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by jasmine


Chapter one


The mournful music of Mozart's Requiem was playing quietly in a darkened room. A young eighteen year old girl was silently weeping on her bed as the morbid music filled the air. Mass for the Dead, is how it translates to. The tearful young woman was thinking about why god had chosen her for this cruel life.

Kendra had a slim figure but was quite buxom. Her long brown hair dropped past her shoulders. She had beautiful green eyes. She was just gorgeous and most of the girls would envy her beauty. Her legs were covered in black stockings that were hooked to straps. The straps traveled up her legs until they went under her black satin mini-dress. Her short shiny mini-dress covered her upper body and dropped just below her hips. The minidress had white lacy trim. She had an apron on. Her head has a ruffled cap and her neck had a lace choker. Under her uniform, unseen was a tight corset that was quite uncomfortable and seemed to choke the life out of her. She looked pretty but one could see a deep well of sorrow in her emerald irises. Her brilliant eyes always seemed on the verge of exploding into tears.

"Kendra, get your lazy ass here now, you worthless peace of garbage. We are hungry and it is passed seven in the morning. You have work to do," yelled Karen: Her adoptive mother of three years.

"Yes, Mistress Karen." She said in a defeated voice. Fury rage boiled in her, she wasn't worthless. What would these 'people' do without her? She was a damn good maid.

The young woman glided gracefully down the steps and curtseyed to her adoptive mother. A dark haired woman in her mid forties was closest to her sitting at the table. She was wearing a brown women's business suit. Her dark hair was tied in a bun behind her head. She looked very strong, like a collage athlete. She also looked like she wasn't afraid to prove it either. This was her adoptive mother. Kendra acted meek and fearful, but accepting of this forced life since seventeen years of age.

Her adoptive sister has an even more sadistic edge to her, but she wasn't as strong as mother. She just hated poor Kendra with a vengeance. She was older by four years. She had a to-die-for body and guys just fell over themselves. She was a stunning blond.

"What does the mistress want today for breakfast," said Kendra in a French accented voice that she was required to use. She did enjoy being a maid. She loved the uniform.

"Just eggs and toast, little maid."

She curtseyed and went to the stove. She made the stuff with Heathers snickering in her ears filling the room whole time.

She brought plates of the food requested. She laid them out in front of her adoptive mother and sister, went to the corner and just stood there respectfully with her hands cupped in front of her.

After they ate, Heather huffed, "I think that Kendra just mumbled something, mom."

"Kendra dear, what did you say," asked the mother.

Upon hearing that, a visible shutter of panic shot through her body. She was trembling in absolute terror and foreknowledge of the pain to come. Her knees weakened and she said in a trembling, cracking voice, " Please Mistress Karen, I didn't say a thing. I really didn't, you know that mother. You are closer than she is to me. You would have heard it also."

"My hearing is quite impaired from my old age, I will believe my daughter over a dirtbag such as yourself. You know not to accuse my daughter of lying. Heather, take Kendra to the basement for punishment, the comment and the false accusation against you. I will be going to the store for more than several hours. Make sure that Kendra scrubs the floors and washes the windows. I will expect that to be done when I get back."

An icy smile erupted from Heather and she bubbled in delight, "Wonderful mother, I can teach that insolent little shit another lesson. I can also have a little girl on girl fun and teach her how to satisfy her mistress.

"Yes you can Heather. You know how much she adores you. She will just love it, wont you Kendra." She said with the hint of a threat, "don't you love my daughter. Kendra."

"Yes Mistress Karen." She squeaked weakly still trembling in fear.

Heather bolted from her seat and took hold Kendra's shivering wrist saying, "My little girl loves me, I know. She loves our sessions. Come on little one." She went to the basement nearly running and dragging Kendra behind her. Kendra nearly fell over as she was in high heals and Heather was in leather knee high boots, trembling it utter panic. Kendra was too petrified to cry or plead. Past experienced had thought her that it would have be a meaningless exercise, even if she could get the words past her mouth. Which she couldn't, she was she was too petrified to speak. Heather loved hearing Kendra plead.

She slipped the mini-dress over Kendra's head and took of the corset. Kendra was only dress in her stockings, garter and undergarments. She put Kendra's wrists in cuffs and chained her arms over her head to hooks in the ceiling. Kendra was standing on the cement floor teetering on her high heals. Her whole body was shivering in a petrifying terror.

Heather got a cat of nine tales, walked to Kendra. She brushed the ends against Kendra's back while laughing. She drew her arm back and used all of her strength to bring it down on Kendra's back. She repeated the action and viciously lashed her back.

Kendra was in agonizing, inconceivable pain. Tears were pouring out of her eyes and down her cheek as she sobbed uncontrollably.

Heather swished up to Kendra and rubbed her rubber encased lithe body against Kendra's while gently squeezing Kendra's breast. She purred in Kendra's ear seductively, "That was fun and I must admit, beating you can be so fun but tiring at the same time. That was just the warm-up and now we can have some real fun." Heather reached over her head and unlocked the chains. She then undid the leather cuffs and slipped a pink silk chemise over Kendra's body that made her look stunning.

She said, "Be a dear and hold your arms out for me. Please make this easy on yourself."

She said with ever so sweet voice, "I would never think such thoughts, Mistress Heather."

"I know my dear, we still need to remind you of such so you will know your status. We wouldn't want any silly thoughts of trying to resist getting into that pretty little head of yours now."

"Oh, of course not Mistress Heather. I am your little maid. I will serve you always mistress. I can only hope to satisfy your greatness and generosity." She was really packing on the BS but such was required, " I dearly love my life and can hope for no other as I am not worthy. Thanks for allowing me to stay here." That was required also, like allowing her to stay there was an act of generosity, like she could leave and starve. If she offered to let her just walk out, she would take it. That was just wishful thinking. She reapplied the leather cuffs.

Heather led her up the steps and went into Kendra's room. When they made it through the door, Heather gave her a mean shove that sent Kendra stumbling onto her bed. Heather quickly locked chains onto Kendra's leather cuffs that secured her to her headboard. She had to lay there with her arms over her head, helpless again. Kendra thought, 'What else is new.'

Heather leaped onto poor Kendra and pressed her mouth onto Kendra's. It looked like she was trying to suck her face off. She was kissing Kendra, forcing her tongue in her mouth. Kendra was replying in kind, entwining her own tongue with Heather's. She hated Heather but had to put on this act as if she loved it.

Heather's body was rubbing against her's, hands roaming all over her body. She always felt sick at this. Heather's hands squeezing her breasts, cupping, pinching and caressing. Heathers lithe body was entwined with Kendra's. Heather took her mouth off Kendra's and said, "Oh how I love you so. You are my sweet girl and I want to take care of you. I will always take care of you." She did, her hand slithered down her body to her crotch and started massaging her. Her fingers were massaging in a circler motion between Kendra's legs.

Heather's blue eyes were locked on Kendra's green irises, never breaking eye contact with Kendra. Kendra did and looked down, avoided Heather's lustful gaze. She knew that Kendra hated this, but she loved the feeling of power. Starring into Kendra's eyes while doing this made it even more, she could see the pain Kendra was going through. It felt exhilarating.

Kendra was trying hard to keep from crying. Heather slipped her hand under Kendra's waistband and started massaging her skin directly. Try as she might, she started to sob softly as Heather started penetrating her. Heather let out a cruel chuckle at Kendra's tears rolling down her face.

Heather stood up and took off her clothing. She slipped her finger in herself. She walked toward a discussed and frightened Kendra. She offered her glistening finger to a crying Kendra.

She knew better than to reject this 'gift' and opened her mouth to receive the finger. She made a revolted face as she lapped her tongue around the finger.

She withdrew her finger when she was satisfied. She crawled on the bed with Kendra and offered her nipple to her mouth. She said, "You know what to do. Better not bite."

She sobbed, "Yes mistress" she licked around the nipple, while sobbing. Heather's could feel tears rolling down onto her breast. She let laughed cruelly. The best part was to come.

Heather said, "You loved my taste so much, lets give you the real thing."

She pushed herself up on Kendra's chest and positioned her crotch inches from Kendra's mouth. Kendra shuttered having to do this degrading action again.

Kendra looked down into her frightened eyes and smiled darkly. Kendra slipped out her tongue and started licking Heather. After several minutes, Heather pushed herself up closer and said, "Deeper slut. Suck on it. You know how to do this, you are my favorite girl."

She did as commanded and Heather started withering in bliss. Kendra knew exactly what to do and how. That was something she prided herself on, just not Heather. She hoped that she would never have to do this on a guy and Heather always let that hang as a threat. She just hated Heather. Heather knew it.

After several orgasms, Heather was finished. She collapsed and laid there rubbing Kendra's breasts. She purred, "That was wonderful. I love you so much my sweet girl. I will always take good care of my baby."

It was hard not to snort. She knew that one more degrading act would be required. Heather got up and walked into the other room saying, "roll over, I will be back, my little slut." She shuttered in terror.

Heather came back with a strap-on and impaled Kendra. Kendra started crying uncontrollably. After about a half an hour of raping Kendra, she unlocked her and said, "You know your duties, start scrubbing the floor, you little slut." she did as she was told while whimpering.

She was so cruel and condescending. She unlocked Kendra and took off the wrist cuffs.

Kendra hung her head in defeat and walked toward the sink. Heather was behind her watching while Kendra prepared to scrub the kitchen. Heather said, "It is so wonderful to have someone like you around, ready for sex whenever I want. All that is on your mind is what I want and my pleasure. My pubic hair is in your teeth. After that, you are ready to take on your maid duties. Where can I find a guy that would care so much about what I want?"

Guys could be so uncaring but so could girls. She said, "I am so privileged to have someone like you to take care of Me." she turned around and looked into Heathers face. Her eyes bore into Heather's when she said, "I have the best sister ever. Why did you tell mother that I said something? You are my sister and we need to stick together."

"Just wanted to give you a beating, " Heather said soothingly. "What is wrong with that?"

"I hate being hit." Kendra pleaded. " Why would my best sister want to hurt her own sister. You don't have to hurt me anymore. I am all yours."

"What! You don't like being hit." She said with an undercurrent of sarcasm. " I always took you for someone that like whips and pain. Am I wrong."

"You know damn well that is not the case," she shot back with an undercurrent of anger. "Don't play stupid with me, sister. We have been together for three years. Be truthful."

"Being kind of uppity aren't we. Forgetting your status. I am having about enough talk out of you, do you need a gag again. I thought last year you learned the lesson."

Then her emerald irises turned into a conflagration. Heather was caught off guard; it was a look of unbridled hate.

Kendra struck out and punched Heather's larynx. Heather put her hand on her hurt throat and stumbled back. Kendra threw a kick to her chest and the force propelled her to the floor. She let out a " wooomph" as the air was expelled from her lungs. She tried to get back up when Kendra spun around to her back and a wheel kick connected across her face.

A loud thud sounded as Heather hit the floor hard. She blacked out.

Then Kendra picked up the phone and called emergency. The emergency operator answered and it sounded female. Kendra said, " I need some help here. I have just been raped by another female in this house that I have been forced to live at as a slave for the past three years. My real family died years ago and this family adopted me. I have just subdued her and she might have a concussion, please save me."

"We are sending a squad car to your location as we speak, what is your name?"

"I am Kendra Adam. The family I live with is the Mists but I was never treated as family, just a servant. The Mother is Karen Mist and the horrible sister is Heather Mist. She likes to rape me. I have never in my mind adopted the last name."

This had to be the weirdest story she ever heard and wondered if it was true. The voice on the other end sounded truthful. She was appraising the officers of the story. A detective Tiffany Amber was going there.

She had said all that she needed. She went to her adoptive mother's room and took of the cute mini-dress and corset. Those had been the bane of her existence for the last three years. She searched the closet for something more respectable. She found a white business suit. It had pants, something she could not wear before. It looked great on her. She went to the main room to await the police.

She just sat there for several minutes waiting. She heard the cars pull up and two officers came through the door. They saw Kendra and an other blond woman sprawled across the floor. To them it looked like a simple assault but they had been made aware of the story and thought it was bullshit in the first order.

While the one of the officers trying to awaken Heather, another one was asking Kendra questions.

Kendra answered and he did not buy it. Heather awakened and started crying and accusing Kendra of beating her for days.

The police talked amongst themselves. They decided to arrest Kendra. They would bring Heather in for a statement. One approached Kendra with handcuffs.

Kendra expected this, it does look like an assault and the story was far fetched. The male cop grasped Kendra's wrist and put the cuffs on. He quickly applied the other. She made no attempt to resist.

She muttered, "More fucking handcuffs." The male cop said, "Kendra, you are under arrest for battery. You have the right to remain silent, if you give up that right be warned that anything you say may be used against you in court. You have the right to an attorney. If you can not afford one, the court will appoint you one. Have any questions."

"No, I do request an attorney."

Chapter two

Kendra was sitting across a table with Detective Tiffany Amber accompanied by another officer on the other. She could see a see-through window across from her.

Looking at Tiffany, she looked nice. She was a stunning blond and she looked quite fit. Her eyes bored holes through Kendra whom she must have thought was just an assailant. She looked like she could take care of herself. Years of conditioning made her strong and able to take care of herself. Her face was hard but compassionate at the same time.

Tiffany was sizing up this Kendra. She was surprised; Heather had several years and thirty pounds on Kendra. She was the one knocked out. It appeared like a simple domestic violence case. Kendra was the assailant and had been beating on Heather; she was ready to buy into Heathers story. Looking at Kendra, one could see sorrow and pain that ran deep. She could be telling the truth and Heather had lied.

She said, "I am Detective Tiffany Amber of the Chicago Police Department. Tell me in your own words why you attacked your sister."

"Adoptive sister" she said strongly. "My sister died in a crash four years ago. She was wonderful and kind. Heather didn't act like a sister at all. As to your answer, freedom. She has been raping and torturing me for years. She is just cruel."

Listening to her speak, it showed no typical indication of lying at all. Her gut told her that she spoke the truth. This was one tortured girl. She said, "Your adoptive sister really- rapes- you. Is that what you are trying to get us to believe. What about the mother, why wouldn't you tell her? Is she Karen Mist, the CEO of Karen's Secret?"

"Yes the same Karen Mist and her daughter rapes me. The mother likes it and she beats me viciously if I resist," she said with force. "Why is that so hard for you to believe? If Heather were an older adoptive brother, you would believe it in a second. That woman, Heather really has been raping me for years now. I attacked her; my strength had been increasing from years from rigorous work and natural growth. That was the moment. I had to get out of there. I would have ended up killing myself if I ever found escape impossible."

"OK then, if that is your statement then we can take that to the DA." She knew that every word uttered was the absolute truth. The look in her eyes to the mannerism displayed, she was telling her the truth. She had seen many bald faced liars. She had a nose for a liar and this woman wasn't lying.

"Tiffany, I want to start at the beginning. Can I tell you my whole story? It is a long story but give me the chance, please."

She just wanted to unload, that is something Tiffany knows. She looked like she had a story to tell and just wanted someone to hear it. She looked sympathetically and said, "Go on Kendra, that is why I am here. Tell me everything."

"Thanks. I was born with the name Kenny Adams. I always looked effeminate and boys at school called me a sissy. I learned to take care of myself. I really was never happy with myself and it is hard to explain. I identified with girls much better. My mother would always catch me in my younger sisters dresses and by seven, it was damn near impossible to stop it. They didn't try and accepted it; they thought it was childish playing until I was seven.

Mother sat me down and talked about it. We made a deal, I would dress however I damn well like in the house and at times, I could go outside as my sister. Mother and me would go shopping and other mother/daughter stuff. She asked what name to call me when dressed. I told her that I liked Kendra. She told me that it was a nice name. We would go eat at fancy restaurants and pretend to be my sister while she would stay home. Sister and I had a wonderful relationship, like really close sisters. She would help me out a lot; teach me stuff that girls should know.

Years passed and by ten, I had another fancy, I wanted to play as the maid. I harped and bugged the shit out of mother to buy a French maids minidress for me. After weeks, I wore her down and she presented me with one. I put it on and pranced around the house dusting and curtseying. It must have been a hoot to see but I thought I looked good, like a maid. I worked on a proper curtsey and did the chores with mother. I still went outside and played. Some days I just let mother do it. It was my idea then and I liked it. Don't ask me why, but it was good.

Over the years, it wasn't just something I took on just for fun, as I felt compelled. Mother started getting really sick and couldn't do it anymore. She offered to hire some help but I wouldn't hear of it. I took on all of the chores as she rested. She even got worse and in a few more years, she died. That was a sad time.

Father was in so much despair. He fell into a depression and seemed so distant. He turned to drinking to cope. A year later, I was fifteen; my sister and Father had a deadly crash. He was drunk. They both died."

This was a fascinating story and she didn't doubt any of it. It was honesty and Kendra seemed relieved to tell it to someone. She didn't want to hear anymore, it was mostly happy until now. It had got dark.

Kendra continued, "Sadly, I had to dress as a boy now. I was a fifteen year old boy named Ken. I was taken away from the house where no one even knew of the real me: Kendra. Social Services took me and I spent a week at a place. Then a woman took an interest in me, Karen Mist. She put on an act of a concerned adult. She took me to their house.

"I walked in their house and saw Heather looking at me like a vulture. I wasn't there for an hour before I was in a cute dress. Wasn't so bad, my first impression was this is going to be great. That died fast when they started explaining the rules.

"All work is mine, no exception. I am always the help, their servant. That is my life and my reason for living. I started to speak when a mean backhand slammed across my face that felt like an anvil. It was Karen and she was strong. Her arms looked like she could be in the ring with one of those pro wrestlers.

"She continued saying that I am to do anything demanded of me with no exceptions. I was Heather slave. I would address them both as mistress followed by their first name.

"The following month was filled with pain as my new life was beaten into me. Most of the day, I was dressed with a choking corset, cute stocking, and a garter belt with a satin maids mini-dress over it all. Then they put on wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs. They also put on a slave collar attached to a leash. Then they started me on hormones that made my body develop like a girls. They spoke to me and taunted me like me turning into a girl should have been humiliating. At first, I had the impression that they wanted me because they knew about me. After hearing them speak, I learned that they didn't have a clue and I left it that way. If they found out, they would find a way to make it worse. If it weren't for that, I would not have been able to make it. I probably have chosen to die.

"After I started submitting, I suffered my first rape by Heather. She was so mean and condescending. She would make comments while raping me like 'You are my sweet baby girl and I will take care of you.' I found that she loved that and would do that more. That was my status to her, a lover. I still found myself at the hospital every few months for broken ribs, kneecap or shin. Other times were cuts from knives or burns. Heather was more vicious than Karen. Heather liked beating me more but Karen was better at it. Karen beat me to teach me a lesson. Heather did it because she liked it. Then there were less painful things that she enjoyed. Sometimes I would rather take the pain to the other thing.

"After a few Rapes, I got a lesson on just how cruel Karen was. It was after her second rape and I didn't want her to do it anymore. I hit her when she reached for me calling me her baby girl. I kicked and really tried to stop her. She hit me and left. She came back with her mother and she hit me telling me that I don't have any say it the matter. She pulled me up and yanked me across the room to the oven. There was a pot of boiling water. I had a sick feeling what was going to happen. I started fighting with insane fury trying to get away. It was no use. I wasn't strong enough. She kept pulling me closer and got hold of my wrist. She dipped my hand into the water.

"A searing pain shot through my body and I let out an inhuman scream. I passed out. I woke in my room with my hand bandaged. I was took to the hospital and had skin grafted to my hand."

Tiffany was stunned by the cruelly of Karen. Tears were rolling down her cheek and she started shaking with rage.

Kendra stopped to gather her strength. She cried softly. That was a particularly traumatic memory for her. Remembering it was hard and she stopped for a minute and just sobbed. Tears were tolling down her face uncontrollably. Tiffany walked over and put her arm over her for comfort. She started again, when her strength returned.

"I learned my lesson. Heather made it clear that if I didn't like her, she would bring boys in next time. I just went with her and did anything she wanted. The following years went on very slowly as all fight was seemingly beat out of me. By seventeen, my body was gorgeous. I loved my body but I didn't let them know that. They scheduled many psychiatric examinations. Karol told me before all of them that I had better show no reluctance that I am a sissy. I had better make them believe that I want to be a girl. Karen told me that these doctors are examining me to see how good of a candidate I am for SRS. If I pass, they will recommend the procedure.

"Of course, I wouldn't do anything to be rejected. The threat wasn't necessary at all. I wanted the procedure. I didn't want to mess that up. The joke was on them. I just had to be honest while hiding the abuse. That was easy and the procedure was approved. The procedure was done a few months past my seventeenth birthday. It must have been the happiest time in my life.

"I was back to work after several months of rest and recovery. I resolved to escape or die by nineteen. I started working out and building my body. I did my housework rigorously and made it five times as hard. When I was alone in my room, I would do pushups or setups.

"After my eighteenth birthday, I was ready. A time just had to present its self. Mother had to be gone and I had to be unbound. They had no fear of me. They thought I was beaten. I spent more time without any wrist cuffs or ankle cuffs. They let me go without the leash.

"Today, both of those conditions presented themselves."

Tiffany's eyes were misty and the people watching and listening were stunned and horrified. Tiffany said, "I believe you. If what you say is true, the hospital will have records and your body will have evidence of past injuries. I want to take you there for an examination. For now, write down what you suffered from your adoptive family. Write down specific times and actions. Put down as much detail as you can remember. This is a formal criminal complaint, so be honest and sign it. It will be formal statement. Then I will get you to a hospital for confirmation. There should be past records of injuries. With this confirmed, I think that your charges will be dropped. Do you want to get your adoptive mother and sister?"


"Good, write it down and sign it. I will be back and we can go to the hospital." She got up and walked out of the room.

Heather stuck to her story. She thought that Kendra was being brutally honest. That frightened her but she didn't know what else to say and she damn well wasn't going to tell the truth. Tiffany walked through the door with a mean scow on her face. She sat down, never letting her eyes break contact with Heather's. Heather had practice and was intimidating to younger boys. She found herself looking down to avoid this woman's eye contact. That was when Tiffany started. "Heather isn't it, I am detective Tiffany Amber of the Chicago PD. I had been having a conversation with Kendra and she has been telling me such interesting things about you. What do you think I have been told?"

"How am I supposed to know what that liar is telling you," Heather shot back.

"I have a nose for a two faced liar." She said with her eyes boring down on Heather harder than before, "and I don't think Kendra has lied once, at least to me. Someone is trying to feed me bullshit and I doubt it is Kendra. That leaves YOU?" She glared at Heather while saying that.

"Heather Mist, tell me one thing. Did you rape Kendra?" She knew what the answer was before she asked it. She didn't expect her to admit to raping Kendra. She just wanted to see what kind of liar she was.

"Of course not. That is what the little liar is telling you. I do however think that I need an attorney present if your attention is diverting to me. Can I call my mother now?" She could tell that Heather was afraid. Her hands her fidgeting and her eyes were everywhere. She was a bad lair.

"Of course call your mommy dear. You are her sweet baby girl and she takes care of you. We will continue this discussion later." Tiffany said with force for finality, "count on it!" she pivoted on her toes and marched out the door. She knew she was lying and when she had the evidence, she was going to cram that lie down her throat.

Heathers mouth dropped when she was told about the baby girl, she knew she was in trouble. Kendra told her everything. Tiffany really believed Kendra. She needed her mother now.

Chapter three


Tiffany was in the office of the district attorney to find out what he wanted to do or if he was even going to take this seriously.

Tiffany handed the statements to Gerald Walker. He was a rather old man in is mid sixties. He was a brilliant attorney. He read Kendra's statement and said, "Son of a bitch, this stuff is devastating. Tiffany, how much do you believe."

"Every word of it. She is telling the truth. I think we should pursue this, I have spoken with her and she wants to put them away and is ready to do it." Tiffany said.

"I trust your judgment. You haven't let me down yet, but this is a horror story and would bring most people to just end it. Hand in boiling water, nothing we haven't prosecuted before. This is a tough person. I don't have the time so I am assigning Karol Madison to prosecute. Tell Kendra that she is free to go. I wont prosecute her. The mother, Karen Mist has a lot of money and owns a lingerie company. She will have good lawyers that will tear us apart if we do anything wrong on this one. Do it right."

Karol read the statement and said, "Looks like we have a strong case if the hospital confirms what she says. Find out what the doctors say and find out why we have not been made aware of this before. A doctor has a legal obligation to report instants of abuse. The injuries on the statement and the frequency of the visits should have made any doctor suspicious."

"My thoughts also. Thanks Karol for taking this seriously."

After Tiffany left, Karol just sat down and looked at the statement blankly. She has seen many horrid cases of child abuse. This was way up there among the cases that would haunt her dreams forever. She had several cases that did do that already. She did not need another, but she did.

Kendra has just been examined and confirmed that she had been penetrated recently. Rather it was rape or consensual can not be determined.

A doctor said, "I remember Kendra. Rather sad girl. I had a heavy suspicion but she would not talk about it. She always had an excuse that could have taken place. It seemed last year that she was here every four months." He took out an X-ray and a document and said, "This is February of last year. A fractured rib. Cut shin. Her body was covered with bruises. Her eye was swollen shut. She told me that she had a bad accident falling off a latter in the shed while climbing to do work on the roof."

He took out another set and said, "October of two years ago. Broken shin, sprained ankle. Had burns on her arm and her upper torso was badly bruised. Similar. Then in May of last year, badly bruised breast. Bad cut on her arm and back. Welts on her back and bruises up and down her legs. This girl, I suspect that she was being tortured badly. I prodded her to tell me but she stuck to her BS story. I thought of making a call. But I didn't, here doctors don't do that unless the patent talks. A doctor was fired after making a call over a suspicion and it turned out to be false. I kept my mouth shut. She finally talked."

"Yes, she attacked her sister and called us. Will you testify as a trial?"

"Yes I will. Any time I will, just let me know where and when to be there."

"Good, perhaps I can overlook your failing in your obligation to report it. I must go, can I have those reports." He handed them to her and she walked out.

"Karol, everything she said, even the dates are confirmed. Surgery on her hand a little after she was taken away from the foster home. Skin was grafted on her hand. He said that she had third degree burns covering her hand."

"Son of a bitch, sounds really painful those damn sadists. Your suspicion and instinct proved true again. I will see a judge to swear out a search warrant with this."

Karen was talking to her attorney after Heather called her. They were going over to the station to help her out. They were both seated in the main room when they heard a knock on the door. The attorney said, "So it begins."

Karen walked to the door. She saw a dozen officers when she opened the door. A woman in front dressed differently said, "I am detective Tiffany Amber and we have a warrant to search this premises." She looked at Karen like she wanted to rip her head off.

The attorney said, "I will have a look at that."

"Fine, but you must move aside." He stepped aside and the officers flooded through the door.

"So Tiffany, this warrant is pretty good. I wonder how it will hold in court, given that it was obtained on the statement of a proven liar," sneered the suited attorney.

"I don't have to say anything to you. If you represent her than we will speak at the station when we arrest her." Shot Tiffany.

"I also represent Heather and I need to speak to her before you do, again." said the attorney, " Anything she said will have to be excluded. I wasn't there."

"She never requested an attorney until I made her realize that I believed Kendra's story. When she requested an attorney, we let her make a phone call. Anyway, she just lied to us, no useful information anyway. We will however use those lies against her. There is no way those statements can be thrown out," Said Tiffany.

"We will see," sneered the attorney.

"Detective Tiffany, we found something interesting," yelled one of the officers from the basement.

She ran to the basement with the attorney and Karen following behind. When she approached the officers, one picked up a box of cassettes. She picked one up with her white latex glove. It was titled ,'Kendra's plays Molly Ringwald in sixteen candles' she picked another and it was titled, 'Beating Kendra' another was 'Bond Kendra.' She gave a shutter and glared at Karen. Another officer was collecting the pain inflicting devises. That included the cat of nine tales. Someone yelled from upstairs, "We have something in Kendra's room.

She ran there and she saw a box of sex toys including the dildo. She looked at Karen and said, "Well Karen. Looks like you are sunk. Karen Mist, you are under arrest for child endangerment, accessory to rape, child battery and aggravated sexual assault on a minor. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, be warned that anything you say may be used against you. You have the right to an attorney and if you cant afford one." She gave a snort, "one will be appointed by the court. If those tapes are what I think, I will add a porn charge to the list. Any questions."

"No I don't," Karen replied indigently. She was led into a squad car and drove away.

Karen and her attorney were in an interrogation room with Tiffany. Tiffany said, "We have the doctors statement that confirms that Kendra was tortured. She had been raped."

"Excuse me but the report indicates that only sex can be confirmed. No proof of force."

"Yes, that is right. We have the damnable videos that also confirm torture, there is a rape on Kendra in one of them. Sixteen candles, several women force her to go down on them while women take turns forcing a strap-on from behind. It was just a gang rape, kind of damning. And stupid to tape it. We have Kendra's own statement and she will make a great witness on the stand."

"Here is a motion to dismiss the charges and if that fails, here is a motion to exclude all evidence in the search," Said an arrogant defense attorney.

Tiffany said, "Sure, try anything"

"What can we expect in return," said the attorney.

"Nothing," said Tiffany. "Kendra refuses to allow a plead and I agree."

"Well then, there is nothing to discuss. Se you in court detective Tiffany."

"Motion to suppress evidence from an illegal search. Warrant obtained from unreliable statement, what does that mean Tiffany. You told me that Kendra wasn't lying. She is reliable. They say that they can prove she is a liar and should not be trusted. " Carol said.

""I don't know, maybe they know that Kendra may have lied to them a lot." Said Tiffany, " and saying that she is unreliable for a search warrant. Would that void the warrant?"

"Probably not, we have the doctors testimony that says that she had been raped. A pattern of past abuse can be established from him and the nurses, unless there is something we don't know about Kendra." Inquired Karol

"I guess that we just have to see what they have up their sleeve. Lets go see Kendra, I just bet that Kendra has lied to them a lot, she must have been forced to profess love to them a lot and show affection." Tiffany said with controlled hatred, " That must have made her a pretty convincing liar. Don't blame her. Telling the truth in that environment could be dangerous, as I am sure they beat that fact into her."

Kendra said, "Carol, I had to lie a lot when I lived there. They would ask me if I loved them and I had to tell the yes. I had to love Heather. If I showed the slightest bit displeasure, I would get a vicious beating. What else am I going to say when Heather asks me how much I love her in that environment? Hell no, or profess undying love. I hated their guts and wished them dead. I found myself lying my ass off most of the time. I am not lying now. Heather loved seeing me cry when she was beating or molesting me. If I told her of showed any dislike, she would beat me. Can anyone imagine that, telling your torturer that you love her or him? It was a nightmare that will be with me forever. Didn't the doctors prove that I wasn't lying? Can't they prove that I was tortured? What are their chances?"

Carol said, "Not good. You are right. Now Kendra, you say that the SRS was forced but you also are unclear. In a way, you say it wasn't. Clear that up for us."

"Well Carol, I knew for most of my life that I was rather odd. I didn't feel good. I never felt like a boy at all. I felt like that for as long as I can remember. Like my statements said, by seven I knew what it was. I should have been a girl. When the nightmare began, they intended it to degrade me. Make me less of a person and more willing to submit to them. Stupid thinking. They didn't know my past and I secretly loved being referred to as Kendra, being referred to as a female. As far as they knew, I hated being a girl. Since fifteen, they started me on hormone regimentation. They let me know and told me that I had better just take the pills. I wasn't about to refuse but I also wasn't about to enlighten them.

Kendra continued, "I was scheduled for a battery of psychiatric examinations. They told me what it was for. They would evaluate me for candidacy for SRS. If I passed, they would recommend the procedure. By that time, I had the body of any seventeen year old girl. I dearly loved it. they threatened me if I let them know that I hated it or any reluctance to be female. The joke was on them, I wanted the procedure and wouldn't threaten that for anything. All I had to do is be honest while hiding the abuse. It was rather easy. It was the happiest day in a long while after it was done. It also gave me the will to escape."

"Sick people, must have made you a accomplished liar. That could hurt us, that bit of deception. Since the SRS wasn't up for any discussion, it was forced. But maybe you can hide the fact that you wanted It." said Karol

NOW ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY KAROL SNOW," said Kendra with an air of anger, "you wouldn't perhaps by trying to suborn perjury, now would you. I wont do anything of the sort. If asked that question rather I really wanted the procedure, I will tell them 'damn right.' I won't lie. Anyway, that isn't the charge. It is rape and abuse. Rather the SRS was forced or voluntary isn't at issue and should make no difference in the question about if I was tortured and raped."

"Sorry about that Kendra. You are right, but jury's are funny and that could make a difference. It could make you look like a liar or someone not to be taken seriously by them. If they make that determination, they wont believe a damn word you utter. I guess you are going to be as honest as possible. That is a good thing most of the time.

There is another thing we need to know and I am sure that the defense will ask too. Why did you not seek help until today? You had many opportunities to get help. Any of those hospital visits, you could have told the doctor or nurse. You could have call for help on the phone, surly the opportunity presented it's self. If you are so good and defending yourself, why not sooner than today."

"Karol, if I do get caught in a lie, and they get convicted, it could be overturned. I am just sick of lying anyway. I won't lie anymore for ever. For your question, the first two years I was beaten almost every day. The short while I was alone, I was sure that they were watching and waiting for me to try something stupid. They maybe weren't but I was in a constant state of terror, I was paranoid. I would do anything to please them, their beatings were so bad. Karen threatened me if I told anyone. I was sure that they were listening in. I was sure that they would have gotten to me and hurt me worse. Karen told me that anywhere I went, they would find me. I got smarter over the years and the threat wore off." Kendra said.

"Terrible and good answer. That is fine, good that you have strong convictions on that issue. Now, I know that you have no where to go so I think you should just stay here. Officer Robyn will be here still. He has nothing to do, so she is going to show you around and answer any questions you may have." Tiffany said, "When I come back, we will figure where you will stay."

She was surprised at the way she took her suggestion, Kendra was right. She might make a damn good lawyer someday, she said something about suborning perjury and she is eighteen. She knew about convictions based upon that kind of testimony. She was also surprised about the way she took her suggestion. She wasn't suggesting she lie; just not submit more than asked for. Karol hoped that Kendra would be able to keep her own promise.

Chapter four

"Defendants, Karen Mist and Heather mist, you have been charged with felony rape, child endangerment, child sexual abuse, Child battery and production of child pornography as per the indictment. How do you plead," Asked the judge?


"I motion that these defendants be tried separately your honor," the defendants lawyer said."

"Motion is denied, your plead."

"Not guilty."

"Trial date is set for October the seventeenth, three months. What about bail."

"The defendants are outstanding members of the community, Karen owns a lingerie company that makes millions. Heather hasn't even been charged with an assault in the past. They should be released on their own recognizance," said the defense attorney.

"Your honor," said Karol," These are very serious charges. The accused has access to millions and has a private aircraft. I submit that the defendants be remanded without bail."

"Bail is set at one million dollars and before they are released on bail, the aircrafts license be surrendered. Next case." He slammed the gravel down and they left.

Karol now had to go to the trial judge and fight the dismissal. They were standing in the chambers of the trial judge and the defense attorney just gave an impassioned plea that the warrant was obtained on lies from a proven and proliferate liar. The warrant should never have been issued.

Karol said, "We have other proof that the statement made my the accuser is true. No part of the statement is false."

"That is for the jury to decide. Both motions are denied. The evidence stays. The search was valid and lawful. The trial will take place as planed."




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