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My first attempt at an AR story. Concept taken from a story I found on Deeker called Envy.



by Micah Distel


"Hey, Mike! Can you come over and babysit Kaylie for a couple of hours?"

My buddy Dennis had just called. He and his girlfriend Jenny had just had a baby a couple of months earlier. I easily said yes. Not only is the baby cute as a button, I could engage in one of favorite activities.

You see, I'm a combination transgender adult baby. So, not only could I indulge in the simplicity of baby things, I could also rifle the drawers of the bedroom.

A few hours later, I found myself back in Dennis' and Jenny's bedroom. They had left about an hour ago. I made sure that Kaylie had had her formula and she was now sleeping it off. I had now stripped down and was wearing nothing. I'd found Jenny's panty drawer and found a pair that was my size. I had just pulled them on when I heard a noise.

Worried they might be home, I peeked out the window. No sign of the car they had taken. So, I turned back towards the bed. My clothes were gone. I looked around and spotted Kaylie in the doorway, on two feet.

Now, she had just learned to hold her head up, let alone, crawl, let alone, walk. And I had put her in her crib.

Suddenly, she grabbed the rug that ran beneath my feet and yanked it out from under me. I fell backwards onto the bed, onto something that had a crinkly feel to it. I looked around and realized I was on a changing pad. Kaylie then appeared in front of me.

"Dad has always told mom that you seemed strange growing up. Then, I saw you before you left my room. You thought I was sleeping. I saw you stare longingly at the diapers and at my closet. I even heard you say, 'I would give anything to be a baby girl.' Well, I'm here to tell you I can make it happen."

"But how can you-"

"Walk, talk, grant your wish? It's simple. All of us infants contain a little bit of magic. That's why we're called miracles. And, I always liked you. And, I know eventually, I'm going to want a sister to play with, so I thought this would be easier. Now, just lay back and enjoy."

After everything I'd just seen, I just did as I was told. Besides, she was right. It was what I've always wanted. If she could make it happen, let her.

The first thing she did was grab a diaper. In one swift motion, it had replaced the panties, and from the smell of things, there was a shot of baby powder in there. Somehow, it formed itself around me and fit. I went stiff as soon as she was done. She then went into a drawer and pulled out a pink onesie. She went to the top of my head and started to put it on. Once the neck hole got to my head, it opened up wide enough where it would fit over, same with the arms. She then pulled the bottom up and buttoned it to the top. To finish everything off, she put a pink pacifier in my mouth.

All this infantile femininity was too much. I shot a load into the diaper and with that, the transformation began. I felt my body starting to shrink, as well as my penis. What was left of my hair started receding back into my head, leaving a few fine strands on top. My body hair all fell off. Finally, I stopped shrinking at a very small size, I took up about half less bed than I had when I fell back. My penis was gone and all that was left was a little girl's slit in it's place.

The room swirled around me and when everything straigtened out, I found myself back in Kaylie's nursery, except I was in a crib next to hers.

Just then, the door opened and in walked Dennis and Jenny. "Well, sweeties, we gotta get going. We gotta go visit grandma and grandpa today. But first, it smells like you two need changing. Dennis, you take one, I got the other." "Works for me."

As we were both picked up out of our cribs, I made eye contact with Kaylie. And we both started giggling. I knew that I was going to be happy for the rest of my life.




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