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Kelly’s Recruitment                by: Anyport


Kelly raised her long shapely leg and placed her foot on the chair. She carefully pulled the rolled dark tan stocking over her foot, pausing to once again admire her perfectly painted toenails. She was delighted to see the bright red colouring was clearly visible through the stocking as she continued to slide the soft fabric over her smooth, hair free leg, careful to keep the seam as straight a possible since her tight corseting made later adjustment extremely difficult.

As she attached the garters to the stocking, she briefly considered the idea of putting the stockings on before the corset, but she knew that could never happen. She knew she’d never be able to restrain her eagerness to feel the tight restriction the corset offered for long enough to pull the stockings on. Raising her other leg, she pulled the other stocking on before attaching it too to the corset.

Sliding her feet into a pair of black patent leather, open toed shoes she walked over to the full-length mirror with all the poise of someone who’d spent many hours wearing stiletto heeled shoes. Since she often wore four inch and even on occasion five, the pair of three inch heeled shoes she now wore caused her no difficulty whatsoever.

She stood in front of the mirror admiring the way the tight corset shaped her waist and forced her small breasts together to form an impressive if small cleavage. She turned around to check her seams and was once again surprised at the difference the stockings and shoes made to her legs. She really did have spectacular legs; in fact from the neck down she looked stunning and ultra feminine. Okay she knew that it was due in part to the red satin corset, the red silk panties and the shoes and stockings, but still, the foundation had to be there in the first place and that was something no outfit could replace.

She walked confidently over to the dressing table and began the task of transforming her face into that of…. She thought about it for a moment, ‘A sex goddess’ she decided with a grin, then picked up the foundation cream and began her make over.

Some twenty minutes later, after applying blusher, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara, she was ready for the final touch that would change her face totally. She picked up the bright red lip-gloss and turned the base slowly. The lipstick slid out of the cylinder like a tiny phallus and Kelly raised it slowly to her lips. No matter how enjoyable the rest of her preparations had been, Kelly always felt a thrill of excitement as she slid the lipstick across her lips, leaving a bright red trail in it’s wake.

She was delighted to see that her lips were almost a perfect match for the polish on her long false fingernails. As she slid her lips together to ensure an even spread of colour, she thrilled at the effect the glossy lipstick gave to her now lovely face. Sitting back to contemplate her reflection there was just one final accessory required to complete the picture. ‘No argument’ She decided, ‘A sexy look like that can only be accompanied by one thing.’ She reached over and pulled the long auburn wig from the stand and fitted it over her head pulling it snugly into place before teasing it slightly with a hairbrush. "Perfect." She said aloud, then stood up and walked over to the bed where she’d carefully laid out her black dress earlier.

Stepping into it she zipped up the back with practiced efficiency, then smoothed down the hem checking in the mirror to ensure it covered her stocking tops, which it did though not by a great deal. She grinned at her reflection, "I’d better be careful who I bend over in front of." Turning round slowly she cast a final critical eye over herself before nodding her approval.

Picking up a small black handbag she dropped a few things into it, including her lipstick and wallet. She considered pulling a jacket over her shoulders but decided against it. Even though the dress was sleeveless and had a very low neckline, the night was a warm one and she only planned on being out for an hour or so. Picking up her keys and dropping them into her bag, she took one final look around the room before opening the door and heading out into the world.

Kelly was so excited as she clicked her way down the dark street towards the brighter lights of the main shopping area, she failed to notice the figure emerge from the shadows across the road to keep pace with her along the street.

Nor was she aware of the fact that this same person had followed her on three previous occasions and had a substantial photographic portfolio of these outings.

As she turned the corner and passed into the brighter lights, a thrill of anticipation went through her at the prospect of being admired, even lusted after, by the many people both male and female, who frequented this particular area of town.

She was aware of the looks a couple of men were giving her as she passed one of the many coffee lounges scattered throughout the shopping centre. She gave a brief consideration to walking through the crowded mall but decided against it since it was a little crowded tonight. She paused for a moment at the window of a shoe store, not because she was particularly interested in buying shoes, but because it happened to be next door to a café where several tables were placed on the pavement. The occupants of one of the tables’ three men and one woman were obviously staring in her direction with a mixture of envy and lust and Kelly strained her ears to hear what they were saying about her.

She smiled slightly as one of the men outlined what he’d give to be alone with her for just one hour. As she turned to continue her walk, a hand gripped her upper arm and a voice said, "Could I have a quiet word with you my dear?"

The gentle feminine voice belied the strength of the grip on her arm and though Kelly tried to shrug the hand away it held firm.

"Shall we go in here?" The woman asked pleasantly as she steered Kelly into the open door of the café and over to a quiet table in the corner. "Two white coffees please." She said to the waitress, not bothering to ask Kelly if that was okay with her, then she sat quite still and looked at Kelly’s face intently.

Kelly wanted to jump up and run but was certain the woman would catch her in a few strides, particularly in her heels. She opened her mouth to demand what the woman thought she was doing but no word left her lips and then the coffee arrived.

After taking a couple of sips from her cup, the woman said, "I’ve been watching you for a few days now my dear." She slid a large envelope across the table towards Kelly. Kelly considered ignoring the package but her curiosity soon had the better of her and she opened it up and tipped the contents onto the table in front of her.

They were photographs of Kelly taken over the past few days, both arriving at and leaving the small flat she’d been using. As she flicked through the photographs several less flattering ones emerged causing Kelly to moan slightly.

The woman glanced at the pictures before smiling and whispering, "Oh yes my dear, I know all about your little secret."

Kelly quickly slid a picture back into the envelope; it was of a man wearing jeans and tee shirt entering the flat.

The woman took another sip of her coffee before speaking again. "Do you know it’s an odd thing but I’ve seen this young man," she indicated the envelope, "Arriving at the flat, but once you leave there’s no trace of him, why do you think that is dear?" She smiled knowingly as Kelly hung her head in embarrassment.

"What do you want from me? Kelly asked in a hushed tone, "Money, is that it?"

"Oh no dear, nothing as common as that, well not directly at least. I have a proposition for you, perhaps we should go back to your flat and discuss it." She suggested.

"And if I refuse?" Kelly asked, sounding far more courageous than she felt.

The woman reached over and gathered the pictures dropping them back into the envelope, which she handed to Kelly. "That would be unfortunate, I’m sure you wouldn’t want any of you associates at work to see these pictures now would you? Now, if you don’t want that coffee I think we can leave."

The woman handed the waitress a note telling her to keep the change, then walked out of the café where she waited for Kelly to join her, which she reluctantly did.

Kelly derived no pleasure from the looks she received as she returned to her flat, in fact she hardly noticed anyone looking at her she was too concerned with whatever this damned woman had in store for her.

The woman followed her into the sparsely furnished flat, closing the door behind her. Kelly watched as the woman crossed to the only armchair in the room and sat down crossing her legs and straightening her skirt over her knees.

She was an ordinary sort of woman to look at, Kelly estimated she was in her mid to late forties. Her face was a little too heavily made up and her medium length thick brown hair was in need of a hairdresser’s attention. She was dressed in a stylish black suit, white blouse and sensible shoes with small heels. In the right outfit Kelly judged she would have quite a good figure, but the clothing she wore at present did nothing for her.

Kelly walked over to the dressing table and sat on the only remaining chair, waiting quietly for the woman to speak.

Finally the woman spoke, "Now… ermm I’m sorry, what do you call yourself?"

Kelly looked down at her feet and whispered her name in answer.

"Really, what an attractive name, it certainly suits you it’s many years since I saw anyone as attractive as you and believe me I’ve had plenty of experience."

Despite the situation Kelly couldn’t help feeling pleased at the compliment, though she didn’t respond in any way.

"My name is Judith by the way. Now to business, I won’t beat about the bush we both know that if those pictures were to fall into the wrong hands your life would be over. So as I mentioned earlier I have a proposal for you. I want you to do some work for me, who knows, you might even enjoy it."

Kelly looked up suspiciously, "What sort of work?" She emphasized the last word.

"Let’s call it escort work shall we? You see I have a small problem, one of my best workers had to retire. She became a little too greedy for her own and more importantly, my good and quite frankly it’s impacting on my business so I need a replacement. And as luck would have it, the other night I was sitting in the very café we went to earlier when you passed. As I said I’ve rarely seen anyone as attractive as you are, in fact I had to follow you around for quite a while before I was sure of your little secret."

"After that it was just a question of keeping an eye on you for a few days until I had enough… let’s call it evidence shall we? Of your alter ego, by day you’re Gary an insignificant little office worker and by night, Kelly a provocative sensual creature who obviously enjoys being looked at. You do don’t you?"

Kelly hesitated for a moment, then nodded her head and whispered that she did.


"Well that’s really all I want you to do for me, be admired by men, except in more intimate surroundings…"

"You can’t be serious?" Kelly demanded.

"Oh I most certainly am dear." Judith replied evenly, "And as I said, you just might enjoy yourself."

"But I’m straight," Kelly insisted, "I just enjoy dressing up, I’m not a queer or anything."

Judith shrugged her shoulders, "It doesn’t really matter, I don’t expect you to actually have sex with anyone, well not unless you want to of course. I simply expect you to entertain the occasional man for me."

"What do you mean entertain?" Kelly asked.

"Well let’s just say, there are times when I need something from a man and the best way to get that something is from a one on one situation. Now most of the time one of several young ladies," she smiled at Kelly, "I mean genuine young ladies, are more than adequate for my needs, but there are times when a more exotic lady such as your self is needed."

"I told you I’m straight, I have no intention of having sex with a man no matter what you threaten me with." Kelly assured her visitor.

"And as I told you, that will not be necessary. You will only be required to entertain them, by with I mean enjoy a quiet dinner in intimate surroundings, or perhaps drinks in their hotel rooms."

Kelly opened her mouth to speak but Judith held up her hand for silence as she continued. "Your duties will entail slipping a small sleeping draught in their drinks and then you can leave the rest to us."

"You mean you want me to get a complete stranger into a hotel room and drug him, then I suppose you are going to come in and rob him or murder him or something?"

"No of course not nothing so dramatic, well rarely anyway. The robbery I mean not the murder." Judith smiled reassuringly. "Allow me to explain, I work for…well let’s say it’s a government department, and sometimes that department needs information from certain people. This is where you come in, you place them in a compromising position and we in turn come around a take a few photographs of the two of you socializing. After that, well you’d be surprised what the average man will do to prevent compromising pictures from reaching the wrong hands."

Judith thought about it for a moment then laughed lightly, "Actually you probably wouldn’t since you are in a similar position yourself aren’t you. It’s quite ironic really when you think about it. Anyway, from time to time you’ll be called on to help us persuade someone to cooperate. You will of course be well rewarded for your work and the department will be happy to supply all your outfits, providing you don’t go overboard we are a government department after all. Anyway," Judith pulled herself out of the chair and walked over to Kelly holding out her hand. "I’ll be in touch in the very near future."

Automatically Kelly took the proffered hand and shook it. Judith smiled then turned and left the flat.

Turning to the mirror Kelly stared at her reflection, her mind racing as she tried to think of a way to escape the situation she found herself in. But it was hopeless and she knew it. ‘Then again’, she thought, ‘It might be quite exciting and just think of the new clothes.’ She reached into her handbag for her lipstick and touched up her lips as she remembered what Judith had said. "Many years since she saw anyone as attractive as I am eh?" She smiled and picked up her bag and walked to the door, one more promenade along the street before she had to become boring Gary again.



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