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Karin's Thimble

by Justincbenedict


Book One

She was so beautiful, staring at him, annoyed. Karin's blonde hair swept back, and her chest surged in the little white-on white tube top that looked as if it might collapse any moment over her 38D breasts. Her cleavage was bulging as she argued with Robbie. "Why Robbie, why can't you understand me?" Karin asked. "Is screwing all you think about?" Robbie finally pulled away from Karin, his eyes pleading. "But Karin, honey…we've been engaged for five months now." He rubbed Karin's arm hesitantly, and she pulled it away, frowning. "What's wrong?" Robbie asked almost tearfully. "Why won't you let me make love to you…we've been engaged five months."

Karin was a real catch, Robbie thought. And all of his friends agreed with him. She was so hot, and very sexy…with the way she rubbed his arm and hugged him in front of people, everyone thought Robbie was getting this incredible action. But when they were alone, Karin often didn't want to be touched at all…and when she did feel like making out, she wouldn'tlet him get any further than the girls he'd gone out with back in 9th grade."Necking and touching, clothes on, above the waist" and it had taken six months even to get there, and now, after two and a half years, it was driving Robbie mad. He was twenty-nine, for God's sake! Sure, necking and touching Karin was great, Karin was into shiny lip gloss and tight pants and clingy magenta sweaters…but when he tried to pull the pretty sweater off…"Not until the ring's on my finger, kiddo!" Once Robbie had tried to get Karin naked playing Strip poker…"Didn't you know my dad was a card shark?" Karin asked, laughing…she was fully dressed, had lost one bracelet and Robbie and his friends were kneeling naked…they'd tried playing further for her clothes against 'favors' and she'd ended ujp getting them to clean her bathroom and kiss each other's butts…she'd lost another ring…oooh.

Now, Karin, sighed and cocked her head, breathing heavily. Robbie sadly watched the bursting cleavage heave again. "Robbie, you just don't understand, honey." Karin put a hand on his knee, very close to his crotch, and smiled., staring in his eyes. He knew she must love him…she was so sweet! "Robbie, I really like you…I slept with so many guys before I met you, guys that were real creeps, who used me…" Karin sighed. "Even the nice ones, they made the relationship all about sex., what I could do for them. It wasn't about being nice to me anymore at all." Karin's voice dropped to a little girl's, and she shook her head, thinking of those awful men. Robbie was a litigation attorney. He knew, he thought, how to present the evidence. "Honey, I do a lot for you, or I try…I helped you do the spring cleaning, I paid for your brother's rehab, I got you a diamond pin last week, I listen to your problems—" "Goddamn it, Robbie!" Karin almost shouted. "I can't be bought, you know…what, you want to trade the diamond pendant or a dinner and movie for one of my blowjobs!" Robbie breathed at the word "Blowjob" he'd never had one from Karin..he'd never even seen her naked.

Karin, seeing Robbie's wounded eyes, gave him a big hug and dropped her hand closer to his crotch area. " If we slept together , it might make you devalue me…you'd have gotten what you wanted…" Karin gently pushed a French manicured nail against his zipper. "I know he likes me."she said in a little girl voice, "But can't he wait?" "But Karin…we've been together so long, can't …I mean, I've never even seen you undressed or anything!" Karin smiled, obviously recalling the strip poker night. "But you saw me in my little string bikini when we went to Cancun….I wore it just for you, and you couldn't take your eyes off me." Karin leaned back, stretching, and the tube top slipped down, almost to expose her left nipple. Seeing Robbie's eye drop, she pulled it up just a little.

Robbie absentmindedly began touching his zipper, just where Karin had had her hand a moment ago…he kind of pretended the zipper needed pulling up. "But honey, even then, I wanted to touch you in the bikini…and you weren't feeling up to it…you wouldn't let me touch you at all. "You're lucky I went to Mexico with you that weekend." Karin replied petulantly. "I was having that time of the month…" "But then you let that JERK grab you and tickle you…" Karin looked annoyed again. "I thought you'd think it was neat that one of my friends was vacationing there. Cyril's my sorority sister's cousin, he's like a play brother to me…" Karin pulled away entirely, and slapped Robbie's hand where he was massaging his crotch. "Are you so selfish, Robbie, that you can't let me greet an old friend?" Karin stood up, abruptly, stepping into her high heeled pumps. "I can't stand thew ay you get…I'm going home." Robbie jumped up. "NO, no,…" he took Karin's hand. "Please stay,..I'm sorry I got you so upset. Of course you can have old friends That's why I, um love you so much, because you have so much love for other people." What bullshit.


A few nights later, Robbie and Karen were necking on her couch. Robbie was lying on top of Karin, and once again, he was trying to pull her shirt off surreptitiously, or perhaps not so surreptitiously...finally Karin pushed Robbie off the couch, and he landed on the floor with a thud. "Robbie, I am so sick of this...I'm not ready for getting this close! You've got to stop pawing me like a seventeen year old boy!" Robbie was humiliated and quite horny. He hung his head and pouted. "You told me that tonght we were going to have a big said so, Karin, after I took you to the ballet." God, how boring was that. Two hours of the ballet with Karin and one of her dippy friends...but she'd kept her hand on his knee, and his erection had made a little tent in his khakis...she'd promised a surprise...

"Robbie, baby...look!" Robbie looked up. Karin was smiling. She slowly unbuttoned her cardigan, and took it off, and then pulled off her skin-tight black top...and there were her gorgeous breasts, sitting pretty in a frilly pink bra. "Why don't you take off your clothes, and we'll have the surprise" Forty seconds later, Robbie was naked, standing before his beautiful fiancee, who was still in her bra and blue jeans. When is she going to take the rest off? Robbie thought. This is the second time I've taken my clothes off and been naked in front of her, the first time being the strip poker night...still I haven't seen her naked. "Karin, are you taking the rest of your clothes" Karin smiled. "I want to, but I want to make this a surprise for you. Close your eyes." Robbie sighed and obediently closed his eyes


Part Two

Robbie felt his wrists contract inside the cuffs. He opened his eyes, and Karin was sitting on the couch…she was still in her bra and blue jeans…nothing else had been removed. She looked great, though..her cleavage looked very pushed-up in the bra. But it wasn't fair, Robbie thought…this was supposed to be his night.

As if reading his mind, Karin spoke. "I guess you're wondering why I did this, cuffed your hands…I kind of wondered myself…but I love necking with you, Robbie. I like rubbing you up and down, but I don't want you trying to rape me, that's not what being engaged is about!" "R-rape you?" Robbie stuttered. "I just want to make love to you, Karin. It's 2003, for God's sake! We've been going out for thirty months, and engaged for five! I've proved my love for you in a dozen ways…I've bought you jewelry, paid for your postgrad courses, helped your family, lent you money, put tires on your car—" "Enough!" Karin was looking a little bored.

"Robbie, I don't need an inventory of what you've done for me…that also isn't what being engaged is about…I want to make out with you, without feeling like you're going to take over me and make me feel helpless." She said this with a sort of giggle in her voice…Karin was, of course staring at her poor naked fiancée with his little white cock sticking out…helpless indeed! Robbie's lower lip trembled, and it looked as if he was going to cry. "Ooh." Karin clucked sympathetically and stood up, gently taking Robbie by the shoulder. " And believe it or not, honey, I want you to have a good time too…Come with me." Karin guided Robbie into her bedroom. Here he'd never been allowed to even look. It was a pretty room, with a Princess canopy bed and lots of teddy bears and stuffed animals, which she tossed off the bed, pushing Robbie down on the soft coverlet, so he was lying on his back, with his bound wrists just below his waist.

Karin smiled and stroked Robbie's cheek with a long silver nail, and used her other hand to play in his chest hairs. Robbie was feeling a little embarrassed that Karin was still almost fully dressed and he was lying here naked on her bed, but on the other hand, he'd never gotten this far into her room. "Do you like it here, baby?" Karin smiled, and dropped the hand that was rubbing his chest to play around Robbie's navel. She turned the overhead light off, and just put a lamp on beside the bed."Do you like being in Mommy's room, finally?" Karin dropped her hand a little past the navel and began lightly tickling the pubic hairs just below Robbie's stomach. "See, now, I feel safe with you, Robbie!" Karin lay down next to Robbie…"Isn't this nice, baby?" Karin began kissing Robbie on the mouth, and stroking his hair with one hand, and the other that had been playing with the pubic hair finally began touching Robbie's cock. It felt like he'd hoped all these months—soft fingers expertly manipulating the tip and head of his penis gently, so gently…Karin rubbed her bra clad tits against Robbie's chest and kissed him some more.

It had been about two hours now…Karin and Robbie were necking, his hands still cuffed behind his back, and she was playing with his cock, manipulating it back and forth. Gently squeezing the foreskin, then playing the sides of the penis as if it were a flute, Karin had kept Robbie's penis quite enthralled. 20 minutes earlier, she had been pretending to climb his penis and fall down, while crooning the nursery rhyme, "Itsy Bitsy Spider" At one point, for about 20 minutes, Karin had just flicked Robbie's penis over and over again…and then alternating with little rubbing strokes just under the head. Mysteriously, she hadn't jerked him off yet, so Robbie figured he was going to get to do his business in her… "K-Karin…" Robbie was panting at this point. "Wh-Why don't you take off your clothes, and my cuffs, and let's fu—make love, honey…I'm real horny… Karin looked hurt. "Don't you like this, baby? Doesn't Mommy's hand make baby feel good?" Robbie felt her hand pumping harder…up and down rapidly, it went…Robbie closed his eyes. His legs began trembling. Suddenly Karin stopped and pulled herself up. "I'm a little chilly, sweetheart" Karin tapped Robbie's cheek and got up and left the room, Robbie of course was still cuffed and lying prone on the bed with a purplish erection, streaming with pre-ejaculate.

Robbie's dick felt like lead…it was almost numb in places. He had never had this kind of stimulation before, and he'd slept with quite a few women. Robbie's testicles felt quite full as well…although he'd just masturbated two days before..he felt as if he hadn't cum in a year. What was with her? Why didn't she want to make love…but he had to admit, this was very comforting…he was getting lots of kisses on his mouth and neck, and a few hickeys that he'd have to explain at the firm on Monday, and of course his penis was incredibly stimulated…and Robbie felt taken care of…it was so tender, like having a little massage from his mother when he was a baby, though Mom never looked like this! Karin was such a hot girl…

"Honey? I'm back." Robbie looked up…and Karin had put a top on! Certainly it was a tight little woven thing, but still, wasn't she supposed to be UNdressing? "I told you I was cold, sweetheart…" Karin seemed to always be able to read Robbie's mind. "Are-are we going to make love…why did you put something else on?" He felt like crying, would he never get to see her naked? "Baby" whispered Karin, ignoring the question " You are still so hard."Karin twiddled the head of Robbie's dick, as he sighed mightily. "When we're married, I'll get laid all night with that boner of yours."

"We're not going to make love until we're married?" Robbie asked piteously. "Yes, of course." Karin replied…"After being such a wanton slut—"she giggled—"all these years, I am going to be a nice girl for you…and save myself for my wedding night." Robbie's heart sank as his cock rose. Jesus, he thought we're not getting married for a year yet, not til next June. After screwing all these guy s, you'd think Karin would hav the energy, or at least the lack of morality, for at least one more…or at least let him see her naked! Karin took a small bottle of lotion and squirted some into her right palm. She smiled at her fiancée. "Well I've been stroking you with my dry hand all this time, now for some sliding!"

And she lay down beside the prone, cuffed Robbie, and resumed necking with him, he was dying to touch her, but of course his hands were cuffed. And she began "sliding" her hand up and down Robbie's cock. As Karin nuzzled Robbie's neck, she gripped his stiff penis as if it were a Louisville Slugger, and ran the fingers up and down, the lotion making her fingers quite slippery. Robbie wanted to cum tremendously, he felt like his dick was a fire hose that hadn't quite gone off yet. Karin's fingers were seeming to sense where the especially "Sensitive" areas of Robbie's engorged cock were, like the little spot just below his penis head, and rubbed those with her index finger…over and over with quite a bit of vigor.

Karin soon accelerated the motion of the rubbing, her silver long nails glimmering in the lamplight…occasionally she would pause and scratch the head of his cock with a long tip, and then resume sliding the palm up and down…Robbie felt like he was having a full-body anyeurism. As he got ready to cum, she would slow down, until his excitement faded a little, and then she would start rubbing madly again, in effect keeping the cum just below the head of his suffering organ.

Karin's tiny fist was still shooting up and down the si de of Robbie's cock an hour later…she never seemed to quit! Robbie had often felt the familiar urge to be on the edge of orgasm…with women, and after masturbation, but never had he been on the edge for three hours before. At this point Robbie had just accepted that they weren't going to have sex, and he just wanted to cum..why was she taking so long?

Karin's tongue was flickering in and out of his mouth, and once they unlocked lips just long enough for Robbie to see the outline of Karin's nipples under the woven top. Just as Robbie thought he would burst, Karin slowed her pulling down to a snails pace again. Robbie started frantically trying to shove his dick into her grasp, and Karin slowed down even more, at one point teasing him by letting go of his cock, and just waving her palms above the purple, waving head. It was hell on Robbie, as, being cuffed from behind, he had to push himself up by his shoulders and legs, and there was a charley horse in one of his thighs…but he had to cum!

"I want to cum, please." Karin laughed "Good things come to those who wait…no matter how you spell "come" Karin grasped Robbie's schlong again, and began rubbing faster


Robbie looked at the digital clock in Karin's bedroom. She'd led him, naked and cuffed into her bedroom around seven-thirty, and now it was nearly one a.m. Still, he hadn't cum..she'd been stroking him for five or six hours. Karin's masturbation exercises never lapsed either, she was still pumping him madly. Now and then she'd rest her wrist and discuss what color her bridesmaid's shoes would be next May, or something of equal inanity, and Robbie would have to wait, hoping she'd start the cruel tease again, while wishing that she'd just let his dick lapse…he'd given up a chance at cumming…this girl was a real sadist! Now and then she'd stop also to squirt more lotion into her hand, and once to take her scented handkerchief to wipe off the excessive pre-ejaculate rolling down Robbie's crotch…

"Baby…are you really horny?" Karin asked, kissing Robbie's neck, and tickling the underside of his cock madly…Robbie felt her long nails exploring the different veins down there, and he almost wished, but not quite, that his cock would just fall off, it felt so heavy and aroused. His scrotum felt as if it were holding ball bearings instead of testicles. Yet, he was really, intensely aroused. "Yes, K-Karin, I'm really, really horny." Karin chuckled deep into her throat. "Really, really really horny?" "Oh please Karin, don't play this game…If you're not going to let me cum." "Oh yes, it's time, I think…but my private area is my own until our wedding night, you know, and I have enough of this gook all over my hands…so I don't want to have you spooging into it." Robbie looked at her beseechingly. "Well, why don't you unlock me? I'll…I'll beat off, I guess." He hated admitting that he did this to a woman.

Karin sighed. "Oh, the key's in the living room somewhere…I have a better idea." Karin jumped up and got some towels from the bathroom, and put them on the bed, parallel to Robbie's crotch area, and then she rolled Robbie onto his stomach, so his cock was pressed against the towels. "Why don't you rub up against the towels, the way you'd rub up against me, Robbie?" Karin asked in her little-girl voice. "Karin, this is ridiculous." Robbie exclaimed. "Can't you just get the key--?" Karin looked hurt. "Honey, watching you hump the towel, would just make me so horny…you know, I don't know for sure about waiting til our wedding night…for me?" Back to the little-girl voice.

Robbie was elated at this, and quite horny as well, so he began humping the towel, pressing his crotch over and over again into the towel and rubbing it back and forth across the scratchy surface. "It's an old towel" Karin apologized. "I used it to wash my Mom's dog a few times." Robbie closed his eyes, thinking of Karin in her tube top earlier, and playing with his dick for the last six or seven hours, and ground his penis against the towel. Karin began slowly clapping her hands and singing "Go, Robbie, Go we know you can do it" Robbie pushed his crotch further into the towel, now rolling his penis back and forth across the material that had been last used to scrub down an Airedale Retriever mutt mix. Suddenly, his legs were tightening, and he began the familiar shaking all over…it was coming.

But then Karin grabbed Robbie's shoulders and held him! Robbie's cock stopped twitching against the towel. Was she insane? "Sorry, baby…but I just wanted to give you a little back rub…" Karin kissed the back of Robbie's neck. "Is that all right?" "Sure, but baby, I was about to cum, I'm so horny. Can't you do it later?" Karin's voice rose—Robbie of course couldn't see her face, being cuffed on his stomach on the bed—"Don't you like my back rubs? You were telling me last week that it seemed so unfair that you gave me hundreds of massages and I only gave you one or two…what do you want, Robert?" Robbie beat his head into the mattress. "Okay, sure… a backrub would be great." Karin laughed. "I thought so.." she sat on the bed and began squeezing Robbie's shoulders, and Robbie felt Karin spreading scented oil on his back and gradually Karin worked her way down his back to his butt.

"Most men would enjoy this kind of attention." Karin murmured, as she squeezed his bottom cheeks, her nails slightly scratching, as they were slippery with the oil. Robbie felt Karin slightly spread his legs apart with her hands, and she reached beneath his rear and gently pulled Robbie's penis, still very erect, in between his legs. Robbie felt some pressure as his overstuffed balls were now wedged against the bed, but otherwise it was not uncomfortable. "Robbie, can you imagine if we'd just screwed like you wanted to?" Robbie felt Karin's forefinger and fuck-you finger rub a little massage against the underside of his penis…"We'd be done now, honey." Karin went on. "I'd be tired, and you'd be at home, or crashed on my bed…but instead, you're still rarin' to go." Robbie felt her massaging his penis from behind, and of course he became even more erect…the natural direction for his dick to go was out in front of him, and so there was slightly more pain in his crushed groin, but he forgot it in feeling Karin's heavenly rubbing.


Finally, Karin gave Robbie permission to hump the bed again. "This time, you can release, honey…just grind away!" Karin had pulled Robbie's butt up and gently pushed his penis under his stomach again, and Robbie began to grind, pushing his crotch deep into the towel. Harder and harder he pushed, trying to pretend it was Karin's pussy he was fucking…OOOH. Robbie came hard…it w as the most intense release he'd ever had. Just as Robbie came, the doorbell rang, and Karin patted Robbie's ass, and went out to see who it was. Robbie, still focused on his orgasm, thought it was unusually wet down there…he kept spurting and spurting. Robbie was unaware that semen became backed up after much stimulation. Finally the passion left him, and Robbie, feeling his crotch quite wet and uncomfortable, wanted to get up.

Karin came back into the room. "Oh Robbie, a friend just came by. He's in the living room." Robbie was still struggling with his hands cuffed. "Karin, can you help me up? It's very uncomfortable down here." Robbie thought. "He? He who?"

Karin laughed. "It's my old boyfriend Toad…you remember him." Robbie looked up over his shoulder, God it was wet down there. "You mean the furniture refinisher? The one you were always complaining about? Who cheated on you? What's he doing here?" Karin laughed, deep in her throat. "He just came by to apologize, I think…he's been going through—" "Hey Karin." Came a deep voice from the living room. "Who the fuck's clothes are these? Jesus, a faggot alligator shirt." "Don't worry, Toad, honey." Called Karin. "They're my brother's." "Your brothers?" said Robbie, his voice going down a little. "I'm your fiancée. Doesn't he know?" Karin patted Robbie's shoulder. "Well, Toad's made big inroads in Anger Management classes, but he's having a hard time letting go. We get together and talk about what's happened, and I'm going to break it to him soon…but I can't get you up now, Robbie…if he saw you, it might not go well…the key to the handcuffs are in the living room, anyway." "Karin, get in here," called Toad. "We're going to my house to see the waterbed, it's incredible." Karin patted Robbie's shoulder. "I'll be back in a little." Robbie began struggling. It was very wet around his crotch now…his erection was gone…"But—" "Bye…" Karin left the room, and shut the door, and Robbie lay in his own waste until five a.m.




"Robbie, I am so disappointed in you." Karin leaned back on the sofa. She was clad in a tank top and shorts and the tank top swelled in indignation as she breathed hard. "What is this? Why are you so limp!" Robbie couldn't answer Karin, as he was kneeling naked on a hassock in front of Karin, with his hands tied and his mouth gagged. His erection he thought, wasn't limp at all. It was sticking straight out, where Karin had been stroking it with the nails of her right hand as she lounged on the couch,reading "Elle" magazine...As Karin idly stroked Robbie's dick, Robbie been kneeling on the hassock with perfect posture, as he was gently stroked by Karin for two hours now, and he felt quite horny.

Karin leaned over and pulled out the gag. "Answer me. Why is this erection so—"she giggled "mediocre?" "I don't know what you mean, Miss Karin." Robbie answered. He still couldn't believe the change in his relationship with his beautiful fiancée in the past six weeks. "I'm really, really hard, and I wish I could cum—" Robbie gulped. All he could get from Karin after being engaged six months was these long teasing sessions…she said he wasn't really ready for a sexual relationship with her, and she wanted them to wait for the altar…Robbie objected to this, as he knew full well now that Karin was still sleeping with an old boyfriend, but she said that would also stop when she and Robbie got married. "It's just a physical thing between me and Toad, Robbie" Karin had said, stroking Robbie's cheek. " I want to maintain high standards for you…and I have to get a little R&R you know..and don't worry, baby…I'll give you some fun with one of my special massages…"

Their routine for the "massages" went like this. First Robbie would give Karin a regular massage, all over her back and rear end, and legs…sometimes he would present her with a little gift he'd picked up, and when she became somewhat aroused, the evening became rather physical. Robbie and Karin would then neck for several hours—Robbie would feel Karin up, but just above the waist according to her rules—and they'd tongue each other tremendously. Karin would give Robbie these neck kisses and hickeys even—Although she never let Robbie see her naked, Karin would gradually strip to bra and panties, and let Robbie nuzzle her cleavage and rub up against her until he was horny and sweaty and chomping at the bit. Then Karin would ask Robbie to take off his clothes, and then the real fun began!

Karin would then tie Robbie down and slowly masturbate him…at first she'd let him cum after a few hours of this seemingly endless handjob, and he'd stopped pressuring her for regular sex…it was useless, and this teasing thing was exciting! Sometimes Robbie would quake for 40 minutes to an hour as Karin stroked, pulled, tapped and squeezed his organ. She'd tied him down to hassocks, ottomans, ceiling hooks, the picnic table in the back yard, her bed, once Karin had actually tied Robbie down under the table and played with his poor, trembling dick with her toes as she studied for a grad school exam. Robbie had never had such an experience in his life as he did when he was begging her to let him cum, and often his balls would begin to feel like little weights between his legs, as the backed up semen gathered.

At the end of the tease, Karin would finally stroke Robbie to orgasm—sometimes if Robbie came before Karin wanted him to, she would feed the semen back into his mouth with a spoon, which was frightening but intensely arousing as well—and other times if Robbie begged too much, she'd make him jerk himself off. This always made Robbie feel kind of rejected, as he loved spurting into Karin's palm after a long, frustrating tease.

But recently Karin had begun stopping the tease without letting him release if he'd done something to annoy her, like forgetting to pick up her dry cleaning. If Karin didn't feel "appreciated" she wouldn't let him squirt! Of course after Robbie'd leave Karin, he'd go home and jerk off if he hadn't cum, sometimes several times in a night, thinking about her flimsy outfits and long, dancing fingers…but he didn't let her know this. But she knew something was different, and was she pissed.

"Robbie, this is bullshit. Last week when we had a playing session, your dick was thick and bursting, and it was precumming all over the place. It was so neat watching you pant and beg to cum…and I'm sorry I didn't let you, but you were rude to Toad on the phone when he called.—" "He's not supposed to see you!" Robbie shouted. He didn't have a lot of power behind the shout, as of course he was naked and kneeling on a hassock, but he had to make his point, dammit. "Toad's a friend, and I expect you to treat my friends with respect." Karin said severely, as she leaned over and whacked Robbie on his member. "And I told you I'd make it up to you this week if you were good, but you're just not as excited as you were before." Karin flicked Robbie's dick at the tip with a nail and Robbie squirmed. "I mean (giggle) you are a little hard, but the energy isn't there!" Karin looked Robbie in the eye. "Are you seeing another woman, Robert?" Robbie shook his head. "Absolutely not! Even though you've not given me any real sex, I respect my engagement, unlike—"

Karin shook her head and got up and left the room, with Robbie still kneeling on the hassock. "Karin come back!" Robbie yelled. But Karin was in her bedroom, a room Robbie didn't see often, and she stayed there for ten minutes. Robbie really wanted her to come back, and he called nicely "Karin, I'm sorry I got on you about your personal relationships…please come back. Just get me off the hassock, I'm about to fall!" No answer. Robbie tried to keep his balance, but it was difficult. He had a charley horse in one thigh. "Please, Karin!" Robbie wailed. "I can't stand here, honey!" Karin came back in the room with a box. She sat down in front of the hassock again. "Robbie, you've either been seeing another woman or choking your chicken—" Robbie looked abashed "That's it!" she said triumphantly "You're a whack-off artist…that's a habit for sixteen year olds, Jesus."

Karin cocked her head and looked seriously at her fiancée. "Honey, don't you know that playing with yourself between our times together reduces your affection for me—sometimes I've noticed when you come over and you're not particularly horny you seem to take me for granted, you forget to open the car door for me, once you actually asked me if I wanted to split the check one night." Robbie looked downcast. He wasn't aware that Karin felt this way. Even though she'd never let him sleep with her, or even given Robbie a blowjob, even though she was clearly sleeping with one or two other guys, Karin was his everything, and he'd never wanted to make her feel unhappy or undervalued.

As if reading his thoughts, Karin took her finger and pushed Robbie's chin up and smiled at him. "Honey, when you're really, really excited about being with me, when you've not been abusing yourself and your love juices are contained, you are incredible! You treat me like a princess, take me everywhere, bring me ice cream and little gifts…I feel so cherished. And then when I give you long, long massages, you sweat and shiver and thrust your hard little winkie into the air, and I get such a kick out of it, especially when I lift my hand up and you have to raise up your things—that's funny." Karin smiled, and Robbie smiled back, somewhat weakly. "And then when I finally let you cum, you are so grateful, and just as sweet as can be, because it's a treat, not something that happens every day, you know…? But now that you're whacking off like a madman, and you are just lackadaisical. I just know you're spending time surfing porn on the Internet, and what kind of a waste of time is that? Why can't you stop doing this, baby…"


"Karin, I love you, but I get so frustrated and horny." Robbie confessed. "And I get jealous about your fooling around with Toad and those other guys, and I just want to jerk off…I love the teasing stuff, and I've even joined a couple of newsgroups on the Internet that talk about teasing and denial of the male orgasm—but I can't stay chaste…some of the men on those sites wear chastity belts, but that's not me! " Robbie shook his head. "I'm not that kind of guy, and I don't think I could wear one!" Karin held up the box she'd brought in the room and shook it. "Are you sure, baby?"


The first month that Robbie wore the "Thimble" was incredibly frustrating…Although Karin was letting him cum about once every three days, the shot-glass shaped metal object now covering his dick was incredibly frustrating… Part of this was because, of course Robbie was a compulsive masturbator…He'd see some girl with big hair, the kind he'd never have a conversation with, walking down the sidewalk by his firm, or have a few flirtatious words with the legal secretary of one of his partners, and then he'd run off to the firm public restroom, squirt a little pink soap from the sink into his palms, and dive into the stall, and wank, pausing impatiently as people came in and out of the lavatory, having irritatingly long conversations. Robbie's closet was jammed with porn tapes and empty Astroglide containers…

Now Robbie was horny all the time…he was stupid enough to watch his favorite porn tape "Inspector Fellatio" once with the "Thimble" on, and realized the metal cap wasn't actually big enough to hold his erection…he'd had to shut off the tape and jump in the shower immediately. He now tried not to look at the teenyboppers at the mall, but he still did, and sometimes tried to release by humping the "Thimble" against the bed at home…but it was just painful. Karin now had taken to inviting Robbie over more and more to dinner, and she was always wearing either a tiny, clinging shirt, with a push up bra that bulged her cleavage, or some sort of lingerie—a lace teddy or a Merry Widow, and thigh high stockings with garters, and spike heels, patting him on the cheek…you'd think she wanted to get it on, with all that, but she had locked him into the damn belt!

"B-but why?" Robbie had asked Karin as she'd locked on the chastity belt. "I don't jerk off that much, and I love you." If she really was eager for Robbie to be horny, why the hell wouldn't she let him sleep with her after nearly three years of dating and siz months of engagement?

"Robbie, I just want to know that you're not easing your tensions elsewhere." Karin responded, patting his metal crotch. " When you jerk off and think of some other girl, or even think of me when you're away from me, it's like you're cheating on me…I know that I am still seeing other men, but I'm so used to regular sex! You've really not slept with that many real-time women, have you sweetie?" Robbie shook his head, his neck scarlet. Robbie had been so astonished and pleased when Karin had agreed to go out with him the first time, and she was only his second girlfriend in about ten years.

Karin still tied Robbie down once or twice a week and played her "massaging" games on his cock Rub, rub rub, stroke stroke…"This is how I like you, darling, " she'd say, playing her fingers along the underside of Robbie's straining cock, as he moaned and shook, stark naked with the cuffs behind him.

"See, you haven't cum in what is it? Four days? No, I played with you Sunday, but we didn't have time (giggle) for you to come. Six days! You haven't cum, and look at your enthusiasm! It's incredible!" Robbie's dick was soaked in pre-cum, and it was rather purple that day. His balls were incredibly swollen—sometimes he'd have to go home and ice his testicles after one of their marathon massages…he couldn't rub it on his cock as Karin would've already locked on the belt! And today, as he rang the doorbell, Robbie was thinking to himself…he'd heard Karin discussing a possible reduction in orgasms…a "behavior modification" program, she called it.

Karin smiled and hugged Robbie as she opened the door for him. . " Oh, baby..have I got a surprise for you!" Oooh.



Karin's Thimble--Book II

Karin hugged Robbie, pressing her boobs against him, giving him a long tongue kiss, and then pulled him into the apartment.. "Let's shut the door, honey, I'm not really dressed." A tall guy in the apartment across the hall came out to get his newspaper, and caught Karin's eye. Karin stepped back, and Robbie saw what she meant—she was wearing a violet bustier, her cleavage practically bursting out of it…this was usual of course when he came to see Karin. She didn't seem upset that the guy across the hall noticed—She smiled at him

"Hey Greg…nice bathrobe." The guy, a big dark haired guy, about three inches taller than Robbie, winked at her

"You like it, Karin? I got it went back to the Opp Shop, check out the back." The guy turned around and Karen and Robbie read on the back of the fluffy white robe that it had belonged to "Caeser's Palace", and this written in gold letters. "This is Robbie, my fiancee, Greg."

Karin nudged Robbie, and he nodded at the guy weakly. "Oh, yeah…right."

Something made Greg chuckle, "Robert?" he asked, looking at Robbie. "No, Robin" replied Robbie uncomfortably.

Greg grinned. "Oh, Robin…that's a guy's name?" "It was my father's" Robbie said hotly. "That figures." Karin and Greg both began laughing, and

and Greg took his paper back inside the house.

"What's the Opp Shop, Karin, where did you go with him?" Robbie asked, as they came into the apartment. "Oh, it's called the Opportunity Shop, and it's a thrift store at the National Cathedral…Greg and I go shopping there sometimes…rich Episcopalians like you donate your stuff, and we proletarians benefit." Karin laughed.

"But, why are you going with him to thrift stores?" Robbie shook his head. "I mean, you are dating some guy, I know, but we ARE engaged…do you have to have all these friends? Do you like those gym-rat types, anyway? What do you have in common with him? Robbie felt like a nagging old woman.

Karin began playing with Robbie's shirt. "Oh, you don't want to go to a thrift store, Robbie…you have lots of money. I like it when you take me to Neiman Marcus…Greg's a thrift-shop pal, that's all…ROBIN." Karin coughed. "He and I got up early this morning and went to the Opportunity Shop and got some stuff—you like my top?" Robbie stared hungrily at the violet bustier.

"Then we went to the Steak and Egg Kitchen, that little place down the street, and had breakfast, that's all." We got up, Robbie thought what's she mean by that? Did they get up together, or in separate apartments? Should I ask? Karin was beginning to look irritated. She could always read Robbie's mind. She breathed deeply, and Robbie quaked, both thrilled by her heaving bosom, and fearful of the temper tantrum that might come. Last time she had a tantrum he'd had to buy her a diamond bracelet and wash her car as well.

"What's the deal, Rob-Bin? Can't I have friends?" Karin stopped playing with Robbie's buttons..he'd really enjoyed feeling her fingers toying with his chest. "I mean, how are we going to spend the rest of our LIVES together—" Robbie's heart stopped—"if you are always mooching around at me?" Karin spun and walked to her window. "I mean, what's the fuckin' point?"

Don't beg, Robbie thought. Last night in one of his rare nights with the guys, his friend Kevin had said "When she throws a fit, dude,just walk out. Fuck her…she'll come after you. You're the youngest litigation partner at your firm, you make money, just tell her to chuck it, that's what I tell Maurissa" But Maurissa was a pig next to Karin. "Karin please…"

Robbie wrung his hands and walked up behind her. "Don't be that way…I just was asking. I mean, you know I am committed to this relationship, honey…I understand about the other guys, the guy friends, you need your freedom, and I let you put a chastity belt on me…how many guys allow that?" Karin turned around and looked at Robbie. "Oh, yeah…let's take a look at that. Strip down." She said.

Robbie obeyed, folding his clothes up neatly and putting them in a corner as his mom had taught him. He stood before Karin in only his chastity belt, that peculiar thing she called the "Thimble" and had a shot-glass shaped piece of metal around his cock, preventing his masturbation or any other action when he was alone. Sure he could pee out of it, but that was all the action it allowed. Karin examined it, dropping to her knees. Robbie thought of something else she could be doing down there, but didn't think for long, as his penis could not swell to a full erection inside the Thimble.

He felt the familiar pain as his dick pushed in vain against the hard metal…he'd almost had a seizure that morning, watching his sixteen year old neighbor, wearing a bikini and necking with the boyfriend on her front lawn. Karin tapped the tip of the Thimble with a long nail. This didn't help.

Karin's nails were incredibly provocative to Robbie's penis…Sometimes Karin would let Robbie take the belt off and they'd go out into the street, and go shopping, she called it "Window-shopping" but constantly she'd tap his dick, and occasionally grab his bulge, poking it with her long nails through the pants, in this oh-so subtle way…she'd comment on a piece of pottery in the window, a pair of shoes, some earrings on display at Commodore Jewelers…and he'd go right in like Pavlov's dog, and buy it for her…and then when they were having dinner,sometimes Karin would reach under the table and play with Robbie's dick with her hands the nails unzipping his pants, and whisking out his dick, and fondling the penis head while she asked his opinions of the attractive young waitresses at the Café Deluxe. Occasionally, Karin foot-fondled his crotch, but generally, it was the hand, and the long, French nails.

"She's cute isn't she Robbie?" Karin would whisper in Robbie's ear, pumping his dick just a little under the table, as an American University coed would come to take their order. "Don't you think she's prettier than me?" This would go on throughout the movies, as well…and then when they got home, Robbie would be rarin' to go, and Karin would tie him to the bed, spreadeagled, and gently play with his cock as he found a thousand ways to tell her that he thought she was prettier and lots sexier than any of the waitresses or store clerks they'd seen, or certainly Gwyneth Paltrow in the movies…oh yes…and those nails would just swirl up and down his erection….stroking and petting and rubbing and pinching. "Look at this vein, Robbie…is it pulsating for me, or Gwyneth, baby…?"

"I love you Karin, please, please take off the ropes and let me make love to you…please?" "I don't know about you, perv boy…make love indeed, real guys want to fuck, Rob-Bin.. but don't you really like those hot chicks on 'Friends' or that bitch on the Drew Carey Show, you always watch it Rob-Bin…" Then Karin would pretend to get miffed and walk away, with a last flick of her long nail on Robbie's now purplish, soggy, well-veined erection. "I'll just leave that dickie for Jennifer Aniston to enjoy…Jennifer, Jennifer where are you?" the voice would float back to Robbie, as he lay there, humping the air in vain, or vein…ho ho.

This morning, Robbie stood at attention, his penis now in severe pain, pushing, pushing desperately against the unforgiving metal of the Thimble as he gazed down into Karin's heaving breasts as she knelt, tapping the Thimble tip with a French talon.

"You were supposed to clean this thing, Robbie." Karin looked at the tip of the Thimble. She got very close, and then she kissed the Thimble, tenderly, mouthing it a little, before pulling back. Robbie felt like his dick would explode through the Thimble. In the two and a half years they'd been together, Karin had never given him head…and now this! Being sucked through an evil metal prison. "Why didn't you clean this belt thing, Robbie?" Robbie had cleaned the belt and the Thimble thoroughly that morning, but now of course it was slightly tarnished by Karin's strawberry lip gloss.

"Why, oh why…Robbie?" Karin stood up. "It's filthy." WHACK! Robbie's face stung where Karin had just slapped him. This had never happened before. Jesus the girl had lots of muscle. "Honey" Robbie protested,

"I did clean it, I even polished the Thimble, as best I could, since I couldn't take it off, you know."

"What's that shit on the tip, then?" Karin flicked the strawberry stained tip of the Thimble. "That's your lip gloss, baby, you just kissed me down there you smeared it—"

"SMEARED?" Karin shrieked at Robbie, and gave him another roundhouse slap on the other cheek. Robbie's head bounced like a balloon against a bus stop. "I give you the chance to have MY LITTLE MOUTH on your pathetic organ—and you complain---" Karin's voice grew icy"—complain that I am messing up your pitiful little chastity tube."

Robbie's head was ringing, and then as she said "chastity tube" Karin reached down and smacked the Thimble hard—very hard. This exacerbated the pain of the erection, still pushing desperately against the Thimble, incredibly. Robbie dropped to his knees, and began crying. "I didn't—didn't—" His head dropped to his chest. "I-I…try so hard"

Immediately Karin's voice changed. "Oh, honey…" Karin leaned over and ruffled Robbie's hair. "I know you try." Karin helped Robbie to his feet, and gave him another big, soft hug, pressing her soft breasts to his shaking, narrow chest. "Darling, you're such a good boy."

Karin led Robbie into her bedroom. Taking a tissue from the night table by her bed, Karin told Robbie to "blow". Then she gently pushed Robbie down on the bed, edging him to the middle, and took his right arm laying it next to the bedpost. Karin went into the night table and took out a pair of hand cuffs, and locked one cuff on the bed post and the other on Robbie's wrist. "There you go, sweetheart. Now spread your arm and legs so I can finish up, honey. " After Robbie was secured to the bedposts, Karin put a pillow under his head and sat down on the bed.

"You poor, poor baby." Karin watched her fiancée sniffle. "You just don't know which way to turn, do you?" Karin took the ring of keys that had been used for the handcuffs, and found another key, and reached over and began unlocking the Thimble. "This is why, Robbie, that you need behavior modification…so you can just follow some simple rules for living."

Karin took the Thimble off Robbie's crotch area, and playfully twiddled Robbie's penis, which shot up like a metronome gone awry.

Oh, what a relief. Robbie hadn't been out of the Thimble for a teasing in three days—which meant, of course he hadn't been out of the Thimble at all, and it was horribly cramped.. Karin had been too busy to tease him, and it was so nice to have his dick waving around in the air, with no painful metal holding it down.

Robbie had never fully appreciated what a freedom it was to be able to have an unfettered erection, to be able to move his dick around…His penis's incarceration in the Thimble had certainly given Robbie food for thought.

"Going to put this in the dishwasher" Karin said, looking at the three days sweaty Thimble with a delicately wrinkled nose. Carrying the Thimble with thumb and forefinger, Karin trotted into the kitchen. Robbie heard the so unds of the dishwasher going. Robbie tried to move his manacled arms. Nothing doing. Karin had cuffed them well. She had apparently dated a police sergeant.

Jesus, she'd dated all the blue collar in Washington, D.C., Robbie thought—and had gotten the best in police handcuffs. Robbie peered across his narrow chest to his unflagging dick enjoying its freedom. He wondered if Karin would let him cum today. It had been eighteen days since Robbie had last had an orgasm, and it felt like 18 years.

Perhaps it wouldn't have been so bad if Karin hadn't constantly been teasing and tormenting Robbie's poor dick—nightly strokings as Robbie lay tied to beds, coffee tables, Karin's cousin's pool table when they were house-sitting—hassocks, dressers, etc. Then just as he thought tonight would be his night, Karin would ice down his unsatisfied penis and put him back into the Thimble, making fun of Robbie if he began crying.

"Well…" Karin came back into the room, carrying a small basin and water and a large yellow sponge. "Been a while since the old groin got some scrubbing, eh Robbie?" Karin squirted liquid soap into Robbie's dick and began rubbing the soap in vigorously, adding water from the sponge now and then. "Like I said earlier, Robbie, I 'd love to move in with you now, even before we're married. Maybe really soon." Robbie's genitals were becoming inflamed with the stimulation of Karin's soft rubbing. "Oh, Karin, that would be wonderful!"

Robbie was thrilled. Up until now Karin had preferred him in small doses. Karin generally saw Robbie one or two nights a week, and only occasionally saw him on the weekend. This had gotten even more painful for Robbie than it had been when he just missed Karin; after all, his dick was stuck in the Thimble. It would be wonderful if she saw him all the time, even if she teased him nightly. "That's right" Karin said as she noticed Robbie's hopeful look"I want to spend more time with my fluffy-wuffy bunny rabbit." Karin was now soaping Robbie's balls, which had become rather heavy of late with all the backed up semen. Not only had Karin stimulated much semen into the testicles in the last eighteen days, but there was still some sperm backed up in there from before Robbie's previous orgasm…it usually took a few orgasms to empty the testicles.


"We're getting married in a year, and it would be nice to get out of this cramped apartment and move into my Bunnie-Wunnie's nice five bedroom house, after all you've begged me to move in several times." Now Karin was dying Robbie off—he felt like an infant whose diaper had been changed. "But honey, as much as I love you, you've got some weird habits, poor social skills, and you don't allow me much of a social life, since you are so controlling." Karin carefully put the basin on the floor and reached into the night table drawer, bringing out some sex lubricant.

" I think if we work together on your wird habits honey—" Karin poured lube into her palm—"You will become the ideal boyfriend, and then a good hubsnad." Karin began to slowly rub Robbie's cock with her slippery, wet palm.

"Wouldn't you like that, honey? Then I'd feel better about maybe taking all my clothes off in front of you…wouldn't you like to know if my nipples are pink or brown? Lots of other guys know." Robbie's throat quickened at the idea of actually seeing Karin naked. Her naked breasts. He'd never seen her naked, though she'd always been in tube tops, string bikinis or skin tight shirts, or crop tops and cut offs in the warm weather, and then tiny sweaters in the winter. And of course it was embarrassing that he was naked in front of her constantly the last few months, and she'd never given him even a little peek at her bare body.

"And we could progress to lovemaking… I mean, Robbie…when was the last time you had a real blowjob,baby?" Karin began rubbing slightly faster. Robbie thought about it. Karin had never given hima blowjob—they'd never gotten past heavy necking with the clothes on in the thirty months they'd b een together. Now things had progressed to clothes off, but just Robbie's clothes.

"I mean, I like cocksucking, Robbie…I haven't felt comfortable with you to do it yet, but I do like it, there have never been any complaints from previous boyfriends, hell they called me Doctor Fellatio at my high school… and my lips are great, don't you think they're great?" Robbie nodded. Karin leaned down to Robbie's cock and blew on it a little, and it stiffened even further than it had. Karen laughed. "Yes, these lips could make that little wee-wee feel really really good, your Karin thinks, baby."

Karin paused from stroking Robbie and took a lipstick from the night table and a compact mirror and began applying a bright red maraschino cherry color to her full lips. She rubbed her lips together when she was done. "Robbie…you'd really like my blowjobs…" Karen resumed stroking Robbie's purple, engorged penis. "I have a warm, soft mouth…Greg—I mean a guy I know—said my mouth felt like velvet." Karin began rubbing Robbie's frenum, and his hips bucked. "And I always swallow, honey. Up and down Karins' hand went, as if she was handling a truck gear shift around a difficult turn pike. Robbie's cock felt like a guided missile. Karin's ministrations were causing it to get to Louisville Slugger proportions, and all this blowjob talk didn't much help. Why couldn't she suck him off now? But of course, she didn't feel quite comfortable yet.

Again Karin read his mind. "Honey I just don't feel like this with you now—having grown-up sex.." Karen slowed down the manipulation of Robbie's shaft and began just stroking the top of the penis with a lone forefinger, the nail occasionally grazing the pee hole.

"You are just too immature and freaky" Robbie's eyes filled with tears. She'd never want him. He was a freak. Karin looked sharply at him. "And you're a fuckin' crybaby…You're always giving me the waterworks." Karin began rubbing the penis head with two fingers then theree, as if she were sanding Robbie's penis with a tiny piece of sandpaper. "You're selfish, you have terrible self control too…"

"What-what do you mean? " Robbie asked, panting. He could have fucked a hedgehog now. "I'm a good, patient driver, I never missed a day of school all the way through college, studied hard, I've helped you out with bills—Karin honey, how am I selfish with poor control?" Karin was a fine one to discuss poor self control. Karen was a former stripper, had been jailed for shoplifting in her youth, and had dropped out of two colleges and three hairdressing academies. She'd been to rehab and a brother of hers had been in jail for bank robbery. They were all irresponsible in that family, Robbie thought.

Karin looked bemused. "Well—wait… honey, deflate your dickie a little bit. Mommy wants to try something new that will give you some pleasure…a cock ring. I can't put it on with you all hard like that." Karin did not desist in rubbing Robbie's penis. "C'mon limp up."Karin's tone became impatient, though she was massaging his dick harder now, and playing a bit with the foreskin with a long nail.Her nail began flicking the foreskin back and forth, and Robbie panted.

"C'mon honey, calm down, make your hard-on go away, for Mommy." Karin pulled her bustier down more showing her breasts and licked her lips…but she continued the masturbation. Then she actually reached her head over and licked the tip of Robbie's cock, which was streaming pre-cum. "Robbie, why won't you lose your boner, honey?" Karen then kissed the side of his penis, and then rubbed some more. "Baby, I'm getting irritated. Drop your stiffie, please."Robbie wondered if Karin were insane.

How was he supposed to go limp under these arousing conditions? Indeed, it was turning even more purple, contrasting sharply with Karin's slender white fingers. "Karin, honey, stop touching my dick and it'll go down maybe…put a jacket over that top, too…it's making me so…I can't calm down like this." Whack! Karin's palm crashed against Robbie's cheek for the third time that day. "Goddamnit" Karin screamed. Reaching down, she pulled off one of her spike heels. " Haven't you ever heard of mind over matter? Can't you just go limp without giving me orders?" Karin took the shoe by the tip and whacked the heel onto the base of Robbie's straining erection. He screamed.

" Lose your erection, goddamit!" Karin whacked Robbie's dick again, and then gave him a shot with the heel on his scrotum. Robbie burst into tears, but his cock seemed to still be quite erect. Finally Karin began pounding his cock with the shoe like a hammer on a nail, and finally his erection died, and his penis became very small…there appeared to be a tiny spot of blood on the tip. Karin took a Kleenex and wiped it off.

Calming down, Karin returned the evil shoe to her foot.. "You see, bunny rabbit?" Karen's honeyed tones asked patiently. "You can't control yourself without discipline. I had to ask you two or three times to drop that boner of yours and then " she giggled." I had to um, calm it down myself."

Karin held up a small leather strap, a little smaller than a watch band with metal snaps on it. "This will accentuate your pleasure, baby…I just want to give you a good time, honey." Karin chided Robbie, still weeping with all the pain in his groin.. "Why won't you let Mommy give you a good time, instead of keeping up that big manly cock? But now you're in for a treat."

Karin gingerly lifted Robbie's cock and balls up and snapped the cock ring around them, so the blood was constricted and his cock bulged. For the next half hour, Karin played with Robbie's cock and sang lullabies and songs from her Vacation Bible School. Robbie forgot the pain and his penis became quite tumescent once again. He noticed that the strap indeed did accentuate his pleasure as he was stroked, and he resolved that if he ever got out of the Thimble he would buy a strap to masturbate with.

"Now, Robbie, let me tell you a story. " Karin was speaking quite gently still. "When I was in my teens I was a hell raiser, probably at the same time you were in the Honor Society and a National Merit Finalist and all that. I got in some trouble, and got sent to a reform school, and while I was gone, my mom and dad packed up their trailer and moved to another park across the country. And it was years before I saw them again."

Bitterness crept into her voice, but this did not interrupt the gentle teasing of Robbie's cock. "So my parole officer helped me get into this girls home, and it was run on a point system…behavior modification, like I was telling you on the phone. We all had these green point cards in the house, and we had to earn seventy thousand points a week to get our weekend privileges and allowance."

Karin bounced Robbie's balls gently in her palm. "And it was real good for me. I got ten thousand positive points for going to school, say five hundred points for cleaning my room, and another thousand for doing my chores, studying, the like…and then if I was bad, like if I stole something, I might get two hundred thousand negative points I had to work off, before I got my privileges back. And boy did it piss me off…but I became much more civilized as a result, you know."

Robbie wondered why Karin was telling him this. He hated it when she talked about her past…he always cringed when they visited his parents because he was afraid that her elbow tattoo would show as she was eating Mother's bisque. Couldn't she just forget that part of her life? Why couldn't she just be a normal girlfriend? Jesus did he want to cum. "Anyway, honey…" Karin went on…

"You're just the sweetest guy, but I think you could do with a little point system yourself. It would make life so much easier, and you'd know whether or not you were pissing me off…wouldn't that be great? I wouldn't be getting mad at you all the time…I think that would be wonderful, really…and if you earn enough points, you'll get MAN privileges, baby!"

Karin looked critically at the model in the "before" picture in the plastic surgery ad in Elle magazine. Then she looked at the "after" picture. Clearly, the woman hadn't had surgery at all…she just stopped frowning…do these morons believe the ads…Man. Karin looked around the room. Robbie would have to do those baseboards.

In the eight months since Robbie and Karin had been living together, his "sitting room" as his Mom called it, had begun to look more like a showplace than before…the carpet was so clean now, and you could actually see it, whereas before Karin got Robbie to accept the point system, you couldn't see the carpet for the ashtrays, crushed Schlitz cans, and porn tapes lying everywhere. Robbie's mother, the wrinkled up old cunt, even approved, and reluctantly admitted that she now approved of Robbie's new fiancée.

Robbie's Chevy Chase four-bedroom Victorian was much nicer than the crowded efficiency that Karin had shared with her boyfriend Toad in in Southeast Washington. It had been awfully cramped, and Karin had called it a de-ficiency. Toad, perennially unemployed, still lived there, and Karin paid his rent and other expenses out of the substantial allowance that Robbie gave her. Toad also was using one of Robbie's credit cards, but this he assured Karin, was temporary.

The efficiency apartment was conveniently on the subway line for Karin's occasional noctural visits, and very near the parole office, the 7-Eleven AND the methadone clinic, all of which Toad had to visit regularly. Karin was a small "d" democrat when choosing who she slept with, so she had a variety of other poverty-stricken lovers who occasionally hit her up for loans

CRASH! Karin cocked her head, giggled, and got up, slipping her feet into enchanting black heels. She began strolling into the kitchen, a corn fed American beauty in snug turtleneck and black jeans. Karin leaned against the doorjamb and sighed. Robbie looked at her, miserable, and perhaps a little chilly.

Clad in thigh high pink stockings, often called "pull ups" and matching pink suede high heels---higher than Karins, as a matter of fact—he wasn't well covered, except of course for the Thimble, which kept his cock contained, but probably not that warm. At Robbie's feet was a tipped over stepladder and a broken crystal decanter. Karin looked up at the cabinet above the sink, and the other crystal was clean and almost all replaced.back on the shelf. That was something, at least…but this broken crockery!

Karin shook her head. "You know, I told you not to rush putting that stuff away…and I bet you were dumb enough to go up the ladder in your heels? You rushed, didn't you Robin?"

Robbie hung his head. "I know, Miss Karin, but I wanted to watch the Phillies game at four. The guys are coming over…you said you didn't mind."

Karin gritted her teeth. "You have two hundred thousand negative points to work off—if I find one more "Swank" magazine, I'll give you a million negative—and if you don't work them off by Monday, you can't cum—again!"

"Fifty-five." Robbie murmured. "I worked off all but fifty-five thousand, Miss Karin. I cleaned the master bedroom, vacuumed the upstairs, cleaned all the bathrooms in the house, washed the windows, I washed your car, I cleaned the garage—wearing just these da-doggone stockings and it's cold, Karin!" Cursing was a ten thousand negative point mistake, and Robbie was getting better. Karin shook her head.

"Look Robbie, I'm sick of your macho posturing and that's why I make you wear pink stockings around the house. Your attitude was awful!" Karin sniffed, then conceded generously, "But it's so much better now, honey…the stockings look good on you. And you did a great job on the house. and so here's ten thousand positive points."

Robbie reached over to the counter and got his green card, and bent over the counter to write them down. Karin wrinkled her nose, looking at his zit-laden bottom contrasting with the neon pink stockings.

"But you get 20,000 negative points for rushing with the crystal, and another twenty for breaking that bottle thing—" Karin waved at the broken decanter. "Your mom's crystal, Robbie, I don't want her looking daggers at me. So there's forty thousand plus fifty-five thousand, 95,000 negative points, looks like you're not cumming tomorrow, and if you keep rushing, you'll have to miss the football game. Robbie dropped his pen and began to cry, and Karin spun on her heel and returned to the living room.

It wasn't a bad system if Robbie behaved himself. Karin only required 100,000 positive points a week for Robbie to have the Thimble removed…he could then lie on the cold kitchen floor, jacking his stockinged legs over his head and whack away, while Karin timed him with a stopwatch. If Robbie didn't cum in three minutes—sometimes he was too excited—Karin would put the Thimble back on, assuming he didn't really want to orgasm.

If Robbie was able to catch his cum in his mouth, Karin gave him a pair of her panties the next time he choked the chicken, generous soul that she was.

And what's 100,000 points? Averages out to about fifteen five a day he had to earn. And it was so easy. On mornings when Karin was home, as she stayed out with a "friend" occasionally.. Robbie got 500 points for making her breakfast before he went to work, and another 500 for serving it to her in bed. When an occasional "friend" stayed over in Karin's bed, Robbie got 500 further points for serving him without pouting.

Karin had the master bedroom, and Robbie a smaller room down the hall, but he was hoping that might change, as well as the guests, after they got married. Robbie would come home from work at noon and make Karin lunch just as she got in from her morning classes at theUniversity of Maryland-College Park. Robbie was careful to not have any lunch meetings with clients if he could help it. The clients were annoyed at first, but were much happier with Robbie's energy level since he'd given up his two pack a day Camel habit and all that beer. Robbie also participated in Karin's aerobics class…he got a thousand points every time he attended, so sometimes he'd go twice a day. Then after work there were more positive points for housework, giving Karin and her "Friend" back massages, and oral sex on the nights Karin stayed home with no friend.

As Karin was not yet comfortable with Robbie seeing her naked, he had to eat her out with a blindfold on. Robbie also got points for tutoring Karin in her statistics classes, and driving Karin and Toad around, since the Toad had unfortunately lost his license.

Yes, Robbie earned his 100,000 points and sometimes a bit more…as he'd always been an achiever, gold stars from first grade on, he worked assiduously. He knew he'd get an orgasm a week, and if he could get a million positive points by their wedding night, signifying "manhood" they could go on as real man and wife, with Robbie making love to Karin, and Karin dropping all those other guys. He'd get blowjobs from those pouty lips…. She'd promised!

But Robbie was always in the red…he hadn't had an orgasm in three months…too many negative points.

It was so easy for Robbie to fuck up. And when he got these negative points, or "demerits" as Karin called them sometimes, he'd have to work them off until he was back in the black. Karin had fired Robbie's maid, annexing the salary for her Toad fund, and trained Robbie to do a better job of cleaning. After Robbie cleaned the entire house Karin would go over it with a fine toothed comb, holding her make up mirror inside the toilet bowl and that sort of thing.

Robbie might get five thousand positive points for cleaning, but lose five hundred to a thousand points for every smudge left on the counter, or tiny specks of dust in the corners of the garage. If Karin's clothes weren't perfectly ironed, he got two hundred points for every wrinkle…and Robbie wasn't much of an ironer…he'd never done chores as a child. Mother had had lots of hired help for that.

And then there was a thousand demerit fine for what Karin called "your bitching and moaning". Robbie had learned quickly not to complain about the cleaning regimen, or Karin still keeping her legs closed, he'd even stopped complaining about the Thimble…when it was on. But he couldn't quite stop begging to cum during the teasing sessions.

On the nights when Karin was home, as well as Saturday afternoons, and sometimes after lunch during the week when Robbie had a slow day ahead of him, Karin would strip Robbie down, binding him to any horizontal surface in the house (favorites being the bed, the hassock and the kitchen table)

Dressed in skimpy halter tops, corsets, stockings, purple teddies, Merry Widows, tiny lace bra and panty sets, or any sort of interesting lingerie, Karin would then remove the Thimble. Then she'd rub, stroke, massage, pull, prod and tickle Robbie's poor organ usually for between two to five hours a day.

"Now you 're a bright, articulate guy." Karin would murmur, as she traced a nail down Robbie's purple shaft, "So I expect you to entrance me with good conversation and witty repartee while I do my important business here, Robin."

Robbie lost no points for his conversation degenerating.. Karin was always amused by how quickly a discussion about Rumsfeld's troop placements would degenerate into "…aah…ooh…it feels so good…I'm so hard, Miss Karin…" Sometimes Karin would be irritated, and kept a metal ruler to thwack him on his cockhead…bringing him back on track. The guy had three graduate degrees, after all!

Robbie tried hard not to beg to be released, or beg to cum…that was Karin's decision whether he'd get to, and he wasn't really allowed to cum until Mondays when he had his 100,000 points. But after 3 hours of Karin's fluttering ivory fingers with long purple nails, his dick was in riot and Robbie would begin to beg…

"Oh Mommy…Karin honey…please let me cum, oh please…I feel like I'm gonna explode, why'd you put the cock ring on, oh don't play with my vein like that…please!" The tantrum would begin, Though Robbie was securely bound, he would attempt to kick his legs, and his lower lip would begin trembling.

Karin would sigh…"Oh, honey, you were doing so well, but that's another thousand demerits. Can't you just lie there quietly?."

"No, no" Robbie whimpered. "No more points. I'll buy you that CD player you wanted for your car, I'll up the minutes on your cell phone…please let me cum." Karin would lean over and slap Robbie's face.

" I am so hurt by your bribery, Robin. I will order the CD player tomorrow, but that's ten thousand demerits, and I'm adding 30 minutes to your tease time." Sometimes the tease sessions would last for seven or eight hours, if Karin's fingers were feeling energetic, and Robbie's protests and complaints would put him so demerited that he could not possibly work off the points.

Now and then, when Karin had a few drinks and was feeling generous, she would allow Robbie to take off large numbers of demerits with "quick punishment"

"Spare the rod, spoil the fiancée" she would giggle, and she'd tie Robbie face down to the bed, naked of course and give him a whipping with long sap switches that she'd cut in Rock Creek Park, and left in the bathtub for a few hours…

"What do you have, baby…ninety-seven thousand points?" Karin would giggle as she came over with the soggy branches, that could leave a vicious sting if aimed right. "No, only eighty-nine, Miss Karin" would come the muffled reply.

Karin would start in on Robbie's rear end, breaking two or three saplings in her efforts..finally Robbie would begin to scream. He'd never had corporal punishment as a child, and Karin critically noticed how this affected his behavior as well as his tolerance for pain.

"What? Are you crying already? We've only done seventeen swats! At a thousand positives per swat, you still owe seventy-one thousand—" "Yes ma'am, I'll try to be quiet." Robbie would sob, trying not to "bitch" But after five or six more, Robbie would again beg her to stop, he'd still owe quite a few points, and Karin would good-naturedly rub iodine into the welts as Robbie cried quietly.

It was a tough system, and even after he'd get the points down to something he could work off by cutting around the edge of the lawn or something, but then Karin would feel badly about the whipping and give him another stroking right afterwards…there was more begging, and there he was again! "It's like you don't want to cum, honey." Karin would shake her head. "You're three hundred thousand demerits strong. At this rate you might not cum til Labor Day."

Karin's reverie was interrupted by Robbie staggering out of the kitchen…

"Oh, Miss Karin…I know I was wrong dropping crockery all over the place…" He hung his tear-stained face, and Karin mentally counted the runs in his stockings. Should she award demerits for that? "I've got to cum or I'll be ready for St. Elizabeths." This was a DC nut ward. Robbie looked up, begging, and the Thimble was poking up in the air, right between his legs…it looked like a guided missile. "Can we do anything? I'll give up my game, I'll tell the guys not to come." Robbie was shaking.

Karin smiled at Robbie. "Baby, I have a way, I think that you can cum tonight, and not even miss your game…



Karin's Thimble

Book III


Robbie finished wiping the kitchen baseboards excitedly, even though his knees were hurting from being so bent over. There- the kitchen was in tip-top order. He was so excited. What a sweetheart Karin is! She was so upset with him, giving him a number of demerits for screwing up the kitchen chores and breaking crockery. Robbie had to have a hundred thousand positive points by the first of the week to jerk off to orgasm and he had to have a million positive points accrued—with no negative to counterbalance them—to be able to screw Karin on his wedding night in June. And then there would be no more terrible, painful Thimble—the prison of his unhappy erection. Robbie had really messed up this afternoon, but Karin was so nice, she was going to allow Robbie to do some other kind of "penance" to make up for his transgressions, and then he could jerk off, not even waiting til Monday! Robbie might be cumming tonight!


It had been so long since Robbie had had an orgasm—Karin didn't keep track of it, her orgasms of course were taken care of—but Robbie certainly did. He hadn't had an orgasm in one hundred and two days. He'd fucked up one thing or another, usually by commanding, begging or ordering Karin to let him cum during the ten to fifteen teasing sessions she had, tying him down and playing with his engorged cock for hours…he couldn't help it. After all that time without an orgasm, her teasing was just unendurable. Karin's soft, effective fingers would manipulate Robbie's cock and balls, touching just the right places to make him go nearly mad. It was hell. Though highly stimulating at the same time, of course.


The worst part was, on a Monday morning when Robbie didn't have his points and was overrun with demerits. Certainly the positive point Mondays were great, he got to jerk off and shoot a huge load, and his loads were huge, some months ago Karin had punished Robbie severely because she had been playing with his cock when he got out of the shower, and he'd been so long denied that he spooged all over her nice blouse. Karin's boyfriend Toad had beaten Robbie with a razor strop and Karin had given Robbie six hundred thousand negative points to work off.

But on Mondays when he was allowed to cum, he got to jerk off, not as nice as screwing Karin, or getting Karin to jerk him off to completion—she always stopped before he came, saying she thought her skin might be allergic to his semen. "Toad's is nice." Karin had said meditatively. "When he shoots on my face, I think it might prevent wrinkles. Just kidding honey, don't cry."

So Robbie would have to jerk himself off…and it was wonderful cumming after all that time, especially if he was late a few weeks with lots of demerits. But when Robbie owed demerits, he still had to go through the discomfort of lying on the kitchen floor in his pink thigh high stockings, and he'd jerk off until he was ready to cum, and then Karin would stop him. It was almost worse than when she teased Robbie, as her long, manicured fingers were much more skilled at treating and tormenting his dick—swirling, trotting up and down the shaft, squeezing veins and tickling testicles…Robbie, poorly coordinated, just wanked up and down.


Last Monday had been especially brutal for Robbie. His seven pairs of stockings had been in the wash, yes, even the magenta ones, so he was wearing a pair of Toad's old long johns with the crotch ripped out….it was horrifically humiliating. His bare back freezing on the cold linoleum, Robbie had stared up at his beautiful girl. "Now start stroking honey." Karin had whispered, bending over to unlock the Thimble. Robbie had gaped into Karin's heaving bosom as she bent down, fiddling with the lock. Oh, God, just to touch them once…"One day, baby" Karin smiled. "You'll suck my candies if you ever get some serious points!" How did she read his mind?


Karin was dressed for school in a snug leaopard sking top and a leather mini that Robbie had bought for her when they went to the Washington Folklife Festival earlier that fall. "But honey, I've got to get to work" Robbie had whined. He'd do anything to get out of this frustrating experience, that Karin said he needed to urge him towards earning more positive points. "I gotta dress, and there's a meeting at work with a bankruptcy client." Robbie had said feebly. Karin had reached down and squeezed Robbie's testicles, huge from backed up discharge. Robbie screamed "You never use that excuse when you're going to have an Orgasm Monday." Karin had kicked Robbie not so gently in the side. "That's twenty thousand demerits for bitching again." Karin poured a bit of Astroglide into Robbie's palm. "To paraphrase the announcer at the Indy 500, Gentlemen, start your pulling!"

What could he do? Robbie had touched his dick for the first time since the previous Monday, when he hadn't cum either. He almost had forgotten what a penis felt like, the fveins and how quickly he could become fully erect. In the past year and a half since Karin had introduced him to the Thimble, Robbie had orgasmed so little that his penis felt like some kind of Louisville Slugger. He had pumped slowly at first, and then faster as Karin showed him her cleavage, and refreshed her lipstick, making a "mouth" at him. As the semen was rushing to the tip of Robbie's penis, and his legs began to shake, Karin had grabbed his hand. "Calm down, baby…"

And then she'd said, "Start again." Robbie again began to pump feverishly, faster and faster…maybe he could cum before she pulled his hand away. The punishment for this would be unthinkable, but he had to cum. Karin had stepped back and began shooting rubber bands into Robbie's crotch, Robbie had ignored the stings and continued to stroke his dick, thinking of the yellow string bikini Karin had worn at the Hilton Sport and Health Club pool the previous summer…or the little black one she wore at Ocean City…pump, pump…the low cut purple one piece she'd had at Dewey Beach…Then Karin grabbed his hand AGAIN. "Start again, sweetheart." On the tenth time of the start-and stop, Robbie had physically resisted Karin's pulling his hand away, and she had been forced to kick him in the balls. Robbie had almost passed out, and she'd re-belted him.


Robbie winced at the past Monday memory now, as he put the dishtowel back on the rack. Balancing himself precariously on his heels, Robbie walked back into the sitting room where Karin was still reading Elle, chuckling silently, and heaving her low cut blouse…Robbie's dick squirmed against the Thimble.

"Miss Karin?" Robbie asked softly. He would ask once and then wait patiently as she finished the page. "Yes, honey?" Karin was all smiles now. She hated to be hard on Robbie, but this point system was so important for him. This time though, she'd found a good way to compromise, settling Robbie's sins and letting him have his reward for another kind of penance than more chastity—it had been a plea bargain of sorts.

Now Robbie smiled shyly. "I'm ready for my plea thing." Karin frowned. "Honey, you know about plea bargains don't you? Criminals plea for lower sentences. You don't know much beyond bankruptcy and corporate courts, do you, Robin? I remember you telling me that you scorn your colleagues who go to court to do pro bono volunteer work, but you watch 'Law and Order', right? That has the plea bargain term." Robbie didn't understand completely. "Yes Miss Karin. And if you ever want me to go defend some juvenile punk to make up my positive points…"

"No, baby…"Karin smiled at Robbie, as she turned him around and slipped handcuffs on his wrists. "God forbid you compromise your conservative religious principles. We have to be tough on those thieving, drug using little bastards, don't we?" Robbie smiled. Karin was starting to wake up about all that liberal crap. Karin went on as she spun Robbie around again, and began unlocking the Thimble.

"You know, Robbie." Karins said, when our President was governor of Texas, he was so good for the characters of some of my young relatives…my nineteen year old cousin just did five years in juvie for stealing a lipstick…boy is she changed! Thanks to you law and order Bible guys."

Robbie smirked a little. "Well, we're not taking a lot of thuggery in this country, that's for sure. Dad prepped with W. at Andover and he tells me that 43 is a straight shooting guy." Karin had now taken Thimble off, and was sponging off Robbie's penis a bit, and of course it was getting terribly stiff. "You are so right, Robin. You'll have this country in the hands of Jesse Helms next, and he can just straighten up my family and friends."

Was there an edge to Karin's voice? But no, Karin was very tenderly rolling Robbie's penis "hat" between the forefinger and thumb of her right hand. "Wouldn't belong to any club that would have me as a member" she said out of the corner of her mouth, pretending that she was Groucho Marx and Robbie's dick was Groucho's cigar.

Robbie was a fairly tall guy, and his crotch was just at Karin's chiin level. She put her face very close to Robbie's cock and began blowing on the head as she rolled the tip back and forth in her fingers. Robbie immediately began getting very excited. And panting a bit. "Sound like an obscene caller there, honey." Karin cracked. Karin took her other hand and began lightly scraping and tickling Robbie's scrotum with her nails, alternately blowing and twiddling as well. Almost immediately, pre ejaculate began dripping from the tiny hole at the tip of Robbie's penis, and Karin smiled. Karin began quickening her pace in the twiddling. "Oh honey." Karin murmured. "You are such a sexy, horny stud-man…look at that boner! When you get your points and your man-privileges, what a lucky girl I'll be." Karin squeezed just below the head. "God you'll be pounding this in and out of my pussy and my –Karin made a kissing noise—"lips, and it'll just be so good for us both." Robbie's legs were shaking slightly.

Karin had given him about eleven two-hour teases in the last three days. At this point, even the slightest stimulation caused Robbie's groin to experience a quasi-anyeurism. "Look at that penis roar!" Karin began humming as her fingers traveled across the base of Robbie's shaft. She began pulling the skin back and forth along the base, tickling his frenulum, and Robbie gritted his teeth…oh he was afraid he'd burst down there.

Robbie's balls felt leaden. His cock was quite overloaded with semen and he felt it thrusting towards Karin's fingers, which plucked and stroked and found every terribly sensitive spot—oh how she knew how to tease! Karin tickled the underside of his schlong again, stimulating the frenum. Karin turned the head of Robbie's penis as if she were trying to open a door that was covered in Vaseline, and then let go.

Karin then made a ring around Robbie's penis with her thumb and forefinger, and pumped the ring up and Robbie's dick. When she got to the tip, Karin closed the ring, then make Robbie's penis squeeze his way in as she back down to the bottom before letting go again.

"Look at you wave around honey, like you're conducting an orchestra." As Robbie's cock bounced desperately, Karin began to sing a nursery tune, paraphrasing a bit. "you put your right schlong in, you put your right schong out" Karin blew a bit on the purple head. "you put your right schlong in, and shake it all about, you do the Penis Pokey and you have a lot of fun." Robbie was feeling like his scrotum sack was about thirty pounds—"and that's what it's all about." Karin could carry a tune, that was something.

Karin now began to pretend she was playing Robbie's frustrated rod like a clarinet—drumming the shaft with her nails and blowing on the tip. Robbie felt a deep, dullish pain at the back of his balls. He felt like he couldn't remember the last time he got to shoot off his scum, and it must've been centuries ago. What was embarrassing, besides the fact that he couldn't take his pants off in front of other guys at the gym because of the humiliating Thimble was, his balls now hung in a huge sack of backed-up scum…it looked like a punching bag, and more than once Karin had flicked it back and forth with her pointed forefinger, pretending she was a mini Mike Tyson… God, she's beautiful. Robbie looked down at the ruby lips blowing air, and then stared directly into Karin's cleavage—was that a beige lace bra? "You are such a powerful guy, Robin…"Karin looked up at Robbie in a supplicating way. "The Viagra doesn't even make a difference, I guess."

"Viagra?" Robbie looked horrified. "I'm not on Viagra!" Good God, that would be insane. I'm not fucking, I'm not even cumming, much I wouldn't need it, and besides, I don't need it anyway, I'm thirty-two years old. "Yes you are, honey." Karin chuckled. "I put it in your Kari-shakes." Robbie prepared all the meals in the house, but Karin knew how to make a really good chocolate-vanilla milk shake, and she gave one to Robbie every day when he came home for lunch. Robbie rolled his eyes.

No wonder he was so horny! That he'd be horny anyway with all this stimulation and no orgasm was a given, but with fucking VIAGRA it would be of course much, much worse. "Why—why do you have me on Viagra, Miss Karin?" Robbie asked, but of course he knew the reason. "Well, I like it when you're a little horny, and when you're a lot horny, you are even more f un—"Karin giggled. "You are so generous, and you look after everything, and you treat me like I'm a princess. I like that."



Four hours later, the handcuffed Robbie was now lying prone on the billiards table in the basement rec room. There was that nasty leather cock ring just over his balls, and his cock was squeezed to further intensity. Karin had stripped to—es, a lacy beige demi bra and panty set. Karin's boobs were bouncy, and pressed against the thin material of the beige bra, and Robbie kept praying that at some point the bra would erupt.. Karin sat on the edge of the pool table, high heels clicking against the side. Robbie gazed at her as if at a mirage. Karin was so beautiful for all the hell she put him through, Robbie thought. Karin had tied her hair back in a severe little bun,making her look like a semi dressed young governess. She was almost more enticing in this regalia than she was in her usual tube tops, short shorts, snug sweaters and belly shirts.

Robbie was exhausted. Karin had moved him several times over the past couple hours. First, Karin had sat Robbie in the living room, and showed him some of the lap dances she'd done in her late teens, working at the Cherry Forever club in St. Louis. Robbie had never been to places like that, because Mother had told him that they were vulgar.. he'd missed something.

Then for a while Karin had Robbie hanging from a ceiling eye hook in the Florida room, whacking him with various implements to help alleviate some of his sins, and work a few demerits off. She'd used a spatula, rubber strap, school ruler, razor strop and another one of those horrible hickory switches soaked in the tub..but this one had thorns in it. (this wasn't the first time Robbie had experienced thorns. Once Karin had promised Robbie he could kiss her bare breasts if she let him whip his cock with nettles…he'd gone outside, stark naked, held his hands behind her back while the awful process went through…and then she'd told him she was kidding…and he could suck one of her bras instead.)

The whipping today had been tough, and of course the thorns had again hit Robbie's dick and balls "Because you enjoyed it so much last time, baby." Then she'd stroked him a bit in the back yard as he was tied to a reclining chair. And after that, they'd gone downstairs to the "play room" that Robbie had set up.


Karin had put Robbie in an old-style Colonial pillory, and as Robbie was bent over with his head and hands locked in the wooden stocks, Karin had beaten him firther, and then gotten under the table and actually s ucked the head of his penis for about forty-five minutes without, of course giving him the release he'd begged for. Karin had never fellated Robbie before in the three years they'd been together. It was wonderful in that Robbie was now confirmed in his fiancée as giving just a wonderful blowjob, but it was horribly frustrating, and it made Robbie sad to realize that she'd kept this wonderful skill from him, while going out with all those blue collar guys on the side. He didn't have to wonder whether they were benefiting!

Now in his second hour on the pool table, Robbie's limbs ached from being cuffed so long. .and his legs were cramping. Karin had given his nipples an expert tongue tease, and then put binder clips on them. Karin had thoughtfully laid a long rubber sheet on the table before she'd put Robbie down, and it was slick from massage oil. Karin had spent half an hour rubbing oil onto Robbie's rear end, before slipping a small zucchini into his rectum. Karin had then focused the oil massage on Robbie's stomach and inner thighs, and vigorously into his scrotum, penis and groin, before beginning to stroke his cock again. Karin used a washcloth for a bit to rub extra oil into Robbie's cock, and then used a harsh, serrated gardening glove over her massaging hand to press more oil in before taking off the glove and returning to the use of her wonderful palm. Robbie's cock was aching from Karin's ministrations, but it was an incredible high as well…Robbie had never been this horny with a woman.

The leather cock ring was cruelly pressing against Robbie's testicles, and whenever Karin stroked him a bit, it seemed like the snaps might burst…Robbie was worried he might get blood poisoning or something from having the blood cut off. Karin's casual stroking of his member made it seem like the leather strap would explode, the tip of Robbie's penis might tear open, or Robbie himself might have some sort of stroke…but Miss Karin knew what was best, and he trusted her. She'd scared him a bit this year, suggesting she might get him a smaller Thimble to keep him from getting erect at all, but anything she wanted… Karin winked at him now as she continued her ministrations…she had such intense fingers! Enternal handjobs were like nothing Robbie had ever experienced. He hoped it wouldn't be some test in the afterlife, like what Tantalus went through.

"Miss Karin" Robbie looked pleadingly at his wonderful fiancée, as she stroked his shaft with a long ostrich feather. "Yes, darling?" Karin asked absently. She was fascinated by the way she could rub a greasy finger or a feather, or even a piece of dental floss up and down Robbie's dick and just as she tickled the penis "helmet" her fingers would withdraw, and Robbie's hips would dart up so the head touched Karin's finger or whatever implement she had again. She compared it to feeding a killer whale at the Epcot Center. Frustrated penises had fascinated Karin from early youth. As a teen, Karin, then called Muriel Lenore Strydefsky had tortured boys in cars, movie theaters, junior high school boiler rooms, and various family couches with her cute little body. She knew how to get the half back on the football team so revved up with her necking and prodding that he would finally have to break away from her and run in the bathroom to jerk off.

Once Karin had been necking with her biology partner in his mother's car on a back street, and an Irish cop who knew the poor boy from Mass had rapped on the steamy glass. Karin had gotten out to "explain" to Officer Pawlicz, and had pressed up against him earnestly, and the poor bastard had had to drop the whole thing because he was afraid to lecture with a hard-on. Karin/Muriel had left the half-way house (with the point system that had inspired Robbie's training) thanks to Mr. Curtis, her geometry teacher. Karin had sold her ass to a number of teachers and rich students at her public high school, amassing "get-out" money, and Mr. Curtis was a prime discovery.

Mr. Curtis was a fat little guy who played Dungeons and Dragons for fun and had a deformed thumb that he said came from an incident in Vietnam, but it was probably just a birth defect….he loved Little Muriel/Karin. After Mr. Curtis had paid for a couple of blowjobs, he'd shown Little Muriel several of his magazines, and his chastity belt, and soon she was tying him up and using Vaseline. Karin dressed in vintage Daisy Duke outfits, and soon began wearing leather boots and bustiers in the classroom as well. Mr Curtis had her up front as one of his A students. (not only did Little Muriel not know geometry, she could barely master long division, but did it matter?) and she would cross and uncross her legs as he trembled and the class would snicker at his hard-on.

After school the tarty sophomore and the schlubby teacher would go to his house, and Little Muriel would make Mr. Curtis beg for some teasing. She would strip him naked, whip his ass with his own belt, and tie him up and work on his cock until he cried. After a time Little Muriel began putting the chastity belt on Mr. Curtis, not just for their games, but whenever he wasn't with her…and Little Muriel finally got Mr. Curtis, desperate and obsessed, to take her out of the group home, pay for her to become legally emancipated at fifteen, and move her into his place.

By the time Little Muriel broke it off with Mr. Curtis, she had annexed his bank account and gotten a good many gifts out of him…she then had turned him over to her slutty cousin Natale, a pre-op transsexual, and she'd split to DC, changing her name and identity. Natale often wrote her with details about Mr. Curtis, who was now enslaved by five muscular gay "bears" that he supported on his meager teacher's salary…but they all seemed content. Karin had done her work well. Now Karin was quite pleased with Robbie's reactions to the system she'd used for Mr. Curtis.

"Miss Karin?" Robbie spoke again. "When can I finish my penance so I can cum?" Robbie sounded desperate. "I need to come about 30 times more than I did before you started my afternoon tease. What can I do—anything—so I can cum tonight, Miss Karin?" Robbie sounded close to tears. Karin rubbed a long nail across the ridge of Robbie's penis "helmet" "Anything? You sure about that, Robin?" Karin stroked Robbie's cock in a pattern now, ten slow and ten quick strokes. She ran her energetic little fingers from Robbie's balls up to the tip of his penis, and then swirled around the head a bit, toying with the pee hole by poking a long nail in, just a bit, while Robbie writhed in pain. "Oh..please that hurts, Miss Karin." Robbie was now weeping slightly. Karin pulled her hand away. "I am so sorry, Robin. I didn't know my massage was getting on your nerves, dear."

"No, no…" Robbie begged. "Please don't stop touching my cock!" Robbie began to tremble. Like a heroin addict, he couldn't live with the touching, but he couldn't live without it either. "Are you sure…I don't think so." Karin said, irritated. "I have better things to do than play with that four-inch Vienna sausage, you know." Robbie began to blubber. "No, no…it feels so good, your nail in my little hole was just…" Karin laughed contemptuously. "Poor Robbie, always bitching. I should put your dick through the garbage disposal." But she began playing with Robbie's dick again. Karin brought her palm up to the top of Robbie's glans and held it there, with her fingers held together and her thumb pointed straight out.

"Well, you know you will have to do penance if you want to cum..all this whining has been horrible. Is penance worth it, Robin?" Karin spun her fingers around Robbie's glans as if she were attempting to unscrew a beer bottle. Robbie moaned loudly. "Do you appreciate me, Robin?" Karin dropped her hands down to Robbie's balls and began to squeeze them gently, pulling the testicles away from the shaft. Robbie felt his dick being pulled to heaven by invisible forces. How does she stimulate my dick by touching my testicles? Sometimes when he was in the Thimble, she could just look at him, and he would thrust against the sides. "Of course I appreciate you, Miss Karin…you're everything to me.." Robbie's dick felt like it would ignite.

Karin gently bounced Robbie's balls in her palm. She rolled the testicles up into the underside of his Robbie's quivering shaft. "That's so sweet of you to say." Karin tapped a throbbing purple vein on the underside of Robbie's shaft, near the frenum. Karin let go of Robbie's nuts and brought her fingers together over his cock. "Even when you're swaggering around, doing macho stuff like watching football with the boys?" Karin rubbed Robbie's hard-on, running her fingers over the sensitive spot underneath his balls with the other hand. Robbie was amazed that her hand never got tired. "I mean, whenever I listen to you talking to your friends, it's "Fuck" this and "Bitch" that…kind of immature, really."

Karin held Robbie's dick in a loose grip running her fingers in a drumming motion on the underside. "You're going to get dressed in your black jeans and your belt with the skull and bones buckle, and you and your buddies are going scream for me to get you beers…Last time I was bringing you beers, your little brother grabbed my ass, I think." Karin squirted lots of Astroglide onto her hands and then returned to her work. "I mean, that's a real pain in the ass, so to speak."

Karin brought her hands down on Robbie's shaft, moving them together up and down in a pumping motion. "I'll talk to him, Karin. Bink is really young, that's all." "Oh, I know…he's a cutie…but why is Bink so obnoxious?" Karin shook her lovely head. She brought one hand down, and let it caress Robbie's penis from tip to scrotum. Robbie's cock at this point was rigid and aching, and the precum was dribbling out. "Baby…" Karin said gently.

"Don't you think it's jerky to act that way?" With her other hand, Karin tapped the head of Robbie's cock, rubbing with one hand and gently tapping with the other. "Oh Miss Karin" Robbie moaned. "I didn't know you didn't like bringing us beer…I don't mean to swagger around…we're all just, old friends, you know?"

Karin stood up on the table all of a sudden, standing between Robbie's splayed legs. Karin stepped out of her panties as Robbie gaped. This had never happened. Karin had never let Robbie see her naked pussy…and look at it! Robbie noticed the careful bikini wax, and also that Karin's pubic hair was not the color of the blonde streaks on her head. God, her inner thighs were beautiful! Robbie watched Karin's vagina avidly, and he noted that it was glistening.

"Robbie…honey…I want you to be happy…" Karin lowered herself until she was on her haunches just above Robbie's straining dick. "I know you can be above all that macho bullshit if you want to." Karin lowered her cunt until the lips were brushing the tip of Robbie's bloated member, and began rubbing against it enthusiastically. "Watching sports is such a drag, I think…how you guys deal with it is beyond me." Karin began grinding the tip of Robbie's frustrated shaft some more. Robbie felt as if his groin would soon either erupt in lava or die instantly. Karin kept rubbing the very tip of Robbie's quivering organ, and then she'd pull up, stroke herself a little, and then grind the helmet some more…at some point she began humming the song "When I think About you I touch myself" by the Divynls.

After about fifteen more minutes, Karin hopped off Robbie's crotch and put her cunt over Robbie's mouth, and he serviced her through two orgasms. Karin then put her panties back on…and began playing with his dick manually again. Karin took Robbie's penis in both hands, her soft fingers gently touching the sides of the shaft. She flicked the penis back and forth between her two palms, pinching the loose skin of his shaft with her long nails. Karin placed both of her hands side by side against the shaft and pressed hard against Robbie's engorged cock.They felt so soft after the steel of the Thimble all week, Robbie considered wistfully. "When you're home with me, in your nice pink stockings, you are the perfect gentleman sort of " Karin giggled, Robbie blushed, and she continued this peculiar penis massage. Karin began pulling Robbie's dick hand over hand as if she were climbing a rope.

"They treat me like an object, those boys" Karin remarked "And I'm a human being…remember what Simone De Bovour said, "When women act like human beings they are accused of trying to be men." Karin began spinning Robbie's cock between her slick palms as if she were trying to light a fire with two sticks. "I just want you to different then them…to be the real you all the time, honey…I want you to be a sweet, sensitive man." Karin tightened her thumb and "fuck you" finger around the bottom of Robbie's shaft, just above the cock ring. "And you love me, right?" Pressing down on Robbie's nuts, Karin stopped the blood in his already purple organ, and made Robbie gasp. "Yes ma'am…I love you."

Karin began spinning Robbie's dick between her palms as if she were trying to light a fire, Campfire Girl style. "You know, Robbie, a sensitive man is a sexy man." Karin squeezed the bottom of Robbie's shaft, tighter and the blood rushed to the "helmet" of Robbie's cock. Karin flicked the ridge of the knob, and Robbie flinched a bit. The glans of Robbie's cock looked something like a violet golf ball.


A caring, considerate man makes me so hot.. "Karin's left hand, squeezing Robbie's dick event tighter began pushing up and down the pulsating shaft, very slowly, as the progress was encumbered by her tight squeezing. "And he makes a good father…I want to have kids with a patient, sweet man." Karin tickled Robbie's blue balls with her right hand, jerking the engorged cock with her left. "I just want a husband who I know won't get drunk and hit me one day, one I can feel safe around." Karin put her fist gently below Robbie's balls. "I would never hurt you, dear Miss Karin." Robbie protested. Karin pushed used her fist to push the area between his scrotum and anus, while she jerked his cock madly.

Robbie began thrashing wildly. "I can see you want to orgasm, and I'll give you that privilege a little later, but we must work on your attitude." Karin let her open palm swirl around Robbie's jerking, purple glans and the glans became larger. Karin rubbed her open plam along the shaft, stopping occasionally to make circular motions with her palm.

Karin rubbed the ridge of Robbie's glans and the tender skin underneath the front and side of the cock head. "I know you want to be a sweetie,'s in you." Karin hopped off the table and went into the bathroom, coming out with a cardboard toilet paper roll. By the time she'd returned, Robbie's penis was a little more limp, which was far more comfortable, if not as arousing. Karin pushed Robbie's dick through the hole in the paper roll and Robbie started at the rough feeling of the paper against his lubricated skin. After Robbie's glans poked out of the other side, Karin began stroking the tip. As Robbie's dick began to swell as it did when he got a new erection the tube begame very snug around his shaft and his glans bulged further out of the tube. Robbie gasped at the rough treatment of the cardboard roll. Karin rubbed Astroglide around the cock head with an index finger for almost twenty minutes, and then Robbie's penis actually ripped the paper roll opened. Karin laughed and ripped the whole paper off, and went back to stroking Robbie's bare penis.

Karin paused to rub more lubricant on her hands, and massaged both hands over Robbie's shaft, feverishly rubbing her hands around Robbie's penis as if she were trying to keep them warm. Robbie tried to raise his hips, thinking that perhaps this would enable him to cum in her hands, but Karin slowed her massage down, laughing. Then Karin began rubbing the top half of Robbie's cock six times quickly and then three times very slowly, while tickling his scrotum. Robbie kept gritting his teeth and trying not to move, but it was impossible. Karin stroked Robbie's ball bag with all her finger tips simultaneously running them from the outsides down, until her fingers came together again, as if she were picking cotton. Karin took her other hand and began twisting Robbie's glans and then plunging her other hand down the shaft, pausing in the middle to shake Robbie's hard on.

Robbie was in delicious agony. He had never gone through anything like this in his life…his penis was almost numb in places from Karin's non ending massage, and he felt his balls constricting now and then. He'd always scoffed at his friends who talked about having "blue balls", he thought it was a trick to get girls to put out, but he honestly knew his balls were rather blue…he looked down occasionally and my God, they were very blue, and rather swollen. It scared Robbie, because his testicle sack had been getting bigger over the last few months of Karin's teasing, and he knew it was the backed up ejaculate. Would it kill him?

Karin began pulling Robbie's penis up and down with a very loose underhand grip. She quickened the pace and then switched hands, moving to an overhand pull. After about five minutes of this, Karin held Robbie's cock hard on the down stroke, and began toying with Robbie's nuts. She gradually moved her hand up the length of Robbie's shaft while maintaining her tight grip. Robbie felt as if he would combust any moment now. "Well, honey we're going to give you a chance." Karin then let go of Robbie's cock and re-grabbed the shaft, and started up again with the same traveling hand on Robbie's testicles.


Karin kept pressing down against the skin of the shaft. Karin ended each stroke with the other hand by encircling the glans with thumb and forefinger. "You're going to prove yourself this afternoon. Do I have a devoted guy?" As Karin continued to press her fish into Robbie's scrotum she lowered it a bit to the point where her knuckles were massaging his anus. Robbie had never had a feeling like this before…rubbing his backside made him harder…was he gay? Karin opened her fist and began to run her lubricated forefinger up and down his ass crack, teasing his anus, not penetrating, quite. Robbie gasped and Karin chuckled. "Just wanted to see if you were paying attention." She took the thumb and first two fingers of her other hand around his dick and gradually began moving it up and down as Robbie moaned. "Don't whine baby, that's not what the real guys do." Karin murmured gently.

Karin cupped Robbie's balls in her left hand and moved up and down the shaft with her right, her long nails occasionally scraping the sides of Robbie's penis. Karin varied the speed, bringing Robbie to the edge of orgasm before quickly backing off and beginning again. Robbie was trying hard to cum, Karin noticed. Whenever she got too far along, Karin would take her hand away and then wait a second or two for the passion to subside, and then she began again. Karin took long strokes, squeezing the head every time she reached the penis tip. She took the tip in both hands and began to energetically circle it with her fingets, rubbing the glans, tormenting the glans ridge and rubbing the glans even more. At some point Robbie's stomach contracted and the tip of his penis became scarlet. Suddenly Karin stopped and asked a question. "What time are your pals coming over for kick-off?"



Brad Ferrante came up the steps of his good buddy Robbie's house at about three o'clock. He'd brought the brew and was quite enthusiastic about the game they were going to watch. Behind Brad, was Skip, Robbie's roommate from college. "You gonna ring the bell, Brad?" Skip asked him. "Yeah, of course I'm going to-" Brad looked at Skip "Why wouldn't I?" Skip smirked. "Well that girlfriend of his freaks you out, man."

Brad coughed. "No, it's all right." Brad threw his cigarette into the bushes. Brad flexed a little. Brad was bigger and better looking than Robbie, Skip and most of those friends, and his nickname at Swarthmore had been "the Silent Predator" No chick was safe. But this Karin-- "I just think she's changed him a little…he never joins us for happy hour's like he has to get home, the other night it was to do some fucking ironing." Skip stared. "Yer kidding. Ironing? She makes him iron?" Brad chuckled. "Yeah, but the Rob-man's happy, and frankly, I didn't think the guy would ever meet a woman who could deal with his wussiness. They laughed nastily. Brad had actually known Robbie since they were freshmen at Groton.

Brad really had respected Robbie's studying talents---if Brad had studied harder he might have become a surgeon instead of a goddam dentist-- and though Robbie could drink huge quantities of Old Milwaukee's Best, and was a fearless lacrosse player, rowed like a madman…but Robbie was always a suck up to girls at the school mixers. And you know chicks need a rough hand. That was why Brad could treat most girls like shit, and still have four girlfriends at once…but Karin was weird, intimidating. Brad finally rang the doorbell with some trepidation.

The door opened, and Tucker, Robbie's law clerk looked out. "Hey…what's up." Brad cocked his head and looked at Tucker. The guy looked pale white, as if he'd just witnessed a lynching. "What's up, Tucker? Game started?" Tucker looked behind him furtively. "It's weird in here, Bradley. I'm leaving." Tucker pushed past Brad and Skip and vaulted Robbie's picket fence. Brad and Skip stared after him, but then turned around as they heard Karin's lilting tones. "Brad, and Hoppy!" Skipper bit his lip, annoyed. She knew his fuckin' name. Come on in…Did Tucker just take off?"

Karin looked as if she was pretending to be confused by this sudden departure, but really knew better…"He just split," said Brad, staring at her. "I think he got sick or something." Karin smiled…"He did seem somewhat peaked when he got here, your friend Jeremy was here and left all of a sudden, too, about ten minutes ago." Brad looked at Skip. What the fuck was going on? "But come on in." Karin said.

Karin put her hand on Brad's chest, and his cock stiffened. Even though Brad thought Karin was a bossy, controlling type, he was sure hot for her. She was even cuter than Stephanie, the hygienist Brad was humping…but Karin was so fuckin' mouthy. But cute. Today Karin was wearing a tight black blouse with the first four buttons undone, and her boobs were about to burst off the rest of the buttons. There was a hint of Calvin Klein's Obsession perfume floating around Karin's slender neck and Brad wondered whether maybe it wasn't worth it that Robbie's girl was a little pushy.

They came into the living room and sat down next to Binky, Robbie's younger brother. "S'up?" Bink punched Brad on the shoulder. Bink got on Brad's nerves, he was such an arrogant little prick, been kicked out of Dartmouth and the Army, and just got high all day, and lay on his waterbed for a livng. Bink seemed to be in hilarity about something, though. Seeing the question in Brad's eyes, Bink nudged Brad and pointed towards the television, where a pre-game beer commercial was commencing. Brad's eyes widened.

Kneeling near the TV was a skinny, naked guy wearing garters and thigh high pink stockings, and black patent leather pumps, and nothing else, except for a large baby bonnet that was partially covering his face. What the fuck was this freak, Brad thought. The bonneted guy's dick was sticking out and it looked as if it was streaming pre-ejaculate. The guy was gazing at the floor. "Hey Robbie!" Bink called "Say hey to your buds, man." The bonnet continued to stare at the floor, and Brad began wishing he'd left with Tucker. Why hadn't Robbie gone through the Marines with Brad after college instead of that queer Peace Corps thing? Obviously, if that was Brad, he was definitely fucked…but it couldn't be. "C'mon Rob-Bin old boy…look up and say hi!" Nothing came from the kneeling figure. The Peace Corps should be shut down, thought Brad stonily.

Karin walked carefully on her stiletto heels over to the kneeler and said softly. "Robin,honey? Don't be rude to your friends. Say hello to Bradley and Timothy." Skip looked annoyed, as he hated his first name. "Get up and shake their hands, honey. You know Mommy likes you to be polite." Karin's tone turned to gravel. "Robbie, you're annoying Miss Karin now. Do you want me to get the strap?" The bonneted head still stared at the ground, though he began trembling somewhat. Brad tried to look out the window, but he couldn't quite take his eyes off this horrible spectacle. But maybe this was how Al Gore lived at home, who knows? Karin sighed. "Do you want Mommy to replace the Thimble?" The bonnet gasped. "This is only the fourth game of the season honey." Karin's voice became soft again. You could wear the Thimble 'til Super Bowl time."

Finally, the naked man got up and turned, looking at Brad. It was Robbie indeed, and boy did he look miserable. Robbie stared at Brad with pleading eyes. Just let it go, man, he seemed to be telling Brad. Christ, it looked as if Robbie was crying. Look at those fuckin' streaks on his face…that's tears running mascara! Oh I'm going to be ill, Brad thought dispiritedly. Brad looked at the floor and shook his head. He'd brought some brew, but he thought he might need a V.O. for this game.


Robbie stepped over to the guys on his heels, the balancing was difficult and reached out his hand to Skip. "Hey man." Skip nodded weakly and shook the outstretched hand. And then Skip shuddered. Brad looked quickly and it seemed like Robbie had painted his nails red…no they were really long, he was wearing paste-on nails. They hadn't just grown, he'd played racquetball at the Club with Robbie last week, and the nails had looked normal. Oh, this was sad. As Robbie moved towards Brad, he spoke gently. "Dude, I don't want to shake hands." Brad coughed. "But it's good to see you."

Karin waved at Robbie. "Baby, why don't you get the boys a beer?" Bink laughed. "Yeah, fag-boy, get us some brew." Robbie gave Bink a look, and tottered off to the kitchen. This must be awful for Robbie, Brad thought. He knew that Bink and Robbie had always been competitors, and after their grandfather's death, Robbie had been in charge of Bink's trust fund, and sometimes Robbie had been an asshole about handing money out to the kid, though if Brad had a long-haired little snot like that for a brother, he might've shot him.

As Robbie was shuffling into the kitchen, Brad noticed that Robbie's lower back, buttocks and legs were covered with purplish welts and bruises. "I did that" Binky chuckled. "I hit him with a belt, man." Karin came over and plopped on Binky's lap, giving the twenty-three year old a nice thrill. "No, honey. You gave Robbie a stropping with my dad's old razor strop…for insolence." Binky began to laugh "Insolence, I can't stand it!" Karin smiled. Karin turned her head to the kitchen and spoke loudly. "Robbie, get the boys some hors'd'ouvers honey." Karin turned back to Brad, leaning her head against Binky's as Bink began rubbing her right leg. Karin was wearing denim cut offs and seamed black stockings, and Bink rubbed gently as to not put a run in the stockings. Bink buried his head in Karin's neck, and Brad got the impression that this was not the first time Karin and Binky had been this "familiar".

"That's right, Brad." Karin smiled. "Robbie had the nerve to say that he didn't want to wear his little bonnet and stockings in front of that little shit, he called his brother a little shit, can you imagine?" Karin pointed at Binky, who pretended to look hurt—"and so I had Binky give him thirty strokes with the razor strop for impertinence." Binky began laughing again, and buried his head in Karin's shoulder once more. His shoulders shook as he laughed, and Brad wanted to kick the shit out of the little bastard. This is your BROTHER. What the fuck was going on, Brad thought. Skip was just gazing at the television in a daze. Brad shook his head. Bink had just moved his hand into Karin's blouse and began squeezing Karin's right tit. Brad felt himself getting aroused, somewhat. He had a feeling he wouldn't be focusing much on the game today.

The kitchen door opened, and Robbie came out, being very careful with a tray of canapés, brie and crackers, and a few glasses of beer. Brad had never drank beer out of a glass before a football game before, but then again, there was a lot of weird shit about this game, this afternoon. Brad could tell Robbie was having trouble balancing his heels, as of course they were too small for him, and Robbie was moving precariously. Robbie's long red press-on nails were encumbering his grasp of the tray and it seemed to be slipping. Suddenly Bink tossed a cushion at the tray, and Robbie jounced it and tripped, falling down."Jesus!" Brad shouted. "The fuck's wrong with you, Bink…Karin, he's a psycho." Bink was, too…he'd been on Ritalin since he was a fetus. This served Karin right for fooling around with her fiance's immature kid brother. But then Karin gave Binky a long kiss, and jumped up.

As Brad stared in horror, Karin walked over to the sprawling figure of her pitiful fiancée. "What the hell's wrong with you?" Karin kicked Robbie in the side, and Robbie rolled over, smushing fallen brie cheese into the Oriental rug. "Jesus, my carpet." Karin said with gritted teeth. Robbie looked up helplessly. "Miss Karin, Binky threw the pillow, I couldn't help—" Karin kicked Robbie again, viciously. "That's right!" she shouted "Blame your poor little brother." Binky snickered. "He's just out of rehab a month, and you're being a tattle-tale on him." Karin kicked Robbie again. "You spend all your time telling me how much better an athlete you are than your poor little brother is now, and you can't even fucking dodge a pillow?" Karin pulled on Robbie's elbow and he got up.

Brad was immobile at this point. What the hell was this scene, man. Skip sounded like he was retching…Brad couldn't blame him, but his dick was sort of hard. Karin's blouse was another button open…


Robbie covered his face into his cupped palms and began sobbing. Brad shook his head. This was tragic. Still, he was aroused. Karin bent over and picked up a wooden paddle that was lying under the coffee table, and led Robbie to an empty chair, where she sat down, pulling him over her lap. "His butt doesn't look good now, man." Skip whispered. "She shouldn't—" WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "You are the clumsiest" WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "Most pitiful creature" WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "I've ever known." Karin spoke loudly as she whacked Robbie's bottom. The paddle was made of thick wood, and was nearly the size of Robbie's ass, Brad thought. The welts and blisters that had been left over from Bink's earlier whipping of his older brother were now bursting into bloody pulps with the swats of the nasty wooden paddle.

WHACK! WHACK! "I can't believe I'm going to marry a loser—" WHACK! "Like you…" Karin hit Robbie about fifty times, and then ordered him to his knees. "Lick the blood and crap off this nice paddle." Karin ordered. Robbie began licking red and purplish scum off the paddle, grimacing. "It's just a sacrifice, man." Bink said. "Remember when you wouldn't pay my drunk driving fine, man? You said sometimes you gotta take your medicine…your turn, Rob-bo." Karin laughed. Brad was getting harder, and noticed that Robbie's erection hadn't even subsided a bit, despite his brutal paddling. His dick was shaking, but harder than ever.

"Binky-boo." Karin spoke to Binky tenderly. "Why don't you take big Bubba into the den and give him a few with the strop while the boys and I watch the game? Give him about twenty, and then make him kneel in the corner, and then give him some more. Space it, so you don't kill him." Karin giggled. "Robbie doesn't deserve to watch football, the clumsy loser that he is. But first—" Karin looked at Robbie sternly. "Clean up the mess you made!" Robbie got down and gathered up the glasses, and wiped up the smushed brie and crackers and carried the stuff back into the kitchen, his shoulders shaking with tears. Robbie came back out a minute or so later. "Miss Karin, please don't let Binky whip me…" Robbie was weeping heavily. "I can't stand it." Karin smiled. "All right do you want to get back into the Thimble?" Robbie looked at Binky. "Let's go." Binky snorted. "Let's go what?" "Let's go, sir." The brothers went into the den and closed the door.


At six o'clock the final minutes of the football game were over. Brad and Skip had not spent much attention on the game though—they'd heard lots of whacks and screaming from the den, and it had not been just a few minutes, either. At half-time Skip had left, mumbling to himself, but Brad had stayed on. There had been a bunch of whacks, then a long pause, when it sounded like Bink was moaning. Before he'd left Skipper had whispered to Brad with horror that he'd heard Robbie's voice on the way to the bathroom, and Robbie'd told Bink "I can't swallow any more, and then heard Bink begin hitting Robbie again. Half an hour before the game was over, there had been noise from the upstairs, and the biggest, meanest looking biker Brad had ever seen had come downstairs, covered with tattoos. The biggest tattoo had said "I'm the Toad" on his bicep. Brad had been convinced the Toad was a burglar until Karin had given him a kiss and asked him if he wanted to sit down. Cursing, the Toad had ignored the game and gone into the den and there had been a great deal more whacking, and more moaning and Robbie'd screamed a bit, and then the biker guy left, counting money that apparently Robbie had given him.

Finally the den door opened, and Bink came out in his jockey shorts, pulling Robbie on a leash. Brad shook his head. Robbie was now crawling on his hands and knees. His once pretty pink stockings had huge rips in them, and the patent pumps were gone. Bink pushed Robbie over to where Brad was sitting. Karin, who had thoroughly enjoyed the game, as Brad had explained it to her. (While she had her hand on Brad's knee) looked at Robbie. "So, you've learned your lesson…from Master Bink and Master Toad, right? you'll be a better sissy maid next time, I hope?" Robbie's bonnet had been removed and his hair looked sticky and matted. Robbie raised his eyes to Karin's. His face looked as if it had been hit with rocks, he had been crying so long…three hours of hell in the den. Brad shivered. "Yes, Miss Karin, I learned my lesson. May I please, PLEASE go in the bathroom and release myself now? It's been four months and you promised." Robbie looked at his still surging penis. "Please, now?"

Karin looked at Binky. "Binky, did your big brother give you a nice time in there?" Binky swaggered. "Yeah, Karin…he blew me three times, and the Toad twice, and then we both took him in the ass…it's really not that tight a fit since you got that dildo, babe…I think it hurt Robbie more, us fucking him, since his butt was so whipped." Karin chuckled and looked at Robbie who was trembling. Robbie looked up at her, and rubbed his very red, bleeding bottom in memory. "I hope you sucked the turd stuff off both your Master's cocks after they fucked you, Robbie." Binky nodded. "You can be sure of that, let him wank, Karin. Even I feel sorry for him at this point."

Karin sniled. "All right, Robbie." Start your whacking!" Robbie looked at Karin. "I can't do it in the john?" Karin's eyes narrowed. "You're lucky I don't make you do it in front of an open window, honey…what do you have to hide now?"

"All right, Robbie…" Karin smiled. "Start your whacking!" Robbie looked at her "I can't do it in the john?" Karin's eyes narrowed, and Robbie sighed, getting on his knees. Robbie grabbed the base of his cock and began rubbing it up and down, and Brad could see that Robbie had not jerked off in quite a while…his dick was streaming pre-cum, and Robbie looked like he was in ecstasy. After about three minutes of jerking, Robbie's stockinged legs began to quiver., and it looked as if he were about to come. "Stop!" Karin grabbed Robbie's hand. "What's wrong, Miss Karin?" Robbie looked miserable. "What'd I do? Can't I cum now?"

Karin stroked his cheek. "Honey, you're being rude to your host…don't you think Bradley might like it if you let him release, too? You're such a good little cock-sucker now." Binky fell off a hassock laughing, and Robbie began shaking his head, as did Brad. "Hey Karin…I guess you're into S&M or M&M, I don't know, but I don't want Robbie sucking my dick." Brad was about to get up, and Karin dropped a hand on his shoulder. "It won't be so bad, honey." Karin sat down next to Brad and took his hand, placing it on her left breast. "Just kiss me, and you can take off my top, and you won't notice anything." Karin looked down at Robbie. "Undo his pants, and suck him while you jerk off." She said in a steely tone. Brad was about to protest, but Karin stuck her tongue in his mouth, and he began squeezing her tit. He just barely felt his zipper being pulled down…and before he knew it, he had cum in Robbie's mouth…Robbie'd sucked Brad's penis as Karin had sucked his lips…he barely heard it when Robbie orgasmed,and then had to be hit with a strap by Binky to continue sucking…he was so focused on her…Brad felt like he'd do anything for Karin…


Fifteen months later, Brad was watching yet another Dolphins football game, again at his friend Robbie's house. Robbie and Karin were married now, and had football parties nearly every Sunday. Things had changed a lot in the past year, and Brad's attitude towards the peculiarity in his friend's relationship was completely different now. In fact, Karin and Robbie were his most trusted friends, and he enjoyed their get togethers immensely. As Brad watched Brian Griese throw a pass, he was nudged somewhat sharply. Brad looked up at Binky, Robbie's little brother. "I was just watching Griese throw." Brad said apologetically. "Dude" Binky responded, "You're not foucisng on what's important here." Brad flushed. "I was just watching a little." Bink slapped Brad's face lightly. "A little what?" Binky's eyes gleamed. "I was just watching a little of the game, SIR." Binky chuckled, and slapped Brad again. "Good boy."

Brad cowered on the floor, where he was kneeling naked, except for purple stockings, stiletto heels and his Thimble. Seven bearded members of Toad's motorcycle "club" called the Sloths, were leaning back on the couch with their pants down, and Binky was sitting in the middle, his polo shirt a sharp contrast with the Sloth's denim vests and wife-beater tank tops. Brad had just spent most of the first hour of the game fellating the first five guys and now Binky, and he'd tried to take a little break, but Bink had wisely reminded Brad of his priorities. "Look, Brad." Bink said earnestly, his hand on Brad's naked shoulder. "You've been doing real good, and Toad's proud of you, he told me so."

Brad blushed with pleasure. "But you gotta keep your mind on the servicing of our dicks. Maybe if you finish the last of us, Ralphie there" Bink gestured at the only guy left with his pants still on. "Then you can watch a little of the game, you know? But do a good job. You don't want to have to go in that den, do you?" Brad turned and listened to Robbie's howls in the den as Brad's own master, the Toad and Karin, Robbies wife worked Robbie over with a razor strop and a car aerial. It was true. Though Robbie had been sucking dick for a year longer than Bradley had, he still bit when he was supposed to suck, and couldn't get his beef into it.

Brad bent over to Binky's cock, and began sucking the glans, as Bink liked it. Brad licked the underside of Binky's cock, and Binky began to moan. The other bikers, all of whom with the exception of Ralphie had already been satiated by Brad, began chanting "Suck, Bradley, Suck, ssuck you little ffuck." As Brad took Bink's dick deeper down his throat, moving his lip-glossed mouth up and down the shaft while his paste on nails tickled Binky's testicles, he thought of what Toad had said as they'd driven here from Brad's house, where the couple lived now.

"Brad, honey." Toad had chuckled, steering Brad's Ferrari as Brad's head had bobbed up and down Toad's crotch. "You got a mouth like velvet. If you mess up sucking any guys dick there, you'll get it from me and Karin in the den, and if I have to give you the strop—ooh that's good sucking—I'll add thirty days to the 85 you've already gone without cumming." Brad had taken Toad deeper down his throat, listening. " But if there ain't no complaints, you may get to jerk off tonight."

Four hours and ten fellated men later, Brad was thinking of his masturbation session tonight as he finished off Bink. Forget the game. Brad could read about it before doing that root canal on Mrs. Kontas tomorrow morning He'd give Bink and the other guys a second bj just to please them, and get a good report for Toad. As Binky shot his wad down Brad's throat, Brad listened absently to Robbie's howls and dreamed of his orgasm, hopefully that night!





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