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Karen                by: Julie     


It was a cool, cloudy morning in June, and just two weeks after I had completed fifth grade. I had ventured over to the duplex where 5 boys and 2 girls lived, with the large lawn that bordered on the grocery store parking lot. It was where the neighborhood kids usually congregated; …… but there was no one around. As I was just thinking of what to do next I heard Sue Foster’s voice. I looked over at the duplex next door. She was standing behind her screen door.

"..’ no one out today ?" She called out.

I shook my head.

"..’ kind of a dreary day." She added.

"Yes" I answered.

I found myself drifting over toward her; and we started talking.

She was playing with the strings on her tennis racket as we talked through her screen door.

"..’ not much to do today for us girls." She said.

I wasn’t sure I heard her right.

"Wha … what ? What do you mean ? I’m n.. not a girl." I protested.

"Oh, of course you are ! I noticed you dress a little like a boy, but you are definitely a girl. Just look at your pretty, curly hair, ………… and those pretty blue eyes and eyelashes…………… No, you are definitely a girl.

"That’s ridiculous ! I’m a boy !"

"You just dress like one." She countered, a smile spreading across her face.

I was starting to get flummoxed. A girl indeed ! I wasn’t a frilly, giggling, sissy girl in ribbons and dresses.

"But … I .,.. don’t .. don’t have breasts." I blurted.

It was the first thing that came to me, as Sue was fourteen, and taller; and her chest, outlined by her bra under her thin T shirt, stood right in front of my gaze.

"Of course not. You are too young. ..’. not for a another year or two." She shot back, blushing slightly.

Now I was getting flustered. Sue was amused.

"Well, … I can do this, ‘cause I’m a boy." I said, lifting my shirt, pushing my boyish bare chest out. "You can’t."

Sue blushed a bit more.

"Oh, … pull your shirt down. That’s not nice for girls to do that. Some boy will see you."

"I’m not a girl." I stated again.

"Yes you are." She stated calmly.

I was getting nowhere.

"Would you like to come in ?" She asked, switching the subject. "We could do something inside. Play a game maybe."

I looked around. Nope, no one was out, not a sole.


After all, Sue was 14, and it was always neat getting to play with older kids.

"What would you like to play ?" She asked.

I shrugged.

Sue brought out a board game.

"How about this ?" She asked.

I looked at it. It was a girl’s board game; …… but then I was always interested in new stuff, especially games. It was only the two of us, so I guessed it was ok. It was something like chutes and ladders, only the goal was to be Prom Queen. It was a little embarrassing, but it was still neat having an older girl want to play with me. I chose the blue game piece, ……… blue for boy.

After about ten minutes I was winning.

"Would you like to make it a little more interesting ?" She asked.

I looked at her questioningly.

"The loser will have to do whatever the winner says for the next hour." She proffered.

"Hmmm, ……… ok" I smiled.

I was winning, and that sounded like fun to be able to boss an older girl.

Well, It was just a short time later that Sue shot ahead of me, … and a few minutes later, she won.

She smiled very sweetly.

"Ok .. you have to do what I tell you for the next hour." She giggled.

I hung my head.

"Yeah, …ok"

"Come on, let’s go upstairs."

We climbed the stairs, and went into her bedroom.

"I want to see how you look in a dress." She announced.

"WHAT ?" I cried, wide-eyed with terror.

She smiled, devilishly this time.

"Yes, it’s about time you wear a dress for a change. ……….. Look at you, ‘those blue eyes and lashes .. and those pretty curls. You are too pretty to be a boy. You have to be a girl."

"But I’m not ! I’m not a girl !" I cried.

She held up a dress. It was a flower print of mostly blue and white with an occasional pink flower.

"No … I’m not wearing a dress."

"We had a bet remember ?"

"But … but .. not this…" I stammered.

"Come on, it’s just for an hour, .. well 55 minutes now." She coaxed.

I was perplexed. I didn’t want to welch on our bet, but …’ I didn’t know what to do.

"First you’ll have to put on this slip; but you knew that." She said, holding out smooth, white nylon with straps and lace trimmed top and bottom and a little bow.

I shuddered. I shook my head very slowly from side to side.

"Yes, you have to wear a slip under your dress. Silly, .. you know that."

Yes, I knew girls wore them under their dresses, …… but………… I was a little paralyzed with shock as she pulled my T-shirt off.

"Now take your pants off." She demanded.

I don’t know why, maybe it was shock; but I slowly began doing what she said, and undid my pants. It was something about an older girl, like a babysitter, and knowing I did owe it …… as I had lost. I was a bit embarrassed as my pants slid down my legs; but she paid little attention as she pulled the frilly slip over my head. I looked down at the lace top and sissy ribbon bow. I felt very flushed. Sue giggled a little; and then she pulled the dress over my head, and over the slip. I was red faced with embarrassment as she buttoned it up the back.

"..’good thing I kept these old things of mine. …………. Mmm ‘ they fit you good too !" She squealed.

I felt her tieing the sash in the back of the dress; and the images of girls in their sissy dresses with their bows in back caused me to squirm.

"Take off those socks and shoes." She said.

I nervously slipped off the footwear.

"And take off your underpants too. ………………… You’ll wear panties." She added as I pulled off the last sock.

"Aaahhh" I protested.

Sue looked at me like I was eating peas with a knife.

"Of course you’ll wear panties ! Here, put these on." She said, holding out a pair of white nylon panties with a pink embroidered flower on the one side.

She thrust them at me three times before I timidly took them. I just looked at them.

"Come on, times a wasting. You only have to do this for .. ummm 45 more minutes." She smiled. "And oh. … you do make a cute girl. I knew it. See, ……… isn’t this fun ?" She giggled.

"NO !"

I looked at her in shock, but slipped off my briefs and pulled the thin, delicate, nylon underwear on beneath the dress. Everything felt so strange……… and soooo girlish !

"Here, … put these anklets on … while I find you some shoes."

Just then there was a knock on the door.

"Put your socks on, and sit over at the vanity, ‘ I’ll be right back."

I slowly walked over to her vanity to sit. The thin, nylon underwear felt cool and light over my bottom as I sat. I looked around her room. Where were my clothes ? In my flustered state I hadn’t seen what she did with my things. ……… Oh my GOD ! ……… I was wearing a dress .. with a slip yet !

I sat nervously looking at the white anklets when I heard her coming back up the stairs; …………… but went into a panic when I heard what I thought were two sets of footsteps and some whispering. In the doorway came Sue ……… and her friend Anna Marie ! I squirmed in anguished embarrassment !

Anna Marie was her best friend; and you seldom saw one without the other, even though Anna Marie lived halfway across town.

"Oh ………… who’s the cute girl ?" She questioned. ………… Oh my ! Kenny, is that you ?" She squealed, and then broke into uproarious laughter.

I was near tears with shame !

"Her name is really Karen. Don’t you think she makes a darling girl ?" Sue asked. "I just knew she was a girl. She couldn’t fool me !"

Anna Marie nodded between fits of laughter.

"Oh yes ……… she does ‘ !"

I think we need to fix her hair; …………… and what do you think, is she too young for lipstick ?" Sue questioned.

I thought I would die !

Anna Marie was still laughing.

"Mmmm no, … a little lipstick would look good." She got out between giggles.

I rose and tried to reach the buttons in back of the dress to remove it.

"Oh no, ………… you are going to be a pretty girl for us." Sue said, as she pushed me down onto the vanity seat. "It’s way past time you put on a dress and look like the girl you really are !"

She picked up a hairbrush from the dresser.

"You’re finally going to put that pretty, curly hair of yours to good use. You couldn’t fool us ! We knew you had to be a girl with this pretty hair and those blue eyes and long, pretty lashes."

She began brushing my hair. My face burned with embarrassment.

"Oh, would you look at this curly hair ! This is totally a waste. You should have taken better care of it though. You have some split ends. You SHOULD have been raised as a girl in dresses and ribbons ! Oh, I’d die for hair like this !" She hissed as she pulled on my hair.

"Oooow !" I yelled.

"I think a nice pretty blue ribbon would look splendid in her hair with this dress, …… don’t you think ?" She commented, as she turned to Anna Marie.

I shuddered. ……… A hair ribbon ! ! This was going to be a long 30 or 40 minutes.

Sue pulled a long, wide, shiny blue satin ribbon, and held it up; and it dangled daintily, …… girlishly from her hand. I squirmed as it was pulled through my hair, and watched in the mirror as she tied a neat bow. I was wearing a shiny ribbon in my hair … and a flowered dress ! ……… Oh ick !!

Sue giggled as she adjusted the bow and arranged a couple curls.

"Oh … you look so cu u u u te !" She bubbled.

She sorted through a few lipsticks before she screwed the top of a pink shade up, and I looked at it in terror as she brought it toward my lips. I turned away. She laughed, and grabbed my chin, turning my face back toward her. Sue began smoothing the icky, girlish color over my mouth, to their giggles.

I glanced at my watch. Only 25 more minutes, I thought.

"Oh, take that watch off. That’s a boy’s watch. It looks terrible with this dress." She laughed.

"There, ……… what do you think ?" She asked turning me toward her friend.

"………’ very cute. She does make a darling little girl. Maybe we should adopt her as our little sister."

They both giggled in delight.

"Our cute little sister, ……… Karen."

"She does have pretty hair." Anna Marie commented, smiling. "And I love her pretty hair ribbon. It matches her dress. She looks pretty. She makes a pretty little sister."

They laughed and nodded in agreement.

"Yes, ………… here …………… sis ………………" Sue giggled, as she held out a pair of white shoes with two straps over the instep. "Put these on."

I timidly accepted them amongst their giggles. ………… They fit fine.

"………’ careful of your dress !" Sue cautioned as I lifted my foot to the bench to fix the straps.

"You’ll show your panties. You haven’t any experience in a dress, …… have you ?" She teased.

Anna Marie laughed !

"She’s wearing panties ?"

They were both laughing as Sue nodded.

"Of course", Sue giggled.

Sue turned me around and lifted the dress in back to show Anna Marie my nylon clad bottom. They laughed together in girlish comradery.

"And they have the cutest embroidered pink flower on the front." Sue told her friend.

"Let’s look at you." Sue said as she turned me around again, straightening my dress.

"Pretty", Anna Marie commented. ………"Let’s go downstairs."

I shuddered. I was fearful of anyone else seeing me like this, especially the other boys.

They both giggled as Sue gently guided me out of her room and down the stairs, with her hand placed in the middle of my back.

I reached the bottom of the stairs on weak, wobbly legs thinking there must be only about 15 more minutes of this left.

"Isn’t she the pretty girl ?" Anna Marie quipped, smiling at me.

We went into the kitchen with the screen door leading out onto the back porch where this had all started. I looked out the window down at Jim and Gary talking at the edge of the lawn. The back of the house and porch were elevated above the lawn so if they could see in, they could only see my head; but looking into a window from that distance I didn’t think they could see who it was. Still, I was more than a little bit nervous in the flowered dress, hair ribbon, and lipstick.

Sue grabbed a lace-trimmed apron and was soon tieing it around me. It had a flower print that clashed a bit with the dress I was wearing. The two girls were giggling again.

"Let’s bake some cookies." Sue suggested.

"Yes ! ……… Great idea ! …………… ‘little Susie homemaker." Anna Marie giggled, running her hand over my shoulder, smoothing the dress.

I was sick !

I looked at the clock, ………… less than 15 minutes more …………

They pulled out some ingredients, and baking pans, and proceeded to show me how to make cookies, …………… sugar and chocolate chip. I furtively glanced out the window, ……… keeping an eye out that no one was approaching.

I was kneading the dough when I looked at the clock, ………’ one minute !

I smiled and turned to look at Sue.

"Time’s up ! I want to put my own clothes back on."

Sue looked at me blankly.

"What do you mean ? You are wearing your clothes."

"My boy clothes, …… the hour is up. Now I’m going to put my shirt and pants ……… and stuff back on."

"What are you talking about Karen ? You aren’t a boy. You are a girl, ……… see ?" She said holding up a small mirror.

I turned redder, and headed for the stairs. Sue and Anna Marie followed.

I undid the apron, and was about to drop it, when Sue took it from my hand. I continued up the stairs. I heard them giggling and some comments about seeing my panties as they followed behind me. I tried ignoring them.

"Ok, …… where are my clothes ?" I demanded, as I entered her bedroom.

"I told you, …… you are wearing them." Sue chuckled.

I was growing weary of this.

"Where are they ?" I demanded again as I looked about.

Sue looked blankly, and shrugged. Anna Marie was giggling.

"I want my clothes, so I can go home." I cried.

"You can leave if you want; ………… but we’d like you to stay, Karen. It’s nice having such a cute little girl to play with." Sue giggled.

Anna Marie nodded in smiling agreement while I burned with embarrassment.

"I …… can’t go home like this !" I complained. "Where are my clothes ?" I demanded again, stomping my foot, nearly in tears.

"Why not spend the day with us; and we’ll see what we can find for you to wear home later if you don’t like your dress." Sue asked.

"What ? But ……… I should go home for lunch. Mom will wonder where I am." I begged.

This was a lie. I often got busy playing and didn’t go home, or was very late coming in for a sandwich.

"Well, we’ll just call and ask her if you can eat lunch here with us; ……………… unless you’d rather go home and show her how pretty you look."

A terrifying chill ran through me !

"No !", I quickly replied.

"All right then, ……… let’s call and ask her if you can have lunch here."

And so Sue called; and of course it was ok with mom. Sue’s mom worked, so she wouldn’t be home until this evening. She was a nurse, I think. Sue didn’t have a dad. I didn’t know why. I never asked.

They ushered me back down the stairs, and into the kitchen, where we put the cookies in to bake. And then we prepared lunch of sandwiches. We went into the living room to eat, where I sat for the first time. They laughed, as the dress bunched all up. They showed me how to scoop the skirt, just as I’d seen girls do many times, and then smoothed the dress over my lap. Sue checked to see my slip was in the proper place and hadn’t ridden up. She pulled down on the lacy hem. I was red-faced.

"Now keep your knees together, and sit up; and be careful of your dress." Sue instructed. "Keep your elbows in, and be a young lady."

Sue positioned me, and then took notice of my hands.

"Hmmm ……… if you can’t mind your manners like a good little girl maybe we’ll have to paint your finger nails…… as a reminder." She threatened.

I sat straight.

I flinched at the sight of pink on the edge of my sandwich and around the rim of my milk glass; and it caused my stomach to fill with butterflies.

When we finished, Sue came over to me and lifted my chin as she held the tube of lipstick in her hand.

"We have to freshen your lipstick." She explained as she proceeded to smooth it over my mouth again.

I groaned.

Sue then adjusted a few strands of my hair and straightened the ribbon bow.

"You look adorable in a dress and ribbons." She sighed.

I felt all icky inside.

The cookies were ready to come out; .. and they smelled wonderful. Sue refilled my pink lipstick smeared glass with more milk; and we took a tray of cookies back to the living room with us. They watched me closely as I scooped the dress as I sat, and smiled.

"Keep your knees together Karen. You must watch how you sit in your pretty dress." Sue cautioned.

They looked over at me and giggled.

"What ?" I asked, turning red.

"…… it’s your hair ribbon and your curls. You just look so cute !" Sue giggled.

"Oh, she does !" Anna Marie chimed. "She makes such an adorable little girl !"

My face burned. I wanted to crawl into the cracks between the cushions; ……… and yet, it felt sort of nice at the same time. The mixed emotions that ran through me felt exciting !

They teased me some more; and I had to stand and turn around for them. They talked some more about dresses and things before we returned to the kitchen to wred up the dishes.

I could see my friends outside playing now,…… while I was playing house, inside, in a frilly dress, hair ribbon, and lipstick. Boy would they rip me if they could see this ! I looked at Sue and Anna Marie. I hoped they wouldn’t tell anyone.

Sue took my hand and led me back to the living room. Sue and Anna Marie smoothed, and fussed over my dress, and Sue straightened the ribbon bow in my hair again, and then gave ME the tube of lipstick. She told me to freshen my lips. I reluctantly took the slender tube, and squirmed inside as I twisted it, bringing the awful dome of sissy pink grease into view. I looked at them.

"Go on, ……… put it on. It won’t bite you." Sue laughed at my reluctance.

I gingerly touched the slippery tip to my lips. Eeewwww, …… I was putting pink lipstick on myself ! Both of them were giggling.

"Now press your lips together." Sue said.

She took the lipstick from me then.

"There, ……… you look so sweet !"

We went upstairs for a while and looked at some skirts, blouses and dresses, including some pretty party dresses of Sue’s. Some of these were held up to me; and I held my breath that they weren’t going to make me try them on. Sue fastened a pink flower pendant around my neck, and a pink bracelet on my wrist. They were satisfied just teasing me; and I was a little relieved as we returned downstairs with me still in the same dress.

We played the girlie "Prom Princess" game again; and they enjoyed teasing me with every move I made, and occasionally fussed over me and the dress.

They often made references to their new "little sister" Karen, like I was going to be dressed as Karen in the future. I hoped they were just teasing.

About 4:30 there was some talk about dinner, and how Anna Marie should be going home. She asked if Sue and I would like to come over for supper ! I must have turned white, because they looked at me and laughed. Anna Marie’s house was a long way to be walking with me dressed like this ! After a little discussion it was decided it was too far today, ……… maybe another day……… ‘.

"Would you like to wear your pretty dress home for supper, Karen ?" Sue asked.

I looked at her in horror !

"NO ! You have to be kidding !"

She laughed.

"Let’s see what we can find for you then. But you do like wearing a dress, ……… now don’t you ? You look so pre-t-t-t-y-y."

I shook my head.

"Well, ……… maybe you should wear your pretty dress home then. I’m sure once everyone sees how sweet you look they will buy some dresses for you and make you wear them. You look so cute in a dress."

I shook my head, ……… sweating profusely now.

"Tell us you like wearing a dress and looking pretty then."

I looked at them. I was trembling. I wished I could melt into the floor.

"I ……… uh …… uh …… like my dress." I stammered.

I wanted to puke.

"That’s better. You’d rather wear a pretty dress and act more like the pretty girl you really are, ……… don’t you ?"

I hung my head; and looked at them to see if they were really going to make me do this.

"Yes" I defeatedly replied.

"Good, you are too pretty to be a boy. …… Hmmm, let’s see what we can find for you. But you’ll want to come back and wear another pretty dress for us again, won’t you ?" She giggled.

I nodded, with a lump in my throat.

Sue produced my pants, shirt, and shoes and socks; and I breathed a sigh of relief.

"But where are my shorts ?"

"Hmmm …… I don’t know. It looks like you will have to wear your panties you have on under ‘. You can rinse them out and bring them back tomorrow, so I’ll have them the next time."

Oh no ! … … But I didn’t have the strength to argue. I felt drained.

Sue unbuttoned the dress for me; and I went in to her bath to change.

"I’ll see you in the morning." Sue called as I left.

I could hardly believe what had happened as I walked slowly home. How could I have let her put me in panties and a dress ? The other kids would be unmerciful if they ever found out !

Once home, I went to the bathroom and took off the panties, stuffing them back in the corner of my dresser before going down to dinner.

I washed them in the sink, and looked at the pink embroidered flower on the front. They were pretty. I placed them between two towels in my drawer before going to bed.

It was after 9:30 the next morning when I strolled across the parking lot. Jim, Gary, and George were talking; and I waved before veering over to Sue’s porch. I knocked, and glanced sideways at my friends looking over, probably wondering what I was doing. Sue came to the door.

"Hi Karen", she greeted.

"Shhhh", I whispered, quickly entering.

Sue smiled.

I pulled the nylon underpants from my jeans pocket, and handed them to her. She held them up, and looked at them for a second, before smoothing and refolding them.

"Come on, I want to show you something." She said, taking my hand.

Sue led me upstairs. I began to blush, and pull back.

"Come on", she repeated.

She led me by the hand over to her closet, opening it to show me four dresses, a blouse and two skirts separated to one side.

"These are for you, Karen. They are too small for me."

She smiled. She pulled out a girl’s pink party dress. It had a dainty ruffled lace collar and frothy, delicate skirt with a wide ribbon around the waist. Over the ribbon was a small bouquet of flowers with ribbon streamers over the skirt. She held it up to me, ……… and giggled. I was crimson.

"No Sue, I got to go." I said hoarsely, my voice quivering.

"Oh no, …………… I was just going to show you these things; ……… but you know, now I think I want to see you try them. …………… You wouldn’t want me to bring the other kids up here and show them what you wore yesterday, do you ?"

I quickly shook my head, blushing profusely. Whether my friends believed her or not, they would tease the heck out of me; and they might see through my blushing to the truth; and then tomorrow or the next day Anna Marie would show up and confirm Sue’s story, ……… and I’d be in a mess all summer.

"All right then", she said, pulling me over to the dresser. She opened the top drawer, and put the panties I returned in one corner, and then pulled out a pink pair, followed by a white slip from the other side of the drawer. I looked nervously in at all the girl’s silky, nylon underthings.

"Go in and put these on." She demanded, pointing to the bath.

I sheepishly complied. The panties were pink with lace and a ribbon bow on one side. My face burned as I undressed and pulled the sissy underthings on. I folded my clothes, and looked for a safe hiding place for them, …………… yeah right !

I came out of the bath; and there was a flash, as Sue snapped a picture!!

I felt my whole body turning red with embarrassment. Now I had really gone and done it ! I was really trapped !

"…’ bet now you will cooperate." Sue said smugly.

‘ I was nearly in tears, and shaking, when Sue came over, smiling sweetly, and hugged me.

"It’s ok, I won’t show anyone, ……… as long you do what I tell you."

She pulled me over to the vanity, and sat me down. She picked up a hairbrush, and began brushing me hair.

"……’such pretty hair", she muttered. "It would be so nice having a little sister, ……… especially one as cute as you."

She brushed and combed, and then picked up a pink ribbon. I felt it being pulled though my hair, and her tieing another bow on top of my head. My insides were Jell-O.

She brought the dress over. It rustled so girlishly. I stood, my arms raised, as the dress was pulled over my head. I looked down on clouds of pink as my head emerged. Sue zipped it in back and fastened the button at the top. She scootched me over in front of the mirror as she smoothed the dress. It was such a frilly dress; and I looked like such a sissy girl !

"Isn’t this a pretty dress ? ……… And now we’ll make your lips a pretty pink too."

She produced the lipstick; and I didn’t bother turning away as looked at her smiling face while she smoothed it over my lips.

Sue made me pose like a girl, smiling with my hands behind my back as she took a few more pictures; …………… and I was mortified. We then headed back downstairs.

"Let’s play ‘Prom Princess’ again. You certainly look like a little princess now." She giggled. "I hope you win this time."

Sue was delighted, and chortled with glee whenever I landed on such sissy things as: "You found the perfect dress ! Advance 5 squares".

Sue brought out the chocolate chip cookies and glasses of milk.

Once I caught her cheating. She only advanced four squares instead of five, and took a penalty card. She wanted me to win. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to upset her, not as long as she had those pictures and I was dressed like this.

Well, …… I won, and Sue declared me "prom princess", and joyously took me back upstairs, where she produced a little tiara, ……… a princess crown of sorts. We stayed upstairs, where we looked at clothes, some of her jewelry, and talked like a couple of girls. It was about a half-hour later, when Sue asked if I’d like to go home for lunch. I was surprised,... and suspicious; but then she helped me out of the dress and things; and moments later I was going out the door in my own clothes, … like nothing had happened.

* * * *

It was almost two weeks later, and I was playing with the other kids, when I heard Sue’s voice call ……… "Kenny".

I trotted over to see what she wanted. I went up on her porch where she was standing behind her screen door.

"I have a favor to ask, Karen."

My pulse quickened.

"Come on in." She beckoned.

I entered, nervously.

"Ummm, I need something at the store. I wondered if you would get it for me ?"

"Sure, I guess", I shrugged.

She scribbled something on a piece of paper, and handed it to me with some money.

"I appreciate this." She smiled.

I looked at the paper, and about died ! "Kotex" it said !

OH NO ! Not that !

"There is enough money to get yourself a candy bar."

"I …… uh …… it’s ok." I replied. I didn’t feel like any candy right then, my stomach was doing flip-flops.

I headed out the door, and my friends were all looking at me.

"Where are you going ?" Jim shouted.

"To the store." I answered, trying to sound as matter of factly as I could.

I then dashed across the parking lot, and didn’t stop until I was at the front of the grocery store. I didn’t want to take a chance they would ask me what I was going for, or decide to come along.

I walked down one isle and up another before spying the boxes with the blue rose on them. There were two women pushing grocery carts in the area as I approached; and they looked at me askew. Oh no ! Go away ! I couldn’t bear the thought of reaching for that with them watching me.. I couldn’t ! I sauntered on past, my face turning a burning red. My heart pounded louder than after the run down here as I went around the corner. I waited a little while before returning. The women had moved down to the other end, and I checked the scrap of paper to be sure I was getting the right kind. I DIDN’T want to return for an exchange ! This was embarrassing ! I summoned my courage and took the box from the shelf, and hurried to the register. Thank goodness I was able to go right to the lady at the register. She smiled at me as she rang it up. I know my face was a bright red. She put it in a brown bag, and gave me the change. Her smile had turned to a smirk. I folded the bag down, and fled out the door. ………… whew ! I slowly strolled back, regaining my strength and composure, until I reached the edge of the parking lot, and then jogged over to Sue’s back door. The kids were playing, and paid me no attention. Sue opened the door, and took the bag as I entered. She checked the contents, and smiled.

"Thanks Karen, I knew I could count on you." She said, and gave me a hug.

I returned to play with my friends. They asked what I bought for her. I told them it was ice cream.

It was another two weeks later when just about everyone was out playing when Sue and Anna Marie called me over. They both hugged me.

"How’s our ‘Karen’ been ?" Sue asked.

"Yes, …… we’ve missed her." Anna Marie added.

The two of them fussed over me, teasing me. Sue went into the house for a minute and came out with a sack. She handed me some warm chocolate chip cookies.

"Here, ……… take these over and share with your friends. And tell Karen to come by again to play." She teasingly whispered.

My friends were pleased with the cookies, and teased me a little about them being my girlfriends; but they were impressed, and jealous of the affection the two older girls had showered upon me, …… I could tell. ……… And you know, I actually thought about going bye Sue’s sometime and becoming Karen again. ………… spooky huh ?

It was three weeks later before I was prodded into returning. The entire neighborhood of us kids were out playing one evening; and even Sue and Anna Marie had joined in. It was a nice, clear summer evening, and afterwards we all sat on Sue’s front porch talking. When we decided to go in, it was after ten o’clock, Sue stopped me as I was about to leave and whispered.

"Tell Karen to come bye in the morning."

I was nervous and excited as I got ready for bed.

Sue smiled as she answered the door the next morning. I was led upstairs where a dress, a lace trimmed slip, and ribbon and lace trimmed panties were laid out. Sue handed me the things, then pushed me into the bath. I put on the pink flower print panties with lace and white ribbon bow, the white lace trimmed slip, and the flower print dress with the lace trimmed ruffles. I came out of the bath meekly, with a red face. Sue hugged me, and then buttoned the dress in back and tied the sash in a bow. She brushed and combed my hair, and then clipped a white ribbon bow with a pink flower in my curls. I knew what was coming next; and she smoothed the pink, greasy dome over my lips. She slipped a heart pendant around my neck and a bracelet with a heart on it around my wrist. She smiled as she handed me the anklets. They had lace and an embroidered flower at the ankle. I put on the white maryjane shoes, and looked at my feet. They looked so sissy-girlish with the lace encircling my ankle. I thought we were done when she sat me at the vanity and opened a bottle of nail polish. My stomach fluttered as I felt the liquid brushed over my nails, turning them a bright, sissy pink. Sue glanced over at me often with a warm smile.

We reached the bottom of the stairs just as someone knocked on her door. It was Anna Marie.

"Oh, doesn’t she look darling !" She squealed.

They fluttered all around me, fussing over the dress and arranging the ribboned barrette and my curls.

"Have you ever had your hair put up in curlers ?" Anna Marie asked.

I looked at her like she was crazy.

"No", I said.

She shook her head incredulously.

"Wow, just think what pretty hair you’d have if you took care of it and put it up." She mused.

She turned to Sue. "Let’s see." She proffered to her friend.

Sue smiled.


They took me upstairs, where Sue removed the barrette, and shampooed my hair in the bathroom sink. A towel was wrapped around my head then, and I was taken out and seated at Sue’s vanity.

Sue set the rollers on the vanity, and wound them, one at a time in my hair; and a short time, and a few giggles later, I looked in the mirror at my head full of pink curlers. There was a brief discussion about whether I should have my hair blown dry or leave the curlers in to air dry. It was decided to leave the curlers in while we returned downstairs.

As we were leaving Sue stopped to show me her dolls. She handed me "Karissa", a pretty doll in a pink and white dress with red lips. I was a little reluctant as Sue handed it to me.

"Here !" Sue said in a demanding tone that I take it.

"Here, you hold her like this………" Sue demonstrated, as the doll was placed in the crook of my arm to cradle.

"You look so CU-U-T-E with a doll !" Sue squealed.

They giggled.

"You can take ‘Karissa’ downstairs with you, Karen. You two can get acquainted." Sue announced to more of their girlish giggling. "Oh, and here", Sue called, as she picked up a silky, pink, nylon scarf, pulling it over my head. "There", she smiled as she tied it under my chin.

The edges of the silky scarf fluttered as I descended the stairs in a pink dress, pink hair rollers, pink lipstick, and pink scarf, with pink fingernails, with a doll in my arms. It all had a strange effect of making me feel so weak, like I couldn’t lift anything heavier than this frilly doll, ………… like I was really turning into a weak girl. ………… I didn’t dwell on it. Sue and Anna Marie fussed over me as they escorted me over to the couch. We sat and talked on the couch for a while, mostly about how pretty they thought I looked.

Sue brought in some cookies and milk, and we continued to chat on the couch. It was nearly an hour later when Anna Marie felt my hair to see if it was dry enough. They decided to finish drying it with a hair dryer, and back upstairs we went, where I was put in a flowered plastic bonnet.

Twenty minutes later they were taking the curlers out, and brushing it out, cooing and giggling about how well my hair held a curl. I looked in the mirror at the mass of curls I had.

"Oh wow ! Would you look how his hair holds a curl ! Why can’t I have hair like this ?" Anna Marie complained.

"Are you a darling girl or what !" Anna Marie exclaimed.

They giggled as they arranged the curls on my head. A pink ribbon bow was clipped on one side …………… and then the other ! Then Sue replenished the pink lipstick.

"Are you SURE she isn’t a girl ?" Anna Marie teased.

"I haven’t peeked, if that’s what you mean." Sue giggled.

I blushed profusely.

Sue brought out her camera and took some pictures of me like that, cradling her doll in my arm. Anna Marie said she wanted some.

We returned downstairs; and a short while later we fixed lunch. I peered out the window to see a couple of my friends walking bye. Wow, if they ever saw me like this !

After lunch we sat and talked, and they mentioned they wished they could take me out, like to go shopping or downtown for a coke. They were itching to show me off to someone. Anna Marie wanted to take me over to her house to show her mom. We played some girl games that afternoon, and Anna Marie and I stayed for dinner. Sue’s mom wouldn’t be home until 7 PM or so.

I was allowed to change back and leave Sue’s around 6:30. My hair was a mass of curls. I rushed home and headed straight for the bathroom where I shampooed my hair. I made up a story about getting some grease or something in my hair when I arrived in the living room with my hair all wet.

The next day my hair was quite a bit curlier than usual.

* * * *

Despite my big secret, that summer was very nice; and I really liked the closeness I felt had taken place between Sue, Anna Marie and me. Once school started I tried to put it out of my mind.

Midway through October there was a group of us talking on a warm autumn Saturday, when we started talking about Halloween and trick or treat. Sue asked me who I was going to go out with, and what I was going to wear for a costume. I didn’t know.

It was a little over a week later when Sue and Anna Marie called me over to Sue’s porch. They had a great idea for a costume for me…………

"You can come over to my house to get dressed. My neighborhood is a great place to go ‘trick or treating’ !" Anna Marie bubbled. I turned crimson as they started telling me of the costume they were putting together. I tried to object, but they acted like they didn’t hear me, and continued to tell me when and where I was to go.

The day before trick or treat Sue reminded me that I was to meet them at Anna Marie’s house.

I rushed right over after dinner the next day. Sue and Anna Marie greeted me at the door, and ushered me upstairs, amongst giggles. There were pieces of costume about the bedroom as I entered, and it was mostly a very girlie pink. I was going as a princess, with lots of frothy pink chiffon. I was dressed from the skin out in pink, topped by a flowing ankle length pink dress. They made my face with all the girlish make up, mascara, eye shadow, blusher, and of course lipstick. I was dressed in record time, and ushered downstairs. The pink chiffon scarf attached to the princess hat pinned to my hair floated over my shoulders, down past my waist. I carried a small pink drawstring bag tied to my wrist with the make up in it for touch ups along the way.

Anna Marie’s Mom made a huge fuss.

"This is the boy you told me about ? Oh no ! She’s a girl, ……… isn’t she ?" She teased.

"I told you mom. Isn’t it a waste ? He should have been a girl. She’d make a beautiful girl in a few years."

They all looked at me and giggled.

"Yes, with those pretty blue eyes and delicate features, she would be very cute with a little figure." Her Mom chortled.

"Yes Karen, you are such a pretty little girl." Sue giggled.

I was crimson.

"Yes, in just a short time you would be wearing a training bra and learning to walk in high heels." Anna Marie’s Mom injected.

"Yes", Anna Marie laughed. "Maybe we should go shopping for some things for her."

They all laughed.

"I guess you should be going little princess." Her Mom said. "Here, let me start you out with some candy."

She placed a large handful of candy into my sack.

"What do you say, princess." Sue prodded.

"Er …… uh … thank you", I replied.

"Karen, you should curtsy nice with your thank you s, you are supposed to be a sweet little princess." Anna Marie said.

I looked at Sue and Anna Marie. They showed me how to put one foot behind the other, and hold my dress as I bent my knees. They all squealed.

Sue and Anna Marie escorted me out to do some trick or treating. The third house we came to, the lady gushed over me.

"Oh come see the pretty princess." She called.

Her two older daughters showed up and smiled and cooed how pretty I looked. She insisted I come in to show her husband who was sitting in his lounge chair. She gave me an extra portion of candy, and I curtsied and thanked her. She hugged me, telling me what a pretty girl I was. Sue and Anna Marie giggled, and Sue whispered to the lady.

"NO !" The Lady gasped. "You’re kidding me. It is a trick, right ?"

Sue shook her head.

"You can’t be a little boy !" The lady shouted.

"What ?" Her daughters laughed.

The room exploded into giggles and her daughters fussed over me even more, looking at me closely.

Their high pitched laughter echoed as we left.

At the end of the evening I hadn’t collected as much as I had hoped. We had gotten stalled at several more houses where women or older girls in the house had fussed over the "pretty princess"; and Sue and Anna Marie took delight in telling them I was really a boy. Still, I collected a fair amount, as I got extra at several places.

Anna Marie’s mom had cocoa and cookies waiting when we returned; and we sat around discussing the shock some of the women got when Sue told them I wasn’t a girl.

It was kind of late when Anna Marie’s mom suggested she better drive me home. I was going to go upstairs to change, when she stopped me.

"Better just go home and change there. It is getting late. ………… Besides, your Mother hasn’t seen you tonight, has she ?"

No, I thought, and I’d just as soon keep it that way.

I was herded out to the car. Sue and I sat in back with Anna Marie in front with her Mom. Sue fluffed the dress out, and retouched my lipstick and make up when we arrived.

Sue and Anna Marie saw me to the door to witness Mom’s reaction. She was in shock. My older brother laughed his head off. It took my Mother awhile before she smiled and began looking me over.

Anna Marie and Sue couldn’t stay. They apologized for keeping me out so late, and they waved goodbye, smiling.

I quickly explained this was Sue and Anna Marie’s idea; and I didn’t know why I went along, just that I didn’t know what to do for a costume.

"I had no idea what a pretty girl you would make. I didn’t know I had such a pretty daughter." She half giggled, picking at my frilly, pink costume.

"You want me to help you out of your dress ?" She asked

"No, ……… I can manage fine." I answered heading for the bath in haste. What would she think about my wearing panties and the lacy slip ?

Undoing the buttons in back took some doing; and I put the underthings in the middle of the neatly folded costume. I would have to get it back to Sue quickly, before Mom or my brother got curious. I went right up to bed.

The next day I sneaked out of the house early with the pink bundle, and went to Sue’s. Sue came to the door in her robe, yawning. She was surprised to see me, and asked me in.

I had Frosted Flakes cereal with her for breakfast. Anna Marie called while we were eating. I heard Sue say "Yes, ……… he’s here." She hung up and said Anna Marie wanted us to come over. Her Mom was curious how I looked as a boy.

Sue was in no hurry, and it was after 11 when she suggested we call my Mom to tell her where we were going, and we’d have lunch over there. Mom was a bit suspicious when I told her, but said it was ok. Sue and I talked like good friends as we walked, despite the difference in our ages. It felt nice.

Anna Marie answered the door, and gave me a little hug. We talked in the living room a little while before her Mom came in. She greeted us.

"This is our little princess ?" She cried. "Oh, …… let’s look at you. My word ! You looked so pretty last night. I think it’s such a shame. You should have been a girl." She giggled.

I wanted to protest. I mean like jeez ………; but I let it go.

A few giggles and sighs later the three of went up to Anna Marie’s bedroom. We sat and talked. Well Sue and Anna Marie did most of the talking. We looked in Anna Marie’s closet, checking out her dresses and things, when we came across her girlscout uniform hanging at one end. Well, actually there were two………

"I bet this would fit you, ……… Karen." She giggled, holding it up to me. "You could help me sell cookies."

Sue and Anna Marie laughed at that.

I looked in Anna Marie’s eyes. She was serious.

They teased me about what a cute girlscout I was going to make; and they were sure customers would buy lots of cookies from such a pretty little girl.

"Are you serious ?" I cried.

"Yes", Anna Marie responded. "Just keep those days open. You will go out with me to help sell cookies; ………… and then you can help deliver them too." She giggled. "Of course by then we will have a lacy little training bra for you, sis."


To be continued.


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