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Ken and Barbie                         by: Janet Stickney            


Steve was considered a wimp by his classmates, yet he had the same urges to succeed as they did. The girls ignored him, and the guys shunned him. He was a runt. Short, (5'5") skinny, (120 pounds) and about as coordinated as a 12 year old girl! In sports, which he valiantly tried, he always failed miserably. Steve was 17, and simply fed up with being all alone, shunned like a person with a bad disease. By chance, he met Beth, a girl that had just moved into his neighborhood. They first met at the park, by the lakeshore, both having gone there to ponder their future. When he saw her sitting there, he walked over and introduced himself. Usually he wouldn't do such a thing, but somehow he "sensed" that she was a soul mate.

"Hi I'm Steve. Can I join you?"

She looked at the short skinny kid standing there, and immediately got the same vibes Steve did. Here is a soul mate!

"Sure. Sit down. I'm Beth."

"Hi Beth. I haven't seen you around here before."

No, I just moved here with my Mom. She was promoted, and we moved here a week ago. I don't usually go to a regular school, but since I only have one term left before graduation, Mom and I decided that I should go to Center High. I start next Monday."

A grin split his face, "That's where I go! Maybe I'll see you there. Where'd you move to?"

"On Maple south of White."

"Gee Beth, that's right around the corner from me! I live on Oak, three houses from the corner of Maple!" They sat there for several hours just talking. Without the reproaches he usually got from the snotty kids at the school, and without their possible influence on Beth, they got along fine. He thought she was a really nice girl, and she seemed to like him to. She wasn't a real pretty girl, but that didn't bother him, since he never judged people by the way they looked anyway. In fact, she was actually bigger than he was!

The next day Steve wandered over by Beth's house on the off chance that he might see her again. As he neared the house, he could see her on the front porch with what appeared to be her Mother.

"Hi Beth. Just thought I'd stop by."

Her big grin told him that she was glad to see him. "Hi Steve. This is my Mother, Cathy Decker."

He walked up on the porch to greet her.

"Nice to meet you Ma'am. Can Beth come to the park with me?"

Beth glanced at her Mother, a pleading in her eyes. "I guess. But you have her back here by dinner time at 6pm. Nice to meet you by the way Steve."

The kids went to the park, and found a place down by the water. A street vendor was going by, and Steve suggested an ice cream. "I'd like that Steve." Beth had been teased for as long as she could remember about her looks, and many of the kids had made fun of her. Steve on the other hand, hand been shunned because of his size and lack of athletic ability. Even the girls thought he was a loser, based on what the guys said, but Steve wasn't about to let such a minor thing prevent him from making Beth his friend. They sat there talking about the future, people and places.

"There's a bunch at the school that believe that if you aren't blonde, bronzed and beautiful you don't exist. Be careful of them Beth. They can be mean and nasty when they want to be."

"In case you haven't noticed Steve, I'm not one of the beautiful people. All my life people have judged me by my looks, and not my ability. I'm not immune to the hurtful remarks, but I have learned to cope with those kinds of assholes."

Beth's remarks were spoken with almost a hatred in her voice. Steve took her hand, not saying anything. They sat there like that for the rest of the afternoon.

He walked her home, and then went home. The next day was Sunday, and he walked over to see if Beth wanted to go to the park again, but she was gone somewhere with her Mother. Monday morning, Steve walked to her house, so that they could walk to school together. They didn't hold hands even though they both thought about it. Once again the bronzed beautiful set started in on Steve, and sure enough, the girls treated Beth as if she was a leper or something.

"Steve, I have an idea" Beth started as they went home that afternoon, "it's a little bizarre, but it would sure put those assholes in their place. Lets go to the park and I'll explain it to you."

The park had become their 'place' so to speak, a magnet of some sort. Steve tried to find out what it was, but she waited until they got to the park.

"Isn't there a big dance pretty soon?"

"Sure, the Springfest, why?"

"You'll have to trust me Steve, but I know for a fact that I look better dressed as a guy than I ever did as a girl. I want to take you to the dance, but I want you to go as the girl!"

That statement dropped him to the ground with a thud!

"Me! Go to the dance as a girl! I'd be crucified! It's bad enough now, why make it worse!!"

"Just calm down Steve. Think about it. Your smaller than even I am, and I'm not very big. I'll make you a deal. You let me dress you up, and if you don't think it'll work, then we'll forget the whole thing, but if you look as good as I think you will, then you let me take you to the dance, you as the girl of course."

What she had suggested was ridiculous of course, but he told her, "I'll think about it Beth, but no promises... okay?"

"Okay Steve. No promises. But you have to let me be the one to dress you, nobody else." They sat there in silence, as the enormity of what Beth proposed settled on him.

That night Steve looked in the mirror at his pathetically skinny body, the long stringy blonde hair, the lack of even a moderate amount of muscles, and concluded that if he was ever going to go to even one of the school dances, then Beth was probably right, he should have been a girl. His sister Cheryl was a real beauty when she was in high school, and if he looked even half as good as her he'd be fine. Looking in the mirror, he decided to do it, or at least try.

The next day on the way home from school, he told Beth that he would try it.

"That's great Steve! I'll get some stuff together, and we can try it this weekend!"

She was all smiles for the rest of the way home. The week went quickly, and on Saturday morning he went to Beth's house as they had arranged. Beth greeted him at the door.

"Hi Steve, come on in. Mom's at work, so we have all day to experiment."

He was still queasy about doing this for Beth, but went ahead with it any way.

"You'll have to shave all of the hair off your body Steve, otherwise you'll be a hairy girl and that's not sexy at all. Wash your hair real good too, use the conditioner that's there. Here's a towel. When your done, call me and I'll have something for you to wear."

Steve took the towel and headed for the bathroom. He shaved what little hair there was on his legs, arms and underarms, the rest of him still hairless in his youth. He called to Beth that he was ready, and she opened the door a crack and handed him a pair of white cotton panties.

"Slip these on under this robe, and come on out."

He took them, closed the door and slipped them on, quickly donned the robe and stepped out into Beth's room. She was waiting for him, standing next to a pile of clothes on the bed. Standing there in Beth's room almost naked, gave him thoughts that had nothing at all to do with him dressing as a girl! As he valiantly tried to hide his now visible thoughts Beth giggled.

"That's not very girlish Steven!" He went back in the bath and when he returned, all signs of his manhood were gone.

Without a word about it Beth said, "Stand right here so I can fasten this around you, and hold your arms up in the air."

Steve did as he was told, and Beth fastened up the corset she had wrapped around him. Then she began on the laces. He did a lot of huffing and puffing, but when she was done, he had a 21" waist! When he let his arms down, his pitiful amount of chest had been pushed and pulled so that it almost filled the cups of the built in bra, which Beth fixed by handing him two small foam pads. He slipped them under his now swollen chest muscles and created a modest bustline. Beth helped him into the nylons, and showed him how to fasten the clasps. "Sit here at the vanity table Steve, and I'll try to do something with your hair. She brushed it out and used a blow dryer to give it an unfamiliar fullness. Using mega hold hairspray, she did his hair into a very passable hairstyle. Then she began on his makeup. She used her Mothers foundation, since her skin tone was closer to Steve's than her own. Beth started plucking his eyebrows into a less masculine line, giving them a slightly curving arch. Blue eyeshadow, eyeliner in a rich black, and mascara were applied by the skilled and nimble fingers of Beth.

"Let's try the dress on shall we?"

She went to the closet and pulled out a white cocktail style dress, with a chiffon skirt, fitted bodice, and a neckline that was cut straight across the breast, in a size 8. She had him step into it, and as she zipped it up she could see that it was a perfect fit! It came to just above his knees, and hugged his new figure like paint! The shoes were also white, but they had bright red shoe clips on the toe. Steve stood still as Beth clipped some red and rhinestone earrings to his lobes, and a matching necklace around his neck. She sat him down at the vanity table again and did his lipstick in a bright red, using a lipstick brush to give him that petulant outline men find so irresistible.

"Now you can look in the mirror Steve."

He turned around, and looking in the full length mirror, saw his sisters twin!

"I...I....I can't believe it! I look like Cheryl! My sister!"

As he stood there in awe of what Beth had done to him, she smiled and put her hand on his shoulder.

"I told you that it would work! You are ravishing!! But before we go to far, you know of course that you'll have to get used to the clothes, how to walk in heels, and your arm movements and so on don't you?"

Steve had not considered this, and had assumed that he could just wear the clothes and go to the dance.

"Well, I guess so, but how do we practice? I mean where do we practice?"

"Well the best way is for me to dress you in something more casual, and we go on a date! I'll take you to the movies and then we can go get something to eat."

Beth started to get some more clothes out of the closet, and Steve stood rooted to the spot. He was still dwelling on the thought of actually leaving the house dressed as a girl! Beth helped him unzip the white dress and handed him pleated dark blue skirt with a white blouse and light blue round neck sweater.

"Let me get you a slip and you can put that on first."

He once again did as he was told, and when he had the skirt, blouse and sweater on, and his jewelry changed to gold button earrings and a simple gold chain necklace, she handed him a pair of her black flats. Surprised that they fit so well, he walked around her room getting accustomed to the feel and texture of the clothes. Handing him a black purse into which she had put some lipstick, a tissue, and other articles that girls normally carry.

"Take this, and wait while I change."

Beth went to the bathroom, and when she emerged, Beth was gone and there stood a very nice looking young man.

"I use the name Ken when I'm dressed this way. Why don't you be my Barbie. That's it! We'll call you Barbara!"

Ken took Barbara by the arm, and they left for the show. It was a three block walk, and Steve, now Barbara, found himself almost enjoying the feeling that the soft clothes gave him, and the admiring glances from the males walking by. Ken took "her" into the show and treated her to popcorn, a soda, and every consideration a male treats a female with. He was attentive to her every need.

"I have to go pee! What now?"

"Use the ladies room of course! You might as well get used to it now, since from now on you'll be using them......whenever we go out that is."

Barbara left her seat, and using all of her will power, walked straight into the ladies room. She did her business and left, with not one other lady even looking at her funny like she expected! Barbara went back to her seat and enjoyed the rest of the movie. Ken took her arm, and led the way out of the theater, and headed for the kids biggest hangout!

"Hold it! I can't go in there! The other kids will see me dressed this way and I'll have to kill myself!"

"Let me remind you that not one person so far has read you as a male dressed as a female, and none will if you keep your cool."

Barbara let Ken lead the way, and he entered the Burger Bin, with his pleated skirt waving as he walked, and the scent of his perfume following in his wake. Every guy there saw Barbara walk in, and they all stared at this lovely new beauty. Barbara was very nervous about being there, but since she was, she decided to make the best of it. She let Ken order for her, and as they sat there and other kids came and went, she relaxed somewhat. Finally, Ken took her hand and they left for home.

To their surprise, Both of their Mothers were sitting on the porch at Beths house!

"Hi you two!"

Beth's Mother spoke to them, but Steve's Mother looked softly at her son, and there was no hint of reproach in Beth's Mothers voice, or Steve's Mother's look. I see that you two finally found something in common. Come into the house, and we can all sit down and discuss your newfound hobby."

Steve's Mother asked the all important question.

"Now tell me Steve, how come you are wearing girls clothes, and how come you never told me that you wanted to?"

Steve stammered a bit, but decided what the hell, in for an ounce, in for a pound!

"Mom, ever since I started school the other kids have made fun of my size. I'm about as coordinated in sports as a three year old, I'm not even that smart! I've been shunned and I've never been to even one dance, a party, nothing! Beth asked if I would try this to see how I looked, so we could go to the Springfest dance, and I agreed. There ain't much the other kids can do to hurt me that they haven't done already, so why not! We just went to a movie and over to the Burger Bin. Not one of those kids recognized me Mom. Some of the guys even tried to hit on me!"

He sat there, sure that his goose was cooked! Looking at his Mothers soft blue eyes gazing back at him, now dressed as an attractive young woman.

"I always knew the other kids teased you honey, but I guess I never knew how much this hurt you. What does Beth call you?"

"Barbara. She says I'm her Barbie, and she's my Ken.

Both of the Mothers went into the kitchen for a short talk, while the two of them waited in the living room.

"I wonder what they'll do Beth!"

"I don't know Steve, but I hope they let us carry out our plan!"

The Mothers returned, sat down and faced the kids.

"Steven, You know I have missed Cheryl terribly ever since she was killed last year. Seeing you dressed like this and looking so much like her, I guess.. I wonder...I want to help you if you intend to go on like this. If you want to dress as a girl, then I want you to let me help you. You really are very pretty."

Steve was stunned to say the least! His Mother had said she wanted to help him, if he decided to continue as Barbara. He almost missed Beth's Mothers words.

"There are some restrictions here kids. You must keep this between us, and never go out with anyone else, and every moment that you are not in school you'll be dressed as you are now! We will help you, but also, we will be the ones to guide your changes, and your clothes."

Beth jumped up and hugged both of them, with Steve right behind her.

"Can I show you what I intended to wear to the dance Mom?"

"Okay Barb, we'll be right here waiting."

The kids went to Beth's room, and he quickly changed into the white dress, and Beth redid his makeup and lipstick for him. With some fear in him, he walked into the room. Both of the Mothers sat there dumbfounded! He was beautiful! His small breasts straining at the satin bodice while he stood tall and proud on the white patent leather heels, the scent of freshly sprayed perfume surrounding him, his radiant smile framed in the red lipstick.

"Well! I declare! Barbie honey you are a knockout!"

"Yes he is, isn't he. I never thought my son could look as good as this! Walk around the room some Barb."

He slowly walked around the room, the heels making his walk feminine and sexy, the soft whispering of his nylons hidden by the sound of his heels on the hardwood floor. He had never felt better, and yet, the more he wore the clothes, the better he felt about wearing them.

"You better change back into the skirt and blouse honey. We have to go home. Lets see if some of Cheryl's clothes will fit you."

After he changed back to the skirt and blouse, he grabbed his purse, and as he headed for the door, he told Beth that he would pick up his male clothes later. Steve felt great. It was like he had discovered what was missing in his life. For the first time he tasted the admiration of people his own age, and had also discovered something about himself that he had never once considered. He liked to wear women's clothes! If someone had asked him right then, he would have told them that he was always going to be a girl!

"I can't undo these laces Mom, can you help me?"

His Mother came into the room and undid the laces of the corset, and when he was wearing a robe and nothing else except the makeup and panties, she took a measuring tape and got all of the measurements she thought she would need. After Cheryl's death, Mrs. Duncan had not packed up any of her daughters clothes, but had kept them, for unknown reasons. She went into the now unused room, dark, a bit scary, but as she walked into the room she could still smell the scent of her daughters perfume, which almost carried her back to that horrible day when she died, but she gathered her strength and went on.

"Barb! Would you come in here please?"

He went into the room to see his Mother looking slightly shaken and went to her.

"If you don't want to be here, we can leave Mom."

"No that's all right. We should have cleaned this out before. But since you need so much, I guess we can use it...if you don't mind that is."

"Heck no! Cheryl had some nice clothes, and we can't afford to start over can we?"

His Mother was grateful for his insight, and as they opened the window shades to let some light in, they both felt better.

"Cheryl was bigger busted than you, but she was about the same size, so with a little padding you'll do fine. He was still wearing the cotton panties, so when he undressed to get the bra on, he was unashamed to stand in front of her. They tried on all of the skirts, dresses, blouses, slips and bras, and as they did, they separated them into piles of what would fit him and what would need alterations and those that would not fit at all.

"I think that we should get you some panties of your own, and of course some new makeup. You need a blow dryer, some rollers, and brushes, maybe we can find Cheryl's." Then she added, "Maybe we can get you a really good set of breastforms and some kind of padded girdle.

Barb spent the rest of the evening with his Mother, in what could only be a Mother daughter talk. They found out things they never knew about each other. Steve confessed that he discovered that he enjoyed being a girl, and if he had his way, he always would be! "I can't replace Cheryl Mom, but I can be your newest daughter, if you let me. Mrs. Duncan looked at her son, as he told her he could be, and wanted to be, her daughter. She took him into her arms, and the two of them embraced in a new understanding. The next day was Monday, and he heard many of the guys talking about the fox they had seen at the Burger Bin. He smiled inwardly, knowing that they were talking about him! The school day went by so slowly he could hardly stand it. He saw Beth in the hallway several times and they winked at each other as they passed. When it was time, he raced home, anxious to change into Barbara's clothes, so his biggest surprise was when he got to his room. He found a complete set of clothes laid out for him! He quickly slipped on a pair of new, dark blue nylon panties, the pantyhose and bra followed quickly. He slipped on a short slip, and a green and blue plaid skirt. There was a dark green sweater for him to wear, but he thought that he would try to do makeup for the first time by himself.

As he looked at the various bottles on his Mothers vanity, he tried to remember what Beth had shown him the day before. When he was done, it wasn't as good as Beth did, but he thought it was pretty good, so he went back into his room and pulled the sweater over his head. Then he managed to brush his hair into a pageboy. His skills with the brush not yet developed very well.

"Hi there Barbara. How's my girl?"

He spun around at the first sound, to see his Mother standing there.

"I see you tried to do your makeup. Not bad, but I can show you some tricks to use. Your hair looks fine."

She led him into the bathroom and had him wash off the makeup. Then, step by step, she showed him the right way to apply makeup. He did all the work, she just told him what to do.

"Now that your dressed, lets go find you some hair care items of your own, and maybe dinner out as well.

Barbara didn't feel nervous like he did yesterday, in fact he felt very confident. The two of them went into a lingerie shop, and Barb, with some help from her Mom, selected some bras that fit a little better, and a corset that laced up the front. His Mother had begun to refer to Steve in the feminine. She found that she missed having a daughter, missed her more than she had known! If Steve wanted to be another daughter, then she decided that she would help him! She loved her son, and would never hurt him in any way, but she missed that special bond that Mothers and daughters have. If he wanted to become her daughter, then she would help him as much as she could.

"I want you be happy Barbara, but you have to finish school before you do anything drastic. You only have one term left, so relax, and other than the Springfest dance, I never want you to go around the school dressed as you are."

Steve took her words to heart, since he had no ambition to ruin any relationship he had with his Mother or be ostracized any more at school.

When they left the store, and on the drive home, Barbara saw a prosthetics shop, and asked if they might find out if they had some really good breastforms.

"That's a really good idea Barb! If they're not to expensive, maybe we can get you fitted!"

She drove into the lot and they entered the store.

"Hello, may I help you?"

"Yes. I am inquiring about some breastforms, but I want them to be very realistic if possible."

"Of course. We carry the very best here at this store. If you will follow me, I'll show you what we have in stock."

They walked into a brightly lit room stocked with many different types of prosthetic devices. She led them to a room devoted just to breastforms, and invited them in.

"Now then, we have some that are virtually undetectable, but they are on the expensive side. If you like, I'll let you try one."

Barb and her Mother both nodded their heads in unison.

"If you would remove your blouse please."

Barb started to take her sweater off.

"Oh. I'm sorry, I thought it was for you!", she said while looking at Mrs. Duncan.

"Is there a problem? My daughter needs help, and we thought that you might be able to help us, but if there is a problem?"

"Oh no Ma'am. It's just that we don't get many younger women in here for breastforms. I'd be happy to help you."

Barb took her sweater off, and waited while the girl got some forms from the shelf.

She compared them to Barbs skin, and then got another pair.

"Try these. Just slip them into your bra for fit, and then I'll show you how to make them undetectable."

Barb went into the changing room and did as she was asked. They felt wonderful to her. They were just the right size for Barbara, and they matched her skin perfectly! They were weighted to simulate the real thing, and they conducted body heat. They were the state of the art in artificial breastforms.

"Oh Mom! Can I get them? Please!"

"How much are they?"

Mrs. Duncan asked, hoping that she could afford them.

"These are really reasonably price Ma'am. Let me go up front and double check the price."

The girl left and Barbara spoke right up.

"I have several thousand dollars saved Mom, let me pay for them. I'm the one that's going to be using them after all!"

Elizabeth Duncan faced a choice. She now knew that the son she had raised all of these years wanted to become her daughter, at least some of the time. If he was ready to spend his own hard earned dollars for these expensive breastforms, that meant that he had every intention of using them for more than a single dance.

"If you want them so bad, then I'll split the cost with you."

If I don't help him now she thought, then he won't feel like he is able to confide in me she thought. The woman came back in the room, and when Barb told her that he would take them, she told him to take the bra off so she could show him how to apply them so as to be undetectable.

The woman was a little taken aback to see that the girl in front of her had never been a girl, but she carried on anyway, and when Barbara left the store, she wore a fine pair of 36 B breasts upon her chest.

"Can you drop me off at Beth's? I'll walk home a little later."

"Okay, but don't stay late."

Barbara knocked on the door and when Mrs. Decker answered the door, she was not surprised to see Barbara standing there.

"Come in Barb. I'll call Beth."

In a moment Beth came down the stairs and met Barbara.

"Girl, I have something to show you that will blow your mind!"

Barb was so excited that Beth just knew it was good.

"Let's go to my room."

The two girls went upstairs, and once in Beth's room, Barbara pulled off her sweater, and took off her bra. Her perfectly formed breasts, seemingly real, stood out, firm and proud.

"Well I'll be damned! They aren't real! They can't be! Let me touch one."

Beth reached a tentative finger out, and as she touched Barb, they were not cold, but warm! And they felt so soft and real!

"Well I'll be damned!"

With that she sat on the bed.

"I never knew that they even made something like that! I can't believe it!"

Beth sat there looking at the big grin on Barbs face.

"I didn't either Beth, but Mom and I went to this place, and they had these! I tried them on and, well, I liked them so much I bought them!"


Mrs. Decker had a voice that easily sounded through the door and they went downstairs to see what she wanted.

"Barb, your Mother called, and she has dinner ready, so you better get. You can see Beth again tomorrow."

"Okay Mrs. Decker. See you later Beth."

That night Barb carefully peeled the breastforms off just as he was shown, and cleaned them with the solvent he had been given. He felt funny without them, but he couldn't wear them to school, and besides it would ruin the surprise he and Beth had cooked up for them. His Mom had told him that he had to stay "himself" during the school week, except at home, but on the weekends, if he and Beth wanted to go out for his "girl practice" as she called it, well, that was okay. Steve wanted to enjoy his newfound self more often, but he realized that he had to be careful. After school was out, then maybe he could be Barbara all of the time. The week dragged by for both he and Beth, and as soon as school let out on Friday, they raced home so they could adopt their chosen roles. After dinner, Ken came over to get Barb, and they went to the Burger Bin first this time. Barb had chosen to wear a blouse that allowed some amount of see-through, so the guys would have every illusion she could make available. It worked of course. The gangly runt that they had teased so often in the past was now the object of their desires! "Fools" she thought. Turning to Ken, she asked her if all of the guys acted this way.

"Not always, but usually. They think you will be impressed."

"I wish that I could go out with Tom. He's been on my case since the third grade. I'd teach him a lesson, you can bet on that!"

Ken took Barbs arm and led her to a booth. Barb had been practicing her voice all week, and she thought that she had mastered the art of talking without sounding false. He managed a very nice, softly feminine voice thank you! Beth did not know this, since Barbara had kept it a secret until now. Holding Ken's arm, she ordered her own burger. Ken smiled, knowing that the girl on his arm had made a sincere effort to improve every aspect of her new self.

"Hi baby. I haven't seen you here before. Where have you been all my life?"

"Why, I've been here all the time! You just haven't paid close enough attention."

Ken squeezed her arm as a warning.

"But then again, you have all of your macho buddies to show off in front of, so tell you what I'll do."

With that, Barbara stood up and took his face in her hands and kissed him full on the mouth and held it for a moment.

"Can you remember me now?"

"Sure baby! I sure can."

He started to reach for her again, but she elbowed him right in the pit of the stomach.

"Look, but never touch me again!"

Tom went back to his booth to the hoots and howls of his friends. Ken laughed so hard he could hardly sit in the booth. Barbs biggest tormentor had been shot down by the same person, just dressed different! And everyone knew that he would not give in so soon or so quickly. After they had finished their meal, they went to the show.

"That was just terrific Barb! Whatever made you do that?"

"I don't know! It just seemed like the right thing to do at the time! He really was shocked wasn't he! I'll bet that makes it around the school pretty quick!"

They both chuckled as they went into the show. Halfway through, Ken put his arm around Barb. She didn't complain. On the way home, Ken took Barb into the park, and to the very spot they first met. Taking her arm, he pulled her close and kissed her, and Barb let him. Before long they were both sitting on the grass, and Ken had his hand under her blouse trying to undo her bra!

"Stop that Kenny! I'm not that easy! Besides, do you want a mouthful of latex and silicone?"

That broke them both up. Barb refastened her blouse, and asked Ken to take her home.

At Central High they had decided to do away with all of the different prom's, and have a single, big, dance called the Springfest even though it was held two weeks before the end of the school year. For the whole time that Ken and Barbara waited for the dance, Barb practiced walking, sitting and so on under her Mothers eagle eye. He had also chosen to use Cheryl's room for just when he was Barbara, and keep his own room for Steve. The dance was to be held on Saturday night at the Pinecrest country club, and like all of the girls going to the dance, Barb was worried that she had not remembered something, and in her case, that could be very very bad! Ken on the other hand, had rented a tuxedo, limousine, bought the flowers, and got a haircut. He was ready. On the day of the dance, Barbara sat in the tub soaking in bubble bath and carefully shaving every square inch of skin. She even shaved her crotch! She dusted herself with sweet smelling powder, and began to dress. Barbara had decided to be very daring, and wore bikini panties of the sheerest silk.

Her Mother helped her lace into the satin lined corset, and when it was fully tight, she had a 21" waist once again. Her breastforms had been attached earlier, and laid in the cups of the corset like two ripe melons, ready for picking. She pulled the nylons up her freshly shaven legs, excited by the feel of them against her skin, and the way they made her legs look. Fastening them to the garters of the corset pulled them taut, and made her legs look even longer than they were. Barb sat at the vanity, and now, expertly applied makeup that exactly matched her skin tone. She applied the rose and gray eye shadow and then lined her eyes with sable black. Her mascara lengthened her lashes, making her eyes one of her most attractive features. Barb's Mother helped her on with the white dress, and zipped it up. The dress still fit her body like a coat of paint. Barb and her Mother had gone to a beauty shop earlier in the day, and for the first time ever, Barb had had her hair done. It was in a modified French twist that left tendrils of hair hanging by her ears. The white shoes had been replaced with red patent leather 3" heels, with clear rhinestone shoe clips. She once again wore the rhinestone and red jewelry she wore the first time she got dressed. A squirt of perfume in all of the right places and she was ready. Mrs. Duncan loaned her a white lace shawl.

The limo glided to a stop in front of the house, and Ken came to the door, dashing in his tuxedo. They posed for some pictures, and then left for the dance. Ken took her arm and they walked into the hall, softly lit and music in the background. Several of the guys turned to look at Barbara and Ken as they walked in, but since nobody recognized them, they said nothing. Ken and Barb sat at the very same table that Tom and his date did!

"Hi there! I'm Ken Decker, and this is Barbara Duncan."

"You related to that squirrel Steve?"

Barb smiled her most radiant smile, and looked at Tom.

"Why yes! How ever did you know? He is such a little guy, but I think he's kinda cute, don't you?"

"He's a squirrel in my book!"

Ken and Susan, Tom's date, changed the subject to something more pleasant. Ken and Barb were dancing and he took the time to tell Barb that he just wanted to enjoy the dance, and not get into a fight with Tom, or ruin what was turning out to be the best date each of them had ever had.

"Okay Ken. I'll cool it. It is such a nice dance."

As soon as they were back at the table, Susan asked Barb if she needed to go to the ladies room. Of course she went, since that is the best way to find out what's going on, and what's being said about other people.

"Tom thinks your a doll. Stay away from him....he's mine!"

"Susan, I have no intention of moving in on Tom. I think he is an obnoxious, rude, uncaring lout that should be in a zoo!"

"Yea. Your right about that, but still, we have been going together since Jr. High, and I want him."

Barb and Susan sort of bonded right then. Not close, but closer anyway. When they returned to the table, they were playing the last of the music, and Ken took her arm and they headed for the limousine.

"I have a special surprise for you Barb."

But Ken did not explain any further, but when they pulled into the hotels drive, Barb could guess.

"I have a room here. I hope you aren't mad or anything."

Barbara was not surprised exactly, but she was nervous! She felt like bride or something! Ken took her hand, and they went to the elevators for the ride up to their floor. He took her hand and led the way into the room. As soon as the door was closed, Ken took her into his arms and pulled her to him.

"You can't possibly know how long I have been waiting for this moment Barb. Ever since that first time you stood in my room with nothing more than a pair of panties and a robe between us!"

Barb stood rooted to the spot, not knowing what to do. Ken gently reached around her and unzipped the dress, and as it slipped to the floor, he took her breasts, one in each hand and kissed them. He undid the laces of the corset and the clasps of the garters, and took the corset off, watching as her breasts hung there, inviting and soft. Ken had her sit down and as he took her shoes off, he kissed her feet, and after the nylons were off, her legs. Barb was in sensual heaven. She had never had so much attention showered on her. She lay back on the bed, wearing her panties, earrings, and a smile, as Ken stood in front of her and slowly took his clothes off. They celebrated that evening, the final finding of themselves. They were dressed in the wrong clothes according to society, but they had each other, and that was all that mattered to them.

When Ken dropped her off the next day, her Mother was waiting for her at the door.

"I can see by the look on your face that you two did something I would have wanted you to wait for."

Barb knew she knew, but just hung her head, and headed for her room. She quickly changed into shorts and top and came back downstairs. It was now an adult woman that faced her Mother.

"Ken and I have known for some time that we belong to each other Mom. We have finally figured out what we should be. He asked me to marry him!"

That news stunned her Mother!

"Married! You're to young to get married! What about college? I thought.....I....I give up! Tell me about what you two have planned."

Barbara sat down and told her in very plain terms.

"I have been taking hormones since the second week I started to dress like this Mom. Didn't you notice the changes in my boobs? I can't fill out a bra by myself, but probably real soon We decided that we cannot have sex changes if we want to have children, but we can, and plan to, live as Ken and Barbara! I'm still going to go to school, but it will be a secretarial school. Ken is going to go to State, and when he graduates, we'll get married."

Mrs. Duncan was at a loss for words!

"If you are going to become a woman, then I guess that you did the right thing in taking the hormones, but I wish that you had told me. Lets go upstairs and you show me all of these supposed changes!"

Barb and her Mother went upstairs and she saw for herself that Barb was right. She had developed a very decent A cup breast! Her hips had also started to widen, and her body hair, while Barb had shaved it off, could clearly be seen to be less.

"Have you seen a Doctor since you started to take these hormones?"

"No Mom. Ken got them for me, and I took them. But I followed the instructions on the label."

"Tomorrow you and I will see the Doctor, and you will do as he says...Understand?"

"Yes Ma'am!"

The very next morning, Mrs. Duncan got her out of bed early, and she quickly dressed in jeans and a sweater, and they went to see the Doctor.

"We have an appointment for my daughter, Barbara Duncan."

In a few moments the nurse took Barb into a booth and asked her to disrobe completely, and handed her one of those hospital gowns that everyone hates. When the Doctor came in to examine her, Her Mother was right there with him. Mrs. Duncan told the Doctor what the two kids had done and why, and wanted to know if there were any lasting damage to her daughter. His eyes widened a bit, but he gave Barb a complete physical, and pronounced her fit as a fiddle.

"If Barbara is going to continue to live as a woman, then she needs to have some electrolysis on the beard. I will give you a document that will help you legally change her name. But, young lady, you do not take any drugs that I do not prescribe! Understand?"

They both nodded.

"I'll change your medical records to reflect your new name, what's your middle name?"

Barb answered "Anne", and Barb got dressed as he wrote out the document.

"We can stop the drivers bureau on the way home. If your going to be Barbara Anne Duncan, then we might as well get you a new drivers license. They also stopped on the way home at their lawyers office and asked him to arrange a name change for Steve. By the time they got home, it was almost lunch, and Barb went into the kitchen and prepared a small meal for them. Ken was knocking on the door, and when Barb went to answer it, she saw Cathy Decker standing there with him.

"Julie, do you know what these children of ours want to do?"

"Yes I do Cathy, Barbara told me this morning. We have already been to the Doctors office in fact. You know of course that Ken gave her some hormones to take? You should see her now! Barb is almost completely developed! Since Barb was so adamant about being a woman, I had her name changed and a new drivers license as well. The Doctor was sorely pissed at her for taking drugs without his approval, but she seemed no worse for it. What about Ken?"

Cathy looked over at her new son.

"I guess they had it all figured out Julie."

Ken interrupted, "Look at the bright side. Our children will be your natural Grandchildren! Not adopted. Like it would be if we actually had the sex changes we should have!"

True to their plan, both Barbara and Ken went to school, and graduated with honors. Barbara was a stunning bride, and Susan, Tom's ex girlfriend was her maid of honor! They settled down, and within two years they had a little girl. They named her Cheryl, after Barb's sister. Both Julie and Cathy spend their days wondering how to spoil their Granddaughter!




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