, finally deciding on a length down to the middle of my back and slightly wavy, and blonde for a color. Not platinum blonde but more like a strawberry blonde color. I walked back to the bed and picked up the makeup kit and went back to the mirror. I played with that thing for almost 30 minutes, trying many, many settings. I found that whatever setting I used, my eyelashes and eyebrows would fill in to match the makeup design I used. I was amazed at the combinations available on this thing. I hadn’t even touched half of the buttons that were available to be used and I had used up over a half hour and tried more than a dozen different looks!

I settled on a look that was, I thought, kind of average looking. Not a lot of color but what there was, made this new face of mine very pretty indeed! I gotta tell ya, my mind was telling me that this was WAY strange and I shouldn’t be liking it but, DAMN, I looked GOOD! I admired myself for a few minutes in that mirror and then the thought came to me, "Hey, you’ve tried on a new body, new hair, and makeup. You might as well complete the look and try on some of those clothes." Now, I told you before that I had NEVER in my life had ANY desire or even curiosity about wearing women’s clothes but, somehow, in this situation, it seemed like the thing to do. I tried to rationalize further by saying to myself, "You shouldn’t walk around even here in the room, naked. What if someone came in? It’s bad enough that you look like your own wet dream but you SHOULD be wearing SOMETHING!"

So, back to the bed I went. I went through the piles of clothing and found a matching bra and panty set and tried those on. I won’t go into the sensations I felt but they WERE different, that’s for sure! The panties were no problem but that damn bra! What a pain in the ass THAT thing was! I couldn’t, for the life of me, get that damned thing attached in the back no matter how much I wiggled and stretched my arms around! I finally had to turn it around, attach the hooks in front of me and then, pull the cups around in front of me. From there it wasn’t too difficult to figure out how to settle my(?) breasts into the cups and get the straps up on my shoulders. I found a nice looking blouse and a skirt(?) To match it and put them on. Not a lot of trouble except for those damned backwards buttons on the blouse! I found some earrings, bracelets and a necklace that looked like they matched and put them on as well. Once started, it seemed as if there was no stopping until I had completed fully completing a fully female look. When I finally had everything on that seemed necessary, I finally faced those shoes. There were several pairs of them but it seemed that only one pair was right for the way I thought I looked and that was a pair of pumps with a 3 inch heel on them. I wasn’t at all sure about walking in those things but I put them on and stood up, carefully.

To my complete surprise, I had absolutely no problem walking in those heels. As a matter of fact, it seemed totally natural and normal to me just then. I walked back to the mirror and just stood there, my mouth hanging open in amazement at the picture of total femininity I saw looking back at me. These machines were UNBELIEVABLE! I would have some heavy duty explaining to anyone who might have come to the door, who I was and why I was there, looking as I did, but that didn’t seem to matter just then. I was lost in that mirror for, it seemed a long time, just looking at the beautiful woman looking back at me. I did a few poses and that tickled my funny bone so I started to laugh and stopped, COLD! I hadn’t spoken at all during any of my experimenting with these alien machines and hadn’t thought about my voice at all, until I laughed! Well, actually, it was more of a giggle. A high pitched, totally female, GIGGLE! I HAD wondered a bit about what, if anything these things might do to my voice but, somehow, the reality of that high pitched giggle coming from my(?) lips, scared me more than anything else had, to that point. All of a sudden, all of my misgivings and doubts came back to me, full throttle, and smacked me right upside of my head. The spell that I had been under, looking like a beautiful woman, evaporated and all of a sudden I was just a guy in drag. Elaborate drag, I’ll admit but that was how it seemed to me right then and I stripped out of those clothes like they were on fire! I grabbed the makeup kit and erased that from my face. Then I took away the long, blonde hair and grabbed the disc with my recording on it and snapped it into the machine. I arranged the wires properly and switched on the laptop and in just a few seconds, I, the male me, was back, shaking.

I grabbed some of my clothes and climbed into them, then I began stashing things back away. The clothing went back into the duffle bag on top of the hair styler and the makeup kit and I actually remembered to grab those two weapons or whatever they were from the dresser drawer and stuck them into the bottom of the bag, as well. Then I hid the bag under the bed and pulled the blankets down to cover any space that might have been left between the bottom of them and the floor and, finally, sat down to have a real good shake session.

WHAT the hell had I been thinking? I mean, good grief! There I had been, parading around in a rented motel room like some kind of drag queen, not even thinking about what could have happened if, say, Prue had come to the door to see if I wanted to go to dinner! From fully changed and dressed, it took me 15 minutes to change completely back to myself and that would have been much too long for anyone to have waited outside the door, without some suspicion creeping into their thoughts. I was going to have to be a LOT more cautious about this whole thing if I wanted to keep this to myself. Hell, even if I was gonna turn this stuff over to someone from the government, I STILL had to be careful! It wouldn’t take much for someone to steal those things from me, if it became known that I had them and what they could do.

I finished off that pack of cigarettes and then decided to see if Prue wanted to go out to eat. Besides, I needed some fresh air! Cooped up in that room, playing with all those alien devices had given me both a case of the heebie-jeebies and an appetite! As I went out of the room, I double checked to make sure I had my wallet, smokes, lighter and keys. I made sure that the disc was safely in my wallet and that the door to the room locked behind me. It was warm outside but not oppressively so and I began to relax a bit more, just being out of that room. It didn’t hurt my attitude that I was going up to see a REAL, beautiful woman who seemed to have a bit of interest in me, either.

I noticed a nondescript black car, parked in front of the office and, for some reason, I hesitated about going up there. I found a place where I could watch the office door and not be seen, myself and just stood there, watching. In just a few minutes, a couple of men in black suits came out of the office and entered the car and left. I waited until the car was out of sight from the motel before I ventured out of my hiding place and continued on up towards the office. When I reached the door, I was just about to open it when it opened almost in my face. Prue came out of the office and she seemed to be in a hurry because she obviously didn’t see me at first. When she DID see me, she almost jumped backwards in seeming shock! She had a worried look on her face and she squeaked a little bit, kinda like an "eep!" She grabbed me by the front of my shirt and practically dragged me into the office! She closed the door behind us and drew a curtain closed as well. I looked at her, partly in alarm and, sorry, partly with a little lust. Hey, so SUE me! A good looking woman practically drags me into a darkened room and slams and locks the door behind us, drawing the curtain closed as well? Well, anyway, that lust thing only lasted for about three seconds because when she turned around to face me, there was a look of anger on her face! I took a couple of steps backwards, away from her and tried a little smile, sorta trying to defuse whatever situation I had suddenly found myself in. I couldn’t imagine why she might be angry at me but I was about to find out because, when she was looking at me again, she started in on me!

"Okay, mister Butler, or whatever your name is! Just what the hell are you doing here?! Those men who just left were some sort of government agents and they were asking a lot of questions about strangers passing through this area! I didn’t say anything to them about you but you’d better give me a good reason why I shouldn’t call the police on you, right NOW! How DARE you come in here and bring trouble with you? My grandpa is old and he can’t take this kind of thing like he used to be able to and if he comes to any harm because of YOU, I’ll, I’ll...."

She kind of ran down, there, for a second and I jumped in before she could work up another head of steam.

"Whoaa there, Prue! I don’t know what you’re talking about here! Why don’t you sit down for a minute and calm down as well. THEN, you can try again only this time, tell me what happened and what you are talking about!

Well, she finally calmed down enough to begin making some sense and I got the full story out of her. Apparently, two men, claiming to be with some government agency, had entered the office and were asking about any strangers that might have come through in the last day or so. They had tole her that the person they were looking for was armed and to be considered dangerous. Having had lunch with me and trusting her own perceptions, she hadn’t told them about me or the fact that I had just checked in the day before. She wanted the truth, however and I felt that since it looked like she was gonna get drawn into this thing whether I wanted it to happen or not, I gave it to her. Straight from the cuff, no lies, no fudging. I told her about the UFO and the stuff I had found. I also told her about my own indecision about turning the stuff over to anyone, figuring that I would undoubtedly be detained and possibly even arrested for having lifted that stuff from the ship. I needed to have some time to try to figure out what I should and shouldn’t do. She agreed with me on that point and, as we talked, I began to get the glimmer of an idea.

I hadn’t told Prue at that point, just what, exactly, those alien devices could do. Realizing that it would only be a matter of time until those supposed agents returned to search the place as I am sure they were going to do, with every small motel and hotel within a certain range, I knew that it would be to my benefit to get the hell out while the getting was good! Since they might just have a description of me and the car I was driving, I thought, "Maybe I can use that body changer to get out of here. At least far enough away that I could return to being myself without worrying about being spotted and arrested. To accomplish any of that, though, I was going to have to take Prue into my confidence and tell her everything, including what those devices could do. I also knew that it would damned near impossible to convince her without a demonstration. Even now, she was looking at me like I was some lunatic and I knew that it wouldn’t take much to sway her towards the opinion that I was, indeed, dangerous!

So, I told her that I would tell her the whole story, including what those devices could do but I extracted a promise from her that she would do nothing until I had demonstrated to her that I was telling the truth. I suggested that we go get something to eat and then come back to the motel where I would go to my room, accompanied by her, and show her what I was talking about. I told her that she could leave the door unlocked or even open it that would set her mind more at ease about me. So, I asked her to go across the street and grab us a couple of burgers and some fries and something to drink and I would meet her back at my room in about a half an hour.

She agreed to that although I could tell that she didn’t really believe me about UFOs and alien stuff. Can’t say I blamed her too much. I didn’t really believe it myself, yet, and I had already proven to myself that all this was real. I hurried back to my room and packed all my own stuff up in my own bag. Then I laid out the outfit I had tried on earlier and took the laptop, styler and makeup kit into the bathroom. Then I waited for Prue to show up with the eats. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and I opened it to find Prue there with a bag full of food. and two large soft drinks. I asked her to check out the bathroom to make sure that there wasn’t anyone hiding there because, I told her, a different person from the one who went in there, would be coming out of there. She gave me another one of those looks that said, "You ARE nuts but I’ll play along with this until I find out what you’re REALLY up to," but she didn’t just pick up and run so I considered that a positive sign. We ate quickly and then I excused myself to go into the bathroom to begin my change. As I picked up those female clothes, she looked at me and said, "You’re not one of those, are you? Because if you are, it’s ok. I just need to know before you go in there and change clothes so I’ll know what to expect when you come out." I looked at he, a bit taken aback and replied, "One of what?"

"A transvestite, of course, silly! You know, one of those guys who gets his kicks from wearing ladies clothes! There’s nothing wrong with it but don’t you think we should get to know each other a bit better before you start making confessions like that to me?" I took the clothes into the bathroom and hung them on a hook on the back of the door and then went back out and sat down near Prue. I told her the complete story about what the alien devices could do and what I was planning to do with them. The only way I could get away from here was to leave as someone other than myself. I knew that if I tried to leave here as me, I would be followed and taken into custody by whoever those agents were connected with and I wasn’t about to risk that. So, I told her, my plan was to leave as a woman, and stay that way until I felt I was safe from them. Then I could go back to being myself and into hiding somewhere so I could think this whole thing out and decide what I was going to do. I assured her that I WASN’T one of "those" and that if I didn’t think that this was the only way I could get out of here safely, I wouldn’t even THINK about wearing any other clothes than what I normally wore.

She told me that it really was okay if I wanted to "dress up" as she called it but she didn’t think I would make a very convincing woman. I asked her to just sit there and wait about 20 minutes and let me prove to her that what I had told her was the truth. Well, she finally agreed but she had this funny smile on her face. I went into the bathroom and closed the door and stripped my clothes off. Then, I began the process of changing myself. I arranged the wires around me as I had before, Made sure that the disc was inserted properly and switched on the machine. A few seconds later, I gazed into the mirror at that, by now, familiar female figure. It was still a shock to see that totally different face and body and know that it was really me but I didn’t have time to waste. I used the styler to grow and arrange my hair the way it was the last time I had done this and then the makeup kit to finish out a totally female image. Then I dressed, quickly, in the woman’s clothes and got ready to leave the bathroom to confront Prue. I opened the door and called out, "ready or not, here I come," in that unbelievably feminine sounding voice and stepped out. "Well, what do you think?" I asked her. "Will this be a good enough disguise?" She just stared for a minute or two with her mouth partly open in amazement. I could see that she was clearly not believing what she was seeing and I didn’t say anything more than what I already had said. I remembered my own response to the first change I had done and I knew that her’s must be a more pronounced reaction than mine had been since she hadn’t seen it happen. All she knew that an almost 6 foot tall fairly heavy man had gone into the bathroom and a 5’5" 115 lb, very attractive female had come out! Still not speaking, she got up from the bed and walked around me, surveying every inch of my new appearance. Then she walked over to the bathroom door, opened it and stepped in. I could hear her pulling the shower curtain back and I knew that she was looking for me, or rather, the old me, the MALE me. She came out with the styler and makeup kit in her hands and finally found her voice. "If you expect me to believe this, then you will have to show me. What are these things and what do they do? I have never seen anything like them and I can tell from looking at them that they weren’t made in THIS country. I’ve never seen materiels like the ones they are constructed from and I don’t recognize the writing on them. I walked over to her and gently took the items from her hands.

"Sit down," I told her. "You are about to get a crash course in alien technology" In just a few minutes I had changed my hair color and style several times as well as the colors of the makeup I had on and I had her undivided attention! She wanted to try it on herself but I told her that I didn’t know if it would work unless there was a recording of her present appearance so that she could return to it. She seemed to accept that but she looked at me again and then said, "Okay. Let’s say that I am buying this whole line of stuff you are trying to get me to believe and you DID get this stuff from an alien spaceship. How do you plan to get away from here? Hitchhike? If you drive that car away from here, they will still be suspicious and stop you and look for identification. You haven’t got any, other than what you have for William Butler. That’s gonna raise their suspicions and they’ll STILL take you into custody. Sooner or later they’ll figure out what that stuff is and what it does and then you’ll be in even deeper than you are already because you will be trapped in that shape unless they let you change back! THEN what would you do? Are you ready to live for however long THEY decide you have to, as a woman? I mean, this IS all almost unbelievable to me but I have seen the evidence with my own eyes and, somehow, I WANT to believe you! But you haven’t thought this thing through at all!"

Well, I knew she was right but what else could I do? I had to get out of here and I couldn’t do it as myself. I mean I didn’t like this masquerading as a female at all but it was the only form available to me other than my own. I also knew that I might very well be running out of time to get out. I expressed all this to Prue and she agreed with me but, said she had a better idea. Well, I was ready to listen to ANYTHING that might buy me some time to think and plan so I asked her what she had in mind. I listened to Prue for about a half hour or so as she outlined what she thought I would have to do. She told me that she was planning to leave on a vacation for a couple of weeks and she could help me get out of here without those government men knowing where I had gone. So we put our plan together. I was to change back to myself, pack up my stuff and leave in the car I had arrived in. Prue would follow in about an hour and pick me up, after I had abandoned the car and changed myself to this same female shape again. Then we would transfer all the stuff from my car to hers and drive off in her car looking for all the world like two women out for a drive. The only tricky part of the whole plan was gaining enough time to make the transfer of the stuff and my own change before those agents or whatever they were came nosing around. We decided that the easiest way to get everything done was to take all my own clothes and things out of my car and put them in her car’s trunk, except for what i would be wearing. Then we took one set of female clothes and put them in my car. I made the change back to myself and got dressed and then packed the styler and the makeup kit into the front seat of my car. I retrieved the other disc with my recording on it and gave it to Prue for safekeeping, keeping the other one safely in my wallet. Then we made our final arrangements and I got in my car and headed away from the motel. Prue would pack up her things and meet me in a shopping center in the next town down the road. There, I would make the switch to the female form and change clothes, packing my male clothes that i was now wearing and putting them in a bag to hide them, I would meet Prue in the store, we would act as if we were two old friends who hadn’t seen each other for a long time and leave the shopping center in her car, thus throwing anyone trying to follow me off the trail and gaining time for us to get somewhere safe and make further plans.

As I drove off down that road I kept wondering if I was doing the ight thing. I mean, hjere I had all this alien technology and knowledge of a possible alien invasion. Should i really be thinking about myself in all of this or should I bite the bullet, turn all this stuff over to the FBI or whoever and take my lumps, whatever they might be, to make sure that the world knew about the possible alien threat? The more I thought about it, though, the more convinced I became that the government already knew about what was going on with the aliens and turning this stuff and myself over to the agents would only bring me more trouble than I wanted. After all, I did have a life that I wanted to be able to live and it didn’t involve being sequestered inside some secret safe house being babysat by government agents and having no more personal freedom to come and go as I pleased. It also became obvious to me that I would likely have to change my identity for quite awhile in order to be sure that I had thrown whoever might be looking for me off the scent. Like it or not, I was gonna NEED that alien stuff to make myself safe and secure again.

I drove for a couple of hours until the shopping center Prue had described to me came into view. It wasn’t a super mall or anything like that but it was quite large and there were a lot of cars in the parking area. I didn’t think I would have any problems hiding my nondescript clunker. I parked in a large group of cars that pretty much looked like the car I was driving and grabbed everything from the car. I locked the doors and headed into the center. There were several stores inside that shopping center and we had chosen the SEARS™ store because it was the largest one there. There were lots of people coming and going and it would be easy to lose oneself in the crowd. I wandered around inside the store for awhile until I had the layout memorized as best as I could and then ducked into a ladies room when I knew it was unoccupied.

I locked the door behind me and made the change to the female form as fast as I could and changed clothes. I put my male clothes into a large shopping bag along with the alien devices and left the ladies room and began just wandering around the store. Prue and I had made plans to meet near the women’s shoe section so I kind of hovered near there until I saw Prue. Then I casually walked in her direction and trying to make it look like an accident, I bumped lightly into Prue from behind. We both turned to face each other and we did one of those high pitched feminine squeals of joy that women do when they see someone they know but haven’t seen in awhile and then we went to a lunch counter and played it up for anyone who might be watching. We ate and talked like two women would do and then, in loud enough voices to be overheard by anyone listening in said that we should go get a nice dinner and renew our pretended friendship. We gathered our bags, trying to look as much like two average female shoppers and left the shopping center. We threw everything into the trunk of Prue’s car and drove off and, as we left the parking out and pulled onto the main road, I threw the car keys to my old rental car into a small stream that ran alongside the road we were on. As we were driving away, I asked Prue where we were headed and she said that we were going to go to L.A. since she had friends and family there. Once there she felt confident that we could find me a good hiding place and a job until I could safely become me again. Now I don’t know why this next thing didn’t dawn on me earlier but when it did, I just slumped back into the seat and started breathing heavily. What dawned on me was that I was gonna have to STAY looking like this until I was sure Bill Butler wasn’t being hunted by any agents anymore! I wasn’t at all sure that I wanted to live as a woman for any extended length of time and, Prue, noticing my distress asked me what was wrong.

I explained what I had just realized and she chuckled at that. "Look", she said, "right now you look like any other woman in the world and NOTHING like William Butler. There isn’t a soul alive that could possibly ever recognize you for who you really are except for me and I am not going to tell anyone about it! So what if you have to live like a woman for a few days, or weeks or even months? Isn’t that better than being detained by some agency and spirited away to some secret lab and examined to a fare thee well? It won’t be forever, you know and I will be right there to help you all the way. You don’t think I’d go just this far and then abandon you, do you? This promises to be a real adventure for me and I wouldn’t miss what’s going to happen for the world! My life has been pretty boring up until I met you and I was getting sick of it. C’mon, William, loosen up a bit. This is going to be FUN!" I pulled the sun visor down and looked into the makeup mirror built into it seeing that unfamiliar feminine visage staring back at me and said, "I don’t know about that Prue. I have never, EVER in my life wanted to be a woman and now, because I followed my curiosity and explored and plundered that alien ship, I am gonna have to look like one, live like one, for who knows how long! I don’t know if I can do this! I don’t know the first thing about being female!"

William, you have no worries about that part of it. I can teach you everything there is to know about being a woman!" She replied. "Besides, it isn’t like you have a choice about this. You told me that there are no male recordings on those discs, only female ones. So if you’re going to hide, it’s going to HAVE to be as a female. If you think about it, though, what better way for you to hide? No one would ever suspect that William Butler could be the same person as the one I am seeing right now. Look, Bill, just relax and don’t work yourself into a lather about this. I will be right with you through this and I won’t let you down, ok?"

Well, I wasn’t all that convinced but I didn’t feel like starting an argument with Prue right then. After all, she was my only way out of any of the problems that would undoubtedly arise and I wanted o stay on good terms with her. I did know one thing, though. I had very definite ideas about what I wanted to do with Prue and being a woman with her was NOT one of those ideas. For the time being, I just kind of slumped down in the car seat and shut my eyes, saying, "Okay, Prue. I guess I have no other options at the present time but let me tell you something. This AIN’T gonna be easy for me and I don’t think I am EVER going to like looking or acting like a woman! I have been a guy for way too long and I like being a guy!

It’s natural and right for me. This feels way too wrong and weird. ///////////////////


To be continued



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