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This is my last story. I was to be a One Hit Wonder, as the name stated, but there was enough sentiment that I do another, that I decided to. My first story even gave me the plot device of this story, at the suggestion of a commentor. Either way this is definitely it, plus it wraps up Aaron Spence's complete story.

As stated, this is the sequal to 2Fast 2Feminine. If you didn't like Aaron, his new self, Kasumi has bad language, but nothing requiring 6 swears in 1 sentence as Aaron did. She also isn't as heartless, so you can quit worrying about that. I will say that this story also "feels" alot different than 2Fast, so don't expect rehash, and those who didn't like the street racing, there's only 1 part talking about a race, and it's kept to a mininum. Completely different story, those who enjoyed 2Fast, may not like it, those who hated 2Fast may like it...Hopefully we all like it.

I hope to draw great reviews...

There will be an extended, refined version of 2Fast 2Feminine, with hand drawn pictures by me, it is fininshed as of this posting. The reviews that it draws, as well as this story's reviews will determine if I draw pictures for this story as well.

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Warning: Coarse language.

Crystal's Note : I apologize for the formatting and appearance of this story but the author chose to use a carriage return on most lines instead of only at the end of paragraphs, and I just don't have the time necessary to manually remove them on such a large story. I realize that it's difficult to read a story when HTML treats lines as a separate paragraph, but it's this or nothing.



by One Hit Wonder



"Are you OK, Kasumi?" Ami asked her only child.

"Yes, mom," her daughter, Kasumi, replied. "I should be getting along now, it's

the last day before summer vacation begins, you know."

"Do you want to talk about anything?" Ami persisted. "Something seems to be bothering you as of late."

"No, I'm fine, mom," Kasumi said. "You have a good day, bye."

"Bye, sweetie," Ami said as she watched her daughter head for school. She let

out a weary sigh, because she had a good idea of just what was going on. When

she gave birth to her daughter it was under "special" circumstances. Kasumi was

born to Ami and Yashiro Hanzuki like any other child. What was special is that Kasumi, before being born, was in fact a man. Through a certain chain of events, this man was reincarnated as Ami's daughter, Kasumi Hanzuki.


There was one uncertainty, however. Kasumi would in fact regain the memories of

the man's past life once she had reached a certain age. Ami was sure that the

time was fast approaching for this to happen. Kasumi had been a bright cheery

girl, as long as Ami could remember, until lately. Kasumi seemed to have a

different "aura" about her now. Ami would even go as far as to say that her

daughter was acting strange. She knew that Kasumi's mind had to have been in turmoil at the moment, so she decided to talk to Kasumi once she was done with the day's activities.



Kasumi arrived at her junior high school, where she was a popular

third-year student. She liked her school life. She was leader of the "in" crowd,

was the most attractive girl there, and had gotten the most sought after

third-year boy to date her. She attained high marks in academics, and

practiced all of the extra-curricular activities that were possible, and she

was well on her way to Keio University. She was what every other girl there wanted to be. She also wanted to be an idol, and bikini model, which were attainable jobs, because her extraordinary looks. All she had to do was wait on offers from the companies she applied to. She had gotten her start from being "school idol", and taking tasteful pictures, displaying them in the school, and various other places. It had gotten her known locally, thus she wanted to become a true idol.


After the school day's minimal activities had passed, the Headmaster had declared the school year over.

"Hey, Kasumi. What's goin' on!?"

"Oh, hey Daisuke!" *smootch* "Nothing!, did you want to do anything today?"

"I was thinking maybe that I could take you out. The school year has come,

and left, it feels wonderful, Kasumi. I want to celebrate it. Next year, we

will be first-years once again, so we'd better ride our high-horses while we

can. What do you think?"


"Sounds like a goddamn plan...I mean, like fun." Kasumi corrected herself. "Sounds like a goddamn plan?" she thought, she would have never used that phrase, and never has. That horrible language...slipping out phrases like this has been a frequent occurrence as of late, and she couldn't figure out why.


"Why did you correct yourself?" asked Daisuke, her earlier mentioned boyfriend. But he had to admit, 'Her language is strange'. She was too nice of a person to use such words.


"Saying that kinda caught me off guard, I don't know where it came from."


"Yeah." Daisuke said, looking at his girlfriend. "I can't believe that I

have her as a girlfriend!" He thought. He knew that Kasumi was the most

popular girl in the school, and he could easily see why. She had everything

anyone could want in a girl, the mind, the attitude, and especially the

look. She looked just like her mother from years past. She was about 5 feet tall, 90 lbs, and had curves of a western woman. At 15, she had a 38 'C' cup chest that even her also well-endowed mother never grow. Even with all that going for her, her face was still her standout feature. Just like Ami, her face wasn't too round, just enough to give her the "cute" quality, she had nice full lips that men wanted to taste, and the most piercing dark brown almond-shaped eyes. Her hair was interesting, coming down to her shapely butt, it was dyed platinum. "Exotic beauty" is an understatement.

All this beauty in a conservative, and smart package intrigued anyone who

was luckily enough to cross her path. "Kasumi Hanzuki, I am the luckiest man

in Tokyo to have you date me."


"I am lucky to have you, you are the most sought after guy, Daisuke. I

really like you too." She said humbly.

"Look, before we go out, I need to go shopping for my trip to the US."


"Yeah. What's it like there, anyway?"


"It's nice, I always look forward to going. Maybe you can go! I'd love that!

You know, I think that my family would pay your way. What do you think about



"If my family weren't going to Sapporo, I'd love to. I'm going to miss you so

much. If it weren't a tradition, I'd definetely break it to be with you."


"Hey, we haven't left each other yet! I don't leave for another week. We

just have to make the best of it. It'll be fun, I promise!" She contemplated having the type of fun that she, nor Daisuke never had before...


"Sure. Well I guess I'll see you, about 7:00?"


"Yeah, that sounds great."


The couple shared a long and involving kiss in the school parking lot, while

no one was looking.


They each got into their cars, and were soon parted. As she was driving,

Kasumi thought about these things that were happening lately. "Sounds

like a goddamn plan?!? I would have never said anything so profane." Normally something this minuscule would not bother Kasumi, but things had been rather strange as of late. She thought of her mother, and the conversation. Maybe she

should talk to her. What was changing about her? It seemed to take all of

her mental efforts just to be Kasumi Hanzuki. She thought about her

boyfriend, and how things were going with him. She also thought about the

Spence family, the ones who she stayed with when she went to the US. They

were said to be her "cousins" of sorts when she was younger, but she'd

figured that they were good friends of the family once she was old enough to

use logic. She enjoyed being in their company, and it always seemed so

familiar. She especially liked Jade, the Spence's daughter, who had adopted

Kasumi, as Kasumi's onee-chan, when she came to visit. What was it about the

Spence family? Why did they even care about her? She was a Japanese girl

living in Nagoya, then Tokyo, and the Spence's were a black family living in

Florida, in the US. Why did they seem so important to each other? Why did

they spoil her? She didn't know, and just went with the flow, besides, she'd

get around to talking to them about it during her upcoming trip.


Arriving in the Ginza district, Kasumi was ready to shop. She was going to bring

some things with her to take on her trip. First, some personal things,

secondly, some nice expensive trinkets for the Spence's. She had always had

a taste for western food, so she found a Wendy's, and got a caesar salad.

Her trip was complete, and it was time to go to home, and change for her

later outing with Daisuke.




It was about 6:00 PM, and Kasumi was getting ready for Daisuke. Her mother

was due in about an hour, and she wanted to talk to her mother, but she

would have to wait, until the outing was over. She dressed in a loose fit

navy blue velour track suit, with a tight white t-shirt, and some Reebok

gym shoes, all chosen and given to her by Jade, the Spence's daughter. After

doing who knows what, whatever girls do to get ready, she was out in her

2019 Honda Xylo VSi-G compact 2-seater, going to meet Daisuke. She thought

about doing something special tonight, something intimate. They had gotten

to first base, but Kasumi, being as sensible as she is, not to mention, just

feeling "weirded out" about it, she'd decided against doing anything else.

These personality changes she was going through had also to do with her not

going further. It took a lot out of her to see him as the boyfriend he was,

and even more to kiss him. She wondered why she wasn't finding him as

attractive as before, if anything, he'd gotten better-looking since they

met. She was told by Dasuke's parents that a lovely, smart girl like her

would be a welcome addition to the family, if things continued. She thought

deeply about all of these recent developments. Soon she was there. "Daisuke!

You're too much!" She noticed his vintage 1980's clothes.


"Hey, these are my "Hey, I'm a badass" threads!"


"You silly." She said playfully, "Where are we going tonight?"


"I was thinking of an old past time, we could go to a game room."


"You know what I like, don't you." She said, rather than asked.


"Yeah, anyone fortunate enough to have you accompany them, should know

everything about her, right?"


"If you say so." How could she not like this guy? Handsome, popular, considerate, and knew what to say. It was these thoughts. It almost seemed as though there was

another person feeding her thoughts, and some of them was making Daisuke

physically repulsive to her, and the whole "sweet" and feminine things were

taxing as well. They had their outing in Shibuya, where they found a great

game room They spent most of the time playing the newest fight competition

game, Capcom Generation ZX. They had both defeated all competition, racking

up 137 wins in a row, rotating who played between Kasumi, and Daisuke.

Everyone was amazed that Kasumi, a girl, was clearly the best there. The

owner even treated the couple to free dinner, for putting on such a clinic. There were even people who recognized Kasumi's pictures, and had wanted to take pictures with her. Out of respect for Daisuke, she declined the requests. A few hours later, they were returning to Daisuke's home. They got out of Daisuke's car, said good-bye, and that was it. Soon, she was in her own vehicle, and heading home. The date was fun, but seemed platonic, which was unintended by Kasumi, but that's the way things worked out. "I have to talk to my mother." She thought aloud, making the quick trip home to the new residential Kasumigaseki area.




Ami heard the door open and knew that it was Kasumi. Now that Yashiro was asleep, she knew she could say what she had to. "Kasumi. My sweet Kasumi."


"Mom...?" Kasumi asked, startled.


"Yes, Kasumi, dear, we really need to talk, there's something that you

should know, and know now."


"What is it about?"


"You, Kasumi."


"Me?" She wondered.


"Kasumi, you know that you are my daughter, and I love you very much."


"I would not question that, Mom, I love you, and Daddy very much."


"Fine. You should take this in with an open mind, Kasumi. I have seen you go

through changes lately, changes in your personality. This tells me that it is time to tell you this." She sighed. "You, Kasumi, my lovely daughter, was once a man." She lowered her head.


"Did you say MAN??!?!" She shrieked. "I was born a boy? That just can't be! I

bleed! I....."


"You were not born a boy, dear. You are 100 percent born a girl. You were

once someone else."


"How?" Was that possible?


"OK, Kasumi, here it goes... You were once a man named Aaron Spence. You are his reincarnate."


"Spence?!!? As in Jade Spence" Kasumi asked, shocked at the revelation.


"Yes, same family. Aaron was Jade's older brother, and he was my age. I dated

Aaron, back in the year 2003. When we went out, an unfortunate

accident happened." Ami started to sob. "I was killed."


"Killed? You? Mom?" She asked her mother, while the woman's sobbing became a

a light cry. She hugged her mother tightly. "I'm so sorry, mom, is there

anything I can do?" She heartily asked, as she started to sob as well.


"Actually" Ami cleared her throat. "You've done more than anyone would ever

hope to. I love you so much, Kasumi, more than any mother can love her

child." Although this revelation had greatly saddened her, Kasumi couldn't help but wonder where this was going. "Aaron felt guilty about what had happened, and he

underwent treatment to become me, physically. His body was changed through

advanced DNA manipulation which still is not available today, and he went

from being a tall African American male to being me. Your Grandfather had

used his divine powers, bringing me from the land of the beyond, back

into the new body, which was exactly like mine before the accident. Daddy

explained that Aaron was within me still, and I could feel him. He would be free when I was with child. He would be my first child. That was you, Kasumi." She repeated this story, as this was what her father told her, to keep her from hating Aaron,

and subsequently her first child.


"Me?!!? I was a black guy named Aaron Spence?" This was too much, but her

mother's solemnness told her that this was true. There was nothing she could do but take it all in. Her mother wouln't lie about this, would she?


"Kasumi, Grandfather told me also that you will regain the memories of your

previous life, and your time shared with me, in my body."


"What kind of person was Aaron...was I?" Kasumi asked sill reeling on these



"Let's say that you have a few of his traits. You have a strong desire to

succeed, you try to, and always end up being the best at whatever you try. I remember that about him. You have a love of video games, and cars, two things he loved."


"I don't mean to sound frank, but who am I, now?" She wanted to say

something else, but this is what came to her mouth. "I'm sorry I said..."

She was cut off by her mother.


"You are who you decide to be. To me you are my daughter Kasumi, and will

always be. I'm sorry about all of this, but I love you, Kasumi."


"There's nothing for you to be sorry about...I love you too..." She said. "I think I want to just go to sleep."


"OK, Kasumi. Good night. I'm here, if you need me. Always."




Ami headed to her and Mr.Hanzuki's room, and Kasumi headed to hers. These

were the answers she wanted, but she wasn't quite prepared for what was told

to her. She was, or rather used to be a man named Aaron Spence, and her

mother is in the body she was originally born to as Aaron. This was insane,

but it held the keys to the mysteries she seemed to hold from herself. "So

I'm going to start remembering what it was like to be Aaron...I mean my old

self. What can I do? How will I be? Will I think like me?" She truly was in



She knew that it was most likely inevitable to get the old

memories back, so she decided to distance herself from everybody, including

Daisuke and her parents. She stayed mostly in her room for the next six

days, unbothered by anybody. Her mother had told her father an alibi, so he

wouldn't come to bother her. The memories, were all quickly returning over those secluded days. She was able to remember all that Aaron could remember, memories that were twice as old as she was. She was also finding

herself feeling less, and less like Kasumi Hanzuki, and more, and more like

this Aaron fellow, as she gained the memories. She remembered all the

weightlifting "she" used to do, all the picked fights, all the ruffians she

used to know, the street racing in Florida, all the video games, knowledge

of cars, the girls "she" had sex with, including that one time in 2003 with

her own mother, Ami, and even becoming, and sharing a body with Ami. She

remembered it all, and not all of it was good, for instance, the cruel

things she said about her mother's death, and to her grandfather. She

remembered all the details of slowly being turned into Ami, and the

embarrassment of it. She was also forced to remember Ami "doing the deed" on

her wedding night in Nagoya, while she was expereiencng the feelings, unable tp prevent it.. Those times when she briefly saw her parents, she couldn't look at them the same, after her self-revelations. Memories were mixed in her mind old, and new. All of Aaron's memories were intact, while her own were hazed over, with Kasumi mainly being able to remember older things from her own life, and most everyday things. It would now be as though she were seeing the world through Aaron's eyes...




"AAAhhhh, SHIT! What the fuck's goin' on!" Kasumi screamed as she suddenly

awoke, feeling completely like another person. "Look at me! Goddamnit." This couldn't be. She remembered waking up as a girl a very long time ago, and then a wild chain of evens happening. Since then, she was supposed to come back, as

another Aaron, right? No. She remembered waking up as Ami in 2003, and now,

it was happening again, as the familiar feel of having a small, but well

endowed female anatomy was registering on "Aaron's" mind.


"Kasumi?" Ami called out running to her daughter's room.


"Kasumi?," her daughter replied. "Ami? You're Ami Hanzuki! I'm a bitch again! I can't believe it, you already got your body back..." She remembered the last name...


"Aaron?" she asked, knowing by the language that it was Aaron again.


"Yeah, it's me," Kasumi said. "I...Why am I like this, Ami? Please! Not again!"


"Don't you remember anything?"


"Yeah, come to think of it, I do remember alot of shit." She noticed that though she felt different, she actually remembered most of her 15 years. "Some of the later stuff is all fuzzy and shit, then I started remembering more and more of the shit that happened before you and your husband got...pregnant. I just saw myself, why do I look almost like you, like ...Hold on, I've come back your goddamn...kid, your girl kid?" She knew that this was factual, but as she remembered it, she was going to be another Aaron, reborn, exactly as he was before. As far as she knew, she just had to grow up again, and do the right thing this time.


"Yes, you are our daughter," Ami said with a hopeful smile.


"This is goddamn bullshit," Aaron said through gritted teeth.


"Why would you think that?" Ami seemed hurt by the sentiment.


"Shit, why not? I'm supposed to be Aaron, and I figured with all that magic

shit, that I'd be me, not..not this shit!"


"When I became pregnant with you, I asked Father what would become of your birth," Ami tried to explain,. "I, myself didn't know if I would give birth to Aaron, or my own child. He told me that he didn't, and can't determine who you'd be, and that it would be a natural birth, passing me and my husband's genes to our child, you. That said, you know that I could not give natural birth to an African American, as you were. The closest you could have been to your your old self is a mixed race Japanese, and African-American boy. But as you see, I happily married a Japanese man, I'm Japanese, and he happens to have had an X chromosome, so you are a Japanese girl. It's no different than any other birth. You have always been our daughter, Kasumi, the whole time, it's been you, but you can just now remember everything from Aaron's past."


"Well, that explains why I don't know, if you were already pregnant, then I

was dormant, or some shit, and didn't hear anything, shit." Kasumi realized,

as she continued "When this happened, Ami, I happily resigned myself to the

fate of being born again, and having another chance, but I thought that

chance was going to be as a better Aaron. What I did to you was inexcusable

and the initial attitude I had was just inhumane. You deserved to be given

another chance, but damn! I thought I would grow up as Aaron again. I have

to talk to grandfather, maybe he can make me back into Aaron, or somethin'.

From what I DO know, I am scheduled to go to Florida this time of the year,

maybe then."


"You want to be HIM again?" What did "he" mean inexcusable? Didn't he

willingly sacrifice himself for her?


"Hell yeah I wanna be me, Ami, that's all I know right now. I have no idea

how to be the daughter of a girl that I dated(and had sex with), and the idea doesn't sound enticing at all. Besides" He started to get smart "What do you mean, saying

that like I was a pile of shit. Do I want to be 'HIM', again? That 'HIM' is me..."


"You know I don't think that way."


"Yeah, sure..." the teen pouted.


"Are you sure that you wouldn't want to be my daughter anymore, Kasumi?" Ami

asked, getting teary, thinking about the implications of Kasumi's "new" ways, knowing that it could lead to her not having a daughter. "Please, Kasumi, you are my daughter, who I still, and will always love, so long as I breathe, please don't take that away!"


"Look, I know that you love who I am, was, or whatever, and it ain't my

intention to "kill" your daughter, but I can't be her. I need to be me, I

need things like I remember 'em."


"Just give it a try, Kasumi. You could relearn all about being a Japanese

girl, you did it once, and...."


"Unluckily, I haven't forgotten. I remember stuff about being this Kasumi chick, but now that I remember being Aaron, I'm missing that shit."


"I understand. But think, if you remember being Kasumi, then you know that

we all love you, even Aaron's parents know who you are, and still love you

as you are. You know this is true, Kasumi. Please, we have lovingly raised

you, to do this is to kill our sweet Kasumi. Please give it more thought,

you've only had these memories for a very short time." Ami said, trying to

shake away the tears that wanted to come as result of possibly "losing" her

only child.


"Look Ami, I don't want to hurt you, or any shit like that, but I have

things I need to do, and that shit just can't happen like this. I'll give it

thought." She said trying to pacify the situation. "So can you tell me

when I was leaving, I don't remember exact details, and shit."


"You leave in the morning, Kasumi." Ami said, thinking how Kasumi still

responded to that name, and even called Ami's own father "grandfather".

"Please, Kasumi, don't do anything rash in Orlando. Your father and I want

you to come back to us safely." She said this, wondering about how the girl

would react. Trying to normalize things, Ami asked, "So, what are you doing today?" She would try to stop her from going, but the "new" Kasumi would raise hell, and cause Yashiro to find out things he was never meant to know.


"Hey, I'm just gonna take it easy today. Besides, I feel uncomfortable, like

a stomach ache, or some shit. I haven't eaten much, so I can't be sick. Anyway, Ami, I'm going to check things out when I get there, that is a given, so really, don't be surprised if I don't come back. Like I said, I don't want you to get all sad, so just try not to think of it as a loss. Think of me as Aaron." The child tried the best to sound concerned, but the attempt was still nonchalant.


"Think of you as Aaron? How can I, when you look just like me? Kasumi. Please." With that, Ami left the room, to get ready for work. Now she had to deal with possibly losing her child. To her, it was like Kasumi was going to be killed if she went to try and be Aaron again, and succeeded. She and Mr.Hanzuki raised her as a normal girl, because that's what she was. Ami sulked as she got ready. Kasumi had been a sprightly girl since she was born, but the inclusion of Aaron's memories was overwhelming. She even wanted to be him again. Ami's problem wasn't seeing Aaron again, her problem was that his appearance was going to cost her her daughter. She prayed that Kasumi wouldn't go through with it.


Now that Kasumi could remember being Aaron, and acted just like him, she

realized that she was turned into a Asian girl before. She went back to all

those thoughts about being a 6'6'' 200 lb black guy(That sounded sooo good

to Kasumi right now), and slowly being changed into Ami. She thought about

it, she looked almost like this when her memories of Aaron's life ended, how strange to be back, almost exactly the same. As if she was looking at herself for the

first time, she realized that she was a very beautiful girl that Aaron would

love to have, but she didn't want to be that girl, she needed to once again

be on the other side. Another thought came to her. She hadn't actually

referred to herself as Aaron, and called Mr. Yamamoto "grandfather" Her life

as Kasumi was getting in her way of thinking. "I have to hurry." She determined.



It was about noon, and by now, Kasumi needed to get out. She first went to

the bathroom. "I gotta take a foul ass shit or somethin'." She went in .

"Man, look at this shit, I'm wearing goddamn panties. Shit, ONCE AGAIN, I

have awaken with a damn pussy, I'm not looking at it." She lowered the

dainty panties, and tossed them on the floor. As they sat there, she looked

at them, and they appeared to have blood on them. "DON'T EVEN FUCKIN' TELL ME!" She screamed, realizing what the pain really was. During those days

alone, she hadn't thought about her period, and it snuck her. "Goddamnit, it

wasn't enough to be born a bitch, but does everything have to fucking remind

me? Big ass titties that wont let me forget that they're there, and to top

it off, it's that time of the month. Damnit. I'm supposed to fuck girls that

look like this, not be one.. I need my big black ass dick back." She

remembered how to take care of herself, and was soon showered. 'Don't I have

anything that fits? Even with the loosest things, there is still a tight t-shirt under it' She thought, 'I must be a hoe', she mused. She wanted her large breasts to be unseen, as she wasn't comfortable with the possibility of getting looked at, not to mention her

nipples that normally were already too big, were about 2 inches long, and

permanently hard due to the period."This is going to be the same embarrassment all over." she thought. Even so, she was leaving the house, in some of her father's clothes, (which were way oversized for the super dainty body she possessed)and heading to find an arcade. "So, even as Kasumi, I am smart enough to have gotten a Honda. It's pink, but it's a Honda..." She also remembered that her father worked for them..."The possiblities..."




"It's like I'm used to this shit. But then again, technically I am this bitch,

Ami's...(ugh)daughter, and have apparently been for like 15 years. I'm taking

this shit too easily, I need to get to that old man." She thought aloud, as

she made her way to a building with a large graphic panel reading "SUPER FUN

GAME HALL ROOM". Walking into the place, as if it were the first time, she

saw a familiar sight, a Capcom game. "Shit, even now!! It's gotta be like

2019, or some shit, and they still got Street Fighter games!? This is right

up my alley." As she entered the establishment, she was met by admirers.


"You kicked all our asses last week!"


"Oh my god! it's her!"


"You rock!"


She thought 'So, I was good at this too, huh? Too fucking good.' Beginning to get cocky, she said "Come get some of this shit! You'll lose today too!" It was about 1:00 PM, and she was there until 8:00 PM playing this Capcom Generations ZX. She hadn't lost her touch, as Kasumi, or Aaron, and with Aaron's attitude, she drove off the competitors, only after attaining about 315 wins in a row. She had gotten some food, and when going to pay the check with her CyberActix virtual bank card, the owner said that it was on the house, again.



"Yes, don't you remember? Last week you practically put on a clinic, you and your boyfriend, and I paid the bill."

"Uh, oh yeah.." That word, boyfriend, struck fear into the teen's mind.

"So where was he today? He was nearly as good as you."

"At home." She said, not knowing who he was speaking of.

"Ahhh, you two come back, but as good as you are, a pretty girl such as yourself shouldn't use that language, and get cocky. You'd still be playing if you didn't run them away. Just some wisdom." He offered.

"Yeah, I'll keep it in mind. Uh, thanks." In her mind, she was thinking, 'Why did I humor him?' Normally, Aaron would have said something to the effect of "Suck my dick, bitch, I ain't listenin' to you."

She once again got in her Honda Xylo, and was once again thinking. "Who was

I with? It was a dude!! He said it was. I..uh Kasumi has, or fucking HAD a boyfriend? I didn't? Could I have? How do I know if we..? He's a fucking dude, no way I would've, I'm not a fucking fag. Damn, this just has to be the like one fucking thing I can't remember, this fucking dude! Oh, shit, I think I'm going to be sick, I could've fucked some dude!" She was actually nausious at the thoughts.

As fun as it was, she now wished she hadn't gone to the game room. Kasumi knew

that she was a female, but female thoughts weren't there, the same homophobic,

macho, insensitive man's thoughts that was there before now ruled the girl's brain.

With that being so, she knew that she was Aaron Spence, now Kasumi Hanzuki,

and once again thinking like Aaron Spence, while still actually Kasumi Hanzuki. She still hadn't referred to herself as Aaron, but couldn't refer to herself as "Kasumi", "herself", or any feminine address. All this brain racking was the same kind of torment she went through when being changed from Aaron to Ami. "It isn't over, I know that I was given a chance, but how much of this is actually punishment? I mean, as this shit is, I'll feel guilty as hell, if I leave Ami, and her husband, and disappoint Ami's

father. As much as he took away, I'd be lying if I said I didn't deserve the shit, but I never would've thought..." And at this time, she was home.



She entered the humble abode, and was greeted by both parents. "Back so

early, Kasumi? It's the summer, and you've done so well, you really should

be enjoying yourself." Her father then continued "You've kind of been moping

around, are there problems?" He noticed her in his much too big clothes.


"No, nothings wrong. It's fine." She went over and hugged him lightly, to soothe the situation, and avoid further questions. She also wondered if she over-did it. But apparently she must have always acted so sweet, since noone saw anything out of place. "Yeah, really, it's fine, I've been thinking about the trip, that's all." She added more in hopes that it was more believable. She headed to her room, where she noticed how girly it was. She really didn't pay it much attention earlier. The walls were pink, 'Must be my favorite color?' she offered herself. Then she noticed a few pictures on the wall. They were of a girl, a girl that looked strikingly similar to Kasumi. She scrutinized them, "That'! What the fuck! I really must be a hoe..." She saw that the pictures had kanji on them, and her name in roman letters, complete with a little heart above the 'i' in Kasumi, all written in pink, and she knew that she wrote the stuff. "Shit, I'll be glad to get out of this bitch, how could I have lived in a room like this? Look at this punk ass shit!" She snickered.

"You chose all of the decorations, Kasumi." She turned around, startled by the voice of Ami.

"Oh, Ami, my bad, it's just that my current tastes don't see this as attractive. You know the deal." She had to ask, "Ami, am I a whore? I have all of these tight clothes, and these pictures, and it makes me think..."

"It's alight, it's your room, not mine." To answer the question Ami began "No, Kasumi, you are not that. You loved the way you look, and were pretty "showy", but you aren't that way. The pictures, you wanted to be an idol, you went to the temples and shot those. I like them. She thought about earlier, "You handled that pretty well with your daddy."

"C'mon, Ami, I've always been the best at everything, even if it's acting. If it's a challenge, I can meet it." Ami knew that was right, because Kasumi, and Aaron shared this personality trait.

"What about the challenge of staying our daughter Kasumi?"

"Ha Ha. Good one, I didn't know you were a joker." She said sarcastically. "And that challenge might be the ONE I can't meet. You know, I was a big, feared, smooth black man, now look. Look at me, I'm another YOU! I feel like Aaron Spence. Mind and body must match. Ying yang, and all that shit."


"I ain't mean that to sound that way, about being another you, but, you just can't get anymore opposite to who I was, than you or myself, as I am now."

"You could get to like it, Kasumi. You used to..."

"I don't see it happening, and besides to live my life as Kasumi Hanzuki to the fullest, that means that I have to eventually fall in love with a MAN, get married, and have kids, you know, shit like that. Now I ain't gay."

"Whats "gay" about you falling in love with a man, Kasumi? It's a natural

thing that girls do." Ami said, trying to get a little mind game going. "What

about Daisuke Sato, your boyfriend? What about your aspiration to be an idol. You've sent out your pictures, and everything. Are you going to abandon that?"


"Yeah, that would be true, IF I WAS A GIRL!" She answered, putting an abrupt end to Ami's game. "Daisuke, huh? Well fuck him, whoever he is...and yes I'm abanoning that garbage, besides, I'll be a man pretty soon. I don't think that a big buff black guy in a girls' bikini is a welcome sight." She joked. "At least I hope it isn't."

Ami needed a good comeback, this was going to be a personal blow to Kasumi's

"manhood", but she had to say it. "So, if you aren't a girl, I guess you don't have a tampon in your VAGINA right now, do you?"

"HOW?.....How did..."

"You've been my daughter for 15 years, Kasumi, you've been having periods

since you were only 8. You came to me crying when you had your first menstrual cycle. I remember it quite well, Kasumi. I know your times, so I knew even if you weren't able to remember it, that you'd figure it out, and use a tampon, even a self proclaimed "man" would know how to handle that situation."

"Self proclaimed? I really didn't want reminders that I had one of those parts, and you just gave me more of one than I bargained for, get out. Get out now!"

"I didn't mean..." Ami began to crumble into to tears.

"Just go." And now she was beginning to get teary. Ami left the room. This

was more torment. Kasumi knew that. She had wanted to go to the Wangan Line Expressway, and see the races, if they were held these days, but Ami's "low-blow" dampened her mood, as did the tampon that was stuck in her. Since it was new all over again, she stayed aware of it. "Well, goddamnit, I guess I'm gonna go lay it down." With that, she was soon off to dream land, dreaming about having sex as Aaron, and then beating up the girls' boyfreinds.



"Shhiiitttt!" She sighed as she awoke. "I'm still a girl." She knew this to

be factual, but she was hoping that yesterday was all a dream. "Speaking of

dreams..." She began "That shit was off the chain, man I need my dick." She

said to herself. Today was the day she waited for, the day when she would be

on her way to being Aaron again, though she had to admit this chick that she

was reborn as was a nice little number.


"Kasumi, are you up?" Her mother asked.

"Yeah." She yelled back. She proceeded to get ready, getting a shower, and

new panties. She was keeping her father's clothes today, as they were the only thing that didn't show off her figure. They were too big, but it was better than having pants that showed everybody the wide gap between her shapely thighs, and blouses that let everybody know she packed some large funbags with constantly engorged nipples. "Man, I should be fucking something like this..." She wanted to feel herself up, but that would be practically admitting that she was a girl, and with this new stubbornness, that wasn't happening, no matter how tempting. She wondered had she ever felt herself up, and how girls lived without doing it all day long. Soon she was ready.

"Are you not taking clothes, Kasumi?" Her father asked. "And you've taken a liking to my clothes?"

"No, I'll get some things when I get there, more comfortable things, like how yours fit."

"You aren't going?" Kasumi asked, noting that her father wasn't dressed. She

still remembered that he went on the trips sometimes. 'Perfect question', she thought.

"No, no, Kasumi, remember, I've got to work on the earnings report for last

quarter. Me, and your mother may go once that is done, and join you on your

vacation. You have a good time with Mr.Spence, and his family"


"Yeah, sure." She said, thinking he might not have a daughter to visit soon.

"Bye." Kasumi, and her mother were soon out the door, and heading to

Haneda International Airport. They had passed through Kasumigaseki, Yaesu,

and out of the C1 loop, opposite the Wangan Line Express. "So, I waited all

this time to see this place, and I ain't even in a 2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R,

and even worse, I'm a goddamn chick" She muttered to herself. Soon they

would be at Haneda. The ride there had an uncomfortable silence that lasted

throughout the trip.


They arrived with an hour to spare before Kasumi's flight. "Hey, I thought

by now there would be some teleportation devices, or some crazy shit." She said noticing there still appeared to be Boeing 747's in use. Ami appeared sad, as they made it through the busy terminal. They reached as far as non-passengers could go, and stopped. Kasumi pulled Ami to a little corner. "Ami, I'm sorry about last night, and getting all mad. I don't mean to hurt you, and never did, but I need to be Aaron, I mean, I've had crazy thoughts, and being this girl isn't making it better. I want that chance that grandfather gave me, but really not as Kasumi, I'm sorry. It's nothing against you, Mr.Hanzuki, or anyone, so please don't take it personal. I'm sure you raised me well, but now, Aaron is ready to come back."

"I understand, Kasumi. I can't imagine what is in your mind now, but as my daughter, I want what you want." Tears streamed down Ami's still pretty face. "We will always love you."


"I know. Me too." Kasumi gave Ami a big hug, and a long final good bye kiss.

"It's time for me to board. Bye Ami, I'm sorry you ever met me."


"Good bye, my sweet Kasumi, I won't forget..."


Kasumi headed towards the gate, and gave one last look back. She saw Ami,

with tears in her eyes, and this caused tears in Kasumi's own eyes, as she

turned back around to board the plane.




The flight lasted a mere 5 hours, as the planes of today while not looking radically different than those from say, 2003, benefited from newer engine technology, and better drag coefficiency, making for flights three times as fast. She stepped foot in Orlando, Florida, at about 3:00 PM. She received all kinds of oogles, even wearing such large clothes, and this all before leaving the airport. 'I want to be noticed, but not by any horny ass dudes' She thought to herself. Suddenly, she spotted a man, this man was unmistakably Mr.Spence, although aged from what she remembered. Her eyes lit up "DAD!"


"Kasumi!? Why did you call me that?" the distinguished older black man asked.


"I remembered everything, I was Aaron. I AM Aaron!"


"Hmmm," David Spence said blankly. "So, Kasumi, you didn't bring anything with



"You can call me Aaron, dad, you know what I'm sayin'."


Imagine this scene: a young, pretty Japanese girl with platinum butt-length hair

dressed in oversized clothes, saying "Call me Aaron, Dad" to a 60 year old black



"All right, then, "Aaron", if that's what you want," Mr. Spence said, as he

motioned towards the exit.


"I'm serious. I got all my memories back, I remember all of it." Kasumi said

as she stepped into the large SUV. It was a 2017 Hummer R16NG Executive

Edition. "So your taste in vehicles hasn't changed at all. Still like em' big and unmanueverable."


"I guess that IS you Aaron."


"Yep, so how have things been here, over the last 15 years?"


"Well, aside from my retirement, you can say the same. We still have the

same house, although you won't think it form this year's renovations. Your sister is married, and has kids your age now. She got pregnant young, but her hard work, and not being lazy has paid off for her, she's doing well, being the lead lawyer at my old firm now."


"Kids my age? Hey I'm like, what, 30-something? That makes me an old man, just like you."


"No, you're 15. Still a kid" David said, getting Aaron back for his comment

about the SUV, and his age.


"Everybody has jokes now days." They were at Aaron's old house, which stood

just where it was, but had definitely seen renovations. "Aw, man this crib is tight." Kasumi couldn't wait to see her room. Stepping out of the SUV, she saw her mother, Theresa, aged as gracefully as David. "Mom!! It's been so long" she said, running towards the woman.


"Oh, sweet little Kasumi, I miss you!" Aaron's mother said "A little enthusiastic, I see!"


"I'm back!" Kasumi stated with obvious glee. "And let me tell ya, it feels good." She continued mimicking a line in a 2003 sitcom.


"Wow, you've changed, Kasumi."

"It's not that, anymore. You can call me Aaron!! It's me!! I remember

everything! I can't believe I'm here again! She had to hug the woman before

her. The woman she knew as mother.


"Aaron?! It can't be anyone else. Oh my god!!!" She started to tear up upon

this revelation. "You've come back!!"


"Actually, it was me the whole time. I just got those memories back."


"I know, I know, but now I can think of Aaron now!" Mrs.Spence ecstatically





"I'm going to settle in, if you don't mind. Mom, is my room still in the same place?"


"Yes it is, but we let you redecorate it when you come to visit, so you know

what to expect." Aaron's mother stated.


"I'm not worried, I'll change it. Anyways, I'll be back down soon." She was excited to see the room, until now.


Kasumi headed to Aaron's room. "Yep, looks like my fucking room at Ami's

house." The walls had pictures of Japanese idols, something she wanted to be. There were even pictures of her, mimicing poses of the idols. They were ripped off the walls in disgust. "Well, I guess I can go to a mall, and get some clothes." Since beginning to think as Aaron, Kasumi hadn't thought about make up, or any of that stuff, but she noticed that she was still remarkably beautiful. Since she was thinking like Aaron, she didn't want to be "cute" "pretty" or "beautiful". She decided that she would get baggy men's clothes of her size, once she figured it out what it was, and clothes for her the size she was as Aaron. After realizing she hadn't even brought tampons, she was going to have to buy some. "Aw shit. Goddamnit, I gotta buy a box of fucking tampons. Ugh. Even worse, I'm gettin' em for ME." It was time to go back downstairs, and catch up with the parents. She learned that her "sister" Jade would be coming over tomorrow to see her.




She had borrowed Aaron's father's "unmanuverable" SUV, and looked about for the malls. She found the Florida Mall, and like many places she recognized, it too had seen many renovations since she was last there as Aaron. Instinctively, she looked for an arcade before doing anything else. Before long "BINGO" She saw the Street Fighter game that was in Japan, and it was beckoning her to it. "Oh, shit, look at this little piece!!" a guy said, and continued "You want me to teach you this game, honey?" This guy looked to be a weasely nerd who might have had an attitude because of his supposed grandeur in beating people in this game. This was definitely a guy that would cower at the sight of Aaron.


"Shut your bitch ass the fuck up, you don't talk to a nigga like me that way, mothafucka!!" She turned around to another guy, and said "It'll be you next, wit' yo bitch-stankin' ass. Don't start no shit, it won't be no shit!!!" She turned the original nerd "Now put in your goddamn card, so I can teach your punk ass, bitch. Now!!!" This got everybody's attention. They played a few matches, with Kasumi getting near prefect victories. "So, I must be god in this shit, Can no one in this whole bitch beat me?" With that cockiness, the previous onlookers began to play, as they couldn't let this little Asian chick just run beast status on them, especially at something

they lived their lives for. Try as they may, it didn't matter, they all

lost, and quit. Kasumi left the arcade after racking up 70 wins.


"Oooh, that bitch ass geek, I'll own his punk ass, and anyone else in this bitch.

Talk to me like that?" She questioned, "I ain't no weak ass bitch, I'm motherfucking Aaron Spence." Kasumi found yet another reason to despise the body she wore. All the horny males that were looking at this exotic odyssey of a girl didn't help her mood either. 'Let me get in and get the fuck out.' After getting select clothes for the size she was (extra extra small in mens- still loose), she got clothes for the size she was as

Aaron, in anticipation of being him again.


Next, was the worst part of the trip. She stopped in a pharmacy to get the *DUM DUM DUM* TAMPONS. "Shit, I had to put one of those in me, now I gotta buy more, and put em in me. Damn my luck." She bought the cursed things, being as embarrassed as a human can be. She was assured that "all girls go through it, dear" by a clerk that sensed Kasumi's embarrassment, as it was thick enough to slice through. Getting ready to leave, she noticed that it was about 30 minutes till close,

about 8:30 PM. She walked towards the exit, when she noticed a store. There

was something about this store, she had to check it out. It had an old-style neon sign reading "Spells R Us". "Spells R Us, huh? Somebody's ass is trying

to get sued..." She said as she entered.


She looked around, everything seemed old, and having Aaron's attitude, she

had to admit "Shit, this place smells like somebody's goddamn ass."


"Oh, that's no way to talk about a man's pride and joy, is it, Kasumi?


"Well, dude, that's the way shit goes. Hold on, what the fuck did you just

say? Kasumi? How do you..? And what the fuck are you wearing?"


"I'm wearing my favorite bathrobe." The old man said. He was wearing a purple bathrobe, with what appeared to be constellations of the stars made of jewels. He looked honest, with the accompanying tuft of white hair on his head, and long white beard. He continued " And I said Kasumi, which is your name, Ms. Kasumi Hanzuki."


"How do you know that?"


"Well, I'm what you might call a wizard." He made his hat appear on his head.


"Bullshit." What cheap tricks is he using?


"How did I know your name?"


"I don't know, maybe your ass is some kind of stalker."


"Oh, no, those kinds of activities would be trifles for me. How about I go

one better, Aaron?


"Aaron!?!? That's me!! You know that shit? How??!?" She spit on the floor, and grabbed the wizard's lapels, "What do you know?" she demanded.


"I'm a wizard. I know lots of things." He calmly answered.


"This shit is fucking crazy! Prove it."


"Sure, young lady", he said to get under Aaron's skin. "I know that you can't hurt me. Release, now." Kasumi felt herself involuntarily release him, despite efforts to hold him. "Arouse." He commanded. She felt herself tense up. She also felt her nipples grow, and a wetness develop in her crotch. "Is it cold in here, Kasumi, or are you happy to see me?" He pointed to her nipples, which were making tents in her father's large shirt.


"What... have you... done... to me? I..." Panted Kasumi. She blushed in extreme embarrasment.


"...Can't move, and are extremely aroused? I know. I also know that you were

Aaron Spence, a rather nasty, large black man. You killed one Ms. Ami Yamamoto with your own negligence, who is now your mother, I also know that you want to be Aaron again, against the wishes of your mother, Ami." He looked her down, "You know, there are men that would kill to be a girl as attractive as you."


"A man that wants to look like me is a goddamn flaming fag. In fact, I feel like one, with what you just did to me...There's nothing more that I hate!" She noticed that she could move, and wasn't aroused. She raised her fist at the thought of a gay person. "You seem to do your homework."


"You've never had a female orgasm, have you?"


"Nope, and it ain't goin' to happen, ever." She thought of how personal the

question was, and added, "What the fuck kinda' question is that?" She shot

him an "Aaron is mad" look.


"It can be a mind-changer, so I've heard." He lightly smiled, unnoticed by

Kasumi. Perhaps he should give her one...


"Just what is your deal, man? You can't be right in the head. Hey, why don't

YOU be me, and I can be Aaron again. I hear that female orgasms can be mind

changers." She smirked "Ya might like it..."


The wizard was surprised by the quip. He'd met those who knew of his

trickery, but never had one who tried to reverse the role, never the less,

it wasn't happening. "I CAN help you be Aaron again, if you want it."


"No lie? You can do that?"


"Yes, I can do a lot. Are you sure you want it? You look so cute with that

hopeful look."


"Exactly, I can't have people sayin' shit like that. Cute, bleh! Now give

it to me, NOW!!!


"Sure, after you pay $500."


"$500? That's a lot of goddamn money, this better work, or I will be back." She hated her voice, because she knew her threats sounded like bullshit, spoken in that voice. However, if this man's product worked, there would be no little voice, little body, or big boobs, there would be Aaron, someone who was feared, and taken as seriously as a heart attack. She took out her Cyber Actix card, and watched him insert it in the receptacle.


"Good, its done!"


"All right!!! Where is my shit!!!"


"Here." The wizard said, handing Kasumi a vile. "I will tell you that it has one use, and is not permanent. I do not know when the change will be nullified, but when it does, you will be as you are now, Kasumi."


"That's nice to know, now!!" Kasumi said sarcastically "Fuck it, being me for

a while is better than not at all. I'm taking it right here." Kasumi proceeded to down the nasty liquid. "Man, that fucking taste can kill ya." No later, she felt odd pains, such as those from when she was changed into Ami, from Aaron. This time, it was over in minutes. After Aaron gained his senses back he was amazed. "Yo, Shit!!! It works!!! I'm ME!!! Aaron Spence!!! Fuck yeah!!!"


The concoction changed your shell to that of Aaron Spence, but you are still Kasumi Hanzuki. Just like when you were changed into Ami, your MOTHER."


"Shut that name up. Do I look like a "Kisumo", or whatever it was? Or anything with a Hanzu-muthafuckin-ki? Does it look like my mom is named Ami Hanzuki? No."


"Some people can be so hard to please..."


"Bitch, I am pleased." He said, while flexing. "It feels good to have something other than bone on my arms." He kissed the peak of the biceps.


The wizard couldn't believe this guy. Maybe he should trick Aaron into becoming a 350 lb. white chick..."Remember, NOT PERMANENT." The wizard reminded "Go have your fun, Aaron." He decided against action, as things would get interesting for Aaron, anyway.


"Man, you're the shit. Peace." Aaron left, finally Aaron again. He was back to his pre accident self. 6'6", 200 well defined pounds of handsome black man. He noticed that his clothes changed from his original outfit, to lose slacks, and a wife-beater. "Aw, man I can't believe this shit. I'm gonna get me some goddamn pussy today, whew!" As Aaron walked through the closing mall, he noticed his bag contained those tampons he bought. "Can't let no bitch see that shit." He shifted the things, so that his clothes were all that could be seen. "Ha, I still got my 12 inch dick, and I ain't even hard yet. I'm about to impale some pussy."


In the mall parking lot, he spotted a nice looking girl. She was black, of the light skinned variety, had some nice 'B' cup breasts, and nice full thighs and ass, she was about 5'6", and 130 pounds. As with the girls Aaron likes, her face was her stand out feature. She possesed a cute face, with soft hazel eyes- slightly slanted, her nose had an uncharacteristic upward point, and her lips...can you say 'suck my dick, please!' "Hey, excuse me. I saw you over here, and had to say something, to meet the exquisite example of beauty that you are."


"That was weak, but you're cute."


"I tried." Aaron laughed. "I know it's sudden, but can you give me a way to

contact you?" She wrote him a number on a slip of paper.


"This is my video phone number, call me tonight, and ask for Alicia."


"OK, Alicia, I'm Aaron, Aaron Spence, and I will call you, about 11?"


"Yeah, sounds great, Aaron Spence."


"All right." Aaron was watching her as she strutted away. "Man, look at that

fuckin' ass. I gotta be in that shit tomorrow." Aaron stepped into the very

modern two year old Hummer R16NG SUV. "Well, I guess it's time to see what a

16 cylinder motor can do!" Aaron was feeling on top of everything. He began

to remember his ordeal, and subsequent remembrance about two days ago, and

already, having been at "home" for a few hours, he was back to his old self,

as he remembered, and more importantly he was going to get laid, something

that hasn't happened to him since 2003, and it was now 2019. He just had to

pull on his proverbial lapels. He soon pulled into his parent's driveway,

and thought once again. "I'm home, and I'm me! Goddamn, it's good to be this

fucking great. Eat yo mothafuckin' heart out, bitches!!! Back in America for 6 hours, and I'm already me! Goodness bless the good ol' USA."




Aaron went in his room, which he decorated when he was Kasumi. He laughed at

the way it looked. "I was a stupid little bitch, what a harsh punishment. It woulda been cool to give my body to Ami, and just die, rather than being some short, big-tittied, moon-faced bitch, fuck, I wasn't even black." After setting the packages from his trip down, he decided to go show his parents his new developments. First he looked at the tapmons, "Ha, I ain't gotta use this bullshit now!!" He threw the box against his wall. He was happy to no longer have an orafice to put one in. He knocked on his parents' door...


"Yes, come in." His mother answered. With that, Aaron stepped in. "AARON!?"


"Yeah, and I gotta tell ya, it feels good." He used that line again.


"Honey, get up! Look at Aaron!!! He's him again!!" His mother screamed at

the sleeping old man next to her.


"Yeah, what's going on?" He groggily asked, looking around. "AARON!!

You....You're you!!! How?"


"I went to the mall today, and stumbled upon this store. An old guy sold me

this drink, and here I am. He even knew who I was, and everything."


"That's incredible. If I didn't know about all your previous experiences,

I'd have had a heart attack seeing you, oh my goodness. Aaron, my boy is



"The guy said that because I *AM* technically that stupid girl, I'm only back for a while, this isn't permanent. It was explained to me that I'd get my real body back."


"When?" Both parents asked simultaneously.


"I don't know. He didn't know either. But you can believe that I'm milking this for all it's worth! Well, I was so happy, I had to share, but anyway I'm going to bed. Good night." Aaron left the room, his parents were still stunned. They discussed what they had just seen. They were happy that they had Aaron back, as Aaron, but unlike Aaron himself, they still wondered about Ami, and the fact that Aaron had, in a way, killed Ami's daughter Kasumi. If he was Kasumi, and had gotten his old self back, where was Kasumi now? They discussed further, deciding that they'd definitely talk to him when his sister arrived tomorrow. As good as it was, they knew it was too

good to be true.





Aaron was in his room, "So I had a Sony PlayStation 5. Well, I guess I'll play it." He was enchanted by the game that he was playing, Grand Theft Auto: Screw The World. "Man, they mapped every square mile of the Earth, and put it into this game? This shit is crazy!" He hadn't played anything except that Street Fighter game, and seeing this genre of game, made him realize just how far technology came along since 2003. He played his game, and at about 11 PM, he made his call.




"Hello, Alicia?"


"Oh, hi Aaron. I can't forget a face like yours."


"How could you?" He laughed. "So, what's goin' on, we didn't get to really

talk at the mall, so I guess you can tell me a bit about yourself."


"OK, but is that YOUR room that you're in?" Alicia asked. Aaron hadn't thought about her seeing the room that a girl obviously decorated.


"No, this isn't my room, I'm using the phone in here, that's all." They were soon engaged in a long conversation, learning more about one another, and finding common interests. At about 2 AM, they let each other go, after having made plans to go out tomorrow night. Aaron then lay across the bed, thinking about his life, and also about the parents he was going to be leaving behind. Nonetheless, he drifted to a peaceful sleep.




Aaron awoke at about 10 AM. He went downstairs to the kitchen, to eat a

real breakfast, not whatever minuscule portions that Kasumi must have eaten

to stay that small. "Shit, I got muscles to feed, heh heh." He said while

flexing a biceps. He fixed a grand breakfast, and ate every bit. His parents

were out already, but there was a car present for use, "Good." He thought,

reading the note next to the keys. It read :


"Your sister will be here at about 3 PM, be sure to be here when she gets

here. The keys are to the Hummer. The house code is 1337EVOVIII, be sure to

lock up. Mom & Dad."


He crumbled the note, and tossed it. He decided against going anywhere. He

would just wait on his sister, and later take Alicia out, and hope for some first date action. After watching some TV on the family's Sony HRCD/HG TV wall, he heard the house's "voice" tell him that there was an arrival. He went to the door, and sure enough Jade was there, with her kids, and husband. "Aaron!?" The woman was shocked.


"Yeah. I'm back." He said.


"Oh my God." She immediately hugged him.


"This is Aaron?" The man standing next to Jade asked. Aaron could fuzzily

remember the man from previous visits as Kasumi.


"Yeah, it's him. Aaron, how?"


"Don't you want to come in, first?" He ushered them in. They sent Jade's

children up to rooms that were built for them for their stays, and themselves took seats in the den. Jade's husband, named Dave just like their father, didn't know exactly everything that was going on, but soon he would be filled in. Jade would also be filled in on how he got his old body back.


"So, you were Jade's brother, a long time ago, had an accident, had your

body changed into a girl , then gave your body up to her, got reborn as that

little Asian girl that we used to see here, now back as you were before this

all happened?"


"Yep, you got it right. You follow a story pretty good." Aaron said, amazed

that he took that all in, and understood it all. They caught up with the events in each other's lives. Aaron was re-introduced as Jade and Dave's kid's uncle. The kids, a boy named Aaron, after her brother, and a girl named Athena, were aged 13, and 15, respectively. They had asked about Kasumi, since they were told that she'd be there. They liked Kasumi. Athena liked her because she was so pretty, feminine, and knowledgeable, they were the same age, and had a lot in common. Aaron liked her because, like the one he was named after, he started taking a liking to girls quite early, and seeing Kasumi last year, with her tight clothes, and nice 'B' cup

breasts(This was last year, mind you, they weren't the 'C's they are now),

hot little body, and pretty face, he was in love with the"Visitor from Japan". He just wanted to see the hot little number, and since they would be in the same house, he wanted to make some moves on her. It was explained to them that she wasn't coming this year. As time passed, David, and Theresa came home, and more discussion continued. It was about 8:00 PM, so, Jade and Dave left, leaving the kids, and Aaron left to meet Alicia at an Italian diner.




They met, were seated, and ordered. "You're going to eat all of that?" Alicia

had to ask, after hearing his order. "Hey, I can afford, it, and as you see,

I have muscles to feed." He killed two birds with a single stone, as he was

able to mention wealth, and his body, knowing both things would be

impressive to this girl. They talked more at the table, his calculating eyes

not leaving her bright wondrous ones. She couldn't believe that this guy

with her. She was pretty, moreso than even she thought, so she had a slight

esteem problem, and had always dated guys that weren't the "pick of the

litter". She wasn't going to mess this up. They were done soon, and she

offered to pay the bill. Aaron being Aaron almost let her do it, but he knew

most girls use that as a test, so he might not get the panties if he let her

pay. "No, I'm taking care of it, Alicia." He went to pay it with the Virtual Bank card.


"Um, sir "your" CyberActix Virtual Bank card says it belongs to a Ms. Kasumi

Hanzuki, of Tokyo Japan." The displeased looking Maitre'd said, handing him

the card back. "The card hasn't been reported, but without her presence, we

can't take it." He began to show Aaron a picture of Kasumi, and her personal

data that was on his digital clipboard matrix display.


"Shit!" Aaron breathed, he knew Alicia was next to him and saw that, and he

hadn't thought about this situation happening. Each bank card now has

encrypted personal data, among other things on them. The last time he used

it, he WAS Kasumi. "I hadn't thought about that, well I have cash, so I'll

pay it that way." He paid the said amount, and they proceeded to leave.

Aaron thanked his old habit of carrying at least $1,000 in cash on him. "That

punk-ass bitch thought I couldn't pay. I carry more cash than his white ass

makes a paycheck, fuckin' bitch, I ought to beat his ass." Aaron entertained

the idea of beating the man up for the insult.


Aaron and Alicia took a walk through the downtown Orlando area. It had

changed since Aaron last remembered seeing it, but just like old times,

walking through it was a nice relaxation for Aaron. "Um, Aaron, just who is

that girl that that card belongs to?" Alicia slowly asked, then continued "I

knew it, you had a girlfriend!!! I knew someone who's as polished as you are

couldn't have been trusted. I wanted a nice-looking man for once, and I get

a cheater. Who is she???


"Look, don't accuse me of anything, that girl is a friend of the family.

Even my parents have pictures of her. She just visited, maybe our cards were

mixed up. I promise, you can ask them. Besides, she's much too young. You seem to have a problem, it didn't take but a simple mistake to have you accusing me of cheating, and frankly, we're not even dating. You need to work on that."


She fell onto his muscular chest, which the shape could be easily seen

through the somewhat tight button up shirt. "I'm so sorry, it's just that I

was looking for something wrong with you. I mean, normally, what would a guy

like want with a girl like me? Look at you. I've dated a few men, and even

they told me that I was ugly, and wouldn't be anything. I'm really so sorry,

I thought it was too good to be true."


He put his arm around her. "A girl like you? I don't see anything wrong with

you. Look at you. Everything that I saw made me want to come speak with you.

Anyone that says otherwise is full of shit. I admit that I'm cocky about my

looks, so you know I'd not talk to a girl that was less than the best. Now

just relax. I'll even get you a make-over if you want it sometime, not that

you need it." He knew that he successfully diffused the situation."Now, lets get out of here." As they walked, he wondered who could make a girl this beautiful feel like shit. They must have done some crazy ass shit.


He followed her to her house. they both got out of their vehicles, his being

the Hummer R16, hers being a Honda Xylo DX. "So, they have those over here

now?" he thought, remembering that he himself owned a Honda Xylo VSi-G. "Hey, can I check that out?" he asked Alicia.


"Knock yourself out."


He checked it out, and with his inquisitiveness he was looking for

differences in his Japan market version, and her U.S. market version. "Well,

of course the driver is on the opposite side, let me see, no tachometer, wider seats, smaller motor, different wheels."


"What are you talking about?"


"Oh, I've driven a Japanese market version of this car, and was just

noting the differences."


"Oh, ok. So, ..." They began to talk about other things. Minutes later, they

wrapped the night up with a long kiss. She headed up the walkway to the

medium-sized, but brand new home. Aaron watched her to the door, knowing

that he had a "mission complete", he'd wowed her, and shown her a good time,

while being more of a gentleman than he ever was before. "It must be cause I

miss having a dick." He mused, while walking to the SUV. "Shit!! It felt

good to have the muscular chest again!!! To look DOWN at her!!!!And to get

hard!!! Ah, the great feelings of being a man. "I should go beat someone's

ass, but who knows what kind of fucking laws they got now. My ass goes to

jail, then *BOOM* I get my real body back while in jail!!! Can't let that

happen." Aaron finished his way home, and immediately turned in for the

night. Did he say "his real body"?




The next morning Ami phoned the Spence house. "Hello?"


"Aaron? But...Oh. My. Goodness. You...."


"Yep, I'm back, I'm the prince of all Saiyans once again" He quoted Vegita

from a very old show called Dragon Ball Z, that was popular about 20 years



Ami wasn't amused. "I didn't think..."


"Didn't think what?"


"That you'd find a way. How? Why? You had everything as Kasumi that you had

as Aaron."


"You know what, you're right about that, I did have everything that Aaron

had as Kasumi, including male urges, and thought patterns. It's not about the money, I just couldn't be Kasumi, running around having desires for women. To be frank, it's something that I would love to watch, but not be part of." He got serious.


"You let male urges kill my daughter? You could have been her. There is no

excuse." Ami's maternal protection of Kasumi was in high gear. She couldn't

believe that Aaron took away the 15 years that Ami had raised Kasumi, and

essentially, the smart, sprightly, pretty girl was dead, killed by Aaron, just like Ami once was.


"I hope you're happy with your choice, Aaron." She hung up, quite fumed. How

would she explain the fact that they didn't have a daughter anymore? Yet another problem Ami would have at Aaron's cause. Aaron thought about it a little, how could she not see his point? As far as Aaron was concerned, he didn't have good memories of being a girl. Firstly, in his first ordeal, he remembered getting weaker, shorter, beaten up, and almost raped, why would he want to have to remember, or be that? Secondly, Aaron will continue to think like Aaron, even as Kasumi, this would mean a screwy girl running around starting fights, picking up girls, and cussing like a sailor.


"With that kind of shit possible, how could I be that stupid little bitch?"




The week had passed with no problems. Aaron had gone out with Alicia 3

more times, he was happy, and more importantly, he was still him. "Maybe I

won't change back!!!" He said to himself, as the idea seemed good enough to

entertain. "It's been, like, a week, and I'm still me. I think it's safe to go

and try to take it to the next level with Alicia" It was Monday, so the

parents would be gone later to a weekly function. That was when he would

have Alicia over. They hadn't done any more than kissing and heavy petting

thus far, and she hadn't been to his house yet. It was 11:30 AM, so he decided to make the plans up. He called her, and they agreed for her to come to the address provided, at 7:00 PM. He then went off to the mall for the meantime.


Arriving at the mall, he immediately saw girls checking him, and his Hummer

out. He gave knowing glances at them. His mission; to go to that store, and buy

more of the drinks, and then he would hit that game room up. He went to the

area that the odd store was, but to no avail. He asked around, about the store, also to no avail. "Shit! I don't think that I'll even change back, but I would've rather been safe than goddamn sorry." It was still early so Aaron decided to go to the game room. Upon arrival, he saw a few guys playing the new Street Fighter game. He had a go at it. Soon they were all beaten, but Aaron wasn't done. He announced that he was paying everybody's games until he left, and that he would give the person that beat him $500. He handed the attendant, a Hispanic kid a $100 note to turn the game on free play mode. There were hours worth of challenges, but by 5:00 PM no one had defeated him, so he left. He went to the food court area. "As much as

things have changed, it's kinda like it hasn't. Some things are so different, some aren't." He thought while heading to a Wendy's. As he made his order, he noticed the man next to him. He was dressed in a business suit, and looked like an older version of Matt, the friend he'd worked with inthis very mall, long ago. "Matt?" He said inquiringly, once he finished the order.


"Aaron? Aaron Spence?"


"Yeah.What the fuck's goin on, man!?"


"Nothing. You know I gotta ask." Looking at Aaron, exactly as he was in 2003

when Matt saw him last, at least as a male.


"Yeah, I'll explain it when our food is ready, I guess we can take a table up."




They both had their food, and were now sitting at a table. Aaron begin "You

look good, what's been going on?"


"Well, you know we used to work here...about a year after you left, they

approached me about a position that could "lead to more". So, being as young

as I was, I was eager for it, so I accepted. I was the general manager of

this operation, then district, state, national, and before you know it, I

was on the Board of Directors. I'm now the C.E.O., and based in L.A., but happened to be here checking out the booth, which is now on the other side of the mall."


"Nextel treated you well, I see."


"NokiaTel, LLC. They merged, the most advanced phone maker, and the most

popular service provider, my idea, I got a large commission, to the tune of $20M for that stroke of genius. The merge was a $6 billion affair. You should see what we have now days."


"Sounds good, really good." Aaron said, liking Matt's new attitude.


"Man, Aaron, I've never forgotten you. I mean, how could I? You were quite

the character. I still remember your face when you saw it in the mirror that last morning. Yeah, that girl, Ami. I remember her telling me the story of what happened, and that you would come back. Care to fill me in on that?"


"Yeah, shit. It's been crazy, it was like a long fucking dream. Lets just

say that I won't get anybody killed again. "Man, I haven't had any pussy since

I've been back."


"There must be more to it than that." Matt knew that situation couldn't have been that uneventful.


"Nah, it was really that uninteresting." Aaron was not going to tell Matt that he still really looked almost like the person he was the last time he saw him, but even shorter, and better endowed. A total disgrace of someone who was supposed to be Aaron Spence.


"Hey, I'm in town until Tomorrow evening, you still in the same place?"




"How about I come on by there before I leave."


"I ain't doin' anythng, so I guess it's okay. Right now, I kinda got

something to do, so, I'm heading out, I'll see ya when you come by. Peace."

"All right Aaron." Aaron left, so he could make his meeting with Alicia. Tonight would be the night, Aaron would be doing his manly duties for the first time in nearly 20 years. He had an ear to ear grin as he headed home. All he had to do was make sure Jade's kids stayed downstairs, and shut up, and then he would be free to fuck! He got home, and quickly changed his room's spreads, curtains, and things to male looking things from his parent's room, and hid all the feminine things.




Alicia arrived like clockwork. They kissed at the door. Aaron went ahead and

introduced Alicia to little Aaron, and Athena. He knew that they were old

enough to know what would be happening, so he just told them to try and be

quiet. Aaron, and Alicia headed to his room and shut the door.


"Alicia, you're so beautiful." He said as he gently slid her shirt up, exposing her pink satin bra, and golden honey colored cleavage. He hugged her close to him, squishing her breasts against him. He used this opportunity to unhook the bra. She slid the bra off, exposing full breasts that were capped with wide aureole, and raspberry like nipples. He began to expertly manipulate them with his skilled hands, and got a rise out of Alicia. He began to kiss around her neck, going to her lips, then her chest,

he went to each nipple, and sucked each one. She began to moan from her

nipples being sucked, and Aaron preferred it when the breasts were erogenous

zones. Aaron took off his shirt exposing a brown ripped chest, and six-pack

abs. Alicia never knew his body was this good, as she just began to rub his abs, and begin to kiss him all over. They both lay on the bed, with her on top, dry-riding him. She bent down, allowing her breasts to gently sweep on his chest, and over his hungry tongue, which took laps at a nipple that passed. He had a hard on from hell, and had to relieve it. He undid her pants, and slid them along with the pink panties off of her her lower curves, exposing a perfect shaven pussy. He gasped at the sight, a perfect pussy, that wasn't his/Kasumi's, and one that he would be in soon. He thought that this might kill the mood, but he whispered "I don't eat pussy."


"I like dick, not tongue, anyway." She answered confirming that it was LIFT


He got up, turned away, took his pants, and boxers off and said "So, how do you feel about 4 inches?"

She gasped, "4 inches?"

"Well, Alicia" He turned back around "I have 12." Then he started laughing, as her eyes were fixed on this wonderful man meat. She would be another who hadn't seen this kind of meat out side of a porno.

"Oh, my goodness, I haven't had one that...."

"Big? There's a first time for everything." He laid on the bed, allowing her to sit over him. She straddled the huge cock. She impaled herself on his cock, going slowly down, until she took in all that she could. She was facing him, and they're eyes were locked. As the lubrication came, Aaron felt the silky pressure that is pussy for the first time, all over again. He had bent his torso up to fondle her nipples, and give her sloppy wet passionate kisses. They stayed in this position. "Oh, Shit!" Aaron screamed. "It hurts." He withdrew, and just kissed and sucked on Alicia's body. The pain stayed, but was subsiding, so he entered again, this time her pussy seemed to swallow the cock. He pumped as hard as he could, and Alicia was in exctasy. They had their eyes closed, just going at it. Alicia thought that Aaron was going to cum

soon, because his noises seemed to get higher and higher pitched. She felt a soft

rounded globe, it felt like a large breast to her, then immediately she felt him

withdraw again, and she opened her eyes, wondering what the hell she felt.


"WHAT THE!?!?"

Aaron opened his eyes to see why she got off of him, and was now looking at

him with shock. It took one look down to know what it was. That potion from

the old man had expired! He was back to his real body, that of a 15 year old

Japanese girl. Immediately, he realized that his chest had to have been smaller than

this the last time that he was Kasumi. "How?" He cupped the chest. He also noticed that the nipples were bigger. As oversized as they were before, somehow they were larger.


"WHAT THE HELL?!?!" She then had an epiphany "You're that girl who owns the

card, where's Aaron? Why..? Why would he bring you here? I can't believe this!!! I knew it!!" Alicia looked at the naked girl with a fiery hate. "WHERE THE HELL IS HE, BITCH!"

"Hey, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" Aaron screamed, then continued "How did this shit happen? Why? What the fuck do I have to do? Why am I Kasumi again?"

"You? Kasumi? Again?" Alicia said with wide-eyes "I don't know what's going on, but I'm outta here!" She hurried and got her clothes on as quickly as possible.

"Please, don't!" Aaron asked softly.

"I don't know what kind of sick tricks Aaron is pulling, but I'm not in it! Bye bitch!" She turned to the naked girl, with platinum ass-length hair, and gave her a look, then out of no where *BAM* She gut checked the Asian girl, sending her to her knees. "I oughta kick your ass, sick bitch!" She kicked her in the gut 3 times, as hard as she could with a *CRACK* that resonated the room. The Asian girl was on the floor, naked, holding her ribs, and crying. Aaron couldn't believe the change of fortune. Alicia looked at her handy work then ran away, sobbing. Aaron got up, put on the boxers, and pants that he wore earlier, and bolted for the door, after Alicia, topless.

Hearing the commotion, little Aaron, and Athena went in the family room, after Alicia bolted through it to get to the door. Next, to their amazement, they saw Kasumi running the same path, holding her side, with fully exposed larger 'D' cup breasts violently jiggling about.

"Where did Kasumi come from?" Athena asked no one in particular. "Why is she wearing Aaron's pants?"

"I don't know, but GODDAMN!!! She has some nice tits!!" little Aaron said, those being his first pair of breasts. How bad he would like to fuck her...

Athena remembered Kasumi having large ones last year, but these!? They were the same age, but Kasumi's breasts far surpassed Athena's own small 'B'. Jealousy filled within her.

"PLEASE!!! ALICIA!!! IT'S NO JOKE!!! I CAN EXPLAIN!!" Kasumi screamed in pain, running to the girl that was leaning on her own vehicle, sobbing.


AGAIN!!!" Alicia looked with an evil glare to the topless Asian girl, holding

her side in obvious pain.


"Look, there is no joke. I am Aaron."

"How? That's bullshit? I can't believe his ass!!! What did I do to him, to try to make me have sex with another girl? Why are you in on this? WHY?"

"I'm trying to tell you. Where would Aaron have gone that quick? Please!!"

*COUGH* Kasumi spit up blood. "I...didn't..." All the running, after such an

injury caught up to the more frail body. Kasumi passed out. As mad as Alicia

was, this girl had a point, so she dragged Kasumi back into the house, and

had Aaron, and Athena help her place Kasumi on the couch in the den. Little

Aaron had copped a number of free feels on Kasumi's large chest, during the

moving of her body, and had his eyes fixed on her exposed chest. Noticing

this, Athena quickly covered up Kasumi. Alicia stayed around so she could

get answers.



*** "Hmm hm hm, I guess I could have told Mr.Spence that my potion's effects

would be undone once he touched vaginal secretions, but I must admit, this

was quite fun to watch." The wizard had observed Aaron since he'd sold him the potion. He knew that the hormones in vaginal secretions would change Aaron back into a more voluptuous Kasumi, and he'd just wanted to get a good show out of it, and he did. He could have made the medium for the change back anything, or he could have made it so that there was no change back. Kasumi/Aaron's attitude is what guaranteed that Aaron did not get to orgasm as a man, and that Kasumi would have to return, and with bigger breasts to lug around "Perhaps Aaron would still be Aaron, had he not treated me as such." ***



It was about 10:00 PM, and Aaron's parents came in. "What's going on here?

Who are you?"

Jade's kids answered "Kasumi is here. We don't know how, but she was wearing the pants that Aaron had on and no shirt. She was following this girl out of Aaron's room. We don't know where Aaron is."

Alicia cut in "I'm Alicia West, Aaron's 'girlfriend' " She blushed, knowing explaining the situation would be telling them that she and their son were involved in sexual ways. "We were...uh, up..upstairs....we...then this girl appeared stark naked, just where Aaron was...and Aaron was gone." She looked at the sleeping girl.

"So..." David looked at a sleeping Kasumi. "You are about to learn something. Even you, Aaron, and Athena." He looked at the 3. "So, no one knows where Aaron is?" They all answered a resounding "NO".

"He's on the couch, asleep."

"Kasumi really is Aaron?" They asked in a synchronous wave. "How?" They all

looked at the sleeping girl. He explained the whole story. "Do we understand this?"

"Yes." All 3 answered

"As for this, Aaron said that he found a shop in the mall. An old man offered him something that temporarily would give him his old form back. He took it, and it apparently worked, as you saw. Since having his memories back, he wanted nothing more than to be himself again, and so took the first way out. Young lady, I'm sorry that you've gotten into this, but the Aaron you liked is this girl now." David, himself noticed that Kasumi's chest was muchbigger than it was before. "Hey, Theresa, you see that?" He asked his wife did she notice it. Theresa hadn't noticed it, until now. She wondered could it be the clothes, so she lifted the cover, and saw large breasts, breasts that were a tad bit out of place on the small girl. She had earlier saw that Kasumi had quite a rack on the first day of her visit, but she felt sorry for her, seeing that she had much more to carry around now.

Alicia looked at the girl again, this time feeling sorry for brutalizing her. She didn't know what Aaron went through until now. She apologized to his parents after telling them about why Kasumi was in her current position. She said that she would help Kasumi get better. They carried her upstairs, and Alicia, with a new understanding, stayed the night with her in the same bed.




"You?!!?" Kasumi woke to Alicia standing over her "Please, how did you get

in here? I wasn't trying anything!! I..Please!!! I can't breathe!!! Don't beat..." She was actually scared for her life, since it appeared that Alicia had snuck in to get her, and someone putting that much effort into getting you, wants you badly. Her movements allowed her to feel just how much bigger her new chest was.

"Relax. I stayed with you last night. You fell-out last night, and I brought

you in. Your dad told me, your niece, and nephew the story. I'm not mad.

I'm sorry, Aaron. I wouldn't have guessed." She looked at the girl "At least you are really pretty."


"I'm not supposed to be any of that, I'm supposed to be what you saw all last fucking...*SHARP* Ahh, week. You broke my ribs, or something. See, if I was still him, that wouldn't happen. Goddamnit, this shit hurts, and I'm laying up here, all weak and shit. I wish I could kick your goddamn ass." She didn't sound too convincing with her tiny voice.

"You don't have to talk to me that way. I said I'm sorry. I want to help you get better. You should have been forward with me."

"Would you have believed me? Could I have said, ''Hey, Alicia, I may look like a big black dude, but I'm really a short chink bitch, with big...?" He pointed to the huge chest.

"No, but I would have left you alone with those claims, and this wouldn't have happened. Besides, all you can do is WISH to kick my ass." She had to throw that in at the ungratefulness.

Kasumi shot her a look. Alicia just smiled back, she knew she was on top. "Hey, your ribs are probably broken, are you going to a hospital?"

"I don't go to those, even this punk ass body I have should make it through this fine."

"Let me wrap you up." Alicia offered "First let me see your ribs." Kasumi just whipped of the shirt.

"Those look nice, now that they're not jiggling around." She said, to add to the embarrassment.

"Shut up. Before I became Aaron again, these things wasn't this fuckingbig!! Look at this shit! What did that motherfucker give me? The nipples are bigger than my thumb!" She never saw nipples as big as hers were before, now they were bigger?

"So, before you did whatever you did to be Aaron, your breasts weren't that big?"

"No." Said an exasperated Kasumi. "But they were still too big then, a 'C'. That's rediculous! I'm only 5 feet tall, anything is too damn big!"

"What about your eye pokers?" Alicia asked, pointing at Kasumi's assets, making pinching motions towards the huge nipples.

"Do you have to fucking say shit like that?" Kasumi crossed her arms, as if she would cover her chest. "Dammit!" She felt the nipple poke into her arm, it aroused her, and her face flushed."Goddamnit."

I'm just saying. But, those ribs are bad, they're green. On fair skin, a break gives off a greenish tint around the area. They're broken."

"Who can I thank?" She pouted

"You're impossible." Alicia went to get the Ace bandages that Aaron's parents laid in the room. She began to wrap them around the impossibly small torso. As she previewed the body, she couldn't believe that big buff 12 inch packing guy was sitting here, a mere 5 foot tall, 90 lbs, very girly girl. She wasn't even the same race. This stuff just doesn't happen. "So, you really don't like being a girl?"

"Why would I? I now seem to think like my old self. Things I want to do, I

can't do like this. I mean, I used to go around beating peoples' asses just

for kicks. Who's ass can I kick now? Not even yours, and you're a chick. I

can't stand this shit." She looked at how the shirt was tented out, and sighed. They talked a little more then were interrupted by the alert system. Jade's kids had yelled that a guy named Matt was here. Kasumi yelled to let him in, and to wait in the den. They let him in, and he went to the den. The bandages hurt like hell when Kasumi was scaling the stairs, but she made it, with help from Alicia.


"What's goin' on, Matt?" A sweet voice asked.

"Again?" Matt looked wide-eyed at the new girl. He could swear that she was

shorter than Ami, and much bigger up top in proportion, but essentially looked just like her. This girl could be Ami's daughter. "I thought you weren't getting anyone else killed?" Matt wondered, 'Man, Aaron sure likes to get Asian chicks killed..., geez, all Asian chicks' dads must have that serum...'

"No, remember Ami telling you I was going to be reborn when you two worked together?"


"This is how I was reborn. As Ami's fucking daughter." This confirmed Matt's

thoughts, that this could be Ami's child. At least Aaron didn't kill anyone to become her...

"What about yesterday?" He asked, wondering why Aaron appeared as he did in

2003 yesterday, but like this today. He knew that the last time this happened, Aaron was slowly changing, gaining Ami's traits, but this was instant.

"It was some shit from some old guy, it gave me my form back for a while, and his hoe ass didn't tell me when it would wear off. It wore off when I was with her." Kasumi pointed at Alicia. What ever it is, it made these things bigger when I got this gay ass body back. Shit, it's not like they wasn't too big before." She went on to explain the rest of the deal. "I thought that I would still be me, when you came over. I think I'm going to Ami's dad soon. Maybe his ass will help." She didn't think of him as Grandfather...

"You remember what happened when you went to Ami's father, trying to do the same thing before?" Matt questioned.

"Yep, but now, I'm his "granddaughter" why wouldn't he help. I'll be me again. The real me."

"You were Ami the last time, weren't you?" Matt questioned, then admitted, "Damn, Aaron, still as self-centered as ever. What does Ami and her husband think? I'm sure that they are your real parents, if you look like them."

"Who knows. Who cares. Man, it felt so good to have my Greek-god body back. It will be me."

"All right, I'd thought you learned after that. Hey, hold on, if you're a new person, with new parents, you have a new name. What is it?"

"I'd rather not." Why was Alicia looking at Kasumi?

"If you don't say it, I will!" Alicia smiled. More payback.

"Damn you."

"Her name is Kasumi." Alicia cut in, "You knew him from before?"

"Hmm. Kasumi. It's cute, like you, I like it."

"Haven't you forgotten who the fuck I am? There is NOTHING cute about me. I'm the baddest motherfucker alive. I have beaten every man to oppose me, I am nasty, cocky, and rude, I am a MAN'S MAN." Kasumi declared.

"So," Alicia began, "So, a man's man is 5 feet tall, and has a DD chest, and is named Kasumi? Oh, and did you beat your mother's dad?" Alicia couldn't wait for the answer. Kasumi was so easy to anger.

"Alicia...stop that fucking shit. Now."

Matt continued, answering Alicia's earlier question, "Yep, I was the one who saw him being changed into Ami, and was the last person he saw before going to fight her father. Nothing I'm ever likely to forget. Boy, was he pissed as he saw his face..." They had changed the subject to other things. They continued for about an hour before Matt had to go. "All right, just think about it, you got a pretty good deal, either way you slice it. I tried to tell you the last time, so heed my warning, or you might be even worse off."

"Is that possible?"

"Well, if you had stayed away from Ami's father, you'd be her. That means that you would have been a little taller, less busty, and older. Now you're smaller than Ami, and I thought that was impossible...and because of your whatever you did, which I know you shouldn't have, you've managed to make your chest bigger, something I know you hate. So, yes, it could have been better, however slight."

Kasumi sighed, Matt was definetley right, and he'd never steered Aaron wrong in the past...

"With that advice, I bid you good day, and good life, Aaron. Perhaps we'll meet again." Matt left the familiar residence, on to his local business duties, to ultimately return to L.A. .

"So, all of this is real? It all really happened?" Alicia asked, though she knew the answer. "You've been two different girls in your life?"

"Yeah. This bullshit happened. The first time I was changed from myself into a girl, this time I was born like this. But for the record, I am motherfuckin' goddamned Aaron. I will be him again. Don't ask questions your ass already knows the answer to."

"Can you blame me?"

"Yeah, I can..."

Little Aaron and Athena came into the room. "So, you've been Aaron the whole time?" Athena asked.

"I'm not answering that shit again. I know you got told everything last night. Just shut up, and do whatever the fuck kids fuckin do." Kasumi spat at the kids. Didn't she realize that she was still a kid?

"We didn't mean anything." Athena was shocked "What happened to the person I knew you as? You were so nice!!"

"You hoe, that bitch is dead, and later today I will be back once again!!!" Kasumi

began to laugh with a sinister grin. "Besides, me and her got unfinished business, ain't that right." Pointing again at Alicia. Nothing sounded as evil as it should when spoken in Kasumi's voice.

"I don't know what's wrong with you, whoever you are, or want to be, but you

won't be talking to me, or them that way. That's enough disrespect, it ends now. They haven't harmed you, I liked you as Aaron, a lot, and Athena was telling me, before you got up, how you two used to hang out when you visited here, and the whole nine-yards. You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself, that's what you're doing, I know it. Not only that, you're taking what you see as problems out on us. I can and have apologized for your injuries a million times, but you're still overbearing. You know what, as much as I want to help you, I'm leaving. Call me when you want to apologize to me."

"I don't apologize for shit!" Kasumi screamed, "Fuck that!" She wanted to sound tough, but still managed to sound girly.

Alicia then got ready to leave, but first she pulled Athena close to her, and

whispered in her ear. "Don't help him. He needs help, but he needs to realize it. No help, with anything." Alicia left the house, knowing that Aaron would have to call. Sooner or later.

"Fuck that bitch. Who needs her? I don't. You, kid!!! Come here!! I can't

get up these fucking stairs, my ribs are broken, thanks to that bitch. Even

breathing hurts, damnit!!! You want to help your uncle, don't you?" They

both ran to their rooms, leaving the hurt, helpless girl downstairs. "Fuck

you too!!! If I get healed, I'm kicking both your asses!!!" Kasumi did all

she could, lay on the couch. "Man, I gotta shower soon, and shit. Fuck. It

hurts just being alive, right now, and they wont help me." It was still

early, and the pain was still in the forefront of the mind. Kasumi finally

got some help from Mrs. Spence to go upstairs, and even then was winded. She

laid in the bed, stomach up, and arms out, and fell into sleep.



"I still hurt. That bitch." Kasumi awoke to yet more pain. She knew the

folks were gone, as usual, so getting downstairs might not happen. 'Why does

it hurt so much? I know that I was built like a god before, but even this

"malnourished" shell shouldn't hurt this much. Another reason to be me again.

That bitch's kicks wouldn't have even scratched the old me.' Thoughts

similar to these stagnated in Kasumi's mind all day as she wasted away in

the room. Over the next few days she would find herself feeling worse, and

not better. She refused the hospital, as Aaron would have. She ate nothing

because the pain that was in her upper body was too great, and her stomach

was constantly in knots. Mr. & Mrs. Spence didn't bother her, because they

knew what it did to her, to be changed back into Kasumi. Because of their non-interference they didn't know that things were as bad as they were.


After a full week since the accident, Kasumi was almost invalid. An ambulance was called, as the Spence's now knew that whatever was going on was definitely not right. Kasumi was pale, unable to move, or even speak. The normally pretty girl wasn't exactly that, as it was discernable that she hadn't been taking care of herself.

The next day at home, Alicia wondered why Aaron hadn't called. She knew that Aaron was hurt, but could he be this stubborn? She had to call the Spence house, and upon doing so, she was told that Aaron was in the hospital. She rushed to the Orlando Regional Hospital, post haste. Once there, she asked for the room that Kasumi Hanzuki was in, and was led there. The girl in front of Alicia was a ghastly looking thing, dark rings around her eyes, scraggly hair, and a general unhealthy look. "Oh my goodness, Aaron..." She gasped, "How could this happen?" The person

she looked at was sleeping. "If I helped him, he wouldn't be this bad..." A tear escaped her hazel eyes. She called off of work, so she could stay with Aaron, as the original injuries were her fault, although Aaron's own stubbornness allowed it to get worse. A middle-age doctor of apparent Hispanic decent entered the room hours later.

"You know this patient?" The doctor inquired.

"She' best friend."

They exchanged pleasantries, and he introduced himself as Dr.Montoya. "Yes. I will go ahead and give you a rundown on Ms.Hanzuki's situation. You see, her ribs were broken, severely. This incident happened some time ago, as we were able to tell. There are 7 broken ribs, with 4 of them so displaced, that they were puncturing organs. Had she gotten them taken care of immediately, they wouldn't have pierced the organs, but she apparently was trying to move around far too much. You should know that had she gotten here a little later, this would be life threatening. Some of the organs that were lacerated received foreign matters, and bacteria from the visceral area of the body. This lead to sepsis, a gradual shutdown of the organs, hence she

was unresponsive when she was brought in. We were able to start a medicine

patch, and stabilize her, and we were also able to go in and reset the ribs. You make sure she does nothing strenuous when she comes around, but that'll be in a few days."


"Thank you, doctor..." The doctor looked at the panel screen on his

clipboard, displaying Kasumi's statistics. Once he was satisfied he left the

room. "Aaron, I've known you for a short time...But I get from conversations

about you, that you were always this way...wanting your way...why can't you

just see...if you were meant to be this way, why can't you accept it? You've

come one day away from killing yourself over this..." She then took the

smaller hand of Aaron into her own small hand. "As a man, you've treated me

better, and shown me better times than I'd ever had with anyone else...for

that, yes, I am in love with you...But," She squeezed the hand, "No one could

want your old self back more than I do, but even I know that there's a

bigger picture. Alicia shook her head slowly, as she released the grip she

had. "Just get better...for me, and for the other people that care about

you." She stroked the platinum hair of the sleeping girl on the bed. She

stayed over the next 12 hours. Kasumi had made no motion, so she left at

10:00 PM.



Alicia went to the Spence home after leaving the hospital. She had to

be there, with the parents of Aaron. She hung out with Jade's kids for a

while, and they had dinner together. After a while she left, and headed

home. The Spence's would contact Ami about things tomorrow.



Kasumi awoke much earlier than expected, about an hour after Alicia

left."How I here, in a hospital?" Kasumi spoke dryly. It was dark, and

she didn't like these places. "What, so I go to sleep, and they take my ass

to this place...I should of locked that damn door." She finished, noting the

intense pain. "What's with this shit around my body, it's too tight, and I

won't be able to move." Kasumi didn't know anything about the seriousness of

her condition, and figured if she could move around, she could leave. She

looked for clothes, and found nothing. "Shit, there's nothing here, this

thing has my damn ass all out." She turned around to try to pull the

hospital gown together, "It's 2019, and they haven't made better hospital

clothes?" She found what she could to get her long hair more manageable, and

painfully tried for an hour to get out of the cast. "Shit!" She heard

footsteps. She knew that a nurse had to be coming, so she lay (quite

painfully) on top of the cast, let her hair down, and replaced the covers.

The young female nurse came in, checked the stats on her digital clipboard,

and left, after commenting, "She was a real cutie."


"A real what??? Fuck that bitch, in fact, once I get my big black dick back,

I will fuck that bitch, heh heh heh." Kasumi laughed at that comeback, while

starting to get ready for her departure. She got her hair out of the way,

and snatched off the monitors once she was sure that the nurse was far

enough away. Hurting more than even before, she ran for the stairs, knowing

she couldn't wait on an elevator. Holding her side, she did a kind of half

shuffle, half slide down the stairs. She heard an announcement to be on the

lookout for a "young female patient, of Asian decent". She knew that

removing the monitors had alerted them. "All right, ground floor, they're

looking for me, I gotta run." She planned it out; she would walk carefully,

looking around corners, and if spotted, she'd have to suck up the pain, and

book it out. She knew there would be cameras, and that they could possibly

lock the place down so she hurried up to get the plan into action. She had

snuck around 3 corners, and saw the golden light, the exit. There were 2

night guards at the door, she saw this around the corner. She saw a dark

room to her right, and a patient was in it. "Hey, olyolyoxenfree!!!" She

yelled, as she just about doubled over. She didn't realize that yelling

would hurt that much, as she scrambled into the room. She knew that they

would come...


"Hey, you go down the hall, I'll check this room." *BAM* The guard that

entered the room got his nuts checked. "You bitch!! Aahhh, IN HERE, IN

HERE!!" Kasumi grabbed her midsection, and bolted for the door. The other

guard grabbed her gown, making the sash come loose, giving him a good view

at Kasumi's nice little ass, and even the perfect female privates situated

between the widely spaced thighs. Being caught off-guard by that, the guard

gasped, and ended up letting her escape inadvertantly. Kasumi ran, with her now much larger breasts moving about, for three blocks, until she was in a dark alley, in downtown Orlando.


"That fucker is going to go home and jack-off to what he must've just saw.

Damnit, you better enjoy it, cause you'll never see it again, you or

anybody. Why wasn't I in boxers, or some kind of drawers? Goddamn perverts."

Now that the adrenaline wasn't flowing, Kasumi could start to feel the pain of her actions. She had to sit bare-assed on the dirty ground, waiting for the pain to subside. "They might call the cops...Shit, I musta' been on some good crack when I dyed my hair this color." She knew that she would stick out like a sore thumb. She looked about herself, to assess her chance of making it to Mr.Yamamoto's house. "Man, this chest is big as hell" She looked at the very large protrusions sticking outwards in her light-blue gown. "And these damn nipples must be some cruel ass joke..." She looked at the nipples, which weren't hard, but still stuck out nearly 2 inches. "What did I do to deserve this shit?!" She noticed one last problem, that the gown was cut sleeveless, to provide access to the cast that she took off. Nothing she could do would prevent anyone from seeing an eyeful. She drudged farther down the alley, as to get fully out of sight. "Damn this forsaken pain. I guess that I'll wait until dawn, if I go now, someone could try to...damn..." That is a sentence that Aaron never would have ever had to say, but now, as Kasumi, this was a threat. She knew that she couldn't go in daylight, because of her unique looks. She cursed her luck, as she waited for strike time.



Meanwhile, the hospital had contacted the Spence residence. "What do you

mean she ran away?" David Spence hammered the phone with his voice "She is

less than 5ft tall, much less than 100 pounds, and has broken ribs, and yet, you mean

to tell me she got past not one, but two guards?!?! You all should lose your jobs!!!


*CLICK* He slammed the phone down. "Theresa, there is a problem. Aaron ran

out of the hospital. They said that he got past 2 security guards. Judging by his actions, he might not know about his condition. We have to get moving, he could kill himself." They were told that the police were prior notified, so that wasn't a concern. They headed on a look-out mission, driving through various parts of greater Orlando. "He can't have gone far. He is hurt, even more severely than he knows."

Theresa cut in, "Why does he have to be this way? Is there something we

could've done when he was younger? We went from near-rags to riches, and

gave them too much, too soon. That had especially changed Aaron, and not for

the better. Oh, David..."


"I know, that's why we're in this situation. We'll have to talk to him, and

get some sense into his head. His ways got him stuck as a girl, even had he

not been self-centered, he would have lived his life as Aaron. Those same

ways are now going to kill him."


"David, I'm sure that we can get the news to broadcast his picture! That's what we'll do! They broadcast at 5 AM, that's a few hours away. I know he sticks out with that hair, so if he's trying to avoid people, he might cut or color his hair, they can use their image processors to show what he could look like with different hair styles." After a fruitless drive, they went to Orlando SBS 5 studios, a member of the recently established Syndicated Broadcast System.The Spences knew that this was a popular

station, because of the fact that it showed old, and recently syndicated

programs of every type, and yet had a full news cast. They explained who they

were, and the case. After assuring them that they had funds to finance a quick segment, they gave the necessary info, and were told that it would air on the morning news, and 12:00 PM news.


Once they arrived at home, they called Ami. Theresa told her that Kasumi was

in trouble. Ami told her that Aaron had foregone being Kasumi when she last

talked to him. She was told that Kasumi's little romp as Aaron was a temporary thing, and that indeed Kasumi was back. Ami was asked to come to Orlando, to help with Kasumi's recuperation, which she agreed to. "Anything to help my Kasumi." She was greatly relieved to hear that Kasumi was herself again.


Ami hadn't yet told Yashiro about this "little" Kasumi thing, not knowing

how to do it, but now hopefully they could get Kasumi back, before further

complications arrived. She told Yashiro that she was going to go ahead and

go to Florida, a little earlier than they had planned. He asked why his daughter hadn't called even once. "You two call me tomorrow, I want to see the two ladies in my life, soon. After a good-bye kiss, she left. She got her tickets, parking pass, and would soon be on her way to Florida.



After what she thought was a few hours later, Kasumi emerged, and was in a

seedy part of downtown, drudging along, as her internal injuries felt worse, and worse. "I can't believe they still have these rent to own places like this. Like they ever finish paying..." She joked to keep her mind off of the pain. Something caught her eye, as she looked at the still powered on telepanels. There was her picture on the screen!

"Kasumi Hanzuki, a Japanese National has reportedly run away from Orlando

Regional. She is 15 years old, 5', weighs about 90 pounds, and looks like this. She was reportedly still wearing hospital a garb, and her caregivers believe that she is unaware of the real physical danger she is in. The injuries the girl had suffered, if not allowed to heal, can be fatal. If you see this girl, please notify authorities. Once again, she is in real danger, and we've just made these composites of what she could look

like after possibly changing her hair." They showed more pictures.

"What the fuck?!!? People do this shit all the time, and no one does nothing,

why am I different?" She knew that if a police officer saw her, it would be over. "I can't run away, I can't fight, and I stick out like a goddamn sore thumb. How can I make it to Mr.Yamamoto's house?" She walked a little more distance, since no one was outside. "Damn scare tactics, they knew that I'd probably see that shit. I won't believe that. My goal is more important." Determining that the time was still ripe, she walked as far as she could on main streets, before taking to back alleys. She knew how to get to her destination, but how? The pain was building up, and now there was a pressure adding to it. "I have about 15 miles to go.." She slowly drudged on.

After about two hours of careful wall scaling, she had only made it through

five city blocks. Being in this much pain, and trying to hide, was really killing her time. No sooner than she peeked around one more corner...

"It's that hospital absconder! She's in the alley!" Some police spotted her, and were in pursuit. "We have the subject in pursuit. 10-4." Kasumi knew it couldn't be avoided, so she had to run, bare feet and all. The pain of running was getting to be too much. Her lead was decreasing, so while running, she tried to put obstacles into the officer's way. She looked back to see the fat officer trip over a well-placed garbage can. As soon as she turned around, *BAM* she ran straight into a car. She let herself "give", so the impact would be less harsh, and she would roll over the car's hood. Loudly audible snaps were heard, as she rolled over the car's hood in one

full motion, and the driver was treated to a free showing of Kasumi's goods.

Even with such an occurrence, Kasumi still managed to almost run. She had to

go to another alley, but it couldn't be too close to her present position.

Kasumi never felt pain like this, ever, as Kasumi, nor as Aaron. Nonetheless,

she made it to another alley. She began to cough up blood, and soon this coughing became vomiting.


"You need help?" A rough transient man asked.

"Go...tooo..heeelllll, loooserrrr." Kasumi barely got out.

"It's your health." And with that, he began to pick up more cans.

"Shit..hasn't ..really changed.." She murmured, noticing the man's actions.

She looked at the situation again. She was already hurting beyond belief,

now she had done vigorous activity, and was further injured. At least the gown

wasn't damaged, for what good it was. "I'm a criminal..*huff*..*huff*..a goddamn criminal...I just be..*huff* There' way...that..I'd ever..feel th.".*COUGH**COUGH* She wiped the blood away from her mouth, using the top of her hand. "No one..will..ever..understand." She was reduced to crawling, while holding her sides. She found a "comfortable" side-door stoop to sit on. The pain would not go away, and in fact, she felt stabbing pains also. She felt

disconnected, more, and more, until she drifted away, barely clothed, injured, and alone.



It was about 1:00 PM, and Alicia had not too long ago saw the news broadcast

on her lunchbreak. She would be off in another two hours, and she would then

go to the Spence house. Upon arriving at the Spence house, Alicia was met by

little Aaron and Athena. They informed her that David and Theresa was at the

airport to pick up Kasumi's mother, Ami. "Ami, is it?" Alicia thought that despite the seriousness of the situation, things were getting more interesting by the minute. Alicia hung out with Jade's kids, and before long, David, Theresa, Ami, and Jade arrived at the home. Alicia introduced herself to Jade, and Ami. Since everyone at the house knew about the situation, it was discussed by all in the house. At about 6:00 PM, everyone would leave in search of Kasumi: David and Theresa, Jade and her kids, and Alicia and Ami. Each of the 3 groups set out in a different direction.



Kasumi had drifted in and out of a sleep-like state for the last few hours. She hadn't made it anywhere, but was glad no more apparent searching was done. She felt an impending doom, as she was hurting beyond words, couldn't do physical activity, and just didn't care anymore. "Well...", she stammered out. "...I guess this is ends..." She now knew what she saw about her health earlier was true. "I'm!". She cleared her mind of all thoughts, except one, one that wouldn't go away. Ami. This would be another burden on her. If he died as Aaron, it might not affect Ami, but to die as Kasumi, would be another matter. He truly didn't want to do this to her, but being out of energy, and willpower, this was Ami's daughter's fate...Aaron actually teared at the thought of hurting Ami, yet again.




"So, let me get this straight, you're Kasumi's mother? I see where she gets

her looks from." Alicia commented, as they drove around town in her Honda Xylo.


Ami smiled, "So, exactly, if you don't mind my asking, how do you know her?"


"I actually knew Aaron. We "talked" for a brief bit."


"Oh, okay, so how do you know about Kasumi?"


"Well, it was kind of personal..." She wondered if she should go on.


"Please, it won't bother me, unless it bothers you." Ami comforted her.


"..Um..Aaron and I night, and while we were in our..uh..ritual, I swore that I felt a large breast, out of nowhere, then I felt him, I can't believe I'm going to say this..., he...slipped out of me. I turned behind me, and there was a small Asian girl."


"It's okay, you were practicing things that were natural for you two to try.

Don't worry about it, sweetie."


"There's more...I'm the one who caused Kasumi her injuries. Oh my goodness!

I never thought it would be this way!"


"Please, you must tell why me did it happen?"





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