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Cyber to Real Time Sissy

by: Miss Vicky

Part 2


I waited, watching the door as the sound of Megan’s heels came closer and closer. I noticed a distinct stirring in my white lacy panties as the anticipation grew. I couldn’t help it, I was about to live one of the fantasies I had spent so much time reading about on the net. Besides, since following the list of instructions Megan had left, I was in no position to object. I was in lacy white lingerie, bound to the bed and completely helpless and vulnerable until my wife decided to set me free. My reverie was interrupted by the door opening and Megan’s entrance.

She took a moment to put the packages she carried on the vanity before speaking. "Don’t you make a pretty picture", she gloated. "There you are all dressed in your pretty lingerie and helpless before your Mistress. I’m going to have lots of fun with you before the weekend is over. You’re going to serve me and pleasure me in ways you’ve only fantasized about. I have lots of interesting ideas. Most of them I got from reading the web pages you have visited, but there are a few I’ve thought of myself. I’m sure you’ll have an interesting time trying to figure out which is which. In either event, it really doesn’t matter. You will submit to all of them. You are about to become my sissy slave, with no choice in the subject. You really are a picture laying there in your pretties! I want to save this for future enjoyment. After all, this is a seminal moment, your first time in panties with your Mistress’s authorization."

She left the room for just a moment, returning with our digital camera. Standing as far back as possible, she took the first picture, capturing my image from my panty covered head to stocking clad toes. "Oh my!, she exclaimed. "This would look so good on your company bulletin board. But with those panties on your head, there could be some question it’s really you. We’ll just have to fix that won’t we? She came to the bed and pulled the panties off my head. "There, that’s much better. Now the whole world will be able to identify the sissy in the picture."

"Please don’t do this to me" I pleaded. I will do whatever you ask, but just don’t take any more pictures."

"You don’t have any choice pantyboy", was her sharp response. "You really must learn to keep your tongue silent and not interrupt your Mistress. Because I want to be a kind and caring Mistress, I’m going to help you remain quiet." She placed the panties at my lips and commanded, "Open your mouth for me, I’m going to gag you so you don’t get the urge to speak without permission."

I hesitated only briefly, but that was all it took for Megan to get impatient. She pinched my nose shut, forcing me to breathe through my mouth. The moment I opened it, she jammed the lacy red panties into my mouth, effectively gagging me.

"Smile pretty for the camera sissy, you know this is the fulfillment of your fantasy", she teased as she once again stood back to take another picture. From where she stood, I knew this one showed me tied to the bed in lingerie with a pair of panties in my mouth. Not content with just two pictures, she took several more, each from a different angle.

"Now that we’ve established who the sissy is in these pictures, I think it’s time to document how much you’re enjoying this", she teased. She reached down and began to stroke my cock inside the white panties, slowly and gently inciting me until I was hard as a rock. She then took several shots showing the bulge in my panties before pulling them down to expose my erection. She took two more pictures, both of them showing my cock and balls framed by the lacy garter straps. "There, that should do it", she gloated. "Now even if you were to attempt to deny it, anyone that sees these pictures will know that you enjoy being dressed in your pretties. I have to go and use the computer for a moment. Don’t go away", she teased as she left the room.

I laid there and pondered my fate. No matter which way I looked at it, I was trapped. Megan had all the documentation she would need to ruin my life. I could never work in this town again if those pictures were ever made public. I resigned myself to accepting my destiny.

She returned a few moments later and said, "There, the pictures are now in a safe e-mail account. With that out of the way, I think the time has come for me to get a little more comfortable. I hope you appreciate the lingerie I picked out to wear for my sissy today." She stood where I could see her best and began to disrobe. Slowly and sensually, almost like a strip tease she unbuttoned her blouse to reveal a black bra trimmed in red lace. The cups had holes in them and her nipples were sticking out, already distended and swollen. "Does my sissy like this bra?" she teased. "I bought it just for this occasion. Wait until you see the rest of the lingerie I’m wearing for you! I thought that as long as I’d dressed you in something virginal and white, I’d wear something a little naughtier, just for the contrast." Cupping her breasts, she came over to the bed and removed the panties from my mouth. She then lowered her breasts to within a foot of my head. "Wouldn’t you like to taste my nipples?" she taunted. As I tried to raise my head to do just that, she pulled back just far enough that I couldn’t reach her nipple. As I strained against my bonds trying to reach the prize, she kept it an inch away and continued her teasing. "Not yet sissy, Mistress has to finish undressing for you. The if you’re very good, I’ll allow you to worship my body with your tongue."

She stood back and continued her tantalizing striptease. Turning her back to me, she reached behind herself and pulled the zipper to her skirt down and with a shimmy of her hips, allowed it to slip down until it pooled around her ankles. She daintily stepped out of it and turned to face me. The sight took my breath away. The panties and garter belt matched the bra, black with lavish red lace trim. The panties held another interesting feature, the were crotchless! Her blond muff was on display, framed beautifully by the red lace trim. "I see from the expression on your face that you appreciate this ensemble", she said. "I’m glad to see that, I took great care selecting it. I wanted to be wearing something that would incite your senses and yet at the same time allow me to use your mouth and cock for my pleasure without having to remove my lingerie." She reached down with one finger and ran up the length of her slit. "The site of you all tied up in your pretties has gotten me quite wet. I think it’s time you showed a little appreciation for all the trouble I’ve gone to on your behalf."

She got on the bed and straddled my waist. I could feel her moist heat against my stomach. She lowered her right breast to my mouth, directing me, "take my nipple between your lips and gently suck and lick it for your Mistress."

I did as she said, and soon I heard a soft moan escape her lips. "Yes sissy, that’s the way, make my nipple hard, I want to feel your hot mouth on it. Oh yes! Keep it up, make your Mistress hot with your naughty sissy tongue."

I continued my oral ministrations until she substituted her left nipple, impelling me to give it the same attention as the other. I knew I was getting her excited, both from the way her nipples grew in my mouth and the increasing wetness of her mound against my stomach. Before long, her moans became more intense and her breathing became more rapid and shallow.

It was at this point that she sat up and moved up my body until she was positioned over my mouth. Her pussy was just inches away and I could see the moistness of her lips. "Alright pantyslave, now is the time to put that talented tongue of yours to better use." With no further ado, she reached down, parted her lips and lowered herself to my waiting mouth.. I ran my tongue up the length of her slit, pausing momentarily at her clit. I continued to tease her in this manner, running my tongue up and down, never staying with her clit for too long. Each time the tip of my tongue came in contact with her hard nub, she would give out a little gasp. I knew I was having the desired effect when Megan spoke next. "Stop teasing me and suck my clit, you slut," she ordered. "Make me cum with your mouth. I want you to taste your Mistress's nectar."

I did just that, sucking her clit between my lips and lashing it with my tongue. I could feel her excitement building and when she was reaching her peak, I ran the length of my tongue over her clit. That was all it took as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body. Her thigh clamped down against my head, ensuring that I could do nothing but service her pulsing pussy. Her juices flowed into my devouring mouth, filling me with her personal essence. Tremor after tremor shook her body as her climax overtook her. It seemed to last forever until finally, she collapsed against me, totally spent.

"That was a good start sissy", she gasped. I need a little time to recover before I continue your training. She removed herself and laid next to be, resting until her strength returned.

"Since you’ve been so cooperative, I’m going to allow you to have a little pleasure", she said. I’m going to seduce you and take you to heights you’ve never approached before."

Megan wasted no time. She began by kissing me deeply, then trailing her tongue down my neck to the swelling above the cups of the bra. Reaching my exposed nipples, she licked around them before sucking each one into her mouth. When my nipples became hard, she gently bit down, sending shivers of delight through my body. I had no idea something like this could feel so wonderful. She continued by lowering her head to my legs. She began to kiss the insides of my thighs where the tops of my stockings ended. Again, I felt waves of pleasure course through me, my cock twitching in anticipation of what I was sure would come next.

Megan continued her teasing, pulling my panties down to the tops of my thighs and taking my erection in her hand. With her lips just an inch away, she started blowing softly on the head of my penis. I thrust my hips upward in an involuntary attempt to meet her mouth, but she just laughed and pulled away. "Not yet my pet, all in good time. We have the whole evening ahead of us and we're just beginning."

She then reached down and retrieved the lacy panties red panties I had been wearing on my head. "Does my sissy miss his panties? Do you miss the feeling of satin against your clit? Your Mistress will try to help then." She took the panties and dragged them across my cock and balls, sending shivers of delight through me. "That certainly seems to have an agreeable effect on you, doesn't it? I wonder what would happen if I did this."

She wrapped the panties around my cock with the excess draped over my balls and began to masturbate me with them, slowly at first, then with an ever increasing tempo. I was sure she was going to allow me some release from the unyielding pressure in my loins, but that was not to be. The instant she sensed that I was about to climax, she would stop and chide me, "Not so fast dearest, you have to wait a lot longer than that before your Mistress allows you the privilege of release. You may as well learn to enjoy the fact that I am in complete control of your body. I will use it as my toy, playing with it in any manner I see fit. If I decide to bring you to the brink a hundred times that is what will happen. There is nothing you can do to stop me."

To illustrate her point, she began to stroke me again. Thinking I could fool her, I tried to feign a lack of arousal, thinking she might continue and inadvertently allow me the release I craved. This was not to be. She laughed at me saying, "Do you really think you can fool me? Not a chance, my pet. I know your body now and what to watch for while I'm teasing you. For trying to fool your Mistress, you will have to once again service me with your talented little tongue while you endure this five more times."

She once again straddled my face, forcing me to attend orally to her pussy. This only served to arouse me further, intensifying my desire to climax. True to her word she forced me to endure five trips right to the edge of paradise, while I licked and sucked her clit.

When she wasn't stroking my cock, I could feel her drag the panties over my body, paying particular attention to my groin. This was as bad as her stroking me. I was fully erect and the satiny fabric being dragged over my nipples and other private parts drove me wild. By this time my balls were felt swollen and ached in a way I hadn't experienced since my high school make out parties.

This went on until her hips began to undulate with the passion of her own climax. I was sure she would give in to my tongue and once again bathe my mouth with her juices. She had other plans however. At the last instant, she pulled away chiding me, "Not this way my precious, I want to feel you inside me this time."

She reversed her position so she was straddling my cock. She reached down and grasped my tool, holding in position while she slowly lowered herself onto me. I felt as though my cock was in a velvet vise as her moist heat enveloped it. She stopped only when I was completely inside her. She began to move her hips in a circular motion, grinding her clit against my pubic bone. Her breathing sharpened, coming in short pants and she began to raise and lower herself, at the same time clenching and unclenching her vaginal muscle. It was obvious that she couldn't last much longer and as her climax neared she screamed, "All right, cum for me now! Fill my pussy with your hot oil!"

To emphasize the point she increased her tempo until we both fell into an abyss of ecstasy. My cock pumped for what seemed to be forever as my body released all the pent up pressure. I could feel our juices mingling, making everything even more slippery than before.

After what seemed an eternity, she collapsed against me, purring her pleasure. "That was incredible my pet. I felt as though I would explode from the intensity of it all. I would imagine that by now you need to rest a little. I think it might also be a good idea if you were to take a little nourishment. I want you to keep your energy up, our evening has just begun. I’m going to untie you now. When I do, keep in mind that I e-mailed those pictures to a secure place. If you don’t behave and continue to obey me, they’ll show up in places you don’t even want to think about."

Megan walked to her purse and retrieved the key to the padlocks. As she released me, she said, "I think we’ll leave the cuffs right here. You’re going to spend a lot of time in them in the hours to come." Once I was freed, she pointed at the packages. "I want you to take a moment to put your lingerie away. Among other things, you will find six matching sets, which combined with what you’re wearing now will give you a different set for each day. I want you to put them away as sets, that is to say each bra, panty and garterbelt together. Before you start on that though, I want you to get out of the things you’re wearing now. I have something else for you to wear this evening." She went to the pile of packages and retrieved one wrapped in lavender tissue. "Here", she said handing me the delicately wrapped package, "since we’re not going out tonight, you may wear this for me."

I started to open the package, but Megan stopped me saying, "Don’t open it until you’ve removed your lingerie."

I took my things off and placed them in a pile on the bed. "May I open it now Mistress?"

"Yes pantyslave, you may now open it. This is a special moment in your life, your first nightie. Actually it’s more a peignoir set, something a girl wears when she wants to feel especially pretty. Hurry up now, don’t keep your Mistress waiting. I’m anxious to see how you look."

I tore open the paper to find a lovely black peignoir set. There was also a pair of black panties. I took the panties and was about to slip them on when once again Megan cut in, "I have a better idea sissy, I will dress you in these panties. I want you to experience your Mistress slipping a pair of pretty panties up your legs." She wasted no time taking the panties from my hands. She knelt down and held the delicate garment open as I stepped into first one leg then the other. She ran her fingers over my shaved legs commenting, "Mmm, your naked legs feel so nice now, no nasty hair at all to detract from their beauty." As she pulled the panties into place, she stroked my cock lightly, impelling it to grow. "Goodness me sissy, you never recovered this quickly before", she teased. "It must be the panties that make you hard. I think I’ll continue dressing you. I want to watch the expression on your face as I put the gown and robe on your sissy body."

She stood and held the gown over my head, "Slip one arm through each strap sissy. That’s a good girl." She released the gown, causing it to cascade softly down my body. The sensation of the silky fabric against my body caused my cock to grow in the lacy panties. "Now the robe", she said. "I don’t want my pantyboy to get a chill." I dutifully held out one arm at a time and she helped me into the robe. I reflected on how similar the action was to those times I’d helped her on with her coat. The only difference was now I was being treated as the lady. "My, my, but aren’t you the pretty thing", she mocked. "Walk to the mirror so you can see how nice this set looks on you."

I did as she said, and walked to the full length mirror hanging on the back of the bedroom door. Megan was right of course, the peignoir set did look lovely. The gown had delicate lace at the bodice and hem. The robe had matching lace at the wrists and down the front. I have to confess, it felt even better than it looked. Every step I took caused the slippery fabric to slip and slide over my skin, sending waves of pleasure through me. My reverie was cut short by Megan’s voice. "Here," she said handing me a shoe box, "you will need to wear these with this set."

I opened the box to discover a pair of black mules. They had a three inch heel and were trimmed in black marabou feathers. Once again Megan spoke, "slip those on and join me in the kitchen. I don’t know about you, but I’ve worked up quite an appetite."

As I put the mules on, she went to her closet and selected a sheer white robe to wear over her lingerie. She slipped it on covering herself, but the robe was so sheer, she was hiding nothing. The red and black lingerie showed clearly through the diaphanous material. All in all, it made for a very erotic image.

Once in the kitchen Megan turned to me. "Sit, my pretty," she commanded, pulling out a chair. "The last thing I want is for my new pet to waste away from hunger. In fact, I think I'm going to put you on a regimen of diet and exercise, one that will enhance your girlish figure without sapping your energy."

Oddly enough, I found myself taking comfort in the idea that Megan was interested in continuing this relationship. The concept of being subservient appealed to me even more. I had always been the one to make the decisions and found it appealing to have this taken away from me. My role in our relationship would be the opposite of that it had been in the past. There was no doubt in my mind that I would relish the idea of relinquishing all power to this captivating creature. As I ate the meal she had prepared, I wondered where she would lead me next. Megan's next statement confirmed that she was having the same thoughts.

"You realize of course, that you have reached a crossroads in your life. I want you to think about what has just transpired between us this evening. I believe you enjoy serving a strong-willed woman. Furthermore, I think you would enjoy further exploring a submissive role. This is what I propose. While we are in the everyday world, we will continue to have the normal relationship. There will be a few minor changes, but nothing that anyone except the two of us will know about. Once we are out of that environment, I will be in charge. You will follow my directives immediately and without question. I will ask nothing of you that I don't think you really want and certainly nothing that will bring harm to you. If you accept this proposal, I will continue your training and lead you to delights you never knew existed. If you decline, I will simply divorce you. I want you choice to be a free one. So despite what I said earlier, if you don’t agree to my terms, I won’t expose you to your friends and coworkers. So while the choice is yours, you need to know that I can no longer stay with you unless you agree to submit to me." She reached over the table and took my hand before continuing, "Take a moment to think carefully, my pet and give me your answer."

I did just that, first thinking about how good the panties and the rest of my lingerie felt against my skin. I knew I had to accept. She had not really forced me to do anything I didn't really want to do. Nothing that had occurred had been in least bit unpleasant. On the contrary, as I have mentioned earlier, I was thrilled to be under her authority. Megan was about to allow me to live my fantasy. There was no way I could deny my urge to submit. I looked her directly in the eye and said, "I will do as you wish Megan. I want you to take me as your submissive."

To my surprise she slapped me! Not hard mind you but with enough force to get my full attention. "When we are in this house, you will not address me by my given name. You will use either Mistress or Mistress Megan. Is that clearly understood?"

I was so startled, it took me a few seconds to stammer my reply, "Yes Mistress, I understand."

She smiled a Mona Lisa smile and spoke softly, "Good, now lets get something to eat, so your training can continue. We have a long journey ahead of us, you and I."


to be continued.............



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