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Freedom                    by: Gingerfred Man


Interview with Helen Wells, Allison Grace Wells’ mother. November 18, 2028

Interviewer: You must be very proud of your daughter, Mrs. Wells.

Helen Wells: We were always proud of Allison and always will be.

Interviewer: What was she like as a child?

Helen Wells: Willful, bossy and very sure of herself. Just like she is today. Only then, she wasn’t my daughter. She was my son, Danny.

Interviewer: How did Danny become Allison?

Helen Wells: Like everything else in Allison’s life, it was through the sheer force of her will. Danny wanted to be a girl, so he became one.

Interviewer: Wasn’t that difficult in those days?

Helen Wells: It sure was. You probably don’t remember what things were like for the transgendered at the turn of the century, but people were very mean to them, especially other children.

Interviewer: How did Danny handle that?

Helen Wells: He ignored people or he beat the crap out of them. His father, God rest his soul, knew that Danny wasn’t like other boys. So from the time Danny was seven, he was in martial arts training to "toughen him up." By the time he was twelve, he could kick anyone’s ass in the neighborhood. And they all knew it.

Interviewer: Isn’t that about the time that Danny became Allison?

Helen Wells: You’ve done your homework. On June 15th, 2001, Danny announced to his father and me that he was going to be a girl from that point forward. He would wear dresses and other girlie stuff and whoever didn’t like it, could lump it. He would also only answer to being called Allison. He was twelve years old.

Interviewer: How did you react?

Helen Wells: I was surprised, but I wasn’t shocked. Danny was always different than the other boys. He was sensitive about people’s feelings and he played house with his action figures instead of blowing them up. Then, of course, I had other signs. Like the times I caught him stroking his little cockie with a pair of my panties, bold as you please. I caught him at it many times, but he was never ashamed. He would just whack his wiener till the juice jumped out. Then he would hand wash my panties for me and dry them on the line outside. That’s so much better than a dryer, don’t you think?

Interviewer: What was Mr. Wells’ reaction?

Helen Wells: Poor Henry was in denial then. He still thought his son was going to be the high school quarterback and be getting all the pussy he wanted. Can I say that on TV?

Interviewer: Please, Mrs. Wells. This is 2028, not the 20th Century. How did Mr. Wells react?

Helen Wells: He yelled, screamed, pleaded and threatened. Then he realized that Danny, I mean Allison, meant business, so he gave up. He sulked for a while, but then he kind of liked having a daughter. Especially one as successful as Allison.

Interviewer: Did Mr. Wells ever spank Danny or Allison?

Helen Wells: No. My Henry was a gentle soul. It was just hard to accept that his son was a transgendered person. Those were different times. Eventually, Henry came to love Allison and almost forgot that Danny ever existed.



Interview with William Jones, Allison Grace Wells’ childhood friend. November 22, 2028.

Interviewer: How did you know Allison Grace Wells?

William Jones: Danny Wells and I were best friends from the time we were about eight. We had our first sex together. And it was great.

Interviewer: How did it happen?

William Jones: Well, when we were about twelve, we started getting curious. You know how boys are about those things. Danny had changed a lot at that time and he was looking very attractive to me. I’m not gay or anything, but he was really cute, as you can imagine. He had those big blue eyes and adorable face. I’m not made of stone.

Interviewer: So you were attracted to another boy?

William Jones: Yes and no. Danny wasn’t like any other boy I knew. He was smart and he was sure of himself and he was, I guess the word is, feminine. Anyway, one day we were in his room playing a video game and he asked me what I knew about sex. We didn’t know much anything, but we were speculating a lot and all that talk was getting me really hot. It must have gotten Danny that way too, because I could see his little peter was tenting up his pants. Danny saw my peter doing the same thing, so he reached over and felt me through my pants. It was terrific. He stroked my peter through my clothes and looked me in the eye every now and then while he was doing it. In a few minutes, I came in my underwear. That was my first cum and it was a very good one. We heard his father coming, so I never got to do him that day. But boy did I want to. He was and is so cute.

A few days later, we had some private time together and I pulled his bare cock out of his pants and stroked it. He has a lovely, long foreskin, perfect for wanking, and I fisted him until he came in my hand. He made this cute little whimper when he came and I was so charmed by it that I kissed him. He opened his mouth and I put my tongue in it. It was delicious. We kissed like that for about half an hour. Then he pulled my willie out, kept kissing me, and made me come hard into his soft fingers. Do you really need all this detail?

Interviewer: The public has a right to know. Then what happened?

William Jones: A couple of weeks later, I was at his house for a sleepover. When we went up to bed, he reached into his underwear drawer and pulled out a magazine that I had never seen before. It had all these pretty women being fucked by nice-looking guys. It was really graphic, but, unlike most porn, it was well done and intelligent. The odd part of the magazine was that all the pretty girls in it had nice cocks and pink balls between their legs. Their cocks were big and stiff and a lot of the pictures showed them shooting out a whole bunch of girlie-goo.

Interviewer: Did that arouse you?

William Jones: You bet it did. Danny left me alone with the magazine and went into the bathroom to "freshen up." I was hoping that I would get lucky with Danny that night, so I didn’t touch myself. But I wanted to.

Danny was in there a pretty long time. When he came out, his hair was in a pink barrette, his face was made-up. His fingernails and toenails were painted and he was wearing a pretty, pink shortie nightgown with matching panties! He looked breathtaking. I was in love.

"Danny!" I said.

"Danny’s not here. I’m Allison."

So I was the first person to meet Allison Grace Wells. And certainly the first one to enjoy her body.

Interviewer: (Breathing a bit more heavily) What did you do then?

William Jones: What any gentleman would have done. I went over to Allison and kissed her and told her how beautiful she was. She blushed and kissed me back. Then she took charge, as she always does. She maneuvered me over to the bed as we were kissing and had me sit on the end. Then she got on her pretty knees and pulled my pants and underpants off. My little boy’s cock was in major distress. It was red as a fire engine and my balls were sore with want.

She spent a long time studying my cock. Fingering it and looking at the various parts. She really liked the peehole. She kissed its tiny, soft lips and I jumped big time. My penis was secreting a lot of goo. She licked it with the tip of her tongue, tasting it. She smiled at me then and I was in love forever. Even today, Allison and I…I’m sorry, could we cut that part out of the tape?

Interviewer: We’ll see. Then what happened?

William Jones: She feasted on my cock for as long as I could stand it. She kissed it, licked it, sucked it, even bit it softly at one point. That hurt so good! Anyway, she also did some fine tongue work on my testicles. It was her first time, but the girl was a natural. In my opinion and based on a lifetime of research, Allison Grace Wells gives the best head in the United States of America.

That day, Allison sucked me until I loaded up her pretty face with four big globs of thick, hot, boy juice. She smiled and giggled the whole time I was unloading. I groaned and shivered. It’s still the sexiest moment of my life.

Interviewer: Was that the end of it for that night?

William Jones: You sure are nosy, lady. No gentleman leaves a lady in sexual distress. I was temporarily incapacitated, balls-wise, but Allison’s were full of her sweet girlie juice and I wanted a belly full of it. First, I cleaned her angel face with my tongue, kissing her a lot in the process. As I was doing it, I reached into the silky folds of her nightie and extracted her cute, little prickie. I stroked it lovingly as I kissed and licked her face and got her into quite a state, if I do say so. She was begging me for relief and I was happy to oblige.

Allison pulled up her pretty nightie. Her prickie and pink balls were pulled out of her pink panties. The whole package looked scrumptious. I dove in, licking and kissing. She squirmed and made little girlie squeals. She was really enjoying it and that made me feel great. I skinned back her foreskin and tongued her sensitive glans. She arched her back and gasped. Loud. That was a great reaction, so I did it again, this time I put her prickie head in my mouth and added a little squeeze to her balls. Well, whatever I did, it worked, because she looked at me, grimaced with ecstasy, and shot four hot squirts of the best-tasting stuff in the world into my delighted mouth. Her body shook and she made little squeaky sounds. She really enjoyed it.

Interviewer: Wow! I mean, did you stop at oral sex?

William Jones: That night we did, although I wouldn’t call four more orgasms each "stopping." Allison was a great sex partner for a lot of reasons. There was nothing casual about sex with her. She put her whole body and soul into it. She wanted you to have as good a time as she did. And she always kept her sense of humor.

We slept in each other’s arms that night, kissing and swearing eternal love. I really felt completely hetero about the experience, and so did Allison, I think. She didn’t take her pretty nightie off, but I worked around it to suck on her puffy nipples a few times that night.

The next weekend, Allison came to my house for a sleepover and I discovered that she had been busy on the Internet, finding out how a couple like us could make love properly. She brought her nightie and make-up, but she also brought a tube of personal lubricant.

Interviewer: So anal love was the next agenda item?

William Jones: The things they teach in journalism school these days! That’s right. Allison had downloaded some information and pictures about ass-fucking and whenever we had a spare minute in school that week, she would tell me some of what she learned. My balls were purple by sleepover time.

We went to bed around 7:30 that night, which was fine with my mom and her boyfriend. She was in a hurry to get her pussy pounded, and she never suspected what Allison and I had planned.

Allison went into the bathroom to get ready and left me with the anal sex pictures she had collected. They were all big cocks entering tiny little assholes. The girls all looked as if they either liked it a lot or were experiencing that overstuffed feeling.

When she came out, she was a living doll. My heart leaped with joy when I saw her. So did my cock.

"Do you want me, Billy?" she asked.

"I want you, very much Honey," I said. "You’re fantastically beautiful."

"Better than Britney Spears?"

"Who?" I replied.

"My Billy," she said and lay down next to me on the bed.

We kissed sweetly, then hungrily. I wanted to consume Allison. She grabbed my pecker and stroked it. We kissed. I asked her to stop stroking and rubbed my cock against her prickie as we kissed. It was intensely erotic.

I lay on my back and she reversed on me, on her knees. I thought she wanted to sixty-nine, but then she asked me to lick her hole.


Interviewer: Her asshole?

William Jones: That and her mouth are the only holes she’s ever had. Well, that was a new one on me, but I took a look at that sweet little rosebud and it looked like the most appetizing morsel on earth. I licked it tentatively at first and Allison quivered with lust. I licked it again and she squirmed and mewed. I put my tongue in deep and, without me touching it, her little prickie erupted a quart of girl juice. She shuddered and dug her nails into my legs. I knew I’d already hit a home run that night and I was very proud of myself.

Allison turned herself around and I could see tears in her beautiful eyes. She kissed me and rubbed her nipples against my chest. Then, taking charge again, Allison sat on my boner, one half inch at a time. I don’t know whether it hurt or she just wanted to savor it, but that girl took her time that night. Her angelic face looked as if she were having a vision as she stuffed her butt with my cock. I must have looked the same to her, because I was enjoying every millimeter of the insertion. When it was all in, she said to me in a little-girl voice, "It feels wonderful, Billy. Thank goodness you’re my age and size. I couldn’t have taken any more. I feel so stretched, but so good. There’s a little burn, but not much. You were terrific to prepare me as well as you did. Could you please fuck me now?"

Allison always did have a way with words. I gave her everything I had, which at twelve, wasn’t much. But it sure seemed to make her happy. She bounced up and down like a kid on a pogo stick. Every now and then, she would give me her big smile and I would smile back. We were dumb kids, but we made world-class love. The shock of entry kept Allison’s prickie limp. Her foreskin completely covered the glans, and as we fucked, I could see her prickie flopping around. She was grunting a little, I love when girls grunt, and giving out little sissy squeaks. Suddenly, she gave out a big squeak and her limp sausage squirted creamy girl-cummies everywhere. She shrieked with joy. It excited me so much that I spunked her butt with all my boyish ball juice.

We were both breathing heavily and smiling at each other. When my cock started to go limp, Allison eased off it. My goo started to ooze out. Allison didn’t like that, so she put her hand over her butt and made a little sissy run into the bathroom, looking at me accusingly as if it were my fault that her butt was leaking. She got over that the next three times we made love that night. The last time, I even licked out her cummy butthole for her to clean her up. She liked that a lot.

Interviewer: Wasn’t that about the time Danny Wells became Allison Grace Wells to the world?

William Jones: That next Friday, school ended and we graduated from the seventh grade. Allison came home that night and told her parents that Danny was gone forever.

Interviewer: How did they react?

William Jones: Allison’s mom wasn’t surprised at anything Allison did. They understood each other. Her Dad was in denial, but he got over it pretty fast. In the end, he loved Allison more than anyone.

Interviewer: How did others react?

William Jones: Not very well. You have to remember, this was 2001 and the transgendered were one of the last oppressed minorities. I have to give it to Mr. And Mrs. Wells, though. A lot of their neighbors and so-called friends ostracized them, but they stuck by Allison all the way. I was just talking about that in bed with Allison last ni… Could we roll the tape back, please?

Interviewer: Sure. Later. Who else reacted badly?

William Jones: The bad kids and bullies in school. They were the kind who found a reason for calling every kid they saw a "faggot." When they saw Allison, the former Danny, show up the first day of school in eighth grade wearing pretty dress, cute shoes and make-up it was as if a nuclear device had exploded in them. They called her "Super Faggot" and because I was devoted to her and spent all the time I could with her, they called me "Super Faggot’s Bitch." It was really ugly.

Interviewer: How did Allison react?

William Jones: I think you should interview one of the bullies to get that answer.

Interviewer: All right. We will.



Interview with Biff O’Malley, Allison Grace Wells’ childhood acquaintance, November 30, 2028

Interviewer: So you were Allison Grace Wells’ bully?

Biff O’Malley: Yeah. I guess I was. Does that make me famous?

Interviewer: I don’t think so. Why did you pick on her?

Biff O’Malley: It was what I did. You don’t ask a bird why it flies. My boys and me had a mission. We had to identify and "out" the junior high’s faggots. It was a public service.

Interviewer: Was there a need for that service?

Biff O’Malley: There sure was. The school was filled with them. Let me tell you how we knew who they were. If you were small and weak or big and fat, you were a faggot. If you were too smart in school or you wore bright colors, faggot. And if you had blue eyes, definitely a faggot.

Interviewer: Did you know what a faggot was at that time?

Biff O’Malley: Well, yeah. It was every guy except me and my boys.

Interviewer: Did you call Allison Grace Wells a faggot?

Biff O’Malley: He was a super faggot and still is! We all let him and his gay friend Billy have it both barrels.

Interviewer: How did Allison react?

Biff O’Malley: He ignored it for a while. Then one day, I spit on his girlie shoes and he [unintelligible].

Interviewer: What was that?

Biff O’Malley: He beat me up. Bad. I cried. He kicked me in the nuts with his spike heels. I went and got three of my boys and we jumped him.

Interviewer: Four of you? What happened?

Biff O’Malley: [Unintelligible]

Interviewer: What?

Biff O’Malley: He kicked all of our asses. The faggot queer!

Interviewer: What did you do then?

Biff O’Malley: We moved on to other faggots to intimidate in school. But then Wells told us that he would beat us up again if we touched anyone or harassed anyone in school.

Interviewer: Did you do what Allison asked?

Biff O’Malley: Well, yeah. But we still carried on our campaign after Wells went away to college. Except for Thurston. Wells put some spell on him and he became a faggot too.

Interviewer: Such brave young men.




Interview with Vanessa Sanders, Allison Grace Wells’ childhood friend. December 6, 2028

Interviewer: You were Allison Grace Wells’ first female lover.

Vanessa Sanders: That’s true, I’m proud to say. She was thirteen. I was twelve. I knew who she was. Everyone at our junior high did. But I was strongly attracted to her from the beginning. My little pussy got all gooey every time I saw her. I told my mom and she took me right to the doctor and got me on birth control.

Interviewer: How did you become lovers?

Vanessa Sanders: We lived a couple of blocks from her. I had known Danny all my life. The only kid who would talk to Allison that first year was Billy, but he was in love with her. I figured she needed a girl for a friend, so I started talking to her. The other kids avoided me after that. But I didn’t care if I could have Allison.

One day, she invited me to her house. Her mom and dad were home, but they didn’t try to control Allison anymore, so we went up to her room and locked the door.

We knew we wanted each other, so we kissed. It was dreamy!

Interviewer: Did you do anything else?

Vanessa Sanders: We fucked.

Interviewer: In what way?

Vanessa Sanders: Lots of ways. That first time, Allison asked me to take my top off, so I did. I had a wraparound skirt on and I took that off as well. By this time my little pussy was all wet and gooey and my thighs were soaked with my juices. My titties were just starting to grow then. Each was the size of a plum and they were mostly nipple. I took my bra off and stood there in my saturated panties and little girl socks.

Interviewer: What did Allison do?

Vanessa Sanders: She kissed me and held me and told me how beautiful I was. That made my cheeks hot and my panties more sopping. Then she stripped to her underwear. She was completely flat-chested at that time, but her nipples still looked girlie and yummy. Her white bikini panties were all bulging with Allison’s pretty prickie and balls. The head was sticking out over the top of the panties and it was all red and sticky. It looked delicious. As we stood, Allison sucked my little plum titties and stroked my butt with her hands. She was wearing high heels, I remember, she almost always did. She sat on the bed to get more comfortable and kept sucking my titties. It was so intense. I loved getting my little nubbers sucked. Allison held my thighs on the outside and actually rubbed the insides against each other. They were so wet and it felt so good, I made the first cum of my life. I shook with pleasure and squeaked Allison’s name. Allison was delighted that she could bring me such pleasure.

Interviewer: Then what happened?

Vanessa Sanders: I pushed Allison down on the bed and lay on top of her kissing her and licking out the inside of her mouth. Then I kissed her sweet little nipples. She liked that. Then I pulled her panties down and stroked her prickie. She really liked that. It was the first prickie I had ever touched or seen up close and it was a beauty. I’ve seen a few since then, but Allison’s was, I don’t know, really feminine. It was long and thin and it had the cutest blue veins running through it. It was very warm to the touch and it was leaking hot sticky juice when I touched it. Her balls were pink and pretty. They were all loose and hanging really low when I first touched them. You could just tell they were full of hot lovejuice.

Allison is a great kisser and she knows what to do with her hands. Even then, sex was a total body thing with her. She slipped my panties down to my one ankle, which wasn’t easy because they were very wet and sticky.

It was so exciting. It was like making love to a woman, only better, because of her prickie and because it was Allison.

She asked me to lie on my back. I did and I spread my legs. My little pussy was dripping so much I was afraid I was going to float away. Allison looked around and found my little love button. It was all red and puffy from all the excitement. Allison kissed it, sucked it and then, Holy Cow, gave it a tiny lovebite. Yeow! I arched my back and must have cum for ten minutes. I was shaking with lust and Allison kept kissing me and cuddling me to calm me down. Then she dove into my little muffy again and ate my coozie until I came three more times. Hard.

Interviewer: Had Allison come yet?

Vanessa Sanders: That apparently wasn’t her plan yet. And Allison executes her plan. Well, those were my first orgasms and Allison was love-imprinted on my brain forever after that. Allison and I still fu.. I mean talk regularly. I wanted to suck her sweet prickie then but Allison wanted to see what being the fucker was like. So that’s what we did. She got on top of me and kissed me all over. I felt totally possessed. She put her big prickie at the entrance to my muffie, then she teased me with it. She rubbed her peehole against my clittie and made me come two more times. On the last one, she eased her love pole into me slowly, kissing me on the mouth and whispering her love and admiration. I had broken my hymen in athletics, so she didn’t hurt me. But I was so tight, it felt as if I were totally filled up. She rolled me on my right side and began to fuck me slowly. We kissed. I had never been so happy. Then she reached around my left hip and felt my ass. All of a sudden, Zowie, I had two of Allison’s manicured fingers up my butt. This was another totally new sensation, and a spectacular one. We rubbed nipples. We kissed. She stroked her fingers in my butt. She fucked my hairless little muffie. She made a little sissy grunt. Then another. It was great to see Allison losing control, even if it was so she could come a couple of gallons. She kissed me hard and flooded my pussy with too many globs of girlie goo to count. I came again. And again. I never wanted that moment to end. It did. But ten minutes later, we went again.

After round two, Allison taught me what she knew about cocksucking. She knew a lot and I was an excellent pupil. It was the first time I tasted Allison’s delicious girl juice. I’ve had the pleasure hundreds of times since.

Interviewer: How did your life change after that?

Vanessa Sanders: It changed a lot. I’ve been in love with Allison Wells since that day, but I’m in a long line. We both had other partners, you met my husband on the way in today, but Allison still found time for me when I needed her. And not just sexually.

The immediate effect, however, was that I was ostracized by the other kids my age. Billy and I became known as lovers of "that queer fuck, Danny Wells" and no one talked to us for a whole year. They didn’t insult us or anything, because they knew Allison would rearrange their features. They scorned us.

But then the earth began to move. Unknown to us, there were several TG people in our town. They were so far in the closet that they had a mothball under each armpit, but they heard about Allison and us and were sympathetic. They started posting news about Allison, Billy and me on their message boards. Paula-somebody on two message boards was posting hourly TG alerts about us. The community was beginning to stir at the notion of am 8th grade girl with huge pink balls.

Allison was contacted by an organization named Prisoner Exchange. They were so impressed that they put their facilities at her total disposal for free. The summer before high school began, Allison went to a PE facility and got herself breasts and a few other moderate surgical and chemical enhancements. If you look at Allison today, you’ll know she didn’t go crazy with the enhancements. She got herself 35C breasts, which are great, but not in Danni Ashe’s league. She didn’t really mess with her face at all except for losing the beard and Adam’s apple. She’s pretty, but not gorgeous. As Tracey said about Hepburn, she’s not big, but what she’s got is "cherce." When she looks into your eyes, the other stuff just seems meaningless. She’s a once in a lifetime personality.

Interviewer: How did the school administrators treat Allison Grace Wells?

Vanessa Sanders: Like dopes. In junior high, she had to use the boy’s room. So she would walk up to the urinal, lift up her skirt, pull her panties down to her knees and let it rip. No boys ever bothered her. They were terrified of her. Some were disgusted and some were aroused. But Allison got noticed and that’s what she wanted.

Interviewer: What about in high school?

Vanessa Sanders: At first it was worse. I remember Allison had to take freshman swimming with all the boys. By rule, the boys had to wear red boy’s trunks and bare chests. So Allison did. When she came out that first time, every boy in class and the instructor were packing wood when they saw Allison’s pretty titties. Allison acted as if nothing was strange and learned to swim with the boys. In the locker room, most of the boys avoided her when she took her shower, but Jim Thurston watched long and hard, just like his cock was when he looked at her. She gained a disciple one day in just ten luscious minutes with Jim. That’s the way Allison has always been. If you showed her simple human respect, she would always give you what you needed.

The school’s insistence on Allison wearing a boy’s swimsuit captured the attention of the national media and Allison’s story started to spread. It was the beginning of her public life.



Interview with James Thurston, Allison Grace Wells’ childhood friend, December 7, 2028

Interviewer: What did you think of Allison Grace Wells when you first met her?

James Thurston: I thought she was a guy being a super faggot. I was wrong.

Interviewer: Were you part of Biff O’Malley’s "anti-faggot patrol?"

James Thurston: I’m sorry to say that I was. But I experienced an epiphany the day I saw Allison in the shower after the first swimming class. She was so brave and so resolute. She was going places. Even I could see that. Swimming was the last class of the day. Even Allison didn’t want to stir the pot until it erupted, so she waited until everyone took their showers and left before she went into the boys’ shower. I waited too. I was drawn to her. I didn’t want to be like O’Malley any more. I wanted to be somebody. Allison saw that in me.

Interviewer: What happened that day?

James Thurston: Allison was in the boys’ shower, naked and soaped up. She was washing her hair and humming a little tune. I stepped in naked and took a showerhead as far away from her as I could. I had seen how she could fight and I was taking no chances. I soaped up and made little glances in her direction. She had a great body. Still does. She had these perfect mid-size titties and wide hips. She had strong, shapely legs and long black hair. And she had an outstandingly lovely cock and cute pink balls. It looked so feminine and pretty. It’s a good thing I was in the shower because I was drooling. Allison soaped up her cock really well and was teasing it. It got big and hard and she glanced at me and asked, "Is there something you want to say to me, Jim?"

Interviewer: Was there?

James Thurston: Not at first. I was tongue-tied with shame for how I had acted toward her and other people who were different. I felt the guilt and disgrace and began to sob. Allison walked over to me and hugged me, both of us wet and naked. She said to me, "It’s OK, Jim. I forgive you. Do right by people and you’ll feel better." A rush of love came over me and my life was changed forever.

Interviewer: I’ll say. You’re a legend in defending the dignity of people denied it for so long. You and Allison Grace Wells were co-founders of Equal Dignity in 2015.

James Thurston: Allison was the force behind that. I did help her, though. That day in the shower sticks in my mind. I could smell her shampoo. Her naked body next to mine was intoxicating. When I stopped weeping, she faced me, put her strong arms around my neck, rubbed her prickie against my cock and her titties against my chest and kissed me. It was the most electrifying moment of my life. We kissed like that for about ten minutes and I felt the lava stirring in my balls. I told her so and she said, "I know, Jim, I know," and kept kissing me. She held me while I shuddered through a force ten orgasm all over her prickie and tummy. When I had recovered a bit, I sank to my knees and gave her the first blowjob I had ever given. It wasn’t pretty, but it was loving. She came with the cutest squeal in a couple of minutes. I swallowed her delicious cum and I was Allison’s friend and lover forever.

Interviewer: What did Biff O’Malley think about all this?

James Thurston: He was displeased, but scared shitless of Allison. I punched him in the mouth just for fun when I told him I was leaving his gang.

Interviewer: Good for you.



Interview with Caitlin Cox, Allison Grace Wells’ childhood friend, December 9, 2028

Interviewer: How did you meet Allison Grace Wells?

Caitlin Cox: I was in another high school across town when I read about Allison in the local paper and Time magazine. I was stricken by her courage. Here I was, a little sissy boy named Albert dressing in my sister’s lingerie and whacking off and Allison was going to swimming class with her breasts hanging out to prove a point. I called her and asked if I could come by her house some time. She agreed, but only if I dressed as Caitlin, not Albert, and I had to take public transportation to get to her house. I gulped, but we set a date. She told me to bring a change of Caitlin’s clothes, because I would be staying over. Her mother and mine discussed it and it was all set.

Interviewer: Were you scared to go out dressed?

Caitlin Cox: Terrified, but I wanted to meet Allison so badly, so I did it. I wore a lovely short, pleated skirt, powder blue sweater, black stockings with garters and black, two-inch pumps. I remember the smell of the Opium perfume I was wearing and the tug of my garters as I walked. I was sure everyone would stare and yell, "faggot" at me or something, but I was able to blend in well and arrived without incident.

Allison came to the door when I rang and greeted me warmly. She hugged me and introduced me to her mother and father as Caitlin. That was a first for me. I wasn’t that schmoe, Albert. I was Caitlin. By going across town dressed, I had earned that right. My self-esteem bubbled up.

After cookies and milk in the kitchen, Allison offered to show me her room. Mrs. Wells said dinner would be in two hours, so we could talk upstairs.

Interviewer: Did you talk?

Caitlin Cox: A lot. When we got to her room, Allison told me how proud she was that I was coming out like this. She told me about an idea she had for a new organization called Equal Dignity. For the first time, someone would be advocating that all who are "different" be afforded the same dignity any American expects. She said that people’s hearts were big enough to accept all their human brothers and sisters. They just needed some encouragement and awareness. It wasn’t just TGs she cared about. It was minorities, older people, the poor and disadvantaged, the disabled, even people who are just less physically attractive. And it wouldn’t be about laws making it a crime not to have a ramp entrance. It was about giving all Americans the freedom to accept everyone they met as a useful, important person.

Interviewer: Wow. So she knew even then.

Caitlin Cox: She is a once-in-a-lifetime person. That day, we had a wonderful dinner with her parents, meat loaf and mashed potatoes, I think. Then we helped with the dishes and went upstairs again. Allison closed the door and asked me if I would like to have sex with her. She said it would be just fine if I didn’t because everyone’s preferences are different.

Interviewer: What did you say?

Caitlin Cox: I told her I ached to have sex with her. She kissed me and said, "Well, then. Let’s."

She asked me to raise my skirt to see what I was wearing. I had wispy, little, black, see-though panties, a slip and a black garter belt. Allison licked her lips and said, "Very nice! I hate pantyhose, don’t you?" I agreed.

Allison took off her skirt and so did I. She was wearing lingerie similar to mine. She walked over in her pretty, strappy heels and hugged me. She was two inches taller, even though I was a senior and she was a freshman. She kissed me and I felt a jolt of energy enter my body. My poor stiffie was red and my ball bag was purple with lust. She stroked my hair and kissed me tenderly. Allison once told me she never had sex with anyone she didn’t love. I think she has a huge capacity to love and an ability to know whom she loves and why.

Interviewer: So what about the sex?!?!

Caitlin Cox: Oh, yeah. Well, we took off our tops and I just had an old stuffed bra, but Allison had a fine pair of titties, much as mine are today, thanks to her inspiration. I sat on the bed, drew her to me and began to nurse on her titties. She cooed so cutely. As I was licking her nipples, I reached in her panties and pulled out the prettiest cock on earth. It was velvety smooth, yet hard as diamonds. The foreskin was very long and was skinned back to expose the pink lips of her peehole. I leaned down and licked and tongued those soft lips and was greeted by a sweet glob of natural lubricant. Allison appreciated it very much. She drew me to my feet and kissed me again, reaching into my scanty panties and extracting my bad little girl. Her touch was angelic. I could smell her musky perfume. She slicked my foreskin up. Then down. More sweet kissing. Then up. Then down. Then I whimpered softly, grunted twice and doused her soft fingers with the hot juice of love. She was making little encouraging sounds to me all the while. Even though I was the older one, Allison was the mother.

Cum was all over my privates when Allison asked me to lie back on the end of the bed. Allison took some cum drops on her right middle and index fingers and slowly, lovingly, entered my anus with them. I winced a little when she entered to the first knuckle. I had never had anything in my pooper before. Allison knew I would enjoy her fingers up there, so she kept scooping up my cum and using it to lubricate my honey pot. My tushie hole was all cummy and her fingers were taking me on a grand tour of heaven when she stopped and replaced her fingers with the glans of her stiff pricklet. I looked at her and groaned with desire. My prickie stood erect on my soft belly. As she pushed forward, I felt a slight burn, but I locked eyes with Allison and she could have put a redwood tree up there if she wanted. When it was all in, I winced a little, but sighed with love. My erection had dissipated from the insertion, but I was incredibly aroused. Allison began to stroke and stoke the hot fire of love. Rapture was too mild a word. It was joy. It was ecstasy. It was cum firing from my limp prickie all over my chest, neck and face. Wow! Allison was so pleased when she saw me cum. She smiled, but it turned into a slight grimace when she felt her perfect storm reach its peak. Hot……gooey……sexy……cum from the future leader of a great movement. She cupped my balls as she came and gave them an expert squeeze that allowed me to join her orgasm with two soft globs of my own.

When she withdrew, my butt was wide open and, since it was my first time, it was a little sore and burned a little. Allison was such a considerate lover that she fell to her knees and kissed and licked my hole, and all its cummy emissions, until it was relatively back to normal. Then she kissed and hugged me. And fucked me twice more that night and once in the morning. It was the most erotic night of my life and it changed my life.

Interviewer: How did it change your life?

Caitlin Cox: I had the courage to take charge of my life. After that, I never dressed as a male again. I made modifications to my body. I found a man I love and we’re happily married with three wonderful adopted children. And Allison and I make love whenever we have the chance. Later, I joined Equal Dignity and gave it all I had. It turned out pretty well, don’t you think?

Interviewer: There’s no doubt about that.



Interview with Robert Towns, Allison Grace Wells’ high school counselor, December 13, 2001

Interviewer: What was your relationship with Allison Grace Wells?

Robert Towns: I had the honor of being her guidance counselor in high school and have been her friend since she graduated.

Interviewer: What was she like then?

Robert Towns: She was on a mission and gaining converts to her point of view every day. At first, she had two friends, Billy Jones and Vanessa Sanders. After the stupid administrators made themselves a national laughing stock by making the lovely young girl wear a boy’s bathing suit to swimming class, James Thurston, a former bully, joined her circle. After that, people in town’s attitudes began to change. Many became Allison’s friends. Most began to change their attitudes about the respect they showed for each other.

Early on, Allison attracted people who were different, especially people who were in some sort of closet, and needed her strength to come out. Soon, she passed that strength on to others, who in turn imparted their strength. I knew it was working when the beautiful, the straight, and the righteous began to accept her message of equal dignity for all.

Interviewer: Was her appeal religious?

Robert Towns: Not really. Allison has always been a devoted Catholic, but her Equal Dignity message is based on human morality as much as anything.

Interviewer: Did Allison Grace Wells ever have doubts?

Robert Towns: Allison is as human as the rest of us. To the world, she was steadfast and resolute, but she cried in despair and self-doubt several times with me. She also lived in some fear of her life. She worried that some enraged man would try to kill her. She wasn’t afraid of women. When women are confronted by the unknown, they usually try to understand it. When men face the unknown, they often try to kill it.

By the time Allison was a senior, our town had changed a lot. I would say that 90% of the town had become incredibly tolerant of "different" people. They enjoyed the celebrity that Allison had brought the town. It was fun to see her on Politically Incorrect and Larry King. Of course, the unrepentant ten percent were nasty and always will be.

When she went off to college, the town missed her, but her influence remained. It became the best place in America to live and raise a family. Even U.S. News said so.



Interview with James Wilder, Allison Grace Wells’ husband, December 18, 2001

Interviewer: Governor, how did you meet Allison Grace Wells?

James Wilder: When I began my first run for governor in 2016, I pledged to campaign in every town in the state. Everyone told me Woodville was too isolated, but I wanted to keep my pledge. When I arrived by helicopter, I had a bone-crushing toothache and was forced to visit a local dentist, Dr. Peter Miller. He was an excellent dentist, but I was very nervous about what he was going to do to me. His dental assistant, Melanie Brown, was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I thought she was about 45 years old. It turns out she was 60! I kept staring at her as Dr. Miller got ready for surgery. Melanie was an angel. She suggested that she could relieve my tension by a tried and true Woodville way and I agreed.

Well, Melanie undid my belt, unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my knees. She lifted my shirt and put a towel on my stomach. I was startled but excited too. Melanie kneeled on a pad by the side of the dentist’s chair and stroked my cock lovingly. As she manipulated my foreskin, she told me everything was going to be all right. I believed her. Then she put my raging cock into her soft, wet mouth and sucked it with consummate skill. This was the best dentist’s visit of my life! She giggled with pleasure when she saw me arch my back and groan with lust. When she put two wet fingers in my pooper, I lost it. I pumped five big globs of manly goo into her cupid’s mouth and she licked it all up greedily. She smiled at me, put my pants back together and kissed me lovingly. I don’t even remember what D. Miller did to my teeth, but it didn’t hurt a bit.

As I was leaving, Melanie suggested that I stay overnight and meet Allison Grace Wells, who was speaking in Woodville that evening. I asked her why Allison was there and she answered by lifting up her skirt, exposing her fantastic, stocking-encased legs, creamy thighs, pink bikini panties and big, hard cock tenting the panties. I expressed my surprise. Melanie told me the history of Woodville and how every woman in town, aged 13 and above, had boobies and a cock. I was incredibly aroused. I fell to my knees and gave Melanie the best time I knew how at that point in my life. It seemed to be good enough, because she squealed with delight and pumped three sweet globs of her girlie juices into my hungry mouth.

That day, I established the two best relationships of my life – Melanie, who is now 72, but still one of the 100 best fucks in North America, and Allison, whose lecture I eagerly attended that evening.

Her voice was power itself and her message of love and acceptance touched every heart in the room. I hadn’t even met her yet and I was half in love with her.

After the lecture, my matchmaker friend Melanie introduced us. When I touched Allison’s 27-year-old hand, I saw my future. I was to be the luckiest man in America – Allison’s lifelong soulmate and husband.

Interviewer: Were you in love immediately?

James Wilder: I was. Allison was intrigued by my run for governor, especially at the age of only 35. She asked me where I stood on various issues. I told her the truth and she knew I did. She must have agreed with much of what I said, because she asked if I would walk her back to the Woodville Inn.


Interviewer: Then what happened?

James Wilder: She invited me in and began to undress. "I felt what you felt, Jimmy," Allison said. Can you believe that? "I felt what you felt."

I took my clothes off and savored the sight in front of me. She was not beautiful in the traditional sense, she didn’t have a perfect body, but she was the most attractive person I had ever seen. Her eyes drew me to her. Her cock was red, skinned and proud. Its ruby head was peeking out from her long foreskin. We held each other naked and sobbed with the joy that comes with finding your one true love and knowing it.

We kissed. I adored her mouth and then her lovely titties. She moaned with a powerful lust. As I had with Melanie, I kneeled and worshiped her naughty little girlie stick. Allison squeaked and fell back on the bed. She held her stockinged legs up and showed me her pink and brown rosebud. "Please lick me, Jimmy," she pleaded. "I want you inside me."

I licked her until she begged me to stop and put my cock into her. I had never fucked an asshole before. Allison’s fit me as if it had been designed for my cock. Maybe it had. It felt a little dryer than a pussy and a little tighter. Allison loved it. I had her on her back and I could tell it was not a position the dominant Allison was used to. I overpowered her with my hairy, manly body, fucking her as I would an XX girl. She seemed to love it. I contorted a bit and kissed her red lips, sucking the lipstick from her bottom lip. She cooed with pleasure. I told her I loved her and she told me she knew I did and that she loved me too. She smelled of wildflowers in spring. I reached between our bellies and stroked her rampant prickie. It had shrunk a little with the shock of anal entry, so I was able to get a nice movement going with her foreskin. I could feel Allison surrendering to me and I loved it.

I felt my oldest, best friend coming for his inevitable visit. Allison did too. She squeaked and groaned out, "Oh, Jimmy, you wonderful man. I’m going to cum a bucket. Oh, Jimmy. Eeeeeeeeeee." And she woke the dead with her scream. As I felt her cum leaping through my fingers, I felt her ass muscles tighten and her red, lacquered nails dig into my back. That did me in. Moments later I filled her delicious butt with all I had. My balls gave a four-star effort and flooded her insides. Allison squealed with love and came again. This time in a slow, girlie drool, but in Dolby surroundsound.

I groaned out a marriage proposal and Allison accepted immediately. I was and am the happiest man in America.

Interviewer: Did things go smoothly right away?

James Wilder: Not with my political advisers. They wanted me miles away from a figure as controversial as Allison. They also pointed out that a marriage between us was illegal in our state, since Allison was still legally a man. And so was I. They begged me not to announce our engagement until after the election, six months in the future. I called a press conference and announced it that night.


Interviewer: I remember. Then what?

James Wilder: Allison and I set a date in mid-October, right before the election. I asked my long-time friend Bishop Rick O’Hara, who is the bishop of our state to marry us. It was scheduled for a Saturday afternoon at the football stadium of the state university.


Interviewer: Were you worried?

James Wilder: Allison and I had no idea what would happen. We knew that Bishop O’Hara would catch flak from Rome, but he insisted in doing the wedding. We were worried that someone would try to kill us in rage. We had issued an open invitation to the wedding at the stadium and we were worried that only our detractors would show up. Or worse, no one would show. And, since we wanted to do good things for the people of our state, we worried that I would lose the election.


Interviewer: How did the polls look?

James Wilder: Bad. I was an underdog at the beginning and my numbers sank. My advisers, the ones who didn’t leave what they thought was a sinking ship, begged me to ditch Allison and save my campaign. I did not. Two days before our wedding, I was trailing by 20 percentage points. Allison went on national TV. She was lovely. She talked about love and what it meant to her. She talked about how love could make our state and our country great if we didn’t keep it to ourselves, but shared it broadly. And she talked about how much she loved me and how, win or lose, she was looking forward to our life together. Allison wept. I wept. The interviewer wept. America wept.



Interview with Bishop Richard O’Hara, who presided at the wedding of James Wilder and Allison Grace Wells, January 6, 2029

Interviewer: It’s amazing that you are still Bishop twelve years and three months after you performed what was then an illegal marriage against strict orders from Rome.

Bishop O’Hara: No one is more amazed than I. I was telling my dear wife, Mary Ellen Miller, the other night what a catalyst the Wilder-Wells was for this country and the Catholic Church.

Interviewer: How did it happen?

Bishop O’Hara: I was told specifically, by highest authority, not to perform the wedding. I examined my conscience, reviewed my warm feelings for Allison and Jim, considered what it meant to be an American and a human being, and said something like, "Fuck it."

That day, security was tight. I was afraid some rightwing nut would try to kill one or all of us. We got there two hours early and were sequestered, so we didn’t know what the crowd looked like. At the appointed time, Jim and his groomsmen and I went to the altar and were stunned by what we saw. One hundred thousand cheering, jubilant people and another hundred thousand outside, watching the weeding on a large TV screen. The national TV audience was bigger than the Super Bowl and there was not a boo to be heard.

Allison was radiant and the wedding was one of history’s finest. Jim won his election by 25 points. Soon after he took the executive’s chair, the state passed a law that allowed any two people who loved each other and wanted to share their lives to married. Not a civil partnership. Married! Of course Allison campaigned hard for a national constitutional amendment and that was passed in 2025, with the states ratifying it in record time. As of June 22, 2028, people in love can marry in the United States. Equal dignity has come to pass.

Of course Allison didn’t limit her activities to that amendment. She encouraged everyone to emerge from their closets and for everyone to support them. When three TG employees at a Savealotmart in Sandusky, Ohio showed up for work in dresses for the first time, Savealotmart fired them, quoting nonexistent or misinterpreted Bible passages as justification. Allison called for a national boycott of Savealotmart.

When interviewed, she was asked, "So are saying that all TGs should boycott Savealotmart?"

Allison said, "I’m not saying that at all. I’m saying that all Americans who believe in justice and fairness and who love other people should boycott Savealotmart."

She brought Savealotmart to its knees in a week. The Bible was reinterpreted and the TGs were rehired. Savealotmart became a major contributor to Equal Dignity.

Interviewer: How did all this affect you?

Bishop O’Hara: It made me proud to be an American. I was defrocked for about 48 hours as a result of marrying Allison and Jim. Then my fellow American bishops rose as one to tell Rome that they were prepared to break off from Rome, elect their own pope and stop sending American money to Rome.

Interviewer: What happened?

Bishop O’Hara: It was a miracle. I was reinstated immediately. Soon after, on a tour of the state, I arrived in Woodville and met Mary Ellen Miller, the former Tommy Miller, and a five-star, 28-year-old babe of the highest order. We fell in love and were married. Rome backed down again and priests around the world can now marry. Vocations have increased ten-fold and many of the church’s problems have disappeared.

Interviewer: You’re a brave man.

Bishop O’Hara: Allison was a phenomenal role model.


Live coverage of Allison Grace Wells. January 20, 2029.

I, Allison Grace Wells, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.




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