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by Steffani St. James


Krystie beamed with pride as her name was announced by Ms. Dalton. The tall woman then stepped forward and draped a shiny white satin sash with golden writing on it over Krystie's shoulders. The sash proclaimed "Little Miss Sweetheart 2004". Then Ms. Dalton placed a sparkling tiara on the twelve year-olds head, designating her as the winner of the contest. Nine other twelve year old girls rushed the podium where Krystie stood, hugged and kissed her and wished her a wonderful reign.

Krystie Kiley stood there, blushing and accepting the congratulations of all the other contestants. She looked into the audience and spotted her Mom and Grandparents clapping and cheering for her. She knew that she'd truly made them proud of her. Krystie did indeed look beautiful in her lavish pink chiffon pageant dress. The darling confection had short, poufy sleeves, oodles of crinoline and soft ruffles petticoats to make the hem stand out and a wide satin sash, tied into a huge bow at her back. Krystie wore sheer nude pantyhose and pink "Mary Janes" with 1 ˝" heels, her first time in shoes that didn't have flat soles. What the audience couldn't see were the luscious ruffled-back panties, the new training bra that was just filling with a young girl's breasts and the tampon that Krystie's mother had inserted in her daughter's rectum before the evening's festivities. One other thing that the onlookers didn't know; Krystie was really a boy!

The story behind Krystie's victory began several years before. Krystie, then known as Christopher, was one and the atypical boy for his age. His father passed away and his mother vowed that she'd not let her son grow up like his "old man". Since that time, Mrs. Kiley did everything she could, to feminize and ingrain a female persona in her offspring. She also had Christopher's name legally changed to a more feminine one, had the birth records altered and had a doctor examine and write prescriptions that would, over time, assist Christopher's body to become more and more feminine. Krystie was treated to all the little accoutrements of femininity. Her colors were pastel pink and pale yellow. Her clothes reflected this theme, whether they were shorts, bib overalls or cute jumpers. The new little girl, Krystie, went to a new school and bit by bit, assumed her role as a girl.

Krystie enjoyed playing with "Barbies". Having other little girls over to her house for tea parties and role playing as "grown up Mommies" delighted her and her real mother to no end. Her "jammies" were always decorated with cute "duckies" or "chickies" and every aspect of her life was filled with references to her girlhood!

She took dancing lessons to help her walk and appear very graceful and had a new wardrobe supplied by her mother and grandparents that reflected her new status. Everything about Krystie was female. She began to love getting all dressed up. When her Mommy introduced her to pretty pink nylon panties instead of baby diapers, the youngster squealed with joy. Soon, Mommy added tights, pantyhose and luscious ruffles petticoats, slips and training bras to her stock of little girl "unmentionables".


Krystie adored ballet, as much for the cute costumes and tutus as for the opportunity to be on stage. Her Mommy loved seeing the child pirouetting in a ballet tutu, her satiny pantied derriere, exposed and her face made up for the performance. Krystie really enjoyed wearing lipstick and blusher and eye shadow. When Mommy added mascara and eye liner, Krystie was in heaven.

When she was eight, her mother entered her in a competition for the first time. Krystie didn't win but the experience only strengthened her desire to be as feminine as possible. Mother insisted Krystie make friends with only other little girls and stay as far away from boys as she could.

At ten, Krystie entered another contest and this time, she had to perform in a talent segment. Well versed in ballet, she won that part of the contest but came in second place over-all. But Krystie was totally committed by then. With the exception of the tiny remnant of her masculinity between her legs, Krystie had become completely at ease with her feminine nature.

In the ensuing two years, there were other competitions, each one strengthening Krystie's ability to model, perform and be comfortable in front of a group of anxious parents and other girls. Now, at twelve, it was time to let out all the stops!

Let's peek in on Krystie and her mother as they get ready for this latest try at a crown. Krystie is in the bathtub at the hotel. Her mother has filled the tub with hot water and the scent of lilacs. Krystie, being only twelve, did not yet have a body covered with male hair. She probably never will since the female hormones she's taken for six years have inhibited any of the usual male traits. Krystie's voice is an amazingly high one, akin to a mezzo-soprano's. Mommy is washing Krystie, scrubbing her skin until it glows pink. Then, Mommy gently pats Krystie's nubile body dry. She tells Krystie how much she admires the little girl's budding breasts.

"Soon, sweetie, very soon, they'll burst forth and you'll be as full and as womanly as I am."

"Oh, Mommy, I can hardly wait! Will mine jiggle and bounce when I walk? Like yours do?"

"Yes, my darling little girl, yours will look and be just like mine; or any other pretty woman's."

Then, Mommy helps dress her young daughter to be. She first has her daughter wriggle into a flesh-colored latex panty, made special for such a youngster. It easily disguises the pre-teen's crotch, leaving her smooth and flat like the other girls her age. Then, she watches as Krystie deftly rolls a pair of sheer nude pantyhose up each leg and tightly fits it to her twelve-year old derriere and pubis. Next, the little girl steps into a pair of frothy pink rhumba panties, their derriere rife with rows of utterly darling ruffles.

Then, Mommy fits out her daughter with a teen-sized long-line brassiere whose cups support the girl's developing breasts. Mommy stands back, admiring the changes she's wrought in her young charge. After dousing the sissified youngster with perfume, Mommy helps the child into a gorgeous pink party dress, suitable for a pageant. Once the short-hemmed dress is zipped, the mother slides a full, ruffled petticoat under the chiffon skirt and fixes it tightly below the little girl's waist. Then, she makes the pre-teen sit while she buckles pink, patent leather "Mary Janes" on her feet.

With the girl fully outfitted, Mommy starts her makeup regimen. Foundation, powder, blusher, eye shadow, eye liner, false eye lashes, mascara, lip liner and lipstick are deftly applied to the canvas that is Krystie's face. Then, nail extensions are added to the length of the pre-teen's real nails. Finally, now that the pre-op teen's hair had sufficiently grown long, Mommy rolls the strawberry-blonde tresses in huge plastic rollers, sprays the rolled hair with a setting lotion, then removes the rollers and styles the locks into a glamorous show-girl updo.

What is the ultimate result? Krystie Kiley was named "Little Miss Sweetheart", the ideal twelve year old girl! What might be next for such a lovely young lady?

Krystie and her mother returned home. Krystie went to junior high school where she became a cheerleader. On her next birthday, the thirteenth in her young life, Krystie got her ears pierced, another reminder of her budding female sex. For her fourteenth birthday, Krystie's mother took her to a surgeon-endocrinologist. The expert, a female, performed an oriechtomy, successfully removing Krystie's testes. Now no longer would any male sperm circulate in her body. Only female hormones would have a chance to survive and multiply. Each year, Krystie's female self had prospered and grown. At fifteen, her measurements were a pleasing 34-22-34. Krystie's mother was ecstatic about her daughter's prospects. She encouraged the teen to prepare for an even more auspicious life when after she turned eighteen. Prior to that, Krystie would undergo her ultimate surgery. After twelve years of deceit by herself and her mother, Krystie would become a complete woman. The same doctor who had removed her testes, re-fashioned Krystie's penis into a vagina with a tiny clitoris. Now, Krystie could safely say that she was a woman. She'd never be a true female since she couldn't become pregnant and give birth to children, but she was without a doubt, a real woman.

Krystie began dating, seriously, after her surgery. Now, with no risk of embarrassing discoveries, she enjoyed the role of gorgeous female, beset by numerous suitors. She got a job after high school, working as a receptionist for a local business. There, she met the man who would become her husband. That's right, the once-upon-a-time boy turned into a girl would marry the man of her dreams. Imagine the excitement of such as girl as she visits a bridal salon and gets to try on all the wonderfully feminine bridal fashions. Imagine if you were such a girl? Krystie was deftly laced into a very restrictive bridal corset, then had an extremely tight-fitting bridal thong pulled into her new female crotch. A pair of sheer white bridal hose were rolled onto her legs and attached to the garters which dangled from her corset. The seamstress had her try on numerous gowns. Then when she selected her favorite, a full-skirted white satin ball-gown style with a basque waist-line, the woman helped her with the huge poufy crinoline underskirt and slip to flare out the full hemline. Krystie felt like a princess in the lovely confection. Her mother burst into tears, seeing how utterly feminine the gown made her look.

"Now, I understand why I'm so happy seeing my daughter. If you remained my son, I'd never have gotten to see you looking so lovely. That gown and the underpinnings make you so submissive and believably feminine. Your future husband will love removing it before he makes love to you the first time on your wedding night."

Krystie had to keep a secret. She'd already enjoyed a lovemaking tryst with her fiancé. It had actually taken place even before she'd had her final surgery! When she was still a guy, she'd told her teen heart-throb about herself and he replied he didn't care. Since he wanted to marry her anyway, whether she had a real vagina then or not made no difference. So, she'd stripped for him and sucked him off to the point where he just had to release his load of love juice. She quickly helped him slide his still erect penis into her derriere and by moving up and down on his tool, she made him fill her with his cream. On that day, the two lovers became one. So Krystie's engagement was no surprise to the family. And by the time, they married, Krystie's equipment was now what females had.

Krystie had achieved everything her Mommy desired. She'd grown up, a sweet little girl. She'd matured as a lovely teenaged heart-throb. And now, she'd become a well-endowed, married female, able to sexually perform in a woman's role with a loving husband who worshipped her. What more could a Mommy ask for.




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