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I recommend you read "Kevin and Molly Go to Camp" before you tackle this one. Or you can wait until it becomes a major motion picture.
The period covered is the last three weeks of Kevin’s first summer at Camp, until he leaves for home for the first time. If you tell me you want them, there will be lots of sequels.


Kevin and Molly Ride Again            by: Gingerfred Man



The New B-One

Chapter One – Vanilla

Kevin felt like vanilla. Three hours ago, he had been Molly, who was definitely a banana split with Rocky Road, Cherry Garcia, butter pecan, whipped cream, cherries and sprinkles. Now he was vanilla.

Kevin had just spent the best seven weeks of his life as Molly, a twelve-year-old sexpot who four hours earlier had taken the Camp’s head counselor’s big cock and load of cum up her ass, crapped on his office floor and had the counselor lick her ass clean. That’s not vanilla!

All the polish was gone from his nails. He had no make-up. His long hair was in a ponytail. He was wearing cotton boxers. Vanilla.

He loved being there at Camp, exploring both the X (girl) and Y (boy) sides of his nature, but it sure was a letdown to go from wearing stockings, garter belts, heels and frilly nighties and having the boys fall all over themselves to fuck your sissy ass to just being a boy again.

Three more weeks he had to spend as a boy, then 42 weeks with his mom, dad and friends, then seven more weeks as a boy at Camp before he could spend three more glorious weeks as Molly, the world’s sexiest little Camper.

Then there was the shock of finding out that his precious mom had been a camper here when she was a boy! His mom had a big cock between her legs and she never told him.

He didn’t even know anyone here now. All the boys and girls who were his friends and bedmates had switched genders at 4 p.m. His big sister, Mary Beth, was now some guy named Scott and his best girlfriend (and lesbian lover), Gina was now some stranger named Billy. Ouch.

To make things even worse, there wasn’t even going to be any sex for the boys tonight. The new girls needed time to get their clothes and get organized, so the boys were told to leave them alone. You didn’t break rules at Camp. The stakes (expulsion) were way too high. The boys couldn’t have sex with each other. That was another rule and a good one, Kevin thought.

There were sports events and movies and video games for the boys tonight if Kevin wanted, but he didn’t feel like it. He had put all his boy stuff away in the room he shared with three other B-Ones.

After tonight, he would probably be spending the night in a girl’s big, private room, fucking her sissy ass until she creamed her panties.

But tonight he was alone.

Kevin wandered down to one of the common rooms where the boys sometimes gathered to shoot the bull. There was a TV, VCR and some Camp-produced videotapes. He popped in a tape called "Naked Spankings" and sat down to kill some time watching.

As with all the Camp-produced tapes, the production values were outstanding and, they were horrifyingly illegal and pornographic. As a result, they were in high demand and were sold only to those able to pay top dollar, ruble or Euro.

The film began with two young, gorgeous mothers and their stupendously pretty little girls, 12-year-old G-Ones selected for their younger looks and beauty, it appeared. By the clothing styles, it appeared that the film had been made sometime in the eighties.

The girls were escorting their mothers on a shopping trip to look for clothes. The mothers were Camp graduates and probably she-males. They had what appeared to be killer boobs and long, lovely, black-stockinged legs ending in fuck-me pumps.

The G-Ones, named Missy and Sissy, wore pretty, little-girl dresses with petticoats and crinolines and skirts so short you could almost see their ruffled panties. They wore little ruffled socks and Mary Janes. They were cuties of the highest order.

But Missy and Sissy were holy terrors to their mothers. They fussed. They cried. They threw hissie fits. They even stuck their tongues out at their mothers and yelled that they hated them. In public. The mothers were reasonable and loving throughout. Until they got them home.

The four entered the living room of a nice home and everything changed. The mothers of Missy and Sissy told them that they had never been more ashamed of them and that their punishment was going to be severe. Missy and Sissy mocked their mothers, thinking that a little time alone in their lovely rooms wouldn’t be so bad.

"Oh no, young ladies, you won’t be going to your rooms. We’re going to beat some sense into your little tushies this afternoon."

The girls recoiled in horror. They hadn’t been spanked in years, but they remembered how it hurt

Missy said, "Oh please, Mommy. We’ll be good. Please, don’t pull our panties down and spank us." There appeared to be real fear in both young actresses’ eyes.

Missy’s mother said. "You two hellions aren’t getting off that easy. You’re going to get naked spankings!"

The camera caught the terror in the girls’ faces. They wailed. They screamed. They fought. They tried to get away. But the mothers stripped the girls’ clothes off until they were standing there only in their pretty, frilly socks.

Their little pink cockies were hanging down sadly. Their long foreskins covered their prickieheads. They were shaking with fear, begging for a reprieve and promising to be good forever. Appeals were denied.

The wiggling girls were placed over their mothers’ knees. The camera caught their delicious assholes as they writhed and showed little hints of their cocks and balls showing from the rear view.

Then the spankings began. Whack. They screamed as if they had been shot. Again. More banshee noises.

Kevin’s boxers were getting very tight. He freed his cock just to give it some air.

Each mom gave each very bad girl twelve strokes on each cheek. By the end, the girls were whimpering and begging more than screaming. The mothers nodded at each other that the spankings were over. Sissy’s mom asked if the girls had had enough. Both swore that they had and that they would be good girls now.

The moms let the girls stand. Kevin could see that their backsides were flame red. The girls tried rubbing them, but it didn’t help. They were rubbing their eyes and crying and apologizing. Their pricklets were fiercely erect.

Missy’s mom placed them in the opposite corners and told them to stand there like that for one hour. She couldn’t help noticing the girls’ red and stiff little prickies.

Missy asked, "Can we put our clothes back on now, Mommy?"

"No," she said. "This humiliation is part of your punishment. Now stand there and no talking."

The girls whimpered some more, but complied.

The mommies went upstairs together to Sissy’s mom’s room and closed the door. A few minutes later, the girls heard moaning and squealing.

Sissy whispered, "What do think they’re doing, Missy?"

Missy whispered back, "I don’t know, Sissy, but it sounds like fun and I don’t think they’ll be checking on us for a while."

The camera cut to the bedroom where the two moms, who were two magnificent she-males in their lingerie, with big cocks and killer titties, were in a furious sixty-nine. Their painted lips sucked on each other’s leaky cockheads and they appeared to be horribly aroused by the naked spankings they had just administered. Their erect nipples were rubbing against each other’s fantastic bodies. Missy’s mom was the first to come, spraying her goo all over Sissy’s mom’s lovely features. This triggered Sissy’s mom’s eruption onto her lover’s pulchritudinous visage. Both ladies screamed in erotic rapture.

Kevin was stroking his tosser, just to keep it in practice.

Downstairs, Missy asked Sissy how her tushie felt.

"It’s all hot and red," Sissy replied.

Missy touched it to be sure. "Ouch," she said. "It is hot. Does it hurt?"

"Not when you touch it like that," Sissy said.

Missy knew an invitation when she heard one. She rubbed Sissy’s butt gently, then said, "Your thingee is all red and stiff. Are you excited?"

"Oh, yes, Missy. I was watching you when Mommy was spanking me and I was wondering if your prickie was as stiff as mine."

The girls faced each other. Each grabbed the other’s pretty pink prickie and cupped the other’s balls with her other hand. Each stroked the other girl, then they kissed, tonguing each other’s mouths deliciously.

Soon Missy shuddered and came, followed closely by Sissy, followed immediately by Kevin, who couldn’t believe he was so aroused by this movie.

The girls were delighted until Missy, obviously the brighter bulb said, "That was wonderful Sissy, but what will our mommies do when they see this big cummy mess? They’ll spank us again for not standing in our corners for punishment. I don’t want another naked spanking!!!"

"Neither do I, Missy. We’ll have to lick it off each other!"

"Great idea, Sissy." The girls proceeded to sensuously lick every cummy drop off each other’s hands, pubis and tummy. Then they hurriedly stood back in their corners.

Kevin was getting hard again.

The bedroom door opened and the girls began sniffling and whimpering again for their mommies’ benefit. The mommies sat down on opposite ends of the couch and asked the naked girls to come over to them. They lectured them briefly, then hugged them lovingly. This made the girls cry, apologize and promise to be good all over again. It also stiffened their pretty cocklets.

The mommies had brought soothing cream for the girl’s sore butts. They applied it liberally to the red areas. Facing each other, the girls cooed appreciatively. Then the mommies gently rubbed some cream between the girls’ cheeks, all the way down to their little puckered rosebuds. The girls smiled and wiggled. Then the mommies each put some cream on their one palm and the fingers of their other hand. The fingers were lovingly inserted in the girls’ tiny holes. They moaned. The palms were applied to their prickies. Both mommies pistoned their fingers in their little girls’ assholes. Missy’s Mommy made a little pussy out of her hand and had Missy pump into it. Sissy’s mommy took an active role, stroking Sissy’s pretty cockhead with her creamy palm.

The girls were enraptured. "We thought you deserved a little treat to prove we still love you," Sissy’s Mommy said.

"I love you, Mommy," the girls said in unison. Then they giggled. Then they began to grunt a little and look at each other. They were close enough that they could hold hands, so they did. They kissed each other lightly on the lips. They looked imploringly at their mommies, then sprayed the air and each other’s tummies with their sweet cum.

Kevin did the same. What a movie!

Everyone hugged and kissed. Fade to black.

Kevin felt a lot better about things. There were G-Ones like Missy and Sissy coming next year and someone had to show them the ropes. He knew he was up for the job.


Chapter Two – The Next Day. Where’s Gina?

Molly’s favorite lover was another G-One named Gina. They did everything together, including sucking each other’s cocks whenever Camp rules allowed. They weren’t allowed to fuck each other’s sissy asses, but that was only at Camp. If they could get together during the 42 weeks Camp was closed, well, that was different.

When Kevin was Kevin at Camp, Gina didn’t exist. She was some guy named Billy, who had just greeted Kevin for the first time as a B-One.

"Hi, Billy," Kevin said. "You seem like a nice guy and everything, but I miss Gina."

"I do too, Kevin. And I miss Molly. But right now, that’s not who we are. Let’s make the best of it and plan on seeing each other during the year. Meanwhile, I haven’t been laid in 20 hours. Let’s go meet some chicks."

"Already he’s a guy," Kevin thought. "He must have a little switch in his head."

"Let’s go," Kevin said.

Kevin felt as if he was in Bizarro World. Everything was backwards from yesterday. He struggled to recognize people and to remember their flip names.

Of course, Kevin was mostly interested in the new girls. Everyone was older than the B-Ones, so they would have to date girls older than they. They knew they would find dates, though because the Camp still had 30 boys and 30 girls. Everyone got lucky every night. And most days.

Kevin heard, "Hey, Kiddo." He turned around and saw a nice-looking, clean-cut, young fourteen-year-old named Scott, the former Mary Beth and a new B-Two.

"Hi Mary B..., I mean Scott. Sorry."

"Everyone does it. How are you guys doing? Cruising for some tail?"

Scott must have one of those switches too. "Uh, yeah. Know any?"

"I know them all, my man." And he actually winked at Kevin and Billy. "Let me introduce you to some new G-Twos. Megan and Marilyn, this is Kevin and Billy."

The B-Ones were able to barely recognize the former Chuck and Tim, who had enjoyed many happy carnal hours with Molly and Gina. The thirteen-year-olds were lovely girls and clearly enjoying every moment of it. Megan’s long, red hair framed her pretty features that took full advantage of modern cosmetics. A tight mini showed off her long, stockinged legs. Her high heels made her butt stick out invitingly. Marilyn’s blond curls showed off her cutie-pie face and her delectable body.

Kevin thought, Mary Beth is still looking out for me, even though she’s that Scott guy, who acts like a big shot. Come to think of it, Mary Beth was a big-shot talker too.

Twenty minutes later, the four were getting acquainted in Megan’s room. Kevin was huffing and puffing with his cock making friction in Megan’s tight ass as she squeaked in appreciation. Billy was about to blow a lovely load into Marilyn’s smiling, dimpled face.

Suddenly, being a B-One didn’t seem so bad.


Chapter Three – Forever Amber?

Kevin enjoyed the afternoon and night with Megan. When he was Molly, he had considered a more permanent arrangement with one of the boys. A lot of couples had formed, although they were only allowed to date every other day. With five years to go, Molly didn’t want to do that just yet. As Kevin, he kept thinking about those two hot little numbers Missy and Sissy. His cock was already throbbing for next year’s G-Ones.

So a regular squeeze was something far from the young stud’s mind that next day at lunch when he sat across the table from Amber. Amber was the flip personality of Jimmy, the B-One whom Aunt June had selected to give the demonstration fucking for the G-Ones on their second full day. Molly had, of course, shared her favors with Jimmy a couple of times, but there had been no real sparks.

But Amber had caught Kevin’s attention and she wasn’t about to give it up. She was a 13-year-old little doll and was loving the exploration of her X-side. Kevin was shocked at how unlike Jimmy she was. He was all giggly and girly. Under the table, she had removed her stockinged foot from her strappy mule and was exploring the contours of Kevin’s cock with her big toe.

Kevin said, "If that’s an invitation to a date, I accept gratefully."

Amber giggled. Then she suggested that he gather his overnight bag and meet her at her room. This would be a nice, long date.

Half an hour later, Kevin knocked and was admitted to Amber’s room. She had removed her dress and was wearing only fashioned, seamed, white stockings, white strappy heels and a lusty grin. Kevin remembered Jimmy’s nice-sized cock and Amber shared it, of course. But now it looked more femmy and cuddly, even though it was fiercely erect.

Kevin kissed her. She responded with ardor. He kissed her some more. She pulled down his khaki shorts and boxers, sank to her knees and swallowed his cock. Dating is so much easier at Camp.

Amber was a first-rate cock sucker and she understood the aural as well as the oral part of sex. During the sucking, she made appreciative noises. She would stop occasionally and praise Kevin’s cock and Kevin in a soft, girlie voice. Kevin was enchanted. She teased his balls, even taking little lovebites on the skin of his scrotum. Dangerous, but sexy. When he appeared close to coming, she stopped sucking and shifted to licking Kevin’s cockhead. She held his balls and said things like, "Oh, I can feel your juices in there, Baby. They want to come out and see the light of day. Let them out, Honey. Cum for me, Honey. Come for your Amber." And Kevin did. All over her face, shoulders and puffy nipples. Amber milked his cock as he was coming and said, "Oh, that’s so good. Look at that hot cum. You’re spraying me with your hot boygoo. Oooooh."

Kevin didn’t think he would enjoy that sort of talk, but it added to things quite a bit when used in moderation. He would have to add it to Molly’s repertoire.

Kevin would learn other things that day from Amber. Though covered with cum, Amber led Kevin to her bed and rubbed her delicious body against his. They kissed for a long time. Then she whispered to Kevin in her little-girlie voice, "I understand you enjoy having your butt licked out after you poop. I do too and I took a poopie right before you got here. Would you like to see where I did it? Oops. I just remembered. I forgot to wipe!"

Wow! Nick and Uncle Ward had tasted Molly’s poopie delights and now Amber had turned the table on Kevin. She was definitely a girl of like mind.

Kevin accepted her challenge with more eagerness than he thought possible. Amber rolled on her tummy and scooted her tushie up. Kevin separated her buttcheeks and saw that she had indeed a bit of pungency for him. It was so dirty that Kevin’s rammer was already stiff again. He plunged in and licked. It was very tasty and Amber was in dreamland. Kevin went deeper, getting the really good stuff and Amber convulsed once, twice then slumped down. She had come a bucket from the wet stimulation.

Before she fully recovered, Kevin moved into position and eased his cock into her wet passage. Amber squealed like a little girl on the playground. It was deliciously tight and gave them both great pleasure. Kevin told her how sexy she was and what an inventive lover.

Amber moaned something like, "You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!"

After a delightful ten minutes, Amber’s tight passage clenched and she shot another big load of girlie goo into the already soaked sheets. In appreciation, Kevin bedewed Amber’s bottom with his milky prize.

They flopped down side by side on the dry side of the bed and hugged and kissed.

"You’re fantastic, Amber."

"I know, Kevin." Giggle. "Would you like to make me happy again?"

"Maybe I need a rest, Honey."

This doesn’t involve your big, hard cock. Only your wet tongue and mouth."

"Sure, Amber. I’ll suck you off if you want."

"That’s not exactly what I had in mind. Would you roll my stockings off for me?"

Kevin was a bit puzzled. Most Camp girls didn’t want to be naked with Camp boys. They though they looked less girlie. But Kevin agreed and rolled each stocking off slowly.

Amber had lovely feet, with painted red toenails and pointed provocatively. "Would you please suck my little piggie?"

That’s different! "OK. How’s that?"

Amber wiggled and panted. "Great. How about the next ones?"

"Sure." Kevin caught the idea and began to suck each toe of each foot sensuously. Then he licked between each toe for a prolonged period. Amber loved it. She giggled. She cooed. She came all over her powdered tummy. He licked some more. She came again; this time with a 9-1-1 scream.

"I think you like that," he said.



Chapter Four – The Sequel

Amber and Kevin had changed the sheets and were lying on a nice dry bed. It was 9 p.m. the evening of their first date and each had come four times. They were exhausted. So they began to pillow talk.

"Amber, did you have any trouble last year becoming Jimmy?"

"Everyone does, Honey. But I see you’re enjoying yourself now."

"Definitely. It was the funniest thing. I was all depressed and everything and then I saw this Camp movie about G-Ones and their mothers spanking them and suddenly I was ready to go as a boy again."

"Do you mean, ‘Naked Spankings’?"

"That’s the one. Do you know it?"

"It’s the greatest Camp film ever made. It made the Foundation millions. I’ve watched it until I wanked myself dry. Did you know there was a sequel?"

"I didn’t. Are there copies?"

"Didn’t anyone ever show you how to call up any movie you want from the Camp computer? Here let me call it up. There it is. ‘Naked Spankings Two,’ with the same cast."

"I’m glad of that. The G-Ones in that were awesome."

"I agree. Let’s watch it."

The film opened with Missy and Sissy sitting in their living room. They were wearing pretty little-girl dresses with petticoats and crinolines, ruffled panties, little frilly socks and Mary Janes. Their mommies had just gone on a shopping trip and left them alone, based on promises to be good girls.

Apparently, Missy and Sissy didn’t know how to do that, because Missy was bragging about what her daddy taught her and how she could drive her mommy’s car. It was sitting in the driveway and she was going to show Sissy how to drive.

Giggling, the girls got in the car. Missy started the car, put it into reverse, stepped on the gas, and backed the car into a tree, denting the rear end. The girls were unhurt, but not for long. Sissy’s mommy had forgotten her sunglasses and the two ladies pulled into the driveway seconds after the accident. The mommies jumped out of the car, and ran up to the girls. After determining that Missy and Sissy were all right, the mommies lit into them verbally. Then they dragged them into the house and told them to strip. They were getting another naked spanking!

Well the movie wouldn’t have been named correctly if this wasn’t going to happen, so things took off from there.

Again, the outstanding little actresses showed terror for their fate. They reluctantly undressed, tried to cover themselves, then, with much coaxing, went to their mothers. The ladies laid the girls across their laps again, but the mommies hoisted their skirts to their stocking tops. The camera then showed how the girls, lying on their tummies across their mommies’ knees, had put their prickies between their mommies’ thighs. The spanking began in earnest.

Excellent camera work showed from a floor angle how the girl’s pricklets were rubbing against smooth nylon on each swat. It showed their prickies getting bigger, redder and harder with each swat. The girls were crying, begging and moaning, but their prickies told a tale of pleasure. On the twenty-fifth stroke, Missy gave out a shriek and the camera caught her face contort in a mask of pleasure and pain. It also caught her delicious emission of three globs of girlie goo. Three strokes later, Sissy squealed and gave up her juice as well.

Despite their extensive exercise, Amber and Kevin were beginning to stiffen up.

The mommies stopped at thirty strokes. They stood the girls up and harshly ordered them to opposite corners of the living room, this time for two hours! And no talking! The girls cried terribly, begging for mercy and promising to be good.

The mommies, of course, were horribly excited by all of this and retired to a bedroom, from which Missy and Sissy could hear grunting, squealing and the motion of bedsprings.

Sissy asked Missy what they were doing. Missy wasn’t sure, but she said they were having more fun than the girls were.

Missy asked Sissy, "Did you get that funny feeling in your tummy and make a cummy mess between your mommy’s thighs?"

"I did. Right near the end. Mommy’s thighs were so warm and I love the feel of nylon on my prickie, don’t you?"

"Oh yes, Sissy. I can’t wait until we’re big girls and we can wear nylons and suck the boys’ big, hard cocks. Do you know what else always feels good on my prickie, Sissy? Your mouth."

Sissy took Missy up on her hint. She padded naked across the floor to Missy’s corner, giggled, got on her knees and sucked Missy’s cock lovingly and expertly. When Missy came in four big globs, Sissy milked out the last bit of drool as the hot cum ran down her gorgeous face.

Cut to the bedroom. Sissy’s mommy was on all fours. Her face was beautiful and blissful as her ass was being lovingly fucked by Missy’s mommy’s big, hot, she-male prickie. Both were wearing sexy lingerie and their big, D-Cup titties were flopping with each thrust. Sissy’s mommy was panting and encouraging her lover. She turned her head and they kissed greedily. Missy’s mommy yelled that she was coming and Sissy’s mommy’s jets of sperm leaped toward the camera lens.

Kevin’s and Amber’s cocks could have cut diamonds.

Back to the girls. To remove the evidence, Missy was licking her cum off sweet Sissy’s pretty face. When she finished, she dropped to her knees and returned Sissy’s favor. The camera adored the good-looking actresses, moving to catch them from every angle. It showed Missy licking her fingers and inserting two of them in Sissy’s little rosebud. It showed Sissy gasping with delight as the little wigglers played girlie games in her derriere. And it showed Sissy shivering with joy and giving up a mouthful of sweet cream to her best friend, who swallowed it with glee.

Kevin and Amber paused the film. Kevin fucked Amber’s asshole and frigged her until she came screaming his name. When they had calmed down a notch, they resumed watching the film.

Back to the bedroom. Missy’s mommy was on her back with her black-stockinged legs high in the air and ankles over Sissy’s mommy’s shoulders. Sissy’s mommy was giving her asshole a good plowing and Missy’s mommy was clearly enjoying herself. They kissed. Missy’s mommy drooled a large dollop of cum onto her pretty garter belt. Sissy’s mommy filled Missy’s mommy’s asshole with lovejuice. The camera caught it seeping out as the prickie was removed.

Downstairs the girls were kissing and rubbing their prickies together. It appeared that they were about to come again when they heard the bedroom door open. They scurried back to their corners, whimpering and moaning for effect.

The mommies had gotten dressed again, but their faces were flushed with sexual activity. Even a 12-year-old could see that.

Missy asked, "Mommy may we leave the corner now?"

Sissy asked, "Yes, Mommy can we have the cream? Our tushies are so sore."

Missy’s mommy said, "No! We said two hours and we mean it, you bad girls. Now stand there for 45 more minutes."

This engendered more whimpering. The ladies puttered around the house and ignored the naked girls in the corners, which only served to upset the girls even more.

Then the doorbell rang. It was Charlie the gas meter reader. Sissy’s mommy answered the door and said, "Go ahead through, Charlie."

Charlie did a double take when he walked through the living room. "Sissy? Missy? What are you doing?"

Missy’s mommy said, "They’re being punished, Charlie."

"I get it. The car in the driveway is dented. Their butts are red. They got naked spankings, didn’t they?"

"Mommy!" Missy said. "Could you and Charlie discuss this somewhere else? We’re naked here!"

"That’s part of your punishment, you bad girls. All right Charlie, we’ll see you next month."

"Thank you, ma’am." Charlie asked in a low tone as he was leaving, "If they were punished, why are their prickies so hard?"

"Good question, Charlie. They’re strange girls, I guess."

"Awful pretty, though. Bye."

Fifteen minutes later, Billy, the paperboy, who was a classmate of Missy and Sissy, came to collect for the paper. Sissy’s mommy said, "I have the money in the kitchen, Billy, follow me."

The girls shrieked with shame when they saw Billy and Billy saw them. Billy added two and two and asked Sissy’s mommy, "Did they wreck your car out front and get naked spankings?"

Sissy’s mommy said yes.

"Oooh. I hate naked spankings. I behave myself now so I don’t get them. Hi Missy. Hi Sissy. I hope your bottoms feel better. They sure look red. Why are your prickies so hard?"

"Mommy!!!!" both girls wailed.

Billy said, "Well you sure are pretty girls. The prettiest I’ve ever seen. See you in school"

The girls stopped crying. The compliment had given them a needed boost. They were wondering when their mommies would bring the high school marching band through the living room.

There were no further visitors as time expired. The girls were allowed to come to their mommies, who hugged them and made them promise to be good. The mommies then applied the soothing cream all over their soft, delicious butts, ending with a vigorous application to their assholes.

Sissy said, "Mommy, my little tushie hole still hurts and your fingers aren’t long enough to get all the way up there. Is there anything else you could use to put some cream up there?"

"I do have one thing, Honey, but it may be too big for you."

"Please try, Mommy. I need it bad."

"Me too, Mommy," Missy said.

The ladies removed their dresses and their pretty panties. They sat the girls on one knee and asked Sissy and Missy to apply cream to their application devices, which were sticking up ferociously between their beautiful thighs. The girls applied the cream lovingly, kissing their mommies’ lips as they did so. The mommies applied soothing cream to the girls’ precious prickies.

The girls eased onto their mommies’ she-male cocklets. It was a very tight fit and the camera showed the girls wincing a little, but then smiling with pleasure upon full insertion. The girls bounced happily on the big "maternal" cocks. The mommies kissed them and stroked their pretty prickies until each of the four, in succession, found ecstasy. There was cum everywhere. On the floor. On tummies and thighs. Drooling out of tight, little-girl assholes. Everyone kissed. Fade to black.

Kevin and Amber missed most of the last scene. They were engaged in Round Six.


Chapter Five – Sissy no more

It’s a Camp rule that no two current campers can share a name. So if your name is Sissy, that name is unique for your six Camp years. With today’s popular girl’s names being Heather, Tiffany, Jennifer and the like, it was no wonder that the current Sissy was the first to hold that name since the Sissy of "Naked Spankings," produced 20 years ago.

The current Sissy was now Charlie again and was worried about his ability to be a boy. Sissy had found true love, she thought, with Wally, a lad who shared her long-time passion for dressing. Wally had told Sissy that Camp would strengthen her boy side as well as her girl side. She wanted to believe her lover Wally. But Sissy was "in remission" for the next three weeks at least and Wally was now some G-Two named Becky, who had the hots for a B-Two named James, the former Nancy.

Wally warned her that he was going to be spending less time with her because Becky and James were an item with a passionate history. Charlie had only spoken to Becky twice and their first date wasn’t scheduled until next week. Becky insisted that if Charlie leaned on her, he would never become the kind of boy he needed to be.

Charlie had skipped dating the first two days as a B-One! This was a radical step that would attract the attention of the head counselors soon, he knew. It threatened the ecology of the Camp. One girl each night had to be in a threesome, which some like, but most view as exercise, not sex.

Charlie dreaded the dance tonight, which would be the eighth of the Camp season and his first as a boy. But it was mandatory.

He put on his white dinner jacket, tuxedo pants, white shirt, shiny shoes and bow tie and walked to the dance with a sense of dread.

Everyone was there of course, but he didn’t recognize many people. He knew Roy, the former Tina, who was the shortest (barely five feet tall) and the randiest of his yearmates. Roy seemed to have transitioned flawlessly. He was chatting up the beautiful teen ladies and was sure to leave the dance with a willing, enthusiastic, gorgeous partner. Charlie wondered if he should just make sure everyone saw him and then slip out.

Then Charlie heard a soft, feminine voice say, "Charlie, isn’t it?"

He turned around and saw a young woman who was six-foot-three, four of which were stiletto heels, six inches taller than his five-nine. She had a pretty face, but there were hints of masculine indicators, including a masked beard. She had broad shoulders, but a slim waist. Despite the handicap of being probably the most masculine looking of the Campers, she was still dazzlingly feminine in carriage, voice and mannerisms. Her pink dress did her figure justice and her application of cosmetics was very well done. In short, her X-side had fought the Y-side and was winning, for now.

"Yes," Charlie said. "I’m sorry, I don’t know you."

"I’m Paula. My flip is Chad. Your flip is Sissy, right?"

Charlie recognized her now. Chad was the most masculine looking of the B-Threes and was known for the biggest cock in Camp. Because he was so well hung, he had the nickname, "Hanging Chad," that the news media later stole to describe some dumb contest in Florida. Chad was now G-Four Paula, a Camper in her last three weeks. How did she ever manage to look so femmy?

"Yes, Paula. Thanks for remembering. I have to say, you look marvelous!"

Paula blushed. "Thanks, Charlie. So do you." Giggle. Blush.

Charlie was stunned. How do they do this switcheroo stuff here at Camp? And why can’t I do it?

Charlie found himself asking, "Would you like to dance?"

"Sure," Paula said, and kicked off her shoes so he wouldn’t need a stepladder to talk to her.

They danced well together, Charlie leading and starting to feel more like a Charlie than a Sissy. They took breaks for punch and lots of gentle conversation. Then Charlie took his first risk as a boy. He asked Paula, "Can I walk you home?" In Camp language, this means, "Can we go back to your room and spend the night fucking?"

Paula produced a million-dollar smile and said, "I would love that! Let’s go."

Charlie was nervous when they reached Paula’s room. It was his first date as a boy. Paula acted as if they were old friends and that Charlie was the big, handsome man who was directing this show. After a bit, Charlie started to believe it himself.

Charlie took off his jacket and hung it while Paula got them cold drinks from her mini-fridge. He surprised himself by kissing her in thanks when she handed him the drink. Paula returned the kiss enthusiastically.

The drinks were set down as were their clothes. Paula had a nice, slim body that she had shaved carefully from the nose down, except for a little two-inch patch of pubic hair centered on her prickie. Even though it was a good nine-inches long and very fat, Charlie thought of Paula’s equipment as a prickie, because it was attached to lovely, feminine Paula. Paula left on her white stockings and pretty, lacy, waist cincher. Charlie peeled her panties slowly and lovingly.

Charlie took the initiative, licking and worshiping Paula’s puffy nipples. Paula cooed with pleasure, stroked Charlie’s hair and gently scratched Charlie’s back with her pink nails. It was delightful. They kissed again, exchanging tongues and stroking and assessing each other’s penises. Charlie loved Paula’s prickie. It was big and thick and it throbbed with life and vitality. Paula loved Charlie’s cock. It was smaller, but it was diamond hard, with a soft, velvety head. She teased the soft, tiny lips of Charlie’s peehole with her fingertips.

"May I lick you now, Paula?"

"That sounds like heaven, Charlie."

Paula rolled onto her tummy and wiggled her cute fanny for Charlie. He smiled and stroked her soft buttcheeks with loving care. Charlie got into position between Paula’s long, stockinged legs and slurped her asscrack. Paula jumped and giggled. He separated the cheeks with his thumbs and slowly licked from the back of her scrotum to the small of her back. Ten times. Then he moved in for the main course. Paula’s rosebud had been freshly douched before the dance. It smelled of soap, perfume and Paula. Charlie tongued it lavishly. Paula groaned softly. He tongued it again more deeply and stayed inside for a ten count. On seven, Paula quivered and squirted a large dollop of girlie goo onto the formerly clean sheets.

Charlie was extraordinarily pleased. So was Paula. "She said, please fuck me now, Honey. That was outstanding foreplay! My little pooper is all ready for you."

Paula was correct. Charlie’s tool slipped smoothly into the lubed, but surprisingly tight passage. It was his first experience as the fucker, not the fuckee and he was thrilled. Paula’s pooper was warm and welcoming. Her ass muscles were massaging Charlie lovingly. Charlie reached around to wank Paula’s prickie. It was gooey from her mess into the sheets, which made his fondlings even more erotic. They achieved a rhythm and held it for twelve delicious minutes and thirty-eight blissful seconds. Then the girlie goo refused to stay put and it leaped from Paula’s prickie. She squealed with delight, screamed out Charlie’s name and panted heavily. That praise was the trigger for Charlie’s love spasm, which soaked Paula’s ass with hot boy juice. Charlie kept plunging as his cock was shrinking and kept massaging Paula’s prickie until, still soft, she made little squeaky sounds, drooled a stream of girlie goo and orgasmed so intensely that she began to weep with joy.

Nice job, Charlie. And a nice departure from being known as Sissy’s flip to being Charlie the lovemuffin.


Chapter Six – Wolves Among the Sheep

A few days later, the new B-Ones were back in a familiar situation. They were in a classroom, being lectured by Aunt June, the gorgeous blonde, she-male, head counselor and wife of Uncle Ward, the other head counselor.

Aunt June was preparing them for their return to life outside of Camp, which was coming up in two short weeks.

"Boys, when you return to the land of Muggles, you will be wolves among the sheep." Ever since Harry Potter, the non-Camp people of the world were called "Muggles," the Potter wizards’ term for those with no magic.

"You will know things and understand things that no one your age or anyone of almost any age will never know. You must not show all you know. It risks exposure of the Camp and it risks horrible jealousy directed against you by some mean people.

"Superman became Clark Kent so he could live a normal life in addition to his super life. You will want to do the same.

"Despite your best efforts to conceal how you have changed, however, there will be many people who notice. Young girls in particular seem to notice the changed you and they are often very attracted by what they see.

"You will most likely receive some astounding offers. Weigh them carefully. Remember that the Camp Support Group is only a toll-free call away. They will investigate and advise you on the suitability of potential sex partners, especially with regard to sexually transmitted disease. Bring one back here and you are expelled forever. So be careful. Also remember. Girls get pregnant when you fuck them. Get a girl pregnant and you are expelled forever.

"It is, however, possible to have fun out there. Many Campers have XX Girlfriends who are on birth control and free of disease. They enjoy loving, sex-filled relationships. No Campers have multiple girlfriends because it is too dangerous.

" You may find that there is a particular boy out there who appeals to your X-side. If you ask for our help in advance, we can guarantee the boy’s discretion in keeping your little secret. How? Through specific, meaningful threats against him and his family if he reveals your X-side. It sounds harsh, but its record is unblemished. Again. Give us some time to prepare. If you like, you can fill out some investigative forms today, and we will have your potential sex partners checked out before you get home. We recommend that you list at least two boys and six girls. Any questions? No? OK, well here are the forms for checking out your partners."

Kevin had no trouble filling out the form. He knew whom he wanted to make love to. But he dallied so that he would be the last to finish. Then he went up to Aunt June.

"Yes, Kevin. May I help you?"

"Aunt June, were you once called ‘Missy’ in films called Naked Spankings and Naked Spanking Two?"


"What a clever boy you are, Kevin. You’re the first Camp boy to add two and two on that. I promised myself that I would give a special treat to the first clever boy who figured that out. Would you like a special treat, Kevin?"

Kevin’s cock was hard thinking about his special treat. "Very much so, Aunt June."

"Then come by my apartment at 7 p.m. tonight and bring your overnight bag, you clever boy."



Chapter Seven – Part Three?

Kevin eagerly showed up at the appointed time and place and knocked. A little-girl voice answered, "Come in."

Kevin entered and stood in awe. There was Aunt June, dressed in a sized-to-fit version of the exact outfit she wore in Naked Spankings Two. It was a pink party dress with petticoats and crinolines, ruffled panties, and Mary Janes with frilly socks! Her hair, not a wig, was as curly as it had been as a 12-year-old. She must have spent the whole day getting ready for this, Kevin thought. The dress, off course, had to accommodate her 40-D she-male floppers, which made the whole scene even more erotic. Kevin couldn’t believe she had gone to this trouble for him.

"Do you like the outfit, Kevin?"

"Yes, ma’am. It’s very exciting."

"I can see that in your pants, Honey. For tonight, why don’t you call me Missy?"

"OK, Missy."

"Great. I’m presuming that you liked my films?"

"They were the sexiest things I ever saw."

"I’ve been hearing that all my life. Ward liked it so much that he had this outfit made for me for one of our anniversaries."

"You were and are incredibly beautiful."

"Thank you, Sweetie." Was "Missy" blushing?

"And so was Sissy. What is she doing now?"

"Oh, we’re in touch. Her body took her on a different path than mine did. Sissy is a five-time All-Pro linebacker in the National Football League named Mark. Mark and I spend a week together every year right after the season. Oooh, my asshole is sore just thinking about that week."

"Did you make any other movies besides them?"

"I made one with Sissy and one on my own. I say with all modesty that they are classics too."

"What are they called?"

"I think I’ll let you figure that out, you clever boy."

"Why didn’t you make any more sequels? "

"Sequels are tough and they’re rarely as good as the originals. Most artists want to leave their audiences wanting more. And there were also artistic differences."

"Like what?"

"The director was a very skilled former Camper named Johnny. The taping on NS2 was taking forever because he kept doing endless retakes?"


"He claimed we weren’t fulfilling his artistic vision, but in reality, he was getting so excited by what he was taping that he didn’t want it to end. He would call these endless breaks where we found out he was tossing himself off ten times a day during filming. Then Sheila, the she-male who was playing Sissy’s mom, offered to suck him off as much as he wanted if he would just get moving. He turned her down. Then I made the same offer."

"Did that do it?"

"You bet it did. Johnny wanted me badly. Of course, when I sucked him off, naked, on my knees in my little frilly socks, he wanted to fuck me too."

"Did you let him?"

"Sure, why not? He was quite a good lay. So, as it turned out were the cameraman, the prop girl, the script girl and the producer. Sissy had to help me because my jaw and poopie hole were sore after all that. We should have suspected when Johnny said he would act as the fluffer."

"What’s a fluffer?

"In an adult film, those with cocks and prickies are often required to display erections on camera for extended periods. They often lose their erections, especially during the inevitable downtimes. Young ladies are hired as ‘fluffers’ to suck their cocks and fluff them up."

"So Johnny would fluff you and Sissy?"

"Greedily. And he would often go too far, making us spill our girlie goo down this throat. That meant more delays. So that’s why we never made a third version of Naked Spankings. Until tonight."


"You and I are going to act out the sequel. People have often asked, what happened to Missy and Sissy when their daddies got home. What do you think happened, Kevin?"

Kevin considered that, then said. "My guess is that those girls had their daddies in their pockets. The daddies probably comforted them."

"Another gold star, Kevin. OK. I’m Missy and you’re my Daddy. You just got home."

"Hi, Missy. How was your day, today, Honey?" Sweet kiss on the cheek.

"Oh, Daddy, it was so awful. The mommies gave Sissy and me awful naked spankings."

"Naked spankings? What did you do to deserve that?"

"Nothing, Daddy, honest!"

"Would it have anything to do with the dent I saw in the rear of Mommy’s car?"

"That wasn’t my fault, Daddy. I was showing Sissy how good you taught me to drive and that tree jumped in my way!"

"A jumping tree. Did Mommy hurt my Missy? Let me see."

"Missy" whipped down her panties and our popped Aunt June’s very large, red and stiff monster. It looked angry and it was weeping fluid. Missy turned around and bent over to show "Daddy" her poor, sore butt. Daddy could see her pretty cock and balls peeking through the space between Missy’s legs. "This is where Mommy spanked me, Daddy. It hurt awful, but she humiliated me too?"

"How, Honey?"

"She made me take of all my clothes, like this." And Missy stripped down to only her frilly socks."

"My how you’ve developed since I left for work this morning, Missy," Kevin said, as he eyed her huge, succulent titties.

"And she let the gas man see us naked and Billy the paper boy."

"Billy? Billy saw you naked?"

‘Yes, Daddy."

"Come sit on my lap and tell me about it. How did that make you feel for Billy to see you?"

Missy thought a moment. Kevin took the opportunity to hug her and to stroke her prickie soothingly.

"That feels good Daddy. Keep doing that. I kind of liked when Billy saw Sissy and me naked. He said Sissy and I were very pretty."

"You are. Especially you, Honey. You’re the prettiest little girl in the world."

"Missy" hugged her "Daddy." "Thanks, Daddy. You’re the best Daddy in the whole world."

"Thank you, Honey. Do you like boys now, Sweetie? Only you, Daddy! And Billy. And maybe Chip and Bobby."

"And do boys like you?"

"They love me Daddy. They all want to pull down my panties and put their big thingees in me like Mommy did today."

"Mommy did that?"

"She was only comforting me after being so unfair. Would you like to comfort me Daddy?"

"Oh, yes, Sweetheart." Kevin kissed Missy and stroked her prickie.

As the heat increased, Missy said, "Oh, Daddy. You’re going to get a big mess on your hand in a minute!" Then she moaned, flinched and spewed girlie juice on her "Daddy’s" hand, kissing him passionately with her lips and tongue.

Kevin asked her to stand up and grab her pretty ankles. She did that and Kevin transferred the girlie goo from his hand to her delicious asshole. Cum is nature’s lubricant and Kevin was a naturalist.

Kevin asked Missy to sit on his "comfort thingee." She did and Kevin fucked her splendidly. During the intercourse, Kevin kissed and sucked his first titties. He was hooked for life. He loved their taste, their feel, their heft, and their softness. Missy loved his love for them. She squirmed and giggled and kept up the act, telling Daddy how nice he was to do all this for her. She milked Kevin’s cock with her talented ass muscles and held him tightly while he filled her butt with his sweet boy goo. At the same time, Missy shuddered and drooled more goo. All the way down her leg and onto her pretty frilly socks.

When they stopped panting. Kevin and Aunt June got on the bed for some serious fucking.


Chapter Eight – Katie’s revenge

When Mary Beth and Jason were at Camp, they dated every other day, the maximum allowed by Camp rules. Mary Beth was so jealous that she would do everything in her power to drain poor Jason’s balls. The purpose was to prevent Jason from being too perky with his other dates. What it meant, though, was that every date with Mary Beth was a near death experience – six orgasms each time.

Now that they were flipped as Scott and Katie, they were about to have their first date. Katie meant to take some revenge. She wanted eight orgasms from Scott that night and she was going to get them.

Scott was asked to come to Katie’s room at 7 p.m and he was punctual as ever. He knocked. When there was no answer, he opened the door. Katie was on her bed on all fours, masturbating furiously. She was wearing white platform heels, white thigh-highs, string bikini panties that barely concealed her package, and a white, Camp-designed bra that gave her AA cleavage. Her hair was long, curly and looked as if she had just been fucked. She had dramatic, nighttime make-up. Her face was a mask of auto-erotic frenzy.

"What are you doing?" Scott asked.

Katie snapped out of her trance-like, masturbatory state and said, "Oh, thank goodness you’re here. I was so hot thinking about our date that I couldn’t wait. PLEASE!!!! FUCK ME NOW!!!!!!!! I’m all lubed and ready for you. Don’t even take your pants off. NOW!!!!"

What gentleman could refuse an invitation like that? Scott was very aroused at Katie’s lust for him. He plunged in, ran a delightful course, dropped his load to delighted screams from Katie. She begged him to stay in there and drop a second set of cummies. Again, Scott complied.

They flopped on their backs, tired, but happy. Katie said, "You’re a tiger, Scottie. I like tigers." And she kissed him sweetly. There was a sexy, disheveled look about her that made her look as if she would only primp herself up enough to lure a man into fucking her. It was a new look to Scott and he found it wanton enough to arouse him tremendously.

"I didn’t come, yet, Scottie," Katie whispered.

Scott felt like the boob of the century. "I’m sorry, Honey. Let me help you." And he started to move to suck her sweet prickie.

"Could we love each other together," the 15-year-old G-3 cutie asked.

Scott wanted a rest, but he couldn’t deny her after he had been a boor. So they entered a furious sixty-nine. Katie filled Scott’s mouth with lovejuice twice and nursed his cock until he gave up two tasty, but thinner loads.

That’s four, Katie thought, in 90 minutes.

They flopped back, kissed and pillow talked a bit and Scott dozed off. Typical man!

Katie took advantage of his slumber. She went into the bathroom, enemaed out his cum from her pooper, showered, and put her hair up in French-maid style. She complemented the hair with a French-maid outfit, complete with fishnet stockings that she had concealed in the bathroom as well. She slipped on five-inch, fuck-me pumps, grabbed her feather duster and went back to the room where Scott was dozing.

Katie was humming and dusting everything that didn’t move. That included Scott, until he felt the feather duster on his face. Then he felt the feather duster on his cock and two delicate fingers up his asshole. Wow! He looked up and there was a gorgeous French maid poking his pooper and feathering his cock. It was terribly sexy. Surprising them both, Scott blew a big load into the feather duster. Then he grabbed the French maid and saw right away that she had neglected to wear her panties. Wow! Still on his back, Scott had "Monique" straddle his chest as he sucked her French pricklet. "Oooh la la," Monique screamed as she came in his mouth. By this time, under Monique’s soft stroking, Scott was hard again. Monique sat on his rammer and milked out the last drop of cum he would ever produce. Perhaps.

This time, after six orgasms, Scott was dead asleep. Katie went and changed into a conventional, short yellow nightie and combed her hair for sleep. She lay down next to Scott, shook him and said, "Scottie, I can’t sleep." Will you watch a movie with me?"

Scott was alive, though barely and agreed to help his date. They sat up. Scott splashed water on his face. The movie came on. It was called "Cookies."

Two pretty young girls named Ellen and Jill in scout uniforms were walking down a nice, suburban street.

"We’re going to win that cookie prize again this year and we’re going back to Disney World," Ellen told Jill.

"Do you think so, Ellen? It was so much fun last year. I just hope we can sell a lot of cookies. Here’s Mr. Johnson’s house. I hope he buys as many as last year."

"He sure likes cookies." Ellen said. Jill knocked.

"Hi Mr. Johnson," Jill said. Would you like to buy some cookies this year?"

"Sure, you little cuties. Come on in." Mr. Johnson was wearing a bathrobe, like he just came out of the shower.

Mr. Johnson sat on a kitchen chair. His legs were spread, but he covered his package with the bathrobe. Mr. Johnson invited them over and Ellen sat on one thigh, Jill the other. The little sales girls showed him the cookie charts.

"If I’m going to buy a lot of cookies, can I have a kiss?"

The girls looked hesitant, but they each kissed his cheek.

"That was very nice, girls, but I meant a kiss like this." He gave Ellen a deep kiss with lots of tongue. Then he did the same for Jill. "Did you like that, girls?" he asked.

"That’s how my daddy kisses my mommy," Jill said.

"See. If your mommy and daddy do it, it can’t be bad, can it?"

"I guess not," the girls said.

"Right, now what else do your mommies and daddies do?"

Ellen said, "Sometimes when they think I’m not looking, Mommy sucks Daddy’s big, hard cock. Then he puts it in her."

"So it’s OK then. Would you like to do that, girls?"

They looked at each other a little hesitantly, but shyly nodded.

"Well let’s try it then?"

Ellen slipped to her knees and moved Mr. Johnson’s robe to expose his big, red cock.

Meanwhile, Katie was nursing Scott’s cock as he gained interest in the movie.

Ellen looked Mr. Johnson’s cock over carefully. It was long and thin, with a long foreskin and a thick nut. The touch of her little, fairy fingers made him gasp and emit preliminary juices. Jill kissed him and rubbed her fingers through his hairy chest, pinching his nipples gently. Mr. Johnson pulled down Jill’s pretty panties and stroked her prickie lovingly as Ellen slobbered saliva on his glans and balls. Ellen swirled the saliva with her tongue, bathing his pubis. Mr. Johnson moaned softly. Jill squeaked as he expertly masturbated her pricklet. Ellen licked, sucked, bit, stroked and tweaked. Jill squealed and blew her goo on Mr. Johnson’s calloused fingers. Mr. Johnson drew his hand to his mouth and licked the sweet girlie goo. Ellen brought Mr. Johnson to a paralyzing climax and swallowed every drop.

Scott blew load number seven into Katie’s talented, loving mouth.

Before the girls left, Mr. Johnson sucked Ellen’s prickie to a shuddering orgasm. They all cleaned up. Then he said. "I’ll take 500 boxes, please girls."

"That’s what you bought last year, Mr. Johnson," Ellen said. "This year it’ll be 600"

"OK, 600. Will you be selling cookies next year?"

"Oh yes, Mr. Johnson," Jill said. "We’re going to Disney World every year!"

"I wonder how many Mr. Anderson next door will buy," Ellen said.

Fade to black.

After seven orgasms, Scott appeared to be dead. Katie made sure that he would still fog a mirror. Then she went into the bathroom for one more change. Twenty minutes later, she came out in a scout uniform with a very short skirt and no panties.

She woke Scott. He looked at her groggily and she said, "How many boxes of cookies do you want today, mister?"


Chapter Nine – A sweet Carol

As the last week of Camp began, Kevin wanted to be sure he had a date with G-Four Carol, whose flip, Nick, and Molly had been serially intimate.

Carol was delighted to hear from Kevin and they scheduled a date for that evening.

After some intense, loving coupling, Carol asked Kevin if he liked being Kevin or Molly better.

"Two weeks ago, I would have said Molly. Now I’m not sure."

"That’s the beauty of Camp, Honey. We get to see it all. Most people miss out on half of life. Each gender has its joys and challenges and we get to see them all."

"You’re very wise, Carol."

"No, I’m just a Camper in her last week, thinking that it’s been wonderful and looking forward to the rest of my life."

"Will you live it as a man, a woman or some of each?"

"That’s the beauty of our Camp experiences, Kevin. We have a choice."


Chapter Ten – Home again. Home again.

Kevin had a choice on the last day of Camp. He could go home as Kevin or Molly. He chose Molly.

His yearmates all chose to go home as girls, something unthinkable to them ten short weeks ago. The other Campers were pretty evenly divided between going home as girls or boys. They were comfortable as both and their parents had seen them as both.

Molly couldn’t wait to see her Mom and Dad. She was dressed in a short, pleated skirt with a pretty top, tan stockings, garter belt, two-inch pumps, and age-appropriate make-up and jewelry. Her hair was styled and her fingernails and toenails were painted hot pink. She looked so good to Scott that he asked her for one last fuck. They did a little fuck-me-like-you-mean-it-but-don’t-mess-me-up dance in Scott’s room an hour before departure. It was still nice and they kissed goodbye. Molly hugged and kissed everyone goodbye, especially Gina, whose family would be joining Molly’s for Christmas that year.

Molly got on the plane, sat and wondered what life would bring over the next 42 weeks and beyond.




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