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From Cyber Play to Real Time Sissy Slave

by: Miss Vicky


It was a Saturday afternoon when my submission to my wife began. Megan had gone to do some shopping at the local mall, and knowing her as I did, I knew I’d have at least three hours to surf the web. My favorite sites were those that dealt with the feminization and submission of men. With this in mind, as soon as I heard her car leave, I powered up my computer with an afternoon of relaxation and stimulation in mind. You can imagine my surprise when instead of the regular wallpaper, a new image appeared on the screen. The whole screen was taken up by an image of a pair of lacy, red panties. The only link available was one that read, "Click here sissy" I was beginning to panic, so I re-booted the system, only to have the same screen appear. Curiosity won out and I clicked on the link. The screen went blank then a menu came up. It was headed, Instructions for my Sissy, with a list numbered from one to nine.


1: Hello sissy, I have discovered your secret! I found your hidden favorites list the other day, quite by accident I might add. You can’t begin to imagine how shocked I was to discover that while I was away, you spent all that time looking at pictures of men in panties and lingerie. I also found your hidden files, the ones with the stories you like to read and the links to online Mistresses that specialized in feminization. I have to tell you I was quite angry with you! All the while I thought I was married to a macho man, when in reality I’ve been sharing my life with a pantyboy. I thought of simply divorcing you, but after some thought have decided to give you an opportunity to redeem yourself. I have copied all the files from your favorite websites and will use them to humiliate you with your co-workers and friends if you don’t comply with each of the following instructions. I am doing exactly what I said I would do when I left the house, shopping, but not for myself. That’s right sissy, I’m shopping for my new sissy maid. Would you care to guess who that will be? I’m sure you know by now. You will now be my submissive maid. No longer will you be allowed to wear men’s underwear. From now on you’ll be wearing lacy panties and garter belts under you boy clothes during the day. At night, you’ll be in a pretty nightie or peignoir set, whatever I decide will make you look the prettiest for your Mistress. Since you are now reading this file, you will go to each of the instructions in order and obey them to the letter. I will expect you to have completed them by the time I arrive home.

I was in a real panic now! Why hadn’t I hidden the incriminating files better? How could I get out of this predicament? Since no ready answer came to mind, I decided to play along with her until I could think of a way out. Still, it was with considerable trepidation that I clicked on the next link.


2: Good sissy, if you are reading this, you are prepared to submit to me. The first thing you are to do is strip completely for me, yes, right here in your office. Now, take your male underwear and using the scissors you will find in the desk drawer, cut them into shreds. When you are finished, take the scraps and place them on the front doorstep so I will know you have complied when I get home. If I don’t find them there, I will not even come into the house. Instead, I will go to my sisters and after emailing the files I found to your business associates and friends, I will contact a divorce attorney. You shouldn’t have to think too hard to imagine what will be exhibit A at the divorce hearing. This is just the beginning my pretty, the first step in your submission to me in satin and lace. You may wish to think of the symbolism involved as you shred your bvd’s for me.

Seeing no immediate way out, I did as Megan had instructed. My hands shook as I cut my white cotton underwear into pieces no bigger than three inches across. When I was satisfied that I had completed the assigned task, I gathered up the pieces and headed for the front door. I was glad our front steps weren’t visible from the street, when completely naked, I placed the shredded remains of my underwear on the top step. I returned to my office and opened the next instruction.


3: Are you all naked now and ready to continue? Good, I thought you might, after all, the consequences of not following these instruction don’t bear thinking about, do they? Now you will go into the bathroom. You will find a package of scented bath beads, a ladies razor and shave gel. You will run the water as hot as you can stand it and sprinkle the bath beads into the tub. You will then soak for 10 minutes to let the beads soften your skin before you use the razor and gel to remove all your body hair. I want you shaved completely. When you are finished, you’ll find some dusting powder on the vanity. Dry yourself and use it over your entire body. When you have completed this task, you may return to the computer. You are to be still naked when you do this.

Figuring I had better go along with Megan’s instructions until I found a way out, I went to the bathroom and followed her instructions. After running the bath and adding the bath beads, I slipped slowly into the tub. I found it to be a somewhat pleasant experience. The had a nice lilac scent and I could feel the oils from the bath beads softening my skin. I picked up the pretty pink razor and after coating my right leg with the gel, began to shave all my hair away. Satisfied with the job on that leg, I did the other before continuing upward to my groin. This was a little more difficult, but by putting each leg on the rim of the tub, I was able to lather my cock and balls and remove everything all the way down to my ass. I continued upwards, shaving my chest and underarms. Since I had never had that much hair on my chest anyway, this took no time at all. I rinsed myself off, and found a few spots I had missed, so I went back over everything until I was satisfied that all the offending hairs were removed. I got out of the tub and dried myself with a nice fluffy towel. I marveled at how different my body felt without the hair. I felt somehow more naked, more exposed than I had ever felt in my life. The dusting powder was right where Megan said it would be and I used the powder puff to coat my entire body with the sweet smelling powder. As I applied it to my groin, I marveled at how good the soft powder puff felt on my private parts. I couldn’t help but begin to get an erection from the sensation. I took a moment to empty the tub and rinse the last vestiges of hair from the tub. I watched as these symbols of my manhood swirled down the drain. Content that I had followed this directive, I walked naked back to the computer for my next instruction.


4. Are you all shaved and soft for me now? Good, I am pleased. As a reward, you may now get dressed in preparation of my return. Go to your dresser and open the top drawer, yes the one that used to hold your underwear. There, you will find the items I want to see you in when I get back in there. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’ve thrown all your male underwear away. Go now and bring everything you find in that drawer back to the computer. I will then give you further instructions on how to put them on.

I went to the bedroom and opened my top dresser drawer. True to her word, all my tee shirts and underwear were gone. In their place was a complete set of lacy white lingerie. I found a bra, a pair of panties, a garter belt and seamed white stockings, all in a size that appeared would fit me. I took them back to the computer and opened the next direction.


5. Are you back with your pretties already? My you must be in a hurry to experience them against your sissy body! Before you put them on, take a moment to feel the how soft and silky they are. Look at how lacy and feminine everything is. >From this moment on, this is to be your world, one where you live 24/7 in satin and lace. I hope you appreciate all the trouble I’ve gone to getting you these things. When you have finished looking your new lingerie over, you may open the next instruction.

As I’m sure the reader can imagine, the first thing I picked up were the panties. They were a brief style, all virginal white with delicate lace inserts down the sides and at the legs, they even had an all nylon gusset. The bra was a demi style and underwired with subtle lace around the half cups. I knew that once it was on, my nipples would not be covered, but rather bared to the world to see. The garter belt was a satin like material, with lavish lace on the straps and hem. The last item I looked at was the stockings, gossamer sheer with a seam up the back. They were designed to be used with a garter belt, in that they had no elastic at the top. Anticipating the need to do it, I gently rolled them in preparation for what I knew would come in a succeeding instruction. I was now ready to continue, so I opened the next directive.


6. Now that you’ve looked at all your new pretties, it’s time to get you dressed. First, take the garter belt and fasten it around your waist. It should ride above your hips and be fairly snug. You don’t want your stockings to sag do you? When you have it positioned properly, you may put the stockings on. I want you to be very careful while doing this, you don’t want to snag them. You will also want to be sure the seams are nice and straight, I will be checking for this when I return.

I fastened the garter belt on the second hook, that seemed to give about the right amount of tension to it and took each of the stockings in turn and rolled them up my legs. I can’t begin to tell you how sensational they felt against my recently denuded legs. Before I could get them on, I felt a stirring in my groin as the gauzy material caressed my skin. By the time I was finished, I had a full blown erection. I looked down to see my engorged cock framed perfectly by the lacy garter straps. Just the sight of this inflamed me more, until I was so hard I could barely stand it. To try and distract myself, I clicked on the next link.


7. Is my sissy getting excited? I know you are! Don’t you dare touch your sissy cock. I know you want to, but that would upset me a great deal. Your sissy cock is mine to play with as I see fit and you are no longer allowed to play with it. I think to take your mind off this, you need to slip your new bra on. Because you are a novice at this, (you are a novice aren’t you my sissy?) I purchased a bra that fastens in front. Once you have it on, I want you to arrange your chest in such a way as to provide maximum cleavage. You will know you’ve done a proper job when your nipples are both on display above the lacy cups.

All thoughts of resisting were now gone. My fingers trembled a little as I slipped my arms through the straps and fastened the bra. I did as instructed and pulled my flesh up into the cups. When I was done, I could look at my chest and see what appeared to be small breasts on display for all to see. Megan had chosen well. I’m sure she remembered those occasions when I had expressed an interest in seeing her in something like this. Now she had turned the tables and I was the one wearing the naughty lingerie. I knew what was coming next, the instruction to put on the lacy panties, the only item left, so I clicked on the next link.


8. I wish I were there to see you now sissy, sitting in your lacy lingerie, your sissy cock and nipples on display. I will content myself with the knowledge that I will soon be home and my sissy will be mine to play with as I see fit. We are now at the defining moment, the time when you will submit to me in your new panties. They are a symbol of your submission, once on there will be no turning back. I want you to put them on very slowly, I want you to savor the sensations as the silky nylon caresses your legs as you pull them into place. Go ahead sissy, I know you’re aching to put your panties on. Now is the time.

I was amazed at how Megan could get into my head like that. Even though she wasn’t present to watch, she knew what I was experiencing. I stood and after putting each ankle in turn through into the panties, I did as Megan had called for and pulled them slowly up my legs. She was right, the sensations were incredible as the slippery nylon slid easily over the stockings, caressing every inch of my legs as they made their way up and over my cock and balls. Again Megan had selected well, the panties were large enough to easily contain my privates, even though there was now a large bulge in the front. Now every time I moved, the panties fondled my cock and balls, driving me wild with desire. I wanted so badly to touch myself, but knew that would incur Megan’s wrath. Instead, I clicked on the next link.



9. Now my pretty, I will help you keep your naughty urges in check. You will now go to our bedroom open the door to the night stand on your side of the bed. You will find a pair of lacy panties there. You are to place them over your head and arrange them in such a way that you can see through the leg holes. Next, I want you to look under each corner of the bed. You will find I have attached wrist and ankle cuffs there, each with a padlock. You are to lie back on the bed and secure yourself for me in a spread eagled position. Then I want you to relax and wait for me to come home to you. You really won’t have much choice, but then the days where you were in charge are now long gone. Off with you now sissy, go and prepare yourself for your Mistress Megan. 

I knew I had no choices left, so with a building sense of anticipation, I went to our bedroom. I opened the nightstand as directed and found the panties there. They were the same lacy red pair as were the wallpaper now on my computer. I did as Megan wished and slipped them over my head. The moment they were arranged, I noticed my nose was pressed against the silky gusset. It was obvious to me that she had worn these before putting them there for me to use as a hood With each breath I took, my senses were assailed with the sweet scent of Megan’s sex. I then looked under the bed and retrieved the cuffs. They were each attached to a length of rope. I positioned myself on the bed and first fastened my ankles. As I snapped the padlocks shut, I knew I was now committed completely to my submission. I was sure the only keys resided in Megan’s possession. The ropes were quite short and I found my legs were now spread wide apart. The first wrist cuff was quite easy to fasten, as I still had a free hand, but the last one took considerable effort to fasten. I accomplished this by placing the padlock on the bed and threading the open hasp through the ring attached to the cuff. With a final click, the lock snapped closed and I was now spread eagled on the bed and completely helpless. There was no way I could escape until Megan returned to set me free. I laid back, resigned to my fate and awaited Megan’s return. I don’t know how much time passed before I heard her car in the driveway. The sound of her key in lock seemed to echo through the whole house followed by the click of her heels on the parquet floor as she approached the bedroom be continued?




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