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Kevin and Molly Go to Camp – G-One Year               by: Gingerfred Man


Chapter One – This is so lame.

As he looked out the airplane window, Kevin couldn’t understand this at all. His Dad and Mom, good parents most of the time, he thought, insisted that he go to this lame camp that Dad went to as a boy. They didn’t even tell him about it until his 12th birthday party last month. Now it’s the biggest thing in Dad’s life. He says things like, "You’ll love it" and "It was the best experience of my boyhood."

Kevin had told him, "You know I’m not big on that woodsy stuff, Dad. I get insect bites and don’t like being dirty all the time."

Dad said, "It’s not that kind of camp." And that’s all he would tell Kevin about it.

What’s worse, Kevin thought, was that it was going to last ten weeks! The whole summer he would be learning how to live like an Indian or something. He wouldn’t see his best friend, George, or his Mom.

He would never tell his friends this, but Kevin loved his Mom very much. She was always so sweet to him and Dad. She was so…feminine. She was a beautiful lady and except for shorts and swim suits in the summer, always wore skirts, dresses, stockings, heels and pretty nightgowns. The sloppy girls he knew were nobodies compared to his wonderful Mom. The Greeks might say he was verging on an Oedipal complex, but sex hadn’t really popped onto Kevin’s radar screen yet. He was all boy, with an inquiring mind, a love for sports, a good sense of humor, and typical male aggression

As the pilot told them that the plane was about to land on Camp Island (another lame thing, the camp was called, the Camp), Kevin looked around at his fellow passengers. Nine boys, all twelve-years-old like Kevin, all clean, nice-looking and intelligent. Billy, Dan, Charlie, Roy, Dave, Roger, Rick, Steve and Larry. Talking to them last night at the hotel near the airport, Kevin found that they were all as bewildered as he. Their fathers all talked about how wonderful Camp was for them, but no details. One other strange thing – like Kevin, all the boys had long hair, tied back in a ponytail. Many had earrings, in one ear or two. Their parents had all suggested it and, since it looked hip, they all followed through.

What an awful summer this will be, Kevin thought.

Chapter Two – Welcome to Camp

The plane landed on Camp Island and the boys disembarked. Their bags were taken by smiling teenage boys who nodded at the ten new kids and looked at them in a way that was…leering, almost. More strange behavior!

Led by a thirty-something man who called himself Uncle Ward, the head Camp counselor, they were led into a pleasant, small, arena-type auditorium with about 75 raised seats surrounding the central area. The new boys were asked to take seats in the first rows and their orientation began.

"Welcome again Campers." Uncle Ward said. "I’m sure you’re wondering what this is all about. You all know that your fathers attended this Camp and that they all loved it. You may be asking yourself, ‘How could I enjoy something my father liked?’" "If you think about it, your father is a pretty cool guy and I’m here to tell you that this Camp is a main reason why he’s that cool."

The boys stirred in their seats a bit considering that, then Uncle Ward went on. "There are no XX girls in this Camp and never have been. By that I mean that all women have two XX chromosomes, or XX, but men have an X and a Y chromosome or XY, so even the world’s most macho man is half woman. One of the things we will do at this Camp is to help you get in touch with both sides of your nature, the X and the Y. You’re wondering what I mean, so I’ll show you by introducing you to some more senior Campers. Matt. Would you join us please?"

From the left of the stage came Matt, a good-looking, 5’10" teenager with short, black hair and wearing a navy-blue polo shirt, khakis and deck shoes. "Matt is 15 years old and a B-two. He’s emphasizing the Y in his nature at the moment. Matt is in his fourth year at Camp and is from Arizona. He likes baseball, rock climbing and his girlfriend Diane. Diane, would you join us, please."

From the right side of the stage came Diane, a tall, stunning, teenager with long brunette hair, wearing a white, short-sleeve blouse, a short, plaid skirt, tan stockings and three-inch black stiletto pumps. Diane’s face was expertly made up and she had red lipstick on what Kevin’s friend, George, would call "cocksucker’s lips." Little did the new boys know.

The new boys were stunned and somewhat aroused as Diane winked and flirted with them. "I thought there were no girls here," Kevin whispered to Billy, the boy to his right. Billy just gulped out a "Yeah" and watched for what would happen next.

"Diane is 14 years old and a G-Two," Uncle Ward said. "She’s emphasizing the X in her nature at the moment. Diane is in her third year at Camp and is from Michigan. She likes opera, crochet and her boyfriend, Matt. Matt and Diane are in love, but they haven’t seen each other since Camp last summer, so I think it’s only fair that we allow them to greet each other, don’t you, boys?"

The boys could only nod. Uncle Ward touched something on the wall and a king-sized bed rose out of the floor right in front of the new boys. "It’s OK, Matt and Diane," Uncle Ward said. "Show the boys how much you missed each other."

Matt moved to Diane and after saying "I love you" and "I missed you so much" consumed her with a deep kiss. Tears were in Diane’s eyes as she plunged into his arms. He picked her up and carried her to the bed. Matt sat on the end of the bed and Diane sat next to him, never breaking their hot kiss. Tongues enlaced, the pair gave off so much heat that the new boys could feel things getting hotter in their own pants. Then things were kicked up a notch.

Diane expertly removed Matt’s cock from his trousers and began to stroke it as they kissed. "Oh my," Kevin thought, "they’re in big trouble with Uncle Ward." But as he glanced over at the head counselor, he saw that Uncle Ward was smiling at the goings-on. "This guy must be a pervert. What’s happening here?" Kevin thought.

"We’re not in Kansas anymore," his new friend, Billy, said.

Neither boy had ever seen a cock other than their own and they had never even kissed a girl. So the show was a real eye-opener. And it was only beginning.

Moaning softly, Matt whispered something in Diane’s ear. She released his cock, slipped down to her knees, and sucked the whole cock into her sweet, lipsticked mouth.

The boys were on overload at this time and the show had their full attention.

Sucking away, Diane seemed to be in heaven. She kept full eye contact with Matt, who looked at her with adoration. After a few minutes of this, Matt said. "We have to stop now, Honey, or you’ll get an early Christmas present." Diane wanted to continue, but she followed Matt’s wishes. He whispered to her once again and she got on all fours on the bed. Matt removed the rest of his clothing and the new boys were looking at a buff, handsome teenager with a wicked, wet hard-on. They should all be sickened, Kevin thought, but they were excited. Kevin was so turned on, his ears were hot.

Matt moved behind Diane and peeled up the back of her skirt. She was wearing stockings and a garter belt! And white, see-through bikini panties! And something else. This gorgeous young girl with cock-sucking skills far beyond those of mortals had her own nice-sized cock, fully erect, with two full, pink balls.

The new boys gasped. Things began to make sense. No girls here. Both sides of our nature. Wait a minute. Who are the girls here?

Meanwhile, back at the bed, Matt had slipped the panties down to Diane’s pretty knees as she stayed on all fours. He gently spread Diane’s ass cheeks apart and began to lick her asshole and environs. He licked with relish and great skill and Diane was in ecstasy. She moaned. She sighed. She squealed. And Matt continued to lick.

After ten excruciating minutes, Matt ceased the anal tonguing and brought his stiffie to the entrance to Diane’s lower chamber. Diane looked over her shoulder, egging Matt on with moans and grunts as Matt pushed forward. Diane drew her breath in hard but Matt’s cock met no resistance. His manhood was clearly an old friend there. "Ohhhhh," Diane said when it was all in and she continued to use that phrase each time he came forward. Matt did not forget about Diane’s pleasure. He maneuvered them into a position on their left sides, and then reached around with his right hand to stroke her girlie foreskin each time he pushed. Diane looked over her shoulder for a kiss and they locked lips and tongues again, Diane’s lip-gloss stayed intact. Thank you, Estee Lauder.

This exciting scene was arousing the boys like nothing in their young lives. Roy had his own cock out and was stroking it unashamedly. A strange thing to do, but in the circumstances it seemed OK. Roy was the shortest of the new boys, barely five feet, but he seemed to be the worldliest. He was from California and he may have even had some form of sex at the young age of twelve. Kevin would have to ask him. Kevin thought about freeing his own little soldier, but he was ashamed to say that aside from moving his foreskin to clean the cockhead, he didn’t know anything about the stimulation of the penis. If he stayed at the Camp, he was bound to find out.

Back at the bed. Matt was getting that old familiar feeling in his stomach and he knew it was time to bring the show to a grand finale. He stopped pumping and whispered to Diane again. He pulled out his still-stiff gladiator and rolled on his back. Diane got into a proper cock-sucking position, on her knees on the bed, and took his poopchute-stained cock into her sweet mouth. That both repulsed and thrilled the new boys as the whole show had. Sucking, licking, and kissing the head brought Matt near the climax. In an inspired moment, Diane wet her middle and index fingers and gently inserted them in Matt’s asshole as she continued to lick his cock. That did it – a great groan from Matt and sploogee all over Diane’s angelic face. Matt came and came. Diane swallowed some of the cum, she let some stay on her face and the rest ran over Matt’s cock and balls. They both sighed deeply, looked at each other lovingly and gave each other a big cummy kiss, licking off all the cum they could. Diane then went to Matt’s pubic region and cleaned up the rest with her tongue. They embraced and kissed each other softly. Matt saved two fingers worth of his cum and applied it to Diane’s foreskin, manipulating it as they continued to kiss. In a few moments, Diane groaned, squealed, and shot a fine load of cum all over Matt’s hand, her tummy and her garter belt. "I love you," she rasped to Matt. He repeated the sentiment and kissed her again.

Uncle Ward said to the new boys, "Wasn’t that wonderful, boys? Let’s give them a hand." And he started applauding. Though stunned, the boys joined in. "Is that what we’re doing here?" Kevin asked himself.

Recovering themselves, Matt and Diane stood up, bowed deeply and departed arm-in-arm. The bed sank back into the floor and the room was quietly expectant.

Chapter Three – The rules

"I guess I should explain what the Camp is about, boys," Uncle Ward said. "Founded sixty years ago by a billionaire crossdresser, Camp was established so that a select number of America’s finest boys could truly examine both sides of their nature, without fear or restriction. You have been selected as this year’s group and it is a great honor for you. You may, of course disagree and if you do, just let me know and we will ship you out of here immediately. We have a list of alternates who can take your places. Rule One is – no one is forced to do anything they find repulsive. That doesn’t extend to making beds, or other chores, of course. I’m talking about sex.

"Yes, sex and lots of it. Over the next six years of ten-week summer camps. You will spend thirty weeks exploring the female side of your nature and thirty weeks exploring the male side of your nature. You will learn what it means to be a girl and you will become a much better boy as well. You will most likely experience over one thousand orgasms and you will give as much pleasure as you get. You will learn lessons of human nature that will make you a great success in the world beyond our Camp.

"Here’s how we’re organized. When you leave this room, you will become girls for seven weeks. We call this period, G-One, because it’s your first session as a girl. After seven weeks, the entire camp will switch identities. Girls become boys and vice versa for the last three weeks. You will become boys again, or B-Ones. Next summer, you will begin the first seven weeks as B-Ones, the switch to G-Twos for the last three weeks. This pattern follows through your last year where you will be 17 years old and a B-Three for seven weeks and a G-Four for three.

"Sex is encouraged between boys and girls and tolerated between girls. There will be no sex between boys. This is a heterosexual camp and homosexuality, not that there is anything wrong with it, is one of the offenses for which you can be expelled. First offense will merit a warning, second will be banishment for one full year, and third will be expulsion.

"For the more severe offenses, first offense will bring banishment for one full year, second will bring expulsion. These include drug use, alcohol use, smoking, violence against another camper or counselor, and forcing a sex act on a camper.

"The most severe offense, of course, is to bring a sexually transmitted disease to Camp. This is a first-offense expulsion. You have all been checked before coming here. Remember that doctor’s visit your Mom made for you last month? And you will be checked periodically for drugs, alcohol, tobacco and STDs during the non-Camp months as well. We have a wonderful thing here and we have to act maturely to keep it.

"There is a daily schedule that you will receive in your room. You will attend sessions marked as mandatory or be reprimanded and probably punished. You’ll note that worship services on the appropriate day each week are mandatory for you. We love God here and we honor him appropriately. Some religious establishments have some spiteful and strange rules about sex. We honor God for his benevolence. Sex is a wonderful, divine gift.

"When you leave this room, you will become girls for seven weeks. You will walk like girls, talk like girls, act like girls, fuck like girls and suck cock like girls. Each of you will be assigned a big sister, who is a G-Two and your new best friend. She will help you through the transition with grace and humor. You will take on a girl’s name, selected by your parents, and a girl’s personality. Any questions so far?"

The boys gulped, looked at each other and said nothing. They were excited and scared to death. "Can I really suck cock and get fucked up the ass?" Kevin was thinking. Looking at his mates, Kevin noticed that only Roy seemed eager to move ahead. "He must be queer," Kevin thought.

"The question I sometimes get," Uncle Ward said, "Is, ‘I’m not gay. How can I do all that?’ The answer I give is, neither am I, but it was the best time of my life. When you are a girl, you will be a girl. Girls fuck with boys. That’s heterosexuality. Put those ‘queer’ thoughts aside.

"Any other questions? I see not, so let’s see what else I can show you that will convince you." Uncle Ward pushed a button and the bed came back, with clean, cum-free sheets.

Chapter four – Role reversal

"Now you may be wondering if it’s possible to move back and forth between both sides of your nature. I believe I can prove that to you right now. Paul, would you join us, please."

At that, a handsome young fellow named Paul stepped in. His rich brown hair tied back in a ponytail, Paul was dressed in a white shirt, striped tie, blue blazer, gray pants and brown penny loafers. "Paul is 14 years old and is just visiting us today. In seven weeks, he will be a B-two," Uncle Ward said. "For the next hour or so, he’s emphasizing the Y in his nature. Paul is from Michigan and likes lacrosse, blues and sex with lots of girls. He does not know Tiffany very well, but he has agreed to have sex with her today because I asked him to. Tiffany, my dear."

Tiffany stepped on the stage and she was a stunner. Wearing a sleeveless little black dress, black hose and four-inch-heeled, black, strappy sandals, she was every guy’s teenage fuck dream. She had a beautiful face, perfectly made up, with dark eyeshadow and pink lipstick and was wearing gold dangly earrings. "Tiffany is 15 years old and is just visiting us today. In seven weeks, she will be a G-Three," Uncle Ward said. "For the next hour or so, she’s emphasizing the X in her nature. Tiffany is from Arizona. She likes romance novels, field hockey and making boys spew out all their cum. She does not know Paul very well, but she has agreed to have sex with him today because I asked her to. Paul. Tiffany."

Realization was hitting the new boys in waves. The first thing Kevin noticed was what beautiful, long, honey-blond hair Tiffany had. Then he noticed that her toenails and fingernails matched her lipstick. Then he noticed that Paul was Diane and Tiffany was Matt.

Paul and Tiffany moved to the bed. Unlike their "flipside" personalities, or "flips" in Camp jargon, they were not lovers and acted like strangers having sex for the first time. Flips of good pairs rarely seemed to hit it off, but that’s another story. Tiffany kissed Paul on the lips and removed his tie. He pulled off his blazer and began to unbutton his shirt. Tiffany turned around for her dress to be unzipped, which Paul graciously and eagerly did. As Paul was removing his trousers, Tiffany slid out of her dress. The new boys hadn’t really considered the issue of breasts yet, but here was evidence that Camp girls didn’t have titties. However, Tiffany was wearing a Camp-designed piece of lingerie around her waist that not only cinched the waist; it pushed up the chest skin so that Tiffany had about 32 AA titties – small, but with large, puffy nipples. Tiffany also had a black bra, black garter belt holding up fully-fashioned black stockings and black silky panties worn over the garter straps for quick removal. When she faced the ten new boys, Uncle Ward and Paul, a dozen cocks stood straight against twelve flat stomachs. Peeking out over her sweet panties was a reddish-purple, oozing cockhead. And at the moment, the whole package was there for Paul’s enjoyment.

Tiffany pulled down her 14-year-old loverboy’s boxers and he stood naked to all. Tiffany looked more girlie in her lingerie, so she left it on. Paul drew Tiffany to his arms and kissed her lips, her face and her neck. Fifteen-year-old Tiffany was responding with enthusiasm. She massaged Paul’s cock and whispered suggestions to him. Paul gently laid her on the bed on her back and stood there admiring his prize. "Come fill me up, Sweetie," Tiffany said.

Paul wanted to begin with Tiffany’s nipples and he was in no hurry. For a good fifteen minutes, he licked, sucked and adored those puffy treasures and she was ecstatic. She moaned and cooed and when he began frigging her foreskin, she surprised everyone, including herself, by shuddering and coming in great, greasy gobs, all over her lingerie. When she had retuned to earth, Paul did what any gentleman would. Using two fingers, he scooped up what he could and transferred the natural lubricant to the inner walls of her poopchute. After a bit more kissing and fondling, Paul decided to strike while the cum was wet and, lifting Tiffany’s ankles skyward, he eased his cock into the sphincter of her Campgirlpussy. Ooh, it felt so good for both of them. On her back, Tiffany could stretch a little and kiss Paul as she was being royally fucked. The position also seemed to provide great penetration and Paul’s peter was nudging Tiffany’s prostate on every thrust. Each time he clipped it, she gave a little squeal and then, without even getting hard, she moaned, shivered and came again. This time it was more like a drool than spurts, but the cum was plentiful and her pleasure was intense. Seeing Tiffany lose another load made Paul happy, but his cock was even happier, celebrating by releasing a fine load of boygoo throughout Tiffany’s love canal. Six spurts he made, each more intense. Then he went soft and Tiff’s asshole said goodbye, squeezing him out involuntarily.

Tiffany’s goo-filled butt was a lovely sight. She rolled over on her stomach so the new boys could watch the cum ooze out. Meanwhile, Paul was kissing her lips, stroking her hair (clearly a wig) and telling her that maybe this would be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. "Maybe. We’ll see," Tiff said. "Women!" Paul thought.


Chapter five – Hello Molly!

The new boys were looking bug-eyed at the departing Paul and Tiffany as Uncle Ward said, "Time for lunch." Box lunches were brought in and passed out. Must keep our strength up for what lies ahead," he said.

The new boys didn’t say much to each other as they ate. Shock was probably a good reason. Then Uncle Ward stood up.

"The time has come," Uncle Ward said, "to say goodbye to your boy selves for seven weeks and discover a side of you may never have known you have. It’s time to cross over into the land of silk, lace and lots of cum-filled sex. It’s time to get your names and meet your big sisters. Follow me, boys." And the boys did, to a door at the back of the auditorium. Uncle Ward opened the door and the boys peeked through to a room filled with make-up tables, wardrobes, showers and the ten prettiest girls they had ever seen. Their big sisters.

Uncle Ward stepped up and said, "Goodbye, Kevin, hello Molly. See you in seven weeks. Here’s your big sister, Mary Beth."

"Hello, Molly," Mary Beth said. Mary Beth kissed Molly on the cheek, hugged her and said, "We’re going to be best girlfriends!" Molly wasn’t sure about that, but she sure liked what she saw. Mary Beth was fourteen-years-old, a G-Two and had long, corn-blond hair. Her face was sweet and innocent, although she sucked more cock in an average day than most L.A. street hookers. Mary Beth’s make-up accented her beauty and she was well accessorized down to her painted toenails. She was wearing a blue print sundress that showed off her creamy shoulders and tanned legs. Aside from Molly’s mom, Mary Beth was the most feminine creature Molly had ever met. Could she really have a big, hard cock in those panties? After this morning, Molly was sure of it.

The ceremony went on. Goodbye Billy, hello Gina. This is your big sister, Diane (this morning’s demonstrator). Goodbye Dan, hello Lisa. This is your big sister, Annie. Goodbye Charlie, hello Sissy. This is your big sister, Candy. Goodbye Roy, hello Tina. This is your big sister, Sarah. Goodbye Dave, hello Ally. This is your big sister, Cindy. Goodbye Roger. Hello Jenny. This is your big sister, Mary. Goodbye Rick. Hello Amy. This is your big sister, Maggie. Goodbye Steve. Hello Susie. This is your big sister, Nancy. Goodbye Larry. Hello Emma. This is your big sister, Linda.

As hugs were exchanged all around, the G-Ones noticed a striking woman at the front of the room. She was wearing a blue, tailored business suit, well accessorized. She was blond and appeared to have a large rack, somewhere in the 38-D range. She had soft, femmy features and a pleasant expression. "Welcome girls," she said. I’m Aunt June, the assistant head counselor. I’m married to Uncle Ward, and yes I have a functioning cock in my silky panties and I am a Camp alum. Years ago, I chose to make the X side of my nature the dominant side of my life, as some campers choose to do after graduation.

"But that’s years off. For now, let’s get you out of those horrid boy clothes, cleaned up and into your panties. Let’s go. Off with those clothes."

And with the help of their big sisters, the G-Ones stripped to the buff. Molly couldn’t help peeking at the other girls. They were all slim and had nice, erect cocks, she thought. Already she was thinking that way.

"Don’t be ashamed," Mary Beth said. "The big sisters are taking their clothes off too and we’re all getting in that big shower room. We have to clean you up and start adding some body to that hair before you’ll start the summer as a proper girl."

The G-Ones and G-Twos got in the big shower room together and the big sisters soaped up the little sisters. It felt so good to have Mary Beth washing her hair, Molly thought, as Mary Beth added what looked to be industrial-strength conditioner. It was also very pleasant when Mary Beth put a lot of time and effort into soaping Molly’s pretty cock and pink balls. Mary Beth was careful not to take Molly all the way however, nor did any of the other of the big sisters. It appeared that a specific program was in force here with rules and limitations.

After the group shower, everyone dried each other off and they put on pink terrycloth robes. Stepping back into the main room, the G-Ones found that their boy clothes were gone and that there were ten hairdressers standing behind ten chairs, ready to coif the twelve-year-olds’ longish hair into a girlie style. Each took a seat and the hairdressers did their magic. The hairdressers told the girls that if any of them wanted to explore life as a blonde or a redhead, they could do that at their next appointment. The big sisters were fixing their own hair and had gotten dressed.

Molly noticed a shortage of mirrors in the room, but she could see what a femmy hairstyle had done for the other girls. They looked great, so she thought she must look the same. I could get into this, she thought.

The big sisters moved in to give their little sisters their first make-up lesson. "Pay attention to what I’m doing, Sweetie" Mary Beth said. "You’ll need to do it yourself after this." Molly did and the results were spectacular. Mary Beth held up a mirror and Molly was in love with the girl she saw staring gawky-eyed back at her. Molly began to cry. "This is so wonderful," she said. "You are wonderful, Kitten," Mary Beth said. "One of the prettiest girls in camp already and you’re only twelve. I’m jealous," she teased.

Looking around, Molly saw similar scenes all around the room with her "year-group" sisters. How will we look with girl’s clothes, now, she thought.

That was easy to answer, because the girls began removing their robes. Each big sister had brought a first outfit for the little ones. Sizing was determined from the parents, so a whole set of clothing was waiting for the G-Ones back in their rooms.

Mary Beth asked Molly, "The pink cotton panties with little ribbons or the white ones with sweet little pink ribbons? I think white for obvious symbolism," she decided. Molly slipped them on, tucking in her package as well as she could. They felt cool and comfortable. "Here’s a matching bra. You don’t have anything yet, but it will make you feel more girlie." As directed, Molly hooked it in front and pulled it in place. Peeking at herself in the hand mirror, Molly thought, "If my friend George could see me now." Next, a white, short-sleeve blouse, with "backward buttons;" white low, frilly socks, a plaid, pleated skirt draping two inches above the knee and Mary-Jane-type shoes with a one-and-a half-inch heel. She looked exactly like a twelve-year-old girl dressed for her first day of school. And it pleased her beyond reason. She was getting into this X-side thing.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in classes from Aunt June about how to be a girl – movement, attitude, voice and mannerisms. There would be plenty more instruction in the next few days.

At five, classes were over for the day and the big sisters took the little Lolitas to their rooms. Molly was expecting the worst – barracks with little ventilation and double bunks. She was wrong.

Molly opened the door to what appeared to be a room at a better hotel. It was femininely furnished with a king-sized bed, huge closets filled with clothes in Molly’s size, a TV with VCR, a small refrigerator filled with cold drinks and light food, and a closet filled with clean sheets (?).

Mary Beth explained. "After you’ve entertained, you want to change the sheets before your next date.

"The boys are four to a room, but that’s just to discourage them from staying there at night. Almost every night they’re sleeping with us girls, fucking our brains out. Do you like your room?"

"I LOVE IT," Molly said. "I even like all the stuffed animals and the Chippendales calendar. What should I be doing now?"

"Just take a few minutes to look at your things. I tried to get things I thought you would like, but you can always get different stuff at the Store."

"But Dad only gave me $100 for the whole summer."

"You won’t spend any of that. There’s no money here. Everything is funded by some foundation."

"Wow. Look at all the pretty lingerie!" Molly blushed.

"You’ll be wearing all that soon enough. It drives the boys wild and it seems to increase their sperm count. Not that someone as pretty as you is going to need any kind of an edge."

Mary Beth fixed a light meal for them from the refrigerator and after giving thanks and eating, they had a nice girl talk about their lives and their families. At 7 p.m., Mary Beth said, "I’ve got to go now, Honey. I have a date with Jason, a B-Two whom I really want to see. I’ll be right next door if you need me, but only if it’s an emergency. I don’t want to interrupt what promises to be a beautiful evening. Let me see you in your nightgown before I go."

"OK," Molly said. And the sweet girl went to her drawer and picked out a virginal, cotton, shortie nightgown that was appropriate, since Molly’s first orgasm was yet to come. Off came the blouse, skirt, shoes and frilly socks. Off came the training bra and white panties. She stood there naked before Mary Beth, a member of the earth’s sex hall of fame, who could not resist any longer. Falling on her knees, Mary Beth ran her tongue around Molly’s cockhead, tongued her peehole, licked her little pink balls, then took the whole four inches into her saliva-charged mouth.

"Yummy," Mary Beth mumbled with her mouth full.

"Aaaaaah," Molly said. She felt things unlike any time in her life. Hot and cold all at once. Tingles that started in her stomach, then moved to her legs, toes and chest. Then the most pleasurable sensation. A rocking-good first cum. "Mary Beth stop! I think I, uh, uh…" Mary Beth knew exactly what was happening and wanted to taste the first fruits. The cream was pure, but it was not plentiful. Molly was, after all, barely pubescent. It was delicious. When Molly had cooled down somewhat, Mary Beth got off her knees and kissed her gently on the lips. "Wash the makeup off before you go to bed, Princess, or you’ll get pink-eye. Sleep well. Oh, I almost forgot. Here’s a video from your parents. Watch it before you go to sleep."

With tears of love and gratitude in her eyes, Molly said, "Thanks, Mary Beth."


Chapter six – Message from Dad

Mary Beth left to meet Jason. Molly put on her pretty nightie and sat on the end of her bed. What a day, she thought. Then she remembered the video and wondered what Dad had to say about this. She popped the video in and watched.

Dad’s talking head came on from their family room. "Hi, Molly! I know you’ve had an interesting day and you’re tired, but I need to give you some perspective and encouragement. I’ve been where you are and know how scared and confused you are. Well I’m here to say that everything will be all right.

"The Camp kept a visual record of my years there as Michael and Bonnie and I would like to share it with you. Here I am my first day as a new boy."

The images ran by and Michael narrated them. The first pictures of Bonnie drew a gasp from Molly. What a cutie, she thought. A two-minute montage showed Bonnie’s G-One, G-Two and G-Three years. Bonnie grew in beauty and femininity each year. Molly was half in love with her own Dad. Then the focus shifted to Michael’s B-One, Two and Three years. A fine looking young man and a real hunk, she thought. Then things kicked up a notch.

"I know you’re worried about doing the things you’ve seen others do today, Princess. Maybe these pictures will set your mind at ease," Dad said. What followed was a five-minute montage of Bonnie eagerly sucking cocks and being fucked. It ended with a huge facial by a boy with a whopper and the cum to back it up, followed by a lingering, cummy kiss. Despite Molly’s recent fun with Mary Beth, her little stiffie was back. Instinctively, she stroked it and instinctively, it blew its goo. Molly fell back onto the bed with the force of the explosion and she almost missed the montage of Michael giving several Camp girls a preview of heaven. She had recovered enough to hear her Dad end the video by saying, "Mom and I love you, Molly. Good night and enjoy Camp." With that, Molly pulled down the covers, got into bed, cum-splayed nightie and all, turned off the lights and ended her first day at Camp.

Chapter Seven – Jason’s Lucky Night

Meanwhile, next door, Mary Beth’s fun was just beginning. She popped into the shower – no time for the luxury of a bath. Jason, her favorite B-Two and the love/lust of her life, would be here in an hour and a half. Jason knew he would die if he showed up early or very late, so she was able to plan well. Out of the shower and patted dry (boys rub, girls pat), she filled and hooked up the douche (enema), and put lots of Vaseline on the insert. She wanted to be kissing fresh down there tonight for her Jason. The enema took around ten minutes and she used that time to shave her legs. Not much hair there at 14, but it made her feel more femmy. Spraying the bathroom and ventilating cleared the air and she moved to the bedroom to get dressed.

Mary Beth eased her smooth, luscious legs into old-fashioned silky black stockings with reinforced toes and heels. Already she had a woody. Then she hooked her black garter belt/cincher to the stocking tops, running her hands up and down her sexy legs. This girl stuff is the best, she thought. Mary Beth powdered her tummy and puffy nipples, spritzed perfume and then hooked up a black bra with built-in titties (good only for the initial illusion). She followed with black, silk panties that didn’t really conceal the business end of her stiffie, but that was OK. Then came a black, silk nightie that barely reached the stocking tops. "You little slut," she said out loud, and then giggled. Sitting on her stool at the vanity, she applied what she called her "night face," a dramatic, sexy look that would kill a man with a weak heart. After touching up her long, straight black hair with about 100 strokes, she admired her creation, stood and moved over to her shoes. They were five-inch, stiletto, come-fuck-me pumps and, although she could walk well in them, didn’t plan to do much walking tonight. Mary Beth gathered up what she called her emergency kit and stowed it in the bathroom in case she needed it later. She slipped on her long, black, silk peignoir, looked at the clock and heard the doorbell at the same time. "Perfect," she said about the timing and her looks. Then the butterflies hit her. "What if he doesn’t like me any more? What if he found someone else?" They had corresponded by e-mail almost very day and spoken by phone three of four times each week. But what if the anticipation doesn’t meet the realization? Oh well; deep breath; here goes.

Opening the door, she saw her Jason. A fine young fellow he was and he appeared to have developed into an even finer one in the nine months they had been apart. "Close your mouth, Honey," Mary Beth said. "There are flies out there. Come on in." He did and she closed the door.

"These are for you," Jason said, handing her a bunch of wildflowers. There was no florist on the island so he must have spent considerable time picking them. They were beautiful.

"He does still love me," Mary Beth thought, and was comforted. "Let’s get these in water." She did so with lots of fuss. Jason was pleased.

Since he was planning on being bare-ass naked in nanoseconds, Jason was wearing only shorts, a t-shirt and penny loafers. His hair was short and appropriate for a 15-year-old boy and, since he was planning on having paralyzing sex most of the night, he carried what all Camp boys do when on a date – a change of clothes and a toothbrush. He looked like Christmas morning to Mary Beth.

As Mary Beth was putting the flowers in water, he scoped her up and down. She was beyond the wildest masturbation fantasy. She was giving off "Fuck me" vibrations at a rate Guinness wouldn’t believe. "Thank you, God," Jason said, and he meant it.

Facing each other at last, Jason made the first move. "You’re the most beautiful girl on this planet," he said and moved in to enfold her in his arms. He squeezed her tight and told her his love. She squealed and asked him to loosen up, giggling with joy and relieved nerves. Then they kissed…and kissed…and kissed.

Mary Beth’s silky peignoir robe was the first casualty, followed by every stitch of Jason’s things. Camp Girls like to keep their girly things on during sex and that’s just fine with the boys. She interrupted the kissing to catch her breath and look at Jason’s naked body.

"Wow, you really developed!" she said.

"I had a growth spurt," he said.

"I see that," she agreed, grabbing his woody for the first time. "Is that all for me? Oops, I guess that was one of those spurts just then," she said as a big glob of pre-cum drizzled from his pee-hole.

Jason laughed "And you’re more gorgeous and femmy than ever," Jason said. "How do you do it when you’re away from Camp?"

"My parents are very sympathetic to my need to be Mary Beth. We go out of town and I become Mary Beth for a weekend once a month. Now let me see if little Elvis remembers me."

Mary Beth swooped down on Jason’s cock and sucked it deliciously. After a minute or two, he asked her to stop. "Let me get you ready first," he said.

Jason was a skilled lover and he proceeded to show it. Slipping Mary Beth’s nightie straps down, he removed her bra with the fake boobies and tossed it. "Let me get to the real thing," he said, and contemplated her puffy nipples. Sucking, licking and even love-biting the nipples for quite a while, Jason got Mary Beth into a highly erotic state. He then began to kiss her mouth again and caress her whole body. They were so closely entwined that you would expect either of them to lose their load at any time, but remember, they were skilled, experienced lovers. Jason then, for the first time, touched Mary Beth’s precious pricklet.

Slowly peeling down her pretty panties, Jason kept the kissing going as he manipulated her foreskin and tickled her glans. "Ooooh," she moaned. "Don’t stop." And for a while, he didn’t. Then he wet three fingers on his right hand with saliva and slipped one, then two, then three fingers into his second home, her sweet, silky asshole. She squeaked. She squealed. She moaned. And she opened her legs and pushed down on his fingers for more. Jason found her prostate and massaged it as he kissed her deeply. It was too much for the sweet girl. She squirmed once, grunted and sprayed her delicious cum all over her perfumed, powdered tummy and her lacy garter belt. "Aaaah, she exclaimed.’ Aaaaah indeed. "This boy’s a keeper;" she thought.

Mary Beth’s eyes were moist with love as she opened them and saw Jason. He was looking at her with a mixture of adoration and lust and he clearly had a plan. His first move was to save a precious natural resource—his lover’s cum. He licked it off her belly and she said, "That tickles," but it was so enjoyable and so dirty that she was fascinated and didn’t say stop. Stop was a magic word at Camp. The boys would cease immediately to obey the first Rule of Camp.

Then Jason gently coaxed Mary Beth over onto her stomach. He peeled her panties down the rest of the way and removed them. He folded up the hem of her negligee so that he had access to bare skin from her stocking tops up. Mary Beth’s stiletto pumps were still on and they looked darned sexy. He rubbed his hands up and down her silky legs. He lay gently on her, propped on his elbows to remove weight and began to kiss her neck, then her shoulders, and her back, down to the small of her back. She smelled wonderful, her recent cum having added musk to magnolia. Then he began the serious work of attention to her ass. The twin globes were fleshy, yet firm. He kissed and licked them deliciously. Then he dove his tongue into the crevice where the ass joins the back. Yum! Mary Beth gasped and moaned for more. Using his thumbs, he gently parted the globes and exposed her rosebud. What a beautiful sight it was. Pink and pure. Freshly douched and promising of magnificent pleasures. Jason extended his tongue and dove in. "Ooooh," his Sweetie moaned. "That’s wonderful!" Jason had been hungry for nine months and now he was at a feast. He was in no hurry.

Twenty minutes of rimming later, Mary Beth was nearly fainting with pleasure. Her cocklet, which had not gotten hard, nevertheless drooled a large amount of juice and she had what the Camp girls call a Girlie-O (an orgasm that comes steadily, not in spurts, and lasts longer –erection not required). That’s two for her and none yet for Jason. She would have to make it up to him. The opportunity was now. Jason got on his knees and moved Mary Beth to hers, keeping her head, arms and breast on the pillows. He moved his charger into position and entered Mary Beth’s inner sanctum. "Ooo, ooo. That’s it. That’s it. More, more." Mary Beth tended to repeat herself at times like these.

Jason obliged, stroking gently, but firmly. Grunting a bit himself. Enjoying every second of it. They were both in heaven. True love and perfect sex.

Again, Mary Beth had a Girlie-O. "I hope I don’t have to walk anywhere tomorrow. Or sit down," she thought.

Then, trailing three to zero, Jason got on the board. And it was a big one. With a rapture that started in his stomach and traveled to his toes, he pumped nine-months worth of goo in greasy ropes up Mary Beth’s stretched poopchute. It was hot and wet and she felt each drop. She screamed with joy and they collapsed together, sweating and breathing like marathoners on mile 26.

For the next few minutes they petted each other and caught their breaths. They lay on their backs, cuddled and spoke of love. As all men know, however, intimacy has its price.

"Jason," Mary Beth purred as she snuggled and fiddled with his foreskin.

"Yes, Honey."

"Can I ask you a question?"

DANGER, WILL ROBINSON. DANGER! "Sure, what is it?"

"Do you love me?" she asked.

EASY ONE "You know I do, Sweetheart."

"Does it bother you that I don’t have tits and a pussy like XX girls?"

OUCH. "I don’t love body parts, I love you." POINT, JASON. GAME OVER? UNFORTUNATELY NOT.

"That’s nice, but did you ever fuck an XX girl?"

LET’S GO WITH THE TRUTH HERE. "No I didn’t. And I could never love anyone as much as I love you." ANOTHER POINT, JASON.

"Do you ever want to?"

CAN’T LIE. "I’ve thought about it."

"Then why didn’t you?"

"Every time I get the urge, I think about how much I love you and the feeling goes away." GAME SET AND MATCH, JASON!!!!!

Mary Beth was overcome with love. She started crying again. "I don’t deserve you." She said.

"I’m the luckiest guy in the world," he said.

"You deserve a reward. I know how we can both get a reward," and she slid down to engulf his cock with her wet lips. Enthusiasm is fifty percent of good cock sucking and an intimate conversation won by a guy (a rare occurrence indeed) is cause for great girlie enthusiasm. She got on her knees and started rewarding.

As she bathed Jason’s balls with her tongue, Mary Beth thought about Camp girls’ jealousy. No one is allowed to be exclusive at Camp. Every other day with the same person is the limit and no one messes with Camp Rules. Mary Beth sucks lots of other cocks and Jason fucks most of the other girls in Camp. That’s not an impediment to their love. That’s just what’s done in Camp. Camp girls, however, have a problem with their best guys dipping into the pussy pool during non-Camp time. Whether it’s an inferiority complex because they lack tits and pussies or just the lack of control they feel during the non-Camp months is a matter for their analysts when they’re forty. But they don’t like it. Now this lack of jealousy within Camp is not absolute. During each of their dates, Mary Beth tries to extract as much of Jason’s boygoo as humanly possible. She doesn’t want him showing up with a full load for one of those little tramps like her fellow G-Two Candy, who seems to date Jason at least once a week or that G-Three cow Holly, who had her eye on Jason since he was a new boy.

Back to work, she thought. Mary Beth licked the length of the underside of Jason’s cock. He liked that so she did it again. She locked eyes with Jason from her kneeling position on the floor and he was looking down from a sitting position on the end of the bed as if seeing her for the first time. "I really do love this person," he thought. "Will I ever want to fuck XX-girls? Maybe I should just enjoy this world-class blowjob."

And world-class it was. All males, whether Campers or not, love a finger up their asses during a blowjob and that little wiggler was what sent Jason over the top. Rather than swallow the goo, Mary Beth let the five spurts cover her pretty face. She smiled a cummy smile at Jason, licked off what her tongue could reach, then used her fingers to scoop it off her face and lubricate Jason’s asshole. Mary Beth had Jason lie on his back on the bed, and then scooted up beside him. With three fingers of her left hand she gave him a lovely prostate massage with his own cum. With her right hand, she gave him a slow, simultaneous handjob. Jason moaned and groaned until he got hard again and dribbled out three more globs of cum. Mary Beth licked it up hungrily.

Jason was exhausted.

Mary Beth said, "What’s next?"

"Sleep," Jason said, and it appeared his little soldier was on furlough for the rest of the night.

But Mary Beth wanted more and she certainly didn’t want Jason all hale and hearty for Candy, Holly and who-knows-whom. "Okay, Honey, just let me get changed for bed."

Showing a strange modesty for a girl who had just explored her boyfriend’s every orifice, Mary Beth gathered up her nightie, peignoir, panties and bra, held them in front of her and, giggling softly, minced off in her high heels to the bathroom.

Closing the door and putting on the light, Mary Beth sat to pee and plan.

As she wiped the last golden drops from her peehole, Mary Beth pushed hard to get as much of Jason’s cum out of her ass as she could. She wanted to be fresh all over for the next round. Rising, she gave herself a quick sponge bath all over, wiping off her and Jason’s mixed cum and perspiration and replacing it with the smell of soap. All the clothes, including the black stockings, went into the hamper. She washed her dramatic make-up off and replaced it with only some simple pink lipstick. She applied some vaginal jelly to her "pussy" in case things got impetuous (she hoped so). Hurrying so that Jason wouldn’t be in REM sleep by the time she came out, she reached into the shower for the emergency kit she stored in there earlier this evening. It contained a see-through, short, white nightie, white stockings with a white, lacy garter belt, and white, four-inch mules (backless high-heels). Putting those on and pulling her hair back with two white barrettes, she had a whole new look. Jason would be getting what all boys want – somebody new to fuck.

She opened the door and minced into the room. "Oh good, you’re still awake," she giggled. Jason’s eyes bugged out in surprise at the changes. "Let me just brush my hair and I can get in bed and we’ll go to sleep. Let me see. Where did I put my brush? Oh, I remember. It’s in the bottom drawer of my dresser."

Moving slowly and carefully, she went to her dresser, turned her back on Jason, and bent over at the waist. It seemed to take a while before she could find her brush. All the while, Jason had a front-row seat to a great show – Mary Beth wiggling her lovely ass, framed by her nightie and long, white-stockinged legs, set off by very sexy shoes.

But Jason was really tired, so he only watched. Mary Beth moved over to her vanity table and sat down to brush her hair. After only a couple of strokes, however, she dropped the brush. "Ooopsy! I’m so klutzy," she said to Jason over her shoulder. She stood up and walked over to where she had dropped her brush. Again she bent at the waist to get the brush and again it seemed to take a while. Just as Mary Beth was about to stand up, her planning paid off. She felt several inches of hard meat enter her tunnel of love. Jason was tired, but he wasn’t dead. Grabbing on to the vanity table to steady herself, Mary Beth reaped what she sowed. A good, hard fucking by a lad who had already come three times this night and wasn’t about to blow so soon. "I may take a pillow with me when I sit tomorrow," she thought. Twenty minutes later, her furrow was still being plowed but the farmer was ready for harvest. "Oh my!" he groaned (Campers were not blasphemers). And he seriously dehydrated himself once again.

Mary Beth stood up, turned around and kissed him. And kissed him. And kissed him. "You make me so happy," she said, as Jason’s cum was drooling down both thighs. "We can go to sleep now, if you want."

"It’s either that or hospitalization," Jason said.

Arm-in-arm, they walked to the clean, dry side of the bed. Experienced Campers know that you fuck on one side of the king-size bed and sleep on the other.

Kissing each other softly, they dropped off to sleep.

Chapter Eight – Jason’s Lucky Morning

Mary Beth awoke with a start. "What time is it?" she thought. It was still dark and someone was sucking her cock with great enthusiasm. She knew it was Jason. "He’s such a dear," she thought. "He knows I only came three times last night and he came four."

That’s so nice, Sweetie," she said as she stroked him on the head. "You’re a wonderful cocksucker." And she meant it.

"Fanks," he said with his mouth full.

Mary Beth, of course, had not just fallen off the turnip truck and knew that Jason was doing this in the hopes that she would show him some mercy when they woke up in the morning. Jason probably worried that he wasn’t going to be able to go again or something. Mary Beth knew that Jason was underestimating his abilities again. She knew what he was capable of even if he didn’t. Every man needs a determined woman to help him succeed and Mary Beth fit that bill well.

"Mmmmmm," she said. That was nice. Slow and sensual, just the way she liked her cock sucked. "Oooh!" What was that? That first, little twinge that leads to big ecstasy. Building. Building. "Oh." The second twinge – lower and more powerful. Seconds later – "Aaaaaah" Splurt after splurt of liquid protein down Jason’s throat. He licked his lips, then moved up for some sweet kissing and they both went back to sleep.

The night was too short and at 6 a.m. the wake-up call came. The G-Two Big Sisters had to help their little sisters get ready at 7:30, then shepherd their lambs over to breakfast by 9 and their classes by 10. For everything Mary Beth needed to do, the schedule was as tight as a G-One’s asshole. First order of business was a good shagging from Jason. This would be her last chance until after dinner tomorrow and she was not about to miss it. She nuzzled and kissed him awake and said it was time for their shower. Since Jason smelled like a stable by that time, he agreed. Jason went into the doublewide shower first and Mary Beth joined him. There was also a large, deep, sunken tub in the bathroom, but that was for those who had time for that.

Joint showers worried some Camp girls because they and their dates were both naked. This, the faint-of-heart Camp girls believed, hurt their chances of projecting femininity. The troopers knew that they could project femininity in a spacesuit. It’s all about attitude, not clothes and make-up. Of course femmy things made the experience that much better.

Mary Beth loved to shower with Jason. The warm water, soap and close quarters made for an erotic time. "Did you pee, yet?" she asked him.

"No, did you?"

"No. Shall we?"


And they sprayed each other with pee, laughing and giggling all the while.

When the last drops went down the drain, they began to wash and shampoo each other. That can be a very sensual experience and they made every effort to make it so.

Jason’s thermometer showed that he liked it, all right and when he told Mary Beth that he needed to thoroughly clean her asshole, she knew the day was starting off well. She scrubbed his cock and balls, and then rubbed lots of shampoo on his pole. Then she turned around facing the smoked glass door and he entered her. Oh, that felt good, they both said. It was as if last night didn’t affect them. Lust took over Jason and he moved forward, crushing Mary Beth against the glass door like a pressed flower. If she wanted him to stop, she had only to say the word. Instead, she squealed in delight. "Now that’s taking charge, Jason," she thought.

As the warm water came down on them, Jason and Mary Beth fucked hard. Jason’s soapy hands roamed her whole body and he kissed her back and neck lustily. Easing his pressure off a notch, he reached around for Mary Beth’s cock and balls. They were still there and enjoyed the slippery attention. Being fucked up the ass as your balls and cock are being expertly massaged is a great way for anyone to start their day. Mary Beth was delighted! She came first, the globs drooling down the glass shower door. Her wriggles and clenched ass muscles on coming sent Jason over the top. He shuddered with the force of his Big-O.

Jason was good at math and had figured that doing this with Mary Beth every other day (the Camp limit) until they "flipped" meant 24 more sessions. He was filled with a mixture of rampant lust and fear. Maybe he should start planning his funeral.


Chapter Nine – Molly’s Second Day

"What’s that banging?" Molly thought.

Bang bang. "Molly! Wake up; it’s me, Mary Beth. It’s 7:30."

"OK, Mary Beth," Molly said and answered the door.

"Did you sleep well?" Mary Beth asked.

"I did, thanks. How about you?"

"Goodness no. Jason fucked me most of the night. But that’s OK. I can sleep when I’m old. We’ve got a big day ahead. Why don’t you take your shower and I’ll get your clothes out."

Molly was in Mary Beth’s care. She took her shower, remembered to sit to pee, and brushed her teeth. When she came out of the bathroom, Mary Beth was ready for her. She helped her put on her make-up and fixed her hair. "Today’s the last day for this valet service, Molly, so pay attention." Molly did.

Molly put on pink panties and bra, a lovely skirt and blouse set, white knee socks and sandals with a two-inch heel. Her long hair was pulled back by two pink barrettes. She had on attractive make-up and she looked good enough to eat.

On the way to breakfast at the Camp dining room, it appears that many boys agreed. No campers whistle or catcall but they sure do stare. Molly was the prettiest G-One in recent memory, but to be popular, you needed a lot more.

Mary Beth introduced Molly to lots of people and they were all very nice to her. She tried to remember all the names, but knew that would come in time. After a nice breakfast of boiled eggs and toast, Molly and Mary Beth went off to "femininity classes."

Aunt June was there, pleasant and lovely as ever, wearing a tailored, skirted business suit and stiletto pumps.

Molly greeted her fellow G-Ones. They were all talking about the videos from their Dads. What a shocker that was! Gina and Sissy said they couldn’t believe how beautiful their Dads were as girls. Tina, ever the hot number, was impressed at what a great cocksucker her Dad had been. Amy said that after watching the video, she wasn’t as scared and Lisa and Ally quickly agreed. Jenny said that her big sister, Mary had sucked her cock last night. Amy, Susie, Emma and, of course, Molly reported similar, pleasant experiences.

"Enough chatter, girls," Aunt June said. "It’s time for your lessons. Amy, here is a video we took of you walking over here this morning. What do you notice about it?"

"I’m walking like a boy, ma’am," Amy said.

"Very good, Amy. It’s OK, though, Honey. That’s why we’re here; to help you get over that. Now let’s practice a girlie walk. Keep your legs together when you get out of the chair. We don’t want to show the boys our pretty panties unless they’re going to fuck us, now do we?"

"No, Ma’am."

Each G-One was coached to a better walk that morning and other feminine mannerisms and carriage were practiced. After a brief lunch, sex education began.

"The first thing we will learn is the blowjob. Has anyone ever given one? Be honest, now. Was that a hand I saw there, Tina?"

"Well, Tommy Jacobs and I fooled around a couple of times, but then he moved away."

"Thank you for being honest, Tina. Anyone else? I guess not. OK, let’s talk about the proper way to give a blowjob. Woody Allen always says that 50% of success is showing up. Well, 50% of a blowjob is enthusiasm. You have to demonstrate that sucking that knob is the most important thing to you in the world at that moment.

"The tongue is the most important weapon we girls have. It’s used in licking cocks, bathing balls, rimming and most importantly, talking to your alleged stud. Sounds help. A few little moans and mews during a blowjob make the guy feel like the stud he may not be. We girls have our tricks.

"Don’t neglect the balls and the peehole. I’ll show you what I mean on that in a few minutes, but balls like to be involved.

"Keep the teeth out of things. Ouch.

"Make a blowjob part of lovemaking, not the whole thing. Don’t just dive for the crotch. Kiss and hug first.

"There are lots of techniques like the loop, the whirl, the vertical climb and the Venus butterfly, but you need to develop your own style.

"Keep things wet. Saliva is a key component of a successful blowjob, so drink lots of fluids, besides cum I mean.

"And speaking of cum, drink it, lick it, blow bubbles with it, mouth swap it with your partner. Lubricate things with it. Be creative, for goodness sakes. Any questions so far? No? OK, let’s watch this video of great blowjobs from previous Campers. I’ll stop it now and then to point up some techniques."

And she did.

Wow, what those girls and their big sisters saw! As a porn video, it was priceless. For training purposes, it set a standard they all hoped to achieve someday.

"Of course, here at Camp," Aunt June said," we know the best way to learn is by doing. So we’re going to begin by demonstrating a live blowjob, followed by every G-One getting and giving one. May I ask for a big sister volunteer, please?"

Tina’s big sister, Sarah, shot her hand up first, then walked to the front of the room next to Aunt June.

"Thank you, Sarah. We have a winner and a cute one at that."

Sarah blushed. She was five foot seven with long blonde hair that flipped at the bottom, a sweet face and a great ass that showed itself under her pretty dress.

"Sarah, I want you to give me a blowjob."

Like every other girl in Camp, the young sweetie had often longed to see and experience what the stunning she-male was packing, but until now, it had been a Camp secret.

"Gladly, ma’am," she said and moved in to kiss her.

"Stop!" Aunt June said and Sarah did. "You can do that all in a moment, but I must tell the class that you passed the first test. Blowjobs are never given in isolation. They are part of lovemaking. Proceed."

And Sarah did. She and Aunt June played vigorous tongue hockey as they both wriggled out of their outer clothing. Aunt June’s tailored suit took some shucking but when it was off, she stood there in her long, black stockings covering her world-class legs and held up by a black garter belt with pink bows, five-inch, black stiletto pumps, pretty, two-tone, black and pink silk panties bulging noticeably, and a black bra that was struggling desperately to contain two monster boobs. Sarah ended the conflict by removing the bra and the two puppies leaped out. Her huge, dark, suckable nipples made everyone drool, but Sarah was the one to apply the saliva. And lick and suck she did, making Aunt June giggle and squirm with delight. "Oh, that’s nice she said," and she liked it even more when Sarah removed Auntie’s panties while continuing to suck.

The audience gasped as Aunt June’s big, delicious cock was exposed. What a sight it was; hard, red, sculpted and oozing precum. Still sucking Aunt June’s nipples, Sarah took the cock in her hand and massaged it. "Maybe you shouldn’t do that Sarah." (That doesn’t count as a "stop.") "We have to demonstrate a… Oh, Oh." Thick ropes of cum jumped from her beautiful cock. Sarah kept sucking boobs and more ropes leaped out. "Very good, Sarah, thank you," Aunt June croaked. "Please stop." Sarah did. "I think we can move on to that blowjob, itself now."

The audience was impressed that Aunt June was still able to get another woodie at her advanced age of thirty. Sarah was already down there, on her knees, licking up the lingering cum drops from Aunt June’s cock and working the foreskin for any that had slid down in the folds. Then she proceeded with the application of the greatest blowjob of her young life. Aunt June’s cockhead was big, but the first orgasm had softened it up a bit so that Sarah could gain the advantage. Despite Aunt June’s annoying narrative of her every move, Sarah laid a beauty on her and within ten minutes, Aunt June was crying with joy and sexual release. Sarah kept a bit of cum in her mouth and shared it with Aunt June. They ended up French-kissing for so long that one of the G-Twos said AHEM, very loudly and everyone giggled. The lovers broke their kiss and stood arm-in-arm in front of the class to great applause.

"Aunt June," Gina asked, "Are you going to blow Sarah now?"

"What a wonderful idea, Sweetheart," she said and dropped to her knees, doing an A-one job on Sarah. Wobbling back to her seat, Sarah accepted the accolades of her peers.

"Now that you’ve seen how it’s done, it’s time for you to try it yourselves," Aunt June said. "Let’s pair up. Molly and Gina. Susie and Tina. Amy and Lisa. Ally and Jenny. Sissy and Emma. Girls, I want you all to strip down to your bras, shoes, socks and pretty panties."

It was embarrassing, but they did it.

"Molly, Sissy, Amy, Ally and Susie, you may now give your partners proper blowjobs. Here’s a hint. Kiss them for a while, and then let nature take its course. Remove their pretty panties when it seems appropriate."

Ally kissed Jenny first. When they seemed to be enjoying it, Molly moved in on Gina for what were both of their first kisses. Kissing was very nice, Molly thought. So much more than the lips was involved. There was great hugging too and smells! Molly also noticed that her cock was rubbing against Gina’s perfumed, powdered tummy and also Gina’s pretty cock. Wow!

All the girls were kissing by now and Aunt June was happy. The big sisters were there to offer pointers to the "blower" if necessary, but three is usually still a crowd.

Molly kissed Gina’s neck, chest and tummy as she slid down to her knees. She was very eager to see what Gina was packing, so she eased her blue cotton panties off. "Ooh, that’s a nice one," she thought. "It’s pink and straight with two little hanging, pink balls. It looks yummy." With her inhibitions whittled away, Molly became a cocksucker.


Chapter 10 – Molly’s Second Evening

The G-Ones and G-Twos went to dinner, the younger girls chatting happily about their first gifts of pleasure to each other. Molly and Gina were fast friends now – that’s what sucking each other’s cocks will do.

At the dining hall, the big sisters introduced the girls to their "dates" for tonight, carefully selected by them for "first blowjob night."

Each girl sat and talked with her date. Molly’s date was Jeff, a nice 13-year-old boy with a cute smile and a good sense of humor. When Molly asked him why he had agreed to be her first date he said, "Two reasons. First, I saw you and I think you’re gorgeous. Second, Mary Beth asked me to as a favor and Mary Beth’s gratitude is a beautiful thing."

Molly was flattered and amused. "I can do this," she thought. "I can suck this boy’s cock."

To prove it to herself, she stood up and said, "Would you walk me back to my room, please?"

"Gladly," Jeff said, grabbing his overnight bag.

"He’s presumptuous. I like that," Molly thought.

They walked hand-in-hand to Molly’s room talking about their lives, parents and friends. Molly hadn’t formed her girl-personality preferences, so when she spoke of her life, it was really Kevin’s, but that would come in time. The Camp had stocked her room with teen girl magazines, romance novels and videos of movies like "An Affair to Remember," the all time five-handkerchief chick flick, but progress would be slow.

Entering the room, Jeff realized that he was smitten. B-Ones and G-Ones end up spending five summers together so they try to get along right from the beginning. He knew right away that he liked Molly. She was smart, funny, cute and sexy, without being slutty. If she likes sex, she gets an A plus.

Molly liked sex.

They were a little shy at this point, knowing that everything was permitted tonight except fucking (No instruction had been given yet so every G-One, by Rule, had to abstain for one more night). That left quite a lot, however.

Jeff and Molly were sitting on the couch talking when he leaned over and kissed her. "Mmmmmm!" she said. "They keep telling me this isn’t ‘queer’ but I don’t care what it is. It’s great," she said to herself.

Jeff was nervous all right, but he knew how to kiss. After a few minutes of this, they were two steamed dumplings.

"Excuse me for a moment," Molly said. "I need to slip into something a lot sexier." She retreated to the bathroom and took off her blouse, skirt, underwear, shoes and socks. Looking at herself naked, she liked what she saw. "I still look femmy, with my hair, earrings, painted finger and toenails and makeup. But I’m starting to get the attitude too," she thought. She slipped on a cute, white- with-blue-ribbons, baby-doll nightie with darling matching panties. Then she sat down to pull on her first stockings. Mary Ellen had suggested white stockings with her outfit, so Molly pulled them softly up each leg. She shuddered halfway up the second leg and thought she was going to lose her load before she reached the depot, but she was able to calm down by thinking of baseball statistics. A touch-up to the lipstick and she was ready to enter the world of passionate, heterosexual sex.

Jeff was ready to be her tour guide. He had removed his shirt, trousers and shoes and was standing waiting for Molly in his boxers. When Molly opened the bathroom door, they both liked what they saw.

Molly floated out in her stockinged feet, feeling the sensuous rub, rub, rub against her thighs with each short step. "Boys don’t know what they’re missing," she said to herself. Making her way over to Jeff, she stood face-to-face and gave him the opportunity to be Fred to her Ginger.

Jeff was up to the challenge. He encircled her with his 13-year-old arms and kissed her forehead, cheeks, eyes, neck, ears and nose. He felt her lovely ass, slipping a hand into her sweet panties and easing a finger into the crack. She responded by grinding her cock into his.

They tumbled onto the bed. Molly was giggling with delight. Jeff lifted up her baby-doll and began paying wet homage to Molly’s puffy nipples. She jumped a bit at that, the sensation being unlike any other in her 12 years. Worse/better, Jeff lubed two of his fingers and as he adored her "titties," he entered her asshole with first one, then two fingers.

"Oh my!" Molly gasped. This was invasion! This was outrage! This was paradise! The combination of new sensations overloaded the lovely little Lolita’s senses and the poor girl had only one release – her girlie goo. She sploogied in her precious panties. "Uhhhhh," she moaned and Jeff was proud that he was able to give her such pleasure. This was a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime experience for him too and he was very respectful of her and the moment.

"Did you like that, Sweetheart?" he whispered in her ear as he continued to invade her cute butt.

"Uhhhhh," Molly replied eloquently.

"I’m glad," he said as he began a lovely, long session of sweet kissing and finger-fucking.

Molly’s little jewel became diamond-hard again, but she figured it was time to get down to some serious cock sucking.

"Please stand up," she asked Kevin and he did.

She dropped down to her stockinged knees and began licking Jeff’s balls. Now Jeff thought this was plenty OK and he told Molly that with every such phrase he could muster. Molly sensed when enough ball bathing was enough and moved in for dessert.

Jeff’s cock, like Jeff, was a beauty. At 13, he had few surrounding hairs, but his cock was long and straight with a fine, fiery-red head and a developing vein along its length. Molly thanked God for this wonderful gift, and then began to lick it all over. Instinct and today’s practice had made her into a fine cocksucker. Great would come later, but Jeff was not complaining. The little love was even making eye contact with Jeff as she licked and sucked. She squirmed and giggled softly and her cuteness was all Jeff needed for the mental to meet the physical and produce a great orgasm.

Gush after gush hit Molly’s throat. Despite her best efforts, the little girl was outmatched. About half she was able to swallow. The rest dribbled out of her mouth down her chin and onto the floor. "This is going to take some practice," she thought. As with Gina earlier today, she was pleased with the taste of cum. "I worked hard to get it. It should taste good," she thought. She looked up to Jeff adoringly and innocently and gave him a big, cummy smile.

Jeff was enchanted. What a doll! What a cocksucker! What a Camp!


Chapter 11 – Molly’s Third Day

Molly stretched and purred. What a night it had been! One of her stockings was draped over the bedside lamp. The other was fatally laddered, but still on. Her lipstick was smeared and her nightie had disappeared, but her cock was in full morning alertness and Jeff was snoring lightly beside her. What to do with this rigid opportunity?

"Jeff, Honey?"


"Are you awake? Oh, I see little Jeff is."

Molly consumed little Jeff with her sweet mouth and big Jeff woke up with a cheerful attitude. Molly had really gotten into the swing of things last night, sucking Jeff off three times and giving him a long, loving, cum-lubricated, kissing-enhanced handjob for a fourth dehydration. Jeff had returned her love mightily.

Jeff moved into a sixty-nine position to give Molly her first blowjob from him. It was slow, unhurried and intensely erotic. Each cocksucker augmented the attack with multiple exploring fingers in the butt. It was almost too intense. They squirmed. They shuddered. They came together in roaring orgasm. Wow!

After this aerobic moment, they showered together and got dressed. Molly was looking forward to today’s instruction in buttfucking and knew that her little flower was going to be picked before the day was out.

The loving couple kissed and headed off to breakfast. The G-Ones got together to compare notes. Each had had the best night of her young life and this was only the beginning.

To class they went for more of Aunt June’s practical advice.

"Good morning, ladies!"

Good morning, Auntie!" they all said.

"That’s cute, girls. I like that." Aunt June said. "Did you all have a good night?"

"Oh yes, Auntie"

"Tell me about it."

Lisa said, "I sucked Chuck’s cock and swallowed his cum."

"And what did you think?"

"I liked it a lot. Can I do it again tonight?"

"No, Lisa. You can’t date the same person two days in a row. That would create too much potential for jealousy.

"Can I suck Bobbie’s cock then? He’s cute." Lisa may not have been the sharpest knife in the drawer.

"In the next few weeks you’ll be sucking all the B-Ones’ cocks and many of the B-Twos and Threes as well. Did everyone get to suck some delicious cock last night?"

"Yes, Auntie!"

"Good. Today, we’re here to talk about the wonderful art and science of buttfucking. Has anyone ever buttfucked or been buttfucked? Yes, Tina"

"Tommy Jacobs and I fooled around a couple of times, but then he moved away."

"This Tommy Jacobs was quite the lad, I see. Well, let’s forget that. Now we’re going to see how it’s done properly." She popped in a video of campers past. Camp boys were cornholing Camp girls in every known position and the most common expression on each girl’s face was one of rapture. It looked like a great time.

"It looks fun and easy doesn’t it, girls? Well it’s certainly fun, but it can be difficult if you don’t prepare well, right G-Twos?"

They nodded their heads in agreement and Aunt June went on. "Could I have a G-One volunteer, please?" Auntie selected Susie. "Please pull down your cute little pink panties, Susie. Lift up your skirt and show your yearmates your asshole."

Susie did so. Aunt June got behind her and roughly put three manicured fingers up her asshole. "Owwww," Susie said.

"I’m very sorry, Honey, but I had to prove a point. Let me fix that." Auntie got on her knees and lovingly licked out Susie’s asshole for a good five minutes. Susie was delighted! Then Auntie stood up and inserted first one, then two, then three fingers. The little girl wriggled and mewed with delight.

"What’s my point, girls?"

"You have to prepare the asshole for invaders," Ally said.

"Gold star, Ally! Your little rosebud must be coaxed and lubricated or it won’t open properly. Ever look at the toilet after a number two? Bigger things have come out of there than you will ever put in there. But you have to prepare the flower before it opens. You can do that by licking and tonguing but that takes time and the canal must be entered with the tongue to be effective. It’s the most intimate way and I tell the boys that it’s a vital component of their lovemaking. Some girls with impetuous boyfriends lube themselves with vaginal jelly before a date. Cum, of course, is a wonderful, natural lubricant and you’ve already witnessed some creative ways that it has been used. You can use lubricated fingers; our Camp Lube is a great product for that. Or you can just lube up the cock and apply it as you enter slowly.

"None of you, of course will do that until you flip to become boys. Camp girls do not use their cocks to fuck, with one exception. Little sisters may practice fucking their big sisters, if both agree, within a week of the flip to B-One. It’s so you know what you’re doing when you become a new stud."

Molly looked at Mary Beth, who winked. "That sounds interesting," Molly thought.

Auntie went on. "Mary Beth, how many times have you been butt-fucked?"

"Two hundred and five so far," Aunt June.

"In only 73 days as a Camp girl? That’s amazing!"

"Thank you, ma’am. I have a giving nature and I’m told I have a great ass."

"A delightful combination, indeed."

"Oh ma’am, I’m sorry. It’s 207 times. I forgot to include this morning."

"You were buttfucked twice this morning?"

"Yes, ma’am, by a B-Three with a cute face and a big cock."

"Another delightful combination. And is your asshole all loose, dysfunctional and unappealing?"

"No, ma’am. I do my exercises. I douche. I use Camp Cream on my "pussy" every day. When my Jason digs his tongue in there tonight, he’ll find it’s as tight as the day I came to Camp."

"And that’s true of all Camp girls, G-Ones," and she went on to give practical tips on the subject.

"We learn by doing here girls, so follow me into the ladies room. Let’s grease up those nozzles and we’ll all have a nice enema douche. Has anyone besides Tina and Tommy Jacobs ever had an enema douche? No? Well they can be quite pleasant, but, like olives and opera, they are an acquired taste. We’re doing this because you don’t want your beau getting a mouthful of muck when he licks you ‘down there.’ Every couple of days is fine."

Molly kind of liked the sensation, but she couldn’t believe all the evil things that flushed out from her bowels. She resolved to douche regularly so she would be licking fresh for her sweeties.

"All right, ladies. Now we can’t be fucking each other for today’s demonstration, because that breaks Camp Rules, so let’s bring in today’s special guest fucker, B-One Jimmy.

Jimmy charged in, waving to the girls. "Hi, ladies"

"HI, JIMMY!!!!!" Tina practically yelled. Jimmy winked at her. She whispered to Molly, "I sucked Jimmy’s cock three times last night. He won’t be able to do much.

Molly knew she and Jeff were one up on that couple, but she kept silent.

"Jimmy, would you pick a lucky girl from the G-Twos, please?" Auntie said.

"That’s easy; I pick Nancy."

Nancy was a hot number indeed. Her skirts were always a little shorter and tighter than the other G-Twos and she seemed ready for anything. She and Jimmy got into a very hot, hour-long lovemaking session where he donated two creamy loads to Nancy’s bowels and Nancy had three girlie-Os. The girls watched closely and Auntie commented appropriately.

"I guess he wasn’t that tired," Molly whispered to Tina.

"Any questions, ladies? All right," Aunt June said. Just a couple of more points. Use your ass muscles to give your young swain the thrill of his life. Clenching and releasing at the right times can prolong the pleasure or spill the milk, depending on the application. And let’s not forget the role of a handjob. A nice one can be a prelude or an addendum to lovemaking, and can even be a shared dirty little secret at a restaurant, movie, or a family gathering.

"Use the whole body for lovemaking. If you center everything on the groin, you will ignore 97% of the body. Think of everything as an erogenous zone, but remember that the most important sex organ is the mind.

"OK. You’ve been in the classroom too much. You need some fresh air. Let’s get our bathing suits on and have a beach cookout. The B-Ones will be there."

The big sisters had brought bathing suits for the 12-year-olds. They were skimpy things, bikini-like, but accommodating for a Camp-girl-package between the legs. Surprisingly to the G-Ones, the girls looked pretty good in the suits. Of course they had no titties up top, but no one at Camp even appeared to notice.

The G-Twos said goodbye to their little sisters. Mary said to her little sister, Jenny, "Good luck tonight, Honey. Take your time at the cookout and pick a good one out of the herd. It’s time your big sister and her yearmates get back to those afternoon dates we’ve been missing this week."

Auntie took the G-Ones over to the beach area and the girls were excited, nervous and randy to see the B-Ones in their bathing suits. The boys were wrestling and throwing balls around in the primal, chest-beating rituals of men. The testosterone activities intensified when they knew the girls were in sight, but they stopped to greet the girls.

Three guys in their mid-20s who were part of the Camp staff prepared lunch. Camp graduates, half of whom were in Y-mode and half in X, performed all maintenance and operational functions. There was casual contact with the Campers, but all sexual contact was forbidden. There was already plenty going on in the excellent hotel that housed the staff.

There were hamburgers, potato salad, fixin’s and lots of chat. Lifelong friendships were beginning that day and they all understood it. There was a nice pool by the beach and several of the boys and girls swam after lunch.

At around 5 p.m., couples had been formed. Everyone seemed happy with their partners and the mood was more relaxed. Molly found herself with Tim, a good swimmer and a pleasant conversationalist who was from her home state. They liked the same baseball team and were both interested in dogs. Tim was discovering one of the great truths that men often learn too late. It’s always easier to seduce a girl who is wearing a bathing suit.

Taking the initiative, Molly suggested that they walk back to her room. Tim grabbed his overnight bag and off they went. The others would follow soon.


Chapter 12 – Molly’s Third Evening

Molly knew that Tim would be the one to take her virginity. It would have been nice if it could have happened on her wedding night, but she may never have one of those as a bride and besides, a hard cock is a terrible thing to waste.

Would it hurt? Opinion was divided, but it sure looked as if Nancy was having fun this morning.

They went in Molly’s room. "Would you like a soda, Tim?" Molly asked.

"I feel yucky," he said. "Is it OK if I grab a shower?"

"We can grab each other in the shower," Molly said, and that’s what they did. Molly had to go pee very badly so she made the first move by peeing on Tim’s cock and balls.

"You bad girl," he said. "I’ll get you for that." So he pissed right back.

"Oh, look at the mess I made," Molly said. "Let me fix it." She got down on her knees in the shower and with a soapy face cloth, cleaned every square centimeter of his public area. Twice.

This had the boy in a lather, so he asked her to stand up. As he kissed her, he ran a warm, soapy face cloth over every part of Molly he could reach.

They left the shower in a very clean condition. Molly shooed Tim off so that she could dress.

Molly dried and fixed her hair, putting it up in two white barrettes. She put on some light make-up, with pink lipstick. A virginal, knee-length white, cotton nightgown and white thigh-highs completed her outfit. She was a perfect angel.

Opening the bathroom door, she saw Tim standing across the room, naked and erect. Molly’s cocklet rose at what she saw too. His thick, blond pubic hair matched his head. He had a solid, boyish body and a good-sized, straight, redheaded cock. And that cute smile brought it all together.

Tim gasped. Molly gasped. They each thanked God for this wonderful gift. Then they moved together.

Soft, sweet kissing raised their randiness. Tim could feel Molly’s erect nipples rubbing against his chest. And that wasn’t all that was erect. Tim picked her up and carried her to the bed. He placed her on her back and hiked her nightie up to her belly button. Molly lay there in ultimate surrender. Her arms were bent back at the elbows and she held them back as if to say, "Do what you will."

Tim kissed her soft tummy. Molly purred. He kissed all around her cock, not touching it, but brushing it with his hair. Molly groaned softly. He kissed and licked her thighs above her stocking tops. Then he gently eased her on her stomach and began to kiss her neck and her back. Molly squirmed and made soft, little half-squeals.

"Did you use anything on your asshole, Sweetie?" he asked.

"No," Molly cooed softly.

"Since this is your first time, I’m not going to rely just on licking you. I’ll use some lube, too. But first, how about some licking?"

"Oh yes!"

"Yum," Tim said, and licked all around, then dove into her asshole.

"Aaaah," the sweet young girl said. What a feeling! It was a delightful, wet sexy feeling. It was also the dirtiest act she could imagine (she was still young) and that really made it fun.

"That’s wonderful," Molly groaned.

"It tastes like crème brulee," Tim stopped licking long enough to say.

Five more minutes of licking and Molly had a nasty Girlie-O all over those nice clean sheets. There were plenty more where they came from. Keep licking.

Molly was recovering from her second Girlie-O and in full erection when Tim stopped licking ten minutes later.

"I’m going to lube you now, Lover," Tim said. And he did, doing some serious excavation with his long fingers. At this point, Molly was ready for anything Tim had in mind. How rare those wonderful moments are for men! Anyway, Tim had a four-star stiffie and he didn’t need an instruction manual for what was next.

"I’m going to put it in a little at a time, Dear. You tell me if it hurts and I’ll stop for a bit until it goes away."

"Cock. Now," Molly said.

Tim put his bear at the entrance to the cave and prepared to go in. Two inches. "Are you OK?"

Molly squeaked. She was more than OK; she was delighted. "OK," the little princess said.

Two more inches of cock. "How’s that?"

It was marvelous. "More!" Molly groaned

Two more inches. That was all there was. "It’s all in. How are you?"

"Great," she said. "Just let me get used to it a minute. It’s so big and hard."

That’s what every man dreams about hearing and Tim was no exception. He waited patiently.

"It feels as if I have to poop really bad," Molly said. She knew that it was Tim’s cock, not her poop in there, because she had douched that morning. "It’s wonderful, though!"

After a few moments, Molly said, "OK, you can move now."

Her tunnel was well lubed and Tim moved easily back and forth. He gripped her hips and fucked her from their knees. Molly’s cock, which had shrunk from the invasion, was rock-hard again. Tim reached around and frigged her foreskin expertly.

Molly’s butt was very hot internally and she did delicious little side-wiggles that made Tim an even happier young man. Nature had contributed to her love education and she made excellent use of the muscles in her bowels to grip Tim’s cock and make him grin.

Molly was in sensual nirvana. She felt this wonderful physical closeness to Tim. And oh, oh, there goes that cum again!!!!

Molly’s cumming made her ass muscles clench Tim’s cock harder and he gave up his goop. Five big globs up a tunnel that had been an exit-only for twelve years. He felt Molly’s cum flood his right hand and he smeared it over her tummy while she turned her head back for a kiss.

They fell down on their left sides and kissed and fondled each other hungrily. This aroused the young lad so much that he grew hard again while still in Molly’s butt.



"I’m ready again"

"Already? That’s what I was hoping. OK, let’s go."

And they went a delicious second round.

When they fell on their backs breathing heavily, Tim asked Molly what she thought. "I think I’m in love," she said.

"Me too," he said, and they kissed face-to-face, with great, whole-body-involvement and passion. As they writhed and wriggled, Molly could feel ten gobs of Tim’s goo running out of her butt and down her delicious white thighs. "So good. So wet. So dirty," she said.


Chapter 13 – Sissy and Wally

Not everyone takes to the Camp environment as easily as Molly did. Sissy had issues, but they were not the usual ones. Most new Campers worried about preserving their heterosexuality, pleasing their partners, how their relationship with their parents and friends could change and how Camp would change their lives during the school year. Many even worried that they wouldn’t act feminine enough…or want to act that feminine.

Some campers, like Molly and Gina were able to bring up their X-side from wherever it was and use it well. Some were still digging to find it in them. Some, like Tina, were just horny little toads who wanted to fuck every homo sapiens they encountered.

And then there was Sissy.

Parents select G-One names, so why did poor Charlie’s Mom and Dad give him the sissiest name of all? Sissy’s first thought was, "They know." It was confirmed that night when she watched the parent video.

The message was essentially, "We know; that’s why we named you Sissy." But it was apparently done with good intentions.

Young Charlie was a secret crossdresser long before he came to Camp. He started with his mother’s panties from the hamper at age eight and, when his mother went back to work after his tenth birthday and he had two latchkey hours every day for two years, he moved up to everything in her closet. He would primp and preen and prance in front of the mirror, pretending he was a girl. He imagined he would be caught one day, but never had a really close call.

Of course Sissy’s mother knew anyway. "We’ve known for two years," her mother said on the tape to Sissy. "You were careful, but not perfect and remember, your father was a Camper. We also saw the way you walked sometimes and your mannerisms. If we thought you were homosexual, not that there’s anything wrong with it, we would have kept you away from Camp. But we also observed that girls, not boys, aroused you. So your father and I decided that we would hold our tongues and send you to Camp."

"That’s right, Sweetie," Sissy’s father said. "For most of the Campers, it brings up and strengthens their X side, but for Campers like you, it strengthens their Y-side. You’ll be a better boy and a better girl for the experience. Try to participate fully. Making love with boys is not homosexual when you’re in X-mode. I know that to be true first hand. Enjoy your ‘boy’ three-weeks too. You’ll come back to us more comfortable in both roles. We love you."

The worst of it was, they had Sissy pegged. In her mind, she had tempered her "deviant" self-hate by saying to herself that she dressed, but didn’t suck boys’ cocks. What would she say to herself now? Mom and Dad weren’t here now and there was no one she could confide in.

Last night she had sucked Bobbie’s cock. Twice.

Bobbie was a nice young boy and he certainly was a gentle, giving lover. But Sissy felt massive guilt about "betraying her nature." She felt she was one of those hetero crossdressers she had read about on the Internet. That meant fucking girls while wearing bras, garter belts, stockings and fuck-me pumps. Outside of TG fiction, Sissy wondered where you found girls who were turned on by those get-ups on boys.

Bobbie had told her how "cute" and "special" she was, but what boy wouldn’t say things like that to get his cock sucked?

At Camp, the leaders were saying that when you’re a girl, you act like a girl, dress like a girl and get fucked by boys. Was that the right thing?

Then Sissy met Wally.

The beach cookout was not going well for Sissy. The only boy she knew there was Bobbie. He was nice to her, but by Camp Rule couldn’t date her that day or night Sissy watched Tina flit from boy to boy. Tina seemed to have no inhibitions and the boys seemed to find that appealing. Most of them did, anyway. As Sissy watched Tina sit on Len’s lap and rub her bikini-clad butt against his woodie, she was startled by a boy saying, "Hello." Are you Sissy?"

It was Wally, a nice 13-year-old from Oregon. He was small, like Sissy and seemed to be less interested in Tina than any of the boys were. That was a big point for his side as far as Sissy was concerned. He also wasn’t acting as macho as the other boys. Sissy liked that too.

"Guilty," Sissy said. "That’s me. What’s your name?"

"Wally. I noticed you were a little shy. I am too so I thought maybe we could be shy together."

"That’s a great concept. I’m not usually shy. I just have a lot on my mind."

"That’s no wonder considering that in the last three days everything about your world has changed."

"You’re right, thank you. But why hasn’t it affected the other girls?"
"It has affected them. A lot. People deal with it differently. Even Tina, when she stops and reflects will figure out the impact and be awed by it."

"Did it affect you?"

"Sure. It still does. But in the end it was almost all positive."

"I don’t know if that will be true for me," Sissy said. "I’m different."

"I can see that," Wally said. "Your girl side was pushing you hard before you came to Camp, wasn’t it?

Sissy gasped. "How did you know?"

"It takes one to know one. I was dressing since I was six. My Mom caught me when I was ten, but she and Dad have been very supportive. They said Camp would strengthen my boy side and prepare me for life outside of Camp. They were right so far."

Sissy was fascinated and delighted. She was not alone. "That’s my situation too! Oh, it’s so wonderful to meet someone like me. I thought I was alone."

"You’ll never be alone if I have anything to say about it, Sissy. There are more like us here in the older year groups, but their X and Y sides have evened out so much that it’s hardly noticeable."

This was one of the great turning points in Sissy’s life. For the next four hours, she poured out her heart to Wally and he listened without judging her, interjecting his own life story or yawning – an awesome achievement. Marcel Proust once said, "You can seduce any woman in the world if you are willing to listen to her problems until 3 in the morning." It only took Wally until 7 p.m.

During their long, long conversation they had left the beach, walked to Sissy’s room, undressed, showered together, brushed and dried Sissy’s hair, and gotten her into a lovely white nightie, cute, frilly panties and white thigh-highs. They were cuddling in bed when Sissy finally ran out of words and wanted to fuck.

Thank God, Wally thought. He had a girl side but he had gone above and beyond for Sissy.

Wally was about to benefit from the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world. He was with a girl who believed that he and only he truly understood her.


"Yes, Muffin."

"It’s so hot in here," would you take my pretty panties off, please."

"With pleasure." Wally slowly dropped Sissy’s drawers and got a close-up look at her treasures. Sissy’s pricklet was small, but very hard. It was pink and looked brand new. Her balls were in a little pink sack and hung low. It was such a beautiful sight that he put the whole package, prick and balls, in his mouth and licked for dear life.

Sissy screamed with delight. Loud. "I hope no one’s calling 911,"Wally thought. "Who would have though this little girl would be a screamer?"

She settled down a bit but as he released her balls from his mouth and continued to expertly suck her cock, she whimpered and moaned. Loudly. "Oh! Uhhh!" All that heartrending and confessing had made her very horny and after about five delightful minutes, she poured out a tasty milkshake for her Wally and screamed again. Louder. Wally thought it was all too delicious. He was very relieved. "If Sissy is my soul mate," he thought, "I have to like the taste of her cum. I like the screaming too. It’s like belching after a good meal. Some cultures think it’s crude, but it shows appreciation."

"That was great," Sissy groaned. "What’s next?"

Wally had turned Sissy from reluctant to enthusiastic. Wally wanted to kiss Sissy, so he did. For almost an hour. He kissed her almost everywhere on her body and used his hands, legs, feet and cock to stimulate her entire body, except for her cock, balls and asshole. That was going to be dessert. She moaned as he licked and sucked her puffy nipples. They were a wonderful appetizer.

Lying on his back, Wally asked Sissy to get on her knees over him in reverse. She did so, letting her long hair tease his cock and balls. Sissy blew hot air on Wally’s cockhead. Then she squeezed the tip of his prickie with her manicured fingers. She giggled when her squeezing produced a thin stream of precum. "You’re leaking, Honey," she said.

Wally propped his head with two pillows and eased Sissy’s hips down so that her ass was covering his face. Her heinie was little, so he wasn’t smothered. It smelled wonderful, filled with the scent of soap, perfume and lust. He began by taking tiny love bites around her cheeks. She jumped a little with each one, but kept coming back for more. Then he licked the area around, but not in, her little starfish. It was very intimate and very sexy. Sissy squealed and giggled. Then he moved in for the prize. Sissy’s asshole was beauty itself. Firm and warm. Surrounded by sweet flesh that had felt no other tongues. He stuck his nose in and inhaled deeply. Sissy yelped and wiggled, then ground her ass on his nose for more. Withdrawing his nose, he took his first lick. "Eeek!" Sissy said. Then, "More. More." Sissy stopped fooling with Wally’s prick and concentrated her thoughts on his tongue, which seemed to have gained about two inches of headway into her sweet, untouched asshole. She drew in her breath loudly. "That’s…very…. nice," she groaned.

Wally licked and kissed and sucked for quite a while until he felt Sissy’s weight on him. The poor girl had fainted from pleasure and he hadn’t even fucked her yet.

Wally gently rolled her off him and kissed her awake. "Is this heaven?" she asked.

"No, and it’s not Iowa either," he said. "You’re in Camp and about to be fucked for the first time."

"Oh, goodie!" she said. "How do you want me?"

"Every way there is, but for now, I’m going to get on my back, you’re going to face me and ease yourself down on my prick at your own speed."

"OK, Sweetie."

"Now take it easy, Sissy. There may be some pain, but it will go away. Slowly, now."

Sissy straddled Wally’s hips and put his rock-hard cock at the entrance to her sanctuary. She squirmed in the first inch, and then had to stop. It didn’t hurt so much as it felt as if someone had given her a kick back there.

"Are you OK?" Wally said.

"Oh sure, Honey. Just taking your wise advice."

"I can do this," she said to herself.

Two more inches and she didn’t explode. That was easier. She felt full and very sexy, but she had three inches to go. She locked eyes with Wally.

"If it hurts, we can stop," he said.

"He’s so sweet," she thought. Her eyes were moist with love. Or pain. Or both. She trembled a bit, but was resolute. "No way," she said, and sat down on the rest of his cock.

"Ooh! That smarts," she thought. But the pain was only a sharp jab, followed by a wonderful feeling of love and intimacy. She clenched his cock and this time he was the one who wiggled and yelped. "Kiss me, Baby," she said, and leaned over to his mouth. They kissed and fucked. Fucked. Kissed. Then fucked some more. Sissy had two excellent Girlie-Os, drooling her cum on Wally’s chest and tummy. Then she felt Wally’s bad boy expand and boil over into her butt. He looked so sweet when he was coming, she thought. Since she was on top, gravity was their enemy and the cum ran out of her butt and soaked his thighs. Wally was a messy lad, and it was only 9 p.m. Sissy had big plans for the rest of the evening, beginning with a change of sheets and a warm bath together in the big, deep bathtub. For now, though, they were lying there kissing and saying lovey little things to each other.

Of course, the great irony was not lost on either of them. Here was a Camp that had Ward and June and even Wally. But there would never be any beaver.


Chapter 14 – The ice being broken…

The G-Ones looked at their daily schedules that were slipped under their door on day four and saw something new – free time. In fact the whole day was free time. It was suggested, however that they take some time to meet and discuss things with their girl friends, go shopping and have their hair done. Tonight was to be the first of weekly dances.

Molly was naked, sitting sideways on Tim’s lap, riding his cock up her ass, and thinking about a) how good it felt, b) how good it appeared to feel to Tim and c) what she would wear to the dance that night. She also needed the right shoes and the right accessories. She was not going to show up looking like some goof.

Tim was starting to sweat and grunt a bit, so she turned her attention to the meat up her keyster. Every now and then, she would squeeze her ass muscles and he would react visibly. Being a girl is wonderful, she thought. You get to wear pretty things. Boys lust for you. You get fucked whenever, however and by whomever you want. And you’re in control of the whole thing.

Molly threw her arms around Tim and French kissed him sweetly. She breathed in his ear. "You have the best cock in Camp. I want to feel your cum in me. Will you do that? For me?"

Then she sucked his earlobe. The poor guy was toast. "Unnnh," he said. "Here it is, for you." And shot three respectable globs up her pretty little bottom.

"Oh, thank you." Kiss. "Thank you." Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. "You’re a wonderful lover! I want to carry that cum around with me for a while, so please don’t pull out yet. Can you help me cum too?"

Tim was happy to do so, but with his softening cock up Molly’s ass, his options were limited. Spitting on his hand, he began a sweet foreskin massage on Molly. Leaning over, he began to suck on her puffy right nipple. With all the sucking, Camp girls’ nipples seem to grow and puff up and they erect at the drop of a lewd suggestion. Molly liked what Tim was doing. She cooed and wiggled, almost unseating Tim’s little friend. The wiggling created a friction that resurrected the anal assailant and soon Tim was pounding Molly’s posterior again as he wanked her and kissed her little titties. The triple assault was too much for the young charmer and she gave up another tribute to Love that oozed over Tim’s fingers and onto the floor.

Tim eased Molly down to the floor on all fours and finished off what is the Surgeon General’s recommended way to start every day. Two strong doses of anal fucking to paralyzing climax.

And that’s what to do when the schedule says free time.


Chapter 15 – First Dance Day

The G-Ones met for breakfast in the dining hall. The stories they told! Each had been buttfucked at least twice and they all adored it. Each had found true love, at least until their new dates tonight. Each used Camp Cream and did their anal exercises so they wouldn’t have saggy sphincters. Each was happy to be at Camp.

Molly noticed that the girls were starting to wear dresses, not just the schoolgirl blouses and skirts. And five of the girls had ditched the frilly socks and knee socks for stockings and short heels. Their legs looked great and Molly vowed that she would be wearing stockings from now on. Pantyhose were banned from Camp as an infernal invention that hides the thighs and panties and makes the critical act of panty removal more difficult and less sexy. Anyway, it was dresses, pretty stockings and heels from now on for all of them.

If the boys only knew how girls compared the boys’ cocks and employment of same. The boys were, of course, in a simultaneous, similar caucus about the new girls. The boys would be playing sports today and rebuilding their sperm resources as the Camp girls, G-One, Two and Three, shopped and primped for tonight’s tribal ritual.

The Camp Store was amazingly well stocked in every frilly, femmy item you could imagine. And it was all free to Campers.

Molly selected a simple, black, knee-length party dress that the very helpful sales woman suggested as appropriate for her age and body. She added some darling shoes, three-inch-high-heeled strappy sandals; some black stockings; a pair of 14k hoop earrings; a little party handbag and a gold chain. That should turn some heads and stiffen some cocks, she thought.

Flushed with success from shopping, Molly and the girls went to the Camp beauty parlor for their appointments. They received excellent manicures and pedicures and had their hair washed and set. Tina and Gina went blond. It looked good on them and tended to make Tina less cheap-looking.

After a light lunch, the girls retired to their rooms for a nap. No sex until tonight to mess up the hair and nails.

The weekly dance was the only time all the campers got together very week, so it was a very big deal. Meals were well attended, but some Campers, in the middle of some serious fucking, will stay in their rooms to eat or will skip a meal for other forms of protein exchange. Church is fully attended, but 60 percent go to Protestant services and 40 to Catholic.

It would also be the first time that the G-Ones had interacted with any G-Threes or B-Threes. Those sixteen- and seventeen-year-olds seemed to be doing who-knows-what since the G-Ones had been there.

Molly woke at five and went to work on her appearance. She wanted to make an impression, but didn’t want to look like Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver. She bathed in the big, deep tub, soaping and rinsing every inch of her luscious body. She patted her tender skin dry, then powdered and perfumed herself, becoming a sensual feast. Feeling naughty, she played with her nipples until they erected, then rouged them lightly.

Putting on her lingerie made Molly very randy. It was her first time for both black stockings and a garter belt. The tug of the straps as she moved was sensually stimulating enough, but the sight of herself in a black bra, stockings, garter belt and high-heeled, strappy sandals, looking like a French postcard of a 12-year-old Lolita with a cock was a thrill she was eager to share with tonight’s lucky winner, whoever that may be. What a wonderful feeling to know that you would be fucked expertly, have and give several orgasms, not worry about STD, pregnancy or parent rage! And you had no idea who your date would end up being.

After a light nosh of salad, Molly finished dressing and went to Gina’s room. They had agreed to walk to the dance together. Gina looked stunning too, with her new blond hair all curled up, and white party dress. She looked like a little girl dressed up for one of those JonBenet competitions and she looked scrumptious. Molly clearly still had boy urges and girl urges, because her hormones were telling her to whip out her weenie, throw Gina on the bed and fuck her. Camp can be confusing, all right.

Mincing slowly and clacking along in the unfamiliar heels, Molly and Gina talked about their expectations for that evening. "You look great, Gina," Molly said. "You’ll be down on your knees taking some B-Three’s cock down your throat within an hour."

"Stop kidding, Molly. "You know we can’t fuck any of the B-Threes until the fourth week. And no B-Twos until next week."

"True, Gina, but that leaves eight B-Ones we haven’t sampled yet. Maybe we should take them on all at once."

"That’s big talk, Honey," Gina said. "I’m just looking to get through this dance OK. The thought of seeing all the Campers in one place is pretty intimidating to me. What if they think we’re nerds? It could be a rough six summers."

Molly hadn’t even thought of that, but suddenly she thought of nothing else. They arrived at the dance hall and Molly saw all the beautiful young girls in lovely dresses and gowns and handsome young boys in white dinner jackets. "I shouldn’t be here," she thought. "I’m over my head. I should have worn white. I should have gone blond. I’m too skinny. I’m too fat. No one will like me. I look like a boy. I’m too girly to be a boy any more. They think I’m queer. They think I’m a dork." Molly felt flushed and felt tears coming on. She raced for the ladies room and ran into a stall, locking the door. She began sobbing.

After a minute or two, Molly heard Gina’s sweet voice through the door. "It’s all right, Honey. It’s all right."

Molly heard another femmy voice say, "Who’s in there?"

"It’s Molly. I’m Gina, her friend."

"Pleased to meet you, Gina. I’m Lori, a G-Three. Now who is Molly’s big sister?"

"Mary Beth."

"I’ll speak to Molly. Now please go find Mary Beth and bring her here."

Gina quickly agreed and ran as fast as three-inch heels can take you.

"Molly! It’s Lori. I want to help you. Can you unlock the door, Sweetie?"

A pathetic, "OK," and she did.

Lori stepped in and hugged her. "It’s OK, Molly. We’ve all been there. You’re having an anxiety attack."

Rapid breath. "I…" Sob…Rapid breath…"am?"

"Calm down, Honey. Now come over here to the big sink and mirror. That’s a good girl. Now you’ve had a wonderful time at Camp so far, haven’t yet, haven’t you?"

Rapid breath. "Yes…" Sob…Rapid breath…Head nod…

"And you were fucked in your pretty asshole and swallowed boys’ cum and shot out a lot of your own cum, didn’t you?"

Another affirmative.

And you swallowed cum and licked it and liked it, right?"

"Oh, yes. Very much." Smaller sob.

"But now that you see everyone together you’re worried that you won’t be good enough and that you won’t be a good enough boy or girl, right?"

"How did you know?" Louder, racking sobs.

"Because four years ago tonight I was in here crying about the same things and a G-Three was kind and helped me."

"But you’re so beautiful and confident."

"Thank you. You’re right and I’m one heck of a stud on the boy side too. You’ll find the best of your boy and girl sides through Camp. Now look at yourself and me. What do you see?"

Sniffle. "Two pretty girls all dressed up."

"Two very pretty girls. What do boys want to do with girls like us?"

"Pull our pretty panties down. Bend us over and fuck our sissy asses."

"One hundred percent correct. Now lift up your skirt for me in the front. That’s it. Oh what lovely panties you’re wearing and those black stockings and garter belt are mega-teasers."

Sniffle. "Thank you."

"May I pull your panties down and see what’s in the goody basket?"

Eagerly, "OK"

"What a pretty little pricklet and pink ball sac! It’s all limp, though because you’ve been crying. Look how long and wrinkled your foreskin is. It covers the head completely and looks like a wilted flower. May I touch it?"

More eagerly, "OK."

Now look at yourself in the mirror. You can see that you’re a pretty girl that ALL the boys want to fuck. But let’s make sure that your boy urges are still there. A pretty girl is going to masturbate you and you’re going to watch the two pretty girls in the mirror and think about how a boy would react to those girls."

Lori skinned Molly’s sweet little jewel expertly. She whispered little things to Molly about how pretty the girls in the mirror were and when Molly becomes a boy again how he can be one of the Camp’s great panty removers. Molly’s breathing changed from gasping to orgasmic. Lori said, "That’s right, Honey, just shoot all that anxiety up on the mirror." And Molly did. In big globs.

"Unnh," she said. "So good!…Thank you, Lori. You’re a wonderful angel."

Lori smiled sweetly.

Just then, Mary Beth and Gina burst in. Mary Beth saw Lori, Molly’s pretty panties at half mast and the globs of cum on the mirror and saw that the situation was under control. "I came as quickly as I could," she said. "Actually, Tony came as quickly as he could. I was giving him a little tension reliever over by the punch bowl." Another fast rule of Camp is that an orgasm will only be interrupted in matters of life or death.

"That’s OK, Mary Beth," Molly said. "You’re wonderful to me and I love you. Lori helped me get over my anxiety attack. Uh, Mary Beth?"

"Yes, Molly?."

"You look gorgeous tonight, but you have a big blob of cum on your nose, mouth and chin."

"Oh, right. That Tony!. He’s no Jason, who’s my man, don’t forget, but he can sure sling the jizz. It looks kind of nice, though, don’t you think?"

"No Camp girl has ever had pimples," Lori said.

Mary Beth and Molly freshened up and all four girls moved back to the dance floor, drawing fond stares from the lads.

"I’m so thirsty," Molly said, and three B-Ones dashed for the punch. Peter got back to Molly first and Darwin was right again. The B-One survivor was the fittest. Peter had fair skin and big blue eyes that Molly thought could peer into a girl’s soul. Or at least into her panties.

"You’re beautiful, tonight, Molly," Peter said.

"Thank you, Peter. You’re very handsome too."

"Thanks." Peter beamed. "Would you like to dance?"

"Yes, thank you, Peter."

Molly’s Mom had taught Kevin to dance and she never knew why until tonight. Everyone in the place could dance. Sometimes Molly felt as if her whole life had been programmed to succeed at Camp. Oh well, she thought. There are worse things.

Peter and Molly glided around the floor to a recording of Fred Astaire singing Cole Porter’s "Night and Day." Like Ginger Rogers, Molly was challenged by having to dance backwards and in heels, but she did beautifully.

Peter and Molly danced six more dances and they fit together very well. When small talk ran out, Peter asked Molly if he could walk her back to her room, which is Camp code for, "Can I take you somewhere and fuck your brains out?" Molly said, yes, please, which is Camp code for, "Yes, please. Take my precious panties off and fuck me silly."

Codes communicated, they moved into Molly’s room. The garter belt was tugging at Molly’s stockings and Molly wanted to show Peter how sexy she looked in black scanties. Peter removed his white jacket and hung it up very carefully. "You’re a wonderful dancer, Molly," he said.

"So are you."

"I’ll bet you’re a good kisser too."

"Why don’t you see for yourself?"

"OK. Mmmh. I’m right. You’re a great kisser and your lipstick tastes wonderful."

"My tonsils taste better," she said.

Peter’s tongue tried to find out.

Things getting too hot for further discussion, Molly removed her dress and slip, leaving her black lingerie and sexy high-heel sandals. Peter stripped down to Peter. Molly quivered with lust. Her ears were hot and her hormones were cascading through her body. Her pretty prick had grown to its full height and its purple head was peeking out over her sweet panties. In the first of what would be many surprises, Peter fell to his knees and licked Molly’s package through her panties. He ran his hands up and down her stockinged legs. Leaving the panties in place, he licked at the exposed cockhead as if it were a lollipop. Then he reached through Molly’s panties by her bottom and snaked a finger down the crack and into her asshole. The licking of her cockhead and the little wiggler stirred Molly’s passions. Peter’s pleasure was enhanced by the wonderful smells form Molly’s tummy – perfume, powder, soap and sweet little girl.

"Do you like this, Molly?" Lick. Lick. Wiggle.

"Eek! Unhhh!" Whimper.

"I thought so. Now it’s time for you to cum all over your cute panties, then we can take them off and do other things." Lick. Second finger wiggle.

"Ohhh! Keep do… Ohhh!" and Molly drooled out her cum onto her panties and into Peter’s perfectly positioned mouth.

"That’s delicious, Molly." Gulp. Swallow. "Your sweet-little-girl cum is the best-tasting stuff there is. May I take your panties off now?"

Molly’s legs were weak, especially trying to balance in her heels. "I’ll just sit down first on the bed."

Sensuously, Peter rolled Molly’s panties down her black-stockinged legs and over her high-heeled shoes. He sniffed their fragrance, then licked the cum drops off them. "Lie back now, Honey and let me love you properly.

Molly was totally relaxed and had surrendered completely. The agenda was Peters’s. First, he removed Molly’s shoes and massaged her feet. "Is that good?" he asked.

"Very good," she groaned.

After several minutes of foot massage, Peter began to suck the toes of her right foot through the stockings. Another new sensation for Molly and a good, though strange one. Then the left one. It was nice, but tickly, Molly thought.

Peter licked his way up her stockinged legs to her tummy. He licked her innie belly button until she giggled. Then the licking proceeded to her puffy nipples. "Did you rouge these?" he asked. Molly grunted. "I like that," Peter said.

Peter was an excellent nipple-licker. Molly was jumping out of her skin and her nipples and stiffie were as hard as diamonds. Peter sensed this and, continuing the exquisite nipple torture, frigged her diddler. The nipples would never give up milk, but Molly’s cock had a dairy full of cream. She wriggled with delight and gave up her third load of the evening. This creamy emission spurted up to her garter belt and one glob hit Peter’s cheek as he sucked her tittie.

"Ow!" he said, and Molly giggled.

Breathing heavily, Molly said, "Please fuck me now, Peter. I’m all lubed up back there."

"I always like to fulfill a lady’s request," Peter said, and gently rolled her onto her stomach.

The little love would raise an octogenarian’s prick. Her long, black hair came down on her creamy shoulders. Black stockings and a pretty, lacy garrter belt framed her gorgeous ass. She was squirming and moaning with lust. Her angel face was looking back in anticipation of a big cock entering her ass.

Peter kissed and licked her ass cheeks. He parted them and saw the objective – a brown, hairless, wrinkled spot that didn’t look as if a finger could enter, let alone a boy’s best friend. Peter straddled Molly and, supporting his weight on his elbows, laid his chest on her back. He moved his head to the right so that he could kiss her neck, then her face cheeks, then her mouth. Then, with little warning, he plunged his prick into her lubricated ass.

"Ooh!" Molly said. It was awf…wonderful. The quick entry was so nasty. Peter’s hands were busy on every bit of Molly he could reach. She ground her ass back at him for all he had. And he had quite a bit.

Peter fucked Molly exquisitely for 12 minutes, but even heroes have limits. He gasped, moaned and flooded Molly’s butthole with eight globs of goo. Molly screamed with joy. She loved Camp.


Chapter 16 -- The fourth Sunday

Three weeks and one day later, Molly was sitting on a chair outside Gina’s room. They had become fast friends and were going to walk to Mass together that Sunday morning. Molly was wearing a pink dress with white polka-dots, pink stockings held up by a frilly, pink garter belt with white bows, pink stiletto pumps, white gloves, a small pink clutch and a big straw hat. The girls did like to dress up for church.

Time had passed very agreeably for all the Campers and the G-Ones felt right at home. They had spent mornings filled with sports such as swimming, tennis and self-defense, acting classes, voice classes for that lifelong femmy voice and singing and musical instrument lessons. Their early afternoons were spent in getting to know the other girls in their and other year groups through games, group projects and girl talk. Their late afternoons, evenings, nights and early mornings were spent in screaming, moaning, squealing, wriggling, and crying for more oral, anal, and whole-body sex with the most skilled teenage fuckers on the planet, Camp boys.

While some of the G-Ones had already formed solid links with a single boy, Molly and Gina were still shopping around. Molly was so pretty and so enthusiastic that every boy in Camp wanted to fuck her.

Sissy and Wally were clearly soulmates and her year sisters knew it had to do with their history of secret dressing. Although Sissy was locked to Wally on odd nights, she still experimented every even night, and so did Wally. Those were the Camp Rules.

The wildest of the bunch, five-foot-tall-and-full-of-fire Tina, had settled in with B-One Ron, who everyone knew had the biggest cock of the 13-year-olds. Tina walked funny the morning after a five-time-buttfuck night with Ron, but she seemed very happy.

Molly liked all the B-Ones and had sampled the B-Twos, but today was the first day G-Ones were allowed to date B-Threes. Drawn to the flame, Molly had her heart set on six-foot-tall Nick. The 17-year-old was physically and emotionally in a different category than the 12-year-old G-One, but Molly wanted him. She had seen Nick at the dances, at Mass and at the beach. Nick had hair on his chest and he shaved. He had something big in his bathing-suit basket. And Molly wanted him.

Gina came out to greet Molly. "Am I late, Honey?" Gina asked.

"No, but let’s walk as fast as these three-inch-high leg-shapers and ass thrusters can carry us. How was your night?"

"Dreamy! Mark’s cum is running down my leg now and I can feel it. He insisted on one last one before Mass. He’s still in there cleaning up. How he gave it to me six times I’ll never know. I mean, he’s a B-Two. Isn’t he past his prime?

"I guess not," Molly said. "Dennis, my B-Two, was very nice too. He told me he was so excited to be with me that he didn’t have a date for the last two afternoons."

"Wow! What a sacrifice! Did it help?"

"I think so. He had his cock up my ass for over an hour, adding all three times I welcomed him in. I also sucked him off three times and the last one was almost as creamy as the first. On the last go-round, he said he was going to call me the Dairy Queen because of all the cream I delivered."

"Did you cum too, Molly?"

"Four times. Did you?"

"The same. Are you sore?

"A little, but it’s a nice sore. I don’t ever want this to end, Gina."

"I know, Honey. Camp will end some day, but what we learn here we can always use."

"You’re right. I’m not sure what that means yet, but I’ll figure it out. I’m going after Nick today, Gina"

"Good luck. He’s a hunk, all right. Did you put some vaginal jelly up your chute, just in case?"

"Douched and juiced, Gina. OK, let’s go in and get a good seat."

The girls sat in the third pew on the right, Molly on the end. As the opening song began, a boy asked Molly to slide over and let him sit on the end. It was Nick!

God does hear prayers, Molly thought.

Chapter 17 – Molly’s first B-Three

Molly and Nick strolled back to Molly’s room after church. It was a beautiful Sunday, but they were going inside. Nick was planning on being really inside, several times.

Molly was thinking about how Nick’s chest hair was going to feel on her nipples. Nick was thinking about how his eight-incher was going to feel in Molly’s tight love-box.

"I’ve been watching you, Molly. You’re stunningly beautiful and very sexy."

"Are you just saying that to get into my pretty panties, you fresh boy?"


Molly giggled.

"But I really believe it, too," he said.

"Of course you do, now kiss me the best way you know how"

That was a very good way indeed. His lips were soft and he licked her pink lipstick and tongued her palate. His hands were on her ass and he lifted her so that he didn’t have to bend to kiss her.

Molly swooned. "What else are you going to do to me, you bad boy?"

"All in good time, my sweet princess. All in good time."

Nick began to remove Molly’s clothing, carefully and slowly. He kept kissing her as he did so. When he began to remove her garter belt and stockings Molly stopped him. "If you take off my femmy things, I’ll look like a boy."

"You underestimate yourself, Honey. I look at you and see girl. I touch you and I feel girl. I want you in the buff."

"Oh…OK," Molly said. She was a little scared and a lot excited.

Nick undressed himself and they faced each other in the nude. Molly put her left hand over her cocklet and her right hand over her titties. She looked like a sweet little virgin confronted by a rampaging stud. It turned Nick on fire.

Reaching into his overnight bag, Nick pulled out a baby-food warmer and a large bottle of baby oil. He plugged the warmer in on the nightstand and filled it with oil. "We’re going to try something different, Buttercup," Nick said. He gently guided Molly over to the bed and laid her on her back. Reaching over to the baby-food warmer, he smeared warm oil on his hand and rubbed it on Molly’s tummy.

"Oooh!" the sweet little girl said. It was wonderful! When he smeared more on her titties, she also realized it was decadent and dirty. How wonderful! Nick’s talented hand moved to her legs, smearing warm oil up and down each. He took the time to oil and caress each toe and the area between them. He had not yet touched her privates.

"Turn over," he whispered, and she did. Molly’s shoulders got the warm oil rub with both of Nick’s hands, then he moved to her back. This was as good as it gets, Molly thought. If we fuck, that’s just icing. I already have the cake.

There would be no plain cakes that day. Molly groaned when the heated oil was applied to the cheeks of her derriere. She gasped when first one, then two, then three fingers oiled her innermost spot. Nick kept oiling that spot, paying particular attention to Molly’s prostate. Molly gurgled and cooed like a baby, then came like a grown-up. The sheets were now oiled and jizzed.

When Molly’s breathing had settled, Nick moved her to her back and began to kiss her as he used heated oil on Molly’s prick and balls. "This can’t be legal," she said. "It’s too good."

Suddenly, she got the urge to please Nick in like manner. She moved him to his stomach, oiling and massaging him, then flipped him on his back for more. When they were both totally oiled from the neck down, Nick surrounded her with his arms, kissed her and rubbed everything he had against everything she had. It was as if a bomb of passion had exploded. They wiggled and writhed and kissed and rubbed. Finally, Molly said, "Nick, I’m ready."

Nick stayed on his back and matched nipples with Molly. Nick’s chest hair and the oil had made Molly’s titty bumps very erect. "Let’s put little Nick where he belongs," Molly said. Nick had an enormous schwannstucker, but Molly was oiled, slicked and prepared. Straddling her lover as he reclined, Molly eased his big cock into her tight hole. Her own cock did two things. It shrank from the shock of anal insertion and then it shot big globs of cum from the incessant stimulation. Three greasy ropes of cum, then four, five, six, leaped from Molly’s cock and fell on Nick’s oiled chest and surprised face. Molly screamed with pleasure. Nick ignored his cummy condition and grabbed Molly’s hips. Molly bounced up and down on Nick’s poker, grunting and sweating. She felt as if she needed to make the biggest poop of her life, but that pleasure would come later. Up. Down. Updown. Updown. Molly locked eyes with Nick and leaned over to kiss him. She wiggled her tight buns and nipped his cockhead with her ass muscles. Nick was in heaven. He felt a little pinch in his stomach. Then a bigger pinch in his balls. Then he reached the point of no return. He moved inside her faster and she picked up his rhythm. Ten pre-orgasmic strokes. Then fifteen during orgasm. Nick’s "little death" triggered one for Molly. She screamed and moaned and once again gave Nick a long-range facial. Nick grinned with pleasure. She screams and shoots cum three feet. I’m in love, Nick thought.

Nature forced Nick’s cock out of Molly’s butt. She lay down to snuggle with him. "He came in here clean and is covered with oil and my cum, she thought. I’m so proud."

Molly’s asshole was sore from the biggest cock she had ever had and she had to poop badly. "Excuse me, Honey," she said.

"I don’t want you to go," Nick said.

"Then come with me."

Molly and Nick went into her bathroom. She sat on the toilet and started to pee. What a relief! She could feel Nick’s cum oozing from her butthole and the poop following it. Nick was fascinated. "What a girl! You really can share private moments with a lover."

"I can do better than that," Molly said and she stuffed his poop-juice-stained cock in her mouth as she was expelling a load of her own excrement.

"This is so nasty," Nick said.

Nick was a mouthful. Molly’s cocksucking skills were put to the test and she got an A+. She licked and sucked Nick’s big cockhead, rolling it around on her tongue from her perch on the toilet. She gave little appreciative moans and grunts as Nick groaned with pleasure. Molly picked up the intensity and Nick’s monster spewed its cum, all over Molly’s cute nose and mouth. It drooled down her chin and fell onto her stiffie. She stood up, flushed the toilet and bent over, showing Nick her ass. "Clean me, Sweetie," she said.

Nick was horrified and very aroused. This was a new one after six years in Camp and it came from a G-One. Suddenly, it seemed like a wonderful idea. Nick got on his knees and licked out Molly’s oil- and poop- and cum-stained ass. She was shocked that he did it. So was he. It made them both mad with lust. Molly shivered with pleasure. Nick licked deeper and she shoved back her ass for more. Nick wiggled his tongue and Molly came in buckets, all over the bathroom wall. Her knees buckled and she fell to the floor. "Wow!" They both said.

"How about a bath?" Molly said.

"Good idea," Nick said, and he ran the water in the big tub.

"Are you seeing anyone over the next 30 years or so?" Nick asked.

Molly giggled. "I like you."

Chapter 18 – Some secrets revealed

"So what do the B-Threes and G-Threes do all day?" Molly asked Nick. They were lying in a tub of hot, sudsy water after washing each other until they squeaked.

"We’re in tape production," Nick said.

"What kind of tapes?

"Documentaries about Camp and the life we lead here. Also tapes that feature Campers, but are not about Camp."

"By documentaries, do you mean actual tape of us Campers?"

"Something like that."

"But I’ve never seen a camera. What are you tapeing?"

Then Nick slipped. "You wouldn’t see a camera, Honey."

"You mean they’re hidden? There are hidden cameras here taking pictures of us?"

"Almost every move you make."

"You licking the poop off my ass just now, that was on tape?"

"I’m sure it was."

Molly paused. "That’s humiliating. Doesn’t it bother you?"

"Actually, I stopped thinking about the cameras a few minutes after I heard about them, Molly. Nothing’s free in life. The tapes we make finance the Camp and help Campers in their lives."

Molly considered that. "Who sees these tapes?"

"Collectors with a lot of money."

"How much money?"

"A two-hour tape goes for ten to fifty thousand dollars. It’s the best pornography ever made and so much pornography is awful. It’s worth it."

"Isn’t it illegal?"

"In every country that has indoor plumbing."

"Then why haven’t the producers been caught?"

"That’s complicated. Money is power and power threatens and rewards. Our collectors know that if they turn over any of our tapes to the police or duplicate them they will suffer badly and perhaps die."

Molly was shocked. "The Camp has that power?"

"And then some. The buyers also know that we have marked the tapes in ways that will let us know by seeing any frame who is the owner of that particular print."

"We’re being taped or taped right now?"


"Where are the cameras?"

"I don’t know and I don’t care. It’s the right thing to do to keep this institution we love going."

Molly thought about it. "You’re right. Let’s fuck right here in the tub."

And they did.

Chapter 19 – The tape

Later that evening, Molly asked Nick about the tapes. "What are they like?"

"The candid ones that show actual people fucking and enjoying it are just like watching anyone fuck. The production values are excellent and collectors eat them up. The theatrical ones tell a story using Campers as actors."

"That’s why we get the acting lessons," Molly said. "What are the candid ones like?"

"There seems to be a market for everything we do here. We have a series on G-Ones’ first blowjobs, one on G-Ones’ first fucks. We have tapes of G-Ones getting dressed, making poop and getting facials."

"Something for everyone," Molly said.

"Everyone with money. I have one of those theatrical tapes with me, would you like to see it?"

Molly was excited. "Sure."

Nick went to his bag and pulled out "Sharing with the Class." "I’ll play it if you make popcorn first."

"Forget the popcorn and I’ll suck your cock while it plays," Molly said.

"Deal," Nick said.

Nick was naked. Molly had put on a pretty pink nightie, pink panties and pink stockings. She looked like the sexiest creature on the face of the earth.

The tape began. Teenagers, boys and girls, sitting in a high school math class. An attractive teacher in her early thirties is presenting material. She is wearing a black business suit, white blouse and black fuck-me pumps with five-inch heels. The tape quality is Hollywood.

A boy in the back row leans over to whisper to a cute girl wearing a short skirt, tan nylons and penny loafers. The teacher stops talking. "Megan!"

"Yes, ma’am," the cutie-pie says.

"What was Tommy saying to you then? Please share it with the class."

"Yes, Miss Johnson. Tommy was telling me his love and how gloriously he’s going to fuck me after school."

The children and teacher look stunned. "That’s what he said, Megan?"

"Yes, Miss Johnson."

"And will he? Fuck you gloriously, I mean?"

"Oh yes, Miss Johnson. Tommy’s the best fucker in the school!"

"Then why don’t you share that with the class?" Miss Johnson says and sweeps everything off her desk. "Right here."

Megan and Tommy look at each other, nod, and say, "OK."

Megan gets on the desk on her back. Tommy lifts her skirt to reveal precious white cotton panties, bulging mysteriously. "Why Megan, what a big cock you have!" The viewer thinks. Tommy pulls down her panties, warms her up appropriately and gives Megan a first-class shagging. The other kids get in the spirit and start pairing up and fucking each other. The camera moves around and discovers that everyone has a cock, including Miss Johnson, who, without a partner is forced to wank her own willie. Several beautiful orgasms and a gallon of cum later, only Miss Johnson is unfulfilled.

The door opens and it’s Principal Skinner. "Elaine!" he says to Miss Johnson. "Can’t you keep discipline up here?"
"I’ve been bad. Are you going to spank me?"

"I certainly am." Skinner sits in a wooden chair. "I’d better take my pants off because you ruined them the last time I spanked you. Now lift that skirt, pull those panties down and get over my lap."

Miss Johnson does, whimpering a little and asking him to be gentle. Her cock is between his bare thighs and her lovely ass is ready for his attention. Whack! He hits her and she squeaks. More whacks and her cheeks turn rosy. They are both clearly enjoying this. Elaine’s cock gets a good rub between Skinner’s thighs on every swat and soon it’s too much for the chastised educator. She groans and shoots a big wad all over Skinner’s thighs.

Skinner has, of course, become very excited about this and says to Elaine, "Sit on my lap, Miss Johnson and let’s discuss the future."

Elaine sits on his lap and begins to wank Skinner’s cock.. "I don’t know much about the future, but I know what’s going to happen if I keep doing this."

Skinner kisses Elaine and says he’s sorry he spanked her. She slips to her knees and whips a killer blow-job on him. He comes in her face. Kids cheer. Fade to black.


As the tape ended, Molly and Nick were sitting side by side, cuddling. Molly’s face was covered with Nick’s cum, but she didn’t want to miss any of the movie. "Academy Award!" Molly said.

"Your blowjob or the movie?"
"Both," Molly said happily.


Chapter 20 – Molly’s first group


"How about a double date tonight?" Gina asked Molly one day during the fifth week of Camp.

"What does that mean?" Molly asked.

"Jimmy and I will be in my room at 7, you bring a date and we’ll explore the possibilities."

"OK. Can I bring Chuck if he’s free?"

"You can bring Uncle Ward if you want. Just be there."

"Wow," Molly thought. "My first double date."

Molly had seen groups on the Camp movies that Nick had shown her during their frequent, enthusiastic encounters. They looked a bit athletic for her tastes, but you have to try new things.

Chuck was free and eager for the opportunity. He was the only B-One who had not yet sampled Molly’s favors and he was very sad about it. Nothing wrong, with the Chuckster; scheduling just never seemed to match up, because he had an every other day thing with Jenny, Molly’s newly blond yearmate. Jenny swore by Chuck and that was good enough for Molly.

They met at Molly’s at 6. She wanted a little "get-to-know-you" meeting before the double date and they had a pleasant but brief conversation. As it happened Molly was wearing a very sexy, slit mini-dress with five-inch heels and Chuck couldn’t keep her eyes off her exposed stocking tops. The excited young fellow was almost drooling so Molly took pity on him.

"OK. No kissing or BJs yet because I don’t want to mess up my make-up before the double date, but I’m all lubed back there if you want a quickie."

Chuck leaped at the offer. Molly stood in those big heels and bent over, steadying herself on the vanity table. "All yours, Sailor, but don’t make a mess."

Chuck flipped up the skirts, peeled her panties down and slid his 13-year-old cock into the heavenly pit. "You’re adorable, Molly," Chuck said. Camp wouldn’t be Camp without you."

"Flattery will get you laid all night, Chuck. Now don’t get me too excited. I don’t want to mess up my dress."

"I can fix that," Chuck said. He reached around and held up her skirts in the front away from her pricklet with one hand and wanked her with his other hand.

"Jenny was right. You are a naughty boy," Molly said, and gave into the sensations.

Each had a rousing orgasm and nothing was messed up. Except for the vanity table that was covered with goo. Chuck’s cum was running out of Molly’s ass and down both her creamy thighs. She said that will just add to tonight’s fun and off they went to Molly’s first mini-orgy.

Gina greeted them at the door. "Hi Molly and Chuck. Is that cum running down your thighs, Molly? You bad girl."

"Is that cum running down your thighs, Gina, you very bad girl?"

They giggled.

"I guess neither of us could wait. This is going to be fun!" Gina said.

"Hi Jimmy!" Molly and Chuck said.

Jimmy smiled brightly. "Is it hot in here or is it me?"

They all took the hint to strip. The boys got down to the buff and the girls to their underwear, black stockings and very high-heeled shoes.

"It’s a big bed and a short night," Chuck said. "Shall we?"

Everyone moved to the bed. "Sit down, boys," Gina said and they docilely did.

Gina got on her knees in front of Jimmy and Molly knelt before Chuck. The boys knew that killer blowjobs were coming and their cocks rose to the challenge. Molly started slowly, working Chuck’s foreskin up and down. Chuck leaned over to kiss her mouth. Gina moved in for the cum. Molly was so fascinated to watch Gina at work that she almost stopped frigging Chuck. All three watched a mistress of cocksucking ply her craft, though Jimmy seemed to enjoy it most. Gina licked and kissed every square millimeter of Jimmy’s pubic region. She lovingly sucked each ball, then bathed each in warm saliva. Jimmy groaned with pleasure. Molly felt her own groin stir. Gina made playful love bites on the skin of Jimmy’s scrotum. He jumped, then pushed back for more. Gina licked and suckled Jimmy’s cockhead and tongued his pee-hole, as she stirred his stones gently and even squeezed them just a bit. "Aaaah," Jimmy articulated and groaned softly. Gina continued to lavish her love on Jimmy’s cock, moaning and even giggling girlishly when he reacted appreciatively. She stopped for a moment, applying a large amount of saliva to two of her lacquered, manicured fingers. Molly was as aroused as she had ever been as she watched Gina slip the two wet fingers up Jimmy’s asshole. Jimmy gulped. Gina giggled and said sexily, "I’m going to make the peace sign with those two fingers, Jimmy," then resumed sucking. Could she have done that? It didn’t matter, because she only wanted to work on Jimmy’s primary sex organ, his mind. Nanoseconds later, Jimmy bucked his hips slightly and came all over the sweet girl’s face. She giggled again as the cum rolled down her chin and onto her tummy and her pretty black garter belt. Jimmy fell back on the bed in silent prayer for the rapture he had just received. Then he popped up and kissed Gina lovingly. "Thank you." Kiss. "That was unbelievable." Kiss. "I love you." Kiss.

Molly was in shock. "I have seriously got to improve my technique," she thought. She also had some very strange and powerful feelings of lust for Gina. She wanted to make love to her, not as a boy, but both of them as girls. But she needed to think about that later. Right now she had to show Chuck that he hadn’t drawn an incompetent hag. Molly was a fast learner and gave Chuck a carbon copy of the blowjob they had just witnessed and added a nice twist. When Chuck began to ooze precum, Molly stopped fellating him, smeared the precum on her lips using her fingers, then gave Chuck a big pre-cum-loaded kiss. Yum! She then resumed sucking like a cum-starved waif. By Chuck’s apparent post-orgasmic paralysis, Molly’s work seemed to be on a par with Gina’s.

When the boys had been kissing the girls and sucking their pretend titties for several minutes, the girls surprised the boys by doing something unusual. They sat on the side of the bed, turned toward each other and began kissing hotly. They stopped for a moment and Gina looked at the gawking boys. "Any ideas, boys?" Gina asked, then began tongue excavation of Molly’s mouth again.

Jimmy and Chuck looked at each other, knowing they couldn’t have sex with or kiss each other. They came up with an elegant solution. They dropped to their knees and carefully removed the girls’ sweet panties. Then they began sucking off the girls. Jimmy slurped Gina’s cock and Chuck attacked Molly’s. "Oooh. That’s nice, boys. Keep it up," Molly said. She had never had her cock sucked while she was kissing. It was a wonderful feeling. Molly and Gina were enjoying each other immensely and the boys were cocksuckers of the highest order. The 60 Campers were the finest collection of cocksuckers the world had ever known.

Jimmy and Chuck were lost in fellation. They were stroking the girls’ stocking-encased legs. Gina moved her legs up on Jimmy’s shoulders and gently squeezed his head between her creamy thighs. Molly teased Chuck by poking her stiletto heels into his calves. Molly felt the signals first, told Chuck and kissed Gina more passionately. This pushed Gina’s buttons and she announced that she was about to lighten her balls imminently as well.

In an inspiration worthy of Camp history, Jimmy and Chuck stopped sucking. Each aimed their date’s cock at the other boy and sprayed the other’s face with their date’s big load of cum. The boys started laughing hard and soon the girls joined in. It was a moment worth a collector’s movie all its own.

At that moment in time, Jimmy and Chuck believed themselves to be the luckiest 13-year-old boys on earth. They were with two gorgeous, feminine, oversexed, enthusiastic 12-year-old girls who happened to have cocks. While the girls had no pussies and no tits, they also did not have periods, bad moods or large, angry fathers. They did not carry sexually transmitted diseases and could not become pregnant, so sex without numbing condoms was completely safe. There were no parents present to interfere or demand. No one would be "caught" having sex. While drugs, alcohol and smoking were forbidden, therefore never used, who needed them when you could have as many daily orgasms as your balls would permit?

A warm glow came over Jimmy as he held and kissed his sweet Gina on her large bed. Only inches away, Chuck and Molly were kissing and feeling and stroking and licking. Gina loved to have her tittie-bumps sucked and Jimmy obliged. The presence of the other couple made everything a bit more intense. Chuck moved behind Molly and slipped his talented tongue between her asscheeks. He lavishly laved Molly’s heinie-hole and she wiggled and gasped like the sweet little almost-cherry girl she was. Chuck gave Molly every inch of his love and then paused to enjoy complete insertion. Meanwhile, Jimmy was fucking Gina’s bubbly little butt. The girls were facing each other on the bed and the group moved together so that Molly and Gina were inches apart. The girls reached for each other and began kissing again, rubbing cocks and grabbing their girlfriend and their girlfriend’s lover. It was, from left to right, Jimmy and Gina facing right, Molly and Chuck, facing left. What a heap of lust it was. An hour later, there were eight empty balls, two sore assholes and four happy kids.


Chapter 21 – Girl Power

The next morning Molly was obsessed with lust for Gina. She wanted a blowjob like she saw and gave last night. But she also wanted to express her girlie love for Gina. Molly thought that it would be different without the boys around. The girls acted different with each other and Molly wanted to see what lesbian love would be like with her sweet best girlfriend.

After athletics that morning, Molly would have normally set up an afternoon date. Today she didn’t. She went back to her room, showered and made herself gorgeous. A red dress with tan stockings and very high heels.

"I wonder if Gina has a date," she wondered. Molly rang Gina

"Hi, Molly. I was just thinking of you. I’d like to see you, but I guess you have a date for this afternoon."

"No I don’t," Molly said hastily. Joy. Joy. "I’ll be right over."

Three minutes later, Gina opened her door to Molly. Gina was wearing a blue sleeveless dress with white polka dots, and white, very high-heeled shoes. She would have aroused anyone over the age of seven and breathing, male or female. Her blond hair was curled and styled and she had cute bangs. Molly’s cock throbbed in her panties.

"Molly, you look scrumptious," Gina said. "I want you so bad right now, but what about the Camp rules."

Molly’s first thought was to say fuck the rules and ravage Gina where she stood. But Gina was a stickler for rules and well she should be. They weren’t going to do something to get thrown out of Camp. But Molly was a budding attorney for sure, because she said, "I think we’re OK. Girl-girl love is permitted, but we shouldn’t deny the boys. That means no overnight dates. We can’t be exclusive either, so we can only do this every other day. Then, of course, we can’t use our cocks I each other’s bums either." Molly hoped the people watching this exchange on hidden camera were satisfied with that. If not, she was planning to put on a sex show with Gina that would sell more tape than there was in Hollywood.

Gina though about that for a second. No one came and threw them down a hole. She made one more statement for the record. "OK, but I still want to fuck those boys because that’s why we’re here."

Molly thought, you sweet little conniver! "I agree," she said.

"Molly, come on in and show me what’s under that red dress."

Molly and Gina proceeded to have a blissful afternoon of sweet sissy love.

When Molly and Gina were with the boys, they didn’t let all their femininity out. They felt it made them more vulnerable and gave up what control they had. When they were with each other, they were complete and utter sissy girls. Molly asked Gina for one of those world’s best blowjobs like she had seen last night. "Did you like it?" Gina asked proudly.

"It looked like Heaven on earth, Sweetie. Now pull my panties down, get on your knees and make me squeal."

Molly did more than squeal. She shrieked. She bent her arms up at the elbows, made little sissy fists, and shook them laterally. She wiggled her sissy ass. She shivered. She trembled with lust. She held out two limp wrists and stroked Gina’s hair. She moved so much she almost fell off her towering heels. She complimented Gina throughout, calling her Molly’s own sweet girl and telling her what a good girl she was. She moaned and even farted once with joy. Gina laughed at that. When the moment for the grand crisis arrived, her legs went limp and she screamed with passion and pleasure. Gina took half of Molly’s big load in her mouth and half on her face. Molly minced her way to the bed, lay back on it and pouted her lips for Gina to kiss. Gina, ever resourceful, scooped the cum off her own face with two fingers and used it to lube Molly’s tight, little butthole. Gina finger-fucked Molly slowly and luxuriously as she melted into Molly’s arm for a long kiss of love.

Molly was on fire with lust. She cried happy, sissy tears. She did her little sissy wiggles as she was being kissed and finger fucked and in a short while, without getting hard again, she gave up her goo in a delightful Girlie-O.

When Molly’s heaving breast calmed a bit, Gina withdrew her fingers from that warm, poopy place and gave them to Molly to lick clean. Dirty, dirty, dirty!

Making love to Gina was so different from making love to boys. Boys were good lovers, but they weren’t as soft, didn’t smell as nice, and weren’t as pretty. They could and did buttfuck you, however, which gave them an overall edge.

Molly returned all of Gina’s love that day and when Gina spewed her love essence into Molly’s mouth and onto her nose and chin, Molly formed a perfect cum bubble with her pouty, lip-glossed mouth. She popped the bubble and pouted for a big, cummy kiss.

That day, the girls resolved that whenever they were en femme together, for the rest of their lives, they would make love. They were restricted now by Camp rules, but after graduation, they wouldn’t have to date on afternoons of alternate days and they could fuck each other’s sissy asses until they both fainted if they wanted to. They shivered deliciously at the thought.


Chapter 22 – The Sixth Dance

For some reason that the older campers wouldn’t share with the G-Ones, there was something special about the sixth weekly dance.

Since the dances were the only place all six yeargroups got together, they were very important to the Camp culture. The girls loved them because it gave them a chance to dress up in party or prom dresses. The boys loved them because the girls looked great and dressing up seemed to make everyone even more randy. Dances were also a time to meet and greet other Campers and get to know them.

The sixth dance started off the same as the others. There was plenty of glitz, glamour and dancing. punctuated by public sex acts by those who felt the urge more strongly than others or perhaps merely had less self-control. When the G-Ones asked why this was different, they were told that the second part of the dance would be a "mixer."

Well, that was strange, because bodily fluids had been mixing for five and one-half weeks now. Of course, not everyone knew everyone else yet, so tonight maybe they would all "meet" someone new.

At 8:30, the music stopped and Uncle Ward stepped to the microphone. "Welcome to the annual mixer everyone. It should be a great time for all. Will those of you who choose not to participate, please let G-Three Holly, who is standing by the punch bowl, know? We’re assuming that all the G-Ones will participate because they are curious as all get-out at this point. Here’s what happens. Participating girls will remove their dresses and slips. It’s a warm night anyway. You will then be given a number and asked to go into the other large room where we have added some things for tonight. There is a mirror covering one wall and ten king-sized beds, shoved against that wall side-by-side. Participating girls will line up in order of number, left to right and kneel at the foot of the bed, all in a row. So if everyone participates, we will have thirty beautiful girls in lingerie, stockings and very high heels, on their knees with their pantied, sissy asses all pointing at the door. You’ll be looking at the big mirror and you will see your boy partners come in and take their places behind you. It will be someone with whom you have not yet been intimate. You will remain in that position until he lubricates and buttfucks you at least once. You’ll be able to watch, in the mirror, not only yourself being fucked, but also up to 29 of the other girls. It’s very exciting and it’s the collector’s tape hit of every year. After the initial encounter, you can move around the room and do as you wish, using the beds, the carpeted floor. You can even go back to your room if you want, but I seriously doubt anyone will do that. You may want to use the ladies room now, girls, and touch up your makeup. When you’re done, please hang your dress, put it on that rack and see Holly for your number. Any questions?" There were none.

"A full-blown, big-league orgy," Molly whispered to Gina.

"Isn’t this exciting?" Gina replied.

"I’m nervous," Sissy said.

"I’m horny," Tina said. "I hope I get a B-Three with a big cock."

"Maybe you’ll get Chad," Sissy said helpfully.

"Hanging Chad has the biggest cock in Camp and he’s been too popular to see me so far," Tina said. "Maybe tonight I win the lotto."

Molly thought, "That Tina. Barely five feet tall and more adventurous and hornier than any of us. I hope she gets her wish."

Gina said, "After the first buttfuck, it’s every girl for herself. Good luck girls!"

The four hugged and kissed each other for luck.

Logistics completed, the girls took their places. It appeared that all 30 girls and all 30 boys were game for tonight. The four G-One friends drew good numbers, near the center, so that they could be caught up in the heart of the orgy, that is, mixer.

Uncle Ward and two of the other male counselors came by to issue a tube of lube to each girl and, with some ceremony, to peel down each girl’s pretty panties below her cheeks. When he came to Molly’s precious pink panties, he seemed to have some difficulty. "Were those Uncle Ward’s fingers I just felt up my asshole?" the sweet girl wondered. She glanced at Uncle Ward, who smiled at her secretly and licked his fingers. "I wonder what he’s like in the sack?" Molly thought, "Or is he just a sniffer? Oh well."

Each girl’s number was on a large post-it note attached to her butt. What a sight greeted the naked boys when they came into the room! Thirty gorgeous, wiggling asses, attached to the world’s randiest and most sexually adept teen and almost-teen girls.

Molly looked to her left and her right. It was an incredibly stimulating sight. Thirty eager honeys waiting to be buttfucked for starters and ready for anything non-violent after that. Molly quivered with lust. Everyone in the place, boys and girls, looked good enough to eat.

Two girls to Molly’s left, Chad lined up behind Tina. Tina was ecstatic and a little scared. Chad was packing some pork and knew his way around a girl’s asshole.

Molly was relieved when she saw Craig behind her. He was a nice B-Two with whom Molly had spoken a few times. "It appears Craig is about to slam his cock up my ass and keep it there until lots of good things happen," Molly thought.

"Hi, Molly," Craig said. "How are you tonight?"

"Vacant at the moment, but you’re about to correct that, big boy," the little flirt said.

"I can fix part of that right now," Craig said. Craig didn’t need no stinking lube when his tongue would serve as an excavator, lubricator and stimulator.

"Oooh. Lick me, Sweetie," Molly moaned. She wanted to concentrate on that magnificent tongue in her ass, but was drawn to observe the licking and lubing her 29 sisters were getting as well.

Craig had a long and talented tongue and longer fingers. Molly’s rosebud welcomed his wet advances. He knew all the access codes. Ten minutes into his expedition, a soft horn sounded and every boy stopped appetizers and moved to the entrée. Slowly Craig entered Molly—step-by step, inch-by-inch. And the other 29 boys were entering simultaneously.

Molly heard a loud grunt and a soft sob. She looked to her left and saw little Tina taking in the Camp whopper. Chad had done his best to prepare her, but it was ten pounds of cock in a five-pound asshole. Tina was crying – that was a first – but smiled at Molly when she saw her. She called back to Chad to "Keep moving forward, Sweetie." Chad did and was rewarded with the tightest fuck of his young life. Tina was very pleased with herself, but knew she’d be sleeping on her stomach and standing to eat for a while.

Chad kissed Tina’s neck and her mouth when she turned her head. "That was very brave, Tina," Chad said.

"We’ll" grunt "talk" moan "later," Tina said. "Let’s" gasp "fuck" squeal "now."

"Can do, Honey," Chad said and shagged her exquisitely. Chad reached around Tina’s waist and twiddled with her foreskin. The shock of entry wilted Tina’s weenie, but it was very sensitive and very appreciative of Todd’s anal and manual efforts.

Molly looked in the mirror and saw thirty rapturous faces of girls being well shtupped. Their lovers were behind them, working their magic and for the most part, frigging their partners’ cocks as they fucked their tight asses. The sight alone was bringing Molly down the home stretch. Craig’s cock and hand would ride her over the finish line.

"When the first girl comes, we’ll all come," Molly said to herself. Seconds later, Tina shrieked with mind-numbing pleasure and poured out the most cum, pound-for-pound, of anyone in history. It was a totally sissy, un-Tina act and was incredibly sexy for the entire group. Tina’s swain caught a great deal of Tina’s come in his right hand. As he continued to pound her ass, he brought his hand around and licked Tina’s cum off his palm and every finger. Chad surprised himself with that one. Tina’s rectal contractions during cumming grabbed Chad’s cock and milked it dry. He almost brayed with gratification.

The dominos fell. One-by-one the girls’ hot cums and anal contractions brought their boys through Heaven’s door. Molly and Craig were the 12th couple to go, but no one was counting. Craig fell forward onto Molly’s back and kissed everywhere he could reach as he gave his last, limping strokes.

Sixty orgasms in ten minutes. Messrs Guinness, please note.

The Campers knew that some Arab sheik would be watching this scene some day as his camel driver’s 12-year-old son fellated him, but they didn’t care.

As the first amphibians crawled onto the land, the brave Campers began to crawl up onto the beds. Tina was seriously leaking cum from her asshole onto her black, seamed stockings and 4-inch heels. Her asshole was stretched wide and it was red and sore, but all she could think of, like Oliver Twist, was "more."

She asked Chad, "Ready for more, Sailor, or are you double parked?"

"Sure, why not?" Chad said. Tina was one heck of a lay, he thought.

Tina and Chad moved onto the center of the nearest bed. She lay on her back. From his knees, Chad straddled Tina and fed her mouth his cock. Tina licked off her own poop-juice and set to work on giving Chad a proper woodie. With Tina’s enthusiastic and skilled sucking, that took less than five minutes. Chad wanted to make a night deposit in her mouth, but Tina wanted it in the lower depository. They moved to their left sides and Chad slipped his cock into its tightest quarters. Tina winced this time, but didn’t cry. This one was going to be slow and easy.

Meanwhile, other Campers were thanking their recent new partners and shopping around for the next round. Some girls just got on their knees on the carpeted floor, opened their mouths and waited for some one to fill them. Some boys got on the bed on their backs, stroked their cocks to fine erections and waited for a girl to take her seat.

Sixth dance night is the only real orgy at Camp – a tradition and a great diversion.

Molly was invited to join a pile of two girls and three boys. There was a lot of giggling and some avid cocksucking, but it was more like a game than sex. No one would want to do this group stuff very often, the Campers thought.

The groups seemed to dissolve after an hour or so and things got down to serious fucking.

Sissy and Wally were in a corner enjoying a slow, delicious, good-old-fashioned buttfuck.

Tina was not suicidal and had abandoned Chad for Jimmy. She was swirling her tongue around his cockhead as she explored his asshole with three fingers. Jimmy jumped. Then he gave Tina a face full of Grade A cum, the first she had tasted that night. Yum!

Molly and Gina, the little lezzies, slipped off to the ladies room together. As Gina sat to pee, she gave Molly a four-star blowjob. Molly squealed with delight when she came, then said to Tina, "Don’t get up." Molly got on her knees in the stall, fished out the sitting Gina’s cock that had just peed buckets and licked up the lingering salty drops. She then proceeded to give her an orgasm indistinguishable from a stroke in all but a few medical journals.

The girls fixed their faces and went out for more. More went on all night.


Chapter 23 – More movies

Molly still liked fucking with boys. A lot. In fact, her delicious sissy sex with Gina led to her letting her guard down with boys a bit. She squealed more during sex with boys. She minced while walking in their presence. She made little sissy fists and showed the occasional limp wrist. She cried with joy, sadness, and anger. She pouted. She wiggled when she walked and fucked. And she made a discovery. It all drove the boys wild! Boys love the femmiest girls.

B-Three Nick was seriously taken with Molly, a girl with a cock who was five years his junior. They knew their Camp time together was limited, but they also knew that they would probably live a long time after Camp and between Camp summers as well.

Since Nick had introduced Molly to Camp movies, they watched a lot of them during the sexual recuperation periods of their dates. As the seventh week began they were sitting in Molly’s room watching a short tape entitled, "Go Team!"

Despite the best efforts of a very pretty and energetic cheerleading squad, the Camp football team was losing 21-0 as the half was ending. They only had the 20-minute break to regroup and beat the dreaded Muggles. Since Harry Potter, people who were not Campers or Camp alumni were called Muggles. Football Coach Harvey Kleets turned to Cheerleading Coach Heather LaRue for a suggestion. "The boys are too tense," Heather says. "Let my girls relax them."

"Good idea," Harvey says. The team goes to the locker room and the coach tells them to slip their football pants to the floor and drop their jocks. The cheerleaders bounce in, French-kiss and masturbate the boys briefly, then fall to their knees and dig their faces into the boys’ sweaty crotches. The exhausted boys groan with lust and delight. The camera moves around catching the facial each boy gives his partner. Then the girls move to the sinks and mirrors to wash off and to fix their makeup. As they bend over to see better, the boys get behind and pull down all the cheerleaders’ panties, revealing their succulent asses and big, hard, throbbing girlie cocks. The cheerleaders continue with their face repairs, so the boys lube up the girls’ asses and shag them all, masturbating the girls to orgasm and enjoying their own. The camera catches many of the girls in the act of cumming. Cut to Coach Harvey, who is sitting on the locker room bench with one hand holding the standing Coach Heather’s sweet panties, the other holding onto her pink little cock as he sucks it to messy orgasm.

The referee pokes his head into the locker room to get the team back in the field and says, "Say, Coach, I think that’s a wad of Heather’s cum on your chin, there."

"Oh, thanks," he says and chuckles.

The boys pull up their pants, run out on the field and lose 56-0. With all that fucking, their legs were shot, of course. Fade to black.

Molly told Nick she thought that was a lame one. Nick didn’t say much because Molly was sitting on his cock and grinding her sweet ass into his lap.

"The next one on this tape is better," he groaned. "It’s a classic."

Indeed it was. "My Best Friend" was taped 25 years ago. Molly laughed at the clothes and hairstyles. "It looks like the Brady Bunch," she giggled to Nick.

"Aaah!" Nick replied, as he shot five gobs of goo up Molly’s sweet little ass.

The movie opened with two young boys hanging out together. They were seen in a montage that shows them as best friends. There was something familiar to Molly, but she couldn’t place it. When Molly’s ass muscles involuntarily rejected Nick’s soft cock, her full attention was on the movie.

One boy, Donny, is talking to his parents. "Norm is a great guy, Mom and Dad. He’s my best friend, but I’m afraid that Marie is starting to fall in love with him."

Molly said to herself, "Marie’s my mother’s name. I must have seen that in the credits. That must be what’s familiar."

Donny’s father says, "Is that OK with you, son?"

"I don’t know, Dad. I’m confused. I’m a little jealous too. Shouldn’t Marie find some other guy?"

"You have strong feelings of friendship for Norm," Donny’s mother says. "And you and Marie share a lot of feelings. It makes sense."

"I know, Mom, but it’s so complicated. Marie wants Norm’s cock up her pretty, tight asshole. I just want a friend. Will he still be my friend after he cums in Marie’s mouth?"

"That’s a real concern, Honey," the mother says, "but Norm is a good boy and a smart one too. He should realize what a great thing it would be for him to have a best male friend, whose girl side will drain his balls several times a day for life."

"How and when will you tell him, son?" Dad asks.

"He’s sleeping over tomorrow night. I thought I could let him see what a weekend with Marie means. Will you help me tell him?"

"Of course," the parents agree.

Cut to the next night. Norm is holding a gym bag with his toothbrush, underwear, bell-bottoms and disco shirt for church the next morning. The parents of Donny and Marie invite Norm in. "Hi, Norm," they say. "How are you tonight?"

"Great, thank you, Mr. And Mrs. Smith. How are you? Is Donny here?"

"We need to talk about that, Norm," the father says. "Donny won’t be here this weekend, but you’ll still have the best weekend of your life. There’s another side of Donny that you don’t know about. You see, Norm, all boys have an X and a Y………."

Molly tuned out at that, but was enjoying a rambunctious cock-sucking from Nick, who had seen this movie at least twice. Back to the movie.

"Norm," the mother says, "I’d like you to meet your roommate for the weekend, Marie."

On cue, in walks Marie, cute as a button in a yellow dress with white stockings, stiletto heels, perfect makeup and a lovely blond wig.

There were two huge shocks. One on screen and one off.

"THAT’S MY MOTHER!!!!" Molly wailed.

Nick stopped sucking and sat up. "Who, Honey?" he asked.


"I didn’t know that, Honey, honest."

"Ohhh. What am I going to do? My mother was a boy!" Hysterical sobbing.

"It’s all right, Honey," Nick said, hugging and comforting her. "I know what you’re going through."

"Actually, Molly, I do. My mother was a Camper too."

Shock number two for Molly! "She was?" Whimper. "How did you" Sob. Whimper. "find out?"

"She told me the first time I went home from Camp. That’s the best time because you would never understand until then. I’m sure your Mom loves you very much and would have told you when you went home too. It’s too bad you saw it on a video."

More crying. "I love my Mom so much. How could she do this to me?"

"If you think about it, Sweetie, she didn’t do anything to you except bring you up in a loving way to be a good person."

"How did you deal with it?" Sniffle.

"I was like you, but I came to accept it and now I love my Mom more than ever."

"You do?"

"Sure. XX women can look like women and have babies the usual way. Our moms have to work harder and have all kinds of surgery to even pass as women full time."

"But how were we born?"

"I haven’t figured that out yet, but we’ll be told when we’re 21."

"Do our Moms have, you know, cocks?"

"All Campers keep their cocks, no matter what they do in life. It’s a point of honor."

Molly stopped crying and hugged Nick for an hour of questions.

The big ones were 1) Are all Campers’ mothers former Campers? No. Only about one-quarter. 2) What’s your girl name? Carol. 3) Does Carol have a life in the Muggle world? Very much so. She has her own room in our house and passes easily on the street. She’s sucked more than one Muggle cock too. 4) Does your Dad ever dress as a woman? Yes. Ever since I first came home from Camp he dresses once or twice a month. Sometimes we all go out to eat en femme. 5) Are your Mom and Dad faithful to each other? My Mom and Dad are, but I think my Dad’s femmy side has lovers. 6 Has either of your parents ever tried to have sex with you? Of course not. That’s sick. 7) Do you love me? Very, very much. 8) Will I see Nick again after next week? If I have to move heaven and earth.

Molly wept softly, kissed Nick a lot, and sucked his cock until he dropped off to sleep.


Chapter 24 – The rest of the story

A woman’s curiosity is a major force of nature. While Nick slept, Molly watched the rest of the movie that starred her pre-teen Mom as both a boy and a girl. Sobbing softly and with low volume to allow Nick to sleep, she saw the plot unfold.

Marie stands before Norm in all her beauty, sexiness and femininity. (The young actor playing Norm must have gone on to a great career because he carried the emotions perfectly.) Norm looks simultaneously terrified and randy. "Who are you? What do you want from me?"

"You know who I am, you silly goose. I’m the feminine side of your best friend, Donny. I’m Marie. I want to take you up to Marie’s room, take my dress off, strip you naked, kiss you, suck your cock until you come, then have you pull down my pretty panties and fuck me all night and most of the morning. I want you to lick my asshole and suck my cock until I come in your mouth, and then swallow it. Any questions?"

"But I’m not queer," the overtaxed Norm says to Marie and her parents.

"Neither am I, silly. You’ll be fucking Marie, not Donny. Fucking Donny would be sick and perverted." Marie’s parents nod in agreement.

"But you have a cock!"

"Nobody’s perfect. Try to be mature about this. And remember, if you keep this to yourself, you’ll have intense, agonizingly wonderful sex pretty much any time you want it. If you tell anyone, ever, great harm will come to you and your family. So which will it be?"

"But I’ve never had sex."

"I know that from Donny. It’s OK, Honey. I’ll teach you and you’ll love it."

"Will I lose Donny as a friend?"

"You’ll still be his best friend and there will be nothing sexual about the Donny-Norm relationship. And you won’t turn queer, hair won’t grow on your palm and you won’t go blind. Now let’s go upstairs. All this talk is making me horny."

Norm agrees, but his whole body is quivering with fear and lust. Marie’s parents smile happily and hold hands. Marie guides Norm up the stairs and into her girlie room. Norm has only been in Donny’s room and doesn’t even know there is such a room.

Marie throws her arms around Norm’s neck and kisses him. Norm recoils a tiny bit, then gets very much into the kiss. They probe each other’s mouths. "How was that?" Marie breathes.

"Hot," Norm says. "Donny, I…"

"Donny’s not here, Honey. Stop saying things like that or we’ll put you in the slow group. Now unzip my dress. That’s a good boy."

Marie’s pretty lingerie, stockings and heels have the boy in a dither. She smells wonderful and exudes sex and lust.

"Now take it off," she says. "Take it all off."

Norm does and he has a nice body and a perfect, pink, uncircumcised cock with a cute, pink bag containing two warm, unchallenged testicles.

"Yum," Marie says and drops to her knees, licking and slurping Norm’s cock and balls to a crushing orgasm. She swallows some of his cum, blows a bubble with the rest, and makes a smile that lights up the room. It’s so dirty and so unexpected that Norm draws her to her feet and kisses her hotly, coating his face with his own cum. Marie licks it off and the ice is truly broken.

They proceed to do everything on Marie’s listed agenda. Norm seems to especially enjoy licking Marie’s butthole and Marie loves it too. When he enters her for the first time, she shoots a huge load into the camera lens.

What an actress, my mother was, Molly thought. "I wonder if I could have a relationship like that with my best friend, George, when I go home."

It seemed sick to keep watching her mother get buttfucked, so she finally turned it off and went to sleep.

The next day, Molly and Gina had their regular every-other-afternoon date. Instead of pouncing on each other as they usually did, they looked deeply into each other’s eyes. "You’re troubled, Molly," the sweet, sensitive Gina said.

"Boo-hoo-hoo," Molly said and told Gina the whole story about her mother and the tape. Molly sobbed in Gina’s arms as Gina gently stroked Molly’s cock.

As girls usually do, she listened without judging, trying to solve the problem or telling her own life story. As girls usually don’t, she stroked Molly to a creamy emission.

It’s amazing how much brighter the world looks after a gut-wrenching orgasm. Molly decided at that moment that her love for her mother was as great as ever and that nothing fundamental would ever change. Then she dove her face into Gina’s tasty crotch.


Chapter 25 – Fun with Mary Beth

As the seventh week began, Molly and the other G-Ones grew more and more apprehensive. They had been boys for all but six weeks of their lives, but now the prospect of being boys again filled them with dread. She sought the counsel of her big sister, Mary Beth.

"How are you, Sweetie?" Mary Beth asked. "You seem to be doing so well. You’re the most desired girl in the Camp."

Molly blushed. "I’m worried about being a boy again, Mary Beth."

"Of course you are, Pumpkin. Everyone feels that way. I feel that way right now."

Molly’s eyes got wide. "You do?"

"Sure. It’s hard to give all this girlie stuff up. I love it all. But we have to live in the Muggle world as boys and occasional girls. Plus we are all half-boys, remember? I know you’re worried about not acting right as a boy and being picked out as a Nancy-boy or something by your Muggle friends, right?"

"That and I don’t know how good a boy Camper I’ll be."

"Being a boy Camper is great, Honey. Have you seen Nick or Craig or Jeff suffering?"

"No, but Jason sure looked pale the last time I saw him."

"Jason has an enthusiastic and demanding lover. He can rest when he’s a girl. Enough buts. I need to show you, not just tell you. Do you remember that little exemption to the Rule about girls not buttfucking each other?"

"It’s OK with our big sister in the seventh week of Camp?"

"Right, Molly. Now tell me what today is and what I am."

Realization hit Molly. "I can fuck you right now."

"Bingo. And I can fuck you. Believe me I’ve been looking forward to it. Now let’s get that lovely dress off and let me see you in bra, stockings, garter belt and high heels. I’ll do the same."

Any boy peeking in the window at the two lovelies in lingerie would faint with lust. They appraised each other, then kissed for the first time. It was a hungry kiss with lots of tongue and drooling.

"Mary Beth is a sex machine," Molly thought. "If I don’t watch out, she’ll kill me."

"Molly is a rich dessert," Mary Beth thought. "If I’m not careful, I’ll need insulin."

"What’s your boy name?" Molly asked.

"Scott. What’s yours?"

"Kevin. Do you want me to call you Scott when you’re fucking me?

"No. Let’s be girls with fuck-ready cocks. Now let’s see what those flimsy panties are hiding. Oh look, it’s little Molly. Is there anyplace you would like to go today, little Molly?"

"She wants to visit your deep, dark cave, Mary Beth and leave you a souvenir."

"Goodie! I love souvenirs. Can I make sure she’s tall enough to go on the ride?"

"Please do," Molly said and she squealed with excitement when Mary Beth gave ten strong slippery sucks on Molly’s cock..

Molly turned her around in a sixty-nine position and considered Mary Beth’s beautiful ass. She remembered Mary Beth’s comment about having a great ass and a giving nature. She planned to explore both today.

"Your ass is a work of art, Mary Beth."

"Thanks, Honey"

"And your asshole is so tight and smells so fresh. How many times have you been buttfucked now?"

"Only 317 at Camp, but you’ll be running that number up all this week."

Mary Beth’s ass was pink and smooth. Molly licked it all over as Mary Beth sucked her cock just enough to excite her, not for Molly to lose her first load of the day. Then Molly began to make a meal of Mary Beth’s pretty asshole. Mary Beth giggled and moaned happily.

After ten minutes, Mary Beth said, "I’m ready now, Honey," and got on all fours.

Molly came up behind her, aimed her stiffie at the rosebud, pushed gently, but steadily and, for the first time, entered paradise. "Uh. Oh. Uh. That’s VERY nice," Molly squeaked. "No wonder the boys are always so happy. They’ve been holding out on us."

"Keep doing that, Sugar, with less talk if it’s all the same to you."

"Being a boy may not be all that bad," Molly thought. The sensations Mary Beth’s asshole was imparting to Molly’s cockhead were fantastic. So warm and tight. Molly had the sense of being home.

Molly controlled the rhythm of a fuck for the first time and she felt very powerful. She felt each stroke in an ever-widening portion of her midsection. Then Mary Beth clenched Molly’s cock with her ass muscles, reached back with her hand and stirred Molly’s nuts. Bam! The first buttfuck was all over for Molly.

But not for Mary Beth. "Lick it out and wank my willie as you do it, please, Molly," Mary Beth suggested.

Molly welcomed the idea and complied. Licking her own spunk from Mary Beth’s love hole was extremely exciting to Molly and soon she was ready for a rematch. Mary Beth, however, suggested that Molly reciprocate the favor that Mary Beth had just given her, Mary Beth’s tool was slick and hard and it ached for release in Molly’s sweet little butt.

"On all fours, please, Molly. That’s a girl. Now let me wet you up." Lick. Lick. "How’s that?" Lick. Lick

"Heavenly," Molly squeaked. "Are you going to stick it in me now?"
"All in good time, Sweetie."

"Oooh! Your tongue is deadly, Mary Beth. I love this girl-girl stuff."

"I know. You and Sweet Gina are the Camp lezzies, I hear."

"Aaah! Is that bad?"

"If it was, someone would have stopped you. Keep doing what you like if it doesn’t harm others is a good philosophy."

"How about less philosophy and more cock in my ass, Mary Beth?"

"OK. How’s this?" And she eased her six gorgeous inches into the warm place.

"Molly gasped. She squealed. She begged to be fucked hard. Mary Beth gave them both fifteen minutes of intense pleasure, then grunted, shivered and blew six greasy ropes of cum up Molly’s pretty asshole.

As they lay there recuperating, Molly asked, "When you said 317 buttfucks at Camp, were you implying that there were others, not at Camp?"

"Oh, goodness yes. Mary Beth’s sex life in the Muggle world is very active."

"Aren’t you afraid of SDS?"
"Of course. The Camp checks out all my prospective partners carefully. This is a huge, international operation, Honey. They do what they can to help you and to protect their investment."

"What’s it like? Fucking Muggles, I mean?"

"A lot like here. There are many wonderful people among the Muggles. And many jerks."

"Does Scott fuck XX girls?"
"He’s had at least twelve."

"Wow! What’s that like?"

"Disappointing, mostly. They’re pretty and they have tits and pussies. But they’re moody, they dress like lumberjacks, most won’t swallow your cum and they won’t let you fuck their asses. Plus they can get pregnant, so you have to wear a condom. You might as well wear a space suit."

"What are pussies like?"
"Warm, wet and delicious. It’s a shame they have to be wasted on XX girls."

"Aren’t you worried that Muggle boys will expose the Camp?"

"My boy sex partners have all been threatened with painful death if they tell anyone anything. A Camp enforcer made them all true believers that that would happen."

"Wow. So there is life the 42 weeks we’re not in Camp."

"And the best part is, your parents will support you. There are no teen-parent issues to deal with. You won’t smoke, drink, use drugs or blow off schoolwork because you would be out of Camp. You won’t have dangerous sex for the same reason. You won’t want to do crazy things to impress your friends, because the friends that matter are here at Camp. There’s very little for you and your parents to argue about. Plus you all have this huge, shared secret."

"That’s very comforting. Is it my turn to fuck you now, Mary Beth?"

"I thought you would never ask."


Chapter 26 – Molly’s Dream

It was the middle of the night in the middle of the seventh week. Molly and Nick had had a lovely, energetic session of lovemaking and they were both fast asleep. But instead of visions of sugarplums, Molly was dreaming of life in the seventh grade.

For some reason, she was dressed as Molly, but everyone kept calling her Kevin. They all knew her secret and were mocking her. Things got worse when she walked home. As she passed through the park, four rough-looking boys grabbed her.

"So Kevin," the meanest-looker said. "You like to wear dresses now, huh?"

"I do," Molly admitted tearfully.

"How about cock? Do you like to suck cock too? And take cocks up your ass?
Molly wanted to lie, but in the dream she said, "Very much."

The knuckle-draggers seemed startled, but pressed on. "Would you like to suck our cocks and let us fuck you up the ass?"

"OK. If you lubricate my ass first and don’t hurt me."

"Don’t hurt her, she says. Sissies want to get hurt don’t they, guys?"

The other neanderthals weren’t sure about that, but nodded their agreement anyway.

"If you hurt me, I won’t make it fun for you and we won’t do it again."

The Alpha Ape thought hard about that. "OK," he said. "Let’s go by the bushes."

"Are you wearing panties? Let’s see," Ape One said. He lifted up her school jumper skirts and saw Molly’s hard cock poking out of the top of her pretty, pink, cotton panties.

"The sissy’s excited," Ape Two said.

Molly started to gain control of the situation. "Of course I am, with four studs like you to fuck me. Who wants to lick out my asshole, then fuck me? The rest of you will just have sloppy seconds, thirds and fourths."

"I will," Ape Three said. Molly got on all fours. Ape Three peeled Molly’s panties down and, to the amazement of his mates, kissed and licked her asshole.

"Oooh. That’s nice. Now who wants his cock sucked?" There was some jostling there, but Ape One pulled out his three and a half inches and stuck it in Molly’s face.

Molly thought, "I wanted a meal, not a snack," but didn’t say it. Ape Three landed on the moon as Ape One entered Molly’s mouth.

In her dream, Molly showed both the boys an excellent time, then sent them off with a parting gift. Apes Two and Four, who grunted and sweated their way through to their climaxes, quickly replaced them. Despite their inept performances, real-life Molly’s hot little cockie was twitching.

When Ape Two blew his load on her pretty face and Ape Four lubed her chute, real-life Molly was close.

Then Ape One said, "You are one hot bitch, Kevin. We’re going to tell every boy in the junior high where he can empty his balls!"

Molly awoke, sat up in bed and looked down at her cock. It was spewing globs of spunk into her pink panties. She was sweating and shivering with fear at her dream. It was horrible! It was the worst! It was very exciting!

She slid down to Nick’s cock, nursed on it for a while and fell back to a calm sleep.


Chapter 27 – Flipped

Flip day meant different things to different people. To many older Campers, it meant a welcome change, with old relationships restored and reawakened. To the current boys, it meant a chance to wear frillies and mince around in high heels and get fucked up the ass. To the current girls, it meant more time spent on sports and less on doing things such as putting cotton balls between your toes so you could paint your toenails. It also meant fucking old girlfriends’ tight asses.

G-Ones and B-Threes had the worst time on Flip Day. G-Ones would be doing something totally new for them and would initially know no one, not even their yearmates. B-Threes would be saying goodbye to girls they had known for some time and may never see again.

B-Three Nick swore to G-One Molly as they awoke together on Flip Day that that would never happen. "We have something great, Molly," Nick said. "I want to keep it."

Molly responded by sucking his long, fat cock one last time at Camp. "Can Kevin have a date with Carol?" she asked right before she was about to accept his load in her mouth.

"Carol will wear her best lingerie," Nick said and groaned as he let five globs of cum fly.

The day’s schedule for Molly and Nick had been slipped under the door. Molly said, "You’re to be at Building One at four and I’m supposed to be at Building Two at the same time. Hey what’s this? I have a ‘counseling appointment’ with Uncle Ward at noon. And it’s marked mandatory."

"I never heard of him doing that. I’m sure he’ll say wonderful things about you, however. Everyone likes you and, more importantly, everyone wants to fuck you."

"That’s what I’m afraid of," she said and told Nick how Uncle Ward had sampled the sauce on Sixth Dance night."

"That old lecher," Nick said. "He must be 35 at least. What will you do if he tries to reach in your cookie jar? Will you scream for help?"

"I don’t know," Molly said. "Do you think he’ll need it?"

They laughed. Molly thought it would be interesting to hold a man’s heavy balls, suck his fat cock, feel his boner stroking her prostate and feel his hairy chest on her tittie bumps. Maybe I’ll just let Uncle Ward run around all around the bases, she thought.

For her last day as a G-One, Molly dressed hot! She put on her "dance" makeup, high white stockings and garter belt, white mini-dress that barely covered her hot little ass, and white mules with five-inch heels. She wiggled her way to Uncle Ward’s office and was knocking on his door at noon sharp.

"Come in, Molly," Uncle Ward said. She walked in and saw him sitting at his desk. The desk was bare and there were no chairs in the room.

"I’m very pleased with your progress here, Molly. You’re a sweet little girl loved by all of the Campers and staff."

Molly blushed. "Thank you, sir."

"I’m sorry there are no other chairs here today. They’re all out being re-upholstered."
"Yeah, right," Molly thought.

"Would you like to sit over here [indicating his lap] while we talk?"

"OK," the sweet little girl said. She moved the six steps around the desk in the sissiest possible manner and got a mild shock when she saw that Uncle Ward had no pants, shoes or socks on. "Uncle," she said. "You forgot something, I think."

"What? Oh that. No, it’s just so hot in here sometimes. Sit on my lap here."

"Where should I sit, Uncle? Your big, stiff, red thingee is in the way"

"Oh, just move it and sit wherever you can find room."

Molly wanted to grab it and that invitation was all she needed. She grabbed his cock, moved it to one side without letting go and sat on Uncle Ward’s bare lap. She stroked his cock lovingly.

"You’re a very pretty girl, Molly."

"Thank you, sir. I love being a girl."

"Do you like the boys, Molly?"

"Oh yes sir. I love their big, hard cocks, like this one."

"Do the boys like you, Molly?"

"They do. They all want to kiss me all over, suck my little tittie-bumps, put their tongues in my mouth, suck my little pricklet, put their big, hot, hard cocks in my mouth, lick my asshole, and fuck me back there."
"And do you enjoy that, Molly?"

"I love it sir. It’s so wonderful! I only wish I could do all that with a man sometime. I don’t know how or when because in four hours, I’ll be a boy again."

"I could help you, Molly."
"You could? Oh that would be wonderful! Can we do all that now?"

"I think I can clear my calendar, sure." With that he stood, cradling Molly in his arms as if she weighed nothing. He touched a button with his foot and a door opened to a well-appointed bedroom. Uncle Ward carried Molly to the bedroom, removed her sexy dress, and stripped himself to the buff. He had a fine, toned body and looked like a man realizing a life-long dream. He was a 35-year-old man about to have serial orgasms with a sexy 12-year-old girl with a cock. Life is good!

They kissed. And kissed. "He’s a great kisser," Molly thought. "And he smells different than the boys. He removed her bra and lavished his love on her puffy nipples. "Mmmmm. I’ll give you until three to stop that. Ninety-nine……Ninety-eight……." As he sucked and licked he slipped a little wiggler up Molly’s ass. "He’s obsessed with my butt," she thought. "But I guess I am too. That feels great."

Keeping three probing fingers in her butthole, he placed Molly on the bed on her back. He kissed his way down to her pricklet. What a great cocksucker he turned out to be! And his fingers knew where to rub. Molly couldn’t last long under a concentrated assault like that and she gave up her sploogee into Uncle’s adoring mouth. She squeaked and squealed as Uncle sucked out the last micro-drops. He removed his fingers from her butt and licked them clean. "You’ve given me the most wonderful treat in the world, Molly and I’m very grateful. May I fuck you now?"
"Oh yes sir. Gladly!"

Uncle’s cock was slightly bigger than Nick’s, but would offer no problems. He had enormous, heavy balls that made the cock look somewhat smaller in comparison. "They must really produce some juice," Molly thought. "Auntie is a lucky woman."

"Lie on your left side, my princess," he suggested. "I’ll do the same and ease it up slowly. I lubed you already and it shouldn’t hurt, but please tell me if it does and I’ll stop."
"Please give it all to me now, sir"

She was a gorgeous site in her pretty lingerie and big heels. "XX women think they’re above this stuff," Ward thought. "That’s why this place succeeds."

Uncle slipped down and kissed her asscheeks. For good measure, he lovingly licked out her heiniehole. "Very tasty," he said. Molly blushed all over.

Then he poised his monster at the rosebud. "Here it comes, Molly" One inch. Two. Three.

"Please, sir, may I have more?" the sweet little girl asked her assfucker.

That stirred Uncle and he plunged to the hilt.

They groaned with simultaneous bliss. Molly felt fuller than she had ever been; she also had to poop very badly. Big cocks apparently did that to Molly. Uncle’s eyes bugged out with lust. Molly squeaked, squealed and begged for more, harder fucking. Uncle felt that familiar feeling and try as he might, it got the better of him. He blew a ten-gallon load up Molly’s sweet, tight, little poopchute. Now Molly really had to go, but she couldn’t do much with the space occupied. Uncle moaned and smiled with satisfaction. Molly’s ass muscles forced out the invader. He fell on his back and grinned at Molly. "You’re wonderful, Sweetheart."

"So are you," she sighed. "But now I really have to go number two. Where’s the bathroom."

"Oh I’m sorry, Molly. It’s out of order. You’ll have to get dressed and go over to the next building."

"I can’t wait that long, Uncle," she said. She wiggled over to Uncle’s office, got an old newspaper, spread it on Ward’s floor, and turned her back on Ward. Still in her heels and stockings, she squatted over the newspaper. She looked over her shoulder for eye contact with Ward, then slowly grunted out a large, long, soft turd, accompanied by a load of Ward’s cum.

Ward was shaking with lust.

Molly asked, "I don’t suppose there’s any toilet paper?"

Ward gulped, "No."

"Then can you help me out?" She minced over to the bed, turned her back on Ward, and bent at the waist. Ward saw a gorgeous ass with streaks of poop and cum around the rosebud. "I hate being messy," Molly said. "Don’t you?"

Ward quivered. His cock, notwithstanding its recent workout, was diamond-hard. He dove his face in and licked, sucked and stroked Molly’s ass until she came hard.

When she had recovered a bit. She sank to her knees and took Uncle’s heavy balls in hand. "These are beauties," she said. "Do you wash them often enough? I can help." She proceeded to give Uncle the best ball bath of the new century.

He was squirming and groaning. "I’m getting close," he said. Molly stopped the bath and tasted Uncle’s cockhead.

"Saltier and a bit more musky than the boys," she thought. She only had to swirl her tongue around the head a few times and Uncle gave Molly a full facial. She saw him through the aftershocks, then said, "I have to go now, Uncle. Lots to do on Flip Day. Thanks for the counseling." They kissed sweetly and Uncle licked off all his cum from Molly’s face.

"That’s a girl who will need a lot of counseling next year," Uncle Ward thought.

There is no recorded record of the disposition of Molly’s excrement.

Molly wiggled her way back to her room, fixed her face, changed her cummy panties and collected her few non-gender personal items in a small bag. It was 3 p.m. Time to go.

Molly arrived at the place where she would become a boy again, for now. All around, couples were openly saying goodbye, mostly through the media of talking, kissing, fucking or cocksucking.

Molly was sad. She was also curious about what lay beyond the curtain. She would have her hair and nails cut and polish removed. Earrings and jewelry would be turned in. She would get a whole new, boring wardrobe. But her cock would be taking her to new adventures as she began life as a B-One.



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