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Halloween Party            by: Carol Collins


"Not another Halloween TG story!" You exclaim. Face it, Halloween is the one time of the year that dresses come out of the closet (pardon the pun), along with the other feminine finery, to be worn legitimately (at least in some jurisdictions). This is a more or less true (meaning highly embellished) story of what happened one year when a friend’s mother dressed him up as her daughter for Halloween. If you like these types of stories—Enjoy.

I grew up on the outskirts of a relatively small town during the nineteen sixties. The Halloween night that is the topic of this story took place in 1966 when I was thirteen. I was about five foot five inches tall and thin. My face had not lost the look of innocent youth, my voice had not begun to change in pitch and the need for shaving my face was to be a couple of years away. I had dark hair, blue eyes and was considered to be very cute by most people. In fact, an aunt said, on several occasions, that I was too pretty to be a boy and that I should have been a girl.

I was an only child. My mother had wanted a daughter, but the Fates had dealt her a son. She used the Halloween celebration as an excuse to have a daughter for at least one day a year. As far back as my memory could recall my mother had dressed me as a girl for Halloween. Our nearest neighbor was Mrs. Morgan, a widowed lady, and her two daughters. Hazel was about my age, about my height and build at the time, and was in the same classroom at school. Patricia was about two years older; a couple of inches taller than me and was always the bossy type. Both girls had blonde hair, green eyes and were cute.

Each Halloween, my mother would either drag me over to the Morgan house, where she and Mrs. Morgan would dress me in Patricia and Hazel’s clothes, or, they would haul a suit case of girl’s clothes over for mother to dress me up as a little girl. Mother would make me wear girl’s underwear and a dress all day. She would even demand that I sleep in a girl’s nightgown that night.

When I was a very young boy and did not worry so much about what the other kids at school thought about me dressing in dresses and panties, I never tried to resist my mother’s demands. She would dress me in little girl’s panties, a vest with a silk ribbon, a cute dress, and a ribbon in my relatively long (for the day) hair, lace trimmed ankle socks and girl’s shoes (usually, Mary Jane’s). She would have me helping in the kitchen as we baked cookies and other treats. Afterwards, I would go around the neighborhood with Patricia and Hazel, collecting treats. Patricia usually dressed up as a boy in some of my clothing. Patricia would try to get me away from our parents so that she could grab me, pull me up against her, and tell me that she was the man of the house and that I was her girlfriend. Then, she would pinch my little nipples through my dress and vest as she kissed me. If I resisted her advances, she would get Hazel to help hold me down on the floor as she pulled my up the back of my dress and gave me a spanking until I agreed to cooperate. It was humiliating for a young boy to be fondled by an older girl as he was being kissed and told he was a weak little girl who had to obey her boyfriend. Once, when I was twelve, my mother and Mrs. Morgan caught Patricia and Hazel spanking my pantied bottom while holding me down on the living room sofa. My mother only smiled as she watched Patricia lying on top of me as she kissed me and played with my nipples through my clothing. Mrs. Morgan laughed as they saw me submitting to Patricia’s dominance and mother said, "Carol, don’t let your boyfriend go too far or else it will ruin your reputation. Remember, a young girl has to protect her reputation." All four females giggled as I squirmed beneath Pat, causing my dress to ride up around my waist and expose my pink panda bear panties.

When our parents weren’t present, sometimes Pat would reach under my dress and rug the little bulge in my panties as she kissed me. I would be lying to you if I told you that I never enjoyed what she did to me. I would lay back on the sofa and let her massage my stiff penis through my panties until I would experience a minor orgasm. She loved to watch my facial reactions to her ministrations. It was just that it was so embarrassing for me when she would later that evening lead me from house to house in our neighborhood and introduce me to everyone as her girlfriend. Some of the other kids in the neighborhood would want to know if I was wearing girl’s underwear or boy’s underwear under my dress. Pat would usually make me lift my skirt and show them my pretty panties. It was always so humiliating later when they would tease me about wearing girl’s panties.

The day before Halloween, 1966, I could already tell that mother and her co-conspirators had made detailed plans. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were popular at the time and longer hair for boys was just becoming fashionable. My mother, against my father’s wishes, had allowed me to grow my hair to almost the length of the girls that I went to school with. The principal of the school was youthful and never sent me home as was done at other schools. My father was out of town on a weeklong business trip, so, mother decided to style my hair the evening before Halloween so that it would be perfect the next day.

When I got home from school, mother told me to go take a bath. I told her that I could take one before I went to bed. She informed me that there were too many things to do before going to bed and that I should take a bath now. She had even drawn the bath water for me. I reluctantly went to the bathroom. When I got there, I found that she had prepared a bubble bath for me. I knew that she considered Halloween to be the day that I would obey her in everything. I removed my clothes and settled in the warm sudsy water. I hated to admit it to anyone at the time, because I thought that only girls should take bubble baths, but the bubble bath did feel so soothing.

I hadn’t been in the tub for more than five minutes when mother came into the room with some feminine lingerie in her arms. She pulled a stool over to the side of the tub and asked, "How do you like soaking in a nice warm bubble bath?" I mumbled a non-committal answer. She knew it felt good. She was just asking to see how honest I was going to be with her and myself. She told me, "I have some fun planned for you this Halloween so we need to get an early start." She picked up a safety razor and continued, "I noticed that you have a light fuzz on your legs. Raise your left leg and I’ll show you how to shave it without nicking yourself." I tried to refuse, but she insisted. I meekly raised my leg so that she could shave off what little hair had grown on it. I watched in fascination as it, then my right leg, were made silky smooth. Next, my mother shaved my armpits. I had no hair on my chest or else she would no doubt have shaven it as well.

When I was smooth except for the hair on my head, my eyebrows and a fuzzy triangular patch of pubic hair, mother had me get out of the tub and dry off. I was embarrassed being nude, but she reminded me that she had seen me naked all during my life. I was shown how to pat my skin dry instead of rubbing it with the towel. Next, mother rubbed baby oil into my skin to make it soft. She even treated my private parts to a coating of oil. I could not control my penis as it rose to its full length. She next pulled a pair of white lace trimmed pink satin panties from the pile of lingerie. "You’ll love the feel of satin as it caresses your skin," she told me as I reluctantly stepped into them and she pulled them up around my hips. They were snug around my bottom and genitals. She ignored the way the panties were tented out in front as she picked up a pink satin training bra. "Young ladies must wear a brassiere at all times," she said as she hooked it in back. For some reason, my nipples had become swollen during the last two months. It actually looked as if I had very small tits inside the brassiere cups. Next, came a thin pink robe. She exclaimed, "I have my little girl back. And she is growing up to be a very pretty young lady." I blushed with embarrassment.

"We’ll fix your hair and thirteen year old girls can wear lipstick on special occasions," mother said as she led me to her bedroom. She had me sit in front of her vanity mirror as she opened a tube of pink lipstick and applied a coating to my soft lips. She looked at me closely and gave me a hug. "Thank you for being so good to me. Momma really loves you," she added. Just then, our front door bell rang. "Sit still and I’ll go see who it is." Mother went downstairs. I already knew who it would be. Pat and Hazel had been telling me that they had plans for me on Halloween night for the last two weeks. They wouldn’t say what the plans were. They had said that it was to be a surprise. No wonder I had such a high anxiety level. Only the conditioning that my mother had given me my entire life had prevented me from running away from home until Halloween was over.

I could hear mother talking to Patricia and Hazel as they came up the stairs. I could see my facial expression in mother’s make up mirror as they approached. In later life, I would have described the expression as the same as found on a deer when it is caught in the light from the headlights of an approaching car. It is the expression of a frightened animal that does not know which way to run. I turned to watch them enter my mother’s bedroom. Patricia was attractive, but Hazel was a very pretty girl. Even then, it could be plainly seen that she would be a knock out when she got older. Hazel wore a white cotton blouse and a gray wool skirt that reached three inches above the knee. Her legs were in dark nylon stockings and she wore black high heel shoes. Her long blonde hair was hanging half way down her back. Patricia wore a blue pull over sweater, tight black toreador pants and black high heel shoes. Her shorter blonde hair was made up into a French twist. They both came over to where I was sitting and hugged me. "We’re so happy to have our girlfriend back again," Patricia whispered as she kissed my cheek.

They had carried two over night bags into the room. When they opened them, one was full of lingerie and girl’s clothing, and the other had a portable hair dryer and quite a bit of cosmetics. I knew that it was going to be a long night. First, they began to take the pink hair rollers and roll my still damp hair onto them as my mother delightfully looked on. I was instructed to sit still until they were through. I was told how much fun I was going to have as the two sisters rolled every lock of my hair onto rollers. Next, a plastic cap was fitted over my head full of curlers, a hose was attached to the portable hair dryer and it was turned on. I was given a copy of Sixteen magazine to look at while they went downstairs to get something to drink and no doubt discuss their plans for me.

Fifteen minutes later, they had returned. I had leafed through the pages of the teenage girl’s magazine as I had waited for their return. Looking at all the pretty young girls in their stylish clothes had helped to turn me on even more. My penis had been erect most of the time. I couldn’t explain why being in girl’s lingerie and having my hair up in pink rollers caused me to have an erection, but it did. It had just gone down when they began to take the curlers from my hair. My mother and the two young sisters were hinting at some of the activities that they had planned for Halloween. I noticed that my little penis was becoming erect again.

When my hair was combed out and sprayed with hair spray, it truly looked like one of the bouffant styles that was currently in vogue. Hazel worked on eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner for several minutes. Mother cautioned her not to over do it, "After all," she had said, "I don’t want my little girl to look cheap." Hazel assured her that this was what all the young girls were wearing today as she put the finishing touches on my eyes. So as not to feel left out, Patricia had given me a manicure. Next, she had taken a bottle of bright pink fingernail polish and had been painting my fingernails. I knew it was useless to protest. Mother had simply sat on the bed and watched as her "daughter" received a make over. Patricia gave me a pedicure and painted my toenails as my fingernails dried. Hazel took a pair of tweezers and painfully plucked my eyebrows. When I objected, she said she was only doing a minimum amount of shaping. When they had finished, I looked in the mirror and would have sworn, if I had not have known better, that there was an attractive girl looking back at me. Mother had tears in her eyes as she stood behind me and told me how beautiful I was. This time when she hugged me, I hugged her back.

Patricia checked to see if the nail polish was dry before she told me to stand. I stood beside her. She was several inches taller than I. She was wearing high heel shoes, which made her even taller. I felt her fingers un-tieing the sash of my pink robe as she gazed into my eyes. It was as if she had hypnotized me as her fingers opened the robe and pulled it from my shoulders. I had almost forgotten that Hazel and my mother were still in the room as I felt the robe slip to the floor. Patricia’s hands slid around my waist as she took me in her arms and gave me a light kiss on the lips. My penis was completely hard as it tented the front of my pink satin panties. My mother silently got up and left the room as they had already agreed upon. Pat pulled my body against hers as her lips passionately sought mine and her tongue invaded my mouth. I realized what some girls feel like as they swoon in their lover’s arms. My breathing became quick, swallow and erratic as the kiss built in passionate intensity.

Pat guided me to my mother’s bed as her lips were sealed to mine. I felt the edge of the bed as it made contact with the backs of my bare thighs. Pat gently pushed me backward until I was laying on my mother’s bed and Pat was laying on top of me. Still, our lips had yet to part as her tongue probed into my mouth. I really had no experience with girls. That is, unless you counted the times I was dressed as a girl during Halloween and Pat had caught me and lifted my dress and rubbed the front of my panties as she had kissed me. This time, her lips were glued to mine as her fingers toyed with my satin covered nipples and she hunched her hips against my satin covered penis.

Patricia broke the kiss to ask, "Are you my girl?" I was trying to hold on to some of my young male ego. I tried to keep silent as one of her hands moved toward my panty-imprisoned erection. Her long fingers curled around it as she asked again, "Are you my girl?" Again, I was silent except for my panting breath that was in time with her stroking hand. "Answer me or I will stop." She took her hand away. I was desperate for her to continue. I would have said anything to get her to continue. "Are you my girl?"

"Yes!" I cried out in desperation. Her hand encircled my swollen shaft and began to stroke it up and down through the pink satin. It felt as if my whole being was concentrated in my penis.

"Tell me you want to be my girl and I’ll keep making my little girl feel good."

By this time, I had completely swallowed my male pride. "I want to be your girl." She told me to tell her that I would do anything she asked me to do for the next two days. I did. Her lips found mine and her tongue probed my mouth as her fingers toyed with my satin encased nipples and penis. When she broke the kiss to tell me to wrap my arms around her neck and my legs around her waist, I did it. Hazel was standing next to the bed, looking down on her sister as she was taking the male role in our relationship. One of Hazel’s hands was toying with her nipples through her blouse and brassiere while her other hand was massaging her lower belly through her skirt, slip and panties. Also watching from the hallway was my mother. She was excited at seeing her "daughter" being made love to by the daughter of her next door neighbor.

Patricia slipped the shoulder straps of my brassiere from my shoulders. She moved her lips from my mouth to my neck as she pushed the satin bra cups down below my erect nipples. My heart beat even faster as her lips left a trail of kisses to my swollen right nipple. Her tongue slowly circled my erect nipple as her eyes watched my facial expressions. I could not control my reactions to what her lips and tongue were doing to me. I tried to convince myself that boys shouldn’t get excited when this was done to them, but my body told me otherwise. When her lips wrapped around my protruding nipple and she applied suction, I moaned softly.

My eyes were closed as the sensations rushed though my inexperienced young body. I knew that what she was doing to me was wrong, but I was no longer complaining. When my eyes fluttered open, I saw Hazel standing beside the bed as she watched Pat working on my feminized body. Hazel had lifted the front of her black wool skirt and satin half-slip until the tops of her dark nylon stockings and garter tabs of her white garter belt were showing. An inch or two of creamy white thighs was visible above the contrasting nylon. The fingers of her right had were hidden from view as they disappeared under the white satin crotch panel of her panties. I could see that she was rubbing herself as she watched the activities on the bed. What I did not realize was that my mother was doing the same thing as she stood in the hallway.

Pat switched to my other nipple. The one she had sucked on for several minutes was swollen and the saliva left on it cooled my nipple as it evaporated. They felt so good, I was afraid that I would ejaculate in my panties. I had already discovered the joys of masturbation a few months earlier and had been pleasuring myself several times a week. For the first time, I was close to cuming because of the actions of another person. My little penis was so stiff as it rubbed against the satin fabric of my pink panties, I felt as if I could shoot off at any time.

Pat slowly moved down from my nipples towards my tented panties. She kissed my belly above the waistband of my panties, then moved down to the insides of my upper thighs. I was breathing so rapidly, I thought I would pass out at any moment. I looked down as Pat slowly pulled down the waistband of my white lace trimmed pink panties until my little erection popped into view. She lowered her mouth to it and slowly licked up the underside. My body bowed up in the air as I started to cum. Her mouth engulfed my cock as I shot my first spurt. A machine gun like firing of semen was fired into her mouth. My head felt as if it were filled with a Fourth of July fireworks display for what seemed like several minutes. After it was all over, I lay on my back, only semi conscious as Pat climbed back up to lay on top of me. I was hardly aware of her kissing me until I tasted the semen that her tongue was pushing into my mouth. She held the sides of my head as she forced me, in my weakened condition, to swallow almost all of my own cum. I could hear Hazel gasping for breath and moaning as she reached her climax and collapsed beside me on my mother’s bed. I even thought that I heard some soft moans coming from the hallway.

When Patricia had forced me to swallow the last drops of my own semen, her lips departed mine. She smiled as she said, "How did you like the taste of male cum? Most guys really love it when a girl goes down on them and sucks their cock the way I just showed you how to do. If you want to attract and keep a boyfriend, you’ll have to learn to make them think that you love the taste of their cum." Some of the sperm still coated my tongue. The flavor was not nearly as bad as I would have guessed. Hazel leaned over and kissed my lips, running her tongue into my mouth to get a taste of the left over semen, too. Her flashing green eyes and smile told me that she liked the taste.

Patricia climbed off the bed and helped me to stand on my shaky legs. I felt so weak, yet so satisfied as my panties and brassiere were rearranged into a neater appearance. I did not object as Patricia held me in her arms and gently kissed my lips. How could I object when she had made me feel so very good?

Finally, the two sisters had me sit on the side of the bed as they pulled out some more feminine clothes for me to wear. A pretty pink blouse, a pink satin garter belt, a pair of suntan nylon stocking, a pink satin half slip, a red skirt, a wide red belt and a pair of red high heel shoes were lain on the bed. My mother came back into the room to better watch as they helped me don the pretty clothing. The garter belt was wrapped around my waist and the garter straps were treaded through my panties so that I would be able to take off my panties without having to unclip the garter tabs from the stockings. Patricia reached into my panties and pushed my penis down and under the crotch panel of my panties. I looked and saw no bulge to indicate that I was a boy. The nylons were slowly rolled up my legs and attached to the dangling garter straps. Every time I moved, the nylons tugged on the garter belt encircling my small waist. It felt so exciting; the front of my panties would have been bulging again if my penis had not been trapped between my legs. The pink blouse was next. The buttons were on the wrong side, but I managed to get it fastened. Next, came the slip followed by the skirt. The skirt was of some synthetic material and zipped up the back. I was told to put on the high heel shoes. I slipped them on my feet and found that my entire center of balance had been shifted. I teetered on the high heels as Hazel wrapped the wide belt around my relatively small waist and buckled it.

Patricia instructed me on how to walk as she walked beside me as I crossed and re-crossed the bedroom floor. The garter belt and nylon stockings were very sensual as they tugged and pulled on my waist and legs as I walked. The stockings also made a soft hissing sound as my nylon covered thighs rubbed against one another as I walked. After a few minutes of practice, they must have thought that I would be able to walk in the high heel shoes without falling because Patricia had me sit on the stool in front of the vanity mirror. Hazel retouched my lipstick and tamed a few strands of my hair that had become mussed during Pat and my sexual encounter.

Mother came up behind me and placed a gold necklace around my neck. "Carol, I want you to take good care of this. It was your grandmother’s. I always knew that I would have a daughter to wear it someday. It has a matching set of earrings, but, unfortunately, your ears have never been pierced and you can’t wear them." I could see how pretty the necklace was as she hooked it around my neck. It made me feel happy that she was able to share such a family treasure with me as I returned her smile. A moment later, Patricia came back into the room. I had not even noticed when she had left suddenly only a few moments before.

Patricia stood on my right side as she produced two ice cubes and held them to my right ear lobe. At first, I did not know what she had in mind. When she removed the ice cubes and quickly pierced my earlobe with a very large sewing needle. I let out a little yelping sound. She took one of the earrings from my mother’s hands and threaded it into my ear as she removed the needle. I sat in shook, looking at the beautiful golden earring dangling from my right ear as Patricia held the ice to my left ear. By the time I had realized the full implications of what she was doing to me, the needle had pierced my left ear as well. Soon, both of my ears were pierced and beautiful gold earrings were dangling from the holes. Even as I was about to become angry with her for having pierced my ears, something else for which the other kids in the neighborhood kids would no doubt tease me, I noticed that the earrings and the necklace were the final pieces that completed my image as a girl. Now, even I thought that I looked like a natural girl.

As I turned my head from side to side to get a better look at my grandmother’s earrings, I could feel them sway as they swung back and forth. I felt a tingle go up and down my spine as I looked at the pretty young girl in the mirror. Patricia, Hazel and my mother watched in silence as I made girlish facial expressions in the mirror. It was as if I was in my own little world as I practiced making the cute little faces that girls all seem to know how to do. An innocent smile, a cute little grin, a big happy smile with eyes sparkling, a look of disbelief, a look of amusement and even a flirtatious look. Eventually, I realized that I was being watched and blushed as I looked at my audience. Mother said, "Don’t be embarrassed, Carol. All girls have done what you were just doing. Haven’t we, girls?" Patricia and Hazel shyly nodded their heads in agreement.

Mother broke the moments of silence when she said, "Okay, girls, lets go out to eat supper." At first, I thought she was only talking to Patricia and Hazel. Then, I realized that she had included me. I felt terror at the idea of going out to a restaurant to eat dressed as a girl. Sure, I had gone out dressed as a girl on Halloween night, but that was different. Halloween was not until tomorrow night. I tried to talk them out of taking me along, but they insisted. Mother told me, "You are the reason we are going out to celebrate. I will have my daughter for two days this year instead of only one. Besides, we have spent so much time getting you dressed, we don’t have time to prepare a proper meal before regular suppertime. So, don’t argue with us, Little Lady. Just get your handbag and we’ll go out to have a scrumptious meal in town." I knew it was useless to complain anymore as I accepted the purse that Hazel offered me. We left the house and I sat in the front seat next to mother while Patricia and Hazel sat in the back. Mother told me that I needed to be more careful as I entered and exited a car. "If a boy had been standing beside the car as you got in just now, he would have seen the color of your panties. Keep your knees together as you swing your legs in or out of a car. Ladies should never let a man see her undies unless she intends for him to see them."

It was a fifteen-minute drive to town and another ten to the restaurant. We parked in the parking lot and walked toward the front door. I was terrified. Mother told me to relax. "You are just another pretty girl to the people in this restaurant. I promise that no one here would even be able to guess that you are anything but my beautiful thirteen year old daughter." She took hold of my left hand and led me into the front door. I had my purse in my right hand. The tugging of the garter belt pulling on my nylon stockings never ceased to remind me that I was not dressed as I had been the last time that mother had brought me here. A hostess, who asked if we wanted a table for four, greeted us. Mother nodded her head and we were led to a table in the center of the main dining room. I hung my head as I saw the people around us looking at us. I felt sure that they all could tell that I was actually a boy in girl’s clothing. Mother whispered, "Carol, sit up straight or else everyone will be staring at you. The hostess gave us the best table in the house because I have three beautiful young girls with me. Everyone in the restaurant can see us. This is an honor. Be proud that you are a pretty girl."

I raised my head and looked into my mother’s eyes. She was sincere. I slowly began to glance around the room. Most of the people in the dining room were preoccupied in conversation with their dining companions and had not even looked in our direction. The waitress did not treat me any differently than she did Patricia or Hazel as she took our order. A few patrons did look in our direction occasionally. When they saw me looking back, most of them smiled. Reflexively, I smiled back. Some of the people smiling at me were men and boys. Patricia leaned over and whispered, "Why are you doing flirting with every guy that looks in your direction? Are you thinking of cheating on me?" I must have blushed as I looked down at the plate of food that had just been served to me. I felt her hand settle on my thigh under the cover of the tablecloth. When I glanced at Patricia, I saw she was smiling good-naturedly. I looked into her eyes and smiled back.

The food was delicious. Even though I was continuingly coached on the proper way a girl should eat her meal, I slowly began to relax. When the meal was over, Hazel needed to go to the Little Girl’s Room. Mother told me to go with her. I needed to go, too, but was trying to hold it until we got home. They all insisted that I go with Hazel to "powder our noses." Pat whispered, "Don’t forget. Girls sit down to pee. And, girls always carry their handbags with them when they go to the bathroom." I was nervous as I followed Hazel as she went to the restrooms on the other end of the restaurant. I was about to enter an area that I had never entered before. As we turned a corner, we almost bumped into a boy that was in our class at school. He was there with his parents, brother and sisters. Hazel said hello to him as I ducked my head and passed on by. I was so shook up from almost being recognized I would have walked into the Men’s Restroom if Hazel had not grabbed my arm at the last second before I went through the door. Suddenly, I found myself in No Man’s Land.

Having only been in Men’s Rooms before had not prepared me for the amenities found in an upper class Ladies’ Room. The room we were in was actually a small lounge. There were full-length mirrors on the wall, two vanity tables with lighted mirrors, a sofa and two padded chairs. A doorway led into another room where there was a row of stalls with privacy doors. The absence of urinals mounted on the walls reminded me that I was in a woman’s facility as we entered two separate, but adjoining stalls.

I hung my purse from a hook in the stall, raised my skirt and half slip, slipped my white lace trimmed pink satin panties down my nylon covered thighs and sat down on the john. I was now very glad that they had put my garter belt on underneath my panties or else things would have been far more complicated. I was too tense to be able to let go until I heard the splashing sounds that were being made by Hazel as she tinkled in the next stall. When I felt the flow begin, I was able to relax even more. I heard Hazel unrolling some toilet paper to pat herself dry and copied her just so as not to cause anyone to become suspicious.

I stood, pulled my panties up my thighs. The sound of the satin sliding across the nylon stockings was exciting. My penis had stiffened and I had to force it to bend down and back between my smooth legs as I pulled the panties the rest of the way up. My slip and skirt dropped into place and I smoothed out any wrinkles. There was a soft tapping on my stall door. I opened it to see Hazel’s blonde head peek through. ‘Is everything okay?" She softly asked. I nodded my head yes and she smiled. We stopped in the lounge area to freshen our lipstick. I pulled the tube of lipstick from my purse and carefully drew the pink lipstick over the slightly worn coating that was left after our meal. I copied Hazel as she blotted her lips with a tissue from the vanity table.

Mother and Patricia were speaking in hushed tones as Hazel and I approached the table. They smiled conspiracially as we sat down. I even remembered to sit the way I had been shown. Mother stated, "Girls, I have a treat for you. Patricia has told me that there is a rock and roll band playing at the civic center tonight. I have decided to let you go and hear them play. My treat." I looked at my mother in amazement. There would be hundreds of girls and boys there. I could not possibly go to something like that. At least, not dressed like this!

"Mother," I said, "I don’t think I can go tonight." I immediately had all three of them trying to convince me that I could go the civic center. I really was in no position to argue. It was agreed that mother would drop us off and come back to pick us up when we called her on the telephone. I had a knot in the pit of my tummy as we left the restaurant and drove to the other side of town.

When we arrived at the civic center, we could hear the rock and roll music as we got out of the car. Mother kissed my cheek and told me to be a good little girl as she gave me three dollars to go in my purse. She also gave me a couple of dimes for the pay phone. "A girl should always have the means to call some one to come and pick her up if a date goes bad," she had said before she drove off, leaving me alone with Patricia, Hazel and several hundred other teenagers.

We each had to pay a dollar admission as we entered the building. There was a band playing at one end of the hall. About twenty couples were dancing on the gym floor while the rest of the people sat on the bleachers and talked. Patricia led the way to an area toward the back of the gym where it was not as crowded. At first, I was grateful for the relative seclusion. Then, three teenage boys, about sixteen or seventeen approached where we were sitting. It was obvious right away that they knew Patricia as they sat down and began to talk.

The boy who seemed to know Patricia best was tall and blonde. Patricia introduced him to Hazel and me as Jeff. The other two guys were equally tall, but had dark hair. George seemed to be making eye contact with Hazel, while Jim seemed to be concentrating his attentions on me. What I did not know was that Patricia had planned all of this. Pat told everyone that my name was Carol and I was visiting from a city in an adjoining state. My mother and I had spent a summer there taking care of my grandmother after her operation, so I knew a little about the city when Jim asked me about it. Jim was quite a bit larger than I was and I did not want to make him mad. I was afraid of what he might do to me if he found out that I was not really a girl, so I tried my best to imitate Patricia and Hazel as they talked to Jeff and George.

Jim asked me if I wanted to dance. I told him I didn’t know how. This backfired on me because Patricia and Jeff and Hazel and George left us alone when they went out on the gym floor to dance. Jim moved to sit beside me when we were alone. I froze when he reached into my lap and took hold of my hand. I looked up into his dark eyes as he told me that I was cute and that he was glad that I had come to the dance with Patricia and her sister. I lowered my eyes to my hands and saw his much larger hand clasping fingers with mine. He told me that I had very delicate hands as we sat together. When I blushed and looked away for a second, he slid closer to me until our sides were touching. My first impulse was to move away, but not having any experience as a girl and not knowing how to handle a guy like Jim, I sat still rather than take a chance of making him mad at me. He took my lack of action as permission to go farther.

Two songs had played before the dancing couples returned. Patricia and Hazel both noticed that Jim had moved in close to me as they sat down. Jeff and George also noticed and moved closer to the two sisters. We sat and talked about movie stars, the movies we had seen and rock and roll music for the next thirty minutes since the band was taking a break. I found that I liked Jim. I knew that he would probably not give me the time of day if I, as my normal self, walked up to him at the high school and asked, but he was being very nice to me tonight. I was continuously amazed at the difference between the way boys and girls were treated. By the time the band began to play again, I was beginning to relax and enjoy Jim’s company.

The others went out on the floor to dance again, leaving Jim and me to sit and talk alone. He had such a nice smile and flashing dark eyes, I couldn’t help but become a little infatuated with him. We continued to make eye contact as we talked. I even found myself returning most of his smiles. I was envious of Patricia and Hazel. They could go out and have handsome high school guys like these to talk to and dance with almost any night of the week while a thirteen year old boy, like me, would have trouble just finding a girl that would dance with us.

Patricia and Jeff had returned to our section during the next break. Patricia told me that I needed to dance with Jim at least one song when the band began to play. She added that since we had come in late, that the dance would be over in another couple of songs. With the three of them ganging up on me, I had no choice but to take Jim’s offered hand and let him lead me to the dance floor. Luckily, it was a fast song. Patricia and Hazel had made me dance with them to practice for nights such as these. Little did I know at the time that I, too, would need the practice. I danced as I had learned from Patricia. Jim smiled and said I looked good. I was happy to hear that he thought that I was a good dancer.

Jim and I stayed out on the floor and danced two fast dances. Then, the band played a slow song. Jim took my right hand in his and pulled me to him before I come even voice an objection. Not knowing what to do with my left hand, I placed it on his muscular shoulder as I tried not to step on his feet. We slowly moved in time to the music as he held me in his long arms. Gradually, I began to relax. I had not stepped on his feet too many times. Each time I had stepped on his toes, he had simply smiled at me. He was so nice; I could not help but like him. The band played another fast song then announced that the next song would be the last song of the night. It felt almost natural this time as Jim’s arms went around me and we began to slow dance. When Jim pulled me closer until our bodies were molded to one another, it made me nervous, but my only visible reaction was to lay my head on his chest the same way I had seen Patricia and Hazel doing to their dance partners. It seemed only natural under the circumstances. When the dance ended, Jim bent his neck and kissed me on the cheek. I must have turned a bright red as I turned my head. Patricia was smiling as she observed my reaction. Jim had his arm around my waist as we walked back to where we had been sitting to retrieve our purses. Since the dance was over, Jeff offered to drive us home. I shook my head no at Patricia as she accepted his offer. She made a quick phone call to my mother, telling her that she would not have to pick us up. We walked out to the parking lot with Jim holding my hand. Jeff drove a large Buick four door sedan. He told us not to laugh at it because it was a gift from his grandfather. He unlocked his car doors and held the front passenger door open for Patricia to get in. Jim held open a back door for me. I got in to find Hazel sliding into the back seat from the other side. We met in the middle. Jim slid in beside me as George sat beside Hazel. Luckily, it was a big car with bench seats. So, even though we were sitting very close to one another in the back seat, we not too badly cramped. Jeff started the engine and we pulled out of the civic center parking lot. Jim put his arm up around my shoulders to give us a bit more room. George did the same for Hazel. The strangeness of the situation was not lost on my frightened young mind. I sat between a tall handsome older guy who had been flirting and dancing with me for the past couple of hours, and Hazel, a pretty girl my own age with long straight blonde hair. Both of their bodies were pressed up against me as the car moved through the streets on the way to Patricia and Hazel’s house. George had started kissing Hazel a few minutes after we had left the civic center and, since she had kissed him back, the kisses had become hotter as we approached our homes. Jim’s eyes were watching as George and Hazel’s bodies turned toward each other as her arms went around the boy’s neck and she pressed her nice sized breasts against his chest. To feel her body squirming against one side of my body as Jim tried to kiss my lips was having an effect on me, too. When Jim’s lips finally made contact with mine, I gave up the struggle for a moment. Both of his long arms encircled my body as his lips pressed against mine. When Jim finally removed his lips from mine, I looked up into his dark flashing eyes as he smiled at me and whispered, "Carol, you are so beautiful." I couldn’t control my reaction to his compliment. It felt as if someone else took control of my body as I placed my arms around his neck when he kissed me again. He took my actions as permission to go a step farther. I felt his lips part and his tongue try to penetrate my pink-coated lips. At first, I refused his tongue entry into my mouth, but the squirming of Hazel’s feminine body against my back and the romantic situation persuaded me to weaken and allow his tongue entrance. The only tongues that had penetrated my lips were Patricia’s, on at least every Halloween since she had discovered French Kissing, and Hazel, who had kissed me tonight for the first time. Now, I could add Jim to the list of people who had kissed me this way. I had to admit, he was every bit as good of a kisser as Patricia and Hazel. I felt Jim’s hand moving up my side until his fingers were on my brassiere strap. As Jim’s tongue continued to stroke in and out of my mouth, my arms were around his neck and his fingers slowly moved along the bra strap to where my breasts would have been, if I had any. I found myself actually wanting Jim to caress and fondle my sensitive nipples the way Pat had done earlier tonight, but I knew I had to stop him before he discovered that I was unnaturally flat chested. I pulled my arms from around Jim’s neck and pushed against his muscular chest. He proved to be a gentleman and took the hint. I turned toward the front and saw that we were nearing our neighborhood and that Patricia was turned in the front seat to watch the activities in the back seat. She was smiling at me as I sat wedged between Jim and Hazel with my lipstick smeared across my slightly swollen lips. Some frantic movements to the other side of me made me turn to see Hazel and George. He had his hand under her skirt and from the looks of things, was playing with her vagina. Their lips were locked together as she moaned and shook. Even with my level of relative inexperience, I recognized the reactions of some one who was experiencing an orgasm. Hazel was cuming as George played with her pussy. I overheard Patricia telling Jeff that her little sister had just had a "good one."

Jeff parked the car about a block from our homes in a dark area where we would have some privacy. Jeff and Patricia almost immediately lay down on the front seat of the car. We could not see what Jeff and Patricia were doing in the front seat, but we could hear the zippers being unzipped and the other tell tale sounds of clothing being removed. Hazel was letting George raise the hem of her black skirt up around her waist and pull down her white panties. For the first time, I saw that Hazel was truly a natural blonde.

When I felt Jim’s hand move up to cup my chest where my right breast should have been, I could not bring my eyes from the couple beside us. Jim’s hand settled on my chest. I tried to pull his hand down, but he was too strong. I waited to see how he reacted. He whispered softly in my ear, "None of the women in my family have over sized breasts, either. I think small breasts are much sexier than big utters." He then kissed the side of my neck. I turned my face toward him to see if his facial expression was sincere and he kissed my lips as his fingers massaged my swollen nipple through my pink blouse and satin brassiere. My penis was so hard that I had to squeeze my thighs together just to keep it held down and prevent it ripping my panties as it tried to spring forward.

In the front seat, Jeff had already sunk his long hard cock into Patricia’s wet pussy. In the back seat, just inches from me, George had pushed his pants down around his knees and was moving between Hazel’s nylon covered legs to sink his equally long thick cock in her eager thirteen-year-old belly. I could not control myself either, as Jim kissed my lips and toyed with my erect nipples. When he took my right hand and placed it on the front of his pants, I realized that I had hold of an erect penis that was much larger than my own. I knew what felt good when I played with myself late at night. I stroked Jim’s huge tool the same way I did my own as I massaged his through his pants and under shorts.

Jim’s kisses really had me going. I did not even realize what he was doing until he had my skirt up past the tops of my stockings. Perhaps it was because George was making such long strokes in and out of Hazel’s little belly that I was so distracted. The sounds coming from the front seat did not help my situation, either. Jim’s hand had already moved to my lap and was trying to move down between my legs to massage what he obviously thought was my vagina. His fingers felt so exciting as his fingertips reached the smooth thigh above the reinforced tops of my stockings. If I let him continue, he would find out that I was really a boy, and he would be very mad. I had to grab his wrist with both of my hands and pull as hard as I could to prevent his hand from moving down to my erect panty encased penis. "Please, no." I whispered to him. Gentleman, that he was, Jim removed his hand and sat back in the seat.

I took pity on Jim. I felt responsible for the excited state he was in and knew of the painful condition know as "blue balls." There was one thing that I could think of to do for him. I unzipped the front of his pants, reached in and pulled his huge tool from the cramped confines of his trousers. I could barely reach my fingers around the circumference of his penis. It took both hands to stroke it properly. A few drops of liquid leaked from the head and lubricated my fingers as I stroked him faster and faster. George must have reached a climax inside Hazel because he was jerking and making choking sounds as Hazel squealed. The front seat continued to squeak as Jeff plowed Patricia’s furrow. From the number of times I had heard her squeal, she had already orgasmed three times and was working on a forth. I can’t explain why I had become so aroused except to say that I had never been in such a situation before. I leaned over and kissed Jim on the lips. I can not explain why I, a boy in girl’s clothing, kissed him. I can only say that, under the circumstances, it seemed the proper thing to do. It must have been enough to set him off because cum sprayed out the head of his cock and leapt a foot and a half into the air. Some of it landed on his trousers, some on my skirt, but most of it ended up dripping from my fingers. I looked at the expression of ecstasy on Jim’s handsome face and somehow felt proud that I was responsible for it. As Jim lay back against the seat with his eyes closed, I brought one of my hands to my face to smell the pungent odor of his semen. I didn’t think anyone would see me as I stuck out my tongue and tasted of the sticky juice. It had a flavor that was slightly different from my own. I licked a portion of it off my fingers and swallowed. I licked both hands clean as Jim sat there with his eyes closed and his breathing returning to normal.

Later, when everyone had recovered from the effects of their orgasms and had put their clothes back on, Jeff started the car and drove the last few hundred feet to Patricia and Hazel’s house. The three guys walked us to the front door. I figured that I would never see Jim again, and, if I did, he would not recognize me as my male self. I stood on the front door step as he kissed me goodnight. My arms were around his neck and I pressed my body against his as his tongue delved into my mouth. His hands were on my bottom as he pulled my pelvis against his hardening penis. I could actually feel it moving as it lengthened. I could not understand why I, a guy, wanted to spend the rest of the night kissing Jim and stroking his erect penis until it shot his semen up in the air again. Perhaps it was the feminine clothes. Perhaps it was the strangeness of the events of today. I only knew that I was rubbing my tummy from side to side as I pressed against Jim’s hard penis.

The three teenaged young men waited until we were inside the house before they walked back to their car and drove off. Mrs. Morgan and mother were waiting up for us and wanted to know all the details. Patricia and Hazel told them about the dance at the civic center and how I had finally danced with Jim. They left out the part about us parking up the street from the house and the activities that took place in the car. I was thankful for that. Patricia and Hazel had freshened their lipstick in the car before we had come in. At least, I had tried to, but was not experienced enough to do a very good job in a dark car. Mother asked me about my smeared lipstick. I hung my head and blushed as Patricia told them, in detail, about how I now had a boyfriend and that he had really enjoyed kissing me in the back seat of the car. Mother smiled as she heard about Jim also kissing me goodnight on the front porch steps.

Mother and Mrs. Morgan insisted that I describe Jim to them. I told them that he was over six feet tall, had dark hair, dark eyes and was very handsome. Mother said, "It’s easy to see how a girl could fall for a good looking guy like that." She lowered her voice as she asked, "Tell us, Carol, did you enjoy your first dance?" There was a pause as the four females waited for my reply. I did some honest soul searching before I answered. "It was very confusing." I thought about Jim, the handsome high school athlete, a guy most of the girls at school would love to go out on a date with. I thought of dancing with him. I thought of being held in his strong arms and how that actually made me feel good. I thought of his lips on mine, and the fact that instead of revulsion, I had felt excited. I remembered the smell and the taste of Jim’s semen and the fact that I had liked the flavor. I answered softly, "I guess I enjoyed it." Every one expressed their joy by hugging me and telling me how happy they all were. My mother whispered in my ear that I was truly her daughter tonight. I felt closer to her than I ever had before as I hugged her and wiped a tear from my eye.

Since there was to be no school the next day, but Mrs. Morgan still had to be at work the next morning, it was decided that Patricia and Hazel would spend the night at our house. They called it a pajama party. Patricia and Hazel carried another overnight bag as we walked to our house. Mother busied herself getting a few things ready for the next day as Patricia, Hazel and I went to my room to change into our pajamas.

Even though I had lived next door to Patricia and Hazel for years, I had never before been able to watch them as they got undressed. What had happened in the car tonight didn’t really count. There were too many things going on then to be able to watch. I guess that the two sisters had accepted me as just another girl, because they seemed to be perfectly at ease as they began to get undressed.

Pat had pulled her sweater up over her head and was unzipping the zipper at the back of her pants when she asked, "Carol, was Jim a good kisser?" As her pants slid down her shapely thighs, she stood in her white brassiere, encasing what was obviously a pair of large breasts, and panties for my answer. Hazel had unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. She was also watching and waiting for my answer as she removed her skirt and half-slip, leaving her in her brassiere, panties, garter belt and nylon stockings.

I had just removed my blouse and stood in front of the girls in my red skirt and white lace trimmed pink satin brassiere. Finally, I replied, "I’m not sure. I had never been kissed by anyone but you, Patricia, until tonight, by you, Hazel." They looked at each other for a moment; they came over to me and led me over to sit on the side of the bed.

Patricia gently kissed my lips and said, " You did real well tonight. At least you won’t have to worry about getting pregnant. Jeff must have shot a gallon of sperm inside my belly tonight. I know my panties are completely soaked. Here, feel." She took my hand and guided it to the dripping crotch of her white panties. She moved my hand up and down over the wet satin material and closed her eyes as she smiled. She moaned, "Oh, that feels so good." She let go of my hand and told me, "Keep rubbing my pussy, Carol." She reached behind her back and unhooked her brassiere, letting it loosen and fall from her magnificent breasts. Her hands pulled my head down until one her swollen nipples were pressed to my lips. My mouth opened and an erect nipple entered my mouth. I began sucking on it like a baby would. She seemed to enjoy what I was doing to her as her breathing became faster and her panties got wetter.

Hazel had moved to the other side of Patricia and had lain down next to her as she pushed her older sister onto her back. Patricia had held my lips to her nipple so as not to loose suction, as we lay on the bed together. Hazel lowered her lips to Patricia’s other nipple as her hand covered mine on the soaked satin panty crotch. Her fingers guided mine as they massaged her sister’s pussy. She made sure that I rubbed side to side across Patricia’s clitoris until she had built up to an orgasm. Patricia’s body jerked uncontrollably as she reached her climax. I thought my penis would rip my pink satin panties as I made the pretty older blonde girl cum.

Hazel and I both lifted our heads from Patricia’s wet swollen nipples at the same time. Patricia panted as she was trying to catch her breath, "Wow! That was as good as being fucked by Jeff’s big cock!" She turned her head and kissed my lips, then her sister’s. "You are next," she told Hazel.

Hazel eagerly lay down on the bed so that her nylon covered legs hung off the side and her feet were on the floor. Patricia told me, "It’s time you learned how to give pleasure to a girl. Stand up. Okay, now get on your knees between Hazel’s legs. Put your hands the inside of her thighs. Gently rub up and down her thighs. Not like that. Caress them. Feel the contrast as your fingertips move from the stretched nylon to the soft smooth skin. Now lean forward and kiss her soft thighs. Move your lips from one thigh to the other. Never let her guess where your lips are going to be for the next kiss. That’s right! Now you are doing it!"

Evidently, Hazel was no longer able to endure the teasing of my lips on her thighs. Her hands came to the back of my head, her fingers entwined in my hair, crushing the feminine hair style that I had worn since getting home from school, as she pulled my face against the sperm soaked silk of her panties. Her fingers held my head in place as she ground herself against my mouth and nose. I could both smell and taste the mixture of sperm and vagina secretions as Hazel built up to her climax.

Patricia reached down and pulled the wet silk material of her thirteen-year-old sister’s panties to one side as she instructed me, "Carol, you are about to learn how to eat pussy. With your small dick, you’ll have to eat pussy in order to satisfy a woman." One of Hazel’s hands left my head and moved to her vagina. Her fingers spread open the outer lips and the pink inner lips. I saw the inside of a woman’s pussy for the very first time. "There’s a protrusion at the top of her slit. It’s called a clitoris. It is like a guy’s dick, only smaller. Guys like to have their cocks sucked. Girls like to have their clits sucked. Suck Hazel’s clit for her."

My lips sought Hazel’s clitoris and found it. Her body stiffened as soon as I started sucking on it. Patricia gave me instructions on what, how, and when to do it, as I licked and sucked her younger sister’s pussy. When Hazel came, I thought she was going to smother me. She gripped my head and tried to force it inside her vagina as her thighs wrapped around my head. I couldn’t breath for well over a minute as she jerked and shook as she climaxed. Finally her legs and hands released me as she collapsed after her orgasm. After I had caught my breath, Patricia instructed me to lick out Hazel’s vagina as she slowly came down from the effects of her orgasm. I realized that I was eating George’s semen as I licked her clean. I still enjoyed the flavor of the juices.

After spending several minutes cleaning Hazel’s vagina with my tongue, Patricia pulled me to my feet and pushed me down on the bed. As I lay on my back, I watched as Patricia slipped her white satin panties down over her round hips. She was beautiful, as she stood beside the bed, completely nude. She, like her sister, was also a natural blonde. Patricia climbed up on the bed and straddled me. I at first thought that I was finally going to get to sink my stiff penis inside the belly of a girl. That was not what Patricia had in mind. She moved up until her leaking vagina was positioned just over my face. I had time to fill my lungs with air as she lowered her sperm and pussy juice cocktail filled vagina over my face.

I sucked on Patricia’s clitoris just like I had done to Hazel. "Oh yes! Carol, you are a natural pussy eater!" I sucked, licked and tongued her soupy tasting vagina as she rode up and down on my face for the next several minutes. "You are about to make me cum again. If the girls at school knew how good you were at eating pussy, they’d be standing in line to have you suck their sensitive little clits!" She rode up and down a few more times until she shrieked and collapsed on the bed beside me.

My penis was so hard and stiff; I could not keep it pinned back between my thighs anymore. It had leapt out and up, nearly tearing through my satin panties as Patricia had bounced up and down on my face. Hazel had noticed that the front of my pink panties were tented and had been caressing the tent pole. Her satin grip on my overly excited member was almost enough to make me shoot my sperm into my panties. I heard Patricia tell her sister, "We need to reward Carol for what she has done for us. Pull down her panties and suck her clitty for her. As far as cocks go, it is rather small, but for a clit, it is quite large. You have never sucked a cock before, so this is a good chance to practice for the real thing."

I wanted to protest the references to my penis as being so small, even if it was, by comparison to Jim and George’s huge penises. But, when I felt Hazel kneel between my nylon covered thighs and her soft lips engulf the sensitive head of my stiff cock, I could only moan. Hazel began to bob her head up and down on me. At such a tender age, my penis had not reached maturity and was only about four inches long. Hazel could easily swallow the entire length as she stroked her head up and down. Hazel’s long blonde hair tickled my exposed thighs above my nylon stockings as she gave me my second blowjob of my young life. After all the excitement, it only took me another sixty seconds to fire jet after jet of my semen into her sucking mouth. I lay in a semi conscious state as she pushed my deflated penis back between my legs, pulled my panties back up, lay on top of me and kissed me on the lips. The orgasm had so befuddled my mind, I didn’t protest as she fed me my own cum. I simply swallowed.

The three of us hugged each other as we giggled like little girls who had just gotten away with raiding the cookie jar. Finally, we got off the bed, removed the rest of our clothing and put on our pj’s. Patricia wore a long blue silk nightgown with lace trim around the low cut bodice. Hazel wore a red silk nightgown similar to her sister’s. They had a pink silk baby doll nighty for me to sleep in. It had a tiny pair of pink silk panties and a top that ended at just about the level of my crotch. We had just slipped beneath the covers when mother entered the room. She kissed each of us goodnight before she turned off the light and went to her own bed. I said something about how it was a good thing that she had not come in earlier or else she would have caught us. Patricia told me, "Carol, your mother was standing at the door and watching us the whole time. Didn’t you see her?" I was glad the lights were off because I knew my face was red. What did my mother think of me? I lay on the bed for a minute wondering what tomorrow had to offer after tonight’s experiences. We had so exhausted ourselves; we were asleep within a few minutes.

I awoke with Patricia gently shaking my shoulder. The memories of the previous night came flooding back to me as I saw that Hazel was just waking up, too. How many thirteen-year-old boys fantasize about waking up between two beautiful blonde girls, I wondered? Then again, I thought to myself as I looked down at my pink silk baby doll pajamas, do any ever fantasize about this?

As we got out of the bed, we could smell the aroma of breakfast being prepared in the kitchen downstairs. Patricia and Hazel looked in the mirror as they straightened out the tangled mess that their hair had gotten in during the night, and helped me do the same. Then, we went downstairs, in our pajamas, to eat breakfast. I thought about trying to put on my male clothes, but knew that mother would prefer for me to remain in girl’s clothes for the rest of the day. I felt the short baby doll top flouncing around my middle as we ran down the stairs. The food was delicious. Mother had said good morning to all of us when we had entered the kitchen, but she had placed emphasis on the words, "It is so good to see my beautiful daughter at the breakfast table in such a pretty nighty. I bet it feels marvelous. You must wear it more often." Patricia placed her hand on the inside of my shaven thigh as we ate our meal.

After breakfast, Patricia told mother to go sit down and we would clean the kitchen for her. She had protested, but sat at the kitchen table when Hazel insisted. I had always went out of the kitchen after I had eaten to leave mother to do the "woman’s work." The two sisters had seen me do this on many occasions and decided that I should learn how the other half live. I was shown how to wash dishes for the first time in my life. Then, I was instructed on how to clean everything, dry the dishes and put things away. Each time I finished a task, they would run their hands over my panty covered bottom, panty covered penis or silk covered chest, tweaking my swollen and sensitive nipples, as they took turns kissing my lips and nibbling my neck. I would have been willing to clean a hundred kitchens for such rewards. Mother smiled as she saw her "daughter" being trained to be a good housekeeper. When we had finished cleaning the kitchen, mother kissed each of us and patted us on our bottoms. Then, she told us to get up stairs and take our baths.

It takes a while for four women to each take a bath in a house that only has one bathroom, so, Patricia and Hazel walked next door to their own house to take baths there. Mother sat on the stool in the bathroom, shampooing my hair as she told me how happy I was making her. The massaging action of her fingers on my scalp felt so soothing. She told me she had always wanted a little girl and I was such a good child for being a girl for her on Halloween each year. She even went so far as to say that she wished I could be a girl all the time. I was frightened by her comment as I sat in the warm bubble bath with the fragrant bath oil soaking into my softening skin. What if I learned to love the feel of soft lingerie against my skin? What if I learned to love the feel of Jim’s lips on mine more than Patricia’s, Hazel’s, or some other girl’s? It had felt good as Jim had held me in his muscular arms. It had almost felt natural as we had danced the last few dances at the civic center last night. Even making out with him in the back seat of Jeff’s car had been exciting. What would happen if I decided to make my mother happy and be a girl for the rest of my life? What adventures would await me?

Mother rinsed the soap out of my hair and I got out of the bathtub. I dried off my nude body as mother watched. I put on the thin pink robe I had worn yesterday. As the tub drained, mother led me to the bedroom, where she had me sit in front of her vanity mirror. After last night, it seemed only natural when she began rolling my hair up on the pink rollers that Hazel had left the night before. Mother went to fill the bathtub for her bath and invited me to come along. I was a little embarrassed to see my mother taking off all of her clothes before she stepped into the tub. Having never seen her in the nude before, I had not noticed that she had such a nice body. She told me as she had slipped her panties off, "Don’t be embarrassed. Women are always intimate with each other. It’s part of the special bond that we share. That’s one of the reasons that having a daughter is so important to me. Now, we can experience the bond that only exists between mother and daughter." Mother picked up the shampoo bottle and asked if I would do her hair for her. How could I refuse after she had shampooed my hair? I got a clear view of her breasts as I rubbed the shampoo into her tresses and massaged her scalp. I could image what it had been like when I was a baby and had suckled milk from her large nipples. They were much bigger than Patricia’s. I swallowed a mouth full of saliva as I forced my mind to think of something else. For some reason, my mind involuntarily conjured up the vision of Jim’s big penis. It was nearly twice the size of my own pre pubescent penis. I found myself swallowing another mouth full of saliva as I fought to think of something else.

The sound of the front door opening and closing thankfully broke my chain of thought. Patricia and Hazel’s house was more modern than ours and had two bathrooms. They had taken their showers and had returned with extra clothes. Mother rinsed her hair, got out of the tub and dried off as Patricia and Hazel led me to the bedroom to do our hair and get dressed for the day.

Hazel demonstrated the correct hair styling techniques as she fixed Patricia’s hair into a French Twist. I was told that I would have to learn how to style hair if I was going to be a girl. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be a girl. I was only playing along to make my mother happy. I didn’t argue with Hazel, but watched as Patricia’s hair was coifed. Hazel held the hair in place with hair spray. When Patricia’s hair was presentable, I was told to sit in the chair while my hair was taken down from the rollers, combed out, styled in a feminine arrangement and sprayed to hold it in place. Hazel had adopted the new straight hair look and had already brushed it out straight.

Patricia and Hazel had brought some new lingerie for me to wear. A high waisted white satin panty girdle with lace edging and garters attached to it, a pair of black nylon stockings, a white satin and lace trimmed brasserie were laid on the bed for me to wear. I had to struggle to pull the panty girdle up into position. Getting my penis turned down and imprisoned under the crotch band was even harder. Patricia said, "Now, if a boy tries to get in your pants, he won’t be able to feel your little dinky penis under the reinforced crotch panel in the panty girdle." I ignored Patricia’s remark about my penis. Also, I had already decided to be more careful today and not let what had happened last night repeat itself.

I managed to draw the extra long nylon stockings up my legs and attach them to the short garter tabs without assistance. I must have made a peculiar sight as I sat on the side of my mother’s bed with my hair up in a bouffant hair style, a satin panty girdle on, black nylons, pink lipstick, gold earrings, gold necklace, and, except for slightly swollen nipples, a flat chest. Patricia and Hazel were both putting on garter belts and matching panty and brassiere sets. Hazel’s was red silk and Patricia’s was black silk. The two sexy sisters were a sight that would turn on a marble statue. My penis tried to stand up but the panty girdle did its job of controlling it. Hazel took time to show me how to fasten my own brassiere and position it on my flat chest. It was a good thing that the bra was a padded bra. It actually gave me the illusion that I had a feminine figure. I found myself standing in front of the full-length mirror admiring my reflection. I really did look like a pretty girl. Hazel and Patricia said that I was becoming vain. Mother only smiled as she saw me looking at my reflection.

Hazel had selected one of her new dresses for me to wear. It was a white silk jumper dress that buttoned up the front. I put it on, buttoned it up and looked in the mirror again. It was form fitting and the hemline was about five inches above the knee. Hazel called it a mini dress. It was shorter than any dress I had seen on any girl. She said she had not had the courage to wear it in public yet. She told me that since I had such pretty legs, I should be first. I had mixed feelings. I felt as if people could see up under the short skirt, and was embarrassed because of that. I also felt flattered because Hazel had said that I had pretty legs. I looked in the mirror again, and decided that I would just have to be careful about the way I sat down or else everyone would see my bare thighs above my stocking tops. I was thankful that they were opera length hose.

Hazel wore a red dress and Patricia wore a black dress. They were so very pretty. Knowing exactly what they wore under their dresses was a secret that I knew and other guys could only guess at. Mother had also gotten dressed and it did not surprise me so much this time when she wanted to go out to eat lunch. I had enough confidence now to not worry to much as we got in mother’s car and drove to town. At a traffic light, I noticed that four young men were in a car next to us. One of them was staring at me. It made me nervous until I looked directly at him and he smiled at me. I heard Patricia say, "Carol has made another conquest." We all giggled as the guy waved at me. Pat told me, "Wave back at the poor boy or else he will get a complex or something." I waved back. The guy who had waved said something to the others in the car and they all turned to look at us. Thankfully, the light turned green and we turned into the parking lot of the diner where we were going to eat lunch.

We had just gotten out of mother’s car when the other car with the four young men pulled into the lot and parked beside us. As they got out of their car, they said hello. It looked as if they varied in age from early twenties to middle thirties. Patricia and Hazel seemed thrilled that older men were trying to pick them up. Even mother seemed to be flattered that one of them, obviously the oldest, was attracted to her. The younger guys were eyeing Patricia, Hazel and me as they introduced themselves. The oldest, who was making a play for my mother, was Gregg. The other three were Sam, Ray and Elliot. They started off with small talk. They were from out of town and were working on a construction project in town and had the day off and was driving around and looking at the sights.

Without knowing how they had done it, I found that we were all sitting together in the diner. I was sitting between Sam and Ray. Next to Ray was Hazel, then Gregg, then mother, then Elliot, then Patricia, then back to Sam. Sam, a handsome tall blonde man with deep blue eyes, seemed to zero in on me as the other guys each picked a target. He was friendly and quite mature. I actually found his stories of working on different construction projects to be entertaining. He was handsome and had a nice smile. The food was served, but I can’t remember what it was. The conversation with Sam was so interesting, I could have been eating cardboard. The guys picked up the check and asked if we could show them the City Park that was next door to the diner. Patricia and Hazel said yes immediately. Mother and I were talked into going along.

The weather was very pleasant. The birds were even singing as we walked down a pathway. The park had a wooded section with winding paths and park benches almost hidden from view throughout the wooded area. It was a famous place for lovers to sit, talk and make out. The guys were experienced at the game of seduction because they managed to separate us and move to separate benches along the trail. Sam turned his handsome face toward mine and he told me of some of the places he had been. I never even noticed his arm moving behind me until I leaned back and felt it around my shoulders. I instantly looked up into his blue eyes. He leaned forward and his lips met mine. It was an innocent kiss. I smiled up at him as his lips pulled back. He didn’t say anything. He kissed me again, this time, with passion. His tongue pried my lips open as it sank into my mouth. His arms went around my waist as he pulled me to him. I slowly placed my arms around his neck as the kiss continued.

Sam continued kissing me for the next five or ten minutes. My breathing was becoming labored as his right hand moved to cup my left breast. I could feel him kneading what he thought was my breast as he groped my padded brassiere. I pulled his hand away from my chest. He must have thought that I was playing hard to get as his hand dropped to just above my knee and started sliding up my thigh. His tongue continued to stroke in and out of my mouth as his hand was intercepted by mine. I found his other hand to be squeezing my right breast. I was beginning to think I had met an octopus as his hands moved from one part of my body to the next faster than I could keep up with. Finally, I gave up and let him massage my right breast. When he noticed that I was no longer trying to block his hands, he took my right hand and moved it to his lap. He had a very large penis! My fingers traced the bulge in his slacks as he began to unbutton the top of my dress. I knew that my unnaturally flat chest would be very suspicious and I did not want him to find out that I was not a real girl, so, I knew I had to take his mind off of my breasts.

My fingers found the zipper at the front of his pants and pulled the tab downwards. The sound of the zipper made Sam stop unbuttoning my dress as he looked down to see the pink fingernails of my hands as I reached into his slacks and pulled out a monster sized cock. I knew if I could make him cum, he would loose his immediate interest in removing my dress. I used one hand in front of the other to stroke up and down on the huge penis. It was about nine inches long. Sam placed a hand behind my head and drew my face down toward his purple-headed cock. I tried to resist, but Sam was too strong. My face got so close to the head of the oversized penis, my lips were pressed against the round purple head. I had noticed a drop of thick fluid on the tip. Now, I felt it being smeared across my lips, making my pink lipstick appear wet. My lips parted and the huge head stretched my mouth open as it forced its way inside.

I had never kissed a guy before last night. Now, I had a guy’s over sized cock stretching my mouth open as I wore girl’s clothes and sat on a park bench just barely hidden from passersby. I had decided that he was determined to get some sexual relief and my only option was to speed things up to get them over with. It had felt good when Patricia and Hazel had used their tongue to lick the head of my penis, so that is what I did to Sam’s plum sized head of his cock. I also worked my head up and down on the shaft. He was calling me "Baby" as I sucked his cock. I knew it would erupt in my mouth, but there was nothing I could do to stop it now. Sam held the back of my head as he practically forced half of his cock down my throat and held it there as his cum blasted in thick spurts. My throat was inundated with thick sperm as I swallowed. Finally, after my throat had milked most of the sperm from Sam’s balls, he released his hold on my head. I jerked my head up to gasp for air as soon as he released me. A final strand of sperm fired upward and landed on the tip of my nose and went into my open mouth. I had already swallowed so much semen; a few more drops weren’t going to hurt. I wiped the cum drops from my nose and put them in my mouth and drank them down. I realized that I liked the taste. A dribble of sperm ran down the side of Sam’s huge shaft. I licked it clean before I raised up to sit beside Sam. Sam put his arm around me and hugged me to him. I lay my head on his shoulder as I thought about what I had just done. My brain was full of many conflicting emotions. I didn’t know whether to cry or to be happy. I had done something that I knew was wrong, and yet, under the circumstances, I did not feel as guilty as I felt that I should. Sam kept calling me "baby" as he held me tightly. He finally was able to compose himself and offer to take care of me. His hand went under my dress and up my leg. He had almost reached the tops of my long length stockings when I told him that I was saving myself until I was married. He said that he just wanted to make me feel as good as I had made him feel. I thanked him for his consideration, but turned down his offer.

I stood up to go. Sam tucked his deflating penis back in his pants and we went in search of my mother and Gregg. We found them in a hidden away area well off the pathway. I was shocked to see my mother lying on a park bench with her dress up around her waist and Gregg sliding her panties down her nylon covered legs. Gregg left them dangling from one ankle as he knelt between her legs and buried his face in her vagina. She was moaning and urging him to, "Eat me, Honey," as we heard slurping sounds. I had never thought of my mother as a sexual creature. I had certainly never seen her and my father engaging in any form of sex. Not even foreplay. And here she was, letting some strange man she had never met, go down on her. Then, it dawned on me. She was not doing anything more with Gregg than I had done with Sam. As I watched, I found my penis straining at the reinforced crotch of my panty girdle.

Sam had moved in close behind me as he looked over my shoulder. His arms went around my waist as he whispered in my ear, "That’s your mother, isn’t it?" I nodded my head. "It must be exciting for a girl to see her own mother having her snatch eaten by a man on a park bench." Sam let his right hand drop to press against my crotch and the other moved up to cover one of my breasts. I was in such shock from seeing my mother acting this way in a semipublic place, I did not resist as Sam’s fingers curved under the front of my smooth crotch and began to massage me there. I was stiff, but the panty girdle was so well reinforced, he didn’t notice anything out of the usual as he thought he was rubbing my vagina mound.

Sam’s fingers unbuttoned the front of my white silk dress and his fingers returned to rub my satin panty girdle crotch. My mother was cuming as Gregg ate her pussy for her. Her face turned red as she cried out in ecstasy. After her orgasm, Gregg immediately climbed up on the bench and sank his large cock into her belly. She wrapped her nylon-covered legs around his middle as he thrust it all the way into her in one long slow stroke. Sam whispered in my ear, "Why don’t you let me do that to you. I know you are saving your virginity for someone, but think about what you are missing. Look at Gregg’s cock as it strokes in and out of your mother’s pussy. She sure loves it. I just want you to learn to love it too." Sam thought that I was saving my virginity for my wedding night. It was safer for me to let him think that than for him to discover that I was a boy. Besides, he was rubbing my turned down and under stiff cock though my panty girdle and it was starting to feel really good.

I could see my mother’s pelvis rising up to meet each of Gregg’s strokes as they came closer to an orgasm. All of a sudden, I felt as if I was about to cum. Hearing mother and Gregg both reach their climax at the same time set me off. I squirmed around in Sam’s strong arms as I pumped my own semen into the satin crotch panel of my panty girdle. I was certainly glad that Sam did not know he had just jerked off another guy. I bet he would not have been amused. As it was, he was rubbing his hard cock against my bottom as I slumped back in his arms as my breathing returned to normal.

Mother and Gregg had noticed that they had an audience. Mother seemed to be very embarrassed. Gregg kissed mother and told her she was special as he was straightening his clothes. Gregg and Sam went off in search of the others as mother self-consciously tried to hide what had just taken place. I sat down beside her as she tearfully looked into my eyes and asked, "Carol, will you ever be able to forgive me?" I told her that I had done almost the same thing and that there was nothing to forgive. She had a tear running down her cheek as she hugged me and said, "Your father and I have not had sex in over a year. When Gregg began to flirt with me and let me know that he found me desirable, I lost control. Thank you for being so understanding. This is one of those reasons I always wanted a daughter to share life’s experiences with." She took a tissue from her pocketbook, dried her eyes, then lifted her skirt and dried her leaking vagina. She put her panties back on and we went to catch up with the others.

When we found them, they were just straightening their clothing. We walked back to our cars, all three women had cum leaking from their freshly used vaginas. Even I had a sticky crotch from where I had cum in my panties. The four guys kissed us goodbye before we got in our car and left. We had all been handed phone numbers in case we wanted to get back together. I had found the afternoon to be educational, but I did not plan on being in women’s clothing after today. I noticed that mother put the slip of paper with Gregg’s phone number on it in her purse. She had said that it had been over a year since she and my father had had sex. I understood.

When we got home, it was six o’clock in the evening. It was decided that everyone needed another bath to wash off the sperm. Mother and I used our bathroom while Patricia and Hazel went back home for a quick shower. I did not know it yet, but there was a Halloween costume party scheduled for the other side of town tonight and Jim was expecting me to show up as his date for the evening.

By seven o’clock, we had all taken a bath and were in mother’s bedroom getting dressed. Our panties had become soaked with semen, so everyone had donned fresh lingerie. Patricia wore a white lace garter belt, dark nylon stockings, baby blue silk panties, and white lace brassiere, blue patent leather high heel shoes and a borrowed nurse’s uniform. Hazel wore a set of black lingerie consisting of a black satin brassiere, black satin garter belt, black nylons, black satin panties, black high heels and a witch’s dress with a pointed hat. Hazel loaned me a matching set of lingerie, except that it was in pink satin with tan nylons, tan high heel shoes and a tan cowgirl dress that buttoned up the front with large buttons. No one asked me if I wanted to dress up as a girl tonight. They simply laid out my closes and I meekly dressed myself in feminine lingerie. After wearing girls clothing each Halloween, and after last night and today, smoothing out the nylons and attaching them to the garter belt seemed almost natural. I had almost begun to think of myself as one of the girls. My mother looked on with a happy smile on her face.

At seven thirty, mother told us that we needed to leave if we were going to get to the Halloween party on time. I looked in the mirror and touched up my lipstick and surveyed my appearance. Dark hair teased and curled into a bouffant hair style, Just the right amount of eye make up on my big blue eyes, blush and pink lipstick. I still wore grandmother’s gold earrings and necklace. The dress was very fashionable. My legs were thin, but shapely and feminine. I had to admit it; I made a better-looking girl than I did a guy. The fact was somewhat damaging to my young male ego.

The drive to the other side of town took about twenty minutes. Everyone discussed the events of this afternoon. Patricia and Hazel were thinking about seeing their afternoon dates again. Mother was silent. I had no intention of seeing Sam again. I was surprised to hear the graphic detail of the sex that the two sisters shared with us. I had never known that girls talked about such things.

The Halloween party was already in full swing when we arrived. Mother told me if I was going to be out real late, to call and let her know. I wondered what she meant as she drove down the street as Patricia, Hazel and I joined the other partygoers. Jeff, George and Jim greeted each of us with a hug. I wondered how they would have felt as each of the guys hugged me, if they knew that I was actually a boy. I figured that they might get mad enough to beat me up. Perhaps that was the reason that I had butterflies in my stomach as I looked up into Jim’s flashing dark eyes just before he kissed me.

Jim asked if I wanted anything to eat or drink. A hot dog and a cup of punch tasted good. I didn’t know that someone had spiked the punch. We talked about what grade he was in school and what classes he was taking. He played high school football and basketball, too. He was tall and had muscles, so I knew that he must be good at sports. What really surprised me was how nice of a personality he had. He was so nice! I could not help but like him. I had a second glass of punch as we talked. I began to feel guilty about deceiving him. It was dishonest of me to lead him on and let him think that I was a girl, but I was afraid to tell him the truth because of what he might do to me.

Jim asked me to dance. It was a slow dance and he wrapped his strong arms around me and pulled my body against his. I thought about the deception as I glanced at the other couples at the Halloween party. I noticed one thing about all the girls there; they all wore make up to make their faces prettier. Some had bleached their hair blonde. Almost all had changed the look of their hair in one respect or another. Girls wore padded brassieres to make their breasts look larger, girdles to slim their bodies, nylons to make their legs look better and high heel shoes to make their legs look longer. Practicing the art of deception was a feminine trait. The wearing of girl’s clothes was just practicing the feminine art of deception. I still felt just as guilty, but now I had even more to think about as I felt Jim’s arms holding me close to his body.

Jim and I danced two more slow songs. When someone put on a fast record, Jim took my hand and led me to the house next door. It turned out that Jeff’s parents were holding the party, and that Jim lived next door. I was worried that Jim wanted me to meet his parents. When we entered the house, Jim told me that his parents were gone out of town and we were alone. Now, I was even more worried. Jim sat on the living room sofa and pulled me down next to him. He told me that he had thought of nothing else but me since last night. I felt flattered as I looked up into his dark eyes. Before I could think of something to say, his lips were on mine. His lips made me feel powerless to resist as his hand moved to my right breast. I tried to push his hand away, but my hand only lay on top of his as he kneaded my chest through my padded brassiere. My swollen right nipple became erect and was sending sensations to the rest of my body as the kiss and breast manipulation continued.

When Jim’s lips left mine, I could only lay back against the back of the sofa as he told me that he loved me. Deep inside of my mind was a voice that said that I was a boy and this was wrong, but it was a very tiny voice. As Jim’s lips settled on mine again, my lips parted to let his tongue enter my mouth. He pulled my body against his as our tongues danced together. I wrapped my arms around his neck as the feminine half of my brain took control of my body. His hand slid down my back and cupped my right buttock as our kiss continued. Our breathing became rapid and swallow as Jim’s hand on my butt pulled my belly against his. I could feel his stiffening member being pressed against me. My own penis was stiff even though it was turned down between my legs and trapped by the pink satin crotch of my panties and gripped by my tightly closed thighs.

When I felt Jim’s hand leave my bottom as it moved down my thigh until it reached the hem of my dress and start back up my leg under my dress, I knew that I had to stop him before he discovered that I was not a real girl. I reached down and tried to stop his hand from moving upwards. He was too strong for me to control. His hand reached the smooth shaven skin above my stocking tops and continued upward. His hand cupped my satin covered bottom as I tried to wiggle out of his arms. Jim pulled his lips from mine just long enough to say, "Carol, I need you. I love you. You are so beautiful, I can’t help myself." Then his lips were on mine again.

Even though his hand felt very good as it massaged my bottom through the thin pink satin, I was afraid of his reaction when he discovered my penis. Jim moved his hand to the front of my panties and tried to insert his hand between my tightly held together thighs. He did cup his fingers and massage the front portion of my crotch. I knew that any girl would be thrilled to have such a handsome guy do to her what he was doing to me, but since I was not a real girl, and did not want Jim to find that out, I tried to push his hand away. I felt so weak and ineffectual as he continued to massage my lower belly, thereby massaging the base of my excited penis through the satin panties.

I knew that my strength was weakening as Jim continued to bring out the feminine side of my personality. I attempted to pull my lips from his and protest, but his tongue in my mouth kept me more or less silent. Finally, his hand slipped completely between my legs as I weakened even more. I thought that he would now become violent and beat me up. Instead, as his fingers felt the outline of my erect penis straining the material of the crotch band of the pink panties, he lifted his mouth from mine and looked me in the eyes. He was smiling! He whispered to me, "I have had sex with both guys and girls. Last week, Pat told me that she knew of a cute boy who would be dressed up as a girl on Halloween. She said that you would be so pretty, no one would know that you were actually a boy. Last night, when I met you, I thought she had been pulling my leg. I was sure that you were a real girl."

Jim’s fingers stroked my hard penis through the satin panty material as he continued, "I really do think you make a beautiful girl and would not be ashamed to be seen out in public with you. I think that I am in love with you." He leaned down and kissed my lips again as I threw my arms around his neck. I was so relieved that he wasn’t mad, I didn’t even think about what he had said really meant. Jim stood up and scooped me up in his strong arms. My own arms were around his neck as he carried me down the hallway to his bedroom. Deep inside, I felt like a blushing bride as she was being carried across the threshold. Little did I realize hold appropriate those feelings really were.

Jim gently laid me on his bed. I lay passively as he unbuttoned the front of my dress. When he pulled my dress off from me and saw my pink satin lingerie, he told me how beautiful I was again. He stood by the bed as he pulled his sweater up over his head. His chest was even more muscular than I had expected. His stomach was flat and his waist was narrow. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his zipper. His pants slid down his well-muscled legs. He was a handsome hunk. His white jockey shorts were bulging in front with an erection that I had jerked off last night. He lowered his shorts and let them fall. He was completely nude as he lustfully gazed down on me. I knew that it was wrong for a boy to be turned on by the sight of another boy, but my own penis would not listen.

Jim climbed onto his bed and lay on top of me. His huge erect penis went between my legs and began to rub against my own panty-covered penis as his lips sought mine. His lips moved down my body and kissed to the top of my brassiere. His hands reached behind me and unhooked the catches. He pulled the bra from my chest and bent down to wrap his lips around my puffy right nipple. I found out what a girl experiences when a guy sucks on her nipple as he licked and sucked on mine. My entire body became weak and submissive as his lips moved from one of my swollen nipples to the other. His huge cock stroked against mine as he continued to work on my sensitive nipples for about fifteen minutes. I thought that I was going to have an orgasm any minute when Jim rolled off me and told me to climb on top of him. I was nervous, but was so turned on that I would have done anything he told me to do.

Jim lay on his back with his long pole standing straight up in the air. He had me turn around so that my head was toward his feet. He pulled me into position so that the domed head of his cock was almost touching my lips and his head was between my thighs. I could see that there was a drop of pre cum on the tip of his cock and involuntarily licked it with my tongue. It was warm and sweet tasting. Jim’s lips began to kiss my thighs just above the tops of my nylons. He left a trail of kisses right to the satin material at the crotch of my pink panties. I almost came as he placed his mouth over the head of my panty-covered cock and blew warm moist air on it. My mouth dove onto his cock and I began to use every trick I had learned to make an erect cock shoot its cum.

Jim pulled the crotch panel of my satin panties to the side, letting my penis escape from its prison as his lips wrapped around my smaller, but erect cock. Even Patricia and Hazel had not made me feel this good as Jim’s mouth worked on my stiff penis. I tried to swallow as much of Jim’s long rod each time my head moved downwards. When his sperm began erupting from the head of his cock, it set me off as well. Fireworks flashed in my head as I had a powerful orgasm. Jim swallowed my cum as I was licking the last drop of sperm from the head of his deflating penis.

I climbed off from on top of Jim and lay in his arms as the afterglow of our orgasms warmed our bodies. My puffy nipples tingled as I lay against him in my pink satin garter belt nipping in my waist, tan nylon stockings caressing my legs and my pink satin panties pressing my moist soft penis as it once again lay between my legs. I wrapped one leg around one of Jim’s as I snuggled close to him and pushed my satin covered crotch against his thigh. He kissed my forehead as his hand massaged one of my swollen nipples. My hair was only slightly out of place from the previous exertions. My lipstick was a little smeared as his lips kissed mine. I now knew what a truly satisfied woman feels as she lays beside her man. In the afterglow, I had forgotten that I was not really a girl.

A knock on the door woke us up from our feeling of euphoria. Patricia opened the bedroom door and stuck her head into the bedroom. She saw Jim, completely nude, and me, almost nude laying on the bed and smiled. "It seems as if you two have already been having fun." She said. The door was pushed all the way open and Hazel was looking, too. I tried to cover up but we were lying on the only sheet. Jim’s hand covered what would have been my exposed breast with his hand as I lay beside him. Patricia and Hazel came on into the room, followed by Jeff and George.

Jeff looked down at my blushing body and said, "Jim, let me know when you get through. I want seconds." My blue eyes must have been opened wide with surprise as he sat on the side of the bed and laid his large hand on my nylon-covered thigh and began to move it upward.

Jim spoke up, "Easy, Jeff. Carol belongs to me." The two muscular guys looked at each other for a moment before Jeff pulled his hand away. Just to show that he wasn’t a coward, he pinched my panty covered bottom as he mumbled something about a shame that he couldn’t poke it to me tonight. Patricia told him that she could keep him busy the rest of the night as they left Jim’s bedroom to find another bedroom. I turned my big baby blue eyes to Jim and smiled a thank you. Jim called after them and said, "If anyone uses my parents bed, be sure not to leave any pecker tracks on the bedspread." I now knew how a girl feels when she has a guy take up for her. I felt safe and warm as we lay in each other’s arms. I almost felt as if I was his property. I liked the feeling. When he gently kissed my lips as his hand began to strum my erect nipples, I would have let him do anything he wanted to me. His arm went around me and drew me even closer. I began to grind my satin covered penis against his thigh as he slid a hand down into the back of my panties. At first, I thought he was simply going to squeeze my bottom cheeks with his hand, but then his middle finger dipped into the cleft between my buttocks and began to tickle my anus. No one had every touched me there before. His tongue was probing my mouth as his finger pushed just its tip into my virginal bottom. I went stiff. Not just my entire body. My penis went stiff immediately as I ground my panty encased penis against his muscular thigh.

As Jim’s middle finger wiggled in my bottom, he lowered his lips to my swollen nipples and began to suckle them. My entire body began to tingle as sensuous waves washed through me. When Jim pulled a jar of petroleum jelly from under the side of the bed and told me to roll over, I was powerless to do anything but obey. His fingers pulled my pink satin panties down and slid them off over my tan nylon stockings. He leaned forward and gently nibbled on the cheeks of my round bottom. I heard the lid being unscrewed from the bottle and a few seconds later, I felt a greased finger pressing at the gate to my intestines. At first, it felt weird to have something penetrating my bottom. I looked over my shoulder and saw Jim smile at me as he told me that he loved me. At that moment, I would have let him do anything to me. He told me to relax my muscles as a second finger joined the first.

Just as I was becoming accustomed to the fingers violating my nether passage, Jim pulled his fingers from my bottom. I was told to get up on all fours. I looked back to see Jim greasing his erect penis with a liberal coating of petroleum jelly. I was fearful of what was to happen next as he moved into position. I felt the domed head of Jim’s large cock as it began to press against the virginal opening in my bottom. It spread me open even more than his two fingers had as it slowly sank deeper and deeper. I felt as if a big pole was being forced into my tummy as he stroked it deeper. Just as I thought that I would not be able to take anymore, I felt Jim’s lower belly against my round bottom. I personally found it had to believe that his long hard cock could fit inside of me.

Jim began to slowly stroke in and out. He had bent down and was using one hand on my overly swollen and sensitive nipples, as his other hand reached for my erect penis. Jim screwed me for the next ten or fifteen minutes. I was really beginning to enjoy it when he pulled out and told me to lie on my back. I rolled over and lay on my back while he picked up my legs and pushed them back until they were almost over my head. His huge prick prodded my anus for a second before he began to feed his cock to my rectum. I felt it filling me as it sank from sight. When Jim alternated from kissing my lips to sucking my nipples as he stroked his long tool in and out of my bottom, I neared the point of orgasm. Jim placed one hand between our bodies and gave my penis a hand job as he screwed my ass.

The sensations became more and more erotic as I was receiving my first cock in my rectum. My tan nylon encased legs were tightly wrapped around Jim’s waist as I neared my first ever climax with another guy’s cock in my anus. I squealed like a girl as I shot cum over my garter belt and onto my belly and chest. In response, I felt Jim’s penis begin to pulse and jerk as he stroked it in and out of my bowels. I knew that he was spraying his sperm deep into my intestines and I loved the feeling.

Jim and I lay on the bed for quite a while as the after shocks of our intense orgasms receded. I was both embarrassed and excited about what had just happened. I knew that I would never be able to look at a handsome guy the same way as I had only yesterday afternoon. I willingly accepted Jim’s lips when he kissed me. After all, he had called me his girl. The little fact that I was not a girl had been temporarily forgotten by both of us. Later in the evening, I would go down on Jim again. The pungent odor and flavor was due to the fact that his tool had been in my butt. I was so sexually excited, I ate it anyway.

I learned a lot about myself that night. Even more adventures were waiting on me when Jeff, George and Jim dropped the three "girls" off at Patricia and Hazel’s house. After kissing Jim and promising to see him the following weekend, I got out of the car. The car that the four construction workers had driven was in the driveway as we said goodnight to our dates. When Jeff’s car went around the corner, Patricia and Hazel both began talking at once. Who was at their house? Was it all four of the guys from this afternoon? What were they doing there? Why were they there? Patricia led the way to the front porch where we peeked in living room window. There were whiskey and beer bottles sitting on the coffee table in the living room. Mother was on the living room sofa with Gregg and Sam. She was naked except for her garter belt and nylons, and she was lying on her back as Sam stroked his long tool in and out of her tummy. Gregg was sitting over her head and was feeding his stiff rod to her hungry mouth. Mrs. Morgan was completely nude and was on the carpet on all fours. Elliot was driving his hard cock in and out of her vagina as Ray forced his cock in and out of her sucking mouth. After I recovered from the shock, I found it very exciting to be watching as the construction workers serviced our mothers.

Patricia was standing beside and just behind me. I could feel her breathing on the nap of my neck, as she obviously became excited. Her hands wandered over the front of my dress, stopping to massage my nipples through my dress and brassiere. I dropped a hand to the front of her nurse’s uniform and pulled up her skirt until my hand could reach the crotch of her panties. They were extremely wet with a mixture of her juices and Jeff’s sperm. I pulled the crotch to the side and sank my middle finger into her soggy slit. I heard a sharp intake of breath as I began to massage her swollen clitoris. Hazel moved into position and guided my left hand to her sodden panties to do the same for her that I was doing for her older sister. Hazel had raised the front of my cowgirl dress and was rubbing my penis through the satin panties.

Sam had pumped his semen deep inside my mother’s vagina and was replaced by Gregg as soon as he moved out of the way. Mother had said that she and my father had not had sex in a year. Evidentially, she was trying to make up for lost time in one day. Mrs. Morgan had been a widow for the last four or five years. I was not aware of her even going out on a date before tonight. I did notice that she was a natural blonde like her daughters and still had a nice body. Her body was just as nice as my mother’s was. Just then, Ray must have cum down her throat because he fell backwards on the floor and lay there in a state of exhaustion. I don’t know how many times Patricia and Hazel had reached a climax today, but they had another as they watched our mothers get it on with the construction crew. My fingers rubbing their clits no doubt helped. I must admit that I came in my panties, too.

When our mothers and the four construction workers went upstairs, we realized that they were going to spend the night. Patricia, Hazel and I decided to go to my house to spend the night there. We ended up in a daisy chain on my bed. My head was between Patricia’s nylon covered legs. Her head was between Hazel’s. And, Hazel’s head was between mine. After all the times that I had climaxed today, my balls were almost empty. Hazel’s lips were insistent, however. I finally came down Hazel’s throat. We ended up sleeping in the nude. I was in the middle with a beautiful teenage blonde on either side of me. I was so exhausted, I didn’t even think about how lucky I was as I drifted off to sleep.

We had already awoken when mother came dragging the next morning. Patricia, Hazel and I were dressed in our pj’s. We had put them so we could fix and eat breakfast without walking around the house in the nude. Mother sat silently at the kitchen table and slowly sipped the cup of coffee that Patricia had poured for her. She asked what time we got in last night. Patricia told her. Mother asked if we had seen anything before we had come to her house to spend the night. We all nodded our heads. Mother seemed as if she was about to cry as she told us, " after I had dropped you off at the Halloween party, I got to feeling lonely. I called Gregg to tell him that I had enjoyed our time together. Before I knew it, he had asked me where I lived and I told him. I didn’t know that all of them would show up."

Mother took a deep breath and another sip of coffee before continuing, "When they all got here, I asked them if they wanted something to eat or drink. Several asked for a mixed drink. I didn’t have any whiskey in the house, but I remembered that Bill Morgan had had a whole liquor cabinet full and it was just sitting there. So, I called Margaret and asked if I could borrow a bottle. She told me to come on over and even invited me to bring my friends along. They insisted that we have a drink too. It wasn’t long before things got out of control." Mother looked into each of our faces as she asked if we could forgive our mothers. We hugged her as she thanked us.

Patricia and Hazel put on their clothing as I washed dishes and put them away. When they had gone to their home to reassure their mother that they loved her, mother and I had a long talk. She asked me if I had enjoyed being a girl for the last two days. I had to admit that I had. She smiled at me and told me that she hoped that I would spend more time as Carol and less time as Carl. I thought about the sensation of nylon, silk and satin as it was worn next to my skin. I thought of the way Jim had held me in his strong arms and how warm and safe it had made me feel. I remembered how it had felt to be treated as a pretty girl by everyone that we had met over the last two days. I thought about the wonderful sex that I had while dressed as a girl. Then, I looked into my mother’s smiling face and felt the close bond that we had developed.

I patted my hair into place, looked down at the cute pink baby doll pj’s that I wore, and decided that mother and I both probably needed a bubble bath.




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