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Kat's Eyes

by Jennifer White


Zak was pissed off. Here he was stuck babysitting the stupid little girl next door, because he was so broke that he would do anything for money. He mowed lawns in the summer, raked leaves in the fall, but this winter there had been almost no snow to shovel.

"Stupid global warming!" he said, as another 36 degree day meant that it would rain instead of snow. So in desperation, his parents fixed him up with this stupid job. Watch some dumb 12 year old girl, and make sure she stays out of trouble for the night, while her parents went out partying or whatever.

He arrived and met her parents. They were all dressed up to go out somewhere fancy. Instead of dating, like any 17 year old boy should have been doing, he was going to watch some spoiled brat.

"Zak, this is our daughter Kat" said the mother.

"Cat? Like the pet?"

"No, Kat, short for Katherine. But she prefers Kat."

"Whatever" said Zak.

"Make sure she goes to bed by 10:30. No HBO for her either. And no snacks. You can help yourself to a soda if you get thirsty."

"Thanks" said Zak, as he watched them take off. This was really going to suck. All these rules, and if he screwed up, they wouldn't want to pay him or something.

"Do you want to play dolls with me?" asked the little girl.

"No" said Zak. "You can play, and I'll watch TV."

"I want to see HBO!" she said. "Sex and the City is on tonight!"
"Your parents said no HBO. I'm going to watch the ball game."

"Oh pooh. That's boring. Please play dolls with me?"

"Sorry. No dolls."

"You're boring" she said, walking off to her room.

Well that was easy. He got rid of her at least. All was quiet for about ten minutes, when Kat came back in the room.

"I want a snack. Lets eat ice cream."

"Your parents said no snacks."

"The girl who used to sit for me let me eat ice cream whenever I wanted. And you will too."

"No I won't. Maybe that's why she doesn't sit for you anymore. She let you eat snacks, and your parents got mad."

"Please be quiet. Go read a book or something. I'm watching the game" said Zak.

"I did read a book. It was very interesting. I learned some really neat tricks."

"Good for you" said Zak sarcastically.

Kat put her hands on her hips, upset at how he was acting. She sat down between him and the TV.

"Hey, I can't see the game. You're blocking the screen!"

"What color are my eyes Zak?" she said, suddenly in a friendly voice, instead of the teasing taunting she had been doing.

"I don't know."

"Look at them. Tell me what color they are."

Zak looked into her eyes.

"Blue I guess."

"Look harder Zak. Look harder. You're wrong, and you need to look closer."

He looked closer at her eyes. They did look blue still.

"Look deep in my eyes, and tell me what you see in them. Look deep inside. Listen to my voice, and look into my eyes."

Zak kept looking. Her voice sounded very soothing and easy now.

"Look deeper and deeper inside me Zak. Look at my eyes. Hear my voice. Relax. Take a deep breath. And again. That's it. Relax and let go Zak."

He found himself taking deep breaths in sync with her.

"You can see deep inside me now Zak, and I can see into you. Take deep breaths and relax. Yes, that's it. Let me in. I can see into you now Zak. I am moving inside you as you stare into my eyes. You cannot look away now; you must peer deeper and deeper within me."

Zak's mouth hung open now, as he fell into a hypnotic trance staring at Kat's eyes. She took out her necklace, and began to swing it back and forth.

"Watch the necklace. Feel the rhythm. Breath to the rhythm of it."

Zak's eyes went back and forth, following the necklace as it swing in her hand. The depth of his trance grew. His conscious mind was being distracted and turned off. Kat was now able to talk directly to his unconscious mind.

"You are mine now Zak. You belong to me. In your very soul, you belong only to me. You are completely mine, in every way. Now tell me who you belong to."

"" he said in a monotone voice.

"You belong to me. You are my slave. You will do whatever I command you to do."


"Show me that you are mine slave. Get on your knees and bow before me. You are mine, and you must do whatever I command."

Zak stood up, then dropped to his knees. He bowed down low, in front of her.

"Very good slave. Now you know that you are completely mine. You understand that no matter what happens, from this day forward, your soul belongs to me. Tell me again!"


"Very good. Now listen to me. When I snap my fingers, you will forget about this session. All you will know is that you belong to me, and must obey me in all matters. And you will do *anything* to come back here to babysit me again next week."

"" he said, again in a very monotone voice.

"Very good."

Kat snapped her fingers loudly, and Zak shook his head. Why was he kneeling on the floor?

"Lets play dolls now!" said Kat enthusiastically.

"Sure!" said Zak excitedly. It seemed a strange thing to want, but he found that he wanted to play dolls more than anything. He turned off the boring ball game, and played with Kat's dolls.


After a while, Kat grew bored.

"I want a snack. Lets get ice cream!"

"Cool!" said Zak, who suddenly had an urge for chocolate ice cream. He went to the freezer, and made a large bowl for each of them.

"With syrup, and sprinkles!" said Kat.

Zak raced around the kitchen to find chocolate syrup, and multicolor sprinkles. They ate their ice cream together in silence.

"Go clean up the kitchen" said Kat, "and I'll get HBO ready for Sex and the City."

"Cool!" said Zak. He cleaned out the ice cream bowls and the spoons, so Kat's parents wouldn't know about their snack. Then he went to the living room to watch HBO with her.


When the show was done, Kat was yawning.

"I'm going to bed Zak. Why don't you read this until my mommy and daddy get home?"

She handed him her mother's copy of Cosmopolitan. He sat down to read the articles on fashion, makeup, relationships, female sexuality, and other fun topics. He read it over and over until at 12:30, when Kat's parents drove up to the house.

"How was Kat behaved?" said her mother.

"She was just fine" replied Zak.

"You got along well?"

"Oh yes. No problems at all. I'd love to do it again some time if you need a sitter."

"Why in fact, we will need one soon. It is hard to get a good sitter that gets along with Kat. Plan on being here next Friday."

"I'll see you then" said Zak, gladly taking the ten dollars that Kat's father handed him. He went home whistling. He didn't know why, but it felt very good that he would be returning next week for another session.

* * *


When Friday rolled around, Zak was excited to go and babysit again. He really didn't know why. It was just a lousy $10 that he got for all that time. But he really did need the cash, and it was better than nothing. So he showed up at 6:45, as they had requested.

"Kat, Zak's here" yelled her mother.

"Yea!!!!" said Kat, which made them all smile, with her childish enthusiasm.

Her parents left, after reminding Zak that her bedtime was 10:30, not snacks, and no HBO.


Only a few minutes later, Kat sat down in front of Zak, and began to stare at him.

"What?" he said, but she was silent. She kept on just staring at him.

"What's the matter?" he said again.

"Look into my eyes Zak" said Kat.


Within five minutes, she had him deep into a trance again. This time, she did not need to work as hard to break down barriers. She was already in his mind. So now, she could more easily shape it.

"Do you remember who you belong to?" she asked.

"" replied Zak, in his monotone.

"Very good slave. And do you remember how slaves sit before their masters?"

Zak got down on his knees in front of her.

"Very good my pet. I need not remind you again of your position. You are completely *mine* now, and you will do anything that I command you."


"Follow me" said Kat, who stood up and walked over to her parent's room. She opened the door, turned on the light, and went into the walk-in closet. She emerged with a red dress on a hanger. Then she went into her mother's dresser, and pulled out a bra, and a pair of panties.

"You *want* to prove to me that you are mine" said Kat.

"Yes" replied Zak.

"You will do as I command" said Kat. "You are not to think of yourself as Zak when you are in this house. When you are here, your name is Angelique, and you are a girl. Now tell me what your are, and who you are."


"Yes. You are a girl now. You are Angelique. And girls like to wear pretty clothes. Take off those ugly boy clothes, and put these on instead."

Zak stripped naked, not flinching from the fact that there was another person in the room (and it was a girl). He just did what she commanded. He had no choice. He was in her power, and he had to obey.

He pulled on the panties, and then the bra.

"Your bra looks so sad, with the cups empty like that" said Kat. "Don't you agree?"

"Yes" said Zak.

"You want the cups of your bra to be full, don't you?"


"You want to have big breasts, like the pretty women in the magazine you read."


"Stuff your bra Angelique. Stuff it full."

Zak went to the sock drawer, and started stuffing his bra until both cups were very full, and evenly filled.

"You feel much better with boobs. You wish you had real, large breasts."

"I...wish...I...had...breasts" said Zak.

"Now put on your dress."

Zak put the red dress on.

"Now you are a girl. You are Angelique. You like being pretty."


"When I snap my fingers, you will awake. You are Angelique. You are a girl. And you have never heard of Zak."

She snapped her fingers loudly, and Zak shook his head.

"Why are we in here?" he said in a voice that was a tone higher than normal.

"Because you and I are going to have makeovers. We're going to put on mommy's makeup, and become pretty."

"That sounds fun!" said Zak. "I like being pretty."

They took turns making each other over. Zak had absorbed some of the makeup techniques from the magazine he had read the last week, so she didn't turn out all that bad. She used way too much makeup on him, and he looked quite silly. But when she told him that he looked very pretty, he smiled. He was proud of that. He *liked* being pretty.

Kat wanted to play dolls, so they did that for a while. Then she wanted to eat breakfast cereal for a snack, so they ate frosted flakes together. And then they watched Sex and the City on HBO.

It was now 11:00, and Kat was tired. But before she went to bed, she put Zak back into a trance. She made him take off his makeup, put away the dress, and put his own clothes back on.

"Even though you dress as a boy, inside, you are really a girl" she said.

"I am really a girl" he repeated slowly.

"You want to be a girl more than anything in the world."

"I want to be a girl."

"Only by being a girl can you be happy. Next week, you must shave your legs before you come over to be with me."

"I will shave my legs" he said.

"Now read this, until my mommy and daddy come home."

She handed him a copy of Elle.

"When you see a pretty girl in the pages, you want to *be* her."

"I want to be her" said Zak.

"Now tuck me in for bed."

He tucked her in, and she snapped her fingers. He went back to the living room, and read the magazine he found there. It was very interesting, and he just couldn't seem to put it down until Kat's parents came home at 1:00 in the morning.

* * *


A week later, Zak was back to sit for Kat again. As with the last time, it wasn't five minutes after her folks left, that she had him in a full hypnotic trance again.

"You are mine" she said.

He got up, and got on his knees without being asked this time. That made her smile.

"Who are you?" she said.

"Zak" he answered.

"No. You are Angelique. You are a girl."

"I am Angelique" he answered.

"The part of you that was Zak is fading. The part of you that is Angelique is getting stronger. Soon, Zak will only be a faint memory. You are a girl now. You are Angelique. You are a girl."

"I am a girl."

"Now tell me again who you are."

"I am Angelique."

"You are *her* now. You are a girl. And girls shave their legs. Let me see your legs Angelique."

Zak took his pants off to reveal his smooth legs. He had shaved them, just as she had commanded him to do.

"See? You really are a girl now."

"I am a girl" he replied in his slow monotone.

"What do you want on your chest Angelique?" asked Kat.

"I want big breasts" he replied.

"Very good my slave. And how do you want your face to be?"

"I want to be pretty."

"Yes. You want to be a very pretty girl. You want to be pretty all the time. You want to wear dresses and skirts. Do you want to dress up now?"

"Yes" he replied.

"Follow me" she said.

Kat made him go to her parents room, and this time she picked out a black skirt, a pink cami top with spaghetti straps, a pair of her mom's dark nylons, and black boots with high heels.

He put on the outfit, then sat still as she did his makeup.

"You need to pluck your eyebrows" said Kat.

"I need to pluck my eyebrows" replied Zak.

"You want to get your ears pierced."

"I want to get my ears pierced."

"You are a girl now. You are a girl."

"I am a girl."

"When I snap my fingers, you will wake up, and you will be Angelique. You will not remember anything about Zak."

She snapped her fingers, and Zak woke up. Not Zak, but Angelique. *She* looked around the room.

"Wouldn't it be fun if I had some girlfriends come over to party?" said Kat.

"That would be cool" replied Angelique.

Kat got on the phone, and in fifteen minutes, three girls showed up. They were all older than Kat, and one of them, Melany, even went to Zak's school. She recognized Zak, but he didn't seem to know her.

"Her name is Angelique" whispered Kat to the girl. "She thinks she's a girl, and she can't remember anything about Zak."

"Cool!" said Melany.

The girls all sat around and talked, eating potato chips, and gossiping about school. They had a grand time, and before they knew it, it was time to watch Sex and the City on HBO. It was all the girl's favorites, including Angelique, who really liked it now.

When the show was over, the girls left as Angelique cleaned up behind them. She tucked Kat in to bed, and soon she was put back into her trance state.

"You are completely mine" said Kat.

"I am yours" repeated Angelique.

"When you wake up, you will dress in boy clothes again, but you will know that inside you are really a girl. Now and forever."

"I am a girl" said Angelique.

"Next week when you come to see me, you will have your ears pierced, and your eyebrows lightly plucked. You will keep your legs shaved, and shave your chest and underarms as well. You are mine, and you will obey."

"I will obey" said Angelique.

Kat snapped her fingers, and Zak woke up. Without thinking about it, he went to Kat's parent's room, took off his female clothes, dressed up in his boy clothes, then went (without being told) to the living room where he read more fashion magazines until Kat's folks came home.

* * *


"We'll be out of town until Sunday. Do you think you can handle two full days?" said Kat's mom.

"Sure. No problem" replied Zak.

She didn't like how the boy had pierced his ears. That looked too wild for a nice boy like this. But Kat had seemed to like him, and he was dependable, so they didn't have many other options. They left for an overnight trip, leaving Kat in his hands all day Saturday, and most of Sunday.

But what they didn't realize, is that they were leaving *him* in Kat's hands. For no sooner were they on they on the freeway, when she already had him in a deep trance, far deeper than he had been before. And she would do things to him now that he would have resisted, even just one week ago.

"You are mine" she reminded the older boy, who was in his knees, bowing to her power over him.

"I am yours."

He was no longer Zak. He was Angelique now.

"You will do anything I tell you. You have no will of your own. Only your desire to serve me."

"I serve only you."

"Imagine yourself Angelique, imagine yourself all grown up, years from now."

Angelique closed her eyes.

"Imagine that you are fully developed. You have become a *woman*. You have large breasts now, and there is no need to stuff your bra anymore."

"I have large breasts."

"You are beautiful. A gorgeous woman."

"I am a woman."

"Feel your soft warm body, your curves, your soft skin, your long hair. Feel the wonderful woman that you have developed into"!

"I am a woman."

"Between your legs, you are a woman too now. See how it feels to be a real girl. A woman. It feels so wonderful, and you are thankful to be female."

"I am a woman."

"You are a woman in every way. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. You are a woman. Feel yourself, how utterly feminine you are."

"I am a woman."

"And every woman needs a partner Angelique. You need a partner too."

"I need a partner."

"You need a man. You want a man for your own."


"You must. You are a woman now, and a woman needs a man."


Zak was struggling to regain control within. He gritted his teeth, and tried to fight with everything he had.

"Imagine a man with you Angelique. He loves you, and you love him. You want him, more than anything! You love him with all your heart. You are his woman! He is your man!"

"No!!!!!" said Angelique.

"You must obey me slave. You cannot resist *me*! Now tell me that you want a man!"

"" said Angelique, sounding exhausted from the inner struggle. She had won. Zak had lost. Exactly what Kat had wanted. Zak's spirit had been crushed, and Angelique was now completely dominant within him. There would be no way for Zak to ever regain control. He was far too weak now.

And with two whole days to work on him, Kat knew that she could push him down further and further. It may be a male body, but after this weekend, it would be a completely female spirit inside.


Now Kat could get Angelique to take her shopping at the mall, and there would be no whimpering male protests about going out dressed up like a girl. She could get Angelique to take her to see movies, and there would be no protests about seeing a 'chick flick'. They could hang out at the mall, get full makeovers at the beauty salon, or whatever Kat wanted.

After getting Angelique to dress up in a nice skirt and black halter top, Kat carefully applied makeup to her face, to make her pretty. She replaced the simple stud earrings with long dangling loops. She put a hair extension into Angelique's hair, so it looked like she had a long ponytail in back. She did her nails. She did her up, until Angelique actually looked like a girl.

"Lets go to the mall!" said Kat.

"Yeah. That would be cool" replied Angelique. She was about to go outside the house as a girl for the first time. And she didn't even think anything of it! Her mind was like that of a teenage girl now. Going to the mall *was* cool.


Kat made Angelique buy a couple of new outfits at the mall, using up almost all of 'her' money. They hung out, and chatted with other girls there. Angelique received some strange stares, because the girls could all tell at a glance that 'she' was really a guy. But Angelique acted like a girl, so they let it go, waiting until after 'she' left to laugh among themselves.

"Oh my god! Did you see him!" said one teenage girl, after Angelique and Kat left. "That was a guy!"

"He acted like one of us" said the blond standing to her left.

"He didn't hit on us or anything" said the brunette to her right.

"Yeah, but that creeped me out. Its like he wanted to *be* one of us."

"And he dressed like he was slutty."


They laughed and made fun of Angelique, who would be the topic of their conversation for quite some time.


Meanwhile, Kat and Angelique were splitting an ice cream. They talked as they ate.

"Look at Kevin over there" said Kat. "He's the one at the record store."

"Cute" said Angelique.

"He's hot. I want to marry him."

"No way. *I* want to marry him."

"I saw him first. He's *mine*."

The laughed and took another bite of the ice cream with chocolate sprinkles on top...

* * *


Back home after their trip, both were tired and ready for bed. Kat gave Angelique one of her mother's nighties to sleep in. They watched TV for a while, then went to bed late.


The girls slept in late, then had a quick breakfast. It was Sunday, and the house was a bit of a mess after a day of having fun. So they started to clean up, vacuum, and straighten up.

When they were done, Kat knew that her folks would be home soon.

"You can go now. My parents will be here any time."

"Thanks for all the fun" said Angelique, picking up 'her' purse.

"See you!"

"Bye Kat."


Angelique walked out the door, swinging her hips, heading home. Kat smiled. She wondered what Zak's folks would think when they found out that their son was a girl now, his mind permanently altered.

She had first hypnotized a babysitter when a neighborhood girl had been mean to her, and not allowed her to stay up and watch TV. It took a while, but now she was very good at it. The next babysitter was mean to her too, so she made that one treat her like a princess, and wait on her hand and foot.

But she soon grew bored with that, and found that it was more fun to keep pushing the sitters further and further, making them do things they'd never do on their own. The next sitter she had was a very quiet shy girl. So Kat made her bring over a friend of hers from school, and hypnotized them both into falling in love with each other. They'd make out on the couch, while Kat watched movies on HBO.

And that's when she got the idea for Zak. If she could make two girls fall in love, it would be fun to make a boy become a girl. She wasn't able to get her mother into a trance, but her dad was weak and easy to control. Soon, she had him talking to the neighbors, and getting their son to come over to sit for them.

She hated Zak when she was young. He had done mean things, like throwing stones at her kitty in the yard, or running around making all kinds of noise. So now she more than made up for all the bad things he had done. She had made him better. She had made him into a girl.

Kat sighed. She wondered who they'd get to sit for her the next time, and what fun she would have with him or her....




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