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Korean Sojourn

by Peter Joseph


1. Korea


I was pleased to accept the job as English teacher in Korea and left Adelaide in early April for a job in the provinces three hundred kilometers south of Seoul. Everything was strange, but that was okay, for I wanted something completely different.

My task was to speak in English and the Korean teacher did the rest, using me as the subject for the children's learning.

I arrived close to the worst month of a Northern Hemisphere winter having taken a train from Seoul, to Kwangju, and a bus to Sunchon where I was picked up in a car and taken a further one thirty kilometers to the village of Pong du.

I had access to the Indian equivalent of Amazon books and felt I would use the year for some decent reading as well as writing.

It was four in the afternoon when I arrived, and I followed the map up to the Pong du academy which was an old but well maintained building on the edge of town.

I knocked on the door and was ushered into the dining room where there was an assembly of staff and students waiting for me. There must have been thirty five girls, ranging from twelve to seventeen and perhaps ten staff.

The Principal stepped forward to greet me, and in halting English introduced me to Kali who was to be my mentor and assistant. Kali was fifty something and a rather tall solid and fit women, with graying hair, a friendly disposition and a nice smile.

The Principal told me that Kali would take me to my room and help me relax and prepare me for a special ceremony of induction to take place at 6.00pm that night. In halting English, she explained that I would need to dress up as this was a very old school and for the ceremony I would be required to wear traditional Korean costume.

She asked if we might now commence the first stage of that ceremony and invited me to stand in the middle of the room. I had to stand with the Principal holding one of my hands and Kali holding the other as the students and staff came up to me, one after the other and offered a deferential bow and when the last bow was received, Kali presented me with a drink in an ancient wooden vessel. When I had drunk and returned the vessel to Kali and the girls began to chant and I was led by Kali and the principal down through a corridor of the girls forming a guard of honor, up to the flat which was to be mine for my duration

2. Libation

The flat was pleasant, with an outlook on the forest. It was a one bedroom flat with a comfortable bed, a bath room, a spacious living room, a large new television with multi channel cable including many American channels. I was provided with a lab top computer with unlimited broadband internet. Kali showed me the door to her adjoining room, for as she explained, her mentor role required her to be devoted to me.

Despite my protestations of independence, Kali helped me put my clothes away and ushered me to a bath which had already been run for me.

"You need plenty time for ceremony" she said

The bath or tub was an elaborate and comfortable affair with bubble jets and as I lay in the water. Kali put out the ceremonial outfit I would be wearing for the ceremony.

The bath had a delicious smell, and Kali began to chant as she provided a second vessels for me to consume.

I did as told and began to enjoy the relaxant it emitted as I lab back in the comfortable seat built into the bath provided.

Still chanting, Kali took a bucket and ladle, wet my hair and began massaging my scalp with this sweet smelling shampoo lotion. She then poured cream on my upper chest, shoulders and arms and finally my face. She continued to chat as this cream was rubbed off on to a towel from all parts accept my face. She then drew first my left and then my right leg to the rim of the bath rubbed in and wiped off this cream which provided a most interesting tingling sensation and removed surface hair.

She then ran the towel over my face and immediately applied a second lotion which she massaged into my face. It was very restful and I almost went to sleep.

When she was finished she placed a wet towel over my forehead and upper chest and began to comb and trim my hair.

"You ready now" she said, and drawing me up from the water wrapped me in a soft pink towel and seating me on a chair, rubbed white make up all over my face. "For ceremony" she said, and then preceded to work with a variety of brushes to colour around my eyes and highlighting brows, eye lids and lips

"You ready" she said, and advanced at me first with a heavily wired garment that fitted over my chest, strapped over my shoulders and tightened on my back. I was then fitted with a long white garment that went from neck to toes and wrapped around a heavy black and gold garment which was held in place by a broad black sash around my waist.

3. Ceremonial

"You ready now" she said once more, and chanting again she led me from the room and down the corridor to the dining room.

I saw that the whole community dressed similarly with painted white faces, waiting for us. They were all intoning the same chat as Kali led me to the centre of the room where incense burners stood.. I noticed that there was a gallery of outsiders observing this induction ceremony and I guessed it was important for the town as well

The Principal then stepped forward and presented Kali with a candle. Kali held it high for a moment, and then placed this candle into my right hand

The teachers came forward to place incense in the burners and the pungent smoke rose, the students came forward, lit their candles from mine and took their lighted candles to firstly the teachers and then to the gallery of guests who were observing the ceremony.

As the chanting build up, one of the older girls came forward with the wooden vessel and beckoned that I should drink the contents, then another group processed up with a thick textured 'Y' shaped formation where to had ribbons so the garment hang from around my neck, and extended down my chest with coming together so the end of the Y was well short of my knees.

While the canting intensified, students came forward, commencing with the youngest to adhere red circles on each side of the pink garment over my chest, and red triangles over my lap.

I had no idea of the meaning of the ceremony, but the deliberation and focus of everyone made it very poignant as stood there with the candle held aloft.

A second deputation of the youngest girls then came forward bearing another vessel for me to drink, after which Kali sprayed the ceremonial red patches with a sweet smelling perfume,

The Principal handed me a parchment and bid that I should read:

"I am pleased to become one with you and share your life. I accept your induction and promise to dedicate my heart, my body and my whole person for your purposes."

When I had finished, the third vessel was brought by the teachers, and when I had drunk, the girls formed a line and the Principal took me by the hand and lead me through the chanting students back to my apartment where Kali stood, dressed all in white, with her long hair down, waiting for me.

The Principal gave my hand to Kali, with the senior girls followed Kali into my apartment where, the Pink Garment was taken and hung over my bed, the black waist wrapping was taken from me and given to the girls at the door. Two girls then helped remove the ceremonial black and gold garment as the principal held up yet another vessel of mixture. She held it up for the acknowledgement of the girls, and they bowed and it was presented to me to drink.

With that, the Principal took the heavy black and gold garment and flanked by the girls departed the room and as they did Kali shut the door and came forward and gesticulated as to how I felt.

I said "Very woozy, for I was exhausted by the intensity of the ceremony and was having difficulty standing because of the ceremonial potent I had consumed.

"You must rest" Kali whispered, and led me to the bed, unclipped the white garment from the back which fell to the floor, and although I was naked, I was to qoozy to nitice and accepted Kali's assistance as I got into the bed.

Kali sat by the lighted candle, and chanted softly as I slipped slowly towards sleep.

I felt quite phased and my head was spinning and I barely noticed as Kali slipped into bed and lay naked beside me, canting as she rubbed some aromic cream gently around my breasts and as she drew close and chanted softly directly into my ear, then rubbed the same sweet smelling cream on my lower stomach and finally on my genital area.

She then slowly straddled me, took my part deep within her and as she gently chanted rode me to exhaustion and sleep.

4. Nascence

I slept heavily, when I awoke light from the window filled the room and Kali was sitting patiently, with her hand on my shoulder, looking down smiling at me.

She helped me to stand and rubbed more of the cream over me, back and front, and rubbing it off with a towel led me to the shower.

Turning the water off, she again wrapped me in a large towel and padding dry my face she made up my face punctiliously with the white coloration, did my eyes and on this occasion did my lips with deep pink colour. She fitted me again with the ribbed wire breasts support, and after the white garment, the over garment held in place with a red sash.

I was then led to the dining room where the girls were waiting, all dressed in green garments and again all faces were white and they were chanting as the youngest girls came forward to once again present me with the vessel of drink.

I drank and then Kali escorted me to my place at table. This became the standard procedure for each mean I attended, with the youngest group doing the presentation in the morning, the middle group for lunch and the oldest presented the vessel to me at night.

I ate a French Breakfast each morning and Korean food for the other two meals and there was little attempt at conversation at the table.

The first class commenced at 8.00am and I had the seven oldest girls. I delivered an hour long class and offered the same class four times before lunch and twice after lunch. The school day ended at 3.00, and I would have a session with the teachers until 3.30pm

For each class, I read from the book and the students listened and read along with me.

For the last part of each period, we would use automatic translation equipment, so the girls could ask me in Korean and I could answer in English with simultaneous translations occurring.

The teaching was not difficult and when the first day was done, Kali took me for a walk around the town. People we met were dressed mainly in western dress and they stopped and bowed to me, as we walked along. On return, kali asked how I felt and I told her I was sore, especially around the chest. She helped me disrobe and liberally applied cream to the soreness around the nipples. She suggested that the traditional vest was probably the cause of the difficulty and suggested that after the formal part of the day had ended, I should wear a garment I recognized to be a 'training bra' to keep the pain to a minimum. She gave me a pink polo top and black shorts and we went off to the gym where I was led through a short sharp army fitness routine. Kali was herself very strong and very fit with a trim and very feminine figure.

Afterwards, I was again offered the luxury of a lavender scented bath where I received the scalp and face massage.

She helped me dress in the formal dress for the evening meal, and I did at one point suspect that the eye makeup was rather feminine. I wonder if this was the purpose with me teaching in an all girls' school but any anxiety I felt was outweighed by the sense of savoring love and care I was experiencing..

At each meal, after I had consumed the mixture, the girls applauded me, and I was led to my seat before the meal could begin.

I made time for reading after the evening meal and was ready for sleep at 9.00pm

Kali was always there attending and usually there reading as well. She always had a nightcap for me as I went to bed, and made sure I was comfortable before she turned the light off. More than often she would come to bed later. She was very sexual in a clinical undemanding way, and it seemed that her purpose was to evoke my body rather than benefit personally from the encounter. She was always there sitting bedside when I awoke.

For the first day or two I was dismissing the breast soreness as caused by the removal of my bodily hair or perhaps to the heavily wired breast vest I was required towork, but as it continued I noticed that there was a swelling of the whole breast area in a non masculine manner. I decided to speak to Kali, so after the evening meal I deployed the translation facility of the lap top computer and typed in English so my question presented to Kali in Korean.

"Kali, I notice that with the soreness I now have softness in the tissue and a continuation of a swelling. Is there a feminization occurring to me?"

Kali typed her response:

"Do you like what is happening?"

"Is there feminization occurring?" I typed.

"Yes" was the reply.

"Why are you doing this to me?"

Kali looked at me and nodded. "This is very special school; we receive five new students a year, selected from the very brightest and the best families from all over Korea. This is what you might know as a Geisha school. We therefore live in ceremonial way. It is appropriate that while you are here, you are one of us. You have been consecrated and the feminization will continue and when your year is completed, the feminization will be reversed so you can return home as you came."

"So Kali" I typed, 'I are you telling me I am developing breasts?"

"Yes, you will be as big as I am in three more weeks."

"What else will happen Kali" I typed

"Already things have happened to you, you will notice that you are rounder in the face and in the hips. Over the next six weeks changes will occur to your genitals. Are you happy for this to happen"

"I am not really that happy that this is happening, Kali and I do not like things to be done to me when I have not been given choice."

"I can halt the process immediately, I can reverse what has happened and you will be free to leave."

"Each of the girls have individually consecrated you, and at each meal they bring you the mixture that causes the change. You are the instrument whereby they dedicate themselves to service of this nation, for when they move from here they will be participating in the decisions that shape the destiny of this country. There is always a transformation associated with the dedication of the girls. You are the first non-Korean invited to participate in this ancient process..

"We did not advise you of what was to happen, but it was always our intention to give you an option once you understood the privilege you had been given."

"What would you do if I asked to leave?"

"We would ask you to stay on for the four weeks while the feminization is reversed. By that time we would have recruited your replacement. But we would not involve a westerner in this process again. We decided to attempt a one-off trial with you."

"I might add" said Kali, "These girls are given by the best families in the land to be of service to the community."

"Westerners do not realize the significance of the geisha tradition, dismissing it as prostitutional. But these girls are the best in the nation, they are better trained in the realities of commerce and governance than any MBA doctorate and they play a part in the periphery of and in some cases assume the preeminent role in decisions of major importance. This is the traditional training centre for all of Korea and is highly prestigious."

"Kali this is most interesting and I realize it is an honour to be a part of it, but what will be expected of me?"

"Well as I described, within four to six weeks, the transformation will be complete. The girls are watching avidly noticing every little change that takes place."

"They know that you wee tricked to be here, and realize that at sometime you will need to give you assent to helping their dedication. Whatever you decide, you will leave here as a valued and esteemed person. You notice how people are reverential to you as you walk around the village, for you are acknowledged by all as a consecrated person."

"Should you choose to stay, in perhaps six months, you would move to the Seoul centre with the graduating class where you would continue and participate in on-going training."

"If this experiment is going well, we will recruit another trainer, so that when you return home we will have continuity."

"How to you feel about this?"

"If I can make a contribution, I am happy to stay on." I said. "There was a time in my culture where one would feel degraded to be feminized, but as gender demarcation has been diluted, women are gradually becoming predominant. In fact the role of men is less secure in my country. I do care if I live my life for a time on the other side of the gender divide."

"I know I am living in a community that cares for me; I will proceed for the time being Kali."

Kali put her hand on mine, and typed: "I am pleased, that this is now out in the open, and we can share full truth with one another! But do you appreciate, that if you proceed the time might arise where you will relate with men in the most intimate of ways? Are you at peace with that?"

"I really do not know. I would need your support to help me there!"

"Let me suggest" typed Kali, "that a woman is pleasing to a man. That is the design of the system. I think it is a privilege to provide the service of pleasure for a man in need. Women are the strong ones. Men do better and can contribute a great deal if they are comforted. It is an act of service the geisha provides beyond the grinding burden of the reproductive cycle."

"I will need your support and guidance in this whole process, Kali."

"I can hardly wait to see you with breasts. How do you feel about it?

"Well can I be frank?" I said "I can hardly wait to feel the weight of breasts falling from my chest.."

"But remember we have tricked you into changing over your body. Are you saying that you are now accepting this and even looking forward to the change from man to woman/"

"Yes, I guess that is what I am saying! And if I have to lie down with a man, I am looking forward to that as well, for it is a part of being a woman. In fact it will be nice to be the non activating partner in a sexual encounter!"

5. Consecrated

Kali asked if she could see my chest so she might monitor progress. I lowered the white under garment and Kali began to feel around and closely inspect my chest. She reached over and typed:

"It is all developing well. You are delightfully prepubescent at this stage; I think you need to move into a real bra. With that she got up and went to her room and helped me put on a bra with the smallest of cups, and this had the effect of providing support and giving form to the swelling that had occurred. It was quite strange to look down and see myself like this. Kali helped me up and took me to the mirror. She touched me mimicking a fondling and we both began to laugh. She went back to her room and returned with a woman's shift and a pink dressing gown which she helped me to put on. "Nice little titties" she said and we both started to laugh.

Kali began to type again:

"It is very funny hearing the girls talk of you. The traditional clothes mean they see very little of the developments, but they are tittering away constantly as you are their consuming focus of their life."

'Tell me more about what the girls are saying?" I typed.

"Well as I said, their dedication of themselves is seminal to your consecration, so they are especially interested. But the traditional clothing allows them to see nothing of what is happening, and so their imagination is running wild. You are all they talk about!"

"Perhaps we should play along with them," I typed.

"That is what I was thinking" typed Kali and she suggested that each night as we go to the gym that we walk past or even through the study hall so they could monitor the changes that occur each day. Kali suggested that I should revert to the same tight shorts that she wore, so the girls' speculation could fester on two fronts.

She recommended that we act as if we are oblivious to the changes that are occurring until the official 'coming out' ceremony occurs.

Kali then typed, "I might add that the whole village is similarly watching what is happening to your body, but we can handle that matter at another time!"

So from each night, I wore my pink polo shirt as Kali and I walked through the study hall. On that first night there was little enough for the girls to see. In fact, Kali told me that there was disappointment and conjecture that perhaps nothing had happened at all. But in the second week the change began to be obvious and one girl in masterly fashion got up from her desk and just happened to bump into me and touch my breasts as I walked by. I joined her in pretending it was an accident, but it the suppressed merriment of the other girls was a pleasure to observe.

Kali needed to make adjustments to my bra on a daily basis as the swelling continued. I shared with her the experience of the increase in weight and told her how novel it was to have a jiggling sensation as my breasts wobbled with every step I took. As I shared with Kali, it was an amazing experience for a man to have this change, because for so many years of my life I had found breasts to be alluring and here I was bobbing along with my own. I found myself spending a great deal of time looking at the mirror and feeling the changes that were occurring in my body. Words could not express the delight and the pride I felt as I experiencing the bouncing on my chest.

At the same time, I did not have the same men's feeling of 'walking behind a penis', and of having a projectile there to share and scare. But armed with my breasts, I felt I was desired and reading the expression of those we walked part in the street, it was assuring and wonderful to realize that the men who looked at me 'wanted me'. I did not feel threatened in anyway, but it was nice to think of myself as one who was attractive.

By the third week, we were noticing that my penis was diminishing and my balls were contracting and retreating back into my body and in time an opening was forming where the ball sack had been.

I asked Kali how these changes came to be happening and she told me that on my first night, the ceremonial drink was a special mixture and while I was sleeping so soundly, chips were strategically inserted into my body and then with ultra sound guided accurately to predetermined locations in my body. She told me that my bed was an electronic field, so that the redevelopment specifically focused. She explained that male and females were made of the same stuff with a male having an additional DNA factor which precipitated male development as a young boy grew up. She explained that their process, needed to reverse those developments and the implantations ensured that certain goals were met quickly. For example, apart from the genitals, your vocal sound production has changed. The ratio of your waist to hips has converted to seven to ten; we have reassigned body bulk from your upper arms and shoulders to your chest.

Kali and I continued to sleep together and I was very horny as the changes occurred, but as the changes occurred, I was ceasing to be effective. However Kali was effective in manipulating my breasts and became rather oral with me so I continued to peak each night. I told her that I was not as comfortable with the oral stuff, but she explained that I should accept her ministrations so I could have the comfort of daily orgasm and this was essential so the body changes continued expeditiously.

By the fifth week, my hair was longer and my breasts even in traditional costume and people we passed in the village would nod respectfully and even smile as they noticed the change. Kali explained that my being older fostered unusual interest in theme during the prepubescent stage, and because I had good bearing, was gray and fit, there was unusual interest and I was especially attractive to people of the village. She explained that it was now time for the coming out ceremony to be scheduled

On the next Friday, at the formal meal, Kali I changed from a white undergarment with a v-neck that permitted sign of my cleavage. The wrap around garment changed to white and the sash to red.

Kali led me into the dining room and to stop in the middle of the room where the incense was burning. A group of girls came forward, and Kali took from me the ceremonial garment where they had adhered the red circles and triangles. She took these garments and handed them to the girls. Then each member of the community came forward, gave me a hub, kissed me on the cheek, and touched my breasts. All of us had tears of appreciation and I was sobbing tears of warmth by the time the last person, Kali approached me. Kali came forward and cleaned the white makeup colour from my face

There was then wild cheering and merriment as the meal commenced.

I noticed that there was a gallery of Town citizen witnessing this ceremony, perhaps twenty people representing the town but they had departed by the time the meal commenced.

While we were eating, Kali leant over and said:

"We have an appointment in the village tonight. I hope you are ready for what is to happen."

After the meal, taking our heavy cloaks, Kali led me out of the complex and down to the central building of the town. She led me into a room where there was a group of men twelve men were seated. We sat down and drank tea while kali led the conversation reciting poetry and with liberating banter.

After a time she stood up and bid me to follow and she led me to an elegant room containing a large elegant bed. She helped me from my garments, and in the soft light, instructed me to get under the covers of the bed. She went to the door and ushered in an elderly gentleman and after helping him to disrobe, brought him to the bed, He took my breast in his hand, and came over and entered me.

I let out a loud 'Uggh', and lay there with my eyes bolt open, and I saw Kali with an assuring smile on her face and hand on my head as first pumped and then defused into me.

Kali helped him with his clothes out the other door and returned with a second and then a third and fourth patron.

Watching how I was managed, she then signaled that I should dress, and handled the next two patrons herself.

We both then dressed, and bowing to the twelve leaders as we left, we returned to the school.

"How did you manage that?" she asked.

"From some perspectives, it was memorable" I said, but I am sure it had political dimensions that I will never be able to appreciate.

I took the last two because I was not sure how you were managing.

Will let me tell you. I think I could have handled the other two and the six who did not present as well

6. Fulfillment

Next day I awoke invigorated and when Kali was there with the towel as I came from the shower to the make-up seat, but now she applied western make up and had to my surprise set out a western suit for me to wear. I was still surprised as we came into breakfast to see the girls dressed in casuals, jeans and tops and there they were clapping me as I walked up to take my normal seat. On the wall was a banner, welcome to our School, Sophia.

I looked to Kali, a little overcome, and she told me that Sophia was indeed my new name and there was no further need to wear the whitened face mask of anonymity, for I was no longer the 'No Person in the community' they were forming. . With my coming out last night, I was now a person and not a transition and with the process ended, none of us were obliged to wear the mask on.

After breakfast, on of the more friendly girls came up clutching and hugging me, saying they hoped I enjoyed it last night.

Kali told me the routine would be different today, my first session was to be a nude model in the girls art class. I was happy enough to oblige, and the girls were unusually focused on their subject, knowing they had a part in its creation.

The second session that morning was a class on western dress, given by Kali herself. For this class, I was asked to demonstrate and to the merriment of the girls also. I found that in my new form, the girls were handling English a lot better. Our sharing was deeper and they tried harder to gather their thoughts into English because they owned me in a special way. Many of their questions were on the topic of the great change I had undergone. I was asked if I enjoyed being a woman, and I told them that strangely I was enjoying it a great deal.

I had a relaxed afternoon followed by our usual walk around town. This was a wonderful experience the old ladies came up and hugged me, the guys winked at me and young people offered me beaming smiles. There was no ridicule, everyone seemed to appreciate what had happened to me and what I had become.

That night, Kali and I went to a restaurant for dinner with one of the old men from last night. Part way through he meal Kali excused herself, saying she would be back at in the morning to bring me home. I felt my body looking forward to what lay ahead that night.


A teaching job in Korea seemed a wonderful opportunity but he did not realize the joys that were awaiting.




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