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Just a Little Experiment     by: C. Black


I couldn’t believe it - I had to read the letter again to fully comprehend the situation. They fired me! For two months I had performed every menial task at this piss-ant warehouse because the pay was good and I was going to quit as soon as I had saved a couple thousand, but they fired me before I had earned as much money as I needed. My four closest friends and I had been planning our Spring Break trip to Daytona since last fall, and this job was supposed to get me there and back with one hell of a party in between. Now all I had was a round trip plane ticket, but nothing in the way of pocket money. My parents weren’t loaded, and I was too busy with school to keep a long-term job, so this had seemed like the perfect solution until it was pulled out from under me when I was so close to getting what I wanted. I practically wept at the thought of my friends partying 24-7 with hundreds of knock-out babes for a whole week…without ME! You see, I never got a chance to party nearly as much as my friends because of my job. Unlike them, I had to pay for most of my own way through school which left me little time for partying. But now, I needed cash, and I needed it fast. Spring Break was only a couple of weeks away, and that wouldn’t allow me to even find another job, let alone work enough hours to make it worth the effort.

I tossed aside the letter with the rest of the junk mail and rubbed the stubble on my chin as I sauntered over to the fridge. I rummaged around and came out with a leftover pizza box and one of the last two beers. Hell, I thought, I deserve them both. Balancing both cans on the box, I walked over to the sofa and kicked my roommate’s feet off one end so I could sit.

"What the hell, Nate. I’m sleeping here."

"Go sleep somewhere else - you snore so damn loud I can’t hear the TV," I replied, switching channels until I found some mildly annoying comedy flick. Saturday afternoons were meant for bad TV.

"Don’t you have to go to work or something?" Randy asked.

"Shut up. I’m watching TV." He snorted and went back to sleep curled up on his end of the sofa. I polished off the pizza and one beer. As I bent down to pick up the other one, I noticed today’s paper lying at my feet. Knowing it was hopeless, I fished for the classifieds and turned to the job ads just to see if anyone wanted to pay good money to a 21-year-old grunge fan and self-proclaimed movie critic whose strengths were his ability to turn off chicks in 20 seconds despite his mediocre looks and his prowess at sports trivia.

Just as I thought. With the exception of one fabulous opportunity of interrupting customers’ dinners to sell them electric dog-polishers over the phone for minimum wage, there was nothing there. I tossed the classifieds back down on the floor and the back page of another section caught my eye. I picked it up and looked closer. "No way" I thought "this is just too easy."

Earn up to $5000!

Healthy males 18-25 needed for a clinical study

For a leading pharmaceutical company.

Two weekend stays required, further study

Could earn you extra cash!

I tore the ad out of the paper and began searching for the phone. I dialed the number and was pleasantly surprised when a sultry voice answered.

"Good afternoon, Tragen Pharmaceuticals. How may I direct your call?" I mentioned the add and was beeped over to another sexy voice who proceeded to ask basic information of me: name, age, height, weight, things you would expect them to ask. "How many sexual partners have you had in the past year?" Not wanting to sound like a complete loser, and not being able to count myself, I exaggerated grossly.

"Three," I said.

"Sexual orientation?"

"Straight as a ."

"Any preferences for women’s clothing or tendencies toward cross-dressing?"

"Absolutely NOT!"

"Have you ever fantasized about having sexual relations with men?"

"I’m not fucking queer! What kind of drugs are you testing anyway?"

"Not to worry, Mr. James. We just have to collect baseline information that may affect the psychological outcomes of the research. We ask these questions of everyone, regardless of the nature of the study." She purred through a few more questions, gave me an identification code number, and instructed me where and when to arrive for the study. I hung up the phone with a question mark hanging over me, but seeing the $5000 in print on paper and downing the second beer reassured me that this spring break would be one for the history books.

* * * * *

The following Friday evening I arrived at the location given to me to find a rather nondescript building located at the far end of a cul-de-sac in an upscale industrial office complex. At the door I was prompted by a terminal to enter the identification code which was scribbled on the crumpled piece of paper I had dug out of my pocket. The door slid open and I was immediately greeted by a gush of sterilized air conditioning. I entered a cool marble lobby with a desk in the center surrounded by potted palms. A buxom brunette seated behind the desk was taking calls. The first voice on the phone must have belonged to her. Her ample breasts strained to be released from the confines of a dark blue wrap top that revealed an excellent cleavage. I felt heat rushing to my groin as I contemplated what lay beneath her top, but my reverie was interrupted when she looked up and spoke to me.

I told her why I was here and she motioned me to a door which she opened with the press of a button. A short corridor led to an office with "Research and Development" printed on a brass plaque. As I was about to reach for the knob, the door opened and a woman in a lab coat greeted me and asked me to come in. The tag on her lapel identified her as Dr. Laura Sitwell.

She sat down in the chair behind her desk and crossed her black-stockinged legs, revealing a glimpse of bare thigh under her short black skirt as she did so. I began rethinking my choice of college major, wondering how I could find a job and spend my whole career surrounded by the gorgeous women who seemed to populate the drug research field. I was ready to spend as many weekends as necessary here, and briefly fantasized about various experiments I would be willing to let them perform on me, most of them involving my dick being licked, sucked, and stroked to exhaustion. I could hear their wondrous amazement at my imagined endowment and my incredible stamina.

My fantasies were much more interesting than the legal and medical jargon she was droning on about. Ten minutes later I had signed several papers in all the places she indicated, absently nodding occasionally, and filled out a couple of forms with mundane information.

"Now that the business is taken care of, we’re ready to get you started." She rose from the desk.

"When do I get paid?"

A gleam arose in her eyes, and she grinned. "Oh, you’ll get your money Sunday when you are dismissed."

Dr. Sitwell led me through another door in the back of the office which opened onto what looked like any other doctor’s exam room. She handed me a hospital gown, told me to strip naked and put it on, then left the room. A few minutes later, a soft knock heralded the arrival of a nurse. She took my temp, checked my blood pressure, listened to my breathing, took a blood sample and without missing a beat raised my gown and examined the boys. I was mortified when my dick sprang to life in her latex gloved hand, but she seemed not to notice anything unusual as she went about her examination.
"Normal sexual response," she stated, matter-of-factly, and made a note on my chart. I was definitely going to like being their guinea pig. She finished a few other minor tasks, giving the tent pole in my gown time to deflate, and then led me through another door down another corridor that was lined with doors on both sides. Each door had a letter designation, and she led me to room F.

I opened the door to what could only be a dream come true. Inside was no less than an upscale hotel room, complete with waterbed, cable TV, jacuzzi tub, a computer, a stereo, and a table and chair. On the table was a menu, a TV program guide, a list of CDs available. On the bed was a pair of boxers and a t-shirt, and the bathroom was complete with toiletries. Everything for a weekend stay in comfort was provided. I wanted to bounce on the bed with glee over my incredible luck, but the breeze on my ass reminded me that I would look pretty foolish doing it in this hospital gown.

"You will be receiving the medications at regular intervals and periodically given routine vitals checks. Unless you are escorted to participate in an experiment, you will be kept in your room. We would like you to record your experiences during your stay on the computer provided, and if you need anything just pick up the phone. It’s an internal line only, so no long-distance calls to your girlfriend allowed." She winked and walked out, closing the door behind her. I let out a whoop and fell back on the bed.

"Daytona, here I come!"

* * * * * *

I spent Friday night indulging in gourmet meals and surfing channels in between doses of pills and nurses that came every four hours. It was a little rough on my usual pattern of sleeping in until noon, but the vision of those lovely nurses and the thought of the $5000 made it all worthwhile.

Saturday afternoon rolled around, and I began to feel a bit sluggish. I even began to feel as if my body was shifting its center of gravity, like I was putting on extra padding. I’m no stud, but I’m in good shape, and I didn’t want to lose what little muscle tone I had before hitting the beach. I decided to get a little exercise in my room. I rearranged the furniture so I had a decent path and I began to run around the room on my improvised track. As I trotted around the room, I felt a strange sensation. I attributed it to the abuse the boys were getting flouncing around down there without the proper support, but after a while I realized it came from a higher place on my body. I continued to run and mentally sought out what was different about my body, and I realized that my nipples protruded a little more than normally because my breasts were beginning to fill out. They were definitely bigger than they had been yesterday, and they were definitely jiggling. I stopped running and lifted up my shirt, rubbing my hands over my chest. On a whim, I squeezed them slightly and felt soft flesh molded under my fingers. My nipples hardened, and a warm rush passed through me straight down to my shorts. I felt Mr. Happy twitch, and was relieved to know he was still there, because I wasn’t sure what was going on. I looked down at my chest again, convinced myself that maybe I just hadn’t been taking as good care of myself as I thought, and resumed my jogging.

Later that night, after a relaxing turn in the jacuzzi, I couldn’t shake this weird feeling that something was not quite right with me. I picked up the remote and began surfing through syndicated sitcoms, talk shows, bad movies, all the usual late night TV fare, with little interest. Eventually I found what I was looking for. Two oily female bodies tangled in sheets moaned and writhed on the screen before me and I put down the remote. Close ups of extended tongues flicking pink nipples were interspersed with shots of the ubiquitous repair guy stripped down to his tool belt, all accompanied by fourth-rate guitar jazz. The hand that had held the remote slid down my belly into my shorts as I lay back on the bed to take in the pleasures before me. Mr. Happy sprung into my hand as I began to stroke leisurely. Only something was again not quite right. I had performed this routine so often that I knew every inch of my dick, but there seemed to be an inch or two less than usual. I stopped stroking and lifted up the waistband of my shorts just to see what was going on.


My mouth gaped open as I noticed my shaft had definitely shrunk! I checked it’s length against the palm of my hand just to be sure, and it was decidedly smaller.

"What the fuck is going on here?" I yelled to the ceiling, half expecting an answer of some kind. Since the ceiling had no answers for me, I considered signaling the night nurse on duty, but quickly thought better of it. After all, what red-blooded American male would admit to a gorgeous nurse that his dick was shrinking? Not this boy, damn it! Besides, what if all this was nothing more than a temporary side effect of the drugs I was testing? No need to get alarmed and come off looking like a shmuck. They would have told me about any serious repercussions from the drugs, so I convinced myself. I’d just casually get the doctor’s opinion in the morning when she came in for my daily once-over.

Rechecking the contents of my shorts, I noticed that Mr. Happy wasn’t very happy anymore, obviously due to my momentary lack of focus on the task at hand. Returning my attention to the TV, I had Mr. Happy saluting again and we spent a quality five minutes together before I habitually nodded off for the evening.

* * * * *

When morning came, I noticed that nothing had changed…I was still a little flabby around the tits and my usual good morning salute was flying at a sorry half mast. I decided to clean up before the doctor’s morning visit and stumbled into the bathroom for a quick shit, shower and shave. Checking myself in the mirror, I realized that the last of these three was unnecessary since my face looked unusually clean-shaven. At this point I attributed it to the drugs like all the other changes I’d noticed and didn’t let it rattle me too much. In fact, the thought of saving time and money on shaving my mug was mildly appealing. One thing that hadn’t changed was my voracious appetite, so I ordered a large breakfast and waited for the doctor to arrive.

She appeared right on schedule to find me in my underwear finishing off a stack of pancakes. After a vitals check, she got down to business with routine questions.

"Noticing any side effects, such as headache, nausea, fatigue, or anything else?"

"Yeah, fatigue somewhat. And, um, well, I seem to be…swelling in the chest."

"I see. Anything else you’ve noticed?"

"This morning I noticed that my beard hadn’t grown since yesterday and I didn’t need to shave."

"Right. Well, sounds exactly like what we would expect. What you are experiencing is perfectly normal at this phase of the trial. These minor side effects will be resolved in the second phase of the trial next weekend. Everything will work itself out at that time."

"You mean this is supposed to be happening?" I said indicating my protruding nipples.

"Yes," she said, laughing softly. "Everything seems to be going along smoothly. You are an excellent subject, and I look forward to the completion of our trial with you."

She handed me some pamphlets detailing diet restrictions and a small prescription bottle.

"What’s this?"

"We need you to maintain the drug in your system, but at a lower dosage. So you will need to take one of these every day until you come back next Friday. It’s very important that you do not miss a dose, and if you do, do not take more than one per day or it will throw off the data. Don’t be alarmed if these side effects continue or increase slightly in intensity during the week. Like I said, it will all be resolved when you come back next weekend. Your afternoon nurse will dismiss you after you’ve completed your doses for today. Anything else?" I could swear she was looking at my shorts, but that was probably just wishful thinking on my part.

"No. That about covers it. Guess I’ll see you on Friday, Doc."

* * * * *

When I returned to the lab the next Friday afternoon, I was definitely not the same man who had walked in there the week before. The side effects had undeniably increased, and not just "slightly" as the Doc had said. There was more of me in some places and less of me in others, if you know what I mean. My friends had also noticed and gone out of their way to point it out to me and anyone else in earshot whenever they had the chance. Yeah, they were those kind of friends. I had taken to wearing my thinner roommate Randy’s t-shirts under my own just to control the jiggling bulge in my upper torso. I had also spent a lot less quality time with Mr. Happy during the week. He just wasn’t up to our usual encounters. I had also noticed more than just physical changes during the week. I found myself watching a lot of Oprah and getting all worked up over the littlest things. I practically had a hissy fit on Wednesday when I found that Randy had used the last of the conditioner…on the dog! To top it all off, I not only found myself watching "Steel Magnolias," but I actually teared up during the funeral scene.

Needless to say, my presentation of symptoms was met with annoying reassurances from Dr. Sitwell who persisted in telling me that everything was going according to plan. I was again ushered to my suite to spend the weekend vegging with my drug cocktails. The rest of that evening and Saturday were spent much as they had been the week before. However, the side effects didn’t diminish as I had hoped they would. As a matter of fact, they continued to increase along with the reassurances from the good doctor that everything would turn out just fine by Sunday. I fully expected to be returned to my normal self overnight, and that Mr. Happy would be greeting me with his old gusto once again.

Sunday morning arrived to find me tangled in my sheets. I had spent the night tossing and turning and obviously sweating since my sheets were drenched. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear I had the mother of all hangovers…my head was throbbing to the drum solo of "Inna Gadda Da Vida", someone had replaced my tongue with an old sweat sock, and it felt like Steve Martin was making balloon animals with my intestines. Sitting up slowly and swinging my legs over the edge of the bed, I carefully rested my aching head in my hands. It took my dulled senses a few moments to recognize that something was drastically different about my body, but I couldn’t quite narrow it down to specifics. I just felt…goofy. Thinking that a cold splash of water would help, I rose from the bed and stumbled to the bathroom, almost falling on my face in the process. I grabbed the bathroom door to steady myself, and that’s when I saw my reflection. But it wasn’t my reflection at all! It couldn’t be! Where there should have been my ruggedly handsome mug, there was a heart-shaped face with soft green eyes and pouty lips staring back at me in shock. Soft waves of blonde hair fell about the shoulders of the reflection. I raised my hand to my forehead, and watched as the reflection did the same.


"No fucking way this is real. I’m still in bed and this is just a nightmare. See…" and I slapped my face several times, resulting in nothing more than red marks on the face in the mirror and a stinging sensation on my cheeks. I started to panic and noticed that a pair of perfectly shaped tits began to heave as my breathing became erratic. My fear couldn’t keep my fascination with this vision of feminine delight completely in check, though. I placed my hands solidly on the protruding mounds and watched in the mirror as a smile slowly appeared on the face in the mirror. I still couldn’t look down, however, and face the full reality of what was happening. Whatever was happening, though, was beginning to feel pretty damn good. I watched as the nipples I was teasing grew taut and dark, and what was left of my male sex drive desperately wanted to latch on to those babies and suck with all my might. Then a thought occurred to me. If the tits were this good, what was the rest of it like? So I stepped all the way into the bathroom in front of the mirror and took a good long look at the apparition before me.

Those delectable tits gave way to a gently sloping waist as I let my hands wander downward, and then continued as the waist flared out into a pair of lusciously curved hips. Turning slightly I caught a glimpse of what had to be the ripest peach of an ass this side of the Mason-Dixon Line. I gave in to temptation and let my hands feel what my eyes were seeing. Skin as soft as silk tingled under my inquisitive fingers. I was really beginning to get into this, my initial shock having given way to sheer curiosity.

I decided it was time to face reality, so I turned from the mirror and looked down on my new body. Although it looked different from this viewpoint, it was obviously the same one that appeared before me in the mirror. I wouldn’t have to worry about Mr. Happy getting any smaller, since he had been replaced by a soft mound of light brown fuzz concealing what I assumed could only be called…Ms. Happy. Deciding to find out for sure I let my hands wander southward until they parted the coarse thatch and came upon soft, warm flesh that tingled at my lightest touch. It felt so good that I wanted to linger, but the need for discovery drew me onward until I found a moist, velvety place between my thighs and ventured cautiously inside. The tinglings I felt before were nothing compared to the sensations emanating outward from this new private playground of mine. Recess was ended abruptly when the door to my suite opened and the morning nurse entered.


Although she hadn’t seen me yet since I was still in the bathroom, I knew that any further "explorations" would have to wait for another time. (Goddamn it!!) I stepped out into the main room of my suite, letting the nurse get a good long look at me, and was totally blown away by her reaction.

"Well," she stated matter-of-factly, "don’t we look lovely this morning? " Lovely?! That was it? One of us was losing it, and I wasn’t quite sure which of us it was.

"Excuse me?!" I practically yelled. "Is that all you have to say?"

"Now, honey," she replied in a typically nurse-like condescending tone that I was really getting sick and tired of. "We shouldn’t get ourself all excited this early. The doctor will be in shortly and you two can have a nice long chat."

I was really starting to get pissed now.

"A chat?!" I yelled. "I think "we" need a little more than just a stinking chat! Don’t you think?" Even though my tone dripped with sarcasm, it was tough to sound pissed with the sexy, feminine voice that now oozed out of my mouth.

"Oh, dear," she muttered as if a dim bulb finally went off in her head. "I see what you mean."

Finally, I though to myself, a little sanity to grasp on to.

"You poor thing," she sighed (again with her goddamn nurse voice), "We don’t have a thing to wear, do we? Well, I’ll get right on that, and I promise that by the time you’re done with the doctor we’ll have that taken care of, okay?"

I wanted to scream, but thought better of it. Obviously, I wasn’t going to get anywhere with Nurse Ditzy, so I just bit my lip as she scooted out and decided to wait for the doctor to get the answers I wanted. I briefly considered going back to the unfinished business I had started before being so rudely interrupted by Nurse Duh, but now I was just too damn pissed and frustrated to really get into it.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to fume too long because the doctor showed up almost immediately. I had always looked forward to seeing those sexy legs walk into my room, but now I was even more anxious to see the doc.

"What the hell have you done to me?" I asked as she came in.

"Well, I see the treatments haven’t affected your gentlemanly mannerisms," she retorted.

"The last thing I need right now is attitude. What I need are some answers, dammit! Now, I’ll ask you again - what the hell have you done to me? What was in those pills anyway? Massive doses of estrogen, or what?"

"Estrogen?!" she laughed. "Estrogen isn’t nearly as effective as my new process at producing such marvelous results."

"You call this marvelous?!?" I said, indicating my nubile body.

The doctor walked toward me, turned me gently around by the shoulders so I could again see myself in the mirror, and purred in my ear, "You tell me."

Confronted again with my new mirror image, I couldn’t help but agree with her. I mean, there was the Doc, a woman who had been the center of my sexual fantasies for days. Up until that morning, I would have given anything for even a brief sexual fling with that cool seductress. But now, I wasn’t even looking at her. The vision in front of her in the mirror filled my eyes…and my lust. She was right…she was absolutely, positively, friggin’ right! She had created an incredibly luscious work of feminine art…and it was me! Although I didn’t say a word, she must have sensed that I had yielded to her claim because a wide, satisfied, but always sexy smile spread slowly across her face.

"See," she whispered again in my ear, "you can’t argue with perfection."

Hours later, I was finally left sitting in my room taking stock of my situation, trying to assimilate and make sense of all that happened to me…and what was to become of me. True, I was now $5,000 richer, but the Nate that had entered this facility a couple of days ago was nowhere to be seen. I had, of course, insisted that the Doc immediately change me back to my former self, but she informed me that my body would have to remain in its present, female state for at least 2 weeks…something about waiting for my genetic code to stabilize before they could even attempt a reversal. I wasn’t sure if I believed her or not, but it didn’t really matter. She had me by the… well, she had me where she wanted me. That was for sure!

One thing I knew for sure… Daytona was off for me. I mean, I could barely believe what had happened to me and there was no way that my buds would have bought into any of it. Oh, they would have let me go with them all right, but they wouldn’t have believed for a second that I was their pal Nate. They would have taken one look at the gorgeous babe sitting in their friend’s seat on the plane, totally ignored the crazy story she was telling them, and been on me like ugly on an ape as soon as we had gotten to the hotel in Daytona. They really could be assholes sometimes. At my request, Doc Sitwell had allowed me to e-mail my roommate and friends explaining why I would be unable to make the trip to Daytona. I made up a story about taking a high paying temporary out-of-town job for a couple of weeks to help finance the rest of the school year. It was the best I could come up with under the circumstances. I had hoped to get some kind of reply from at least one of them, but nothing ever came back.

The weird part of my story, however, was that it was basically true. Oh, I’m not talking about the last few days "work" that netted me my current $5,000, I’m talking about the follow-up offer that Doc Sitwell had made me earlier that day. After explaining that I would be "stuck" as a female for the next couple of weeks, she mentioned what a shame it was letting another golden opportunity for research pass through our fingers. Her offer…spend my next 2 weeks not only in a female body, but actually living as a woman. At first I thought she was nuts, but as I listened to her proposal I began to get a little interested. They would create a temporary cover identity for me and set me up in a small apartment or hotel, allow me access to a given amount of money, and do my best to experience life as a woman. All they required from me was a sincere effort and daily logs of my activities, experiences and general feelings. (Hell, I knew they’d be watching me every possible second just to make sure I didn’t take off. Like that would accomplish anything!) Besides, the alternative was staying locked up in that room for 2 weeks being prodded and probed and analyzed. No thank you! I don’t know who was more surprised when I accepted…me or the Doc.

After another day of getting used to the new bod and more debriefing, the doctors decided I was ready to head out for "Phase II." They loaded three suitcases into a sporty little rental car, gave me directions to the hotel and sent me on my way. As the late spring sun warmed my face while I cruised down the road, I knew I had made the right decision. For a brief moment, I considered bolting, but then thought better of it. These people weren’t idiots and they’d be sure to cut my joyride short at the first sign I might make a run for it. I relaxed behind the wheel, enjoying the breeze blowing through my hair, thinking that maybe this would actually turn out to be the most interesting spring break I’d ever had.

It wasn’t long before I found myself pulling up a short drive to a high-rise hotel, complete with eager valets. One thing I had to admit, the doc had good taste in accommodations, or at least it seemed so from the exterior. I pulled the car under the canopy by the front door and a valet quickly stepped up to my door. This would be my first chance to try out my feminine wiles on a member of the opposite sex. I wasn’t quite sure what feminine wiles were, but I was going to try them out anyway. I briefly rummaged through my brain to remember what might have turned me on in a situation like this, then I realized that any kind of acknowledgement from a woman like I was now would have turned me into a slobbering idiot incapable of coherent speech and rational thought.


Deciding to start small, I flashed the valet my best "you handsome fella" smile and peered at him invitingly over the rim of my sunglasses as he opened the door for me. He must have been made of the same male material I was because his demeanor switched from professional to adolescent as his gaze lapped up every curve of my body from slender ankle over rounded hips to a brief glimpse down my top at my tempting bosom as I stepped from the car. I didn’t know what to expect when I put this outfit on this morning, but it definitely seemed to be accenting my positive attributes. Feeling a boost of confidence from his response, I made sure to roll my hips as I walked away from him, and the backward glance over my shoulder told me that this was something I would have to employ often over the next couple of weeks.

When I got to my room, I was still buzzing from the response I got from the valet. I wasted little time unpacking the suitcases and immediately began to look for something I could wear to turn a few heads with downstairs in the hotel bar. I found a little black number with spaghetti straps and matching patent leather pumps. The 4" heels were a little challenging for the first time, so I wobbled around the room, checking myself from every angle when I walked by the mirror.


The dress had a built in push-up bra that accentuated my cleavage, and the stretchy fabric hugged my luscious curves. When I felt confident enough that I wouldn’t fall flat on my face, I let my hair fall freely around my shoulders and refreshed the deep red lipstick I was wearing. As I headed down the hall toward the elevator, the black lace thong panties I had slipped on began to ride higher up into my crotch, which was creating an unusual sensation. Checking that no one was around, I reached my hand up my skirt and tugged at them in true male fashion, but was acutely aware of the decidedly female package they barely contained.

The bar was typical of most hotel bars, and a thick haze enveloped the whole room. There must have been a convention because the bar was packed at 4:30 in the afternoon, mostly with men. Where to begin? I wiggled my way over to the bar, noting the heads that turned and followed my sinuous path. I started to order myself the usual, a beer, but caught myself and changed it to a white wine. I knew that I was a prime target so I avoided making any immediate eye contact. I didn’t want to get in over my head with some rutting sailor, so I scoped out the room for the least likely lothario for the maiden voyage of this new vessel of mine. After a few minutes, I spotted a likely prospect huddled in a corner booth nursing a beer over what looked like sales brochures.

"Excuse me," I said, trying to draw his attention from the brochures by using my sexy voice and leaning over enough to offer a spectacular view of my enhanced cleavage, "I couldn’t help but notice that no one is sharing this booth with you. It’s awfully crowded at the bar and I can’t seem to get away from men who won’t leave me alone. You look like a guy who appreciates a little peace and quiet, so I was wondering if I could share a little of that with you."

Looking up from his brochures, his eyes dilated as he did a double take of the vision standing before him.

"Well," he replied, almost stammering, "I don’t know about the quiet, but I’d be more than happy to share this booth with you, Miss…"

"Natalie," I said, sliding into the booth next to him. After a few minutes of small talk, and a few more drinks, we were laughing and chatting like old college buddies. However, I noticed his gaze strayed repeatedly from my face deep into my cleavage while his arm was slowly working its way around my shoulders. You’d have thought I would have pushed him away at that point, but I was actually enjoying the attention. After all, this was what I had set out to accomplish.

On our next round of drinks, we went to clink glasses and wound up splashing half of my drink down the front of my dress. He immediately picked up a napkin and began dabbing at my breasts, obviously lingering over them longer than necessary. I slapped his hand playfully.

"You are so naughty," I said teasingly, trying to ignore that the cold wine and his hands had caused my nipples to harden with arousal.

"Naughty seems to work for you," he smirked, lightly pinching one of my aroused nipples through my dress.

Before I could respond, he pulled me in closer and thrust his hand into the hair at the base of my neck, drawing my face upward to receive his hungry kiss. He parted my lips with his tongue and I drew in a sharp breath as he ventured deeper into the kiss. Still under the command of his embrace, I could only press my torso closer as his other hand slowly worked its way up my thigh. He grabbed my hip and pulled me even closer to him as his free hand roamed inquisitively up my inner thigh toward that unexplored region which I noticed had suddenly become rather warm and moist. I was thoroughly enjoying the sensations which rushed through my body, making me feel languid and at the same time giving me a heightened sensitivity to touch. But nothing compared to the pleasurable jolt that shot through me the moment that his hand breached my panties and began stroking my wet pussy. Part of me was suddenly concerned that someone would see what was going on, but then the danger of being fondled in public added to the thrill of what he was doing under my dress. I moaned lightly when he let me come up for air, which spurred him to increase the intensity of his actions in my panties. At this point, I didn’t give a damn if anyone saw us, just as long as he kept doing what he was doing. The excitement of the situation and my heightened arousal quickly pushed me over the edge and he had to kiss me hard to keep me from crying out as I came.

As my orgasmic shudders subsided, he cast a suggestive smile at me and said, "Why don’t we finish what we started here up in my room?"

Still under the spell of my first real female orgasm, I dreamily followed him out of the bar and up to his room.

In my own defense, let me say right here that when I started out that evening I had no intention of letting things get that far. Even though I did wiggle into that bar wearing the sexiest dress I had, and I did initiate the first contact with the guy, I really thought that I could remain in control of the situation. How completely wrong I was. From the second his skilled fingers found their way past my panties, I not only lost control of the situation… I enthusiastically relinquished all control to him. As he pinned me into the corner of the elevator, his hands caressing my body while our tongues danced within each others’ mouths, all I could think of was "more." I wanted more of what I had just experienced, more of that incredible feeling of penetration. Hell, I wanted more of him inside me! I don’t know if it was the wine or not, but I didn’t give a damn. I just wanted him to haul me upstairs and fuck the hell out of me! I don’t think I had ever wanted anything so much before. It was so overwhelming I couldn’t think straight.

As we stumbled off the elevator my newly awakened desire was barely held in check on our way to his suite. However, while he fumbled in one pocket for his room key, I couldn’t resist fumbling in his other pocket for something a little more interesting. His solid shaft strained against my palm as I caressed it through the silk lining of his pockets. Needless to say, my fumbling didn’t make his quest any easier. When he finally found the key and opened the door, we practically fell into the room and barely got the door closed before we started ripping each other’s clothes off. Within seconds, my need for penetration was so overwhelming that I easily succumbed to his guidance and found myself on my back, my legs spread wide, aching with the need to feel him thrusting deep within me. All my reservations and previously male sexual penchants had been tossed aside like my little lace panties.

The look on his face, not to mention his robust love salute, confirmed that I was more than just an average woman, that I was in fact an extremely desirable and sensuous woman. This realization turned me on even more. I unconsciously arched my back and gave him an even better view of what awaited him, and my hands reached up to pull him down into me. He made me wait, though, by shifting his position and clamping his lips over one of my rock-hard nipples. A moan escaped me as he sucked, gently at first, then harder as his hand reached up to cup my breast. Another moan escaped me and I thrust my hands around his ass, pulling his hips toward mine. He resisted even more, and somehow this was working to drive me into a frenzy. I could feel the heat from his staff hovering between my inner thighs, making me squirm beneath him. I wanted him inside me so badly it almost hurt. I had never wanted it this much in my whole life. I was almost to the point of actually begging for it. Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, he raised himself up and gave me a look that told me that my waiting was over. I gasped as he drove himself deep into my wet, willing pussy. I thrust my hips up to take him in even further, as an overwhelming sensation of wanting to engulf him completely ran through me. Everything that was happening to me seemed to be controlled by the phenomenal new consciousness emanating from my loins. It was as if my body knew exactly what to do without me having to tell it. Every thrust, every arch of my back, every breath, every movement was naturally in tune to his lusty gyrations. We began moving faster and faster until we reached an explosive climax that was sure to rouse a few of the neighboring patrons who weren’t too drunk or too involved in their own trysts to notice our primal howls of satisfaction.


We spent the rest of the night taking turns ravaging each other and he helped me discover sexual pleasures I had never even dreamed of before. It made me realize how inadequate a lover I had been as a male, but I was quickly and eagerly remedying that situation as a female. I’m sure my partner would have agreed with me, if he hadn’t finally collapsed in exhaustion in the wee hours of the morning. I followed shortly thereafter.

In the morning, I learned that his convention would last a few more days. It didn’t take much prodding on my part to convince him to spend his off-hours helping me perfect my techniques. I even surprised him during one business luncheon, barely dressed in a catering uniform, and persuaded him to join me in a little room service. I discovered that he was an excellent tipper!

As the convention drew to a close and his imminent departure drew nearer, I began to feel reluctance at having to put aside my newly developed talents until I could find a new playmate. With the conventioneers leaving, where was I going to find another plentiful source of willing male companionship so easily? And then it struck me…Spring Break! I still had a plane reservation for the next day, I just might be able to take that dream vacation after all. Excited about my new idea, I immediately called up the Doc and sprung it on her. I was thrilled when she said she was pleased with my progress and agreed that this would be the perfect opportunity to take the research to a new level. She said she’d send someone over with clothing suitable for Daytona, additional ID and a large chunk of my payment for spending money.

My last night with my personal (and sexual) development guru was the most passionate yet. We were confident that by now the rooms adjacent to his were long vacated so we were able to indulge our wildest desires. As we said our goodbyes the next morning, he gave me his business card so that I might contact him should I ever get up his way. I didn’t know what the future held for me, so I decided to keep his card in a safe place, just in case.

Since my flight to Daytona was later that morning, Doc arranged for a car to take me to the airport. I was more than a little surprised to find her waiting for me in the back seat, along with my new clothes, money and ID.

"I can’t tell you how much your progress means to us," she said, smiling, on the way to the airport. "We expected some degree of adaptation on your part, but you’ve exceeded our wildest expectations."

"It’s hard to explain, Doc," I replied. "Last week, I never would have dreamed that I’d be willingly doing the things I’ve been doing." A sly, knowing smile appeared on both our faces. "It’s just that the sex is so incredible! Once I got a taste of it, I wanted more." I stretched luxuriantly and sensually in the large back seat as I continued, casting a sexy smile at the not-so-subtle leer in the rear-view mirror from the driver. "And you’ve given me the package that insures that I can get all I want. I don’t know what that makes me. It worries me a little, but obviously not very much."

"You shouldn’t worry about that at all," the Doc interjected. "It’s perfectly natural for you to want to experience all the new sensations inherent in your new body. In fact, I’d be more concerned of you weren’t enjoying it. We’ve had a few subjects that fought us tooth and nail throughout the whole experiment. On further study, it turned out that those individuals had always been incredibly unhappy, repressed and generally messed up. So, as a professional, from a physical and psychological point of view, all I can say is ‘Go for it, sweetie!’"

I continued to fill the Doc in on the details of my activities over the past few days and found that the more I talked openly to her about my sexual escapades, the more my remaining reservations and worries diminished. Bit by bit, I slowly came to terms with that small, nagging remnant of "Nate" that had been kvetching in the background of my consciousness for days. By the time we reached the airport and I was settled comfortably into my seat, "Natalie" was primed for the most incredible spring break ever.

I spent the first half of the flight pondering how to go about "researching" my spring break experiences (while taking in the view of the several extra-attentive male stewards). I was having trouble coming up with a general game plan when I made a discovery that threw a new light on my upcoming week. There, about eight rows in front of me, were my three buddies. I had initially booked my flight separately from them because I didn’t have the money at the time, so we had originally just planned to rendezvous in Daytona. I instinctively started to raise my arm and shout to them across the plane, but the sight of my delicate fingers in the air reminded me that there was no possible way that they would recognize me as their old pal Nate. My initial disappointment at not being able to hang with my buds slowly began to change into mischievous speculation as my game plan for the week suddenly became clear. I began to reflect on the times I had been able to go out partying with my friends, usually as the odd man out. Being the only one with a job made me "the responsible one" and therefore low man on their party animal "food chain." I was most often the butt of their ribbing. Although it was generally good natured (usually), it was still annoying as hell! I also recalled many a night of alcohol-induced boasting of sexual prowess from all three of them. More times than I could remember, we had spent hours collectively fantasizing over our dream sexual encounters. Each of these guys had a definite preference in their sexual appetites, and I now had the tools and the know-how to call their masculine bluffs. A soft laugh bubbled from my lips as I imagined what lay in store for them. For the remainder of the flight, I kept a low profile and watched them make fools of themselves making awkward passes at the stewardesses and just being general jerks. By the time we landed in Daytona, I was primed for a week that none of us would never forget.


Although I wasn’t booked into the same hotel as my friends, I was staying only a short walk down the beach from them. Checking into my room, the first order of business was to unpack and head out to the beach. I slipped out of the shorts and crop top I had been wearing and popped open my suitcase. Since I had no idea what had been packed for me, I eagerly dumped my suitcase onto the bed and gave my new wardrobe a quick once-over. I wasn’t at all surprised to find a wide variety of some of the sexiest and slinkiest clothes I had ever seen. The bikinis ranged in size from "nothing" to "barely there." Some of the lingerie would take me some time to learn to get into. Getting out of it was another thing altogether…I planned on having some assistance when the time came for that. Nevertheless, I was more than pleased with the goodies Doc had packed for me. I also had plenty of money to buy anything else I might need to make the most out of my week.

I wanted some fresh air and rays while I planned my strategies, so I slipped into a skimpy (but not the skimpiest) bikini and strolled out to the beach. I swear, I never tired of the effect my new, incredibly sexy body had on the guys. I tried to keep an aloof and distant demeanor, but I couldn’t help but flash a quick, sexy smile to the guys who did the best "double-take" as I slowly trolled through the sand. I made some periodic ventures into the waves whenever I got a little warm. This of course gave me several opportunities to practice my sultry "babe-from-the-ocean" maneuver. You know the one. The classic shot, usually in slow motion, of a gorgeous woman emerging from the foam while the waves crash behind her. Her drenched swimsuit, not quite as opaque as it was when dry, clings even tighter to what little skin it covers. Water droplets roll slowly down over every inch of her tanned, nubile body…straining to hold on to those luscious curves before they’re drawn back into the ocean. From the looks on the faces of the guys who watched me "emerge from the foam", I seemed to be getting quite good at it. (Of course, I’m sure the effects of the cool water on my nipples had absolutely nothing to do with their reactions.)


I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon sipping Pina Coladas by the hotel pool. A quick shower to wash off the sea salts gave me another opportunity to work on some of my more sensual poses. Since a small audience seemed to form nearby, I lingered a little longer than absolutely necessary in the shower. Who was I to disappoint my new fans? Eventually, I found an available poolside lounger, flagged down a waiter (who was by my side in seconds…go figure), and settled in to take in the sights and finalize my plans for my vacationing buddies. Since I knew that each had his own particular version of his fantasy woman, I decided that I would try and fulfill each guys fantasy and see which ones lived up to their boasts. The tricky part of my plan would be initiating my seduction on each guy when he was apart from the others. That would take some serious scheming. The rest of the plan, however, actually becoming each guys fantasy woman, would be a piece of cake, not to mention erotic as hell!

Jake would be the easiest of the three. He liked his women fast and flashy. Whenever we all went out, he was always enraptured by the one woman that all the guys were after…she had the bod, the face, the clothes, and she loved to party. We had all tried to convince him to set his sights a little lower, but he could never get his "mind" off the most unattainable woman around. He always claimed that if he ever got a chance, he’d show her the time of her life. Hell, I could play that part with my eyes closed.

Mark was the kinkiest of the three. He had fantasies of domination and submission, leather and latex. He claimed to have had several D/s encounters at school, but, unbeknownst to him, I knew one of those girls and she told me the real story on that. It seems that he had gotten a little pushy in his requests and she had told him where to get off. Once, he had even attempted to slip a little "Spanish Fly" derivative into one girl’s drink to make her more "compliant". Fortunately for her (and him), it failed when I "accidentally" knocked the drink over. He may have been a friend, but a still wasn’t going to let him get away with a jackass stunt like that. And that was the extent of his excursion into the world of D/s. I was looking forward to giving him a look at both sides of that coin.

But, without a doubt, the most intriguing fantasy had to go to Doug. In all the bars and all the parties we went to, he would always be attracted to the more demure, quiet, and sometimes even downright dowdy girls. We always figured he was just playing it safe…going after the girls he thought he had a better chance with. Well, one drunken night, he finally came clean on why he favored the girls he did. It turned out that Doug actually had the same tastes in women that Jake did. He liked them hot, sexy and wild. But he had a much more subtle way of scoring with them. It seemed that Doug had a kind of Svengali-like fantasy. He wanted to find a nice, quiet, and plain girl who would allow him to make her over into his lusty fantasy girl. He figured that his new creation would be totally devoted to him since he had befriended her when she was still an "ugly duckling," as he put it. As far as any of us knew, though, Doug had never succeeded in recruiting anyone to act as his "Pygmalion." My imagination was running wild with ideas on how to "fulfill" Doug’s fantasy, so I decided I had to start with him. It was probably going to be the juiciest of the three roles I would play, not to mention the most fun.

A few hours later, when I knew the guys would be coming in from the beach to get ready for the night’s festivities, I just "happened" to literally bump into Doug near the pop machines in the lobby of their motel. I had spent the remainder of the afternoon getting ready for this encounter. I had scrubbed off every last bit of makeup and pulled my hair back into a frizzy ponytail. A trip to a thrift shop produced the baggy, knee-length shorts, oversized sport-shirt, and flip-flops I was wearing. To top off my ensemble, I was lucky enough to find a pair of non-prescription horn-rimmed glasses to park on my nose.

"Oh, excuse me!" I exclaimed as I "accidentally" stumbled against him as we arrived at the pop machine at the same time.

"Umm, no problem," he muttered without looking at me real closely. I could smell the beer on his breath as he cast a longer second look at me. I had stepped back from him, pushing my glasses back up the bridge of my nose as his eyes roved up and down my plain-looking form. When the sly smile slipped onto his face, I knew I had cleared the first hurdle.

"So, you down here for spring break?" he asked, leaning against the machine with his arms crossed.

"Yes," I answered sweetly. "We just got in this afternoon. We were all supposed to meet here before heading out to the bars, but I don’t see any of them yet." I bit my lip and fidgeted against the wall, looking around for "friends" that I knew wouldn’t show.

"Well hell," he shot back, " my buddies and me were just getting ready to head out ourselves. Why don’t you all join us?"

"Oh, I don’t know," I hesitated, "I’d have to ask my friends, if they ever show up."

"Well, what time were you supposed to meet them?" he asked.

"6 o’clock," I answered, looking impatiently at my watch that I had deliberately reset earlier.

"Six?" He snorted. "Hell, darlin’, it’s after 7 already. I think your friends got tired of waiting."

"Seven?" I whined. "Oh, damn! I forgot about the time change! I should have set my watch forward an hour! Now what am I going to do?" I couldn’t have given him a better opening. Fortunately for me, he wasn’t too drunk to take it.

"Well, my offer to join me and my buddies still stands," he said. "Why don’t you just hang with us. Who knows, maybe we’ll run into your friends along the way."

"Oh, I don’t know," I said, shrinking slightly from him. "All of you? And only me? I don’t know about that. Anyway, I wouldn’t want to impose."

"Tell you what then," he replied eagerly. "How about if I ditch my friends and we just make it you and I taking on the town tonight? I have a rental car so we can check out the action all over town. How does that sound to you?"

Bingo! Exactly what I was hoping for! And it was so much easier than I thought!

"Just the two of us?" I squeaked, looking up at him with puppy-dog eyes. "Well, I guess that would be okay." A sweet smile spread across my face on the outside, but on the inside I was leering sexily at him. If he only knew what I had in store for him.

As we drove out of the motel, we passed a group of guys going gaga over a couple of bimbos parked in a convertible. Their painted on dresses displayed eye-popping cleavage as well as spectacular views of their long, tanned legs. Doug tried, but failed, to hide his own lustful stares while I feigned a long, envious look.

"It must be nice to get that much attention," I sighed. The sound of my voice snapped him out of it and it took a second for him to register what I had said.

"Are you kidding?" He said. "Why you’re just as gorgeous as they are! They’re just a little flashier than you, that’s all."

"You can’t be serious," I replied somewhat sarcastically. "I am so far from being that drop-dead gorgeous that its not even funny."

"I’m totally serious!" He exclaimed. "All they’ve got that you don’t is the clothes and the attitude. And both of those are easy to change, if you really wanted to."

"My God, I think you are serious!" I said with a look of disbelief. "You must be either very drunk or very blind, because there’s no way I could ever look like that."

"I’ll tell you what," he started with a sly grin, "let’s put it to a test. I know that you can look just as incredibly sexy as those two girls over there, if not sexier."

"Oh, really?" I cast him a disbelieving glance over the tops of my glasses. "Do you always feed a girl this much manure on the first date?"

"I’ll even go you one better," he continued without missing a beat, ignoring my comment. "I’ll bet that once you see how incredibly sexy you can look, you’ll actually jump at the chance to adapt an attitude to match your new sexy image."

That was it! I had him hook, line and sinker! Now all I had to do was reel him in…but slowly. I had to give him a little line and play with him a little.

"Stop it!" I cried, stamping my foot. "Now you’re just being mean! You know very well that there’s no possible way that I could ever pass for one of those sexy, popular girls. Look at me! I’m just a simple nobody that no guy would even think of looking twice at."

"Look," he said calmly," I’m a guy. I know what guys like in women. And trust me when I tell you that you’ve got everything it takes to become one of those sexy, popular girls. If you’ll just trust me a little, I’ll prove it to you." He actually sounded sincere. If I had really been the sweet, innocent girl I pretended to be, I truly might have fallen for his spiel. I had to hand to ol’ Doug…he was good. Obviously, I couldn’t let all of his effort go unrewarded. I toned down my faux hysterics and let a small, sad smile creep onto my face.

"How would you prove it?" I asked. I don’t know if it was the question itself, the hopeful way in which I asked it, or the look I was giving him with my teary eyes, but I could tell at that instant that he knew that he "had" me.

"There are still plenty of places open where we could find you some new clothes to wear, he replied. "We’ll go find you a new look, hit the clubs, and then you’ll see how men react to the new you. What do you say?"

"That’s crazy!" I exclaimed. "I’d look ridiculous and feel foolish if I appeared in public like that."

"But, except for your friends who are who-knows-where, no one knows you here. If, by some infinitesimal chance, you don’t turn out sexier-than-wanna-be, then you can change back and no one will be any wiser. It’s a can’t lose situation!"

I hesitated for a moment, letting him sweat it out for another minute or two. I’m sure that he didn’t think that I noticed that we were within a couple blocks of one of the local malls. I waited until we were just about to pass the main entrance to the mall before I gave him my answer.

"Okay, I guess," I said hesitantly. "What have I got to lose anyway?"

Without even slowing down, he immediately turned into the mall, the tires squealing as we rounded the corner into the parking lot. Within minutes we were roaming the still crowded mall in search of my "new look." Since I had "agreed" to this "transformation," Doug had "convinced" me to put my self completely into his hands. Our first stop was the cosmetics counter of the department store. Except for a couple of times the Doc had helped me put on my face, I had been doing my own make-up for the last week, and pretty well, too. But this was the first professional job done on my face, so when I finally got a look at the finished product I had to let out an actual gasp. I looked great! Halfway hidden behind my fake spectacles was the face of a goddess. I had never looked so good! I could tell that Doug thought so too. He couldn’t take his eyes off my face and I could also detect a slight increase in the bulge in his pants. When he asked if I really needed the glasses I told him I was slightly nearsighted and wanted to keep them on until it was really necessary. He agreed grudgingly as we headed back out into the mall.

After hitting several stores, where I "balked" at almost every sexy item Doug would pick out for me, we finally narrowed it down to one outfit. Although I hadn’t tried it on yet, he assured me it was the perfect thing for the "new me." After paying for the clothes, Doug surprised me with an offer that I hadn’t expected from him.

"Look Natalie," he said sincerely, "I know you’re not completely comfortable with this yet, so I’ll give you the opportunity for an out. Right around the corner from this store is a nightclub. I’m going to go over there and wait for you to join me. You can either show up in the clothes you’re wearing now, or the new ones we bought. I know we’ll have a great time whichever you choose. Either way, it’s up to you." And he walked out of the store toward the club, leaving me standing there with several bags in my hands and I dumbfounded look on my face. I had really caught me off guard! It may have just been another part of his act, or it may not have been. Either way, I was impressed, whether it was with his sincerity or with his smoothness. It didn’t matter, anyway. After quickly purchasing a few extra items, I gathered up everything and headed into the changing room.

About twenty minutes later, Doug looked up from the bar and almost lost his drink as I stepped into the room. My hair was now free falling about my shoulders and my glasses were nowhere in sight. The tail of my nearly transparent blouse was tied just below my breasts which were dangerously close to being fully exposed by the combination of the low cut of the blouse and the pushup demi-bra I was wearing beneath it. The skirt followed the curve of my ass and then dangled loosely well above my knees just barely hiding the tops of the lacy, white stockings and the garters that held them there. My feet were adorned in a pair of white, patent leather, 5-inch heeled pumps. Noticing the looks I was getting from every male eye in the place, I allowed myself to at least partially fall back into true character as I slowly made my way across the room toward Doug, my hips swiveling as I walked. As I got closer to Doug, I could see the look of amazement on his face. I don’t think he ever really expected to get such incredible results. His mouth was agape as I stepped before him and did a slow, sensual turn.

"Well," I asked, smiling at him, "What do you think?" Of course, his expression, and those of the other male patrons, had already given me my answer. I slid into the seat next to him at the bar and crossed my legs, causing my already short skirt to get even shorter and reveal my garters to any roving eyes.

"You look incredible!" He barely managed to stammer. His eyes scanned over every inch of me, again and again. I don’t think he was totally convinced that I was the same girl he had left minutes before. "I mean, I knew you’d be gorgeous. But I had no idea just how incredibly drop-dead gorgeous you were!"

"I had no idea either," I replied enthusiastically. "But when I saw myself in the mirror for the first time like this, I was shocked! I couldn’t believe that I was really looking at me in the mirror."

"I know exactly how you must have felt," Doug interjected, the surprise gone from his voice, leaving only a leering tone.

"But the strange part is what happened almost immediately after that," I continued. "After seeing myself like this for a few seconds, something inside me clicked and suddenly the shock was gone. It was kind of like I had completely accepted that the person in the mirror was me…and had been all along. Does that make any sense?"

"Sure," he murmured. I hadn’t expected much of an answer from him. It was obvious that most of his blood was currently rushing from unneeded organs (like the brain) to more urgent areas.

"In other words," I cooed softly as I licked my lips, smiled and pulled closer to him, "You were absolutely right. I do have a new attitude. One that fits perfectly with this sexy new look of mine, and I like it. I like it a lot! And I have you to thank for it." I leaned in the rest of the way and pressed my full, moist lips against his in a soft, passionate kiss.

I wasn’t bullshitting Doug. I was speaking the truth from experience. I had adopted a new attitude…hell, a whole new personality suitable for the intoxicatingly luscious female body I had been given. If Doug thought he was responsible for it, more power to him. Whatever the case, it was time to introduce Doug to his new "creation" and all the things she could do.

"I want to dance," I whispered as I broke from the kiss. "Dance with me."

I stood up and pulled him off the stool toward me. A slow song was playing, so only a few couples were dancing. I walked slowly in front of him, pulling him along by the hand. I could feel his eyes caressing my ass as it swiveled slowly and sexily before him. Reaching the center of the dance floor, I stopped, turned and pulled our bodies tight against each other. My breasts strained against my blouse as they pressed against his chest. I could feel his breath quicken and heart begin to race as we moved slowly, rhythmically, and sensually with the music. Something large and warm had come to life beneath his shorts, so I pressed myself even tighter against him and accentuated my gyrations there. A soft moan escaped his lips and I knew I’d better get him out of there soon or he’d be no good to me at all.

"Let’s get out of here," I whispered, nibbling on his ear. Within seconds it seemed, we were back in his car racing back to his hotel. Along the way, I allowed my hand to "accidentally" slip off his thigh and come to rest on his crotch, where my ministrations kept him rock hard and dying to get into my panties. And that was just how I wanted him…ready, willing, and able. After all, it had been a few days since my last sexual encounter, so I wanted to make damn sure I got what I needed out of Doug before I sucked the sexual life out of him, so to speak.

After several near misses, we reached his hotel. I didn’t want him groping me all the way to his room, there’d be enough of that soon enough, so I kept his hands busy by asking him to carry the packages I had tossed in the car before we left the mall. Meanwhile, I strolled in front of him, wiggling my sweet little ass just out of his reach.

When we finally entered his room, he kicked the door shut, tossed the packages into the corner, and came at me with a lust-filled look that was almost feral. Our lips locked together as our bodies crushed against each other. His hands immediately found their way beneath my skirt and began groping my ass. I was almost lifted off the ground as he pulled me inward and upward toward him. My hands were all over his buns as well while our tongues dodged and parried in each others mouth. He was about to throw me onto the bed when I broke free and took a step back from him, one hand pressed firmly against his heaving chest.

"Wait," I gasped, "I want to do this right." He gave me a frustrated but quizzical look as I walked around the bed into the middle of the room. He reminded me a lot of a dog patiently waiting to retrieve his favorite chew toy. I shook the image from my mind and proceeded with the task at hand.


As he watched from a distance, I placed my hands on my thighs just below my skirt and slowly, sensually began caressing my own body. I lifted my skirt just enough to tease him with a glance at my garters and thong panties. Casting him a seductive grin, I slowly moved my hands over my hips, gently massaged my taut stomach, and then began to leisurely untie my blouse. When it was free, I let it slide off my shoulders to the floor, exposing my breasts aching to be released from their push-up prison. He started to move toward me, but I motioned for him to stay where he was. The show wasn’t over yet. I slid my hands down to my skirt, unfastened them and let them fall to the floor. As I stood there before him in my luscious lingerie ensemble, I could see he was about to burst. Who could blame him? I crawled onto the bed, struck an innocent yet incredibly seductive pose, licked my lips with a smile and said, "Your turn."

Needless to say, his striptease was nowhere near as seductive as mine. But I hadn’t expected it to. Within about 4 seconds, he was standing there in nothing but his boxers. Noticing the definite bulge in his shorts, I looked up at him and said coyly, "You know, it’s not polite to point."

And that was all it took. In one deft motion, he had removed his shorts and jumped onto the bed with me. His hands were all over me, clawing at my remaining lingerie trying to remove it any way he could. The bra came off first and he eagerly began suckling on one of my nipples as soon as it was exposed. God, it felt incredible! One hand was cupping and massaging my other breast while the other was frantically grabbing at my thong trying to figure out how to remove it from beneath the garters. I gently guided his hand to the snaps that released my panties and before I knew it, they were nowhere to be seen.

Since I was his "creation," I decided to let him take control for the first round. Actually, I didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. His actions, his whole demeanor, were so primal! I don’t think I could have controlled him then even if I had wanted to. With my panties gone, and with them his last barrier, he nearly went into a frenzy. He picked me up and practically flung me to the other side of the bed where I landed face up. I barely had time to react before he was suddenly astride me, looking down hungrily. His wild, dilated eyes scanned over my semi-nude body while he positioned himself. It wasn’t until that moment that I realized how incredibly well-hung Doug was. I caught a brief glimpse of his huge, throbbing mass before he thrust it inside me, penetrating deeper than I thought possible!

I let out a cry as he withdrew and plunged again. My legs almost instinctively wrapped themselves around his torso, my stockings and heels intertwined behind him. His thrusts increased in both speed and intensity, and I responded in kind, pulling him harder and deeper into me with each plunge. He was going to cum soon and I knew it, but there was nothing I could do about it except enjoy the ride. Suddenly I could feel the intensity of our actions begin to trigger my own orgasm. I wrapped my legs even tighter around him, impaling myself against him faster and faster. I could feel the precipice nearing. Suddenly his body tensed up and his eyes glazed over as he gave one final, tremendous push and he exploded within me. The feel of his hot, throbbing cock releasing itself inside my body was enough to push me over the edge. I almost screamed as I was enveloped in a shudder of ecstasy, my back arched completely off the bed and my 5-inch heels pointed straight at the ceiling.

It seemed like an eternity before Doug finally collapsed on top of me and rolled off to lay beside me, face up to the ceiling, trying to catch his breath. Although still impressive in size, his cock no longer strained upwards but instead lay passively across his stomach, its urgent need for attention satiated.

"That was the most incredible sex I’ve ever had," he exclaimed, still looking up at the ceiling. "I don’t think I’ll be able to walk for a week!"

I rolled onto my side, facing him, and began stroking my fingers lightly over his chest and stomach.

"That’s good," I said, smiling wickedly, "because I don’t want you leaving before I’m done with you."

He let out a small chuckle, as if he knew I was joking. But when he turned toward me, he could see from the look on my face that I wasn’t kidding, and the smile slid from his face.

"No, really! I don’t think I can…" he started, but before he could finish his sentence, I had surrounded his slippery shaft with my fingers and begun stroking firmly. A slight whimper escaped from his lips.

"Oh, poor baby!" I cooed softly. "Let’s see if this is a little more to your liking." Without letting go of him, I repositioned myself kneeling between his legs, bent forward, and flicked my tongue across his tip. He squirmed a little and let out a gasp as his cock twitched in my hand.

"Hmm, there’s still a pulse," I teased. "Let’s see if I can breath a little life back into it."

I placed my lips over the tip of his cock and let them slide open as I began to take him inside my mouth. His squirming stopped as his cock almost immediately began to respond to my "treatment." Within minutes he was rock hard again. I ceased the blow job, (much to his chagrin), and began to slowly work my way up his body. As my tits reached his cock, I took a moment to press them tightly around his stiff, slippery shaft and massage it with them. His increasing moans put an end to my titty-fuck and I moved on upwards, positioning myself over him. Looking down at him, he seemed to be in a daze as his eyes were only about half open and he didn’t seem completely aware of what I was about to do. His eyes blasted open, though, when I suddenly impaled myself on his throbbing, but still tender, cock.

I thrust myself onto him again and again. His moans were much louder and more intense than before, whether from pleasure or pain, I didn’t know, nor did I care. It was my turn in the driver’s seat and I was going to ride him until his tank was bone dry. I pumped him for what seemed like an hour… quickening and reducing my pace as needed to keep him on the brink of ecstasy (or maybe agony.) Finally, I decided he’d had enough, so I kicked it into gear and began thrusting against him furiously until I could stand it no longer. When I came, my cries drowned out his as his body produced several quick, but violent shudders and then went limp.


At first I was afraid I might have killed him, but a muted, incoherent mumble from his semi-conscious form assured me that I was spared a trip to the gas chamber. He grunted and stirred slightly as I crawled tenderly off him and gave him a kiss on the forehead. I slipped out of my stockings, garters and heels and picked up my packages from the corner. Plodding quietly to the bathroom for a quick shower, I mentally checked Doug off my list, who lay snoring on the bed, naked and dead to the world.

After showering, I started slipping into one of the new outfits I had bought at the mall. A form-fitting, strapless bustier and matching thong was the centerpiece. I was applying the finishing touches to my makeup wearing just the bustier and thong when I heard voices in the hall. After several seconds of key-fumbling, I heard the door kick open and Jake’s slurred voice filled the room. He must have spotted Doug on the bed.

"What the hell!?" he yelled. "Oh man, that’s nasty! Cover that shit up, man! None of us want to see that!" I heard no response from Doug who must have still been comatose. After a few more slurred profanities at no one in particular I realized where he must be headed next, so I prepared myself. A few seconds later, the door to the bathroom swung open and his eyes grew wide as they focused on the vision standing before him.

"Hi there," I said sweetly and matter-of-factly, "I’m almost done in here if you can wait another minute or two." He didn’t say a word. He just stood there in awe, staring me up and down.

"Thanks," I said smiling sexily, "you’re a real sweetheart." And I closed the door.

I couple of minutes later I stepped out of the bathroom, still in nothing but my bustier and thong. I smiled as I casually walked past him to where the rest of my clothes lay. I stepped into a pair of 3-inch heeled sandals and wrapped a thin, short, and translucent sarong around my waist. Picking up my packages, I walked over toward Jake, who was still just standing there with a dumbfounded look on his face. I stroked a finger lightly under his chin as I walked past him toward the door.

"Thanks sweetie," I cooed sweetly. "Maybe I’ll see you around." With that, I walked through the door and down the hall. I never heard the door close behind me, so I knew exactly what he was looking at and what he was thinking. Just to make sure, I put a little extra oomph in my wiggle as it sashayed beneath my nearly transparent sarong. Without even trying, I had already hooked the second prospect in my little trilogy. I knew that Jake would be the easiest of the three to land, so I hadn’t given him much thought yet. But I didn’t realize exactly how easy he would be! The situation had given rise to an interesting new scenario. Jake was the asshole of the bunch. I had seen him hit on other guys girlfriends or dates on numerous occasions, but usually behind the guys back. Now I had the opportunity to see just how much of an asshole he really was. I could tell from the look he gave me that he wanted me…he wanted me bad! But he also knew that Doug had found me first. It was going to be interesting to see how he was going to work this.

I put my new plan into motion the next morning. Using a slightly altered voice, I called Doug and Jake’s room asking for Doug, identified myself as the front desk manager, and said there was a young lady at the desk who wished to speak with Doug in the coffee shop next door. I waited about 5 minutes, long enough for him to get dressed and leave, and then called back, but this time as myself. Of course, it was Jake that answered.

"Hi, is Doug up yet?" I asked in a sly and sexy voice.

"Umm, yeah!" Jake answered. "He’s up and outta here already. Said he was going to meet someone special." What an asshole, I thought to myself.

"Oh," I replied in a surprised tone. Switching quickly back to my sly voice, I continued, "I figured he’d probably be sleeping in today. He had kind of a long night last night."

"Well, I don’t know what to tell you," the weasel continued. "I can’t believe he’d bolt out of here to meet with someone that wasn’t you, beautiful." Time for the hip waders, I thought.

"Hmm," I returned sexily, "This must be the cute guy who I met in the bathroom last night."

"That’s me, darlin’", he exclaimed proudly. "And may I say that you are without a doubt the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in a bathroom." Well, gee…wasn’t that sweet.

"Why, you are a sweetie, aren’t you?" I bubbled. "I don’t suppose a smooth talker like you would know where all the parties are tonight, would you? I was kind of hoping Doug would help me out there, but since he seems to be preoccupied…"

"As a matter of fact, I know where the best party in Daytona will be," he interrupted. "How about if I escort you to the soire?"

"Hmm," I hesitated briefly. "How about if I meet you there instead? It’s so much less complicated that way, don’t you think?"

"Hey, anything you want, babe!" He replied excitedly. "I’ll tell you the place and you tell me the time."

It turned out that the party in question was in the hotel next door to mine, but he didn’t know that. At this point, neither Doug nor Jake had any idea where I was staying. We agreed to meet there around 9 PM. I figured I could spend the time until then doing a little needed shopping, soaking up some rays, and doing a whole lot of flirting.


Even though I knew Jake would be at the party well before 9, I waited until almost 10 to make my appearance. I wanted him anxious, a little drunk, and very, very horny. When I finally stepped into the room, the roar of the crowd dimmed noticeably and almost every eye in the place turned toward me. Considering what I was wearing, who could blame them? I was poured into a shiny, metallic blue minidress that was so skintight it looked painted on. The devastatingly short cut of the dress highlighted my long, tanned legs, which were further enhanced by the 5-inch heels I was perched on. The catty, not to mention downright hateful, looks from the women were overshadowed by the dumbfounded and lusty looks from every man in the place.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Doug nearby, just as dumbfounded as the rest, maybe even more so. I also spotted Jake across the room, but pretended not to see him as he struggled to climb through the sea of people toward me. I was busy flirting with a group of guys near the door when I heard Doug’s voice behind me.

"My God, Natalie!" he exclaimed. "Is that really you?"

I turned nonchalantly toward him and gave him one of my sly smiles. "Why of course its me silly," I said in a bimbo-esque tone. "You should know that better than anyone else." I emphasized the last statement by tickling him under his chin.

"But yesterday you were just…and last night you were so…and we…" he was so off balance, he couldn’t finish a sentence, so I decided to finish it for him.

"Oh, Dougie," I bubbled, "I can’t thank you enough for what you did for me yesterday. You made it possible for me to become the woman I always wanted to be…beautiful, sexy, and in demand! I can’t even believe that you were really attracted to that mousy little person I used to be."

"But I wasn’t…" he started again.

"Oh, you don’t have to say it," I interrupted. "There’s no way I’ll ever go back to being anything at all like the person you met yesterday. I’m enjoying the new me way too much!" I demonstrated by running my fingers down my dress and giving my butt an extra wiggle, much to the delight of every male in the vicinity.

"Besides," I continued, "I heard all about your new special friend. I’m sure she’s very sweet, just like I used to be. Your roommate told me all about her. Oh, there he is now! Bye Dougie! See you around!" I slipped into the crowd which seemed to part before me and headed in the general direction of Jake, leaving poor Doug to wonder what the hell had happened. He was a bright boy. I’m sure he would figure it out soon enough.

Now, don’t go feeling sorry for poor Doug. For years, he and the other guys had pulled so much shit on me, it wasn’t even funny. True, they were all fairly minor stunts in comparison, but the sheer number of them justified what I was doing to them in Daytona. And let’s face it, there were definitely parts of the experience that they would remember for the rest of their lives.

I set my sights on Jake across the room and continued moving slowly in his direction, stopping every so often to flirt with any guy who was bold enough to approach me. (And it’s amazing how many bold guys there are at parties… during spring break… in Daytona.) So needless to say, with all the distractions, it was taking quite a while to get across the room. Jake was still locked in position by a sea of people and could do nothing but watch and whimper as I flitted from guy to guy like a butterfly. I would, however, occasionally cast him a sexy smile and a wink to let him know that I was on my way…eventually.

When I finally made my way to Jake, his breath and speech told me that he was three sheets to the wind while his hands told me he was also extremely horny. He was just how I wanted him, so I cozied up to him, pressing my body tight against his as the crowd milled around us. After a few minutes of nuzzling and letting him grope at my ass, I took him aside and told him what I knew he wanted to hear.

"I want you," I whispered in his ear seductively. "I want you so bad, I can already taste you!" I thought he was going to cum in his shorts right there. He made a not so quick lunge at me, which I easily dodged.

"Not here!" I scolded him teasingly. "I have a room in the hotel next door. Give me a twenty minute head start so I can change into something a little more suitable, okay?"


"Okay!" he managed to blurt out excitedly. As I wiggled my way back through the crowd, I looked back and saw him already bragging to anybody that would listen about what he was going to be doing soon. Before I left, I had a brief chat with a couple of people I had met earlier and arranged the rest of my rendezvous with Jake.

I hurried back to my hotel to get ready. I wasn’t sure how much time I had since I wasn’t sure if Jake could still tell time in his present condition. I peeled off my mini-dress and redressed myself in a shocking blue lacy lingerie ensemble I had purchased that afternoon. After redoing my face and hair, I stepped in front of the mirror to see exactly what I was hoping for…the high-priced hooker look. The lace-edged bra barely contained my heaving breasts while the matching thong panties covered only the bare minimum. The lacy garters held up a pair of sheer black nylons that ended in a pair of black, ankle-strapped, three-inch heeled pumps. It was the perfect combination of classy and slutty. I left the door unlocked, struck a pose by the bed and waited for Jake to arrive. I didn’t have to wait very long. Within minutes, he was standing in the doorway, drooling.

"I hope you like to party," I said, casting him a seductive, yet steely glance. "Because this room is about to become a sexual party central. Think you can handle it, stud?"

"I can handle anything you want to give me, darlin," he replied, an overconfident smirk on his face. He began clumsily peeling off his clothes as he continued toward me. "You just wait, and I’ll show you the meaning of the word ‘party’!"

"Well then, don’t forget the drinks," I said, motioning to the wetbar. His eyes lit up and he made a beeline for the bar, fixed a couple of who-knows-what, and handed mine to me on the bed where I was patiently waiting. He started to take a drink, but I stopped him.

"That’s no way to enjoy your drink, honey," I oozed sexily. "Here’s the proper way to really enjoy your drink." And with that, I took his drink from his hand and leaned back against the headboard and poured a small amount of it down over my breasts where it dribbled between them. "There you go, honey. Don’t you think they’re more fun than a boring old glass."

I wasn’t surprised to see that it actually took him a minute to catch on, but when he finally did, his eyes went wide and he practically dove into my cleavage, his tongue working overtime. After a few minutes I was able to settle him down a little. After all, I didn’t want him to hurt himself. Fortunately, he learned quickly and I soon had him attending to whatever part of my body I wanted just by pouring a little booze on it. I let him spend a good deal of time getting his jollies off immersed in my tits. Oh, I was definitely enjoying it too, but I needed a little more than just secondary stimulation at this point. Gently pushing him away from me, I cast him a devilish grin, pulled the top of my panties out a little, and poured a little hooch down into my bush. I was already very wet down there, so I only felt a mild tingling from the diluted alcohol. Within seconds, though, he had my panties off and was eagerly running his tongue over my warm, moist pussy. What Jake lacked in technique, he more than made up for in effort, as a soft, but sincere, moan escaped my lips.

A noise from the bathroom caught my attention, but Jake was too preoccupied to notice much of anything. If he had, he would have seen the first of my little surprises tiptoe into the room. I had been toying with Jake’s balls with my toes while he tended to me, and in his inebriated state he didn’t immediately notice when the toes tickling his balls suddenly became fingers. Only after the movements of the hands became more aggressive did he notice the change. But when he finally realized that the hands weren’t mine, he almost hit the ceiling. He let out a yelp and spun around, preparing to yell at the intruder, but stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Sally standing there before him with a devilishly sexy look in her eyes. I had met her at the party and talked her into joining us for a little group fun. She was a sexy, petite brunette who seemed to share my appetites for sexual shenanigans. When I told her what I was planning for Jake, she was more than eager to help out.

Jake still stood there totally dumbfounded between the two of us. I gave Sally the go ahead look, and she stepped up to Jake and pushed him back onto the bed where she joined us. Jake looked like he was in total shock as I knelt behind him and cradled his head between my tits. Sally then crawled across the bed toward us, a predatory look on her face. She spread Jake’s legs apart, exposing his straining cock to the sky, took it in her mouth, and began some of the most artful fellatio I had ever witnessed. Of course, my experiences were limited to the few times Nate had had it done to him and the even fewer times I had performed it myself. Even so, just watching her performing on Jake was making me very hot and very wet.

I was so caught up in watching those two that I almost jumped myself when a hand on my shoulder told me that the second half of my surprise had entered the party. Lance was Sally’s partner who I had also invited up to our little soire. He stood behind me, totally naked, with his long staff reaching out toward me. I gave him my "come-hither" look and he crawled onto the bed and knelt behind me. I could feel his cock pressing up against my lower back, small droplets of moisture leaking out the tip and lubricating my back. I raised myself up higher on my knees behind Jake, giving Lance the opportunity I hoped he would take… and he did. He lifted me up slightly off the bed, positioned his cock in just the right place, and lowered me back down onto him. The feeling of him sliding into me from behind like that was like nothing I had ever experienced. A deep, involuntary moan escaped my lips as he thrust himself deeper into me. Unaware of what was going on behind him, Jake took my moans as a cue to begin fondling my breasts that rested just behind his head. The feeling of being tended to by two different men simultaneously was incredible! Although obviously distracted by Sally, Jake was still doing a wonderful job with my tits. He had always claimed to be a "tit man", now he was certainly validating that claim. By himself, he might have had me close to orgasm. Jake, on the other hand, was undistracted by anything and was putting everything into fucking me from behind. As his thrusts became harder and deeper, I was being lifted of the bed with each stroke. My own body weight was helping to push him deeper inside me with each thrust. Before too long, I was near the precipice, and Sally noticed. I could tell from Jake’s reactions that she wanted us to cum together. A few seconds later, I felt Jake’s body begin to quiver and his back arched, but before I could see the rest of it, my own body erupted in a violent spasm of pure pleasure. I don’t know if Jake could hear my cries, because I never heard his. Jake had slid down the front of my now sweaty body and lay totally prone on the bed, semiconsciously gasping for air. I would have collapsed on top of him had it not been for Lance holding me tight against him, one arm wrapped around my middle, the other continuing to caress my breasts now that Jake was slowly losing consciousness.

I felt Lance’s hands gently lift me off him as I heard snores begin to emanate from Jake. I thought he would be through with me and move on to Sally, who was waiting patiently at the foot of the bed, a knowingly wicked grin on her face. But instead, he slowly began to slide between my legs until his face was directly beneath my sopping wet pussy. He had never cum inside me, so his cock was still massively erect in front of me. I began to reach for it, but Sally beat me to it. She positioned herself directly over his staff and lowered herself onto him, her wicked grin changing into a satisfied smile. A brief, but intense shudder told me that Lance’s tongue had started up where Jake’s had left off long ago, but now my pussy was even more sensitive and Lance was much more skilled than Jake could have hoped to be. So as Sally rode up and down on his cock, Lance continued to work his magic on me with his tongue. Before long, we all somehow simultaneously erupted in a joint orgasm that had to have shaken the building to its foundation.

I crawled slowly from the bed, sweaty, tired, but extremely satisfied. Lance and Sally still seemed to be quite restless and were eyeing the sleeping Jake rather hungrily. After a quick shower, I dressed, packed and arranged to have my things moved to another room in the hotel. I thought it best that I be somewhere else when Jake awoke to find himself in the middle of a manage-a-tois. Especially when he realized that the blowjob he woke up to was being performed by Lance. Looking back at them as I left, Lance and Sally smiled as they settled in for the night, with Jake nestled soundly between them.


Lounging around the pool the next morning, I heard the buzz about some poor schnook who got drunk and ended up in bed with a bisexual couple. I giggled inwardly thinking of poor Jake, sitting on the end of his bed, his throbbing head in his hands, and reevaluating his appetite for party girls. I also heard through the grapevine that his buddy was looking to get even with the "bitch" that set up his friend. That told me that Mark was on the warpath. I had to be a little more careful from that point on, because I knew what he was capable of. I figured that he’d be looking for me and Jake would tell him which hotel I was in, so I made it easy for him by staying highly visible poolside. Face it, no matter where I was or what I was wearing, my new body couldn’t help but be highly visible. The slinkiest of bikinis I was almost wearing just drove home that fact to anyone who might not have believed it. To make extra sure Mark would spot me, I kept myself moving around the pool…short but enticing backstrokes across the pool, slow, sensual exits from the pool, and many strolls past the crowds to and from the bar, shaking my groove thing all the way.

Mid-afternoon, I spotted him. Actually, he spotted me first. I caught him out of the corner of my eye, sitting across the pool from me, taking in the view. I’m sure he was enjoying it, too, considering I was tanning my back at the time with my top untied, so except for the tiniest bit of fabric stretched between my bronzed cheeks, I was for all practical purposes naked. After a while, I heard the person in the next lounger get up and I caught a glimpse of Mark moving in for the kill. A few seconds later, I heard his voice from the next lounger.

"You should be careful. I’d hate to see such beautiful skin get roasted."

I raised myself up and turned toward him just enough to give him a glimpse of everything but my nipples. I threw him a smile and said, "Well, I guess it is about time for another coat back there. Could you give a girl a hand?" I motioned to the bottle of lotion beneath my lounger. As he slathered lotion on my back, I complemented him on his technique and he complemented me on my remarkable physical attributes. He wasn’t wasting any time, and I told him so.

"You seem to enjoy stating what you like and what you want," I said, casting him a coy grin.

"I don’t like wasting time," he replied sternly. "Precious minutes or hours are wasted on sexual games and banter that could be spent so much more productively." His hand motions on my backside became much more forceful and sexual when he said that.

"Well, normally, I’d agree with you," I said lazily, without looking up at him. "But I set today aside as a day of rest, so to speak. I plan on just kicking back, catching rays, having a few drinks and reenergizing for the rest of my vacation. I’m sure you understand." His hands stopped moving and I could feel them tense up on my back before he replied.

"Of course I understand," he muttered through clenched teeth. "In fact, do you mind if I buy your next drink for you before I leave you to yourself?"

"Well, I guess my glass is a little empty," I replied. "I’d love another marguirita on the rocks with salt, if you don’t mind."

"Not at all," he smiled, and motioned to a waiter. Just before the drinks arrived, I excused myself to go powder my nose.

Of course I knew what he was up to. And I knew exactly what I was doing, too…I was making it easy for him to spike my drink. Sally and Lance were sitting nearby keeping an eye on Mark. When I returned, Sally’s look told me that Mark had indeed spiked my drink. Smiling at Mark, I put the drink to my lips when suddenly he was paged over the loudspeaker. I pulled the drink away and promised I’d be there when he got back. As soon as he left to answer the bogus page that Lance had requested for him, Sally handed me an identical drink and I dumped the spiked one into the nearest planter. When Mark returned, the annoyed look on his face turned into one of smug delight when he saw that I was cheerfully sipping away at my half empty marguirita. . Confident that I would soon succumb to his ‘potion’, he settled back in the lounger, initiated some small talk, and waited.

Fortunately for me, however, I had taken precautions. I had enticed Lance and some of his friends to keep an eye on Mark all day. They had and with a little extra digging found out exactly what drug he had purchased. It was very similar to the drug I had kept him from using before on a coed. Not only did it increase the users sex drive exponentially, but it also decreased their force of will, making them extremely susceptible to suggestion. All in all, a very nasty little pill.

Since I knew what the pill was supposed to do, I also knew what kind of reaction Mark was looking for from me. I figured I’d give him just what he was expecting until the time was right.

"Whew," I said, squirming in my seat, "is it getting a lot hotter out here today, or is it just me?"

"Personally, I think everything about you is hot, sweet thing," he replied with a lecherous grin.

"Well then, I better cool off a little," I cooed in a sexy lilt. I got to my feet slowly and bent toward him, making sure my tits were right in his face. I placed my hands softly on his shoulders to steady myself as I rose. "Now, don’t you go anywhere, okay?" I wiggled enticingly toward the edge of the pool and disappeared below the surface. When I emerged from the cool water, my nipples were hard as a rock. It wasn’t difficult to achieve since turning men on always made me extra horny. I sauntered back to my lounger, giving him a sexy grin the whole way. I stretched out luxuriantly but continued to squirm a little in my seat.

"I don’t know what it is," I complained in a coy tone, "but I just can’t seem to sit still. I feel all tingly for some reason. Like there were tiny little feathers all over my body tickling me." I raised the pitch of my voice a little, giving it a little more "bimbo-esque" quality. "Do you know what I mean?"

"I have no idea what you’re talking about," Mark replied in a stern and impatient tone. "Maybe if you go and get me a drink, it’ll go away."

"I didn’t say I didn’t like it," I giggled, "but I’ll get you that drink anyway."

When I returned with his drink a few minutes later, I handed it to him cheerfully and slid into the lounger with him.

"You know," I cooed into his ear, "if that offer of yours is still good, I think I’m all rested now and ready to have some fun." I stroked my hand down his sweaty, tan chest, over his stomach and let my fingers brush the growing bulge in his swim suit. Obviously, he was getting aroused, but he was hiding it well.

"To tell you the truth, doll, I don’t think I’m really in the mood anymore," he lied nonchalantly. "Your idea of taking a day off sounded so good, I think I’ll go for it myself."

"Are you sure?" I whispered urgently as my hand returned to his shorts and began caressing his still growing lump. I was more than a little surprised when he then forcefully moved my hand away.

"Yes, sweetheart, I’m sure," he said scoldingly. "In fact, I’m actually a little turned off by pushy girls like you. So if you don’t mind…?"

It was time to earn my Oscar, so I put a surprised and hurt look on my face and began whimpering.

"I’m sorry," I pouted. "I’m not always so pushy. Really!"

"I find that hard to believe," he said coldly. "You seem like a very strong willed little girl who’s used to getting what she wants, no matter what. Well, that isn’t going to happen here."

"I’m really not like that at all," I continued to whine. "It’s just a front I put on because of the way I look. People expect me to act that way." Oo, this was getting good! I almost had myself convinced, but he still acted unimpressed.

"How do I know this isn’t the act?" He insisted. "How could you possibly prove to me that you aren’t the cock teasing bitch you so convincingly play?"

Normally, I would have gone upside his head for a crack like that, but he was obviously testing me to see if the drug was working yet. The next few minutes would really test my acting skills.

"It’s the truth, I swear it is," I pleaded. "I’ve been acting like a cock teaser for so long that it got too easy and I forgot how to act like myself. If you’d just give me a chance, I’m sure I could show you another side of myself."

"Really? Well, what other sides of you are there?" he asked in a sincerely interested tone. "What kind of girl are you, really?"

"Well," I paused and gave him a kittenish look, "that depends on you. What kind of girl would you like me to be?" When I said that, I could see the flash go off in his eyes. The stern, disinterested look he had been wearing on his face gave way to a cold smile that was almost a little spooky.

"Oh, I have a very definite idea of the kind of girl I’d like you to be, sweetheart," he said in an almost Machiavellian tone, stroking my hair gently, "but I don’t think you’re quite up to it."

"Of course I am," I squealed. "If I can act like a cock teaser so easily, then I can just as easily be any kind of girl you have in mind. Just give me a chance! Please?" The ‘please’ was a spur of the moment touch that I almost regretted as soon as I said it. I was afraid I might have been pushing it. But the triumphant leer on his face that he was trying so hard to hide told me that my subservient little plea had convinced him that I was indeed under the drugs influence. He was now free to put his plan into motion…or so he thought. He turned in his seat, facing me directly, took my chin firmly in his hand and looked me square in the eyes.

"Well princess," he cooed, tickling me under my chin, "Ever since I first laid eyes on you, I’ve envisioned you as my sexy, but sweet, plaything all dressed in white lace…eager to do whatever it took to please me. Instead of playing the part of a cock teasing bitch, you’re a sweet, pure nymphet who loves nothing more than honing her sexual skills on her benefactor…me." He paused for a moment, waiting to see what kind of reaction he’d get from me. I just continued smiling back at him with a vapid, but happy look on my face.

"So princess," he leered, "Is that who you really are, or am I wasting my time here?"

I waited a moment before responding, as if everything he had just said was slowly being absorbed into me. Then, as if a light bulb had gone off above my head, a large but empty smile spread across my face.

"Yes!" I exclaimed. "That is who I really am! At least, that’s who I really want to be…if you’ll let me!" At this point, I was sitting upright in the chair, looking not unlike a puppy waiting to please her master.

"Are you sure, princess?" he teased. "I’d love to give you the opportunity to show me, but you don’t sound very convincing." He was going to milk this for all it was worth, I could tell.

"Oh, yes! I’m definitely sure!" I begged. "Please let me show you! Tell me what I can do to convince you." Enough of this already, I thought to myself. Let’s get on with it!

"Well then, sweetheart," he finally said, "here’s what I want you to do. I want you to go up to your room and dress yourself up in something very sexy for me. But it has to be something white and very lacy. If you don’t have something like that, I want you to go out and buy it. But whatever you do, be in your room, dressed and ready for me in half an hour. Do you understand?"

"Oh yes, of course!" I squealed. "I promise I’ll be up there and ready for you in 30 minutes. Is that it?"

"Oh no, of course not," he grinned. "But that’s all you need to know for now. You can rest assured I’ll give you more instructions when I get there. Now, off with you!" He spanked my bottom as I rose and turned, a giggle bubbling from my mouth as I scampered off.


Once on the elevator, I shook my head to clear the cobwebs. Playing the docile bimbette wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. It was tough being so damned acquiescent to that asshole, but I had to do it if everything was to work out the way I planned. Fortunately, I did have a little something along the lines of what he described. It was a frilly white penoir that left nothing to the imagination. After a quick shower to wash away the chlorine and suntan oil, I quickly redid my hair and face, using softer colors than usual to give myself a more ‘innocent’ look. The penoir itself took no time at all to put on, since there was practically nothing there to start with. The white, translucent material hung from spaghetti straps over my shoulders and just barely down to my crotch. The edges were lined with soft, white faux feathers which tickled me in just the right places. I topped off the ensemble with a pair of transparent 7-inch spiked heel pumps. I stepped back to check myself out in the mirror to see if Mark would approve. White? Check. Lacy? Check. Sexy? You bet my sweet ass!

Exactly 30 minutes after he had sent me on my little errand, Mark showed up at my hotel room and entered with the key I had ‘cheerfully’ given him on request. When he saw me, his eyes grew wide and he let out a long, low whistle.

"Is this what you had in mind?" I asked coquettishly, my hardened nipples raising the penoir even higher allowing him a now unobstructed view of my soft, moistened bush. It took him a moment to respond. When he finally returned to his "dominant" façade, it was obvious how much trouble he was having retaining his composure. I couldn’t imagine what could possibly be distracting him so!

"You look like an angel, sweetheart!" He exclaimed, almost stuttering still trying to maintain. "In fact, that’s what I’m going to call you from now on…Angel. Because you’re my own personal means to heavenly delights. You like that idea, don’t you Angel?"

"Oh yes!" I gushed. "Of course I love that idea! I’ll be your own little guardian angel of delight, and you will be my…"

"Master," he interjected forcefully and with finality. "And when we’re alone like this, I expect you to call me Master. Do you understand, Angel?"

"Of course, Master," I replied cheerfully. "Now, how can I ‘delight’ you?"

"Come to me, Angel," he ordered. "Kneel before me."

Blindly, I minced over to him and knelt before him, smiling up at him with a vacuous smile.

"Now, suck my dick, Angel," he demanded. "And I want it to be the best blowjob I’ve ever had in my life, do you understand?"

"Of course, Master," I smiled hungrily as I pulled his swim trunks down to the floor where he kicked them across the room. Now, "Nate" had known Mark for years and knew damn well that the very few blowjobs he had experienced were of pretty low caliber, so anything I did to him now would be the best he had ever had. But I was never one to do anything half-assed. If Mark wanted the best, who was I to deprive him of that not so little pleasure. Besides, it would also be the best way to keep him off guard.

I wrapped my fingers around the base of his cock and it immediately shot even higher into the air. I moved in closer, extended my tongue and lightly licked the tip, resulting in a definite shudder and moan from above. Wrapping my lips around the tip, I began to suck lightly and continue flicking my tongue over it. The intensity of his moans told me that he was already getting the best he had ever had, but I was far from finishing with him. Sliding my lips down the side of his shaft, I took almost the whole of him into my mouth. His moans turned into a groan as I slowly sucked and slid my way back to the tip. I repeated the maneuver over and over again, each time increasing the intensity and the speed.

"Oh God, yes!" He stammered. "You are a good little cock sucker, aren’t you Angel?"

I answered him with an extra intense thrust and suck which caused his whole body to jerk.

"Oh yes, that’s it, Angel!" He moaned. "Make me cum! And don’t you dare spill one drop!"

His command was totally unnecessary since that’s exactly what I had planned to do anyway. Although I had given several blowjobs during the previous week, I hadn’t yet tasted the results of my efforts. I didn’t know why, but for some reason I really wanted to this time. It may have been nothing more than curiosity. Whatever the reason, I picked up the pace and decided to finish Mark off before I changed my mind. I continued sucking and bobbing, faster and faster, until I felt him tense up and a low moan escaped from his throat. At that moment I felt a warm, salty stream splash against the back of my throat as his cock involuntarily spasmed within my mouth. It seemed to go on forever…he just kept cumming and I just kept swallowing until he finally stopped and began to go a little limp. Considering that it was my first real complete blowjob, you’d have thought I’d have been a little taken aback by the experience. On the contrary…I was amazed by it! The whole encounter of actually bringing him completely to orgasm orally and then to swallow it all was overwhelming to say the least. Although he was no longer hard, I still had him in my mouth, licking and sucking to make sure every drop was taken care of. I really liked what had just happened…and I wanted more!

Unfortunately, my immediate needs would have to wait since Mark was shrinking fast. I removed him from my mouth and he fell back into the chair with a resounding grunt. I looked at his now flaccid dick and pouted.

"We’re not done yet, are we Master?" I whined in a little girl voice. "Because my pussy is very hot and very wet and aching for you! Please say we’re not done yet!" I wasn’t lying to him. I was incredibly horny at that point and just wanted to jump him and make him fuck me right there whether he wanted to or not. But that would have been just a tad out of character. That particular character, at least.

"Don’t get pushy with me!" He warned. "Just for that, I’m not going to go anywhere near your precious little pussy until I’m good and ready. Instead, why don’t you go to the wetbar over there and make me a drink."

I stood up, pouting, and wiggled over to the bar. A few moments later I returned to him with a margarita, which I knew was his favorite drink. I stood dutifully by while he snatched it from my hand, guzzled the whole thing, and demanded another. I cheerfully obliged. Especially since each drink was laced with the same exact drug that he had intended for me. As he finished the second drink, I sat down in one of the chairs across from him, a wicked smile spreading across my face.

"What are you doing?" He demanded in a less domineering tone. "I didn’t give you permission to sit down."

"Well, I was tired of standing," I replied nonchalantly, looking at my nails. "I knew you wouldn’t mind if I got comfortable."

He gave me a stern look and started to say something, but a confused and uncomfortable look crossed face and he backed down.

"Um, no," he mumbled. "Of course I don’t mind."

The smile on my face broadened as I saw the first effects of the drug take hold. His combative nature was being eroded away. Actions, and even thoughts, that created a conflict with anything or anyone near him were causing feelings of anxiety and discomfort. Before long, he’d find himself in the same condition he had planned for me…extremely compliant, totally subservient, and very, very horny. I was really, really going to enjoy this!

I relaxed further into the chair, my legs crossed with my pump dangling precariously from one foot, wondering what to do with him next. Mark looked worried, confused and nervous. It was just as if he was slowly becoming aware of what was happening to him, but at the same time the drug was taking away his ability to do anything about it. More than that, it was actually removing his desire to want to do anything about it. I decided to run a few tests.

"My, that drink looked awfully inviting," I daydreamed aloud. "I’d sure like one of my own." Without missing a beat, Mark was on his feet and headed to the bar.

"Please, let me get one for you," he said eagerly. Even though I had used up all the drug in his drinks, I still kept a close eye on him while he dutifully made my drink. As he crossed the room back to me, I could see more of the drug’s effects in action. What was once flaccid only a mere moment ago was now at full salute, waving back and forth hypnotically like a metronome as he walked toward me. I came very close to swooping down and sucking him off, but decided to control myself. After all, no matter how much I would have enjoyed it, he would have enjoyed it even more. And this was no longer about his enjoyment…not in the least little bit!

"Are you pointing at me, Markie?" I scolded as I took the drink from him, glancing at his outstretched member. "You know, it’s not polite to point!"

He started to smile, but when he saw the serious look on my face he actually cowered a bit.

"I’m sorry, Angel," he whined. "I can’t help it! Being around you has made me hornier than I’ve ever been in my entire life!" I had no doubt about that.

"Well then," I mused, "we should do something about that." I unhooked my shoulder straps, letting my penoir fall to the floor and resumed a luxuriant pose in the lounger. "Since you’ve already had your fun and I haven’t, why don’t you bring that thing over here and put it to good use." I spread my legs apart and gave him a stern but inviting look.

He was over me in a flash and ready to plunge inside me when I put a hand to his chest, stopping him.

"But remember," I warned, "this is for my pleasure only. I don’t want you cumming at all. Do you understand, Markie!?" His expression of joy was quickly replaced by a pained one, but that one was almost as quickly replaced by the same vapid smile I had given him earlier.

"Of course I understand," he echoed. "I want to bring you as much pleasure as possible."

"Then, you may resume," I allowed, pulling my arm away from his chest and draping it over the back of the chair.

A surprising gasp escaped my lips almost immediately as he eagerly thrust his incredibly long and stiff cock deep within me, sending a shudder throughout my body. He repeated the action, over and over again, each time penetrating deeper into me. In almost no time he had me near the brink. I wanted to slow him down, make it last longer, but I couldn’t articulate through my own increasing moans. I had almost managed to utter the words when I erupted in a violent spasm of pleasure. As I lay there in that chair, crying out in ecstasy, he kept pumping away at me, bringing me to yet another climax. And still, he kept going! Through the fog, I could make out the look on his face that signaled an impending climax and I managed to force one brief phrase.


Immediately, his thrusting slowed and eventually stopped. I could feel him withdraw from me, but what he was doing after that, I didn’t know. I was still trembling from the incredible experience and was unable to focus on much of anything for several moments. When I finally opened my eyes, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing: Mark, placidly kneeling on the floor in front of me, his dick still straining straight upwards, seemingly unaffected by the previous activity.

It was all just too perfect! He had become the exact thing he had tried to make me…a literal sex slave! He had just performed an incredible sexual act on me, and was now willing, eager, and best of all, capable to do it all again if I so desired. I knew the drug had a staying power of at least a couple of hours, and I planned to make good use of every second. Before that however, I needed a shower to rejuvenate me. Standing up before him, my legs still a little wobbly, I ordered him to stay where he was in the kneeling position and I would return in a few minutes. I also warned him not to touch himself or move from where he was or he would suffer the consequences. I picked up my bag and headed for the shower. As I closed the bathroom door, I could see that he was still kneeling in the same spot on the floor…not moving a muscle.


I emerged from the bathroom about 20 minutes later and he was still kneeling in the exact same position, motionless. Motionless, that is, until he looked up and saw what I had changed into. Gone was Mark’s sweet little plaything in the frilly white penoir. In her place was a leatherclad vixen, who had her mind set on total domination of him. My legs were encased in thigh-high black leather boots with 7-inch spiked heels. I was also (barely) wearing a matching studded leather bustier that supported my tits but left them totally exposed. My ensemble was topped off with a handy leather riding crop. I slowly, deliberately strode across the room toward him, slapping the riding crop against my palms as I did. As I stood before him, he couldn’t bring himself to look up directly at me, although his cock was still engorged, purple and stiff as an iron rod.

"Do you still want to pleasure me?" I asked in a demanding tone.

"Of course I do, Angel," he whimpered without looking up.

"Look at me, worm!" I snarled. "Do I look like an angel to you?" He cringed a little as he slowly forced himself to look slowly up my body, eventually looking me in the eyes, but only very briefly before he returned to looking at my boots. "Then I don’t ever want you to call me that again. From now on, you may only address me as Mistress, do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," he muttered.

I lay the end of the riding crop along his back and slowly dragged it up and over his hunched over shoulders. I then lightly stroked the sides of his cock with it.

"Do you know what I want, Markie, hmm?" I asked as I brought the crop up beneath his chin, forcing him to look up at me. "I want my pussy licked." His face brightened up at the prospect. "But," I continued menacingly, "you have to do it my way!" The light in his face diminished a little as I could see the worry lines on his face.

Five minutes later I was kneeling on the bed with a wicked but contented smile, the snaps beneath my bustier undone, and Mark lying beneath me, his hands bound behind him as he eagerly tongued my already wet pussy. I was in heaven! Not only had I reduced the little shithead to little more than my sex toy, but he was a damn good sex toy! He had obviously done this before, and with my ‘guidance’, he was nearing perfection. As I knelt there, reveling in the pleasures he was administering to me, I reflected on the last 10 days. In just a little over a week, I had evolved from an unsure, inexperienced girl who almost couldn’t pick up a man in a single’s bar to a cool seductress who could dominate practically any man she pleased. I had honed my feminine wiles to near perfection, which I’m sure would delight the Doc no end. That in itself had been incredible and left me with a profound sense of pride. But what topped it all off was how I had given Nate’s buddies a taste of their own medicine. Of course, I’m sure the ‘sugar’ I offered with the ‘medicine’ took a lot of the bitterness out of it. Case in point, since Mark was doing such a marvelous job on my pussy, I was seriously considering rewarding him with one of my best blowjobs when I allowed him to finish. Looking down, I could see that his cock was still reaching high into the air, aching for any kind of contact, and the thought of his huge rod exploding in my mouth was definitely making me ‘hungry’.

A sudden twinge rippled through my psyche as it dawned on me what I had just admitted to myself. I enjoyed giving blowjobs?! I loved having my pussy licked?! And to top it all off, I had been referring to "Nate" in the third person, as if he were someone else! That "he" that I had so casually been thinking of as a completely separate person, was me until about 10 days ago! Yet there I was, dressed in an exotic leather outfit while one of my best friends lapped eagerly at my pussy! My God, how completely my new female persona had taken over. What had started out as an experiment in sexual curiosity had gotten way out of hand. It wasn’t supposed to go this far. Sure these guys could be total assholes sometimes, but they were still my friends. Did they deserve what "Natalie" had put them through? I had to put a stop to this!

In that instant, I teetered near an epiphany as my original male persona made a break for the surface. I could feel it rising up from where it had been laying dormant these past few days, gaining strength and resolution as it rose, trying to push "Natalie" out of the way…and succeeding. Everything around me seemed different as my perceptions and attitudes began to shift back to where they were two weeks earlier. How could I have done all this to my best friends? How could I possibly make it up to them? I had to end this, have the Doc change me back and somehow repair all the damage "Natalie" had done. I could still sense a battle of wills being fought in my soul, but enough of the old me was back to tell me what I knew I had to do. I looked down at my poor friend, in a drug-induced sexual frenzy, lapping happily between my thighs. Although it did feel incredible, I knew I still had to stop him and sober him up. I was a millisecond from pulling away from Mark and putting an end to my charade when he suddenly thrust his long, stiff tongue deep into my pussy…

…and two voices cried out. One, a high-pitched moan of ecstasy, could be heard by everyone in a three room radius; the other, a frantic inner cry of desperation and frustration, could only be heard by me, but as wave upon wave of sheer feminine pleasure coursed through me, the voice grew more distant and muffled. Finally, the troubled inner voice went silent as I hungrily eyed Mark’s staff, threw myself forward, and eagerly took it into my waiting mouth. I sucked voraciously on his huge cock while he continued to service me through his own stifled moans. I had never told him to stop and I hadn’t as yet given him permission to cum, a fact I hadn’t realized until too late. There was no way I was going to stop and give him the permission he so yearned for. I couldn’t have if I had wanted to. I was too far gone for that. I had attached myself to him and I wasn’t about to release my hold until I felt the warm spray against the back of my throat. I can only imagine what he must have been going through…aroused beyond any level he had ever experienced, yet deathly afraid of disobeying me by allowing himself to release within me. Finally, he could hold back no longer and with a cry of both relief and fear a massive eruption of sticky, warm, wonderful fluid flowed down my throat. I felt his dick lose some of its strength as I finished the last drop, so I withdrew from him, spun around on the bed and glared down at him like a possessed she-devil.

"How dare you cum without my permission!" I snarled at him. "And now you want to grow flaccid after the gift I have just given you?" A panicked look froze on his face as his cock ceased to shrink and began to spring erect once more. "The only way you can save yourself now is to fuck me! Fuck me harder than you’ve ever fucked anything or anyone in your entire miserable life! And if you cum before me, you’ll never use that thing again, do you understand?!"

He obviously did as he threw himself on top of me, knocking me onto my back on the bed, and mounted me like an animal in heat. His long, thick, slippery cock slid easily into my dripping pussy as I matched his thrusts with my own. There was no technique, no passion…just raw, unbridled fucking. I kept screaming at him to fuck me, over and over again which worked him up into an even more intense frenzy. Finally, I could stand no more and I screamed to whatever gods might have been paying attention as my final orgasm of the night shook me to my core, almost rendering me unconscious. I was barely aware of him finally exploding inside me shortly thereafter.

I sent Mark on his way almost immediately. I didn’t need him anymore, anyway. He obediently scurried off, to where I didn’t know or care, leaving me alone to regroup. As I lay there amongst the sweat-soaked sheets trying to focus, I could scarcely remember my own name, much less the ramblings of the strange disillusioned and disembodied daydream that had bothered me earlier. What had it been about? I barely remembered a vague feeling of concern…but over what? Whatever it was, it didn’t matter now. It was gone and I didn’t have a care in the world. Although satiated for the night, I knew that I had the physical attributes, the skills, and the power to have my sexual appetites fulfilled whenever I pleased. The last few nights had proven that to me. I had seduced and abandoned three different men over the last three nights by becoming three totally different women…each one unique in her appetites. The thought of being able to do that filled me with a sense of awe and pride.

I pulled myself from the bed, peeled the leather from my body, and stood before the mirror to take stock of myself. I beheld the image of a woman basking in the glow of her sexuality. She was still breathing heavily from the night’s exertions. Her breasts glistened with the perspiration that covered most of her magnificent body as they rose and fell in time with her breathing. But what was most striking about her was the look on her face. It was a look of pure contentment, total confidence, and complete acceptance of who and what she was. She was me.

I don’t know how long I stood before that mirror drinking in the view. It might have been for hours, I’m still not sure. For the first time, I was really seeing myself. It wasn’t like the first time I stood before a mirror and gaped at my new body for the first time. Then, I was just marveling at the physical change my body had gone through. This time was very different though. I could see beyond just the physical and recognize the entirely new person I had become. I recognized her and I embraced her. I smiled as I imagined the look on Doc’s face when I contacted her the next morning.


But that was all over two months ago, and a lot has happened since then. Despite all the red tape, it was surprisingly easy to resume and finish all my classes. Because of the size of most of my classes, no one has really noticed the absence of Nate, although the addition of Natalie to the rosters has definitely raised some eyebrows…especially the male ones. My folks weren’t quite so easy to convince, but after meeting with Dr. Sitwell and viewing some of the (edited) videotapes, they finally accepted that I was really their offspring. It will take some getting used to on their part, but that’s okay.


My ex-buddies? I don’t know if they’ve ever found out who I really am or not. I’ve spotted them on campus a few times, but they always seem to keep their distance from me. I don’t know if they’re just uncomfortable around me, or scared to hell of me. Whichever, it doesn’t really matter. Between school work and new ‘friends’, I’ve been way too busy to worry about them, especially now that finals are over and the partying can really begin before graduation this weekend. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into how I want to dress for graduation and I have a pretty good idea of what I’ll end up wearing. Hey, a girl likes to stand out in a crowd, especially at special events in her life.

I’ve already got plenty of job offers waiting for me. It’s funny how the same companies that passed on Nate have been chomping at the bit to hire me. I’m sure the miniskirt I wore to the interviews had absolutely nothing to do with it. I haven’t made any decisions yet about my future, though. Next week, I’m planning on visiting an old friend in New York who told me to look him up whenever I was in town. We’ll see what happens after that.


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