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Keeping a Promise
by: Anyport


There was nothing too complex about Gregory Walkden, he was a quiet, unassuming sort of man, inconspicuous in a crowd, a condition which he preferred, and almost invisible at social gatherings. Not that he’d attended many, in fact apart from his mother’s funeral a month ago he’d only ever attended 2 weddings, both cousins, and 2 birthday parties, both Aunts, in the past 15 years.

At the ripe old age of 32 Gregory had never even kissed a girl much less invite one out on a date. Actually that wasn’t strictly true, there was Patricia Hogarth with whom he’d been madly in love at the age of 11. He’d kissed her behind one of the gravestones attached to the school playground. She’d been the love of his life until after they sat the 11 plus exam and she moved to an all girl school leaving Gregory totally devastated.

He never really fitted in at the school he went to, it was all boys and as was often the case with such schools, showed far more interest in students with sporting prowess than academic. Gregory was decidedly unathletic being slightly built and in many ways effeminate. This was due in no small part to the almost total lack of masculine influence in his life, his father having left home when he was still a baby.

He recalled the rare pleasure in his mother’s face when she received the letter from the insurance company that his father had died, together with a substantial cheque. Neither Gregory, nor he suspected his father, had any notion of the life insurance policy his mother had taken out on him.

Throughout his secondary school attendance he was bullied constantly and developed an almost uncanny ability to blend in to the background, a talent which saved him from more than one beating.

His sole ambition throughout his formative years was to leave school in one piece and without a shadow of doubt, the most enjoyable day of his life to date, had been the one when he walked out through the school gates for the final time. He actually ran all the way home in case someone decided there had been a clerical error and he would have to spend more time at school.

His mother was almost as delighted as he when he arrived home that day since it meant he could spend his days taking care of her. Not that there was much wrong with her health no matter what she claimed to the contrary. In fact when she eventually died it was a toss up between Gregory and their family doctor, which of them was more surprised. For nearly 20 years the doctor had habitually visited her on a weekly basis and it had been years since Gregory had even bothered to call him since he turned up any way.

That particular day the doctor came running down the stairs and almost apologetically announced to Gregory that his mother had pneumonia. They called an ambulance and she was taken to the local hospital where she died 2 days later.

That evening, as Gregory performed the ritual of cleaning and polishing the house he could feel little in the way of true emotion. It was more like he’d mislaid something, in fact the only hint he had that he was finally truly alone was when 6.00 o’clock came and went without his mother calling for her dinner, which Gregory had stupidly prepared anyway.

That night as he sat watching television, he continually found himself clicking the mute button on the remote when he thought he heard his mother calling, this despite the fact that the volume was turned low so it wouldn’t disturb her too much. That night was the first in a long time that he’d slept undisturbed, though he had routinely wakened several times and had to remind himself there was nothing to get out of bed for.

Over the next month he adjusted to, and revelled in, his solitude. Apart from a weekly shopping expedition he found no reason to leave the house whatsoever. Then one day there was a knock at the door. Gregory considered pretending he wasn’t home, but the caller knocked again, this time more vigourously.

He looked through the peephole to see whether he even needed to open the door, and he was surprised to find it was one of the attendants from the funeral parlour. He quickly unchained and unlocked the door to see what she wanted.

"Mr. Walkden? Yes of course it is I’m sorry I should have recognized you immediately. I’m Miriam Condon…"

"Yes, I know who you are Miss Condon, what can I do for you?" Gregory asked still a little annoyed at the interruption.

"I just came to deliver this." She held up an urn. "You mother’s ashes."

"Oh, ermm I’m sorry, would you care to come in?" Gregory asked, embarrassed at his lack of manners.

"Why thank you, I’m not intruding I hope?" She smiled as she accepted his invitation.

Gregory had already noticed several things about Miriam Condon, apart from her incredibly deep and sexy voice, she had the most startling green eyes and a smile that seemed to light up her whole face. Add to this a shapely body, not like a stick insect model, but like a real woman with actual curves and it was easy to see why Gregory was instantly smitten. If there was such a thing as love at first sight, then Gregory had just experienced it.

After accepting the urn from her, he invited her to sit, which she did. She was dressed in a black business suit and white silk blouse. The hemline on her skirt was slightly above the knee, but still quite respectable although it did seem to slide up quite dramatically as she crossed her superb black stocking covered legs.

The stiletto heeled shoes she wore added to her already imposing height, which Gregory guessed was around 5’9" so even in her stocking feet she was a couple of inches taller than he was. Her shoulder length brown hair was styled quite conventionally in waves. She was wearing what Gregory considered to be excessive make up, though on her it looked just right. Having never been any good at guessing ages, he estimated hers at somewhere between 30 and 40, though he wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised to find he was wrong either way.

He offered coffee, which she accepted with another of those wonderful smiles. Gregory prepared everything, then returned to the lounge room while the drinks brewed. Miss Condon had taken several papers from her briefcase and as she explained each of them, Gregory signed them before returning to the kitchen to pour the coffee.

He placed her drink on the table in front of her together with the cream and sugar, both of which she declined as she picked up her cup in her perfectly manicured hand. Gregory occasionally glanced up as Miriam Condon sipped her coffee, only to find her heavily made up eyes staring in his direction over the rim of her cup. At length she replaced the cup on the coffee table and smiled at him.

"So how are you holding up Gregory? Have you recovered from your loss yet?" Her deep sensual voice sending a shiver down his spine.

Gregory mumbled that he had, then wondered if perhaps he might have shown more respect to his mother’s memory if he’d pretended a little pain.

"I’m pleased to hear it, it doesn’t do to pine, after all, you have your life to get on with don’t you?" She added.

Gregory could only nod in response.

"A good looking man like you, I’ll bet you have to fight off the women. Do you have a steady girlfriend of are you still playing the field?"

Gregory didn’t know quite how to answer this and eventually mumbled something about not going out much these days.

"You mean you just rattle around in this huge house all day?" She asked, when Gregory informed her that he didn’t work.

He nodded and she continued, "I must say, you do keep it very clean, do you enjoy housework?"

Gregory shrugged, "I don’t mind, I’m sort of used to it." He replied honestly.

"It still seems like such a dreadful waste, all this room for one person, have you ever thought of taking in a lodger?"

"Oh no," he replied quickly, "you can never be sure what you’re letting yourself in for, so I prefer not to take the risk."

"But surely you could use the company, if you found the right person, and these days every dollar helps so I’m sure the rent would come in handy."

Gregory agreed he could use the money, but repeated his concern about the type of person that he’d find. Miriam slid forward to the edge of the chair, she seemed completely unaware of the fact that her skirt had ridden up and she was in fact exposing the top of her stockings. Gregory on the other hand was only too aware and the room seemed to rise several degrees in temperature as he tried desperately not to look at her exposed thigh.

"Do you believe in fate Gregory?" She asked earnestly.

"Well… yes I suppose so, why do you ask?" He replied.

"Well it just so happens I know of someone who’s looking for a room, and I suspect you and she would get on famously."

Gregory looked a little sceptical but his curiosity got the better of him and he asked about this mysterious woman.

"It’s me," Miriam smiled. "By pure chance I’m getting the builders in to make some alterations to my house and I need somewhere to stay for a few months. And who knows, if we get on as well as I think we will we might be able to make it a more permanent arrangement. You see, since my divorce I’m finding more and more that my place is just too big for me, so I thought I might find a smaller place and rent mine out. So as I said, this just might be fate."

"I don’t know," Gregory replied, "I’m sort of used to lining alone, I mean even when mother was alive she kept to her room and almost never left it, particularly over the final months. So I’ve probably developed a few bad habits which might well infuriate another person."

"I can’t imagine you infuriating anyone," Miriam smiled, "and I have some bad habits of my own. In fact one of the reasons for my divorce was that my husband hated the way I walked around the house in my underwear." She laughed as she continued, "On more than one occasion he’s brought a colleague or golfing friends home for drinks and I’ve been dressed in… well let’s just say it was inappropriate shall we?"

Gregory was staring openly now, his mouth slightly open and his stomach doing somersaults.

Miriam saw the expression on his face and looked disappointed, "Oh dear, have I shocked you? Perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned the underwear thing. Oh well, I guess I’ll just keep looking, I thought it was too good to be true." She began to stand up and held out her hand to him. "It was nice meeting you Mr. Walkden, if I can be of any help in the future please feel free to call."

Gregory took her hand and began to stand up, then finally he regained his voice, "Ermm, Miss Condon," he began.

"Please, call me Miriam." She smiled.

"Miriam, ermm, perhaps we could sort of, well just on a trial basis of course, and if either of us…"

"You mean it, but that’s wonderful." She threw her arms around him and pulled his face into her ample breasts. Then realising what she’d done, she released him and smiled sheepishly, "I’m so sorry, I sometimes get a little over enthusiastic, I’ll try to curb that when I move in."

"Oh no, please don’t," Gregory blushed as he realised what he was suggesting, then he tried to cover it up by adding, "What I mean is, I’d prefer you to just be yourself."

"Thank you Gregory, I know what you mean." She smiled, "Now, when can I move in, is tonight to soon?"

"Well… no I suppose not, but I think you might want to make some changes to the room, it’s a little drab. I’ll pay for it of course." He added quickly.

"I’m sure it’ll be fine, I can always fix it up as I go. I’d like to take a look at the room now, but unfortunately I’m running late for my next appointment, so I’ll have a pleasant surprise tonight won’t I, is seven o’clock okay?"

Gregory said it was, and showed her to the door. As soon as she left, he ran up the stairs and began fixing up the room as best he could, not knowing exactly what would appeal to her, but confident that brightly coloured curtains and bedspread would definitely be a vast improvement on the present drab furnishings.

Miriam moved in that night and seemed delighted with the room, she proposed a couple of minor changes which Gregory agreed to immediately, but apart from that she seemed delighted with the arrangements, including the rent, a subject which Gregory had broached nervously not wishing to put her off.

Over the next few weeks, they became reasonable friends, Gregory habitually cooked dinner for them and they even went out to the movies a couple of times. Gregory was secretly disappointed that she’d successfully restrained herself from walking around the house in her underwear. But other than that they were quite happy together.

Then one Saturday evening about a month after Miriam had moved in, something happened which changed their situation completely.

Gregory had finished the housework and decided to take a long soak in a nice hot bath. He was about to step into the bath when Miriam opened the door and walked in. She didn’t appear to notice that he was naked, a fact he couldn’t cover up since she stood between him and the towel.

"Gregory, I wonder if I could ask a huge favour?" She purred smiling down at him. "A friend of mine gave me this new spray, she claims you simply squirt it onto your skin and then wipe it off and all the hair comes off too. The problem is I have very delicate skin and I need to know it won’t burn or anything before I use it. I mean can you imagine how my legs would look with bright red blotches all over them?"

She raised the hem of her already short skirt and stuck out her long stocking covered leg. The sight of her stocking top transfixed Gregory’s eyes and he could feel himself blushing. Miriam appeared not to notice as she continued.

"Anyway, I was wondering if perhaps you’d sort of try it out for me? Judith, that’s my friend’s name, assures me it doesn’t sting."

Gregory was still staring at the exposed leg and nodded his agreement without really considering what he was agreeing to.

"That’s wonderful," Miriam purred excitedly, then she moved forward and knelt in front of Gregory. "Perhaps you’d better hold your hand over that," She indicated his semi erect penis, "after all I wouldn’t want to damage such a fine looking specimen."

She looked up at him grinning sheepishly, and then without warning she began spraying both his legs from top to bottom, back and front. Gregory felt a slight tingling, but nothing else.

She stood up and turned the can over in her hands, "It doesn’t say how long you’re supposed to leave it on for, I suppose a couple of minutes will be fine."

A few minutes later she picked up a face cloth and began wiping his legs. Her touch made his penis leap to full erection and he was so busy trying to hide his condition that he failed to notice that she’d removed every hair from both his legs.

She stood up, and thanks to the incredibly high heels she was wearing she towered over Gregory. Looked down at him with a smile she exclaimed. "My goodness, that’s very impressive."

Unsure whether she was referring to his hairless legs of his erection, Gregory felt himself blushing once more.

"Does it hurt?" She asked.

Momentarily confused Gregory stared at her open mouthed.

Her face lit up in a smile as she added, "The spray silly, does the spray sting or anything?"

"Oh I see, ermm, no just a slight tingle that’s all." He said.

Miriam walked around behind him examining his legs.

"It’s very effective, there’s not a trace of hair anywhere." She leaned forward and stroked his thigh gently, "And so soft and smooth." Then looking him straight in the eyes she added, "you have great legs you know, I’d love to see what they look like in stockings, I’ll bet they’re sensational."

Gregory laughed nervously; "Do you know many men who wear stockings?"

"Not many," she admitted, "but then I don’t know any with legs as good as yours either."

Gregory was oddly pleased by the compliment, ludicrous though the suggestion was. In fact for one brief moment he almost volunteered to try on a pair of her stockings, just to see. But he stopped himself before he blurted it out, and instead asked her if she would mind very much if he took his bath now.

"As soon as I finish you off." She said, then before he could react she’d sprayed his chest and stomach, together with both his arms. This time, since she insisted he hold his arms out from his sides, there was no way to hide his excitement when she began wiping the soft cloth over his chest and stomach. Gregory wondered if it was entirely accidental when the back of her hand made contact with his erection on several occasions.

Then without warning she announced, "There finished, you can take your bath now." Then she turned and walked out leaving Gregory to stare after her.

By the time he climbed out of the bath, the water was almost cold. He towelled himself dry and wrapped the towel around his waist as he headed for his bedroom.

"Gregory," Miriam called from her room, "would you come in here please?"

"Ermm, I’m not dressed, can I just…?"

"Don’t be silly, unless you’ve grown something new since you’ve taken your bath, there’s nothing I haven’t already seen." She admonished.

Reluctantly Gregory entered her room, it was the first time he’d been in it since she’d moved in, and he was pleasantly surprised by the changes she’d made from the dingy room it was when his mother had used it.

As his gaze fell on Miriam, Gregory froze on the spot and his mouth fell open in disbelief. She was wearing a diaphanous black negligee under which her dark stockings, suspender belt, kickers and bra could be seen quite clearly. She was sitting at the dressing table applying lipstick and Gregory couldn’t imagine a more erotic sight.

Eventually Miriam looked at him through the mirror and smiled. "Well don’t just stand there in the doorway, come in."

If she noticed the projection from the front of his towel, she didn’t mention it. Gregory moved over to the bed and sat down, crossing his legs to hide his excited state.

Finishing her make up, Miriam walked over to stand in front of him. Since she was still wearing her impossibly high heels Gregory needed to crane his neck to look up at her. Leaving him in the embarrassing position of having nowhere to look. He knew if he looked down it would seem he was looking at her legs, while directly in front of him, no more than a couple of feet from his face was her most intimate parts. If he attempted to look up her glorious breasts all but obscured her face, so he was relieved when she sat down beside him on the bed and he didn’t have to stare straight at her.

"You look nervous Gregory," She reached over and rested her hand on his thigh, "I’m not making you nervous am I?" She asked innocently.

"A little yes." Gregory replied somewhat understating the truth.

"Would you prefer it if I was wearing more clothes?" She continued.

"I… I think so, yes."

"Why, don’t you like the way I look?" Her hand stroked his leg as she spoke.

"Yes of course, it’s just…" Gregory had no way of finishing the sentence and they both knew it.

"I was thinking about these legs of yours while you were in the bath. I’ve decided I’d like to see you in a pair of my stockings."

She made it perfectly clear that she had no intention of giving him a choice, and even though the idea of wearing women’s clothes didn’t particularly appeal to him, at that moment Gregory would have done just about anything for Miriam.

"There is a small problem." She continued standing up once more and moving round in front of him. "I really think you’ll look best in seamed stockings, and unfortunately I’m wearing the only pair I own. Would you mind very much wearing these, they’re not dirty or anything." She asked in a sultry whisper.

"No I… ermm, that’s okay." Gregory tried hard to sound casual but failed miserably.

After unclipping the stockings, Miriam rolled them half way down her thighs, then returned to the bed beside Gregory.

She held up her foot for him to take in his hands. Then asked, "Would you mind taking my shoes of please?"

His hands trembling almost uncontrollably, Gregory slipped the high-heeled shoe from Miriam’s lovely foot.

She left her foot in his hand saying, "You might as well take the stocking while you’re at it."

He reached up and gripped the delicate fabric between his finger and thumb, and slowly slid it down her shapely leg, almost disappointed when he reached the end and it fell from her foot. She raised the other foot and he removed the shoe and stocking without requiring further instruction.

Miriam then took one of the stockings and showed him how to roll it up before fitting it on his foot and slowly sliding it up his leg. After passing it over his knee, she took the other stocking and handed it to Gregory.

"You try it, it’s not difficult, remember to try to keep the seam as straight as possible."

He pulled the stocking up his leg, it felt really soft against his shaved skin and he was positive he could still feel the warmth of Miriam’s body on the garment.

"Okay stand up," she instructed, "and we can pull them up all the way."

This was the moment Gregory had been dreading, his erection had in no way subsided, and in fact since Miriam had been stroking his leg it had become even harder if that was possible. He stood up, facing away from the beautiful woman; she began pulling the stockings up from behind.

"Oh damn I completely forgot, we’ll need something to hold them up won’t we. Well this suspender belt is no use, I don’t think it’ll fit your skinny body. Wait a minute, I might have just the thing."

She jumped up and almost ran to the cupboard, and after rummaging around for a couple of minutes she returned carrying a pink garment in her hand.

"I’m so glad I didn’t throw this out, it should fit you perfectly." She decided as she held the pink corset against his chest and stomach.

Gregory was somewhat curious why she owned a corset which was obviously too small for her, but he decided he might prefer it if he didn’t know. Miriam passed the corset round his body, fastening the hooks up the front and then turning him around and pulling the laces tight down the back. In no time she’d pulled his already slim waist in an extra 3 inches and even given him a small cleavage too. She pulled the stockings all the way up and attached them to the corset, then stepped back to view her work.

"I hate you," she laughed, "it’s just as I thought, you have sensational legs and I’ll bet with the right shoes they’d look even better, if that’s possible. Though I’m not sure that exactly goes with the rest of the image." She laughed indicating his rampant penis. "Would you like a pair of knickers to cover it Gregory?"

What he really wanted was his underpants, but he decided that even a pair of knickers would be better than nothing, so he accepted her offer. He hated to admit it, but the pink satin knickers felt wonderful as she slid them slowly over his erection and tucked him in. He was relieved that she performed the whole procedure so efficiently since he had the distinct feeling that had her hand remained in contact with his penis a few more seconds he’d have erupted into it.

Miriam seemed to know what he was thinking and she smiled, "You’ve been so wonderful letting me play dress ups with you, I feel I owe you some sort of reward." She looked down and briefly adjusted his knickers once again. "I’m sure I can come up with something later. Why don’t we go down stairs for now, and have a coffee? Then perhaps you could get me a hot bowl of water so I can soak my poor aching feet."

She turned to leave, then almost as an afterthought she opened the cupboard door and removed a red silk dressing gown, "Slip this on it might help you feel a little less… conspicuous, until you get used to your new outfit anyway."

Gregory wanted to ask what she meant exactly by ‘Until you get used to your new outfit’ surely she wasn’t expecting him to wear these clothes permanently. He followed her down the stairs but instead of confronting her, his resolve weakened and he walked meekly into the kitchen and made the coffee as she’d suggested.

When he returned to the lounge room with the drinks she was thumbing through a magazine, without looking up she said, "Thank you Gregory, now would you mind very much bringing a nice bowl of warm water to soak my poor aching feet?"

Before long Gregory was kneeling at her feet bathing them. He rubbed them gently with a soapy cloth then placed them in the bowl to soak for a while.

He was about to sit down with his coffee when Miriam spoke, "If you go back to my bedroom you’ll find some nail polish remover and several colours of polish, pick the one you like and bring them down here."

When he returned she held out her hand and smiled, "Would you mind doing my nails for me while my feet are soaking, then later on you can do my toes too."

Gregory was at a loss for words, on the one hand he wanted to tell her to do her own nails, but the desire to have such intimate contact with Miriam was far more appealing. So he quietly took her hand and set to work removing the polish and adding the fresh colour.

"That’s a very pretty colour you chose," She said as she admired the plum coloured polish. "You have excellent taste."

Gregory applied 3 coats of polish to each hand with only a couple of smudges, which he had to redo. Then he dried her feet and applied 2 coats of polish to her toenails.

"Excellent, you really have a flair for that Gregory, I think I’ll let you do my nails all the time from now on." She said as she admired her nails. "Now, do you want me to do yours for you, or would you prefer to do them yourself?"

He was so shocked he took a moment to respond, then, "What do you mean, do mine for me, surely you don’t think I’m going to go around with my nails painted? What if someone sees me?"

Miriam laughed. "Now Gregory my sweet, who exactly is going to see you, after all, when was the last time you had visitors? Apart from me of course."

They both knew he couldn’t remember the last time it had been so long ago. Then Miriam added, "Or were you planning on going somewhere tonight?"

Before he had a chance to reply, Miriam took one of his hands and began applying polish to his nails. Although they were nowhere near the lengths of Miriam’s, they were more than acceptable for the purpose.

As she finished the first coat she said, "From now on you’re to let your nails grow long, you have very pretty hands quite delicate for a man. There, finished, now you must admit that looks good."

Grudgingly Gregory admitted they did look quite good.

"Now slip off your stockings and I’ll do your toes." Miriam saw a flicker of a changed expression, which she chose to interpret as disappointment, so she added, "Don’t worry, you can put them back on when I’m finished."

Gregory considered pretending he didn’t really care, but he knew he wasn’t much of an actor so he kept quiet as he unfastened the stockings and slid them from his legs. He was relieved that Miriam was painting his toenails since he wasn’t sure the tight corset would allow him to bend that far.

That night Miriam insisted he sleep in the corset and stockings, he was about to argue saying this had gone far enough, when she moved over and sat beside him. Her proximity gave Gregory a lump in his throat and he had trouble breathing let alone speaking.

Not surprisingly his penis sprang to attention the second her legs brushed against his. She looked down and smiled, "Oh I almost forgot, I promised to take care of that for you didn’t I?"

Gregory was speechless, before today no woman, apart from his mother of course, had even seen his penis let alone touched it. Now here was this beautiful woman offering to, actually Gregory wasn’t sure what she was offering to do, but when she took his hand and urged him to his feet, he followed meekly. She led him up the stairs and into her bedroom, then sitting on the bed she turned and pulled his knickers down to his knees.

As she patted the bed beside her, Gregory turned and sat down. He was in an almost dreamlike state as she reached out and stroked his erection with her fingertips.

"My goodness, it’s so big and hard." She whispered, then she wrapped her soft hand around it and slid it back to the base of his erection. "I wonder what it would be like to feel this inside me, I’m not even sure it would fit it’s so big."

The imagery she conjured in Gregory’s mind was more than he could take; he let out a small whimper and shot his load a full three feet across the room.

"Oh Gregory, you’re so naughty." Miriam said in mock disgust, but all the time she kept stroking him and he kept spurting onto the floor. When he was fully spent, she took a couple of tissues from the bedside table and held them over the tip of his shrinking penis.

"If this is the effect wearing stockings has on you, I can see I’m going to be kept very busy. Now be a good boy and clean up the mess before you go to bed." She kissed him gently on the cheek then walked out of the bedroom and into the bathroom.

Gregory’s legs were shaking as he ran down the stairs to get a cloth and some soap and water to clean up his mess. Not only that, his mind was in a turmoil, he suspected Miriam intended to make him wear these stockings on a permanent basis, and while they did feel very pleasant, there was no way he would agree to that. But then there was the suggestion that she might do the same to him again as she’d just done. To Gregory that would be worth any sacrifice, so after cleaning the carpet, he took himself off to bed still wearing the corset and stockings.

The following morning, Miriam woke him early and insisted on helping him out of the corset. "Hurry up and take a shower," she ordered. "I have quite a bit of shopping to do today and I want to get you dressed before I go."

Gregory had spent half the night thinking about whether he wanted to allow Miriam to dress him in women’s clothes and he’d decided he didn’t and he was going to tell her first thing in the morning. But seeing her standing beside his bed in a short red skirt and tight black sweater, all his resolve melted away and he obediently turned to give her access to the laces.

While he was in the shower, Miriam entered the room and began asking him questions. "What size shoes do you take Gregory?" She asked. His chest size, waist, height and several other measurements followed this. As he stepped out of the shower, Miriam handed him a plastic bottle containing talc, "Use this, you want to smell sweet for me don’t you?"

Back in his bedroom she quickly laced him into the corset, then she sped off down the stairs calling behind her that she’d be back around lunchtime. Gregory spent the morning cleaning the house and he desperately wanted another shower by the time he’d finished. He decided he would have time before Miriam returned so, with a great deal of difficulty, he reached behind his back and unfastened the corset.

To his horror, as he was drying himself off he heard Miriam arrive home. She came running up the stairs her arms full of packages, and then she stopped in her tracks when she saw him standing naked in the bathroom.

"Gregory, why have you taken your corset off?" She asked, sounding both surprised and hurt.

"I’m…I’m sorry Miriam, I needed a shower, I was going to put it back on I swear."

She looked unconvinced, "I thought we had an understanding?" She asked, "I was so looking forward to seeing you in your sexy underwear, now you’ve ruined everything."

Gregory made a move toward her but she turned and walked into her bedroom slamming the door closed behind her. Quickly rubbing himself dry, Gregory headed towards her room, remembering to dust himself with talcum powder first. He knocked on the door gently and whispered, "Miriam."

"What do you want?" She demanded.

"I was hoping you’d help me to fasten the corset, I don’t think I’ll be able to get it tight."

"What’s the point, you’ll only take it off again in half an hour." She responded.

"No, I won’t I promise, I’ll leave it on as long as you like, and the stockings." He replied eagerly.

"I suppose you’d better come in." Came the reply.

Gregory almost ran into the room in his delight, he handed her the pink corset and turned around holding his arms up. "This is dirty," Miriam said throwing the garment onto the bed. "Just as well I bought you a new one."

She opened one of the parcels and pulled out a delicate looking, black satin and lace corset, which she passed around Gregory’s body. He quickly learned that the looks of the garment were quite deceptive, far from being delicate it was in fact extremely strong. As Miriam, using all her not inconsiderable strength was now proving. Gregory was sure that if she pulled him in even a fraction more, she’d almost certainly crack one of his ribs.

Gregory didn’t see the grin of victory on Miriam’s face as she finished lacing him in. As she tucked the ends of the lace in, she decided now might be the perfect time to move on to the next and crucial step.

She handed him a brand new packet of stockings and a pair of black silk knickers saying, "I thought you’d prefer to own some of your own things." Then she added, "as soon as you’ve got those on I think I’ll see what I can do about that face of yours."

Gregory opened his mouth to speak, but Miriam quickly turned away and began opening all the parcels and throwing the contents on the bed, so he kept his silence and continued with the stockings.

As he attached the second stocking to his corset and pulled the knickers up his legs, Gregory watched Miriam unpacking the packages. She’d really been busy; there were at least half a dozen more pairs of knickers in assorted colours, several packets of stockings, also in different colours. Two pairs of high heeled shoes, though Gregory couldn’t imagine what she needed with more shoes, she already owned at least a dozen pairs.

He soon found out, when she picked up a pair of red patent leather shoes. "Try these on." She instructed. Gregory wanted to refuse but found him self reaching out and taking then. He examined them carefully, the heels were more than 3" high and looked extremely fragile, he was sure that even if he did manage to get them on his feet, the heels would break the second he stood up.

And anyway, he was quite certain he wouldn’t be able to stand in the shoes, but the look on Miriam’s face told him she would be really upset if he didn’t at least try, so he sat down on the bed and pulled the shoes onto his feet. They were a little tight, but otherwise quite a good fit until he stood up that was, then he felt as if he was balancing in stilts or standing on his tiptoes. There was no way he would ever be able to walk in these, but Miriam had other ideas. She insisted try walking around the room in them, which he did, almost twisting his ankle several times.

To his surprise she nodded her satisfaction, "With a little bit of practice you’ll be perfect." She decided. "Okay, sit down over here I want to do your face."

Gregory had suspected when she’d first mentioned his face that she intended to put make up on him. She confirmed this by picking up a tube of foundation cream and turning to wait for him to sit at the dressing table.

He’d decided this was where he was going to draw the line, he would simply refuse to continue with this ridiculous game of hers. But instead of the adamant ‘NO’ he’d been planning, the best he could muster was a whispered, "Do I have to?"

By this time he was sitting at the dressing table, and he decided either Miriam didn’t hear him, or she chose to ignore him totally. Either way, she was now spreading foundation cream over his face and explaining the reason for doing so.

At that first touch Gregory forgot any notions he might have had about complaining. In all his life no one had ever touched him as intimately as Miriam was doing at that moment. Her soft hands rubbed the cream into his face; he perfume assailed his nostrils making him almost dizzy. Never in his wildest fantasies had any woman, particularly one as beautiful as Miriam; been so intimate with him and there was no way he was going to spoil that by whining.

For the next half-hour or so, Miriam transformed Gregory from a plain looking man into an attractive, if slightly slutty looking, woman. After she’d applied highlighted his cheeks to make his cheekbones more prominent. The applied false eye lashes, eye shadow, mascara to his eyes, and lip liner, lipstick, and lip gloss to his lips, Gregory had trouble recognising him self in the mirror.

Next she set to work on his hair, which fortunately he kept quite long mainly because he hated going to the barbers. All they ever seemed to talk about was football and Gregory had neither interest nor knowledge of the game. His hair was in fact a similar colour to Miriam’s, sort of mid brown, though it wasn’t as long as her hair however being just below his collar. But after 15 minutes of backcombing and teasing she’d given him a very attractive and quite feminine style. Hair spray kept in firmly in place, and she smiled as she studied the finished product.

"Gregory my sweet I’ve done a brilliant job, if I do say so myself. You look absolutely gorgeous. Tell you what, I was planning to keep this as a surprise, but since you’ve been so wonderful and patient, I’ll give it to you now."

She picked up a bag from the bed and pulled out a red leather skirt holding it against her self for Gregory to look at. Then she handed it to him and picked up another bag from which she produced a black lace shirt.

Gregory didn’t know what to say, and before he had the chance Miriam spoke. "Here, try them one."

She held up the shirt for him to slip his arms in, then while he fastened the buttons, she inzipped the skirt and held it down for Gregory to step into. As he finished doing up the shirt, she pulled the skirt up over his behind and with some difficulty zipped it up.

"Isn’t it a little tight?" Gregory asked being careful not to sound ungrateful since he could see how excited Miriam was getting about the clothing.

"Absolutely not," she replied emphatically, "that’s the whole idea, it’s supposed to show off your figure and believe me it does. You look incredible, walk over there and let me see."

Gregory had never felt more restricted in his life. Not only was he wearing a corset that was almost crushing his body and shoes that were squeezing his feet, but also now he had the added problem of a skirt that was so tight it felt as if his thighs were tied together. He’d was unable to take anything more than short steps, even if he’d dared risk it in the high heels the skirt wouldn’t permit it.

Looking down he could see that the hem only just covered the top of his stockings and he was certain that if he sat down it would ride up to expose his bare thighs above the stockings.

But Miriam appeared not to notice any of these minor details, she was so utterly delighted with the way he looked, the actually ran across the room and hugged him, which to Gregory’s mind almost made up for all the humiliation he’d had to suffer in the first place.

As she stepped back Miriam looked down and said, "Oh my, I can see you really do enjoy the way you look, I knew you would."

Gregory had no idea what she was talking about until she reached forward and stroked the bulge at the front of his skirt, at which point he blushed furiously.

Miriam appeared not to notice as she continued, "I can see I’m going to have to spend a good deal more time taking care of this. In fact I think in future I might have to see to it before I dress you, that’s if you don’t mind Gregory." She looked at him quizzically.

"Ermm, no not at all." Gregory managed.

To his great relief she stopped stroking his erection and returned to the dressing table. He knew for certain that had she continued for a few more seconds, he’d have soiled his nice new knickers.

"Just one finishing touch and you’re all done." She said

Then undoing the top 2 buttons of his shirt to expose his small but noticeable cleavage, she sprayed a little perfume into the gap, adding some to his wrists and behind his knees.

"Why don’t we go downstairs and have a late lunch, I’m starving, I haven’t eaten since breakfast and that was only a slice of toast."

Miriam didn’t wait for a reply, she left the room and Gregory could hear her stiletto heels clicking on the stairs as she walked down them. When he arrived at the top of the stairs, the task looked almost impossible. How was he ever going to make it down the stairs in high heels and a tight skirt, in fact, how on earth did women do it every day without breaking their necks. Finally he plucked up the courage to tackle the problem, and gripping the banister rail as if his life depended on it, which it possibly did, he took the first step and slowly made his way down sideways.

"What kept you?" Miriam asked as he walked into the kitchen.

"The stairs." He replied.

Miriam looked up curiously, then smiled as she realised what he’d meant. "Don’t worry, a few weeks and you’ll be running up and down them as if you were born in heels. Now why don’t you make the tea and I’ll finish these sandwiches."

When they’d finished preparing the lunch, it was decided that Miriam should carry the tray into the lounge room since it might be a little early for Gregory to risk it, so he went ahead and sat down on the sofa.

When Miriam came in she burst out laughing, "My God Gregory, have you seen your self, you look like a tart waiting for a client. For God’s sake close your legs and pull your skirt down. I think we might have to spend a little time on deportment after lunch."

True to her word, Miriam really put Gregory through his paces after lunch. She had him walking up and down the room, doing gentle exercises, they would have been tougher but in his present state of restriction, Gregory couldn’t manage anything more than a light workout.

At around four o’clock, it was decided he needed to learn the basics in make up. So they headed back to Miriam’s bedroom where, for the next 2 hours Gregory was shown the fundamentals of make up application. As with most people when they are first learning, Gregory was extremely heavy handed, however a few tips from Miriam and he soon learned to curb the urge. In fact by the time she decided it was time for dinner, he’d managed to make his face look almost acceptable with very little input from Miriam.

They decided on pizza since it was a little late to cook, and Miriam went down the stairs and ordered, while Gregory made up his face from the beginning. 20 minutes later he was making his way down the stairs when the doorbell rang. Without thinking he opened the door and stared in horror as he realised what he’d done.

But the delivery boy, far from bursting into laughter as Gregory had expected, actually smiled at him and holding out the pizza he said, "That’s $15.50 ma am."

Gregory managed a choked, "Wait." And hurried into the lounge room to find Miriam.

When she realised what had happened she laughed, "I hope you weren’t flirting with the poor boy, I know what you sex symbols can be like, you lead a boy on only to disappoint him at the last minute." She handed Gregory a $20 note and added, "You better hadn’t keep him waiting."

Reluctantly Gregory took the money and returned to the door where he handed it over and took the pizza. When the boy offered the change Gregory said, "Keep it." In as high pitched a voice as he could manage.

"Thanks beautiful." The boy replied cheekily and turned to leave as Gregory quickly closed the door.

After dinner, the two chatted for a while, until Miriam noticed just how tired Gregory was. "You look exhausted. Tell you what why don’t you head upstairs and start getting out of those clothes, and I’ll run you a nice hot bath, then you can soak for a while and head off to bed. I think you’ve earned an early night after all the hard work you’ve put in today."

Gregory had no intention of arguing, and quickly, at least as quickly as the tight clothes and high heels would allow, he headed up to his room. As he peeled the leather skirt off, he heard the water running in the bathroom and sighed in anticipation. He finally managed to struggle out of the skirt, pulling his knickers off in the process. His stockings came next and then he was about to try and tackle the lacing on the corset, when Miriam came in. She walked straight over and began unlacing him before dropping the corset on the bed.

Although Gregory was extremely relieved to be free of his tight clothing, he almost felt as though something was missing, as the cool air hit his body and he felt more naked than he had in a long, long time.

Then to his complete surprise Miriam held his face between her hands and kissed him gently, but quite passionately on the mouth. The feeling of her lipstick slipping across his own, was the most erotic he’d ever known, not that he’d known anything erotic prior to meeting Miriam. But even though this was his first real kiss, he knew instinctively that it was one of the best he’d ever experience.

As she released his face, she smiled and said, "That’s for being so understanding and patient today." Then looking down she added, "Oh dear, it looks as if I’ve awakened a sleeping serpent, I think I’d better take care of that before you take your bath."

Gregory closed his eyes in pleasure as he felt her hand fold around his erection. Once again it only took a couple of strokes to make him shoot his load, this time however Miriam was ready with a tissue, catching all of the discharge in it then wiping the tip when she’d pumped him dry.

It was all Gregory could do to stand, let alone walk into the bathroom. But Miriam insisted he get straight into the bath before he caught a chill. She allowed herself a small grin of satisfaction as she noticed that Gregory was walking on the balls of his feet, his heels held high off the ground.

As Gregory finished his bath and headed to his room, Miriam called from her bedroom, "Gregory, I’ve left a nail polish and a bottle of remover on your bedside table. You can change the colours on your fingers and toes before going to bed.

The odd thing was, Gregory didn’t really mind doing that and he was actually humming tunelessly to himself as he carefully applied the polish to his toenails.

The following morning Gregory delivered breakfast to Miriam in bed. He knew she had to be at work by 8.30am so he’d wakened her in plenty of time. Since he had no idea what she expected him to wear, he pulled on a new pair of red silk knickers and worn the red dressing gown she’d lent him, what seemed like an eternity ago.

As she ate her croissant Miriam asked, "Have you picked out your outfit for today yet?" Gregory shook his head no, he had a little shopping he’d like to do, so he was half-hoping he’d be permitted to wear his own clothes, but Miriam had other ideas.

"Why don’t you bring your pink corset and a pair of mid tan stockings, I’ll help you into those and then take a shower."

She laced the corset up as tightly as possible; in fact it was half an inch tighter than the first time he’d worn it. As he fastened the stockings, she opened her wardrobe and took out a pale pink and yellow floral skirt and a pale pink sleeveless turtleneck sweater, which she laid out on the bed instructing Gregory to put them on when he’d finished his stockings. Then she ran into the bathroom and took a quick shower.

She returned via Gregory’s room. "You forgot these." She grinned handing him the red shoes. Gregory couldn’t help a small grin himself, he’d hoped she might forget the shoes. "Oh by the way, when you put on your make up, I’d take the sweater off or you’ll find you get it all over the neck."

That day, and indeed for the rest of the week, Gregory wore nothing but female clothing. Any groceries they needed were bought by Miriam on her way home so he had no excuse for dressing in anything but what Miriam laid out for him each morning.

During the day Gregory soon settled into a routine. He’d begin by taking Miriam her breakfast, then after she’d gone to work he’d go back to his room and apply his make up. Then he’d wash the dishes and clean the lounge room and kitchen. Because he was now kept permanently in a tight corset throughout the day, he had to work at a very slow pace so it usually took him until lunchtime to finish downstairs.

After a light lunch he’d go upstairs, take off and re-apply his make up, at Miriam’s insistence, then clean the bathroom and both bedrooms. He was thrilled when Miriam gave him permission to do her room in her absence.

By 4.00 o’clock he’d usually finished cleaning, then he’d take a short break, checking to make sure his make up was perfect, before pouring Miriam a vodka and tonic for when she arrived at five. Then he’d set about preparing dinner, unless she’d specifically asked for something the night before that took longer to prepare.

Most days she brought him a present home. One day it was a black negligee, the next a red bra, padded of course. Then there was a new corset; this one was red satin trimmed with black lace. And two new dresses to add to his growing wardrobe.

After dinner they’d chat about their respective days, then perhaps watch a little television, or play a game of cards. Around ten he usually went to bed, most nights he needed to change his nail polish and on alternate nights Miriam ‘Took care of him’.

On Friday afternoon, Miriam surprised Gregory by arriving home at four, "I have a surprise for you." She smiled as she kissed his cheek in greeting. She ran up the stairs, carrying several large parcels in her hands, Gregory followed on behind.

After stripping him naked, she laced him into the new red corset and told him to put on a pair of black seamed stockings and black silk knickers. Then she pulled a black satin dress from one of the bags and slipped it over his head. It was square cut but still showed the cleavage created impressively by the tight corset. It had a flared skirt with a hemline that ended mid thigh and the short sleeves and neckline were trimmed with white lace.

It was quite well fitted from the shoulders to the waist, but the bottom half looked several sizes too big. Then Miriam opened a second larger parcel and produced a multi-layered petticoat made of frilly lace. Gregory was instructed to hold the dress up and Miriam pulled the undergarment up his legs fitting it into place. When the skirt was replaced it stood out dramatically, like a teenage girl from the fifties. Gregory thought it looked ridiculous but Miriam seemed delighted so he grudgingly accepted it.

His feet were squeezed into the black stiletto heeled shoes and Miriam made a few last minute touch ups to his make up and hair. Though the latter was almost perfect, since Gregory was quite capable of styling it as she’d directed on the first night, and then the hair spray saw to it that it stayed that way.

Miriam kept looking at her watch and finally said, "Okay, time to get dinner ready." The she stopped in the doorway and added, "I almost forgot." She opened another smaller package and produced a small white lace cap, which she fitted onto Gregory’s hair. Then a white frilly apron was tied around his waist, and as the final touch, a black velvet choker with a single pearl at the front, was fastened around his neck.

"There, now you’re perfect."

Gregory still thought he looked a little silly, but so long as Miriam was happy that was all that mattered. He followed her downstairs and walked by her into the kitchen where he began preparing food. Then it occurred to him, he hadn’t given Miriam her drink, he quickly poured it and placed it on a tray carrying it through to the lounge room.

"Miriam, I complet…" He stopped in mid sentence, freezing in the doorway and staring into the lounge room.

"Ah Gregory," Miriam smiled, "I’d like you to meet a dear friend of mine, this is Judith, Judith meet Gregory the sweet man I told you about."

Judith was an extremely attractive and very shapely blonde woman of around the same age as Miriam. She stared at Gregory for what seemed to him to be and eternity, then she said, "You can’t be serious, you’re trying to tell me that this gorgeous woman is actually a man?" She walked over to Gregory and kissed him on the cheek. "I’ve heard a great deal about you, but I never expected anything like this."

She waved her hand from Gregory’s head to his feet. Then taking his arm she gently turned him around.

"You were quite right about his legs Miriam, they’re sensational." She returned to her seat and continued to stare in Gregory’s direction.

Miriam broke the silence by asking, "Gregory, would you mind bringing another of those drinks for Judith?"

Gregory was only too happy to make his escape, and took several minutes to compose him self before returning with the drink. As he placed it on the coffee table in front of Judith, Miriam thanked him.

"Oh by the way, Judith will be staying for dinner."

"And later I hope." Judith added with a grin.

Gregory noticed the exchange of looks between the two and suspected they were more than just friends, although he had no real reason, he found he was feeling quite jealous.

He served the two of them dinner, and to his relief there was no invitation to join them so he ate his meal in the kitchen. Not that he had much of an appetite, he was worried that Judith might be taking Miriam away from him and there was nothing he could do about it.

After he’d cleaned the kitchen he bade the ladies good night and slipped up to his room where he immediately removed the dress and that ridiculous underskirt. Then he sat at the dressing table staring into the mirror. He was given a fright when there was a gentle tap at the door and Judith opened it without waiting for an invitation. She slipped in quickly and closed it behind he, then wordlessly she walked over to Gregory smiling all the while.

She reached down and took his arms raising him to his feet. "We’ll have to keep quiet, Miriam thinks I’m in the bathroom."

Before Gregory could react she was kissing him passionately. Not gently as Miriam did, but quite roughly, her tongue forcing it’s way between his lips and her hands sliding down his back until they reached his silk covered behind. She slid her hands inside the knickers and squeezed his cheeks. No one had ever done anything like this to Gregory, not even Miriam. And while he was extremely excited, he wasn’t sure how he was supposed to react.

Judith however, knew exactly what she was doing. She gasped as she finally broke the kiss, then kissing his chin and neck, she fell to her knees in front of him. As she did so, she slid his knickers down around his knees, then brought her hands round to the front and gripped his erection. Gregory watched in fascination as Judith extended her tongue and flicked the tip of his penis with it. He moaned in a mixture of excitement and shock, but Judith had only just started.

Slowly she licked around the head of his penis and he stared mesmerised as she slowly sucked his throbbing member between her bright red lips. He could feel the sperm trying to shoot out of him, but Judith was doing something with her fingers that prevented him from shooting. He didn’t know whether to laugh of cry as she continued to slide his erection in and out of her mouth, gradually building in speed until she appeared to be nodding her head vigourously.

At that moment she removed her fingers, and Gregory felt his sperm gushing out of him. It felt as if his insides were spilling through that tiny little hole in the end of his penis, and he fully expected to see his juices spurting out of the back of Judith’s head, judging from the force with which they were leaving his body. As his ardour gradually subsided, Gregory suddenly found his legs had turned to jelly and were no longer able to support him. As Judith finally allowed his semi erect penis to fall from her lips, he collapsed back on the chair in exhaustion.

Judith smiled down at Gregory as she got up off the floor. "How are we going to explain this to Miriam?" She asked innocently.

Gregory suddenly found new energy; he sat bolt upright and stared in horror at Judith.

"Please Judith, you can’t tell Miriam about this, I don’t think she’d ever forgive me, please don’t tell her." He pleaded.

Judith seemed to consider the suggestion for a while, then said, "Well I won’t mention it if she doesn’t ask me about it, but you can’t expect me to lie to her."

Gregory looked more hopeful, "I’m sure she won’t ask, just as long as you don’t volunteer anything."

"Well okay, but you’ll owe me big time if I do have to lie for you."

"I will, I promise, whatever you want." He swore.

"Careful, I just might take you up on that." Judith grinned.

Then leaning forward she kissed his cheek and left the room. "Sleep well Gregory tomorrow promises to be an interesting day." She said cryptically as she closed the door behind her.

Gregory spent a sleepless night wondering what was going on in Miriam’s bedroom. He knew by now that they were lovers, at least he suspected as much since they were sharing a room and there was another one vacant.

It was actually getting light by the time he fell asleep, and he slept through his alarm.

Some time later Miriam shook him awake, "Come on sleepyhead, slip into your dressing gown and come downstairs, I have something I want to discuss with you."

Gregory jumper out of bed and pulled on the red dressing gown Miriam had given him, then as an afterthought he slipped a pair of red knickers on before running down the stairs to find out what Miriam wanted.

"Sit down Gregory," Miriam indicated the chair opposite her. Judith was sitting beside her on the sofa. "Judith told me how well the two of you got on last night…"

Gregory glared at Judith then blurted out, "I can explain…" Miriam held up her hand for silence.

"Let me finish first, as I was saying she told me how well you got on, and I was hoping you might since…" She paused taking Judith’s hand in hers. "Well I’ve asked her to move in with me and since it’s your house it’s only fair I discuss it with you first. Naturally if you object then she won’t move in, of course I will be moving out and we’ll have to find another place, but I’ve been very happy here and I think you have too." She paused to allow him to speak, but Gregory was too stunned to say anything.

It was Judith who broke the silence; "I really enjoyed our little chat last night Gregory, and I’d like to have lots more." She smiled suggestively. "I know the three of us can become very good friends, so what do you say, can I join your little household?"

"Yes of course." Gregory replied he was just relieved Judith hadn’t told Miriam about last night, though the prospect of it happening again was also a factor in his decision.

Miriam breathed a sigh of relief as she said, "Great, oh and about the rent, I’m afraid I’ve spent a little too much on your outfits lately, so I won’t actually have any for you, not for a while at least."

"That’s okay," Gregory replied, "just pay when you can."

"That’s settled then," Judith said. "Tell you what let’s celebrate, we can all go out to breakfast, I know this great café that serves a traditional English breakfast, you know the sort of thing, bacon, eggs, sausage, tomato toast, the lot, and all the tea you can drink. What do you say?"

Miriam shook her head; "Sadly I have to go into work for a couple of hours, so I can’t. I’ll be happy to join you for lunch though."

"Be serious Mir," Judith grinned, when you eat a breakfast like that you don’t eat lunch. Oh well, it looks like it’s just you and me Gregory, why don’t you slip upstairs and make yourself beautiful and I’ll see you down here in say half an hour?"

It suddenly dawned on him what she was suggesting. "No way, you don’t think I’m going out in women’s clothes do you?" He asked in alarm.

"Well naturally I do, you’d stick out like a sore thumb if you were naked. But if you really don’t want to, I can hardly force you can I? Tell you what Miriam, you can give me a lift downtown on your way to work, I have something I need to talk to you about." She looked over at Gregory suggestively.

"Wait…" Gregory took her meaning immediately, "Ermm, okay, but please don’t make me go anywhere that I’ll be recognized."

Miriam looked confused by the interchange, but even more so when Gregory agreed to go out dressed. "I’m very impressed Gregory, I thought it was going to be weeks or even months before I persuaded you to venture out of the house. You and Judith must have really hit it off last night."

"Oh we did," Judith agreed, then grinning at Gregory she added, "Gregory, hadn’t you better start getting dressed, they’ll be serving lunch by the time we get there at this rate."

Reluctantly Gregory made his way up the stairs. After taking a quick shower he went back to his bedroom to try and decide what to wear, preferably the least conspicuous clothes he’d decided. But the choice was taken out of his hands as both ladies were already sorting out his outfit.

Miriam looked up as he entered the room, "Ah good, you’re finally out of the bathroom, I thought I was going to miss your debut. Come on sit over here, under the circumstances I think it might be best if I put your make up on for you."

Gregory sat down and his transformation began, as Miriam applied his make up, she continued to chat with Judith about his clothes.

"No, the leather skirt is definitely out, there’s no doubt he looks incredibly sexy in it, but I think it might be just a tad too short for his first time. What about the blue skirt, oh wait a minute, the split side could be just a little daring. Oh yes, that’s it." She agreed as Judith held up the pink and yellow floral skirt. "He looks so cute in that, particularly with the sleeveless pink top, no not that one, the turtleneck one, yes that’s it."

Judith laced him into the pink corset, while Miriam rolled his mid tan stockings. Then as Judith helped him pull them up his legs and attach them to the corset, Miriam opened the drawer and took out the padded white bra she’d bought his a few days earlier. By the time she fitted it to his chest Judith had already slipped his red shoes on for him and was in the process of pulling the skirt up his legs.

Finally Miriam slipped the sweater over his head taking care not to smudge his make up. Then they quickly styled his hair and he was finished. The whole process had taken less than 20 minutes giving Gregory no time at all to change his mind.

He made his way down the stairs and spent a terrified 15 minutes waiting for the ladies to dress and come down.

"Okay Gregory, time to go." Judith grinned. "Wait, I can hardly keep calling you Gregory can I, someone might just get suspicious. I know, what about Claudia? I’ve always thought that was such a sexy name, I even considered using it myself once."

She looked at Miriam rather than Gregory for confirmation, Miriam smiled and said, "It’s perfect, and it really suits him, sorry her."

She held out her hand and took Gregory’s in it, "Let’s go Claudia, it’s time to show the world the stunning woman who’s been hidden in this house all these years."

Miriam drove them all to the small shopping centre Judith had mentioned. She kissed them both on the cheek, wishing Gregory luck, "Not that you’ll need it." She added. "I only wish I could stay, but I really have to get to work. Don’t look so worried Claudia, you’ll kill ‘em."

With that she drove off leaving Gregory and Judith standing on the footpath. Judith linked arms with him and steered him over to a small café where they both took seats at an outside table.

Shortly the waiter came out and asked, "What can I get you lovely ladies this fine morning?"

Judith ordered full breakfasts for them both then looked at Gregory and asked, "Would you prefer tea of coffee?"

"Tea please." He whispered his eyes fixed firmly on the table.

"Tea it is then." The Waiter responded cheerily, then headed inside with their order.

"You see, I told you no one would notice." Judith grinned.

Gregory was able to relax slightly having cleared the first hurdle, but he was still worried about his voice and said as much to Judith.

"Just speak softly, if anyone mentions it I can always tell them you have a sore throat or something, now stop worrying and enjoy your meal."

Shortly afterwards the waiter arrived with their breakfasts giving Gregory a legitimate reason for silence. Although he had very little appetite, not surprising under the circumstances, he managed to keep his mouth full for the next half-hour. Then as Judith made it clear she’d finished eating and was ready to leave, he pushed his plate away and drained his cup.

They headed down to the few shops in the centre, Judith once again taking Gregory’s arm.

"In here." She said as they drew level with a hairdressing salon, and she steered Gregory in the direction of the front door.

He tried to resist but to no avail, within seconds they were standing inside the shop.

"Yes ladies, can I help you." Asked a bored looking girl behind the counter.

"I hope so," Judith replied, "Claudia needs her hair styling, but I’m afraid we don’t have an appointment."

"No problem, I’m sure we can fit you in, it’s very quiet this morning."

The girl called one of the stylists over. Gregory was so scared he considered running, even though it would probably mean he lost Miriam, but at that moment the hairdresser came over and took Gregory to a chair.

"Now, what can we do for you?" The girl asked.

Judith spoke for him, "Ermm, she has a sore throat so I’d better tell you, she wants a blonde rinse, oh and what do you think of the idea of extensions?"

The girl teased his hair as she considered, "I think they’d look great, she doesn’t really have the face for this shorter style."

Without consulting Gregory, Judith agreed to the girl’s suggestions, then turning to Gregory she said, "While you’re having your hair done I’ll nip out to see a friend of mine, I won’t be long."

Gregory started to panic as he watched Judith walk out of the salon, but the hairdresser smiled at him, "Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands. Your secret’s safe with me by the way, we get quite a few of the gay community in her, well we would this is where you all congregate isn’t it?"

Gregory was stunned, this girl thought he was homosexual. "I’m not…"

She interrupted him, "Not a girl, I know honey, I told you we get lots of gays in here, now, close your eyes and I’ll start with a wash, oh my name’s Caroline by the way."

Gregory resigned himself to being thought of as gay not that it mattered; he couldn’t feel any more vulnerable. He was certain that every person in the room was staring at him, though every time he looked around they all seemed to be ignoring him completely.

By the time Judith returned Caroline was blow-drying and styling his hair. She sat by the door and waited. Actually Gregory was quite relieved to see her, he was beginning to think she’d dumped him and was planning on letting him make his own way home. Apart from the obvious problems that would have been humiliating because Gregory didn’t have any money with him since no one had thought to give him a purse.

When Caroline led him out to the reception area, Judith hardly recognised him. His blonde hair hung over his shoulders in thick waves and it was impossible to tell where his hair ended and the extensions began.

"I’ve explained to Claudia about the extensions, and I’ve shown her how to fit them in. But if there are any problems just come back and I’ll fix it. Not that there will be." Then she turned to Gregory and whispered, "You look great, trust me."

Surprisingly this made Gregory feel much better, and he felt almost confident as he walked down the street with Judith. Then, after looking briefly in a couple of shop windows, Judith hailed a cab and they headed home.

When they arrived, Judith quickly checked that Miriam wasn’t in, and ushered Gregory up the stairs.

"Let’s get you out of that outfit and into your black dress before Miriam arrives, I want her to see how sensational you look in the uniform with your hair done."

Gregory wasn’t sure what she meant by uniform, but by now he was used to doing as he was told, so he stripped his clothes off and turned to allow Judith to unlace his corset and replace it with the black one.

As she pulled his stockings up for him, she purposely stroked his legs knowing full well of the consequences.

"Oh dear, Miriam was right, you do get excited when you put on your uniform. We can’t have you bulging out all over the place can we?"

She pushed him back onto the bed and knelt between his legs. Gregory wanted to ask what they would do if Miriam came in, but at the same time the prospect of having this lovely woman’s mouth round his erection again, was more thrilling than any possible repercussions.

Judith expertly licked and sucked him for several minutes, being careful to grip the base of his erection firmly. Then realising the time, she took his full length in her mouth and began pumping him with her soft red lips. As he groaned with excitement, she removed her hand allowing him to shoot into her mouth. She continued sucking for a while, until he was completely drained and quite flaccid, then she let him fall from her lips before climbing from the bed.

She sat down beside him as he lay back in a state of total relaxation. "You like that don’t you Claudia?" Gregory nodded. "Now that there are two of us living here, you’ll be experiencing a lot more moments like this, does that please you?"

"Yes." He whispered.

"I thought it might, and as long as you please us, we’ll please you, it’s the perfect relationship really isn’t it?"

Judith didn’t wait for a reply, there was after all, only one he could give. Instead she walked over to the wardrobe and took out the black dress and the petticoats.

"Come on, let’s get you dressed before Miriam arrives home."

Reluctantly Gregory pulled himself from the bed. He would have much preferred to sleep, but knew that wasn’t about to happen.

He was in the kitchen when Miriam arrived home.

"Claudia," he heard Judith call out, "bring Miriam a coffee please."

He poured the coffee and carried it out on the tray, Miriam looked up as he entered and her mouth fell open.

"I don’t believe it," she gasped. "You look absolutely incredible."

She stood up and turned him around to get a closer look at his hair. "I can’t believe what a difference it makes, I don’t think I’d have recognized you if I’d passed you in the street."

Gregory was actually grinning, he was delighted by Miriam’s reaction and pretty much decided it had been worth all the drama.

After he’d made them lunch, the 2 ladies decided to take a nap, at least that’s what they told Gregory, not that he believed them.

As they lay in each other’s arms Miriam said, "Well, did I deliver on my promise?"

"What promise was that?" Judith asked.

"You know very well what promise, I told you we’d be living in a big house with a maid to do the cleaning and cooking, and I’ve delivered."

"Well yes, I suppose so, but it’s not ours yet is it?"

"Not yet, but it’s only a matter of time before I persuade our little Claudia to sign it over to me, for tax purposes or something, I haven’t decided yet. Naturally we’ll keep her on, I mean she is very good at cleaning."

"And I suppose I’ll have to keep giving her the head jobs will I." Judith grinned.

"You’re such a slut, you know you love doing that, just don’t do it too often or she won’t want my hand jobs, then I’ll never get her to give me the house."

Judith pouted for a second, then grinned again, "Okay I’ll be good. By the way, I called in on that doctor friend I told you about."

"Great, did she give you the hormones." Miriam asked.

"Absolutely, and she’ll let me have whatever I need. Between the two of us I think she’s a bit of a man hater. So anyway, we can start adding them to Claudia’s food and before long our Claudia will be growing titties and developing more fem’ curves."

"If she looks much better, she really will pass as a woman." Miriam smiled, "Did anyone notice this morning?"

"Oh a few people did I’m sure, but there are so many drag queens in that area, no-one raises an eyebrow any more."

"Oh yes, before I forget," Miriam interrupted, "I met a girl today who just might make a perfect personal maid for you."

"Really, where." Judith urged.

"The viewing this morning, she was the only relative of the deceased. In fact she was a sort of female version of Claudia, except in her case there’s no house. The poor girl is going to be out on the streets unless someone comes to her aid soon, and I think I have the perfect couple to help her out."

Judith leaned over and kissed Miriam passionately, "You really are a very thoughtful woman sometimes."



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