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Jenny, Lorraine, Samantha and Dianne                       by: Georgina


It was a lovely evening. The sun slipped behind the trees and the lengthening shadows crept across the patio, plunging the secluded garden into twilight. The elegantly dressed young girl slowly arose from the sun lounger and, on long, coltish limbs, stiletto heeled, glided sexily through the open French windows and into the coolness of the drawing room. For a moment she stopped and leant against the door, resting easily in that totally feminine way, with a hip thrust out and a knee bent elegantly inwards to give a graceful line to her svelte, silk sheathed, slim, yet curvaceous, body. For long minutes she stood there, posing unselfconsciously, admiring the reclining figure of the beautiful older woman as she relaxed on the satin covered chaise-lounge. She was a sight of delicate, ethereal beauty. As tall and slim as the young girl, with the same curvaceous figure, small, yet finely, breasted, dressed in a simple, yet sensuously elegant in a gorgeously rich, black satin, lace trimmed slip that glistened softly in the last rays of the setting sun as they danced across the cornice of the far wall. It was obvious to the young girl that the lovely woman wore no brassiere under the slip, as the soft curves of the tender flesh were smooth and unmarred and her prominent, hard nipples punched out the glossy fabric like pebbles on the beach. They looked so alike that there was no doubt that they were related in some way and there only seemed to be about eight to ten years difference between them. In fact, they were taken to be siblings, yet the truth was far stranger, far more involved and far, far, more exciting than that simple mistake.

The young girl felt her body suffuse with heat as the hot, lesbian desires slowly washed through her tender, fifteen year old body. Her firm little titties swelled and her nipples, like those of the older woman who reclined before her, like a sensuous odalisque, became hard, engorged with desire, and so obviously naked under the sheer, softly sensual silk of her flowing day dress. The secret place between her slim thighs grew hot and she felt the slow enlargement of her clitty as the blood suffused the delicate flesh. The older woman gazed back at the vision of gorgeous femininity before her, admiring the slim curves of the lovely child.

She slowly stretched out her own body and ran her hands through the tumbling masses of blonde, shiny, fine hair that tumbled to below her shoulders when she stood upright. The movement brought her own breasts to greater prominence and she shuddered as the dark eyes of the sensuous child before her lashed her body with a heat that truly burnt. It was mutual lust that drove these two creatures and the fact that one was just fifteen and the other was thirty two mattered not a bit to them, they were so into themselves as to not even think about the legality, or otherwise, of that little fact of age. The lovely lady stretched a bit more, blatantly showing off her gorgeous figure to the slim child that gazed so intensely at her, then she reached out with her arms, beckoning the ethereally beautiful child to her. With a softly sibilant whisper of silk on silk and nylon, the elfin like girl moved towards the reclining temptress before her. Gracefully sliding down to her knees she reached forward and her slim hands, with their long, red enameled nails slid onto the smooth, sensuous, slinky black, silk-satin of the woman’s slip. Her caressing hands slid up from the woman’s belly, up towards the curving slopes of her firm, tip-tilted breasts and the smooth richness of the fabric, the tactile feel sent shivers through her slender, silk dressed body. They gazed at each other, adoration in their dark, deep eyes, heat and desire flashing in the smoky depths. The older lady slowly slid a hand behind the child’s neck and drew her gorgeously beautiful, skillfully made-up face down to her own gloriously beautiful face. Slowly, ever so slowly, gazing raptly, intently at each other, they drew together till their lips delicately touched. Lipsticked lips, full, juicy, slightly parted met, brushing softly, deliciously, wetly, in a delicately gentle, yet infinitely passionate, lesbian kiss. At the same moment the child’s fingers slid over the tender breast of the woman, passing, light as a butterfly, over the hard, incredibly tender, utterly sensitive, nipple.. Not a word had passed, the only sounds in the room were the soft, sensual, whispering pants of the two lovers, and the delicate, shirring whispers of their silk and satin sheathed bodies, a rustling, swishing sibilance that excited their fetishistic desires. The kiss deepened, as lips, richly carmined, lushly sticky with deep lipstick, clung together and parted under the soft pressures of their passionate embrace. Tongue flickered against tongue, dueling for an opening to plunge into the soft, wet, hot cavern of their mouths, to mimic the coital movements of a body sliding deep into the secret depths of a woman. The woman’s right hand slid out and captured the hot child’s left breast, cupping it gently and feeling the firmness of the surprisingly full breast. The soft pants turned to moans as their passions rose to greater heights , the slow heat rising to ever-greater power.

Then, the hot woman arched her back as a shaft of lightning like sensation blasted through her willowy body. Long, sharp nails had nipped her hard, engorged, sensitive nubbin, and she broke the kiss in her agony of lust. looking down at her captured nipple, being gently nipped by the long, carmined nails of finger and thumb, she gasped out in a long, low, soft moan of sheer desire. Her own hands left the child’s body and slid onto the satin ribbon straps of her slip, sliding them down to expose her naked mounds to the cool air of the approaching evening.

Looking down with wonder, the beautiful girl smiled, then, at the unspoken invitation, she bent her head and replaced her hands with her hotly sucking mouth. The woman writhed in ecstasy as the lovely girl suckled gently at the engorged, hard nipple, licking and sucking the hard nubbin of tender flesh into even greater prominence. The lady almost screamed as the hot, rough tongue lashed across the extremely sensitive nipple and her sharp little teeth nibbled at the trembling nubbin. She writhed even more across the chaise-lounge as she drew the gorgeous little girl even deeper into her hot embrace by clasping that lovely coiffured head in her trembling arms. At last, when she could not stand the exquisite torture any more she broke free from the perverted embrace and swiftly, elegantly, slid off the couch to stand on her lovely, stiletto shod, feet. Still holding the sexy child by the hands, she drew her to her feet and into her hot embrace. Belly to belly, breast to breast, they stood and the lovely lady drew the hot little girls head to hers so that, once more, lips met carmined, lusciously lipsticked lips and they gloried once more in a deep, hot, throbbingly passionate, wet kiss. Their bellies writhed together, satin on silk and hot, naked breast slid caressingly over silk-sheathed tender titty. The hot little child moaned into the lovely lady’s mouth as the heat built up in her to a fever pitch of wild, adolescent desire. The sheer perversion of that wild, lesbian kiss was a salacious and wild aphrodisiac to the hormone rich body and fantasy-loving mind. At last, when both were so trembly with sheer emotion, the lady broke the kiss and taking the sensual child by the hand, she led her into the opulently appointed boudoir that they both shared.

It was a lovely, dark, sensual cavern, devoted entirely to the pleasures of the body, with elegantly appointed furniture and fittings. The bed was large, king sized, with a lusciously decadent counterpane of rich, deep, sensual sable. underneath was a gorgeous layette of excitingly smooth and scintillatingly sexy, black, heavy, silk-satin sheets and pillows. The mattress was soft yet firm, perfect for supporting all the variations of their, and their friends, wild, perverted and utterly sensual lovemaking. The lighting was soft and low, glowing from elegantly appointed wall lights, just perfect for carnal trysts. Along the wall were two elegant chaise lounges, upholstered in rich, deep red, satin, and the large windows that looked out onto their secluded garden were of heavy,. crimson lake, silk velvet. It was a boudoir totally devoted to sheer, unadulterated pleasure. The lovely lady drew the slim, sensually dressed child to the bed and, sitting down on the edge of the bed, she moved her between her knees. With delicate fingers she gently undid the front buttons of gauzy silk dress to leave the elfin, trembling girl standing in just a garter belt, French knickers, both in delicate pastel primrose and sheer, seamed, dark tan, silky nylon stockings and a pair of sexy, strappy, stiletto heeled sandals. Her lovely breasts were delicately sculpted, small yet prominent, soft yet firm, capped with a delightfully prominent pair of hard, lust engorged nipples that seemed to call for her delicate touch., so she did, sliding her slim fingers up the child’s fluttering belly to cup and fondle those precious orbs, teasing the hot nipples with her long, red, sharp fingernails. The young girl screamed with wild desire and collapsed into the lovely lady’s arms to smother her sweetly beautiful face with deep, wet kisses.

They both fell back onto the soft, luscious sable, enjoying the tactile feel of the rich animal fur as it caressed their superheated bodies. The action became more blatantly sexual as the young girl slid her questing hands beneath the satin and lace of the lady’s slip to caress her black nylon stockinged limbs and, above the lace welt, the delicate, perfumed, smooth skin of her inner thighs. The lady reciprocated by sliding her own searching hands beneath the sexy satin of the delicate French knickers to slide over the hard clitty that nestled there. The child found the depilated, weeping folds of the lady’s secret cavern and, with a smooth motion, she slid her long finger deep into the clasping, sucking, blazingly hot depths of the deeply desired vagina. They were close, very close to achieving the object of their desires, the final d‚nouement of their deepest, sweetest dreams. It was going to happen soon, the achievement of their long awaited climax, the shattering orgasm that both craved.

It was, by all accounts, a blazingly hot affair. The two entwined bodies writhed over the luxurious sable bed, kissing wildly, soft, panting screams issuing from their hot mouths as they seemed to go into a miasmic cataclysm of passion. Not a single word had been spoken yet the language of sheer, unadulterated lust and wild, deviant passion was so blatantly obvious as to defy description. It was a beautiful sight to behold, a wildly pornographic film would not have done justice to the raw heat that actual presence would have done. Slowly, gently, softly, the older woman spread the young girl out beneath her so that she lay on her back, arms outspread and just writhing ever so slowly in her hot desires. She was a beautiful, yet amazingly bizarre sight. her clitty was hard and boldly upstanding to the point that it strained the heavy, luxuriously shiny fabric of her French knickers, pulsating with a mind of its own against her trembling belly.

Cooing gently, the older woman slid aside the satin that sheathed this trembling tube of hard flesh to expose to both their gazes a six inch rod of velvet skinned, young, vibrant and extremely ready, male flesh. Hard as steel, trembling with lust, eager for the touch of feminine fingers on overheated flesh, it reared up towards the soft touch of the feminine hands that hovered just out of reach. The soft teasing smile on the older woman’s lips was matched by the pleading look on the feminized child’s beautiful face, and the very first words issued from the little transvestite child’s lips.

‘ Touch me, please touch me, love me, please love me!!!’ The softly hissed words clear and sibilant in the quietness of the room.

The woman smiled, a soft and secret smile and her gentle hands slid over the trembling glans of the rearing penis. She knew that the child was on a knife-edge of lust and that ‘she’ would orgasm instantly at the touch. So it happened. As her hands wafted over the smooth, velvety skin, the child reared of the bed in her agony of incipient orgasmic frenzy. As the touch destroyed ‘her’ composure she felt the wild spasms of her climax shoot through ‘her ‘ trembling, feminized body. ‘She’ stiffened and then she screamed out ‘her’ total ecstasy in a high, scream of pure fulfillment. The hardness in the woman’s cradling hands seamed to match the body response by shuddering and then, from out of the tiny, pinkly moist eye, a stream of hot, glutinous, sticky, white seed shot high into the air to splash over the gorgeous older woman’s face. On and on it went, seemingly forever yet soon the spurting body ceased and only a few tiny dribbles of white come were left.

The spent child reached up and pulled the come spattered older lady to her and she drew her lovely face to hers. They kissed, hot, moist, lips to creamy, come covered lips. They kissed for long minutes, cleaning the come of each other till at last none was left. The transvestite child nuzzled the hot woman’s lips and whispered softly to her ‘Thank you, thank you,’ She slid her lips of the hot lips and gazing up at the deeply beloved features of the older woman, continued. ‘Thank you so much MOTHER, you are so good to your little she-male child. I love you so much, Mummy!!!’

The hot, still aroused mother smiled and softly embraced her little transvestite child back, the heat still high in her. She then moaned as the small, slim hands took over the pillage of her own female flesh. With a devastating knowledge the young child took possession of ‘her’ hot mother’s body and with great skill and delight the little boy-girl caressed ‘her’ hot mother to a thrilling height of passion and lust. Hands nipped at throbbing, turgid nipples, long, pink enameled fingernails scraped the tender nubbins and hot lips suckled where they had nourished those fifteen years before. The very act of incestuous, quasi lesbian, transvestite excitement was enough to bring on an orgasm within the mother’s highly charged, writhing, delectable body. As she writhed and moaned in her wild passion the young, sensuous boy-girl was ready to consummate ‘her’ wildest, most perverse dreams. Although the two lovers had enjoyed each other’s bodies for over a year now, full intercourse had never taken place. They had come close, very close, once the lovely child had slid ‘her’ long clitty into ‘her’ beloved mother’s body for just a few, blissful seconds till ‘her’ mother had stopped that, but tonight was going to be ‘her’ night, she was not going to be stopped again.

Whilst the hot mother writhed, panting and moaning, deep in her orgasm, the young, feminine child slid over the gorgeous, black satin sheathed, body and, gently moving aside the slinky soft, luxuriously sensuous, lace fringed slip ‘she’ exposed ‘her’ mother’s depilated, neatly sculpted, weeping and spasming pussy to ‘her’ hot, avid, desirous eyes. The deep incestuous desires blazed into a maelstrom of wild, incestuous passion so deep, so urgent as to drive ‘her’ to the borders of total insanity. At long last ‘she’ was about to consummate ‘her’ deepest and most perverted lusts. To make full, carnal, uninhibited, totally complete love to ‘her’ own deeply loved and fully excited mother. Below ‘her’ the wildly climaxing parent was completely unaware of what she was about to receive from her own deeply loved and wholly desired transvestite child.

She too had always dreamed of taking her lovely boy-girl son deep into her body, back to the womb from which ‘she’ had come but she had always, at the last moment, hesitated, not sure of her lovely child’s state of mind and how ‘she would react afterwards. So, the beautifully perverted mother had just taken what pleasure she could without taking that final, irrevocable step of allowing that gorgeously hard, always ready, penis, so softly skinned, so utterly hard and throbbing, of allowing it to pillage her willing, shuddering, excited body. The hotly aroused child delicately replaced ‘her’ questing fingers with the hotly throbbing tip of the engorged penis. ‘She’ was now couched between ‘her’ mother’s outspread limbs, laying just ‘her’ tender, naked, pert titties on the slightly fuller, yet still firm and tip tilted breasts, so excitingly sheathed in the gorgeously, slickly sensuous silk-satin, so deeply exiting black slip and, resting on ‘her’ extended arms, ‘she’ leaned down and kissed ‘her’ spasming mother’s hotly luscious lips in a deep and passionate sucking wet kiss.

At the same moment ‘she’ slowly slid ‘her’ slim, tight haunches forward, sending ‘her’ arrogantly erect, desperately wanting penis deep into the soft, wet, clasping, fluttering folds of the maternal pussy. As the hot muscular, yet soft, folds enclosed the invading prick ‘she’ threw her head back and softly screamed with sheer passion. it seemed to ‘her’ as if ‘she’ was in a wildly gyrating heaven and, although ‘she’ had had ‘her’ own orgasm only minutes before ‘she’ knew that this would be not only the shortest loving of all time, but also the most intense.

Below ‘her’ the wildly orgasming mother felt the steel hard penis slide into her clasping pussy and she could not, nor, this time, want to do anything about it. It was a total fait acomplie and she knew that her orgasm was going to be not only earth shattering but also totally complete and a new dawn to their perverted relationship. higher and Higher the lovely woman climbed in her passion fuelled, incest boosted sexual frenzy. She drew down and clasped her wildly gyrating child to her hot bosom and as they thrashed all over the sable covered bed, they kissed wildly and passionately in their furious storm of illicit desire. They were so wrapped in heir mutual desires that the whole world could have come into the room and they would not have noticed a thing. The hotly excited mother had not come down from the heights of her first orgasm, in fact she seemed to be heading straight into not only a greater orgasm but one that she knew was far more intense than any she had ever experienced before. The child, so sensuously young, so deliciously feminine, so delightfully male was pumping her haunches wildly as the hot seed of ‘her’ incestuous desires rose to the very tip of ‘her’ deeply buried clitty. it was time for a perverted transvestite son to consummate ‘her’ lovemaking with ‘her’ own, deeply loved, totally desired, mother. It happened, throwing ‘her’ lovely head back, ‘her’ blonde tresses flying around her sweetly made up face, the expression heartbreakingly wild and intensely beautiful in ‘her’ passion the young boy-girl felt ‘her’ seed spurt out of ‘her’ she-male clitty and fill the greedy, clasping pussy of ‘her’ own mother savage spurts of such wild intensity as to make ‘her’ almost black out with sheer, unadulterated pleasure. it was a beautifully savage mating of two lovely, intensely perverted and wildly loving souls. A thing of true beauty that would be remembered by them forever. Such a savage climax, in sensation that is, is rare and a treasured thing. the mother too had been catapulted into the wildness of total, all consuming ecstasy. The incest fuelled fire so hot, so bright that she screamed, at the very top of her voice, joining her transvestite son in ‘her’ own feminine scream of pure and total ecstasy. On and on it went till at last, when they thought they could take no more, the wild spasms lessened, then stopped, allowing them to come down, slow and drifting, into the blessed heaven of full satiation and tired relaxation.

It was done, a son had lain, fully, carnally, in a perverted, incestuous, transvestite embrace with ‘her’ own mother. They weakly slid beneath the sable counterpane, sliding between the lush satin sheets and slept, embracing totally, breast to breast, belly to belly, soft pussy to, still semi hard, clitty the rest of the evening away, to wake up, some time in the early hours and make soft, satiny, sensual mother and son love, a pure and gentle, yet just as satisfying, loving as that first, cataclysmic, session. They also dreamed, soft dreams. The mother dreamed of how it had all started, barely a year ago, when her darling son, just fourteen, had had to play the part of a white-gowned angel in a school play.

That had been the start. The young child dreamed too, weird dreams of desire, dreams of making love to his mother and, a weirdly lovely, exciting dream of his estranged father, and the desires that he awoke in the feminine child’s fevered imagination. A tall, slim, handsome man who had seen the child only rarely, having divorced his mother to live a life of bisexual desires. They both, mother and transvestite son, still loved him and had been working on him for his return home. The little boy-girl was now certain that the lovely man had left home because he had desires for his son and had not wished to corrupt him. The fact that the little boy-girl was totally corrupted was not known to him. They would have to change that. Meanwhile, the dreams came, stronger, deeper, more exciting as ‘she’ grew more aware of her body and her total desires. ‘She’ loved women, as only a young male could, but, and this was so totally amazing, ‘she’ also had desires on handsome males, deep, succulent, sexy desires that left ‘her’ throbbing and wishing for more. Now that ‘she’ had become, outwardly at least, a lovely, desirable and very sexy ‘girl’, only dressing as a boy for school, ‘she’ knew that ‘she’ would have no problem in appraising ‘her’ handsome father of ‘her’ deep, soft, feminine and very lustful desires. But that could wait, this was the here and now. ‘She’ had, at last, culminated ‘her’ love for ‘her’ beautiful mother with that greatest of all acts, the total loving, full penetration of a woman by a hard, tenderly throbbing, deeply yearning, filial penis, a transvestite son making full, uninhibited love to ‘her’ deeply loved, totally desired, mother!



Chapter 2

The change in their relationship brought new delights to the incestuous lovers. Now that they were full lovers they felt a new charge of excitement that completely took over everything. It was a time, they both agreed, to experiment with all the facets of love, desire, lust and perversion. They had started the habit, several weeks before, of dressing fully for dinner, in evening gowns and full trimmings. The next evening, after their nights sleep, and Johnny’s private school lessons, Johnny, now called Jenny when en-femme, were sitting together on the sofa after their light dinner, sipping small glasses of liqueur. Jenny was beautifully gowned in a gorgeous strapless gown of heavy dark blue, duchesse satin. This creation, in that gorgeous scintillating and luxuriously sensuous fabric, was tight bodice and with a full skirt. Underneath ‘she’ wore just a suspender belt, sheer, seamed, black nylon stockings, stiletto court shoes and a lovely pair of French knickers, all in lustrous black satin. ‘Her’ hair, beautifully soft and silky, was delicately waved and styled so that it fell to ‘her’ shoulders in a soft wave of blonde tresses. Belinda, ‘her’ mother was equally elegant in scintillating black velvet. She was wearing a simple, yet extremely beautiful gown that was also strapless, the bodice trimmed with black satin. The lines of the gown were slim and close fitting, hugging the superb contours of her body, showing them off far more blatantly than nakedness would have done. Her hair was up, piled on her head in a simple, yet very attractive style. On her slim arms were a gorgeous pair of long, black satin evening gloves that seemed to give an enormous sexual significance to her limbs.

Jenny was lying back against the arm of the sofa and ‘her’ gorgeous mother was draped against ‘her’ willowy body, idly running her satin-gloved fingers over the swelling breasts of her she-male child, teasing the hard little nipples to even greater prominence. Jenny took a sip of the strong, sweet liqueur and arched her back as the passions rose in ‘her’ willing body. The soft hissing susurration of satin on satin was loud in the soft quietness of the room as the two lovers teased each other to a blazing peak of passion. Jenny moaned as ‘her’ mother nipped the hard nipple, then almost screamed as she teased the slightly painful nubbin with soft glides of her fingers. ‘She’ put down ‘her’ glass and reached forward to draw ‘her’ mother close to her, pulling her up to ‘her’ hot, trembling breasts. Belinda gasped as firm, velvet sheathed, breast touched firm, hard nipples, satin-sheathed tittie. her own nipples became engorged with wild passion as the two breasts touched, slid their exciting path against each other.

Belinda put down her own glass and reached forward with her hands, cupping her delectable, boy-girl child’s face between the luxurious satined palms. Pursed, wet, carmined lips touched, clung in a wild kiss of such deep emotion, such gloriously perverted passion as to send the lovers into a wild paroxysm of pre-orgasmic ecstasy. ‘Soon, my darling child,’ the hot mother crooned against Jenny’s lips. ‘Soon you will fulfill ALL your fantasies.’ Jenny mewled like a kitten. That morning, when they had woken up, ‘she’ had told her mother about her strange, exciting dreams. How ‘she’ had lain in ‘her’ handsome father’s arms, suppliant, as he had ravaged ‘her’ hot, willing, tender body. Belinda had been terribly aroused at the vivid description that Jenny penned in words, and the idea that Jenny could be the bridge for the whole family to become one again was highly desirable for her. She loved her estranged husband who had left, as he had actually confessed to her, because he was frightened of corrupting his own son. What Jenny didn’t know was that ‘her’ father was also an extremely attractive transvestite and was bisexual. it seemed that his genes were strong in Jenny. She had kept regular contact with him, enjoying his extremely fantastic loving, now she would introduce the two new women to each other. Neither knew of what the other got up to, but that was about to change.

That afternoon, while she was alone, Belinda had telephoned her husband, Leonora, and made a date for that evening at ‘her’ place, telling ‘her’ that she was bringing a new girlfriend who was fascinated by transvestites and could he look his best! Belinda was confident that this evening was going to be a huge success for the whole family. A ring of the doorbell brought the sexy tryst to an end, announcing the arrival of the taxi that was to take the two perverted lovers to their evening assignation. Jenny was totally unaware of where ‘she’ was going and only was told that they were going out to visit a friend of mother’s. Elegantly and decorously, the two lovers got into the back of the taxi and were whisked off to where the ‘party’ was being held. Half an hour later the cab disgorged them at the entrance to a genteel mews house near Victoria. Jenny was surprised when a vaguely familiar, yet totally unknown lady answered the door. She was a lovely creature. As slim as ‘her’ mother, yet slightly taller , dressed, as they were in a lovely, elegant, evening gown, in a viciously sexy shade of deep crimson, duchesse satin. This, strapless and backless was worn with a matching pair of long, above elbow, satin evening gloves and a satin stole. The lady’s breasts were full, the globes pushed up by the strapless bodice and her exquisite face was beautifully made-up so that her pouting, kissable lips were lipsticked with crimson colour to match her gown. Her long, flowing hair, sable to their blonde was neatly styled in a chignon that hugged her neck. She was, to put it mildly, drop-dead gorgeous! Jenny suddenly gasped as the familiar face of ‘her’ beloved father suddenly appeared in the face of the lady opposite ‘her’, and at the same time realization came over the transvestite father’s face.



Belinda laughed. ‘Nooooo, my lovely people!!!’ she embraced them both as she pushed them into the entrance hall of the mews cottage and closed the door. ‘You are now Leonora and Jenny, my two lovely boy-girls.’ ‘Daddy?’ Jenny whispered, a sudden heat of sheer lust exploding within her fragile, trembling body. ‘Is this why you left us, so you could not make me like you?’ Leonora, or Lena, as she liked to be called mutely nodded. ‘It seems that you have found out things on your own. Did mother help you?’

‘Yesss!’ Jenny whispered. ‘She helped, but only after I did it to myself. It must be in our genes.’ Belinda laughed and at that Lena ushered the pair of gorgeously gowned people into ‘her’ spacious drawing room. There, in front of a warm log fire was a low table set with drinks and nibbles, ready for whatever was to come.

Jenny sat down on an elegant chaise lounge at one side and Belinda gracefully reclined on a matching chaise lounge opposite ‘her’. Lena busied ‘herself fixing drinks and then, with an exquisite shirring rustle of her elegant fabrics brushing against ‘her’ nylon limbs, ‘she brought them across to ‘her’ wife and transvestite son. Jenny took the dewed glass of chilled champagne and sipped delicately. it was ‘her’ favorite drink. After giving one to ‘her’ wife, Lena came across and sat down beside ‘her’ son. it was an intensely charged moment as two pairs of lovely eyes gazed in wonderment at each other. The two beautiful ‘females’ instantly lusted for each other. Lena was wild to kiss the ethereal child and Jenny was dying to have ‘her’ beloved. father, so sexily dressed, so utterly convincing, take ‘her’ and make wild, totally perverted love to ‘HER’!!!!

Slowly, ever so slowly and gently, the two gorgeous trannies leant towards one another. On the couch opposite the hot mother watched as her two lovely ‘ladies’ slid into their first ever-sexual embrace. It was a wild, yet extremely gentle , first kiss, slow and loving yet deeply passionate as two hot, dewy, full, lipsticked lips meshed in a long, panting, languorous , tonguing, French kiss. The two lesbian transvestite beauties slowly brought their slim, elegantly gowned bodies together to touch, breast to breast in a sliding, slow, infinitely arousing caress of sheer passion. Belinda was hot, as hot as her two gorgeous lovers, as she watched the perverted arousal of Jenny and Leonora, two gorgeous transvestite lovelies who were more, far more than just lovers, but father and son, both genetically linked, and soon to be genitally as she watched on with mounting lust.

Hands, satin gloved, sexily searched over sexy slinky, sensuous satin as their hot kiss deepened to a wild, tongue dueling passion. Jenny was amazed at the firm, yet soft, fullness of Lena’s hot breasts, marveling at the feel of the hard, thrusting nipple that seemed to pulse against ‘her’ wandering, questing fingers. ‘She’ felt ‘her’ hot parent exhale hotly into ‘her’ own parted, panting lips as ‘she’ tweaked the hot nubbin. ‘Her’ own clitty was hard, throbbingly excited as ‘she’ , taking the aggressive role, pillaged the wickedly sensual body of ‘her’ own aroused, satin sheathed, transvestite father. To ‘her’ as well as to Lena, there was no dichotomy in this lovely embrace, and carnal loving. They were both hot little she - males, totally committed ,awfully excited, completely free spirits that were totally sexual in orientation. Hot, lusting, loving, desirable she - males, wild, excited and proud of their own sexuality.

The two satin sheathed lovelies were now lying back on the chaise-lounge, satin gloved hands delving under satin gowns to find, touch and caress each others rampant and trembling overlarge clitties, all the while as they ravenously kissed each others panting, wet, lipsticked mouths in a wild kiss of deep lust and sheer, unadulterated, transvestite passion. The hot, trembling mother’s own satin gloved hands slid down her fluttering belly to delve between the juncture of her own trembling thighs as she watched the utterly arousing sight of her husband and son. Soon, she knew, she would join them and, hopefully she would be the filling in the hot sandwich that comprised her own little love-child transvestite son and her deeply loved husband, the transvestite father. The total perversity of this sight, and the utterly wild and deviant thoughts that flashed through her turbulent mind were enough to drive her to the very portals of her wild, orgasmic, incestuous, perverted and utterly wicked, desires. Belinda slowly came to her feet and glided across to her two gorgeous she-males and slowly sank, smoothly and elegantly, to her knees beside their panting, entwined bodies. They were already far-gone. Up close the hot mother could see that little Jenny had ‘her’ small, satin-gloved hand wrapped around the stiffly hard and visibly throbbing, parental organ, slowly caressing the turgid length. The hotly excited and sensuously gowned father was panting with wild desire as ‘she’ avidly sucked on ‘her’ ethereal child’s hotly sucking lips.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the hyper-excited mother slowly reached forward and her own hands, gloved in sensuously slick and highly exciting satin, slid under the softly shirring satin skirt of her lovely boy-girl child, searching for, and finding, ‘her’ own hotly throbbing, violently trembling, overlarge clitty nestling between the juncture of ‘her’ slim, nylon sheathed thighs. Jenny groaned as ‘she’ felt ‘her’ mother’s softly caressing, satin gloved fingers glide sexily over ‘her’ silk-satin covered trembling clitty. The feather light caress made ‘her’ groan with wild arousal and the flashes of intense pleasure wafted through ‘her’ trembling, hot body. ‘She’ breathed out a great sigh of lust into ‘her’ sexy parents deeply kissing, creamily carmined, sucking hot mouth and then groaned as ‘her’ trannny father slid ‘her’ own satin gloved hands onto Jenny’s trembling, pert titties. Under this double assault Jenny broke and throwing ‘herself’ onto the floor ‘she’ pulled both ‘her’ parents onto the richly carpeted floor and embraced them both in a wild passionate frenzy.

Both Belinda and Lena knew what to do next. They slowly disengaged from the wildly passionate creature that was their love child and drew ‘her’ to her unsteady feet. With a softly swishing sound, caused by the opulent and rich fabrics of their clothing rubbing together and against silky skin in Belinda’s case, they drew their ethereal child into Lena’s beautifully appointed boudoir. Laying the writhing, pleading, moaning and utterly aroused little transvestite on the richly, satin, counterpane bed they stood back and turned to each other. ‘Come my sweet little girl.’ Belinda murmured to Lena. ‘Let me take off your lovely gown my sweet, lovely brother-sister.’

Jenny gasped and all became so clear, his father and mother were not man and wife but brother and sister, that was why he had never found any wedding pictures of them, and that ‘she’ herself was the fruits of their own incestuous affair. ‘She’ watched avidly as ‘her’ mother elegantly stripped the lovely woman with her hands, caressingly so, and gasped as ‘her’ transvestite parents figure was revealed to ‘her’ glazed, lusting, hotly caressing eyes. It was then, and only then that the similarity of the two parents was most apparent. Lena and Belinda had, apart from one glaring difference, totally similar bodies, even their faces were similar, but where Belinda had a secret slit between her hot, slim thighs, Lena’s proud, hard and trembling clitty reared arrogantly against ‘her’ flat, taut and sexy belly. Then, after shamelessly posing for the two trembling people, Lena turned to ‘her’ gorgeous sister and started to slowly slide the gorgeous black, silk-velvet, strapless gown of Belinda’s body. They both, transvestite father/brother and transvestite son gasped when they saw Belinda in her gorgeously sensual dishabille. Belinda stood proud before them, dressed in a fantastic crimson satin, strapless basque, gorgeously rich and sexy with sheer, seamed, black nylon stockings attached to four suspenders a side, stiletto heeled court shoes and long, black satin evening gloves.. She wore nothing else. Her sensuous centre was naked, depilated and oozing the slick fluids of wild arousal so the finely sculpted lips gleamed with moist richness. Both of the two boy-girls were stunned at her carnal, sensual and totally wild carnality.

Belinda pushed Lena down onto the bed so that ‘she’ lay beside ‘her’ transvestite son. Jenny, still gazing at ‘her’ mother’s wild beauty, reached across and slid ‘her’ satin gloved hands onto the parental body of ‘her’ delightful parent. Lena gasped at the renewed caresses of ‘her’ hot child and ‘she’ pulled the half naked, totally unresisting child against ‘her’ own svelte body. For the first time, the young boy-girl felt the naked touch of another boy-girl’s naked, throbbing, hard clitty. Two hard, throbbing, arrogantly pulsating male organs glided their velvety path, one against the other, in a soft, utterly wicked, thrillingly arousing caress of sheer, transvestite desire and hands touched, caressed, fir, yet softly feminine, breasts.

Belinda, writhing sexily before her raptly intense audience, watched as the two lovers softly brought each other to heights of passion as yet unknown to them. the atmosphere in the room was deep with emotion as they slowly brought each other to a peak of orgiastic lust. The hot sister/mother knew that soon she would become the beneficiary of that maelstrom of emotion and incestuous desire, which would drive her, screaming, to the very edge of sexual ecstasy and sheer emotional cataclysm. She would have both her lovers loving her at the same time, driving her sensation seeking body to heights undreamed of in her very soul.

Slowly, sensuously, the hot mother/sister approached the loving she-males on the luxuriously appointed bed. She was panting softly with the wild emotions that wracked her body with such fire that she was melting with the heat. Slowly, almost reluctantly, the two she-males slowly parted, leaving a space between them to receive the glorious body that they both lusted after with such intensity. Son and brother, both lovers of the same woman and both now about to take her into their utterly perverted and thoroughly wicked embrace. Elegantly, slowly and very, very gently, the hot mother, and sister, slid onto the slickly sensuous, utterly sexy, heavy satin counterpane of the bed, delighting in the slippery sensations, allied with the thrill of static, as her long, elegantly stockinged, tautly suspendered limbs glided over the sumptuous material. her long, soft, wavy, blonde tresses wafted their perfumed caress over the two panting she-males as they received her into their open, willing, caressing arms.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the three soft, feminine bodies melded into a mass of writhing, caressing, thoroughly insinuating limbs. Nylon hissed against nylon and satin slid against satin and skin. Hot, sucking, meltingly clinging mouths voraciously sucked and nibbled, driving mother and son, father and son, sister and brother to heights of, undreamed of, desire and sheer, incestuous passion. Soft, sighing, panting moans turned to groans, and soft screams of delight as they drew the sensations of lust from each other.

No one could have made any sense of that writhing mass of limbs, and faces, of carmined lips and hot, probing tongues. Slowly order came from chaos as Belinda found herself sandwiched between the two, hot transvestites. below her was Jenny, lying supine, ‘her; throbbing hardness couched firmly within the fluttering tightness of her, maternal, body. Behind her, and she could see this in the large mirror that was at the head of the bed, her gorgeous transvestite brother knelt and slowly slid ‘her’ hard clitty into the tightness of her anus. Never, in all her life, had she been so completely filled and the sensations were indescribable.

Jenny screamed with total delight as, once more, ‘she’ found herself deeply buried within the hot, clinging, milking, fluttering, tight body of ‘her’ beloved, deeply desired, mother. ‘She’ could feel every caress of ‘her’ mother’s muscles as they fluttered in pre-orgasmic spasms, but even more so was the feeling of ‘her’ beloved father’s hard and throbbing body massaging ‘her’ own clitty as ‘she’ thrust deeply into ‘her’ sister’s tight little anus, the two lengths of engorged, tender, sensitive flesh separated only by a thin membrane of flesh. Belinda leaned down and crushed her panting, moaning mouth onto the parted lips of her sexy, feminine son and they kissed in a wild and sucking embrace of the purest desire.

‘Ohhhh, I love you my sweet baby!!!’ The hot mother moaned as the waves of perverted delight washed over her writhing, twisting, wildly excited body. ‘I love you so very much, my sweet, sexy little baby.’ ‘I love you to, mother.’ The hot little transvestite whispered back. ‘I love you so very, very much, mother’ They were rising higher and higher as the wild passions washed over their pistoning and dancing bodies, an infernal madness that threatened to explode their minds with the fierceness of their passions. They were close, very close and the pants, and moans, turned to soft screams of approaching fulfillment. It suddenly happened and Jenny felt Lena’s hardness suddenly twitch and shudder as, at the same time, ‘she’ heard ‘her’ suddenly groan, then scream as ‘she spurted ‘her’ hot, male seed into the willing body of ‘her’ sister.

Belinda felt it, every tiny shudder, every spurt of scalding seed as it spurted deep into her soft, writhing body and, when she heard, and felt her beloved little baby, her boy-girl child reach ‘her’ climax she too came with such force, such majestic passion that she fainted into her transvestite son’s arms as ‘her’ incestuous seed flooded her wanting and willing body, pulsating its path deep into the very centre of her whole psyche. Jenny was also on the verge of fainting as ‘she’ spurted ‘her’ incestuous seed deep into ‘her’ beloved, mother’s body, the very act as exciting as the perverted actions of mother and son carnal love.



Chapter 3

While the loving threesome were totally wrapped up in their wild orgy of transvestite incest across town another episode was developing that would soon have an impact on the loving threesome. A young boy, slim, girlish looking, sidled into his mother’s boudoir whilst she was out for the night with friends. Lawrence was fifteen, the same age as Jenny and he too was well immersed in the fantasy world of feminine lingerie and clothes.

This night, so he thought, was one of the rare times that he would be able to enjoy himself with no fear of discovery or interruption. So it was that this evening, the time was just after seven, he stole into the bedroom and went across to his mother’s dressing table. he knew what he wanted and found it. It was a lovely satin basque that he had worn once before, a gorgeous piece of lingerie that his mother rarely wore but which he adored totally. He also helped himself to a pair of nylon stockings, these sheer, black, shiny and seamed. These were the days when fully fashioned stockings were the rage ,and also, for the well off, corsetry from the likes of "Rousel" and "Spencer’s".

Shrugging off the dressing gown that he wore, Lawrence, naked, moved across to the mirror that took up one wall and admired himself in it . He was, even to his own eyes, a very pretty boy. Slim, yet coltish, with a lovely surprise about him. He suffered from a condition that delighted, yet to a degree. shamed him. He had real, small but pert, feminine breasts. The result of a hormone imbalance, called gynaecomastia, it was, due to his proclivities, a very welcome trait. not only were they firm little titties, they were also extremely sensitive and he could, when he caressed them, reach a shuddering orgasm without touching the hard and throbbing body that nestled at the juncture of his long, coltish thighs. he looked, apart from the mentioned erection, like a young and nubile girl, and felt like one too, if that may be said, and truly fancied himself when dressed and made up to look like a younger version of his lovely, and extremely sexy, mother, who figured so much in his dreams these days.

Dreamily, the young child started to slide the elegant basque around his slim body. The cool, black satin enveloped his trembling form, sending shivers down his spine. it fitted perfectly, not knowing that his mother had worn this for the first time when she had been just sixteen, on the day that she had seduced the man who had become his father. She was now a lovely matron of thirty three, yet looked barely out of her teens, with a figure that was only a size larger, and barely even that, she could still fit into that gorgeous garment. Lawrence, or Laurie, as he was called, finished doing up the hooks and eyes of the basque and now he carefully fitted his budding titties into the half cups, sexy and glamorous with their edging of fine, delicate lace. He hadn’t had much of a chance to wear this exquisite garment for a few months and with pleased surprise, he found that they now just fitted into the smooth, satin receptacles, the boning pushing his tender flesh in and up, so that he looked every inch, a lovely girl.

His hot nipples ached with lust and, as he passed his slim hands over his trembling titties, he felt their hardness as his palms glided, satin on smooth satin, over the tender, erect nubbins. The very feelings were transmitted to the hard and throbbing core of his trembling, erect body as it pulsated, with a mind of its own, vertically against his belly. The vigour of youth strong and firm in his overheated flesh. He had to stop for a moment and rest, knowing that if he continued then he would spurt madly in a cataclysmic orgasm that would leave him fainting on the floor, and he was not ready for that, yet. Sitting down on the lushly counterpane bed, the counterpane a heavy draping of gleaming, sensuous, slinky, crimson satin, he rested for a while, just gazing at his already feminine image in the mirror that took up the entire wall opposite the foot of the bed. He knew he looked pretty, a lovely image of femininity, apart from the arrogant rearing of his hard, male, body and was an almost twin of his own mother, as beautiful and as, dare he may say, as desirable.

Lawrence loved his mother very much, too much most people would say, but his fertile mind was always full of images of her beauty, his dreams of her were at times wild in the extreme. Lawrence desired her, dreamed of lying in bed with her and wished, so fervently, that she would make the same mad, passionate and wild love as she did with her lovely lesbian lover, Joanne, who was also, incidentally, her sister, and his aunt. He had, one evening, several months before, spied on them when they had, accidentally, left the door to the boudoir ajar and he, having been woken up by a full bladder, had tiptoed up to the door, from behind which had issued soft panting moans and other sexy sounds, to behold the wonderfully arousing scene of his own mother, wearing a fake penis, sliding it deeply into the body of her twin sister. Rooted to the spot, caressing his own instantly throbbing penis, the young child had watched avidly as the two intensely aroused siblings had reached their lesbian orgasm. He had reached his own climax with theirs and his white sticky seed had splattered his hand as well as, unknown to him, puddled on the floor. Weak and spent, he had crawled back to his bed to dream new and exciting dreams of quasi lesbian, deeply arousing, incest. Unknown to him, a few seconds after that, Melanie , his mother had stepped into that small puddle and instantly realized what had happened. Rather than being shocked, Melanie had been instantly aroused by the knowledge that her young, transvestite, oh, she knew he was that as well, had seen the two lovers in their passionate embraces. A wealth of possibilities were opening up in her mind with this knowledge and Lawrence was soon to be appraised of them, unknowingly as yet.

After a few minute, when Lawrence had calmed down somewhat, he picked up a gorgeous pair of shiny, smooth, black nylon stockings. These, sheer creations, fitted and seamed, he slid up his long, coltish limbs, delighting in the sensuous frisson of sensation that accompanied the sliding friction of the flimsy, gossamer fabric. He stood up of the bed and pulled the stockings tight, smoothing them with the palms of his hands so that they were taut against his skin. He then reached down and attached them to the eight suspenders of the basque. After that he slid his feet into a lovely pair of stiletto heeled court shoes and started to walk about the room, delighting in the feel of the suspenders pulling on the welts of the stockings. It was time to sit down at the dressing table and make himself up. Though he hadn’t done so often, he had had plenty of time to watch his mother as she put on her own make-up and so was fairly adept at doing so himself.

At the dressing table, sitting down on the satin pouffe, he started to put on foundation cream, smoothing it into hid soft skin. Then he slowly made up his eyes with mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow, delicately blending blue, green, pink and a hint of gold. After that blushers were applied to cheeks and a vibrant, carmine, lushly rich lipstick to his lips. He really delighted in the creamy softness of the lipstick, which he then fixed with a little lip gloss. A final teasing and combing of his overlong hair and he was done. Gazing back at him was the beautiful image of an elegant and desirable young girl, made up to the eyeballs and ready for anything, dressed in a wonderful and sexy satin basque, in deep, glossy, wickedly sensuous and downright slinky satin. Long, black nylons and stiletto court shoes completed the lingerie, and the long, hard, throbbing erection only added to the, in his eyes, beauty of the desirable creature before him. There were just a few final things for the young child to do and that was to get properly dressed, it was, after all the late afternoon and no lady walked around her house in her lingerie at this time. This time was just about cocktail time and Lawrence knew exactly how he wanted to be, or ‘she’ as he now liked to think of ‘herself’. So, standing up from before the dressing table, ‘she’ slowly moved across to ‘her’ mother’s fitted wardrobes where loads of goodies awaited ‘her’ choice. First, ‘she’ took out a lovely , ecru lace trimmed, opera topped slip in lusciously sexy, black, silk-satin. This ‘she’ slid onto her trembling body, fitting the bodice around ‘her’ full breasts. ‘Her’ hot erection trembled at the caress of the luxurious fabric, to the point where ‘she’ almost spurted ‘her’ hot fluids in a massive orgasm.

‘She’ knew ‘she’ had to do something about this and so ‘she’ reached across and picked up a small. foil wrapped, packet. Sliding the gossamer latex Durex out of the packet, ‘she’ slid it onto the hard and throbbing length of male flesh. This took care of any incipient accidents and would not stain any of mother’s beautiful clothes. once that had been done, and ‘she’ had calmed down again, ‘she’ slid on a matching pair of French knickers. Now, complete in ‘her’ lingerie, Lorraine, as she liked to call herself, was ready to put on the dress ‘she’ had picked.

Reaching into the wardrobe, Lorraine took out an elegant and very luxuriously appointed, cocktail dress. This gorgeous confection, in ‘her’ favourite material and colour, namely lustrous, heavy, dully gleaming, black duchesse satin, was a favourite with ‘her’ mother also and was impregnated with mother’s favoured perfume, namely Guerlain’s ‘Ode’. She loved the delicate and spicy fragrance, as did Lorraine. it was a simple yet very elegant sheath dress with a low, scoop, neckline and a close fitting bodice, with three-quarter sleeves and a long back zip. The skirt, also slim, with a long slit at the back, was three inches below the knee and the whole creation was trimmed with a velvet band and bow just below the bust. Lorraine had worn this dress only once before, and that was only furtively, just to try it on. ‘Her’ mother had only recently acquired it.. now ‘she’ had all the time in the world, so ‘she’ thought. Sliding on that wonderful creation and doing up the back zip was soon accomplished and so Lorraine was ready to have ‘her’ cocktail drink. With a sexy wiggle to ‘her’ hips, the hot, young, highly excited little transvestite child sashayed out of the boudoir and into the lounge, and stopped dead with shock and utter fear washing through ‘her’ trembling and utterly shocked, body. On the couch, sitting together, were two people, both of them well known to Lorraine. Both were ladies and both were extremely beautiful. Lorraine gasped, a hand covering ‘her’ mouth, in a very feminine gesture, and ‘her’ other hand trying to hide her, still, amazingly, hard and pulsating, erect body that throbbed visibly underneath the heavy satin of the dress skirt. ‘Mother, Auntie!!!’ ‘She’ gasped.

Melanie, Lawrence’s mother, softly smiled at her transvestite son’s confusion, at the same time awed at his delicate and ethereal beauty, as was Joanne who sat beside her. Lorraine too gasped, suddenly taking in the fact that the two gorgeous women in his life were partly, not fully, dressed. Reclining back on the elegant leather sofa, his mother and his aunt, both similar, though he could tell the difference, were in dishabille, resplendently sensuous in satin basques, nylons, stiletto’s and French knickers, all in a gorgeously sexy deep crimson.

As ‘she’ stood there, rooted to the spot, Lorraine suddenly realized that this was not going to be a time for punishment, tears and recriminations, not if you took the gently smiling faces, and slowly sensual, pouting expressions on the two, incredibly beautiful faces opposite ‘her’. The fear left ‘her’ trembling body and slowly ‘she’ leaned back against the closed door of the Lounge. ‘Her’ hand drifted down to slide, softly, gently, over the pouting breast, feeling the hard nipple through the layers of satin on the palm of his hand. Slowly, as the hot child watched, avidly, the two satined beauties started to caress each others hot and trembling bodies. Dry mouthed, Lorraine was swept up into a veritable ague of deep, sinful desire , ‘her’ hardness pounding with a deep seated need to slide deep into the bodies of ‘her’ two, gorgeous, relatives, especially ‘her’ mother’s, whom ‘she’ adored totally, worshipping the very ground she walked, and, if it may be said, the very clothes she wore . As the two lovely Lingeried ladies writhed together in their hot, lesbian, passion, hands delving deep into creaming, pouting, slits, their eyes never left the sight of their androgynous child. Both Melanie and Joanne mother and aunt, were so close to each other that they thought of Lawrence as their own son, but now they could also see that they had a new daughter and, most importantly to their perverted minds, a sexual plaything such as neither had ever dreamed of before, and they had dreamed of many things that other people had deemed totally sick and beyond the laws of society. Both had seduced their father, Lawrence was the result of that, and Debbie, his cousin and, unknown to him, half sister, was the other child, Joanne’s gorgeous daughter who was probably, at this very moment, willingly sandwiched between her father and grandmother. Lawrence, Lorraine as ‘she’ called ‘herself when en-femme, could tell the difference between the two females, even though every one else couldn’t and ‘she directed all of ‘her’ hot gaze at Melanie his mother, lashing her superb body with fire and wild, incestuous, desire. Still leaning back against the door, the hot little transvestite child carried on exciting ‘her’ hot body with knowing, insinuating and avidly eager hands, at the same time writhing ‘her’ sinuously sensuous body in a slow and passionate dance of rising want. Then, as ‘she’ watched, the actions of his two beloved relatives became even hotter, unbelievably so. Gently, softly, Joanne pushed her sister, Melanie, down onto the satin couch so that she lay, full length on the luxuriously slinky, sensuous fabric, writhing as the coolness of the heavy satin chilled her delicate skin. At the same time Joanne stood up and slid onto her slim body a long, hard object, attaching the harness around her waist and fastening the strap between her lovely limbs. The dichotomy was amazing and he could see that what his lovely aunt had put on was a fake penis, erect and arrogant as any male one, and just as accurately modeled.


To be continued:-


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