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From Cyber to Real Time Sissy

A fantasy by Miss Vicky


Part 5 (The Last One)


The rest of the evening passed with the two of us cuddling on the couch, each with a glass of wine. Megan had changed into a black floor length nightgown with a lace inset running diagonally across the front. This meant that with each movement of her body, I would catch a glimpse of various parts of her body. The sole intent of the gown was to tease and tantalize, never showing everything, yet never concealing it all either. I was still wearing the white bridal peignoir she had given me in celebration of my first complete experience as a woman. Even the most subtle movement caused the slippery fold of my gown to caress my body with the predictable effect on my privates. My hand was resting on her satin covered breast, the heat from her body warming my palm. At random intervals, I would run my fingers around her nipples. Obviously, her body responded to my ministrations, her nipples growing to their full distended length. At one point, she purred her approval and shifted her position to give me better access. I reveled in the knowledge that I was giving her pleasure, surely that was the reason I was put on this earth.

l felt so happy and content with Megan. This wonderful woman had taken me away from my vanilla lifestyle and indoctrinated me into the love of lace and satin. Where before all I could do was fantasize about what it would be like to wear all those lacy garments, now I was going to be able to live my dream.

As I lay next to her on the couch, I had to ask, "Megan, how did you know that I would respond so well to being put in panties?"

"It was obvious from the sites I found in the computer that you had an interest in being feminized. I have to tell you, the more I explored the idea of putting you in panties, the more excited I became. My only concern was that it was just a fantasy and that you would not want to live it. I suppose you could call it woman's intuition. Somehow I just knew that you would be susceptible to what I had in mind. When I was a teen, my brother used to look at my panties hanging on the line with the same look on his face as you had every time I gave you a glimpse of my bra or garter strap. I came home unexpectedly once to find him with a pair of my panties on, masturbating himself. He was so engrossed, I was able to watch until he filled my panties with his cum. That was the beginning of a wonderful summer for the both of us. I discovered my secret desires to dominate men with lingerie and he learned to accept his penchant for panties. When he got married, I took his bride to be aside and explained how she could enhance both her marriage and her sex life at the same time. Poor Ron didn't know what hit him on their wedding night. Pam had packed two peignoirs, one for her and one for him. She told me afterwards how shocked he had been when she let him know that she was privy to his secret. He tried to deny it, but I had given Pam a picture of him during one of our dress up sessions. There was nothing he could do but submit to her and wear his frillies for her. She said that he had never stayed so hard for so long before. We still write to each other and she has him in panties all the time now. He couldn't be happier and neither could she."

All the while she was relating this story, she had begun her own explorations of my body, stroking my cock through the slippery fabric of my nightgown. When I began to evidence the predictable effect, she teased, "I don't know which is exciting you more, the feeling of satin against your body or my fingers stroking you. Actually, I think it’s the combination of the two. You now have the best of both worlds."

She continued her manipulation of my cock, wrapping the folds of my gown around and slowly stroking it up and down while she continued, "I have it all planned out you know. You will continue as before, working your way up the corporate ladder. There will be just one difference. Since you’ve been using a temp since your last secretary got married, you are going to hire me as your secretary, starting tomorrow. Now, instead of just having an administrative assistant, you will have a true partner in your efforts, one that will take a personal interest in your success. Imagine how good it will feel to sit there in your business suit with the lingerie I've selected for you under it. Every time you move, the satiny panties will give the mildest stroking, reminding you of our secret. You will begin to look forward to five o'clock, when you can come home with me and slip out of your boy clothes and into some sexy lounge wear."

My breathing began to grow deeper as she reached down with her other hand and cupped my balls while continuing to stroke my cock. "We will begin tomorrow", she went on. You will be allowed to keep one set of male underwear for those times that you must wear them. For example, your doctor would get quite a shock if you slipped off your pants to reveal a pair of frilly lace panties under them."

By now, the effects of her teasing had become quite evident and I knew that if she continued, I would have an orgasm right there. I kissed her gently and whispered in her ear, "It sounds wonderful, but for now if you don't stop what you're doing, I'm going to cum in my nightie."

"Don't be silly my pet," she chided. This is what I want for you. It excites me to know that no matter how hard you try, you can't resist the effects of your lingerie and my attentions." She increased both the tempo and the pressure against my cock, while gently squeezing and massaging my balls. "I can tell you're ready," she giggled. "Your balls are getting very full aren't they? That's all right my pet, I want you to cum."

By now her hand was a blur as she stroked my faster and faster. As she sensed the onset of my climax, she licked the inside of my ear and whispered in it, "Now, come for me my pet. Squirt your juices into your satiny nightie. Think how good this feels and admit that you can't help yourself."

"Oh Megan, please don't stop! I'm going to cum," I gasped. \"That's it, my pet," she cooed. "Empty yourself into your nightie. Surrender yourself to the silkiness that surrounds your very essence. Reward your Mistress for her efforts." Despite having climaxed only an hour before, my cock erupted with another tremendous amount of jism. When I was apparently finished, she wrapped her fingers tightly around the base of my shaft and milked the remaining drops from my trembling body.

When I had recovered enough to take a sip of the wine, Megan shifted her position on the couch, leaning back with her legs spread. She pulled up the hem of her black nightgown to her waist, revealing her mound. "Look at what that has done to me," she said as she slipped her index finger inside her slit. "Getting you excited had the same effect on me. I'm all wet and hot inside." Gently she pushed my head to her lap.

As I approached her pussy, I could smell her musk. It was the distinct aroma of overheated woman. I knew what was expected of me and to tell the truth, needed no further urging in setting about my task. I slipped to the floor, kneeling between her legs. As I began to nibble and lick my way up the insides of her thighs, she raised herself off the couch and pulled the hem of her nightie down over my head, trapping me inside. It was like being inside a tent of black satin. The gown was sheer enough to allow ambient light inside, while being opaque enough to shut out outside distractions. As I neared her muff I extended my tongue as far as it would go. I wanted it to be the first thing she felt against her vaginal lips. Just before making contact, I began to flick it rapidly back and forth. The instant my quivering tongue made contact, it was as though her body had been assaulted with a cattle prod. She jerked convulsively, thrusting her hips toward my eager mouth. I pursed my lips and sucked her clit into my mouth before lashing it with my tongue. Her body jumped again and I could feel the onset of her climax. It seemed to build and build until with a scream that would wake the dead, she grabbed my head with both hands and pulled it tight against her pussy while her climax continued with wave after wave of ecstasy. I don't know how long it lasted, only that when she finally relented and released my head, her body was coated with a fine sheen of sweat. Her exertions had momentarily sapped her of all strength and she sagged back against the cushions of the couch.

I pulled myself up nest to her and laid my head on her shoulder. "That was just for you Megan," I whispered. You have given me so much pleasure, I had to try and repay you in some small way."

"I don't know if I could survive your repaying me with anything more intense than what you just did to me," she said ruefully. "That is the most intense climax I can remember. No one has ever eaten my pussy that way before. I don't think it was just the physical stimulation though. All I could think about was that my man was eager to please me, that all he wanted was for me to be happy. I've never had that before in a relationship and I find it to be quite arousing. Let's go to bed, we have a lot to do tomorrow."

I followed her up the stairs and went to my room to change out of my soiled nightie. I selected a pink babydoll nightie from my closet and was just pulling the matching ruffled panties into place when Megan called to me from her room. "When you've finished in there come to bed with me. From now on, you will once again sleep with me. That room will be reserved for those special times when I want to get a little dominant."

I went immediately to the bedroom and as I walked into the room, Megan pulled back the covers on my side and patted the bed next to her. "Get into bed my pet. I want you next to me while I sleep. I'm sure my subconscious will supply me with some delicious dreams tonight and I want you there next to me when I wake up."

I slipped in next to her and leaned over to give her a kiss. She pulled me hungrily down to her mouth and drove her tongue into me. "This is more perfect than I dreamed," she said softly. "I have my man just the way I always fantasized of, in bed with me and wearing his lacies. Now we had better get some sleep. We have a full day tomorrow."

I rolled to my side and did as she said. I must have been tired, I fell immediately to sleep. I was awakened the next morning by the delicious feeling of Megan's fingers inside my panties, caressing and stroking me until I came fully awake.

"Wow, what a way to get a wake up call," I murmured. "If I thought you'd do this every morning, I'd throw away the alarm clock"

"I just couldn't resist," she answered. There's something about a penis inside a pair of frilly panties that turns me on. Its too bad we don't have time to take advantage of it. I'm afraid you'll just have to look forward to what will happen the moment I get you home tonight. Come along my pet, we have to get ready to face the world." She got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I joined her and together we quickly showered and came back to the bedroom to get dressed.

Megan went to her dresser and came back with yet another package from her favorite lingerie store. Handing it to me she said, "Put these things on. I bought them especially for your first day at the office in your panties. As you will see they are quite special."

I opened the package to find a complete set of black lingerie. They were as Megan had said, quite unusual. The panties were black with lavender lace trim. They had been custom embroidered with the words "Megan's Panty Boy". Also in the package was a pair of black stockings with a lavender back seam along with a garter belt and camisole, both in black with trim to match the panties.

Megan watched with an amused smile as I examined my new treasures. "As you can see, I’ve been planning this for sometime. You can imagine the look on the salesgirls face when I told her what I wanted embroidered on the panties. I thought she would explode, she was trying so hard to hide her astonishment. She did quite well though and after a while she asked me why I was doing this to my man. I explained the advantages to keeping a man in panties to her and she showed considerable interest in the idea. She went so far as to suggest that next time, I bring you in for a custom fitting."

My face must have shown my consternation at that idea, because Megan immediately added, "I don't know how comfortable I would be with the idea of giving another woman a chance to see how desirable you look in your panties. Well anyway, that's a matter for future discussion, we have to hurry if we don't want to be late."

I put on my new lingerie and then covered it with my normal business attire. I reflected on how fortunate it was that my socks were calf length, allowing me to easily hide the pretty stockings Megan had bought. We quickly ate a bowl of cereal and coffee and each taking our own car, drove to the office.

My schedule that day was quite hectic. There was a meeting of the department heads that I had to attend. I sat at my usual place in the meeting room and waited my turn to present my proposals for our upcoming fiscal year. There was only one problem. All through the day, every move I made caused my cock to be stroked and teased inside my new panties. The lacy camisole rubbed my nipples as well, keeping them erect with an unrelenting teasing of the slippery fabric.

Megan hadn't made it any easier either, taking every opportunity to lean over my desk, exposing the lacy top of the lavender bra she wore. Her other little trick was to go to the file cabinets and pretend to look in the top drawer. She would look over at me and pull the hem of her skirt up, exposing her garter strap and give me a lewd wink Not satisfied with just that, she would occasionally come behind my chair and then speak in a soft tone, telling me what would happen to me when we got home.

The person next to me was Lydia Comstock, the head of Human Resources. On several occasions, I thought I saw her glancing at my crotch. I looked down to see that my slacks had a distinct bulge in them. There was nothing I could do but sit there and cross my legs, hoping that would hide my erection.

My turn came and I gave my report, emphasizing my departments higher goals for the coming year. The president of the company complimented me for the job we had done the previous year and the objectives we had set for the coming one. When I was finished, Lydia turned and congratulated me, "Nice presentation Jim, I'm sure you made a big impression on the president. I know you made one on me." This last statement was made with a definite look a my crotch. She reached out and gave me a congratulatory pat on the thigh. I could see her eyes change as she realized that there was a garter strap under my slacks. "My, but aren't we full of surprises," she said with a slightly ominous tone. I said nothing, merely averting my eyes. "Don't worry, as long as you play ball, your secret is safe with me," she continued. "Perhaps we might have lunch someday. You can tell me how you came to your choice of undergarments. I'll be expecting your secretary to call with a date and time. Don't make me wait too long or I'll have to make you sorry." Mercifully at this point, the President adjourned the meeting. I didn't say a word to Lydia. I just joined the group as we all trooped out to our respective offices.

Megan met me as I came through the outer office. "How did the presentation go?," she asked.

"I have good news and bad news," I replied. "First, the good news, the presentation went very well. The president was obviously impressed."

"I assumed that would be the case," she replied. "Come on, don't keep me waiting. What's the bad news?"

I told her about Lydia Comstock's apparent discovery of our secret and her veiled hint about exposing me.

"That is something we will have to deal with in an appropriate manner. She strikes me as the type of bitch that is always looking for a way to embarrass others. Don't worry my pet, when the time comes, I will think of a suitable way to make sure she won't meddle or humiliate either of us. I haven't gone to all this trouble and expense to have her obstruct our future together."

She patted me on the cheek to reassure me that all was well and Mistress would take care of everything. The rest of the day passed quickly and before I knew it, I was on my way home. Megan showed me where she had hidden my male underwear and together we threw it in the trash. True to her word, I was allowed to keep only one set of briefs for those times I would be at the doctor's office. "You will never have to wear these nasty boring undies again," she proclaimed. "You are mine now and I will keep you forever in lacy panties and lingerie. You have to admit, you have a much wider variety of things to wear. You can match your undergarments to either your mood or mine. I can put you in something slutty or chaste, depending on what I want to do to you that night." Megan took my hand and led me to the bedroom. "Don't move a muscle," she ordered. "I want you to just stand there while I remove our clothes." She removed our clothes in corresponding pieces, first my shirt, then her blouse until we were both left with nothing on but our panties. Saying nothing, she took me again by the hand and led me to the bathroom where she quickly stripped us both of our remaining clothes. She used a fleet enema on me to ensure I was nice and clean inside and then we showered together. When we were dried off, instead of going to her room, she took me to what had been mine. I knew from our earlier conversation that this meant she was in a dominant mood. She ordered me onto the bed, placing me on my hands and knees. I meekly complied, secretly relishing the idea of being "forced" to serve my beautiful Mistress. She next slipped a black satin sleep mask over my eyes adding, "Don't peek now and hold that position. I have a surprise for you." I heard her rummaging in her night stand and shortly, I felt my wrists and ankles being cuffed and tied tightly to the corners of the bed. To make sure I couldn't resist whatever she had in mind, she ran an additional pair of ropes to my thighs, just above my knees. When she was finished my legs were spread wide apart, giving her complete access to my privates. I was now helpless to stop her from doing whatever she wanted to me. I wondered to myself how a woman could be so feminine and caring one moment and so demanding and strong the next.

My reverie was cut short my her next statement.

"Its time to give your Mistress a reward for all her efforts," she intoned. "Open your mouth my pet, you are going to learn how to suck my cock. I want to watch as it slides into your sissy mouth. You are going to get the full length of it all nice and wet before I use it on your sissy pussy." She grasped me by the ears and place the head of the dildo at my lips.

I obediently opened my mouth allowing it to slip between my lips. She fed it to me an inch at a time, chiding me for my inability to take it all deep in my throat. "Relax your throat my pet, let your Mistress bury her cock in your sissy mouth." I did as she said, and before long the entire length of it was being pumped in and out of my mouth. I could hear the tempo of her breathing increase as she continued. Oh my precious slut, you should see the vision you make. Your sissy lips wrapped around my cock as it slides in and out. You want this don't you? You want me to make you my sissy. Alright then, you are going to get the fucking of your life. I can't wait any longer. I have to take you like a girl before I explode."

She pulled the cock from my mouth and went behind me. I felt her coating my pussy with lube just moments before she entered me. This time she had not spent any time preparing me, so I was tighter than the last time. The pressure needed to penetrate me was transmitted back down the length of her cock to her clit. I was just beginning to relax and enjoy myself when I felt her hands on my shoulders. Using them as leverage, she thrust herself deep inside me. Her nails dug holes in my shoulders as she gave in to the overwhelming climax shaking her body. "Oh my God!," she screamed. "I can't stop cumming!" I took this as my clue to thrust myself backwards, increasing the pressure against her clit even more. "Yeeeeesssssss," she screamed. "That's my sissy. Make your Mistress cum again!" Once again, I felt her nails penetrate my skin as yet another wave of pleasure coursed through her body. At last, she let go and collapsed against me, the dildo still buried deep inside me. It seemed as though it took forever for her to regain her composure enough to pull the dildo from my ass. She didn't say a word as she untied me and took me back to the bathroom for a quick shower to rinse the sweat from our bodies. Not until we were back in her room did she speak, "You have certainly lived up to my expectations my pet. I think you were born to be a sissy slave. Find yourself a nightie and lets go to bed. Your Mistress is tired and needs some rest.

I slipped into a frothy mint green nighty while she put on her red satin gown and we joined each other in bed. As I dozed off, I felt her finger insinuate themselves into my panties. That is how I went to sleep, with my Mistress's fingers around my cock. I can't begin to describe the feeling of contentment I felt at that moment.

The alarm went off at 6:30 and we both dressed for the day. My lingerie was a pretty pair of eggshell panties with built in garters. Of course the camisole matched with lavish lace at the shoulders and bodice. By the time I had my suit on, Megan was already waiting for me in the kitchen. We wolfed down a quick breakfast and drove to the office, again in separate cars. The day was not that busy, sort of a welcome lull after the hectic two weeks getting ready for the prior days meeting. I was just settling in to read one of the trade journals when Megan came in with my morning mail. She had a very determined look on her face as she handed me one piece in particular.

"The bitch didn't waste any time," she said ominously. "This is from Lydia Comstock and its addressed personal and confidential, as though that would stop me. Open it, let's see what that conniving shrew has in mind."

I opened the envelope and read the note inside. It read:

Dear Jim, (or should I say Jamie?)

I was quite pleasantly surprised at my discovery yesterday. Who would of thought our macho executive had a penchant for panties. You were wearing panties with the garter belt weren't you? I wonder what color you chose for that meeting. Was it a power color like red or something more soft and feminine?

I don't think the President of the company or any of your peers would understand if they knew. For that matter, what would your pretty little secretary think if she knew her boss wore panties to work? I propose we set up a quiet rendezvous to discuss what I will require of you if you want me to keep our little secret.

You will get a motel room for two tonight, registering under the name James Comstock. You will wear white panties, bra and garterbelt. If you don't have a set like this, you are to purchase one. It is important to me that the first time we are together, you be in something virginal and pretty. Once you are in the room and settled, you are to strip off all your boy clothes and call 555-1234 at exactly 8:00. You will give the motel address and room number. I will join you and tell you what it is I expect from you. Don't worry, you might even learn to enjoy it. I'm sure I don't have to elaborate about what will happen if I don't receive your call.

Lydia Comstock

"We will have to take care of this sooner than I thought," Megan commented. "I have an idea as to how we can get her off our backs and have a little fun at the same time. I'm going to take the rest of the day off. I'm going to be busy preparing a few surprises for our Ms Comstock. I will call you and let you know where to go to after work. Be sure and bring several change of lingerie with you."

The rest of the day seemed to drag as I waited for Megan's call. On my way back from the coffee machine, I ran into Ms Comstock. She stopped and looked me up and down, pausing perceptibly at my crotch. She caught my eye and gave me a smile as though we shared a secret. I said nothing averting my eyes from her gaze. She came closer and whispered, "I can't wait to get my hands on you tonight. You are going to be there aren't you?"

Mutely, I nodded my acceptance and we both continued back to our offices. When I reached my desk, I had no sooner sat down than my private line rang.

Megan's voice was at the other end with my instructions. "I have taken two connecting rooms at the Starlight motel. You will be in 132 and I will be next door in 131. You will find a bottle of wine in a bucket of ice on the dresser. Next to the ice you will find two pills. I want you to take both of them as soon as you get there. The wine is drugged and will put her to sleep within 5 minutes of drinking it. The pills are the antidote, allowing you to drink with her without any effect. When she gets there, you will find an excuse to pour a glass for both yourself and the bitch. Go along with whatever she wants until the sedative takes effect, then open the connecting door to my room. I have several surprises waiting for the bitch in there. This will be a night she won't soon forget, but not for the reasons she's thinking." With that last ominous statement, she hung up, leaving me to wonder what sort of diabolical plan she had in mind.

I left work a few minutes early so I could shower and change into my white lingerie. When I came out of the shower, I went to my dresser and because I now had several white ensembles, chose my favorite. It comprised of a satin half cup bra, french cut panties with lot of lace at the sides and leg openings and lace trimmed garter belt. The stockings were of course seamed and ultra sheer. Following Megan's instructions, I packed a small bag with several more changes of lingerie including some crotchless panties as well as my black and my pink baby doll nighties. I also put my white mules with the marabou trim in for good measure. I didn't know what Ms Comstock had in mind for the evening, but I knew my Mistress would approve of the extra lingerie. Noticing my time running short, I threw the bag in my car and drove to the motel for my meeting with Sylvia.

The desk clerk gave me my key and I went to the room. Just as Megan had said, the wine and pills were there. I wasted no time, hurrying to take the pills before calling Sylvia. I dialed her number and she answered on the first ring. "Sylvia, this is Jim," I announced.

"Good, you're on time," she replied. "I like that in a man. Are you dressed as I told you?" "Yes, just as you said, white panties, bra and garter belt."

"Give me the address and room number, I cant' wait to see the big executive in his panties."

I gave her the requested information and she hung up, telling me to wait for her arrival. She further instructed that I was to answer to motel room door dressed only in my lingerie, that she didn’t want to waste any time removing my male clothes. I paced nervously, wondering just what I had gotten myself into. Just as I reconciled myself to trust Megan to take care of everything, there was a knock at the door. I looked through the peephole to see Sylvia there. I opened the door and stood behind it, blocking any casual observers from seeing me in my lingerie. Sylvia swept into the room, turning to face me as I closed the door. "Be sure and lock the door Jim, I don't want anyone to disturb us," she ordered. "When you've done that come over here, I want a better look at you."

Once I had complied, she ran a fingertip over the bulge in my panties. "Would you look at this?" she commented. "A nice big cock all wrapped in satin and lace. I think I'm going to enjoy this a lot."

"Would you mind if we had a glass of wine first?" I asked. "I have to admit I'm a little nervous and it might help me relax a little."

"Of course, that's a wonderful idea. You may pour us both a glass."

I poured the wine and turned to see Lydia shrugging her blouse from her shoulders. She said nothing, but continued to undress until she was left with nothing but her black lacy bra and panties. "Do you like what you see?" she asked, taking the glass of wine. "Don't bother answering, it really doesn't matter what you think. I know your secret and that's all the control I need to turn you into my boy toy. Because I am so devoted to my career, I don't have time for a conventional relationship. I do have my needs however and you will be the one to satisfy my requirements in that area. As long as you go along with my little games, your secret will remain between the two of us. If you should disappoint me in any way, I will make sure everyone at the office knows that their hotshot sales director is a panty boy." By now, She was beginning to slur her words and sway a little. "This wine is really going to my head. I don't understand this. Normally, I can have several glasses before I start to get light headed." She sat on the bed and just after putting her glass on the night stand, fell back on the bed with her legs splayed.

I gave it a couple of minutes to make sure she was completely out before going to the door that connected to Megan's room. I knocked twice to and called her name, wanting to make sure that it really was Megan in there.

"Is the bitch sleeping now?" she asked as she opened her door.

"Yes, it only took a couple of minutes after she drank the wine."

"Good, I was worried that I might not have gotten the dosage right. I trust you are feeling no ill effects, that the antidote worked as it was supposed to?"

"No problem at all," I replied. "Actually, I didn't have to take more than a sip. She was too busy telling me how she owned me and wasn't paying attention to whether or not I was drinking with her."

"Then everything is ready. Help me carry her into my room. I've made some special preparations for tonight's fun. Trust me, she won't forget the lesson she's going to get tonight. I doubt she'll be playing any more blackmail games ever again, certainly not with you my pet."

"I was really worried that something might go wrong and I'd have been left at her mercy. You have no idea how glad I am that everything went as you planned," I said as I picked Lydia up. I carried the sleeping body to Megan's room and laid her on the bed.

Megan went to a suitcase and pulled out a box from the adult toy store she patronized. "Take a look at this my pet. This little toy is called The Scorpion," she said as she took it out of the box and handed it to me. It was made of a jelly like material with a battery box at the end of a pair of wires. There was also a harness designed to go around the tops of the legs and around the waist. "As you can see," Megan continued while grinning devilishly, "There is a long tail at one end and a pair of pincers at the other. The pincers will go around her clit and the tail will be inserted in her ass. I can assure you that as soon as I turn on the power, both her clit and her ass will be assaulted with incredible stimulation. She came here expecting some sexual stimulation and I'd be the last person to deny a girl a good time. Pull her panties down a little and I'll get her ready for the surprise of her life."

I did as Megan instructed. She then had me roll Lydia onto her side and after lubricating the tail of the Scorpion, slid it into her ass. Satisfied that the tail was now in place, she parted her labia and placed the pincers on either side of Lydia's clit. "Hold this in place while I fasten the straps," she ordered. I did what she said and soon the toy was securely fastened to Lydia's sleeping body.

"Now I want you to put her in the chair next to the dresser," she continued. After pulling her silky panties back in place, I again picked Lydia up and carried her to the chair. As soon as I had placed her in it, Megan attached leather cuffs to her wrists, ankles and thighs. Each of these in turn was attached to the chair with lengths of nylon rope. "We have to hurry, the sedative is due to wear off soon, Megan said as she fastened a leather collar around Lydia's neck. This was tied to the back of the chair with yet another length of rope. As a final touch, she opened Lydia's mouth and inserted a penis shaped gag. It was attached to a harness with straps under the chin and around her head. Once the straps were fastened, I could see that there was no way the gag could be expelled. As a finishing touch Megan added a blindfold. Lydia was now completely helpless, her legs spread wide apart. She was unable to move, to see who her captor was or call for help. "There, now all we have to do is wait for the bitch to wake up," Megan said as she stood back admiring her handiwork. "There is a fresh bottle of wine in my bag, be a pet and pour us each a glass while we wait for our new toy to wake up."

I poured the wine and as I was about to hand Megan her glass she asked, "Did you bring any crotchless panties with you?"

"Yes, several pair. Would you like me to slip into any particular ones?"

"If you brought the naughty purple set with you, put that on. You know, the one with the half cup bra and crotchless thong panties. Don't forget to put on the matching garter belt. I intend to take several pictures, so I want the full effect."

I retrieved my bag from the other room and stripped off my white lingerie. The lingerie Megan had referred to was not entirely purple, but also trimmed in black lace. I slipped the panties, bra and garter belt on before selecting a pair of black stockings to complete everything. When I was done, my clit was at full attention, sticking straight out of the lace trimmed slit in the panties.

Megan laughed and caressed it, "I just love the way it sways back and forth when you move. As soon as the bitch wakes up, I think you may have to use this replace the gag she has now. I'm sure she'd much rather have the real thing."

Any chance I might have had to reply was interrupted by Lydia's soft moan as she began to come out of the drug induced sleep. We watched with amusement as she regained consciousness, only to discover that she couldn't move, see, or make a sound other than a muffled moan.

Megan walked the chair holding her prisoner and whispered in her ear. "This is not quite what you had in mind, is it? I'm sure you had all sorts of plans for Jim, but I'm afraid I'm not willing to share him unless I can be here to direct the fun. Would you like a little preview of what you will experience tonight? Oh wait, you can't answer with that penis gag in your mouth. How thoughtless of me! I will just have to assume that you want it." She reached down and turned the Scorpion on, using the lowest setting. The effect on Lydia was immediate. The instant the toy began to vibrate, she bucked against her restraints in a vain attempt to escape. Megan's response was to turn the toy up to it's highest setting. Lydia now began to moan and writhe in the chair as the toy assaulted both her ass and her clit at the same time. It was quite clear that her orgasm was only seconds away when Megan pulled down the lacy cups of her bra, motioning me to come closer. The instant her orgasm began, Megan pushed my head to her nipple. I knew what was expected and quickly sucked it into my mouth and lashed at it with the tip of my tongue. I could smell her musk now, the unmistakable aroma of a woman in heat. The front of her panties were becoming wetter by the second as her body responded to the ministration of both the toy and my mouth. Her entire body began to quiver, every muscle taut as her climax overtook her. By the time the last spasm had subsided, her panties were completely soaked with her juices. Megan turned the toy off and leaned next to Lydia's ear. "You came here to get some jollies and I'm just the girl to see that you're not disappointed. You are going to cum again and again. You see, this falls under the heading of watch out what you ask for, you might just get it. Are you ready dear? "I'm going to allow you more pleasure now."

Megan went to her bag and came back with a pair of scissors which she used to cut away Lydia's panties. Lydia jumped a little at the feel of cold steel against her skin, but relaxed once she figured out that it was just her dainties that were to be put to the scissors. As she felt the cool air against her totally exposed private place, Lydia began to shake her head violently back and forth, straining against the collar and rope holding her head back. She might as well have saved what little strength she had left.

Megan's response to all this was to just smile a little and once again turn the toy on. To make matters worse for our captive, she bent over next to her and whispered seductively, "Were you going to make Jim go down on you tonight? I'll wager you had something like that in mind. Well, far be it for me to deny a girl her fun. I'm going to loan you his very talented tongue for a moment or two. I'm so sure you'll enjoy what he can do for a girl I'll make a bargain with you. If you can last more than five minutes without having an orgasm, you will be set free. You have my word on that." She then turned to me and simply nodded her head, giving me all the instructions I would need with just that one gesture.

After Megan handed me the remote control for the Scorpion, I knelt between Lydia's wide spread thighs. At first, I turned the toy off, wanting to build her slowly to a climax. Because I knew she had to be a little tender after what she had been put through, I began very gently, licking my way up her labia until I found her clit. It was in the tight embrace of the Scorpion's pincers, a hard nubbin of nerve endings. I touched just the tip of my tongue to it, before giving it several quick flicks. I sucked it between my lips and rolled my tongue over it until she began to mew and whimper. As her body betrayed her, her hips tried to thrust her pussy against my mouth. She was now a complete slave to the lust of the moment, not knowing or caring what was happening to her. Her brain was being flooded with messages of pleasure and her body complied with the involuntary commands it sent. I could sense the onset of another climax and at just the right moment I pressed down with my lips and turned the toy to it's highest setting.

Lydia gave out a scream of pleasure as the second of her climaxes hit. Only because of the gag was it somewhat muted. At just this moment, I heard the sound of Megan's Polaroid as she documented the moment with several shots of her lingerie clad lover between Lydia's legs. I couldn't help but smile as I thought about what would happen if they ever became public. Lydia's climax was now at it's peak. I didn't stop what I was doing, in fact I intensified my efforts until she gave out a final scream and sagged against her bonds. Her body was completely slack. I couldn't believe it! She had actually passed out from the intensity of it all. I pulled away from her and wiped the juices from my face. I went to the dresser and took a sip of wine before turning to Megan. "How did the pictures turn out?" I asked.

"Here take a look for yourself," she said grinning. "Her face is somewhat obscured by the gag and mask, but we have all night to take care of that." She removed the gag and blindfold from Lydia and motioned me closer. Because of the activities of the evening, my cock was fully erect, waving from the slit in my panties. Megan grinned a the sight and said, "I think she would appreciate a real penis gag now. Come here and we'll give her something to think about when she comes to."

Megan opened her mouth and after stroking it a couple of times guided my cock into her mouth. "Don't move," she commanded. "This will make a great shot." She took several pictures before she was satisfied that we had enough for the moment. When they developed I could see what a powerful club they would be. Lydia's face was clearly visible, her lips wrapped around a cock sticking out of a pair of lacy panties. Even the fact that her eyes were closed enhanced the overall effect. It looked for all the world like she was really enjoying the moment. After a few more seconds, she began to regain consciousness. As her eyes opened, the first thing she saw was my cock just inches away.

Megan came around the chair and stood silently with an ominous expression. Lydia gasped when she recognized her captor. "Oh my God! You're Jim's secretary. Why are you here doing this to me?" she asked plaintively.

"Because Jim is also my husband. I was hired under my maiden name so no one would make the connection. I don't like to share my possessions with anyone," Megan replied. This whole evening was my idea. I wanted to be sure that you would never again bother him at the office." Take a look at the pictures I've taken of you," she added handing Lydia the Polaroids. I will keep these in a safe place as long as you behave. If you step out of line with Jim just once, I think I know where these would do the most good. You really can't complain you know. You wanted to get into his panties and I have arranged for just that.

"I had no idea that he belonged to another woman. I promise to leave Jim alone. You don't have to humiliate me further. What more do you want from me?" I'll do anything, just let me go."

"That is an offer we're going to take you up on my dear. I think since Jim was so kind to you, that you should reciprocate. Not that you have a choice mind you, but you look like the kind of slut that really enjoys giving a blowjob. Now be a good girl open up and show us how talented you can be with your hot little mouth."

Lydia realized that she had no choice but to take my cock into her mouth. She went to work on it with a vengeance, sucking it deep and bathing the tip with her tongue. Megan watched of a moment before using the camera to further document her plight.

Because of the height of the chair, my legs were spread apart so Lydia could reach my cock without having to strain. She continued her efforts, striving to take me deeper and deeper in her mouth. I looked over to the mirror over the dresser and saw our reflection. A man in his panties and bra being deep throated by a woman in bondage. Between that picture and the efforts of Lydia's hot mouth, I knew my climax was imminent. Megan must have known it as well because just as the first waves began, I felt her reach between my legs and gently massage and squeeze my balls. This was all it took to send me completely over the edge. I gripped Lydia's head with both hands and buried myself in her mouth as my cock squirted it's load down her throat. She began to choke, not wanting to swallow my juices. But there was no alternative. Her throat worked in time with my pulses of cum until I was completely drained.

As I pulled away, Megan spoke. "I am leaving now. Jim, I want you to wait a few minutes before you release her. That will give me enough time to get these pictures to a safe place. Lydia, don't even think of doing anything stupid when you are freed. I will expect Jim home within the hour. If he's not, the pictures will become public." With that she turned to leave. "Oh, I almost forgot. Be a dear and bring my toys home with you. They're quite expensive and I don't want to have to replace them."

I waited the prescribed amount of time and released Lydia. She stood uncertainly, still a little wobbly from her ordeal. You can tell Megan that I won't be bothering you," she said. I only wanted a little fun on my own terms. I never dreamed that someone might have beaten me to it." With that said, she went to the other room and quickly dressed and left. I took my time packing everything back into my case and after a quick inspection to make sure nothing had been left behind, drove back to my Mistress.

She was waiting for me at the door, a glass of wine in her hand. "Here you are my pet. I think you probably need this after everything you've been through tonight. As soon as you're done with the wine, I have a nice hot bubble bath waiting for you."

At that moment, I knew I was truly home. I reached for her and we stood there holding each other for what seemed an eternity. That Megan wanted me with her enough to take the chances she had taken spoke volumes about our relationship.

I finished the wine and took a long bath. When I came out of the bathroom, Megan was waiting for me on the bed wearing a white satin nightgown. "Don't bother with your panties," she said handing me just the top to a pale yellow babydoll nightie. She grinned mischievously. "I don't think you'll be keeping them on anyway." We spent the next two hours making slow sensuous love. It was as though we both needed to put the nights events behind us. We finally climaxed together, the ultimate reaffirmation of our commitment to each other. I fell asleep that night with my arms around the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

Megan and I have been sissy and wife for over five years now. I couldn't be happier. I have what every sissy wants, a woman that understands and appreciates a man in panties. My life is filled with satin and lace, all of it because I had the good fortune to be chosen by the perfect woman.........finis




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