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by Kimme Dall


When I heard my old house was for sale, (the one I grew up in) I made up my mind to go back soon and have a look. It felt kind of special, so I decided to dress special. I slipped on my panties and hose and took out some of my best makeup. I felt my penis get a little hard, but I was in a hurry, so I ignored it. I made up quickly and admired myself for a minute, then finished dressing. I chose one of my favorites, a bright white halter, knee length, in cool, crisp cotton. I matched it up with some white thigh-highs and my favorite pair of white peep-toe slingbacks, the ones with the curves like a crescent moon. With that, I was out the door.

It wasn't long before I was easing down my old street, feeling really good that I had finally mastered the art of passing. It was quite a struggle to get to that point but I was well past that now. The feeling of softness carried me along.

The old house came into view. I wasn't quite sure if I actually wanted to ask for a tour, or if I just wanted to look around outside. I decided to screw up my courage. I climbed the stairs to the door, hesitated for a moment, then knocked. Imagine my surprise when the door swung open to reveal an empty shell. Immediately I was flooded with memories of childhood, the joys and the struggles, the accomplishments and failures, the days and nights filled with everything that makes life interesting.

I walked around a bit. Things were a little different of course, but not so much to cut me off from the past. A couple of walls were moved and the kitchen remodeled but the old place was more familiar with each step. I decided to visit the upstairs.

The first thing I was attracted to was my sister's bedroom. I had butterflies as I neared the door. It was here that I had my first experience with my insecure gender boundries. I had been admiring her clothes and suddenly the idea hit me that hers were way better than mine. One day, when I knew she was gone, I slipped in; I was about five years old and all I knew was that the attraction to this place and its contents was irresistible. I knew exactly where her hose was, and her shoes, and in the matter of a few clumsy seconds, I was in them, feeling something more powerful than I had ever known. I knew right then that the ordinary boundries of gender would not hold me. I modeled them as long as I dared, until I thought I might be hearing Mom on the stairs. My disappointment was deep the next year when I found her shoes no longer fit. I wonder if she ever suspected how many unknowing loans of her things she made throughout the years.

Here I was again, and the same feelings came over me again. The thrill of dancing on the boundries of becoming female were higher than anything I've ever known. I drank in the familiar surroundings, when my eye was caught by something shiny on the table. Moving closer, I saw they were a pair of pretty pearl stud earrings. They'd go perfect with this outfit, I thought. As I looked in the mirror, I realized I'd forgotten my own earrings. I picked them and admired them and decided to give them a try.

I barely had them both in when everything suddenly changed. The room began to get dim. My legs began to feel weak. My head felt light. I began to hear music, an unearthly kind, not quite clear but very, very beautiful and extremely relaxing. I began to feel very warm and I was losing my balance.

I stumbled to the closet because the door there was the closest thing I could hope to grab. Instead, I stumbled through and was shocked to find there was nothing solid to stop my freefall. Down, down, down freefalling without limit, sliding, slipping, rushing on to where I could never imagine.

Everything got very dark. I was still sliding, like on a slide at a child's playground. It seemed it would go on forever. Suddenly I saw a door, half open, and was heading straight for it. The metal cover of the door gave it a very heavy appearance and it was very ornate, with lots of scrollwork and such. Coming closer, I saw an inscription that referred to something like "Transform" or "Transformation" or something along those lines. However, the freefall didn't stop there. Down, down, down, further and further until I felt I was reaching the end of creation. Little was it known the journey was just beginning.

I traveled through five more doors, each more ornate than the one preceding. Each was inscribed in a different language. The next was in Latin, according to my study of ancient languages. It said "Verto". The next was in Greek and so forth, until the sixth door which said, "Bli en Kvinna". The seventh and final door was simply inscribed with the initials, "CJ".

Finally, I came to rest. One of my shoes was missing. My clothes were disheveled. I felt somewhat weak and tired and my abdomen and pelvis were churning. I was hot and sweaty. I found myself resting on a bed covered with white satin. The room was spinning but the same strange and beautiful music was playing. I longed to hear it better and bask and sleep in it. I felt somewhat drunk but I still had a good sense of control.

At the far end of the room stood a small statue on a pedestal. It was a beautiful and powerful falcon all covered with gold and obviously priceless. An owl, a live one, stood on a pedestal in the corner. Our eyes met and I shuddered a bit but he looked away. A voice spoke, saying only one word: "Worship". Immediately I got to my feet, straightened my dress and walked quickly to the falcon. It was quite high but not quite out of reach. On tiptoes, stretching every nerve, I reached its feet with my lips. The strangest taste I have ever felt entered my mouth. It was indescribable. It was very sweet and actually intoxicating. I would have taken more.

Suddenly I found myself in a different room. The whole room was deep red, scarlet and very warm. The only thing in the room was a bed, covered in the same scarlet satin and overhead, so one could lie and look up into it, was a mirror. The room was cool but at the far end was a white light which was very comforting, very powerful and very warm. I felt a little woozy so I lay down. I was nude. How that happened will never be known but there it was. I did not feel embarrassed. My only clothing was a pair of stiletto heels with ribbons of criss-crossed scarlet about halfway up my calves.

A voice spoke, though no one appeared. It was a very smooth and warm voice, the kind that inspires trust and confidence. It obviously belonged to a very strong male. He said "Are you ready to complete the transformation?"

"What?" I said. A pause.

"Are you ready to complete the transformation?" It was the same warm and soothing voice.

"Transformation?" My voice was shrill. A pause.

"Your cries have been heard."
"You mean the gender thing?" Silence.

After thinking a moment, I said, "Yes." I was never more sure of anything.

"Very well then. You must seal your commitment."

I looked over to the next pillow. There lay a silver dagger, very fancy, with handles of mother-of-pearl. I took it. I drew a few deep breaths, let them out slowly, eased the muscles of my legs as much as I could, and coming as close to my tessticles as I could, on the right thigh, I drew the knife through the skin. It went about one inch, not extremely deep, but certainly deep enough. Immediately I felt the warm trickle run down to the sheet.

Suddenly, I was suspended about one foot above the bed. I felt very comfortable, as if I was resting on the bed itself. My whole body began to glow with a warm, sweet, comfortable white glow. It has never done so before or since. I could see myself either in the mirror or by gazing down towards my ankles.

What happened next is inexplicable. I don't know how it happened. It was a very powerful feeling, as if I were in control of the universe itself. My breasts began to swell. First the nipples enlarged, along with the aroela. The nipples were quite firm. Then the the bases began to rise. Higher and higher, and bigger and bigger they became, and rounder and softer and curvy as a cat. They felt like sex itself. My fire began to light.

Next, I noticed my face in the mirror. The brow lightened. The skin softened and the hair faded. The cheekbones rose and became softer. The chin contracted slightly, in a very pretty way, as did the neck. The skin was extremely soft and smooth. The lips filled out and became softer and rounder. The nose narrowed slightly and pulled back. My stomach fluttered like a rocket off-course. My makeup was gone by now, but I was prettier than ever before. I didn't dare believe it.

Next, the hips widened. The curves were breathtaking. For a long time, I had kept a picture of my sister on my dresser. She was extremely beautiful in every way. She had worked very hard and became a Forty Niners cheerleader. I was secretly very jealous, especially of her body. Her butt was as curvy and tight as a tiger. She appeared to have been sculpted out of marble by the gods. She could wear the shortest pants in the world and look like a goddess herself. I rolled over slightly on my side and tears came to my eyes. I felt so soft! My butt was a carbon copy of sis's. It took my breath away.

In spite of all that, nothing could have prepared me for what came next. I rolled onto my back again, not daring to hope. I rested my head back and felt the support like pillows, even though my body was suspended higher than ever and glowed more and more fiercely. Just below my bush, I saw the base of my half-erect penis. The end was folded over between the legs, where I couldn't see it.

My desire torched hotter than a steel furnace. I reached down with my hands. My leg muscles got hard. Hot and cold waves washed over me again and again. I reached for the flaming rod to quench it with cum but it never happened.

My bush began to soften and the hair became thicker and lighter in color. Very smoothly and gradually, the mound below the bush began to retract. I broke out in a heavy sweat. I became very weak. I could hardly hold up my head. Just out of the corner of my eye, to my indescribable joy, I saw the thing pull back more and more, yes, right in front of my eyes, it pulled back and back, more and more until it finally, after all those years had its proper size and shape. It was a little fleshy mound, smaller than a fingertip, erect and ready. It got juicier. While I was paying attention to this, somewhere along the way, the testicles had retracted and disappeared. This left the scrotum to become what it was meant to be. It pulled in and in the middle, it separated. My pussy gushed. It flooded with steaming juice, flaming, burning, clamping down, aching for a prick and a hot load of cum. My fingers were there instantly. I drove the first two of my right hand right up, and hard and far as I fucking could. The juice felt delicious. The fingers immediately found their way to my cervix, in all its puckered fucking glory. My eyes were filled with tears, my crotch quivered, my legs went wild. My pussy clamped down like a vise and my hand went wild. That was the last thing I remembered.

I woke up in another room. Everything was white. I was a little woozy. I had the same slip on that I had put on that morning. Somehow my favorite missing white slingback had been replaced. My hose was gone, but I didn't need any. My legs looked like a work of art. My white panties were back on. I thought I had dreamed the whole thing, but my fingers dared to test my crotch anyway. My pussy leaped as soon as my hand got there. Tears filled my eyes. I tried to get out of bed but a strange force held me there. I wasn't frightened; it was more of a friendly, playful feeling.

A voice spoke. "Are you ready to complete the change?" I looked around but there was no one there. "Who are you?" Out of the shadows stepped a being I can only describe as woof. He was about 6'6", neither black nor white, he was more of a dark brown, a skin color I'd never seen before. He was sculpted in muscle from head to toe. His face looked like a man, but then again, he looked like a bull. He was shaggy haired, with horns out the side of his head, which did not branch off, rather, they were single-shafted and curved upward slightly at the tips. My cunt gushed. "Are you Kimme?" I will never know how he knew my femme name. My heart was pounding and I was breathing hard, so hard I wasn't able to answer. "I am Thor." His voice sent ripples up and down my spine. My nipples engorged and my cunt hadn't stopped gushing. He approached slowly and I was breathing harder still.

He took me in his arms and kissed me. The ripples in my spine felt like lightning. His kiss tasted like something I had tasted before but I couldn't remember what. I realized it was the same as kissing the falcon's feet. He slid one hand up my thigh to my aching pussy. His fingers brushed along the length of my slit. My pelvis exploded with an orgasm I thought would never stop. Our lips were locked. I spread my thighs.

His cock was bigger than anything I'd ever seen. Dark brown, pistol hot, metal hard and steaming. The gush kept on coming. His pre-cum dripped like a faucet. He was ready to take on a team. He reached up and slid my panties down. I pulled my slip over my head and it slid to the floor like water on a windowpane. I split my thighs as wide as I could. His rod jammed me hard; I felt like I was going to split in two. I almost came again. Over and over he thrusted, jamming my middle with slams of ecstasy. I felt like I was on another planet. I begged for more and gasped in his ear to spur him on. He got the message.

We kept it up like we were on a mission to save the world. I prayed it would never stop. As if that weren't enough, out of the shadows stepped another being. He was gorgeous. He was built like a high speed tank. His cannon was ready to jam. I looked at with with my eyes so he would know. My mind screamed "Please do me, please!"

Thor lifted me so he was standing. His prick was still deep inside and I clamped down harder. I wrapped my thighs around him and clung for dear life. Ram stepped up behind me and started stroking my anus. He wouldn't be the first to taste that candy but I'd make the sweetest he'd ever had. My middle was quite wet what with all the fucking going on and the moisture slid down to the back. He put his fingers up to stretch me a bit and then he was in.

Between those two, I thought I would be crushed by ecstasy. It was like two missles colliding, exploding right through me. My guts were ripped apart with gasps of near-death ecstasy. I could almost feel their pricks touching each other with me in the middle. If they hadn't been holding me, I would have been in orbit. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" I begged them over and over. I was melting and my guts were running down on the floor in a puddle of joy. I did my best to match their thrusts even though I was locked up between the two. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" I begged again and again. My pussy still ached and it was still gushing like a fire hydrant. Ram got more slip juice in the back and he answered with a group of thrusts like slams of thunder. I was trying to clamp them both down but my new anatomy wasn't fully trained. I felt like a little girl and my mind went back to a pair of frilly ruffled little-girl panties I used to borrow from sis. If I had those now, I'd soak them.

I dug my cherry nails into Thor's butt cheeks. He got even stiffer and I could tell he was getting close. Then I noticed Ram getting stiffer and he was pumping harder. They were going to blow at the same time! Yes! Exactly what I wanted, and on my first time! I felt like the queen of the fucking universe. Faster and faster, harder and harder, stiffer and stiffer; suddenly I noticed myself getting close. I clamped Thor with every muscle I could think of. Ripples started pounding through my whole body and my slit started to quiver. So did my thighs, which by this time were all but bruised. I thought of Marilyn, when she stood over the subway, "Isn't it delicious?" I closed my eyes. My slingback fell off again.Everything went black and I started seeing stars. I dug my nails harder into Thor. Then everything started turning red, then purple. My uterus wrenched like a freight train derailing and repeated again and again until the waves took over my whole body. My thighs quivered and my whole body rocked until I almost passed out. I kissed Thor.

Now it was their turn. I couldn't have predicted what it was like. I felt Ram get a little harder, then his whole body became rigid. He started pumping harder, like he would die if he slowed down. Then I felt my cheeks getting wet, not just a little, they were getting soaked, then it started running down my thighs. It was like hot maple syrup and he wasn't really even climaxing yet. Then he started getting it. Meanwhile, Thor was putting every nerve into getting himself over the edge. I felt the front of my crotch getting soaked now too. He put back his head and let out a yelp like a pack of wolves. He suddenly got max hard and the shower came. He pulled out and grabbed his toy and started jamming while Ram held me up. The front of my body was drenched in the hottest, stickiest cum I'd ever seen. It was about a fuel tank full. Then he pointed upwards higher and caught me in the face, in my eyes and in my hair. I thought it would never stop! I was drenched with the sweetest cum I ever tasted. It glowed like my body did in the change.

Not to be outdone, Ram let go of everything he had, which was plenty. He was holding me up, so he left his handle in me, stroking me like a Persian cat. I saw a puddle forming on the floor. He let out a yelp that shook the walls and finally exploded like a big bang theory. Over and over he convulsed, the electric shocks damn near killing him. He was strong enough to rip iron. He slammed me until he was done, then let me slide gently down. My legs felt weak, so I stumbled over to the bed. The boys followed me.

I cleaned both of their toys with my lips and felt it slide down my tummy. We all fell asleep.

After lying like that for awhile, I don't know how long, I woke up. The artists were both sleeping soundly, almost in a deep trance. It was time to get back. I rose silently and slipped on my panties. Even though they had gotten soaked, they were somehow clean and crisp. I found my white halter over a chair, slipped it on, and followed it with shoes. I noticed Thor's shirt over the chair and I was curious. I felt his pocket, and there were the two pearl studs! Quickly, I put them in. My legs got weak and became very dizzy. The room started spinning faster and faster and everything went black. I wasn't sure if I would ever live again.

How much time passed, I have no idea. All I know is I found myself back in sis's closet with all the happy memories flooding me. I felt good. I thought for a minute about what had happened, but I didn't dare move for fear of heartbreak. Finally, I had to. I slid my hand down to my panties cautiously and gently felt for my center. It was real! Oh my God! It was real! Tears filled my eyes. I lay there for a minute or two then decided to go. I checked myself in the mirror and estimated about a 36-26-36. The tears wouldn't stop coming. I sank to the floor again to take it all in. Finally, I made it home.

I wrote a check for the down payment next day and I moved in the next week. Sis's room is a shrine. I happened to be in an antique store and stumbled upon a copy of the falcon. The owner thought it was nearly worthless, except for the gold. Fool! I am sneering at him to this day.

I understand it may be hard for you to believe, but I do have the pearl studs if you care to try them out. I have not yet had the nerve.

Being a woman is everything I'd hoped. I can look at everything through soft eyes now and the world seems a much better place. My body finally became what it was meant to be and it is sheer joy to dress in the right clothes for once in my life.

One thing bothers me a bit, though. It suddenly came to me that women are supposed to have that time of month every month, aren't they? It's been about two months now and I still haven't seen anything. I can't understand what that means and I was getting really worried about it so I made a doctor appointment tomorrow. I'll let you know what he says.




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