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Kimberly Nicole

by Teddie S


The Wizard was bored. The little bell over the door to his shop hadn't rung in days. He even checked it to be sure it wasn't broken. But, how do you break a mechanical bell?! He had even moved his store to other malls, and still no action. Finally he took to sitting in his dusty little office, just staring at his magic ball. He had it on auto-scan, looking for anyone that could use his services. It finally stopped on a young couple having sex. He smacked the ball, figuring it was stuck. But, it stayed with the couple.

Finally he started paying attention to what the man was saying to the woman, and what effect it was having on her. He smiled. Now, all he had to do was figure out how to get Amanda into his store, and that shouldn't be too hard.

Our couple, Amanda and Ted, had been married about three years. And, had a very good, active, kinky, sex life. They enjoyed games, sex games. They loved to role play. They used bondage, and S&M, to it's full effect. Amanda enjoyed pain with her sex more than Ted did, but she could hand it out as good as he could. The session that the Wizard was watching, had Amanda bound to the bed, gaged, blindfolded, with her legs spread wide with a spreader bar, her rear propped up on pillows, to give Ted easy access to her, and the spreader bar was attached to a hook in the ceiling by a rope. Her breasts were carefully, but tightly, tied with rope in the proper Japanese method. The ropes that Ted liked to use were rough, and scratchy, but that added to Amanda's pleasure. Her nipples were also tightly squeezed in nipple clamps. And, her mind was in an overload, sexual overload. The pain from her breasts was exquisite.

Ted knelt between her legs, playing with her pussy, and bum. He loved watching her struggle, and it really turned him on. He could tell when she had an orgasm, and his mouth would go to her pussy to taste her juices. This would send her farther over the edge, feeling his tongue on her clit.

He finally released her legs from the spreader bar, and mounted her. As he did, he would first remove one, then the other nipple clamp, which would send more exquisite pain through her body. He would start to slowly thrust in and out of her. As he did, he would start talking to her. There were a number of scenarios that he liked to use. In one, he would call her a slut, and a whore. In another, he would threaten to give her to the local football team for their use. And, the one the Wizard heard, had to do with being screwed by a pretty, buxom, she-male, with a large penis. He would tell her, "Close your eyes. And visualize, a pretty, blond, buxom, she-male. With her large cock deep inside you. Moving in and out. Using you as her slut."

After he had finally come, he would continue his bedroom talk. If it was the she-male scenario, it would lead to some serious after play. As he slowly withdrew from her, he would continue with, "Picture her working her way down your body. Stopping to suck on your tits." His mouth would then find her nipples, and play with them. They hurt after being in the nipple clamps, but she loved what he did. He would then say, "Think of her, kissing her way down your body, to your sweet pussy." And he would start kissing his way down her body, until he reached her pussy. And, he would stop. She would moan, and squirm. Thrusting her pussy toward him. Finally he would say, "Think of your she-male lover, making love to your pussy with her mouth and tongue." And, he would go to work on her. Her orgasms, when he did this, were the most intense ones that she had, and she would almost pass out.

Ted would then carefully remove the blindfold, and gag. Untie her arms from the bed. Then deeply kiss her. She could taste a little of their mixed juices on his lips and tongue. Then he would carefully remove the ropes from her breasts, and lovingly massage them. She would cuddle close to him, and he would hold her. And, they would usually fall asleep. Their love for each other was very deep.

These deep kinky love making sessions didn't happen all the time. Maybe once or twice a month, sometime three times a month. In between, it was just plain good old sex. They had never shared their sessions with anyone else. Everything that they had learned, had come from the internet, and just experimentation.

Later that week Amanda had a strange feeling that she needed to go to the local mall, even though she really didn't anything. After lunch, she took the drive to the mall, and just wandered around. As she passed one of the halls leading off the main corridor, she was drawn to walk down it. At the far end, she found a quaint store front, it looked like it didn't belong in the mall. It had an old, wooden, store front. But, she was drawn to it, and walked over. She looked in the window, and saw a strange conglomeration of things. She went to the door, and stood there for a minute. Finally she opened it, the bell tinkled, and she walked in.

Once inside, she looked around. The shelves had many bottles, jars, and boxes on them. Holding, at least to her, nondescript items. There were racks of clothes. And, piles of other things. An old wooden counter stood at the back of the store, and she didn't see anyone around. She walked to the counter, and stood there for a minute looking at the items on the shelves behind it. Still, no one around. She turned to walk out, and heard, "Hello Amanda."

She spun back around, and said, "How did you know my name."

"I'm a wizard.", said the old man, with a long white beard, and dressed in what looked like a bathrobe.

"A wizard? There is no such person."

"Yes there is. I'm standing here, aren't I?"

"Yes. You're standing there. But, that doesn't prove anything."

"Well. Your name is Amanda, and your husband's name is Ted. You live at 675 West Maple St."

"You've been following me?"

"No my dear. I just know these things. Ask the wolf."

"Ask the wolf! What wolf?"

"He's right here behind the counter."

Amanda looked over the counter, and laying on the floor, was a very large wolf. He looked up at her, and said, "Yep. He's a wizard all right."

Amanda jumped, let out a little yelp, and said, "You must be a wizard. You know my name. You have a talking wolf. And, this store . . . "

"I'm glad you finally believe me. I didn't want to morph into some other form to prove it."

"Why am I here?"

"I think I might have something of interest to you."


"Well. I know that you and Ted really love your kinky sex. Like three days ago. The bondage, sex talk, and everything."

"Wait. This is getting too weird. You know about our sex life too?"

"Again. I'm a wizard. Don't worry. I've seen it all. And, you two have nothing on Caligula."

She just looked at him, thinking, 'Just how old is this guy?'

"I'm old enough to know better.", the wizard said with a smile.

Her mouth just dropped open.

"Do you want to see what I have for you?", he asked.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to just look."

"Good.", he said, bending down, picking up a box, and placing it on the counter.

He opened the box, and started retrieving things out of it. The first was a blond wig. Next a box marked, "Makeup." Three bottles. And, lastly, another box, marked "36D".

"What is all of this?", she asked.

"One of Ted's sex talk things is about a blond she-male. Right?"


"And, from what I saw. It's a major turn on for you."


"Well, here is your blond, buxom, she-male."

"But . . . "

"By putting the wig, and breasts on him. Then using the makeup. Ted will become your fantasy. Just be sure to follow the instructions."

"These will turn him into a she-male?"

"Yes. Your fantasy one."

"It's not a permanent change is it? I can change him back into Ted?"

"It's not permanent. But, like I said, follow the instructions."

Something inside her, said that the old man was telling the truth. Well, as much truth as the wizard could tell. As she was about to say something, the wizard said, "Yes. Ted will enjoy it as much as you will."

"Reading my mind again?"

"Of course."

"I guess . . . How much, and do you take plastic."

"Only $45.00. And, no I don't take plastic."

"I don't have that much cash with me."

"Yes you do."

She looked a little puzzled at the wizard. Opened her purse, and look in her wallet. And, there was exactly $45.00, four tens, and a five. She pulled them out, and in a little bit of a daze handed the cash to the wizard. An old cash register, opened by itself, and he placed the cash in it. He carefully placed the breasts, makeup, wig, and other things back into the box, and handed it to Amanda with a smile.

She said, "Thank you. I think.", in a somewhat puzzled way. And, turned to walk out the door.

The wizard said, "No. Thank you. And, don't forget to enter the cash withdrawal in your checkbook when you get home."

She mumbled, "Yea. Right."

The little bell jingled, as she walked out. The wizard, scratched the wolf on the head, and said, "There goes another satisfied customer."

"As long as she follows the instructions.", the wolf replied.

She walked out to her car, and placed the package on the seat next to her. And, sat there thinking, 'What had just happened?'

She took the long way home. Just to think. When she got there, she put the box away in her closet, and started dinner. During dinner, she was quiet. Ted asked, "Something wrong? You are sure quiet."

"Oh, nothing. Just had one of those strange days."

He let it drop at that.

The following day, after Ted had left, she got the box out. She sat down on the bed, and took everything out. The wig felt like human hair, but the wig cap appeared to be made out of some kind of rubber. The breasts were heavy, and she couldn't figure out what they were made of, but it appeared to be the same stuff the wig cap was made of. Three bottles, a spray marked "Adhesive", one marked, "Cream", and one marked "Pills". The box of makeup contained, moisturizer, foundation, mascara, eyeliner, blush, powder, an eyebrow pencil, and powder. Also, in the makeup box was a sheet of paper. The instructions.

She unfolded the paper, and read them. They were very basic. The wig, a human hair one, with the use of the adhesive, would attach itself to a human head. The breasts needed to be placed on a hairless chest, using the adhesive, and they would attach themselves. They would feel real, as they would be, and have complete feeling. The makeup would change the face they were used on, into a very feminine one. One of the other bottles contained a cream that would make the male member the size desired. And, the third bottle contained pills that would cause the attached items to detach themselves, and the male member to return to its normal size. And, that all the items had to be used together, within a half an hour, or any change would be undone. The last instruction was to read the information found on the www.spellsrus.magic web page, under the link she-male.

She reread the instructions, then put everything back in the box, and put the box away in her closet. And, figured, nothing ventured, nothing gained. So, she put her plan into motion, after first visiting the web page.

That night at dinner, she said to Ted, "You know something honey?"



"I want your body hairless."

"Hairless! Why?"

"I don't know. But, I think it would be nice to sleep next to a smooth, hairless body. Also, I won't have to pick hair from between my teeth after a good session of sex.", she said with a smile.

"You really want me hairless?"


"On one condition."


"That you shave completely also. Deal?"


He was surprised that she had agreed so quickly. The last time she had shaved down there, it was so prickly when it grew back, that she had sworn to never do it again.

"I'll get what we need tomorrow. And, we can do it after dinner."

"All right."

On Thursday she found a salon that would do a wax job on her female area. In fact they told her that they do a lot of them. Before she went to the salon, she stopped at the drug store, purchased a couple of bottles of dilatory cream, and a couple of bottle of moisturizer that were supposed to retard the regrowth of hair. The waxing was painful, but not that bad. The technician told her that the hair would start growing back in about four to six weeks, and it would be softer and finer. The technician also gave her some cream that would help prevent ingrown hair.

That night after dinner, she asked Ted, "Are you ready?"

"For what?"

"To get rid of your body hair."

"I thought you were kidding."

"No. I was serious."


"All right. You first."

"Already done."

"Already done?"

"Uh huh. I had a wax job today. So, you had better go through with this, or the pain you'll feel, the next time I'm the dominate one, will be unbelievable.", she said very seriously.

Ted knew she was serious, and said, "All right. Lets get it over with."

"Ok, lover. Up to the bathroom."

They went to the bathroom, and she had Ted strip. She covered him from the neck down with the dilatory cream. Yes, even there. After the required time, he got in the shower, and watched as all his body hair washed down the drain. When he got out, she looked him over, and took note of his hard on. She also couldn't find any hair remaining on his body. She carefully, slowly, and sensually rubbed the moisturizer all over him. This he really enjoyed.

That night she was all over him. She really liked the feeling of his smooth, hairless body. He in turn loved her hairless pussy, and spent a lot of time administering to it.

Friday night when Ted came home, he knew it was his turn to be on the receiving end. The lights were down. A note was on the table. It said, "Go to the bedroom. Completely undress. Fasten yourself into the arm restraints that you will find attached to the bed. I will be with you when I'm ready."

He did as instructed. They had done this many time before, so it was nothing new. He laid there for what seemed like a long time, but had only been fifteen minutes. He saw her walk into the room, she was dressed to the nines in her tightest fitting black outfit, with five inch heels, her hair was pulled back, and her makeup was very severe. She walked over to the closet, and returned with a cardboard box. She set it on the floor, and removed the makeup box from it, and set it on the night stand. She said, "Close your eyes, and don't open them until I tell you too." He did as he was told, and knew not to open them.

She took the moisturizer out of the makeup kit, and applied it to his face. She watched as his face became very soft and smooth. His pores disappeared. His nose appeared to become smaller. His cheek bones appeared to be higher, and more pronounced. His complexion became almost porcelain like. She smiled, and thought, 'Maybe the Wizard was telling the truth.'

Next came the eyebrow pencil. She watched as his eyebrows disappeared, and were replaced by what she drew. She gave him eyebrows that were very thin, with a high arch. Next came the eyeshadow, she gave him a very slutty look. The mascara was next. She had him open his eyes for this, and noticed that he now had blue eyes instead of brown. She used the mascara on his lashes, and they grew very long. She told him to close his eyes again, and keep them closed, or she would blind fold him. He did as he was told. The powder was next. She carefully powered his face, and saw more changes. His face was now completely feminine. It looked like Ted, but a feminine, a very feminine Ted. Like what he would have looked like if he had been born a girl. She took the lipstick, and carefully applied it to his lips, they became very full, and pouty. She was looking at her fantasy she-male. She became wet.

She sprayed the adhesive on the wig cap, lifted his head, and placed the blond wig over his short hair. After a minute, she couldn't see where the seam was between the wig and his scalp. She took one of the breast forms, sprayed the glue on it, and carefully placed it on the left side of his chest. She watched as the seam disappeared just like with the wig. Then she did the same with the other breast form on the right side of his chest. Again, the seam disappeared. She looked down on her now she-male husband, and smiled. Looking at the clock, she noted that it had been twenty-five minutes since she started. If she didn't finish the last step in five minutes, it would all reverse.

The last step was the cream for his male parts. She opened the bottle, and took some cream on the tips of her fingers. She started rubbing it on Ted's penis. And, watched in amazement as it started to grow. Ted's penis was about normal size, five and a half inches long, and about four inches around. She watched as it grew to about seven and a half inches long, and five and a half inches around.

She stood up, and looked down at a blond she-male, with a really nice pair of breasts, and said, "Lover. I'm going to blindfold you. I don't want you to see anything."

She bent down, and tied a blindfold around his head. Then removed all of her clothes. And, climbed on the bed straddling his body, and sitting on his stomach. He asked, "Why do I feel so different?"

"Because you are different, lover."


"Don't ask. You'll see later. Just enjoy the pleasure that your going to receive."

She reached over on the night stand, and retrieved a set of needles they used for temporary piercing. She also retrieved a cork. She used one of the needles to pierce his left ear lode, and placed an earring in it, then did the same to his right ear lobe. These were nice earrings, big gold hoops. He tensed up during the piercing, and groaned a little. "Quiet, lover. I don't want to have to gag you.", she said.

Then she played with one of his new nipples, they grew, and became hard. The areolas also became very firm. She smiled to see those nice large breasts. The areolas were about two and a half inches across, and dark. The nipple was about half an inch across and almost a half inch high.


She started using her nails on his penis, and watched as it jerked and jumped, and became very hard. She finally tried to take him in her mouth, and it was hard. He was big. She slowly stretched her mouth around the head, and was able to take it in. He was rolling around, between her playing with his new very sensitive nipples, and her mouth and tongue playing with his penis, he was in an overload.

She finally removed her mouth from his penis, and straddled him. She slowly lowered herself onto his penis. It was big, really big. It felt like it was going to split her in two. But, she was wet. Wetter than ever before. She slowly lowered herself, moving around, wiggling a bit. And, he finally slipped in. She felt full, fuller than she had ever felt before. And, she didn't move for a while. She wanted to enjoy the feeling, and try to get accustomed to his size. She knew he wasn't all the way in, but she felt like he had hit bottom.

She whispered, "I'm going to remove your blindfold. I want you to watch what I'm going to do next. But, I don't want one word out of you, or the pain will be excruciating, like." She grabbed both of his nipples, and twisted and pulled a little. And, said, "Do you understand."

He nodded his head yes.

She reached down, and took the blindfold off of him. Looking down at him, well at her, she smiled at the gorgeous creature that was looked back at her. It took Ted a few seconds to realize that when he looked down at his chest, he was seeing breasts. His eyes got big, and his mouth opened, as he started to say something.

Amanda said, "No. No. No. I said, I didn't want to hear a word."

He closed his mouth, and looked at her with a very puzzled looked. He wanted to ask so badly, but went along with her.

Amanda said, "You said, that you felt different. Well. Those are part of it. There's more. I'll explain later."

Ted knew that things had changed. Now he knew what one was, or really two. He had breasts. He knew that when Amanda was playing with them earlier, that they had felt different, and been much more sensitive. In addition, when Amanda had mounted him, she had felt tighter than she had ever felt.

Amanda reached over to the night stand, and retrieved a candle and lighter. She lit the candle, and started to slowly drip wax on Ted's nipples. She could see first a look of pain on his face, but it quickly turned to one of pleasure. This was one of Ted's favorite things. But, with his new breasts, and more sensitive nipples, she wasn't sure how he'd react. But, it appeared to her that he was enjoying it, she could tell by the reaction of his penis inside her.

She blew the candle out, and set it back on the night stand. Then slowly started pealing the wax off. It was a little painful removing the wax from the larger nipples. But, his penis didn't seem to mind the pain. She started riding him, moving up and down. Slowly at first. Trying to push him deeper and deeper into her. The feeling of his new larger male equipment, sent her over the edge very quickly. But, she didn't stop. She kept riding harder and faster. She watched his face, and could tell that he was about ready to come. She tightened up her vaginal muscles, and moved quicker and harder. She watched him clench his teeth, roll his head back, and thrust his hips upward, she knew he was coming. It was amazing to her how long he seemed to come. He held this position for a long time, finally just completely collapsing.

She slowly lifted herself off of him. His penis came out with a little pop. She then felt their combined juices start to run down her leg, and was glad she had the rubber sheets on the bed. She bent over, and kissed him. Her first taste of his new lips, and she loved the feeling of those pouty lips. He opened his eyes, and he looked at her. She smiled at him, and said, "I can tell by the look in your eyes that you loved that."

He almost forgot, and started to say something, but instead just smiled back at her.

"Good. I'm not done.", she said, as she swung her leg over him, straddling his face, and looking at his large penis. She lowered her pussy down over his mouth, and slowly bent down taking him in her mouth. They spent a long time in a good sixty-nine position. He brought her to an orgasm twice, and he came again. The first time ever that he had come twice in one session.

Then as she slowly untied him, she kissed him all over. When she was done, she said, "All right, lover. You can talk now."

"What is going on!?", he said in a husky female voice.

"Are you complaining?"

"I don't know. But, what did you do to me!?"

"Lover. I changed you. I changed you into a she-male. You have breasts. You looked like a girl. And, even have a girl's voice."

"But, how? There's no way."

"I guess there is a way. It's called magic."

"There's no such thing."

"Well. Feel your breasts, and tell me they're not real."

He touched his breasts. And, couldn't argue the point of them being real.

"Now. Look between your legs, and tell me what you see?", she said.


He sat up a little, and said, "My god. I'm huge. How . . . "

"Yes. You're huge. And, you felt fantastic. How? Magic."

"No. I've got to be dreaming."

"No, love. You're wide awake. Want to see the rest?"

"I don't know."

"Sure you do."

She got up, walked over to her dressing table, and came back with a hand mirror. She handed it to him, he looked at his face, and said, "I . . . I . . . I look like a girl!"

"Oh yes. A very pretty, sensual girl."

"But . . . How did you do this?"

She told him about her experience at the mall with the wizard, and the box of things he had sold her. How, at first she didn't believe it. But, had to try it. And, was totally surprised by what had happened.

He asked her why he looked like a she-male, and she said, "You know how you sometimes talk about a she-male making love to me?"


"Well. I don't know if you knew it or not, but it's really a major turn on for me. And, somehow this wizard knew about it, and about us. And, made it come true."

"Is this all reversible!?"

"Yes. The instructions say that the pill in the other bottle will reverse everything. You take it, and a half an hour later, everything starts reversing. At least that's what it says."

"I hope to hell that it works. I feel really weird this way, can I have the pill?"

"No, lover. I want you like this for the rest of the weekend."

"But, I feel so strange."

"Get use to it."

He just sat there, looking at her. He finally got up. And, not being use to the weight of the breasts, it threw him a little off balance. And, he stumbled a little. He walked over to the full length mirror, and just looked at himself.

She also got a better look at him. His whole body had changed to that of a woman. He was shorter. His hips were wider, and waist narrower. His hands were smaller, with slender fingers. His feet were smaller. And his figure was almost perfect.

He turned, looked at her, and said, "So, you get turned on by a she-male, and you want me to stay this way for the weekend. Then what about the party tomorrow night, at the Donaldson's?"

"I forgot all about that. I'll call Debbie, and try and cancel."

"I'll bet she'll be upset."

"I know she will be. Maybe, I'll let you change back tomorrow afternoon."

"What about clothes?"

"You won't need to worry about that tonight. I want more of you. We'll find something tomorrow to at least cover you up, until I let you change back. If I do."

"If you do?"

"Uh huh. Now shut up. I want more of you."

The rest of the night was, to say the least, a very sexual experience for both of them. Ted, found out that in this mode he was multi orgasmic. And, Amanda learned how to handle his size very easily, both orally and vaginally.

The next morning, Amanda found a robe that almost covered Ted's breasts. And, after a late breakfast, she took him back to their bedroom, and gave him one of the pills. He lay on the bed, and waited. After about half an hour, he felt changes start. The seam around the breasts appeared, and they were removable. The same with the wig. He felt his face changing back, as well as the rest of his body. She watched as his body, in just a few seconds, changed back to Ted's. She carefully packed everything back in the box, and placed it back in her closet.

They went to the party, and on the way home, she asked, "Tell me. Did you really mind what I did to you last night?"

"Yes, and no."

"Yes, and no?"

"No, I really didn't mind. It was one hell of an experience. Yes, that we didn't discuss it before hand, like we do all the things we do."

"Are you mad at me?"

"No. How can I really be mad at you?"

"Would you do it again?"

"Some day."



"Yea. I guess you didn't enjoy it that much." And, she finished the ride home in silence, looking out the car window.

The remainder of the weekend, and the following week, were a very quiet time for our couple. Nothing was said of the Friday evening experience. In fact talk of sex was nonexistent.

The Friday evening of the second week. Ted picked Amanda up, threw her over his shoulder, carried her to the bedroom, and forcefully striped her. Don't worry. This was a normal thing for them. He then trussed her up in the proper Japanese tradition. Except this time, he ran the ropes, not only around her breasts, but through the pussy lips. Then he hung her from the ceiling hook. This surprised her, as he had never done this before. But, it had been discussed. He placed the nipple clamps on her nipples. Blindfolded her. Turned, and walked out of the room. He had also done this before, leaving her trussed up for a couple of hours. But, never hanging from the ceiling like this.

He went to their other bedroom. Picked a box up from the floor, and placed it on the bed. It was the box that contained the items that Amanda had purchased from the Wizard. He had removed it from their bedroom earlier that day. He carefully placed everything from the box on the bed, and read the instructions. Following the instructions. He placed the wig on his head, then carefully placed the breast forms on his cleanly shaven chest. They became part of him. He just shook his head in disbelief. He then sat at the dressing table, and tried to recreate the look that Amanda had. He was amazed on how the different products changed him. He looked all right, but not as good as what Amanda had done. But, it would have to do. He then took the cream, rubbed it onto his penis, and watched in amazement as it grew in his hand.

He stood, and looked at himself in the mirror. The she-male had returned. Not quite as pretty as before, but not too bad. He pinched his nipples, and they hardened. His penis also reacted to his touching his nipples.

He walked back into their bedroom. Amanda was squirming a little. And, he figured, that she really didn't like being strung up like she was. But, she didn't have any control over it. He walked over to her, and kissed her deeply. She felt the pouty lips. And, was a little puzzled.

He slowly lowered her to the bed. He was really glad that they had installed a block and tackle when the put the ceiling hook in. He found that in his she-male mode that he was much weaker then when he was fully a male. And, that if it wasn't for the block and tackle, he probably wouldn't have been able to get Amanda down, even though she only weighted 110 pounds soaking wet.

He removed the ropes running through her pussy lips. Then bent down, and kissed her there. She jumped. He straddled her, sitting on her hips, and started playing with the nipple clamp. He knew that her nipples would be very sensitive after having the clamps in place for so long. She really squirmed as he did this.

Next, he took the same candle that she had used on him, and lit it. He started dripping wax on her nipples. Not too much, but enough to cover her areolas. He then moved, so that he was sitting near her pussy. He carefully massaged her clit, to bring it to full erection. Then he started dripping wax just above her clit. She really squirmed at this. He brought the wax closer to her clit, and finally let a drop hit it. She drew in a deep breath, and arched her back. He placed the next drop on her right thigh. Then one on her left thigh. Then he let the wax fall, drip after drip, on her denuded pussy area. She squirmed, and squirmed. But, never used their safe word. He completely covered her pussy with wax. Finally blowing out the candle, and setting it back on the night stand.

He moved back up toward her head, and took one of her nipples in his mouth, and suck on it. The pleasure and pain were too much for her, and she came. He looked up at her, and smiled, knowing that she was enjoying what was going on. He continued playing with her nipples, bring more pleasurable pain to her. He worked his way back down her body with his mouth and tongue. When he reached her pussy, the wax had set up. And, he slowly removed it. She should be happy that she was hairless down there, or this would be more painful than it was.

He knelt between her legs, and played with her pussy. Which was very wet. Finally he moved his now larger penis closer to her opening. He removed the blindfold, placed his hands on either side of her head, entered her, and said, "I don't want you to close your eyes. But, I want you to watch as a pretty, blond, buxom, she-male. With her large cock deep inside you. Uses you as her slut."

Amanda looked up at him, and smiled. He could tell that she was enjoying what was going on by the look on her face. She started rocking her hips to meet each of his thrusts. Even though his new cock was so big, and the fit in her pussy was so tight, she was so wet, that it took him a long while to reach a climax. But, he watched her face as she had two prior to his.

He then pulled out of her, and said, "Watch, as the she-male kisses her way down your body, toward your sweet pussy." He started kissing his way down her body, until he reached her pussy. And, he stopped. She moaned, and thrust her pussy toward him. He then said, "Now feel your she-male lover, as she makes love to your pussy with her mouth and tongue." And, he went to work on her pussy. She went completely wild, and came very hard.

When he was finished, he carefully untied her. Carefully massaging her breasts, and kissed her deeply. She sat up and pushed him down on his back. She looked down at him, and with a smile, said, "You need some makeup lessons."

He smiled, and said, "Teach me."

With that, she grabbed his cock with her hand, and took as much of it as she could in her mouth. And, preceded to give him a one of the best head jobs that he had ever had. Nothing more was said that night. They just fell asleep naked. Cuddled together as they always did.

The next morning, Amanda was awake before Ted. And, could feel his large cock pressing against her rear end, and his breasts against her back. She smiled to herself. She had lived her ultimate fantasy last night. And, hoped that it wasn't going to be the last.

She got up, without waking Ted, took a shower, and quietly sang to herself the whole time. Then she headed to the kitchen for some coffee. It wasn't long before Ted walked in, wrapped in the robe that almost covered up his female body. She looked at him, and laughed.

"What are you laughing at?"

"You, lover. You look so cute in that robe, but it just doesn't cover that body. Plus your friend is peaking out."

He looked down, and tried to cover himself.

"Come and sit. And, I'll get you some coffee and breakfast.", she said.

As they were eating breakfast, she said, "Do you want me to get you a pill?"



"I think I want to stay this way for a while. I'm beginning to enjoy the feelings. I never realized that you girls had such sensitive breasts."

She smiled, and said, "They can be fun, can't they. So, you like being a girl? Well almost a girl."

"Yea. It kind of feels nice."

"Well, then I think we need to get you some clothes. You can't run around all the time in that robe."


"You're right, I guess. And, these breasts are much heavier than I ever thought they could be."

She grinned, and said, "I bet those puppies are heavy. Now you know why I wear a bra. I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll run over to the thrift store, and find you a few things. Then, we can go to the mall, and do some real shopping."

"Don't go overboard. I don't know how much of this I'll be doing."

"All right. We'll keep it down. But, you know how I like to shop."

"That's what scares me."

She took some measurements, got dressed, and was off to the thrift store. When she came back, she had a couple of bags. She took his hand, and drug him to the bedroom. Out of the bags, she pulled a pretty black bra, a couple pair of panties, a pair of black pants, a very pretty peasants blouse, a pair of open toed sandals with ankle straps and three inch heels, and two packages of panty hose.

"All right, lover. Drop the robe, and well see if this stuff fits."

He took the robe off, and tossed it on the bed. Standing there naked, Ted's she-male body began to turn Amanda on. But, she figured that she had better control herself for now. She helped him put the bra on, and showed him how to adjust his breasts inside the cups. Then she handed him a pair of panties. He stepped into them, and pulled them up. She saw a problem, his cock made a large bulge in the panties, and it would probably show through the pants. She looked at his, and said, "You have a minor problem."


"The bulge in you panties is defiantly not feminine."

He looked down, and said, "Defiantly not feminine. What can we do?"

"Can you tuck it between your legs some way?"

"I'll try. But, what's going to keep it there?"

"The panties aren't tight enough, but maybe the pantyhose will do it. We may have to find you a tight pair of panties, or a girdle"

He fussed around for a little while. And, did get it tucked up, and back between his ass cheeks. He had to be careful not to get it aroused.

She told him how to put the pantyhose on, and he carefully rolled them up his legs. He felt a stirring between his legs. And, had to concentrate very hard to stop it. Then came the pants, and peasant blouse. He looked very nice in the clothes that she had chosen. The bra did give him cleavage, and the blouse showed it off. She had him slip on the sandals, and fasten the ankle straps. Then she had him stand up, and she stood back and looked at him. He did look good, except for his makeup.

She decided to try and redo his makeup. She didn't know if changing it would cause a problem or not. But, she sat him down at her dressing table, and started to touch up his makeup. She retouched his eyebrows, as she redrew them, they changed to what she wanted. She redid his eyeshadow, and it made his eyes more feminine. By the time she was done, he was back to looking as he did the first time she had done his makeup. There was Ted, but the feminine version of him.

"Much better.", she said, "Now you look like you would if you were born a girl."

He turned and looked in the mirror, and she noticed a little smile appear on his face.

"You know. I can't call you Ted when you look like this. It just doesn't fit anymore. What would you like to be called?"

"I don't know. You pick something."

"Hmm. How about, Kimberly Nicole."

"Kimberly Nicole . I kind of like that."

"All right, Kimberly Nicole . We need to take you shopping. And, the one thing we really need to find is something to hold you male equipment out of sight. A tight panty, a girdle, or something like that."

Out two girls were off to the mall. They bought Kim more clothes than she thought that she would ever need. But, Amanda just keep saying things like, this will look good on you, this will go so good with that skirt. When they were done they had spend over seven hundred dollars, and made four trips to the car with packages. They did find a very nice panty girdle, and a few pairs of control panties, that would hold Kim's extra parts out of sight.

When they took the last of the packages to the car, Kim was ready to go home. But, Amanda figured that they might as well eat at the mall. So, she talked Kim into eating an early dinner. And, they headed back into the mall. As they walked into the restaurant, Amanda said, "I need to go to the girl's room before we eat."

"All right. I'll get us a table, and watch for you."

"You need some lessons girl friend. We girls go to the restroom together. So, come on."

"I can't go in there!", Kim whispered.

"Yes you can. Just remember to sit, and wipe before you flush. And, you'll be fine."

They walked into the girls room together. Kim looked around, and was impressed on how nice it was compared to the men's room. She noticed that there was someone in one of the stalls. And, she went to a stall at the far end of the room. She did as Amanda had told her to do, and came out to find Amanda touching up her makeup. She walked up next to her, and pretended to check her makeup. Amanda, had put the lipstick from the kit in Kim's purse. So, Kim touched up her lipstick.

As they looked at the menu, Kim's mind was in male mode, and she was ready to order like she was still Ted. She told Amanda what she thought she was going to order. Amanda just looked at her, shook her head, and said, "You're a girl now. Eat like one. Small portions, more salads. Or, you won't keep that feminine figure."

Kim frowned at her, and rethought her order. Finally ending up with a spinach salad, small steak, and no potatoes. Kim wasn't completely happy, but when she finished her meal, she felt satisfied.

When they arrived home, they took the clothes to their bedroom, and laid them out on the bed. Kim still couldn't believe everything that they had purchased. Amanda moved things around in their closet, and had Kim hang up the blouses and skirts. The two pairs of shoes were placed next to Ted's other shoes. The panties and bras were placed in Ted's drawers next to his male underwear.

Amanda walked up next to Kim, as she was looking at the new clothes, and since they were now about the same height, put her arm around her, and said, "Shopping's fun. Isn't it, girlfriend?"

"It was fun. But, what are we going to do with all these clothes?"

"Wear them."

"But, there not your size."

"But, they're yours."

"But, only if I'm Kim. And, I don't know how often I'm going to do this."

"Judging by the look I saw on your face, after I redid your makeup earlier, your beginning to enjoy this."

"It is fun. But, I don't know if it's me. I don't know how much more I want to do."

"You don't enjoy making love to me as Kim?"

"Yes. I do love it. But, I also enjoy doing it as Ted."

"There's nothing stopping us having it both ways. Sometimes Ted, sometimes Kim. Is there?"


Amanda turned Kim to face her, kissed her hard on the lips, then said, "I love you either way."

"I love you, too."

This started a normal love making session between the two. Well, as normal as sex can be between a girl and a she-male.

Sunday morning, Amanda was again awake before Ted or Kim. And, again could feel his large cock pressing against her rear end, and his breasts against her back. 'This is nice.', she thought.

Over the next few months, Ted allowed Kim to come out more and more. Amanda learned how to tie ropes in the proper Japanese methods. And, Kim's large nipples just begged for the clamps.

Amanda noted that the items that she bought from the Wizard appeared to never diminish. Every time they opened the makeup box, the items appeared to be unused. The spray on adhesive was always full. And, the reversal pill bottle was always full. It appeared that there would never be an end to the number of times that Ted could become Kim.

It was early Spring, and our couple was trying to figure out where to go on their vacation. They had two week, and wanted to go somewhere special. Ted wanted to go to the mountains, Amanda wanted to go somewhere really special, one of the islands of the South Pacific. And, as what usually happens in discussions like this, Amanda won out. So, they sat down, and started looking, on line, at the various available packages. They came up with a great deal for eight days, and seven nights in Fiji. And, booked the trip.

Now, the question was, who was going? Amanda and Ted, or Amanda and Kim, or Amanda and Ted, with Kim in her box.

Amanda's mind was working, and she wanted Kim to go. But, how to get Ted to go along with it? They discussed the various ways that Kim could go along. Take the box along, but it might be a little troublesome going through customs with the box containing a wig and breast forms, not to mention a complete set of female clothes in a size that wouldn't fit Amanda. Then, Kim could fly, but what about Ted's clothes, and going through customs.

Ted finally said, "I guess Kim will have to just stay home."


Amanda didn't say anything, but just looked at him. She looked very hurt. But, her mind was working. Working on a way to be sure that Kim came along, even if Ted stayed home.

The weekend before they were to leave, they were enjoying each other in bed. Amanda was in charge, had Kim tied up, and was riding her for all she was worth. When she was done, Amanda didn't untie Kim, but laid down next to her, and said, "I'll make a bet with you."


"If I win the bet, Kim goes to Fiji. If you win, Ted goes."

"I don't know. You usually don't bet on anything but a sure thing."


"No. But, I usually loose these bets. You really want Kim to go don't you?"

"Uh huh."

"What's the bet?"

"I'll make this as fair as possible for both of us. One hand of five card stud."

"That's one of the fairest bets you've ever made.", Kim said, with a grin.

Amanda reached over, grabbed one of Kim's nipples, and squeezed it. Making Kim jump in pain. "Smart aleck.", she added, as she kissed Kim.

"Okay. Okay. You have a bet. I win, Ted goes. You win, Kim goes."

"Good. I'll go get the cards."

The following Saturday, our two girls walked through the airport concourse, and boarded their flight. They turned heads. Both were dressed very nicely, not sexy, but, both exuded femininity. The first couple of days on Fiji, they spent sightseeing, swimming in the ocean, and just enjoying the island. Kim just loved how she looking in a bikini. On the third day they found a beach that allowed topless swimming. So both girls worked on their tans.

One day while walking through town, they found a tattoo salon, they stood for a few minutes, and looked at the art that was displayed in the window. As they walked farther down the street, Amanda said, "You know, Beth has a tattoo on her lower back."

"Beth from the doctors office?"

"Yes. You can see it when she bends over."

"I've never noticed."

"I think it would be fun to have one. Kind of a permanent souvenir of our trip."

"Kind of painful."

"You've never minded pain before."

"That's a different . . . Me!?"

"Sure, girlfriend. I thought we'd both get one."

"No way."

"Oh, come on. It'll be fun."

"I don't know . . . "

Saying, "Come on.", Amanda grabbed Kim's hand, and pulled her back toward the tattoo salon. Kim put up a little struggle, but came along fairly easily.

They walked in, and looked around. There were all kinds of art on the walls, and they started looking at various designs. Some were very intricate, some were simple, some were very colorful, some were done in all black. There were also binders with various designs. The proprietor was working on a client, but a very pretty girl walked out from the back of the shop, and introduced herself with, "Hi. I'm Shelly. Can I help you with something?"

Amanda said, "My girl friend and I are thinking of getting a tattoo on your lower back. Do you have anything that you could recommend?"

"Let me show you some art.", Shelly said, as she took one of the binders and opened it. She pointed to a number of their most popular designs. She stopped at a page that showed various tribal designs with added items, such as a butterflies, flowers, eyes, etc. Amanda found one that she really liked, a tribal design with a pair of feminine green eyes. Kim wasn't saying much, but did see one that she liked. It was almost a tribal design, but the design was done with flower stems, and lavender flowers.

"See anything you like, girlfriend?", Amanda asked.


"Choose something, or I'm picking for you. Because I'm getting one. And, if I am, so are you.", Amanda said with a sly smile.


Kim turned the book to the page with the design she like, and pointed to it.

"Very nice. And, very feminine. Good choice, girlfriend."

Shelly agreed that they both had made good choices. She went on to explain the procedure that they used in the shop. And, gave the girls a form to read and sign. Amanda, signed quickly. But, Kim hesitated a little bit, but did sign. Shelly said that her boy friend, the shop's owner, would do Kim's tattoo as soon as he was finished with his current customer, but she could start on Amanda right away.

Amanda gave Kim a kiss on the cheek, and followed Shelly to a work station. Shelly had Amanda remove her tank top, and pull her shorts down a little. And, she went to work on the tattoo. Kim sat and watched her work.

After about half an hour, Shelly's boy friend finished with his customer, and came over to where the three girls were. Kim noticed that he was fairly well covered with tattoos, and asked, "Who did all of your tattoos?"

"Shelly did most of them. She's really good."

"Did you do hers?"

"All of them."

"Nice work."

"Thank you. What can I do for you?"

Shelly showed her boy friend the art that Kim had picked. He smiled, and said, "A great choice. Lets get to work."

He took Kim over to his work station, had her remove her tank top, pull her shorts down a little, then sit with her back to him. He explained each step as he did it. The needle stung when he first started doing the actual tattoo, but became easier the longer he worked.

Amanda was finished a good half an hour before Kim, and had time to talk with Shelly, as there were no other customers. Shelly showed Amanda some of the body jewelry that they had, and explained that it wasn't as painful as some people thought. When Kim was done she walked over to where the other girls were, and saw what they were talking about. Kim looked at Amanda, and just shook her head.

Amanda said, "Come and look at what Shelly has."

Kim walked closer, and Shelly lifted her top a little, and showed them her navel piercing.

Then lifted her top above her breasts, she was braless, and showed them the closed loop piercing in her right nipple, and a double bar piercing in her left.

"Interesting. Huh? I'm going to get one.", Amanda continued.

"You go girl friend. And, I'll just watch."

Amanda turned to Shelly, and said, "Will you do a piercing for me?"

"Sure will. Do you know which one you want?"

"Yes. That nipple shield that you showed me, the one with the teeth, and bar."

"After what you told me, a good choice."

Shelly retrieved the nipple shield from the case, and took Amanda over to her chair. She had her remove her top, and slip out of the right side of her bra. Kim watched as Shelly cleaned the nipple, which made it become hard, place the shield over the nipple, grasp the nipple with a forceps like device, take a large needle, and push is through the nipple. Kim flinched a little, as Shelly pushed the bar through the nipple, and used a tool to push the balls into place. Amanda looked up at Kim, and grinned.

Shelly explained how to care for the piercing, and that the bar could be removed, but it took a special tool that any place that did body piercing would have. Amanda turned, looked in the mirror, and admired her new jewelry.

Our girls, paid their bill, thanked the couple for their good work, and headed back to their hotel. When they got back, Kim said, "I think I'll take a walk on the beach. Want to come."

"I'd love to. But, I've got a headache, and want to lay down for a little while."

"Anything that I can get for you?"

"No. Enjoy your walk."

It was two hours later when Kim came back. And, Amanda was really worried, "Where have you been? It's been two hours, and I've really been worried about you."

"I'm sorry. I just went for a long walk. And, the time just flew by."

"But, two hours."

"It just took that long."


Amanda wrapped her arms around Kim's neck, and hugged her very tightly.


"Careful. It's a little sore."

"What's sore?"

Amanda stood back, as Kim took her top off, slipped off her left bra strap, and pulled the cup off her ample breast. And, there was a nipple shield. Kim grinned. And, Amanda's eyes got big.

"You . . . You . . . You went back and got the piercing." There was a little sound of concern in Amanda's voice.

"I thought about it, after you got yours, and just decided to get one."

"Why did you pick that one?"

"Shelly said that you really liked the spider web with the little spider. So, that's the one I chose."

"You are so bad! And, you had me worried."

"I'm sorry. But, I thought that you'd like it if I got one. So, I thought that I'd surprise you."

"I would've been happy even if you hadn't gotten it done.", Amanda said. But, was thinking, 'You may wish you hadn't.'

"I guess no tit play for a few weeks."

"There's always the other one.", Amanda said with a wicked little grin.

Our girls finished their vacation in Fiji, and took the flight home. Ted had been Kim the whole time, and was really into the experience. On the flight Amanda told Kim, "You know, I told the girl at the tattoo parlor about us."

"What about us?"

"Oh, our love of kinky sex. That's why she suggested my nipple shield. She said that it kind of showed our love of the sex we have."

"Did you tell her anything else."

"Just about you."

"What about me?"


"That you were a she-male."

"You didn't?"

"Un huh. And, she couldn't believe it, you were just so sexy. I was going to tell her more, but you walked up."

"So, that's why she looked at me the way she did. You shouldn't have told her."

"We'll never see her again. And, it was a turn on, telling someone else. She was cool."

"Lets keep this our little secret? Please."

"Oh, all right. But, it's fun."

Our girls arrived home, and settled back into their regular routine. It was Friday night, and Kim decided it was time for Ted to come back, for some normal sex with Amanda. So, he took one of the pills, and waited to change back to Ted. But, nothing happened. She waited a while long, and still nothing.


"What's wrong?"

"I took a pill, and nothings happening."

"How long ago did you take it?"

"Almost an hour."

"Jet lag?", Amanda said with a grin.

"Don't be funny."


"What's going on?"

"I'm not sure. Lets go on-line, and check something."


"The Wizard's web site."

They went into the spare room, and Amanda sat at the computer. She brought up the browser, typed www.spellsrus.magic on the command line, and hit enter. In a few seconds up came the Wizard's web page, his face materialized on the screen, and he said, "Hello again Amanda. And, this must be Ted, or is it Kim? I hope you had a wonderful time in Fiji. The link you are looking for is the sixth one on the left, called 'She-Male'. See you later." The Wizard disappeared, and his store front appeared, with a pick list.

Kim said, "How does he know all this?"

"I told you he's a wizard. He had me going when I was at his little store. I think he knows all about us."

"Okay. Go to the link, and lets find out what going on."

Amanda clicked on the She-Male link, and up came a page with Kim on it, nipple shield, and all.

"How in the heck . . . Oh, never mind. I know he's a wizard.", Kim said.

Amanda started to scroll down the page, scanning the instructions that were there. Care and cleaning. Different ethnic groups. Toward the bottom was one that said, that if any of the devices were damaged while being worn, that the change became permanent.

"Oh God. No! I'm stuck like this!" And, Kim fainted, with a thump, on the floor.

Amanda went, got a cold cloth, and sat with her on the floor. In a few minutes, Kim started to wake up, and said, "Was I dreaming?"

"No, lover, you weren't."

"So, I'm stuck as Kim?"

"It looks that way. It could be worse."


"Oh, maybe only the breast that was pierced would have stayed attached. Wouldn't that have been weird?"

"Yea. But, this is weird. What are we going to do?"

"We'll go talk to the Wizard tomorrow. Maybe there is something he can do."

That night was a sleepless one for Kim. She tossed and turned thinking of where this would lead.

Saturday morning found Kim sitting at the kitchen table drinking her third cup of coffee when Amanda walked in. "Couldn't sleep last night. Could you?", Amanda asked.

"No. This is so confusing."

"I know. We'll run to the mall, and talk to the Wizard, as soon as they open. Want anything for breakfast?"

"Not really. Maybe just some toast."

Amanda put together a light breakfast, and they just sat in silence.

The mall opened at ten on Saturday, so they left the house at nine-thirty. They walked into the mall and toward the side corridor when the Wizard's shop had been. But, it wasn't there. Amanda said, "It was right here, where the comic shop is now."

"Now what?"

"Relax, girlfriend. Lets walk around, maybe he moved."

"Yea, it's girlfriend forever, isn't it? No more husband and wife.", Kim said, as she started to cry.

Amanda pulled Kim over to a bench and sat with her. Kim was really distraught. Amanda took Kim's hands, and said, "Look at me." Kim looked up at her, with a very hurt look, and tears running down her cheeks. Amanda continued, "Remember, I said that I loved you either way. That I loved you as Ted, and that I loved you as Kim. And, I always will always love you. I'm so sorry that it's turned out this way. But, we'll work through this, and I'll stick with you no matter what."

"You will? Even though I'm a freak."

"Your not a freak. You are my husband. You are my lover. And, your my best girlfriend. I have the best thing going."

"You do?"

"You bet. Who else has a husband, that understands what girls are all about. That knows how to make love as a man and a woman. That's willing to go shopping until she drops." Amanda smiled.

"You like Kim, don't you?"

"No. I love Kim. Kim is special to me, and will always be special. If there isn't a way to reverse this, I'll spent the rest of my days making love to Kim. It could be very interesting."

Kim took a deep breath, and said, "I love you so much."

"I love you very much, too."

Amanda kissed Kim very deeply. Yes right there in the middle of the mall, they didn't care what anyone thought.

"Come on girlfriend. We need to get you makeup fixed." She took Kim's hand and walked with her to the ladies room. After her make up was fixed, they started walking around the mall, up and down each corridor, and there was no Wizard's shop. Kim was beginning to panic. And, just as they were beginning to give up, and walk out of the mall. There was the shop, right where the Post Office had been when they walked in.

Kim said, "Wasn't there a Post Office there when we walked in?"

"Yea. It's been there for years."

"This is really freaky."

They walked over to the Wizard's shop, and looked in the window. The Wizard was standing behind the counter, looked up, smiled, and waved our girls in. Amanda reached for the door handle, pulled on it, the door opened, and the little bell tinkled.

"Hello Amanda. It's nice to see you again?", the Wizard said.

"Hi. We need your help."

"I know. But, I don't know if I can help."

"There has got to be a way to change me back.", Kim said.

"I don't think there is. But, I'll look. It's nice to meet you too, Kim."

"Sorry. Please look."

The Wizard pulled an old dusty book off the shelf, and started looking through it. He finally stopped at a page, and studied it for a while, looked up at Kim, and shook his head, saying, "Sorry. There isn't any way to reverse it now. Once one of the parts is damaged, while it's being worn, the transformation is permanent. You should have read all the instructions, as Amanda did."

Kim turned, looked at Amanda, and said, "You knew this would happen."

"Yes. Why do you think I didn't ask you to get a piercing!? When you came back with it, I was worried that this would happen."

"Why didn't you say something?"

"Honey. You read the instruction. I figured that you would check the web site. And, I never figured that you would go out on your own and get a piercing."

"You're right. I should have checked the web site. Now what am I going to do?"

"We'll work this out. Don't worry. It isn't the end of the world."

"It is, as far as me being a man. I guess, I'm Kim the she-male forever.", Kim said with a deep sigh.


"What about all my friends, my papers, drivers license, degrees, birth certificate, everything?"

"Taken care of.", the Wizard said. "Look in your wallet."

Kim opened her purse, took out her wallet, and looked at her drivers license. The picture was her, and it read, Kimberly Nicole de Faro, female, 115 pounds, 5 foot 4 inches, blond hair, blue eyes. She then looked at her Visa card, it also said Kimberly Nicole de Faro. She looked up at the Wizard, and said, "You think of everything."

"I aim to please.", he said, with a little smile.

"Come on Kimmy, lets go talk this over.", Amanda said, " Thanks for checking, Wizard. I figured that there wasn't any way to change this, but I thought that we had better check."

The Wizard lamented, "I just wish everyone would read all the instructions on my items before they use them." He really didn't, it was part of the fun being the Wizard.

Kim turned, and walked out the door. Amanda was a few steps behind her, and just as she reached the door, the Wizard said, "Oh, Amanda. I forgot something."

Amanda turned around, and the Wizard was standing behind her with a box. He said, "This was part of the she-male items that I forgot to give you the first time."

Amanda took the box. And, the Wizard, and his store, just disappeared, and she was standing looking at the Post Office clerk. And, he said, "Can I help you Miss."

Amanda, in a state of confusion, said, "No. No thank you." Turned, and walked to where Kim was standing.

Kim said, "What was that all about?"

"I'm not sure. The Wizard said, that he forgot to give me this the first time I was here, and it was part of the she-male items. And, as soon as I took it, he and the shop just vanished."

"What's in it?"

"I don't know. But, I'm not opening it here."

Our girls walked out of the mall, and drove home. When they arrived home, they sat down at the kitchen table, and just looked at the box. Kim said, "Open it."

"I'm kind of afraid to. The last time I accepted something from him, it really caused trouble."

"If we, or I, would have read all the instructions, then we wouldn't be in this fix. It can't do much more harm then what's already has been done. Go on. Open it."

Amanda slowly opened it, looked inside, looked up at Kim, and looked back in the box.

Kim said, "What?"

Mean while back at the Spells R' Us Shop, the Wizard, who was watching through his crystal ball, laughed. And, the wolf, looking up from where he was sleeping on the floor, and said, "You are just so bad."

"That's my middle name.", the Wizard answered back. "I just love complicating the issue."

Amanda looked at Kim again, and said, "Your not going to believe this. But, I think if you want to, you can have the experiences of being a real woman."


Amanda reached into the box, and pulled out what looked like a flesh colored pantie, but they were actually a perfectly formed lower female torso, complete with a vagina, blond pubic hair, and all. There was a sheet of instructions in the box. And, this time they both read them very carefully. They said, that this item can be used only by a she-male. And, that it will turn the she-male into a fully functioning female. To activate the item, spray it with the adhesive, slip it on, placing the penis in the sheath, and the necessary changes would happen. The only cautions are not to become pregnant, or damage the item in any way while it's being worn, or it will become permanent. To remove the item, take one of the pills.

Kim reached out, took the pantie from Amanda, and looked at it.

Amanda, Ted/Kim, Shelly




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