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In Her Service

by Azsub1


Part 2


She slipped off him with a sigh and and began to undo the ropes that held him spread eagle. "Now you can take a minute to recover and get your dress and petticoat back on. then go fix your make-up and meet me back here." He groans as he moves his limbs, feeling weak from having been streched so tight for so long. rising from the bed he teeters on the heels for a moment before catching his balance. Quickly slipping the petticoat and dress on he slips out of the room and into the bathroom. Looking at himself momentarily he shakes his head at the disheveled vision staring back at him. cupping water from the faucet he splashes his face and drinks to rinse her sticky sex from him. He pulls a heavy breath through the constriction of the corset as he tries to sort out his feelings about his situation. Shaking slightly as he straightens his wig he thinks to himself that this is a little more than he expected and begins to wonder how he can approach her about it. His hands shake as he quickly fixes his make-up, but steady as he see's the reflection of himself take shape and his sex stirs slightly as he looks at the collared, cuffed and corsetted maid across from him. Lost for a moment before he realises he had better return.

He steps back into the bedroom with some trepidation. She is sitting on the edge of the bed, yet doesn't acknowledge his presence as he fidgets for a few nervous moments She stands and walks towards him, shaking her head slightly. "The first thing you should learn is how to enter a room. Once you enter you should stand at attention. that means feet as close together as you can without touching. Standing straight hands folded in front, the tips of your shoes should be even and square to your shoulders." She places a hand in the small of his back to straighten him, then grabs his chin when he tries to turn it. "Eyes forward, Now then, once at attention you will wait for eye contact at which time you will curtsey and return to attention. Not a big curtsey, just a slight dip. Now if you were expected, or summoned you can simply present yourself directly to me with a curtsey, then standing at attention until acknowledged. Basically use your common sense and be polite and respectful always."

Motioning to the bed she continues "I want you to put that rope away, then make and turn down the bed. You can meet me in the living room." he replies a quick "yes ma'am." as she turns to leave. He busies himself winding the ropes, then straightens the bed and turns down the sheets.

Soon he finds himself stepping into the living room. Looking down to space his feet then standing as straight as he can, he see's that she has already made eye contact. He dips into a slight curtsey. She doesn't acknowledge him as she moves about the room, then exits. He continues to stand at attention and as the moments crawl by, his muscles tense and the shoes begin to bite at his feet. He's tempted to turn in the direction she left in but wisely does not. A few minutes pass and he sighs deeply and starts to fidget and shift his weight onto one foot. Before he can even turn to look for her return he hears her voice.

"Bored are we?" She steps towards him asking louder, "Well?". He realises that she has been behind him and he begins to stutter out a reply." iii'm sorry ma'am it's just that ....." she raises a finger and interupts him. "No excuses! you can apologise if you're truly sorry and sound sincere. But i never want to hear an excuse. 'Sorry' should not be followed by 'but' or 'it's just'. Understand?" Trembling slightly, more from suprise than fear, He replies with a simple quiet "yes ma'am".

She places a hand on his cheek. "Nothing to worry about....this time. As you have probably figured out i was watching you, waiting for you to move. The first mistakes on anything are always forgiven." She reaches up and clips the end of the leash to his collar.

She turns as she becons him to follow and he rushes to keep up, finding it a bit easier with his hands untied. Speaking as she walks."It's about time to call it a night, and this is where you will sleep." She leads him into the small bedroom and unclips the leash. "You'll find your bags in the closet, and there's the alarm clock on the nightstand." She pulls out a keychain from her pocket and motions for him to present his wrist to her. She unlocks the wrist and ankle cuffs, then the collar."I will be waking at 9:30 to 10:00 tomorrow and you will be able to hear my alarm go off. Once i'm awake I will summon you and will expect you without delay, fully dressed and presenting me with a cup of fresh coffee. when you get up is up to you, just as long as you're ready." She turns to leave, but pauses at the door. " Now I expect you to behave. Any monkey business and you'll end up sleeping hogtied on the floor. Got it?" he replies a simple "yes ma'am." as she leaves, even though he wants to say more, to explain that this is a bit much. Yet it hardly seems like the right time.

He undresses and is keenly aware of his sore thighs and chest, as well as his feet from the heels. Setting the alarm for 8:00 and slipping into the small bed. His mind races and his thoughts jump back and forth from excitement to nervous fear. He can tell her demeanor towards him has changed and he tries to think of a polite way to approach her about it. One thing for sure though is that he's probably going to end up giving his 60 days notice right away. At least he has that option he reassures himself as he drifts off to sleep.

The alarm invades his sleep and as he reaches for it he is startled awake by the unfamiliar surroundings. It takes a moment to remember where he is. He sits up in bed and looks at the collar and cuffs on the nightstand with a sigh, the thrill from yesterday having vanished with the new day.

Gathering his clothes he makes his way to the bathroom quietly so as not to wake her. He quickly showers checking his body for any hair he might have missed. He exits the shower and dries himself. Looking down at his clothes he decides to stepout and see what time it is and have a look around. Making his way into the kitchen to locate the coffee he sees that its 830 which leaves him an hour to be ready. He decides to make the coffee now and as he does the thought of leaving crosses his mind. He takes a peek out the window and sees his car there and realizes of course he has no idea where his keys are, or the clothes he came with for that matter.

Returning to the bathroom he begins to get dressed starting with the corset. Pulling the laces as tight as he can, he feels the constriction, almost comforting, and ties it off in back. He then slips the fishnets on and attaches the garters making sure the seams are straight. He then slides the petticoat on and feels his sex stir as the excitement returns. He grabs the satin maid's outfit then slips it over his head, zipping it up in back. He then begins the hardest part, at least for him, the makeup. Once satisfied with his face he places the blond wig onto his head and styles it. He then slips his feet into the shoes that he chose today. A pair of 5 in. sandals with 1/2 inch platform, and buckles the ankle straps. Finally standing in front of the mirror key ties the apron of his uniform into place then does a final check of himself turning side to side. Butterflies take flight in his stomach as he looks at himself and a slight smile crosses his face.

Stepping out all of the bathroom he walks gingerly on the heels, trying not to make much noise as he enters the kitchen. Looking through the cupboards for the coffee cups, he realizes he doesn't know how she takes her coffee. A slight panic overtakes him but he quickly decides he will just have to ask her when he brings her the coffee. Looking at the clock and seeing its 930 he pours himself a cup and sits at the table waiting to hear her alarm. He startled out of thought by the sound of her alarm and quickly rises to fill a cup for her. Then he stands as if in limbo by the machine waiting for her to summon him. It doesn't take long until he hears the simple command "coffee girl!".

He grabs the cup of coffee and steps into her room, He pauses at attention briefly, then realizes he's been summoned and approaches her directly before dipping into curtsy and announcing " your coffee ma'am". She becons him forward ann he carefully offers the coffee in outstretched hand. She takes it from him and he see's her shaking her head side to side in disapproval. She asks "and how do i take my coffee?". He replies "I wasn't sure ma'am so I thought I would ask once i got here." She continues to shake her head side to side remarking to herself about how this is not a good start. She sits up straight and sets the cup on the nightstand. "stand at attention girl!". "Now then wouldn't it have been smart to bring cream and sugar along with the coffee in case I took it that way?". She cuts him off before he can reply. "And wouldn't it have been helpful had you brought the coffee in on a tray, where you could have kept the cream and sugar,........ well?" He stammers as he struggles to answer and begins with "but I didn't know...." And she cuts him off again. "You didn't know what?". "I. I. I didn't know how you took your coffee. So...". Again she interrupts "that's right you didn't know did you?". He's quite flustered at this point in tries to reply "bu... i... But ma'am..." And his quickly cut off again. "Quiet! I never wants to hear excuses so that 's one habit you'll have to quickly rid yourself of. If I want an explanation I will ask for one. Apologies are really all that you can offer without being asked. Now than, . I asked a simple question, now answer me!". At this point he's quite flustered and pauses a moment before asking "I'm sorry ma'am but what was the question again?"

She shakes her head side to side "forget it, you're lucky I drink it black." "Yes ma'am." He replies. She swings her feet over the side of the bed and stands "I see we have another problem here, and you know what that is?" He thinks a moment before answering "I'm not sure, ma'am." She lets out a sigh and brings her hand to her forehead. "look you need to give this 100 percent. Pay attention to what you're doing give it all your effort and think about what choice would please me. Now I might not have told you that the cuffs and collar were part of your uniform, but wouldn't it have been to a safe bet to put them on just in case?". "Yes ma'am" he replies with a nod.. "You're going to have to learn to pay attention to all of your actions and surroundings and mannerisms so I suggest you give it your all. Go, get them on then return here."

He hurries out the of a room to retrieve the collar and cuffs quickly snapping the locks in place as he hurries back to the room, he pauses a moment and she motions for him to enter, looking him up and down with a slight nod of approval. "Now then, draw me a bath. Then while I'm bathing I can decide what you'll be making for breakfast. You can work on this room, that is straightening up, changing the sheets and making the bed. As well as anything else you may have forgotten to do this morning." She motions for him to follow as she steps into the bathroom. Then instructs him as to what soap she uses, where the towels are and anything else he should know. Before dismissing him she adds " I'm not trying to be hard on you. I'm trying to allow you to find your position on your own, but you have to be proactiveLook for what should be done and ask if you're not sure. We can do it this way as long as i feel you are honestly trying. Otherwise i can instruct you on every detail until you perform properly, but then i will provide no leeway. Things will go quicker that way, but you may find it quite unpleasant. So do you wish to find your place at your own speed, or do i become the taskmaster?" He doesn't need to think but a moment before asking if he can find his own way. Then is dismissed.

Out in the bedroom he pulls the sheets and pillowcases from the bed and tosses these in the hamper along with her clothes from the night before, making a mental note to inquire about doing the laundry. He thinks about his situation as he makes the bed and that nervous excitement rolls through him. He finds himself becoming sexually excited, however it's mixed with true fear and the sensation is powerful enough to make his head spin. So much that he becomes unsteady and has to pause to push these thoughts out of his head, When finished he looks around the room for anything else that should be done, remembering what she said. He steps out into the kitchen and sits to rest a moment. Within a few minutes he hears her call out. "girl! come here!".

He pauses just inside the bathroom once again waiting for eye contact. Instead she speaks without turning to him. "Remember, If you have been summoned or are otherwise expected, you may enter and immediatley present yourself. You only need to wait at the doorway and until acknowledged if you weren't expected or feel you may be interrupting." He hurries to stand beside the tub and inquires "yes Ma'am?" Holding her coffee cup up to him "This has been empty since i got in here, you really need to keep this full." He simply agrees this time, answering with a simple yes. She then asks "have you finished with the bedroom and anything else that needed to be done?" He stops to think for a moment, then says he is. "Good, for breakfast I'll be having a bagel, toasted with cream cheese and 1/2 a honeydew melon, skinned and sliced. Once that's done, you can relax for a bit. I'll summon you if i need you and you can serve breakfast once i'm out there."

Preparing breakfast goes quickly, he manages to find all that he needs and only has to disturb her once to ask if he should wait to toast the bagel so that it's warm. Pleased with himself, he slips into the back hallway for a quick cigarette, being very careful with the ash and smoke, remembering that he could smoke only as long as it was unseen. When finished he slips back into the kitchen and washes his hands. He tops off his coffee and sits at the kitchen table.Crossing his legs he's reminded of how he is dressed and smiles to himself as his mind wanders.

10 minutes later he is startled back to reality by her rounding the corner into the kitchen. He fumbles a bit trying to set his coffe down and stand at the same time, spilling some from the cup and having to grab the table for support. He begins to apologise but she interupts him, she can see that he is in a bit of a panic and tells him to relax a bit and asks him to start the bagel, then bring her the melon. As he does this she explains that as long as he appears to be giving 100%, is paying attention and not making stupid mistakes, that he can be a little informal. She explains that his position, what is required of him and how he is to interact with Her will become second nature with time and practice. He see's her looking him up and down as he brings the melon to her.Setting it down and turning away he hears her remark that they will need to work on general posture and how he carries himself. And as an example She makes him aware that he had brushed the petticoat of his uniform against her arm when he brought her the melon. adding."Now i'm not going to worry much about that considering that were in private on your first day. however it would be quite different if that should happen serving a dinner party. And worse still should a guest complain."

On hearing this that nervous chill runs down his body, thinking of serving at a party or get together. His head spins a bit but he quickly shakes it off and busies himself by grabbing the pot and topping off her cup. On returning the pot he is momentarily at a loss as to what to do and stands there fidigeting for a moment. She let's him know that he can make himself something if he hasn't already. and he declines as his stomache swarms with butterflies. "Well then, if Your quite sure you've done everything else, all that's left are the dishes, which i'm not done with, and to straighten up after my bath, which you can do at your leisure. So sit, finish your coffee."

When pushes away from the table and signals that she is finished, and he rises to police her morning dishes. She let's him know that dishes are to be washed and rinsed by hand, then ran through the dishwasher. He acknowledges this as she slips out of the kitchen. Filling the sink he searches the cabinets below for a real apron, unlike the silk one tied to his waist now and finds one. tying it in place, he no sooner reaches into the sink when he see's her re-enter, he turns to acknowledge her, but is thrown momentarily by the lack of expression on her face. She walks directly towards him and before he can speak, she does "dry your hands and take that apron off." he hears the matter of fact tone and grows instantly concerned that he has done something wrong. His mind races as he dries his hands and the only thing that comes to mind is the apron as he unties it. "I'm sorry about the apron, I didn't..." he mutters, but trails off, unsure what to apologise for. " bring your hands behind your back." she commands matter of factly. He wants to apologise but doesn't know what for . He begins to ask why as he puts his hands behind him and is cut off by a slightly louder "quiet!" from her as she grabs his wrists and links the cuffs he already wears, then quickly slips a small nylon belt up his arms to his elbows and with a quick pull draws his elbows together behind him. He gasps with an audible rush of air from his suprise and before he can react she steps into him with one knee between his legs she grabs the back of his collar roughly and quickly brings her other hand to the front of it. Although too taken aback to see, he can hear that a leash or other clip was attached to his collar. She sidesteps away from him and turns to walk. He tries to react as fast as he can yet is still jerked forward. She pauses lest he fall face first without his hands to stop him, then shortens her grip on the leash to about 6 inches. He finds himself pulled forward into the hall bathroom and as she swings the door open she says "this isn't about the damn apron, it's about this. she points to the towel, unfolded and hanging by a corner on the rack and asks. "is this what we do with our towels when were done? and he replies a meek "no" she quickly follows asking about the shower curtain pushed to one side, the make-up on and in the sink, containers left open, toothpaste spatter on the mirror. She pulls him out of the bathroom and asks again "Is that how your supposed to leave the bathroom?" He shakes his head and replies no. "Didn't I ask you several times if you were done?" at this point he is distraught and she has to shake him by the leash to get a yes out of him. "I have to believe that you just forgot about this which by itself is careless. and it wouldn't be so bad if i hadn't seen this." She pulls him forward to the guest room that he slept in and he already knows what is coming. The bed is unmade, the stockings from yesterday are on the floor, the corset also. He can't believe that he forgot about this, but then again he hasn't been in here or the bathroom since he was finished getting ready. this notion is quickly dismissed before he can offer it as an excuse.

"You even had to come back in here, after you were wide awake to retrieve your cuffs and collar." "Your not this stupid or this incompetent" she chides as she leads him to the end of the bed "so your either not trying or you just don't care." She instructs him to spread his legs and place them next to the feet at the end of the bed so he is standing, facing the headboard she then grabs a rope that had been hung from the ceiling by a pulley and snaps the clip on the end of it between his wrists. she pulls , taking the slack out of the rope just until his hands begin to rise behind him, then kneels down and attaches the clips that were installed on the bed legs to the cuffs at his ankles. That done she steps out of the room.

He stands there trembling, this happened so fast that he couldn't really think about what was happening. but now he finds himself alone with his thoughts and they begin to catch up. He shakes his head and can't believe he forgot this stuff. he hears her reapproach and she continues to chide him. "Do we need to start with me controlling your every move? because we can if we need to!" She steps up along side the bed and tosses the head harness gag on the bed, then sets a thin black neoprene cane besides it. She watches as his eyes widen and she quickly begins to speak. "Now, i'm going to give you the chance to apologise while i finish securing you. So you have until that gag goes in to convince me your sorry and that maybe i should be lenient on you."

His mind races as she grabs a length of rope and secures one knee to the backboard. "I'm sorry Ma'am, it's just that i forgot, and i was in such a rush when i came back in to grab the cuffs i just didn't see it." She just nods her head as she ties off the other knee. "And i haven't got the make-up thing down yet.......i really didn't mean to, it's just that...."

finished with his knees she reaches for the gag and tells him to open up. " now he's shaking and he lets out a gutteral shriek of a "please" "please ma'am don't' She presses the ball gag to his lips and commands him to open up. The gag is pushed into place as soon as he tries to utter his next word. Strapping it in place she speaks calmly to him.

"you know, all i heard right up until i picked up the gag were excuses, and those only hurt your case. The word 'sorry' followed by an excuse makes the apologie meaningless." finished buckling the gag she unwinds the rope from the wall hook and begins to pull. His elbows and wrists tied behind him as his wrists are pulled up, forcing him to bend forward at the waist to take the strain off his shoulders. yet she continues to pull them higher until he can bend no more. He moans into the gag as the strain hits his shoulders and struggles to shift his body forward, but his bound legs give little leeway. He is in an open panic now and she continues to speak. "You started to get it near the end. you said please, but you didn't say 'sorry' or that you would 'do better in the future', or that you would 'do anything for me'. and that's a shame." She rolls his skirt over onto his back and tucks the end in the collar of his top.She then steps to one side and picks up the cane. Now he starts begging into the gag and squirming on the end of the rope. He looks to her flexing the cane and he screams 'please' as he shakes his head and tries to catch her eye. She gets down close to his ear."you see, now that sounded more like a whine than anything else." she grabs the harness roughly and tilts his head to her. "maybe if i saw a real tear i would know your sorry... but i dont see any.

Letting go of the harness she takes a step back and rests the cane on one cheek of his. She draws back and lands it, not as hard as she could swing it, but a full swing. He squeals into the gag and twists as a red welt rises almost immediatley. he tries to untense his body as she walks around to the other side. resting the cane on the opposite cheek she sees that the first welt is already weeping.seeing this she remarks" it looks like i'll have to go with something a little less severe, as that first one split the skin" she draws the cane back as she says..."but first lets even this out." once again bringing the cane down and his vision goes white with pain and he screams into the gag, even though it takes him a moment to realise it. She tosses the cane on the bed but his eyes are screwed shut. She then picks up one of the rattan canes she had brought into the room.

She leans down to him and speaks to him. "Lets get this over quick. c'mon now it's only 6 more on each cheek." He begins shaking his head violently and yelling 'no' into the gag.

Seeing and hearing this she picks up the neoprene cane again. "would you rather have me use this then?" He see's that she had set the cane down but now picked it up again. " he shakes his head and mouths 'no,no,no' into the gag. "Well now make up your mind would you. Hows this. If you want me to use the rattan cane all you have to do is ask nicely. don't worry, i'll be able to make out what your saying."

he could barely believe it. his shoulders screamed in pain and it felt like his assckeeks had been split open. and now he has to ask to be caned. She draws back the neoprene cane saying "oh, snooze you loose" and he barks out no! wait! please use the rattan cane!" she stops...then asks."you want me to do what with what?" even though she heard him just fine." he let's out a heavy sigh and draws a deep breath. then into the gag he says..."please cane me with the rattan cane ma'am, please." then droops in resignation.

"oh, that has such a lovely sound to it. lets, shall we......."


end part 2




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