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Karen's Wedding


Lucy-Anne Seymour


Margie was horrified as she watched the huge truck swerve and speed onto the pavement striking the baby carriage, sending it high into the air to fall again and bounce off a large tree then hit the ground hard. There was no sound from the pushchair and she knew that her four month old daughter was dead.

She stood rooted to the spot unable to move. Other people ran to the remains of the baby carriage and one woman stooped, checking to see if there was any life there, but there was none.

Five years later Margie gave birth to a little boy but she refused to have anything to do with him. She wanted her daughter back. Her little girl whom she had loved with every fibre of her being. Her daughter who had been taken from her in such tragic circumstances.

Bill, her husband, tried everything he knew to make her care for the boy but he was wasting his time. Then one day one of his workmates said jokingly that maybe Margie would care for the baby if he dressed him as a girl.

That stuck in Bill's mind all afternoon and on the way home too. His young sister, Fiona, who was still unmarried and not working, had been looking after the baby and he mentioned this to her.

"Why not try it Bill? She might just accept the baby if it were dressed in Karen's clothes. They are still in a drawer upstairs."

"Do you really think so Fiona?" Bill asked, really worried by his wife's refusal to accept the baby.

"Worth a try Bill," Fiona told him. "You can't let things go on as they are."

Bill looked at his sister then went upstairs and searched through the bottom drawer of the tall chest and pulled out some baby girl's clothing.

Fiona had just finished changing baby's diaper and was playing with him when Bill came back into the living room. Five minutes later the baby was dressed all in pink and looked lovely.

He lifted his child and carried her through to the kitchen where Margie was busy preparing dinner. She looked at him and her eyes widened in surprise.

"Why have you dressed the baby in pink?" She asked, her eyes widening with interest.

"Well since you will not accept a son I thought that you might just accept a daughter instead," Bill said smiling warmly to his wife.

Margie stood and looked at the baby and the hardness began to leave her face.

"Do you mean that you are willing to bring him up as a girl?" She asked in a hesitant voice.

"Why not darling? Maybe you will learn to love him as a girl since you cannot love him as a boy."

Marge came over to where her husband stood holding the baby.

What will we call her?" she asked as she reached over and took the child in her arms.

"How about Karen after our first daughter?" Bill said, sighing with relief as Margie accepted the child.

"Karen. Yes that sounds nice Bill. Karen Anne Taylor."

"Okay by me sweetheart," Bill said as he kissed Margie on her cheek. Their first daughter had been born on the 3rd April 1993. Karen was born on the 4th April 1998 so it should be very easy to change the three into an eight on the original birth certificate certificate and use it for this little daughter. However he would have to be very careful and get the right ink for the job.

"You do realise that we will have problems through the years don't you?" She said as she cuddled the little baby girl and began talking to her, telling her what a lovely girl she was.

"We will face each one as it comes," Bill told her. "What's for dinner Margie?"

Margie smiled up to him and passed the baby to Fiona who had entered the kitchen in time to hear what they said.

"Oh Margie I am so happy for you dear," Fiona said to her and hugged her. She will make a wonderful daughter for you both and I will love her as my little niece."

The change in Margie was amazing. She was like a new woman now that she had a baby daughter to care for. She would have to make sure that none of the medical staff at the health centre or nurseries ever saw the tiny penis that Karen had, but that should be relatively easy to do.

The little girl grew and was loved by her parents. Her hair was long and very blonde and her eyes were blue. When she started school at the age of five she was quite bright and happy having come from a loving home.

Bill got promotion and they moved to another town and now that Karen was at school Margie got a part-time job, but was always there for her little girl. Fiona came through to visit often and Karen loved her aunt.

By the time she was twelve and ready to go into secondary school she had become very feminine in every way except for that little clitty between her legs. One day she asked her mummy why she had a 'willie' and was not like the other girls.

Margie discussed this with Bill and they decided it was time to let Karen know the truth. Margie was scared that it would turn her against them but it didn't and Karen seemed happy enough with the explanation they gave her.

"When will I have this operation Mummy?" Karen asked not realising the seriousness of it all.

"When you are older darling," Margie told her, "But we must do something about your breasts now. There are creams which will start your breasts growing and a simple operation, maybe in a couple of years time, to insert silicon implants will make them nice and firm like mine are."

Karen accepted all this and Margie ordered a supply of Oestrogen creams and began to rub them onto her daughter's breasts and nipples every other night. She didn't want them growing too fast or people would be asking questions.

She also got beard retardant cream and creams for hips and bum to shape them nicely. As Karen already had nice pouting lips there was no need to do any more to them. When she was older she might have to have electrolysis or laser treatment to get rid of unwanted hair but that was for the future.

She made Karen take anti-androgen capsules each evening so that the level of testostorene would fall and female hormones would act more effectively.

Within three months she had to buy an 'A' cup brassiere for Karen as her breasts had started growing. Very carefully she kept her female growth at the same level as other girls of her age.

One thing she had to do was get her daughter excused all gym and sports activities as there was the danger of her penis being shown. However that was no problem.

By the time she had reached the fifth year at school Karen had developed a lovely feminine figure (34C-23-34) and was 5'3" tall and was admired by many boys in her year. She had a great interest in fashion and had learned dressmaking and sewing. Margie bought her an electric sewing machine and taught her all she knew. Her other passion was cooking and she spent a lot of time in her mother's kitchen.

She did well in her final exams attaining 6 'A' levels. She had three very close girl friends; Sally Hayward, Carla Downes and Theresa Maynard.

Margie had warned Karen to be very careful not to let her friends know that she was really a boy or she would lose their friendship and they might tell others about her. However she was always very care what she said to them and she really didn't think they would betray her if they knew.

The end of term ball came and the four girls got together and decided what they were going to wear. Karen made her own dress and her parents were so proud of their lovely daughter.

The ball was a great success and everyone enjoyed themselves. Karen found herself attracted to Jack, a sixth year student who lived at the other end of the town. She liked the look of him and they had several dances together.

When the dance ended he asked if he could see her home and she agreed, collecting her coat from the cloakroom and meeting him at the entrance to the building. However while in the cloakroom Theresa warned her about Jack, telling her that he had a bad reputation with other girls and she should be careful.

Karen laughed this off and left with Jack. She got in his sports car and they set off towards her home. However about halfway there Jack brought the small car to a stop and turned to Karen. He smiled and talked to her telling her that he had always had a crush on her. She became a little wary after that but he persisted and put one arm about her shoulders bringing her nearer to him. He kissed her, then she felt his hand on her breast and she struggled but he was very strong and she could not get away.

"Jack, stop that!" she pleaded but he only forced her down on the seat and began to fumble under her skirts. She shouted for him to stop but he just laughed and called her a whore.

Suddenly she felt him being pulled from her and there was a thud as a large fist smashed into Jack's face. She was lifted from the car and placed on her feet on the road.

"You ever come near Karen again and I'll give you the rest!" a loud angry voice shouted at Jack who lay on the car seat with blood pouring from his broken nose.

"Come on Karen I'll take you home."

She looked up at the tall man who held her arm and guided her away from the car. It was Mike, Carla's big brother. He had come to collect them and take them home, but the girls were so worried about Karen that they begged him to follow Jack's car.

He opened the rear door of his car and Karen stepped in to sit beside her friends.

"Are you okay Karen? Carla asked as she sat down. Tears were streaming down her face now and she was very upset by the incident. Sally put an arm about her and hugged her close.

"I hate to say it Karen," Theresa said. " But I did warn you about him. You should listen to what your friends say."

"I think Karen has had enough for one night Theresa," Mike said as he turned into Karen's drive and slowed to a halt outside her home.

"I'm sorry Karen," Theresa apologised. "But we were so concerned for you."

Mike got out and came round to the right passenger door and opened it. Karen stepped out and Mike took her arm. His grip was firm but gentle and he smiled down to her, trying to relax her.

"We'll see you tomorrow Karen," Carla called and Karen turned to wave to her friends.

When they reached the front door she fumbled in her purse for her key but the door opened and her mother stood there.

"One daughter returned a little scared but intact Mrs Taylor," Mike said smiling to her. "Good night Karen." With that he turned and walked back to his car and got in. The girls waved as the car sped away for the next delivery.

As the door closed Karen burst into tears and her mother hugged her.

"Whatever is the matter pet?" She asked, a worried frown on her face.

Karen sobbed and told her mother what had happened.

Not really understanding Margie asked her daughter "You mean Mike did that to you?"

"No mummy, no. Mike saved me and brought me home."


Just then her father appeared wanting to know what all the noise was. Margie explained to him and he was all for finding Jack and breaking his neck. It took the persuasion of both mother and daughter to stop him from doing this.

They went into the living room and Karen sat beside her mother on the couch. Margie cuddled her and Bill made some tea and brought it through.

The telephone rang a short while later and Margie answered it. It was Carla wanting to know if Karen was all right. Margie said yes and told her that she would see her tomorrow.

They talked for a while then Margie took Karen upstairs and helped her to undress then tucked her into bed.

"Sleep well my precious daughter." Margie kissed her then left.

The next morning Karen woke early and lay thinking about what had happened last night. What she thought about mostly was Mike. Oh she had known Mike for some time but had never thought of him in this way. My God, she thought as she lay there with a huge erection. She had never experienced this before and the more she thought about him the harder it got. She was blushing furiously when her mother entered her room with breakfast on a tray.

"How are you this morning dearest?" Margie asked as she bundled the pillows up and helped Karen into a more comfortable position.

"I'm fine mummy." Karen answered as she looked at the food on the tray. Her erection had died instantly when her mother came into her bedroom.

"Mummy, when can I have the gender alteration operation?"

"Are you in a hurry for it pet?" Margie asked, smiling down to the teenage girl she loved so much.

"Yes mummy, I am."

"Hmm, I wonder if a certain Mister Michael Downes might have brought that on?"

Karen blushed scarlet.

"I thought so," Margie said, stooping to kiss her. "He certainly is a hunk and he is also a very nice young man. One whom a young innocent girl might trust."

"Oh Mummy!" Karen exclaimed feeling very embarrassed by her mother's words.

"Why don't you call him later and say thank you for last night."

"Mummy!!" Karen almost shouted at her mother.

"I'm sorry darling. I really should not be teasing you about this but he is very desirable. He has just qualified from university and has attained a very good degree in commercial art. You know his family and his sister is your girlfriend.

"Please mummy, when can I have this operation?"

"Okay pet. I suggest that you take a gap year so that you can have the operation and have plenty of time to convalesce."

"But what shall I tell my girlfriends?"

"The truth. You are taking a gap year before going on to university. You said yourself that you had not decided what you wanted to study so that is a perfectly truthful explanation." Margie said to her.

Karen thought about that for a moment and realised that her mother was right. She would take a gap year, have the operation and take time to recover from it.

"Okay." She said to Margie.

That afternoon Margie called the clinic in Manchester and arranged for her daughter to go in to have the operation. She would go with her and comfort her when she came out of the anaesthetic. Margie knew that it would be very painful, more painful that Karen realised.

She came out of the anaesthetic and moaned about the pain and she was given painkillers which acted quickly. Margie stayed with her daughter throughout the operation and afterwards. She was given a bed in the next room to Karen so she could attend her at all times.

Due to the advancement of medical science the operation changed Karen into a real woman. She had been given all the sexual organs of a woman and they functioned as normal. In other words she could have babies. Also her breasts were capable of lactating so she could breast feed her children.

Several weeks after the operation the surgeon declared that she was all right and could go home. The pain had subsided to a dull ache which was controlled by drugs. When Karen first looked at her vagina in a mirror she was surprised by how normal it looked.

She was given a booklet on how to care for herself and instructed that her first menstruation would be heavy and quite painful. It would occur around ten weeks after the operation and she was given a packet of sanitary towels for this. Afterward, during the following menstruations she could use tampons and the pain would be less severe.

Now she was a real woman she was so happy that she didn't care about the pain. Her mother was ecstatic about the operation results and could not believe that she at last had a real daughter. They travelled home and Bill met them at the airport.

"Oh daddy!" Karen cried as she rushed into his waiting arms. "I really am your little girl now."

"You always were sweetheart." He told her as he crushed her to him.

He kissed Margie and gave her a hug then escorted both women to his car. It didn't take long to drive home and Karen was surprised and delighted when her girlfriends appeared at the door of the house to welcome her home.

"How does it feel now Karen?" Sally asked giving her a hug.

"Great," Karen said and looked askance of her parents. They both shrugged.

"Who told you I was having a sex change operation?" Karen demanded of her girlfriends.

"No one sweetie, "Theresa said laughing. "We always knew that you were male."

"How?" Karen asked, thoroughly confused.

"Oh, Just little things here and there," Carla told her.

"You took large steps when we first met ," Sally said. "It took a while to slow you down and shorten your steps."

"You are such a nice person Karen," Carla told her. "We wouldn't have told anyone about your secret."

"Not even your brother?" Karen asked.

"No love," Carla said. "Not even Mike. I know you have a crush on him Karen and I would love to have you as my sister-in-law, but he is engaged now and he seems quite keen on her."

"Oh," Karen seemed quite dejected by this news but she rallied and gave each of her girlfriends a kiss and a hug.

"Do you really not mind what I was?"

"No sweetie," Sally said, you have been such a wonderful girlfriend to us and we all love you so much."

Karen had tears streaming down her face at this and her mother hugged her close and whispered sweet words in her ear to try and get her to calm down.

The girls stayed for a while then left promising to come and see Karen the next day.

"Well daughter!" Margie said to the girl whom she loved so much. "What are you going to do with your life now?"

"I really don't know mummy," Karen replied smiling lovingly to her mother. "I think I will take things easy for a while and think about it. I quite fancy doing a degree in historic costuming but there isn't one. You know how I love dressmaking, well I really would love to learn about clothes all the way back to the beginnning."

"There must be something," Bill said.

"No daddy, I have investigated this and there is nothing specifically on that. I could do history but I don't really have any interest in that."

"Well something might turn up. You should ask at the museum. Perhaps the curator might be able to advise you." Margie told her.

"Good idea love," Bill said to her. "Your mother and I can well afford to keep you so there is no need for you to rush out and do something you really don't want to do. Take your time and think carefully about your future."

"Yes daddy, I will thank you." Karen replied reaching up to kiss him.

The next day her three girlfriends arrived at ten a.m. and suggested they go for a shopping spree in town. This delighted Karen as she hadn't been out and about for some time.

"Don't overdo things love," her mother warned her as she rushed upstairs to get dressed.

A short while later they left to get the bus into town. Walking along the wide pavement dressed and physically being a female was a new experience to Karen but one which she enjoyed immensely. The four of them, arm in arm strolled along the wide pavement of the town centre and many were the whistles from young men.

Karen felt so wonderful now. Her girlfriends would never fully understand how she felt but they were loyal to her and stood by her in all things. They entered large stores and shopped for female clothing and Karen really loved it now she was a real woman.

"Look there's Mike!" Carla called out as she pointed to her older brother on the far side of the road. Karen blushed pink and Theresa and Sally teased her about her crush on him.

He saw them and crossed the road smiling to them and chatting happily to all of them.

"Mike," Karen said, her face flushing bright pink. "I wanted to thank you for helping me on the evening of the school ball. I should have done so before now. I really don't know what I would have done if you hadn't come along."

"That's no problem Karen," he replied, his face flushing a little. "I was only too glad to help you. Guys like that don't deserve to be allowed into the dances."

"Well, Thank you anyway Mike. I'm very grateful to you."

The conversation turned general and Mike said that he and his two pals were going to Crete for a holiday next month.

Sally nudged Karen telling her to say something to Mike but she was too shy.

Theresa also got onto her and she became quite annoyed with her girlfriends.

Suddenly Mike took hold of her arm and almost dragged her away from the others.

"Karen, would you like to come out with me on Friday evening? We could go for a meal and then go on to the dancing at the County Hall if you like."

Karen looked up at him, her face flushed a deep crimson at this.

"Oh Mike I would love come with you. I like dancing."

Mike's face lit up. He had not expected her to accept and he was genuinely surprised that she did.

"Great Karen! I'll pick you up at seven thirty."

"That would be great Mike," she replied smiling up at him. Her heart was beating nineteen to the dozen and she realised that she had just accepted her first date as a woman.

Sally, Carla and Theresa were quiet through all this and it was only when Mike said goodbye and that he would meet Karen on Friday evening that they started talking.

"Oh Karen! You've got a date!" Carla almost screamed as she hugged her friend.

"I am so jealous of you Karen," Sally said as she too hugged Karen.

"I just don't believe it Karen." Theresa said to her, hugging and kissing her. "How did you manage to get such a hunk to ask you out?"

Karen was dazed. She could not believe that Michael had asked her out, and to go dancing too. She would have to ask her mother what dress to wear, in fact she might have to buy a new dress for the occasion.

"I don't know Theresa. He just asked me to go out. I didn't do anything to encourage him."

"Believe me Karen," Carla told her. "You didn't have to do anything. He has been wanting to date you ever since that evening after the ball."

On Thursday Margie took Karen into town and they shopped for a new dress for her. Karen was very nervous about the whole affair and rejected many dresses before finally selecting one.

Mike called at the time he said and he was delighted by the beautiful young woman who stood before him.

"Karen you look absolutely gorgeous."

She blushed crimson at this but her mother gave her a push and she left the house on Mike's arm.

She enjoyed the meal and they had a great time at the dance hall afterwards. She found Mike to be very gentle with her and he treated her like a lady at all times.

He brought her home at a respectable hour and they stood outside her front door for a short while. She was nervous but he was so good with her and kissed her gently on her lips then said good night.

He left only when the front door was open and she walked inside.

As soon as she was in she burst into tears and her parents wondered if something had gone wrong. She quickly explained that she had a wonderful time and she was crying because she was so happy.

The following day she met with her girlfriends and they were anxious to know how she had got on with Mike, especially Carla as he was her brother.

She said that she had a great time at the dancing and that Mike had treated her with the greatest respect.

"I like Michael," Karen said to her girlfriends. "He treats me as though I were a lady and I like that very much."

"Oh Karen," Carla said hugging her. "I am so glad that you like him. I know he is my big brother and I would very much like him to have a nice girlfriend. He had been dating Sonia for two years and they were engaged, then she suddenly gave him back his ring a few weeks ago and said that she had found someone better. That really got to him and he has been very hurt by it.

"I didn't know that Carla," Karen said. "That must have been horrible having that happen to him."

"I think you have a definite crush on him Karen," Sally said smiling to her.

"Yes, I do to," Theresa put in. "He is such a nice man and I do think that he has a crush on you Karen."

Karen blushed at this and her girlfriends giggled at her embarrassment.

"Don't you listen to them Karen," Carla said, taking hold of Karen's arm and also defending her brother. "Mike is a nice guy and he would never do any girl harm. He really likes you and I'm sure he would be proud to be your boy friend."

"Would you all please stop this," Karen almost shouted at her girlfriends. "Yes, I like Michael and he was a real gentleman when he took me out but please let me be the one to decide if I want to be his girl."

The three girls mumbled apologies and the subject was changed to the summer holidays. Theresa was going to Norway with her parents, Sally had a two week holiday booked in the Caribbean with her parents and Carla was going with her mum and dad to the channel Islands.

"What about you Karen?" Theresa asked, slipping her arm through Karen's.

"Oh, I have not thought about holidays Theresa. With the operation last month I was too concerned to think about them. Maybe mum and dad might want to go up to Aberdeen for a week. I don't really know."

Several days later Mike called at the home of the Taylors and asked if he could speak to Karen. Margie invited him in and took him through to the living room where Karen sat watching TV.

"Hi Karen," Mike said rather shyly as he sat down on a the couch.

Karen blushed pink and fumbled for words to say to him.

"Hello Michael, how nice to see you." she said, feeling her face burning.

"I wanted to ask if you would like to go out again," Mike said feeling a bit of an idiot in front of Karen's parents.

"Yes, that would be nice?" Karen said, smiling brightly to him.

"There's a big dancing session at the hall on Friday," he informed her.

"Oh, I'd love that," Karen told him. "Oh mummy! daddy! can I please go?" She excitedly asked her parents.

"Of course you can dear. Your dad and I know how much you love dancing." Margie said to her, looking across at her husband and sensing the beginnings of a romance.

"Thank you Mrs Taylor," Mike said. "I promise that I will have Karen home at a respectable time."

"Michael," Bill said turning the TV off and looking at the young man. "Margie and I trust you with our daughter. Please take care of her and we will always be grateful to you."

"Thank you Mr Taylor," Mike replied. "It is nice to know that I am trusted."

Karen came over and sat beside him and leaned over and kissed him on his lips. He immediately blushed and Karen smiled to herself.

"I think that you two youngsters should go for a walk," Margie said, as she switched the TV on again. "Just don't be too late coming home Karen."

"I won't mummy," Karen said to her as she took Michael's hand and led him from the room.

Karen and Michael dated for two more years before he popped the question and she accepted. She knew she was getting a good man who would love and care for her.

Karen asked Carla to be her bridesmaid and Theresa and Sally to be her maids of honour. They arranged the wedding to be in July of the following year and as it neared Karen became more and more excited.

She stood in her bedroom wearing a white under bust lacing corset over white pantalettes and a white chemise. Her shoes were also white and 3 inches at the heel. She had just finished with her make up and had put on what jewellery she wanted when Margie came into her room along with Fiona.

The two women held the ten tiered lace and taffeta white petticoat over Karen's head and slipped it carefully down to her waist where they tied it off. Next came the wedding dress and this was put on the same way. Fiona zipped it up at the back and fastened the buttons over this while Margie fussed about with the skirts of the dress making sure they lay properly on top of the petticoats.

There was an hour to go so they had plenty of time but the two older women could see that Karen was very nervous. They tried to calm her by talking to her as they fixed the long veil to her hair and spread it down over the tail of the dress.

Fiona then took a number of photographs of her and her mother gave her a small glass of brandy which she downed in one go.

"Don't be taking any more of this stuff or you will not be awake for your honeymoon." Margie said laughing.

"Oh I'm sure nothing will keep her from making full use of that huge erection that Mike will have when he sees her naked before him." Fiona said, further embarrassing Karen who felt her face burning at this suggestion.

At last the time came when Karen left the house on her father's arm and they got into the white beribboned limousine and set off for the church. There was quite a crowd standing outside when they arrived and Karen was getting more and more nervous.

"Try to calm down pet," Bill whispered to her as they got out of the limo and walked the short distance to the church entrance. "This is what you have wanted for the past three years so enjoy it. Your mother and I have always known that this would happen one day and we are delighted to give our beautiful daughter away to such a good man"

"I'll try daddy," Karen whispered to him as they entered the church and stood waiting for the music to start.

"We'll miss you honey," Bill said to her. "So do come round every so often and see us."

The music started and Karen slipped her arm through her father's and they walked slowly down the aisle. She could see Michael standing before the minister and he was smiling to her. This more than anything relaxed her and she smiled to him.

Confetti showered them both as they walked out to the limo and just before getting in Karen stopped and tossed her bouquet into the air. She was delighted when Carla caught it and waved to her.

After the reception in the hotel Michael went upstairs and changed into a suit then Karen went up with her mother who helped her out of the wedding dress and into a very smart pink skirt suit.

"Are you quite sure you have been taking the pills dear?" Margie asked. "After all you don't want to get pregnant right away."

"Yes mother I have been taking them." Karen replied.

"Have a lovely time sweetheart, this has been a beautiful ending to bringing up my daughter." Margie hugged her then opened the door and they went downstairs.

"Yes mummy, if you had left me as a boy I would not be enjoying this. After all girls get to wear such beautiful clothes, make up and jewellery which boys miss out on."

Margie laughed at this.

Five minutes later the young couple left the hotel and got into Michael's car and he drove them away into the night.

An hour later they booked into a small hotel miles up the road and immediately went into their bedroom where they embraced passionately. Karen could feel the huge erection pressing against her tummy and she also felt a wetness between her legs.

Michael took her jacket off then unbuttoned her blouse revealing her firm pear shaped breasts with the long thick nipples. She had not bothered to change out of the white corset when she changed clothes. He kissed each nipple in turn and she felt them grow and harden to his touch.

"Oh darling Michael I do love you so much," She whispered as she pulled his head close against one breast.

He nibbled on her tender nipple and she gasped, slipping her hands down to rub the large firm erection pressing urgently against her.

"Please Michael," she cried out. "Oh please take me now! I need you. I want you so much!"

He undid the zip of her skirt and it slid down to the floor. Her waist slip followed and then her briefs. One hand caressed her thigh while the other still worked at a swollen nipple. She was so wet between her legs and she wanted him inside her so desperately.

She worked quickly to undo his belt and pull his zipper down then she pulled urgently to get his trousers down. She could feel the warmth of his erect penis as her hands worked fast and his underpants came down. It was so hard in her hands and seemed to swell even more now.

Michael lowered her gently to the bed and his fingers caressed her wet pussy finding the hard little nodule that drove her almost insane when he stroked it. She spread her legs and raised her knees in an almost automatic reaction and he slowly entered her.

"Please be gentle with me Michael," she said as she felt the swollen head of his penis enter her.

Slowly he worked at her, penetrating a little deeper with each thrust until she gasped in sudden pain and was no longer a virgin. His penis seemed to grow as he pushed deeper into her and she spread her legs as wide as she could and her thrusts were now coming in time with his. Wrapping her legs about him she pulled him in close and pressed her breasts hard against his heaving chest.

He gave a sudden cry and came in great spurts of white cum inside her and she had a sudden orgasm along with him. Karen pulled him close to her, loving every movement of his body against and within hers and she had another orgasm.

Five times that night they made love and each time she felt so much closer to her husband. When it was all over and they lay cuddled close together she thought back to the time when she was a boy and was so happy that it had all been changed and she was now a woman.

In a home not far away Margie and Bill were experiencing something similar and enjoyed it all the more knowing that their lovely daughter was at last reaping the benefit of their love, training and experience.




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