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How To Break The Girl

Pantied Pamela

part deux.


I knelt between Mistress' thighs servicing her through the opening in the leather hood I wore, for what seemed an eternity- never questioning my directive to please her for as long as she wished. As I continued, I sensed that something was wrong- like a voice inside was calling out to me- trying to tell me that my life was somehow out of order. It was then that I heard a knock on the door.

"Pamela, why don't you go see who that is?"

I raised to my feet, smoothed out the hem of my maid's uniform, and approached the door. When I opened it, my entire world crashed around me- there were the three girls from school! Now I remembered it all- I wasn't always a slave girl- I was a man!

Mistress approached from behind, sensing the expression on my face.

"Yes Pamela, you are still in your virtual prison, and your jailers have returned. Experience has taught me that a single psychotic break will not completely transform the personality. I want none of your old self left- that little voice you keep hearing, the last vestiges of your former self must be eradicated if you are to be a proper slave girl. Take her back to her bedroom."

The blindfold on my hood was closed, and a large penis gag was inserted in my mouth and secured with a wide belt strapped around the back of my head. I was lead by leash back to the pink bedroom.

"Aren't you glad to see me?" asked Stacy.

I was pushed back onto the bed, and the various articles of clothing which made up my uniform were abruptly removed from my body, with the exception of the pink satin corset. My arms were bound over my head, and the gag and blindfold were removed. It was then I noticed Jessica approaching with a fresh diaper.

"Please diaper me, Mistress Jessica." I humbly asked.

"I would be happy to." She replied, squeezing my cock and balls forcefully before beginning the ritual. Two pairs of pink panties, then the diaper, then the ruffled baby panties. For some reason, the doubled pink panties were having more of an effect than usual. My ankles were again secured using the wide leather cuffs.

Stacy approached the bed, and straddled my face. As she approached, she lifted her cheerleading skirt to reveal a large vibrating dildo. I obediently opened my mouth, fearing the consequences of not following quickly enough. She pumped my face for at least an hour, before I heard the click, and the pulsing cock was then attached to my hood- moving in and out on its own. Nipple clamps were secured to my now b-cup breasts, and the three of them wished me 'sweet dreams'.

How long had I been in the VR suit now? I had actually believed for some time that I was in fact a slave girl, and that I always had been. What more severe tortures could they subject me to before I broke completely?

My diaper was changed twice that night, with dire consequences for my poor suffering penis- the last vestige of my days as a male.

In the morning, I was awaken by the sound of my three captors entering the room. I was again stood at the front of the bed, immobilized like a life-size Barbie doll. I was again stripped, this time down to bare skin. Kristy rolled a standing mirror in front of me, and told me to look at myself. What I saw was a feminized man. My body was certainly more curvy than it had been, but by no means a woman's body- especially due to the penis sticking rock hard out from my groin.

"Pamela, you will do exactly as I say, or you will pay dearly. I want you to say the words 'I am a girl' while looking at yourself in the mirror.

I did as I was told, and as I did, my body changed- my hips widened, my waist became smaller.

"Say it again."

"I am a girl."

This time my body shrunk, and my 5 foot 11 body became about 5 foot 3. My chest enlarged, and my waist shrunk even further.

"Say it again, Pamela."

"I am a girl."

My body now became a totally feminine, 19 year old girl body, with the exception of the penis which still protruded.

"That is why Mistress left you in the hood- so you could not see your own face and break the conditioning she has been working so hard to impart. Now you will see yourself as a girl, and your mantra will be 'I am a girl'. Now, under no circumstances are you permitted to speak until you are dressed, then maybe we will give you permission to speak a little."

I was dressed in pink satin panties, and bra, as well as a stiffly boned pink satin corset with garters. Pink stockings were slowly rolled up my thighs by Stacy and Jessica.

Kristy then placed a pink leather posture collar around my neck, and locked it on.

"Now Pamela," she continued "you have the power to change yourself back into a boy if you wish- simply by saying the words 'I am a boy'"

"I am a…."

"Not so fast Pamela, I need to tell you one more thing- the panties, bra, corset, even the stockings, are all made of a fabric with absolutely no give whatsoever. You will be wearing these items whenever you are not gagged. If you were foolish enough to reverse your programming, know that your body would immediately return to its original state- and size. Your ribs and internal organs would be crushed. Your throat would be strangled- all by the pretty little feminine garments you have on right now. You are a prisoner of your own pink panties."

To know that I had the power to change back, but that I couldn't was too much to bear, and I began to cry.

"Aw, poor poor Pamela." Said Jessica, in mocking sympathy, "I guess we'd better find some way to make her forget her troubles!"

I was turned around, and a leather blindfold was placed over my eyes, and a leather penis gag placed in my mouth. Then a full leather hood was placed over my head, and locking hasps attached it to the posture collar I already wore. A full length leather armbinder was slid up my arms and tightened in place, and also attached to the posture collar at the top. Two leather cords extending from the end of the arm binder were pulled up between my legs and one passed through each of the leg holes in my panties. Stacy then lowered the front of my panties, and methodically wound the leather cord, tightly from the base of my penis up to just beneath the head. Then the two ends were knotted. Then, Kristy produced a small leather sack, and stood right in front of me as she opened the bag.

'Inside this bag," she explained "are thistles, very sharp pointy thistles." She then knelt before my helplessly bound cock, and pulled the opening of the bag around the base of my scrotum. She pulled the drawstring closed around my balls, pushing the thistle tightly against my poor tortured skin. Then she harshly grabbed my balls through the bag, forcing the thistles up against me even more. I let out a cry from underneath my hood.

I felt a leash being attached to my collar, as I was lead, presumably, back to the punishment room. I was unable to see, which was just as well as all of my other sensations were being mercilessly overloaded. The armbinder was removed. I was pushed up against a leather coated cross, with leather pouches on each of the extensions. My arms were lifted to the upper part of the cross, and I felt a zipper close the pouch around each arm. The same was done to each leg. Even though I was already unable to move, I then felt wide leather straps about six inches apart, being buckled around my arms and legs, and around my torso. My head was strapped to a backboard on the cross as well- I was unable to even flinch. Just then I began to feel the entire apparatus invert, turning me upside down.

I felt a pair of hands pull aside my panties and unwrap the leather cord from around my penis, but the bag of thistles remained. Then I heard a voice through the hood- It was Stacy…

"I am attaching a tube to the bag on your scrotum, this will fill it with liquid, which will be kept inside by a watertight seal made by the drawstring. The fluid will allow conduction to every nerve ending in your balls"

Conduction? I started to really panic. It was then I felt a very hot liquid filling the sac around my balls. Stacy was gently stroking the underside of my penis as this was happening, almost trying to calm me down in my hysterical state.

"Good girl." She said. "Now I am placing a sheath over your penis, which we will also fill with the fluid. I bet you wonder what we have in store for you now Pamela. Well here's what we're going to do. Your hood is connected to a device which analyzes your brain patterns. Men and women each have different types of patterns. Dominant and submissive people have different types of patterns. We are going to give the the opportunity to create whichever patterns you want- as long as they are submissive little girl brainwaves. As long as you think of yourself as a slave girl, nothing bad will happen to you, but for each male thought you have, any thought of escape, or dominant idea you have, we will send a shock into your cock and balls. I know, you don't know how to create female brain patterns, but believe me, the suffering you are about to experience will train you very quickly. The best part is, we will be using the only vestige of your male self as the root of your punishment. You will quickly wish to God that you no longer had a penis, and maybe even believe that you don't."

I began to feel electrical current building up in my manhood, and thought to myself 'I am a girl. I am a girl.', and the shock fell back to a slight buzz. Occasionally, my mind would drift, and I would think about Stacy or Jessica, in one of the outfits they were wearing, and I would feel the shock increase, and even become searing pain. The only thought which would keep the shock completely at bay was to simply repeat in my mind 'I AM paintied Pamela, a docile obedient slave girl'. As long as I held that thought, and thoughts of femininity, or pleasing Mistress and her friends, I remained pain free. Instantaneously, as my mind drifted away from these very specific thoughts I would feel the pain.

After what felt like days, I was almost in a hypnotic trance- I knew I was a slave girl, and no other possibilities existed for me. Then one afternoon, I felt the table I was on slowly turn rightside up. My arms and legs were released from the straps, and unzipped from the pouches which had held me there. I felt hands manipulating something between my legs, and the sheath around my penis as well as the pouch containing the thistles were removed. Why did I have a penis? I am a girl- I don't understand.

"Hello Pamela" I heard Kristy say "How are you feeling this morning?"

"I don't understand- why do I have a penis?"

"Your mistress feels that female genitalia can never be completely harnessed and controlled the way male genitals can. She wishes you to have a penis so that she may punish you more thouroughly."

I looked up to the mirror and saw my petite, feminine body with an erection protruding from my groin.

"I think you only need one more day of punishment and training to make you the perfect little panty-slave" Stacy said.

I was lead to my bedroom and stripped naked. Jessica once again dressed me in a pink satin bra, which was several sizes too small for me. Stacy pulled three pairs of pink panties up my legs- tripling the stimulating sensation in my crotch.

I was laid down on the bed, and Kristy came into the room, followed by at least 15 girls, most of whom I recognized from school, and all of whom I felt were beautiful.

"We invited some friends to witness your final humiliation Pamela." Explained Stacy.

A diaper was placed underneath me, and closed on both sides. The ruffled panties came next. All of the girls stood around the bed, whispering to each other. I was raised to my knees on the bed, and wide leather straps were secured around my calves and thighs, securing me on my knees. An armbinder was slid up my arms, and laced tightly, immobilizing my arms behind me. A thick leather o-ring on a belt was placed in my mouth and buckled tightly behind my head, keeping my mouth in an open position. Next, a leather hood with only mouth and nose openings was laced onto my head. I felt hands grab me under my arms, and I was lowered to the floor.

"Each of us has a surprise underneath her skirt for you Pamela, and I expect your full cooperation."

Just then, I felt a short skirt being draped over the back of the hood, as a large dildo was inserted into my mouth. Obviously, I was to suck the phallus. Then, without warning, the apparently fake dildo ejaculated into my mouth, and when it did, my own penis exploded in my diaper. This was the first release I had experienced months, and was easily the most pleasurable orgasm I had ever had. The dildo was withdrawn, and then replaced with another, longer dildo which I then proceeded to suck as well. When it exploded in my mouth, I again came with an un believable orgasm. This went on over and over. After what seemed like hours of sucking, and gallons of cum, I was finished.

I was released from the bondage, and then returned to my bed. Jessica held in her hand a fresh diaper.

"Please mistress, change my diaper." I asked politely.

She knealt onto the bed and removed my now cum-soakied diaper, and the panties. She then gently powdered me, and to my surprise, began to diaper me without any painful bondage, and only 2 pairs of pink panties. A large latex sheath materialized beneath my body, and was zipped from my toes up to my neck, fixing my arms in sheaths on either side.

As the girls gathered around the bed, and methodically buckled straps to the sides of the bed, completely immobilizing me in the hot latex sheet, Jessica began to explain: "What we have just done is programmed your central nervous system to only allow you to achieve orgasm when sucking a cock. What we also did was reinforce your natural aversion to doing just that. The only way you will ever come is when you are sucking cock- something you would almost rather die than have to do. When you awaken, you will again be in the world you came from, only this time as an obedient panty-clad slave girl. Be sure to pleasure your Mistress, and obey her every wish. Remember, it will take only a very little slip up for her to send you back here. This was only a level 2 programming, and the levels go up to 7. Sweet dreams…."

Stacy and Jessica secured a heavy latex bondage hood over my head, securing it with three heavy buckles on each side. Then a heavy, solid plastic full-head mask was placed over the latex hood. I felt the hood begin to inflate inside of the mask, until my head was rigidly fixed inside the hard shell. Belts secured to the top and sides of the shell prevented my head from moving at all. As the hood continued to inflate, the large inflatable gag inside the hood filled my mouth. On the outside, I felt something being buckled around my waist, with a heavy object pushing against my still rock-hard penis. Then, I felt the object start to vibrate. Even through the sheath, the panties, and the diaper, it felt like an earthquake over my cock- but no matter how much it stimulated me, I knew I would not come. I knew I would never come again, unless there was a penis in my mouth. I felt clamps being fixed on my nipples once again, which too, were vibrating. A waist cincher was drawn around my waist, and laced as tightly as anything I had ever worn before. Straps were pulled from the back of the cincher, up between my legs, forcing the cock vibrating apparatus up against my crotch as though there were a 50 pound weight attached to it. I heard a muffled voice say good night, and I was left alone in my prison of suffering. I could not imagine what my life would be like outside of this VR suit. If I did fail to please Mistress, what more suffering could she inflict upon me should I be sent back to this VR world. I hope to never find out…..

Stay Tuned!!!!




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