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This story takes place in the European mainland continent. More precisely… in the beautiful country of Germany.


Keith and Allura's Mardi Gras Trip

by Jammyjamz



"Are you ready yet, Allura?" Griped Keith, who is waiting impatiently for his fiancé who is taking her time. "We have to get to the airport sometime today." "Just about. I'll be down in a minute!" Allura said who was doing some final touches on her hair and makeup. "I'm ready." "Well it's about time. But, what's in the bag." He inquired. "You'll find out in due time, now let's get going or we'll miss our plane to the states." She said.

The couple was on their way to the United States for a visit to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. As the couple said their good-byes to their friends, emotions ran through Allura like a hot knife through butter. Keith placed their bags in the taxi's trunk, and began their trip to the airport. Unbeknownst to them… someone had other plans for them. As they traveled, Keith tried to slip his hands into his woman's top so he could fondle her breasts. He started to whisper erotic suggestions into her ear while tweaking her bra-less, erect nipples. She started to squirm under the passion that was starting to erupt inside of her. Allura was writhing and beginning to moan as her man increased his actions and initiated his mouth onto her ears and neck. His 8-inch cock started to swell inside his pants. She pulled the zipper down and unfastened his pants so she could reach inside and play with one of her favorite 'toys'. All the while, the driver adjusted the rearview mirror so he could see the fun. As he watched, he kept one eye on the road, one eye on the two horn dogs in the backseat, one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand on his own member.

As the car reached the airport, Keith and Allura got dressed, got out, grabbed their belongings and flipped the driver his fare and a $10 tip. The couple said their thank you's while the driver 'thanked' them for the 'show' and gave them a 'wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean, say no more kind of look.' As they boarded the plane, the couple was making plans to join the 'Mile High Club'. When the plane reached its peak, Keith gave Allura an evil look, which only she knew what it meant. Keith was the first one to speak. "Babe, I'm going to the bathroom, after five minutes come in after me." "OK," was her reply. He got up, looked around and headed right for the bathroom. After five minutes, Allura got up, looked around and headed to where her man was. She knocked on the door announced who she was and was admitted to the bathroom. He locked the door behind him and started to passionately tongue wrestle her while they took off each other's clothes.

Her firm tits, stiff nipples and sopping wet cunt were ready for his expanding tool and hands. He grabbed her and proceeded to slide her onto his throbbing cock. His arms wrapped around his blonde beauty while her hands pressed against the wall. Allura's body was gliding up and down over Keith's dick, while her fun bags were bouncing up and down on her chest. She started to moan with delight while he was grunting for all its worth. Her pussy was so wet from its fucking that it went numb, that's when he lifted her up, turned her around and commenced the festivities in her asshole. His 8-inch monster never stopped exploding. Allura's body started to sweat bullets and then she went entirely numb because of her dark-haired beau's actions. Keith's cock stopped coming and proceeded to clean up after himself, got re-dressed and return to his seat. All the while, he looked around at the other passengers, grinning to himself knowing that he and Allura were official members of the 'Mile High Club'. After Allura's body got its feeling back, she cleaned up, got re-dressed and returned to Keith who was still grinning. She could not believe what they did in there, but she was glad that they did it.

After the plane landed, they grabbed everything and called a cab. They got in and gave the driver their destination… the Crescent City Hilton Hotel. And wouldn't you know it, the couple started to get frisky again. When they reached the hotel, the couple went to the front desk and asked the concierge about the reservation Keith had made. "Excuse me," Keith said. "Yes how can I help you folks?" The desk clerk asked. "Do you have a suite reserved for Harrison?" "Harrison… Harrison… Har- Keith, right?" "That's correct." "Here we are… Room 696. The Honeymoon Suite. Sixth floor. The young man over there will help you nice folks with your bags. Here are your keys and enjoy your stay in The Big Easy." <DING!> The bellhop appeared at the front desk as if he was Pavlov's dog. "Take these folks bags to Room 696, please." As Keith and Allura followed the bellhop to their room and Allura was amazed by how spacious it was. Keith tipped the baggage handler $10, lifted his significant other in his arms, entered the room, closed the door and landed themselves on the bed. "Here we are babe, the Honeymoon Suite. What do you want to do now?" He asked. "Let's go explore the city and take in the sights." She answered. "Sounds like a plan but lets shower and change first. Because my pants feel a bit 'sticky' because of a certain someone." "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're trying to blame me for that." She said as they both smiled at each other. Allura wrapped her arms around Keith's neck and pulled him close for a little tongue action. As they soaped each other up, in the shower, they continued to get 'frisky' with each other until the water turned cold. The couple got out, toweled themselves dry and proceeded to get dressed.

Keith picked out a pair of khaki shorts, a red t-shirt, and a pair of Nikes, while his bride garbed herself in a tight, short denim mini-skirt, a pink crop-top; that was so snug the outline of her nipples were definite, black purse and her favorite pair of Keds. She then went on to apply her makeup, fix her hair and attached some jewelry. When she finished, her face was done up so that her eyes were made more sapphire-like, her lips were colored in pink, her hair was teased and tonged in a tousled manner. While she adorned her self with dangling diamond earrings, a beautiful 3-stone 'Past, present, future' diamond pendant, diamond tennis bracelet, watch and of course her engagement ring that Keith got for her.

Keith inquired to the future Mrs. Harrison about why does she have to 'Put her face on' and stuff like that. She replied that women like to look their best at all times. In addition, that he will never comprehend unless he spends time as a beautiful female. As the couple left their hotel room, they stopped by the front desk to ask about tourist destinations in the city. "Excuse me." Keith said. "Yes, may I help you?" The desk clerk asked. "Yes actually, me and my boyfriend here are wondering about the attractions are here in New Orleans. We want to look around before we take in Mardi Gras," Said Allura. "Well," said the clerk, "in my opinion I think you should brush up on the town's history first just to get a feel of the atmosphere here. There's a travel bureau, New Orleans Travel, three blocks to the East as you leave the hotel. They should be able to help you. I've been here most of my life and I still get lost." <Giggle> "That reminds me of a time when my man here got us lost when we tried to frequent Chicago a few years ago. And somebody, whose name I won't mention, 'Keisha' Harrison had to pull a few tricks to get us there. You should've been there… it was a riot." Allura said gigglely. "Do you have to keep bringing up that story, every time we go somewhere? Asked Keith. "But it's sooo cute what you did. Not to mention funny." She told him. "Not to me," he said. "I was referring to me and everybody else," she said comforting him. "If it will make you any better I won't bring it up again." "OK. Lets go exploring, we'll come back when were done." " Alright."

As they traveled in the direction the clerk said, they were in awe that the shops were decorated for Mardi Gras, mainly along Bourbon Street. Beads, trinkets, masks, everywhere and everyplace. Retailers and other businesses had posted their annual Mardi Gras sale signs in their front windows. As they strolled along, a sign that read 'Fortunes told, palms read. Walk-ins welcome. Magentia Moonbeam.' caught the attention of Allura. "Keith, baby, I think we should check it out." "I don't know Allura, it could be a scam." He said. "Oh ye of little faith. I thought you were open-minded. Well if you're not going to try it, then I'm going back to the hotel and tell the front clerk all about our 'adventure' in Chicago." "I thought you said you wouldn't bring it up again." "That's true but I never promised. Next time you should pay very close attention to what I say. Now get in there." As she gently patted his face and gave him a gentle kiss of the lips. "Yes ma'am!" He replied as he smiled and opened the door for her. "Welcome, seekers! You must be Keith and Allura." " Yes we are," Allura said, "and you must be the proprietor…" "Magentia Moonbeam and this is Grimwald. Do not worry my friends. He will not harm you. You have come to seek what else Fate and Destiny has in store for you." "That's incredible!" chimed Allura; "I know they brought me to Keith, but what else do have in store for us?" "Are you a gypsy?" implored Keith. "KEITH! That was very rude of you. You should apologize," Allura deliberated. "That is quite ok, I am used to it. He may believe whatever he wants. Now, I see that your Fate and Destiny lines intertwine," taking Allura's hands. "I have never seen anything like this. I must see your hands M'sieu," the shop owner insisted. "Well ok, here you are." "Amazing, your Fate and Destiny lines intertwine as well." "What does that mean?" Allura questioned. "Well, in all my years as a priestess, your futures will change dramatically and forever and with in the coming months. Nevertheless, it will all be in the light." "Wow!" exclamated Allura. "Since, I am running a Mardi gras special, and you two seem very much in love, I will let you have this session for free," Magentia said. "Umm… thank you Madam Moonbeam," Keith said. "Here take my card, if you have any doubts," looking directly at Keith, "please feel free to call and leave a message." "Thank you again Madam Moonbeam," said Allura as she stuck the business card inside her purse.

As they left Madam Moonbeam's parlor, Keith couldn't get the idea that the shop owner said that his and Allura's future will change forever in the near future. Aside from that notion, they ventured all throughout the famed French District, visiting the Historical Voodoo Museum, Jackson Square, and St. Louis Cemetery #1 among places. They even made a pit stop at the Napoleon House bar. The bartender, Stonewall King, made a quick note that the couple was not from the general vicinity. "How do you folks like The Big Easy?" "Nice town," said Keith, "very diverse, and umm…French." "It's very beautiful," added Allura. "That is part of the splendor that is Naw'lins. And if I'm not mistaken young miss is French." King quickly noted. "That's amazing, I just happen to be French. French and Ukrainian. How'd you know?" Inquired Allura. "Oh, lucky guess that's all," King replied "now what can I get you folks to drink?" "I'll have a Long Island iced tea," Keith said. "And I'll have Bloody Mary," added Allura. As Stonewall prepared the drinks, Keith couldn't shake off what Madam Moonbeam said to them earlier. "Keith, hunny, what's wrong?" asked Allura. "I don't know," Keith said, "it just what that Moonbeam lady said earlier, that out lives will change forever in the near future." "Here you folks are… one Bloody Mary for the lady and a Long Island iced tea for the gent. Anything else?" King wondered as he presented the drinks to the couple. "No that'll be it. Thank you," Allura answered. "Ok that'll be $10.50," King said. Keith took his wallet out, handed the bartender a ten and a five-dollar bill, and got $4.50 back in change. "Is that it?" She asked. "That's what's bugging you? You big baby, she said you could believe whatever you want. If you do not want to believe it, then do not believe it. I for one found her reading amazing and I believe it. Now don't be a party pooper and ruin our trip, its not often that we get time off like this." "You're right," he said, "I am overreacting and its true we don't get time away like this, so lets make the most of it while we're here." This made the blonde haired, blue-eyed, 5 foot 8 inch, 125 pound blonde bombshell very happy, not only for her, but for her 5 foot 11 inch, 165 dark-hair, also blue-eyed companion.

After they finished their drinks, they continued their quest through the French Quarter, Allura spotted a tattoo parlor, who like every other proprietor, was running a special. "Keith, babe, lets get some body art done." "Tattoos, huh?" he chirped. "Yeah," she said, "I've always wanted one, but Nanny was always overprotective of me, plus she knew things that I was going to do before I even did them. So lets do it." "Sure, why not" was his answer. When they entered all the speakers in the room were blaring Nine Inch Nails, Godsmack and Marilyn Manson. "Yeah what can I do you for?" the shop artist asked. "We'd like to get tattooed," Allura said. "Pick what you like from the walls or from the binder there," quoted the owner. "Actually, we knew ahead of time what we want," said Allura. "Ok then, tell me what you want and where you want it," the big, burly, 350-pound bald-headed man, who looks like an uncanny resemblance to pro wrestler, Bam Bam Bigelow. "I have a design that I created and I want it on my lower back. It's the Ukrainian flag with a fleur-de-lance in it," the blonde said as she pulled the design from her purse and gave it to the bald one, "and my partner," she continued, "is getting the tribal arm band on both upper arms. Make sure that those bands are 360˚ around and big too." Keith couldn't believe his ears. Allura was being so demanding, he didn't know what to think. All he knew was that he got her angry once before and knew right there not to upset her again. "Lady's first," the tattooer said, "although you might want to pre-occupy yourself because it'll hurt a bit." "No problem," she said. "I'll just adjust my clothes for you and start painting my nails." While the artist was working on Allura who was painting her nails, another worker came out and asked the owner if there was anything, she could do. The owner told her to work on Keith's tribal band tattoos, with specific instructions on detail. After a couple hours, 3 tattoos, 2 drinks, and at least $100 less, the blonde knockout and Keith left the shop and headed towards the zoo.

Keith and Allura always loved animals. Strange twists of fate lead them from their zoological and veterinarian studies at the University of Ottawa to piloting the blue, and black lion assault vehicles. As they strolled along with the other visitors, they saw all types of bears, monkeys, and even some animals that were mating. Keith continued to watch the Pandas fornicate each other; he could not help but devise an evil grin on his face, while plotting his next sexual conquest with Allura. Without her paying attention, he looked around and gently moved Allura's hand from his own to his ever swelling snake. While she was reading the story of the Panda, he ever so smoothly rubbed her hand up and down his crotch until she was doing it herself. Once she was done reading, she turned to him and saw that he was giving her one of his devilish looks. She knew what it meant and grabbed his crotch, pulled him close and started to kiss him tenderly. While at the zoo, she saw scores of little kids with their parents and/or guardians or school. She wondered what it would be like to have kids of her own if things ever calmed down.

On the way from New Orleans Metropolitan Zoo, they finally decided to get some background of the city on the bayou from the travel agency. They bought what they needed and headed back to their hotel. Once there they read the brochures, scanned the local paper, the New Orleans Times-Picayune and as well as the free publicated papers for local entertainment. Thanks to Allura's hyperactive healing factor, she had no trouble sitting down or leaning back after getting her tattoo done. After reading everything, they decided to go out to eat. Therefore, they went to their room and changed. Allura who was up on the latest thing of fashion, hair, makeup, etc… while Keith wore whatever Allura told him to wear if they were going out to eat. Allura 'suggested' that Keith put on his Sunday best while she changed out of her street clothes and into a black, skin-tight, iridescent, scoop-necked silk dress that looked like it was sprayed onto her curvaceous body with matching-colored 3-inch heels. Her breasts, nipples, and ass just pressed against the fabric, showing definition. She knew how to dress and she showed everybody that she had it; she flaunted it and knew everybody wanted it. Her makeup was done more dramatically, by adding on 3 layers of black mascara onto her already long eyelashes. The lips were done up in a darker shade of pink with a glossy topcoat, her eyes were colored with a mixture of pink, mauve and brown, outlined in black eyeliner, Allura's cheeks were swept up in a light rosy pink. This time she forgoed the foundation and spritzed herself with her favorite scent 'Allure.' Allura put her hair up in a banana comb and let her wavy tendrils fall down in their places. After 30 minutes of waiting for her, Keith went to see what was keeping his bride-to-be when she appeared from her hiding place, kissed her man, grabbed her matching black purse that contained her necessities and told him that she was ready to roll out. With that said, he grabbed the room key, his wallet and cell phone and headed out the door.

When they reached, the lobby Keith had the desk clerk call a cab for them. After about a 10-minute wait, the couple got in the car and gave the driver a query about the finest restaurant that had a dance floor. The driver instinctively drove Keith and Allura to The Rampart. After giving the cabbie $10, the couple went inside and was greeted by the Maitre D. "Yes, do you have a reservation?" "Yes, actually. It's under Keith Harrison, party of two," Keith said. "Harrison…? Harrison…? I don't see any listing by that name, sir." "Strange, huh Allura," Keith said winking at her, who asked the black-clad beauty for a pen and a piece of scrap paper. Keith proceeded to scribble a message down and pulled out a 20-dollar bill, handed the notes to the greeter and the pen back to Allura. "There it is. Harrison, Keith, party of two." The Maitre' D looked up saw the money and the note saying to take a glance over at the blonde by his side. His jaw hit the floor when he saw the blonde-haired vixen's form and tight-fitting dress. "Of course, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison. Right this way." As they followed the greeter to a table, Allura could feel both the men and women raping her with their eyes, and she enjoyed every second of it. She knew they wanted her; they would do anything and everything just to be with her. The couple sat down, ordered their supper, wine, and danced to their heart's content. During the slow smooches, Allura leaned close to Keith and whispered; "I'm not wearing anything underneath my dress. In fact, I 'forgot' to pack any panties or bras. My nipples have been hard ever since we left Deutschland. Be a good boy and take me back to the room and fuck my brains out." Keith was no dummy when it came to certain things like when Allura 'forgets' to pack any underwear and bras. His manhood was about to bust through his slacks and right into Allura's bald snatch.

No sooner had she said this, they rushed out the door and went outside. Keith couldn't keep his hands or his mouth off her. Therefore, they went to a street corner and he proceeded to eat her pussy until she collapsed on top of him. Cars and looky-loos went by either disgusted or intrigued by the couple's actions. A police car came by, started to flash it lights. An officer gets out of his vehicle, shines a flashlight on them, and tells them to take it home. The sight on people watching her made Allura even hornier. She loved the voyeuristic actions of the people; it was an orgasmic feeling she embraced. Keith got out of from underneath Allura's black dress, which was clinging to her slit like saran wrap, since she was exploding. They raced back to their hotel room, tore off their clothes, and proceeded to fuck each other senseless. He slid his cock inside her and commenced festivities on her heaving bosom. His eight-inch monster entered Allura's soaking cavern and proceeded to fuck her until they both exploded with force. Keith nibbled and kneaded Allura's breasts, that the combine actions of their libidos and sexual actions made her scream so loud that the surrounding rooms heard her. She was never a screamer with her former lovers, but being with Keith brought out the animal within her. Keith fucked Allura so hard, her pussy lost all feeling. That's when he decided to fuck her in the ass. He took some of Allura's love juice and smeared it in and around her asshole. His cock never went flaccid and gently spread her cheeks apart and rammed his missile straight in. Keith took pillows and placed them under her so he could get better leverage. As he entered her backdoor, he felt that it was tighter than he expected which of course, felt like a second skin onto his own one-eyed trouser snake. The slickness of both his cock and her pucker made it easier for him to stick it to her in the end. Keith screwed her so hard that it looked like her tattoo was stabbing her in the back. He moaned, writhed, shook, and came so hard that she actually passed out from all the excitement. That's when he decided to stop since his penis started to get soft. He spooned next to her and they fell asleep in each other arms.

End of Chapter 1




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