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I am not an environmentalist nut, but I needed a semi-plausible means of magically switching Harry and Tammy. A Shaman from the Amazon Rain Forrest seemed as good of an excuse as any. Plus, it does make my story at least a little socially conscious. I hope you enjoy it.


Freaky Saturday             by: Carol Collins


Harry opened another beer and sat down to watch a Saturday morning ball game on television. The thirty-five year old, six foot two, lawyer wore a team logo tee shirt and black shorts. His dark hair was worn short and he was rather handsome. It was his and Dottie’s weekend to keep Tammy. Gwen, his ex-wife, had a hot date or something and was supposed to be gone all weekend. She had dropped off his fourteen-year-old daughter on her and Mark’s way out of town.

Tammy had wanted Harry to take her to some "Save the Amazon River Rain Forrest" cultural type of event at the civic center. He told her that there was a ball game on television this morning that he had wanted to watch and he would not be able to take her. Dottie would not be home from grocery shopping until later in the afternoon, so she would not be able to take her, either. Tammy had gone to her room to pout.

Tammy, like her mother, had naturally blonde hair and blue eyes. Harry had been attracted to Gwen because of her beautiful face and body. His daughter had inherited this beauty. Tammy had her long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail that was high on the back of her head. Her mother only allowed her to wear a minimum of cosmetics and pastel shades of lipstick. Her pouting lips were a glossy pink. She wore a pair of small gold hoop earrings, a red silk scarf that was tied around her slender neck, a pink sweater, which was stretched over her C cup cone shaped breasts, a red belt around her unbelievably narrow waist, a tight red mini skirt that curved out in back around her shapely bottom, tan pantyhose and shiny red shoes that had two inch heels. She had to talk fast to get her mother to buy the high heel shoes for her. With the high heels, she went from her five foot five inches tall to five foot seven. She knew that high heels would make all the boys notice her and she loved the attention.

Yesterday, at her school, a South American Indian Medicine Man, a Shaman, had visited her school. He had picked her out of the entire student body to help demonstrate some of his magic. The rest of the students and faculty had applauded as he had made her body levitate up into the air. She didn’t know how he had done it. There were no wires or other tricks being used. Afterwards, he had given her a small leather bag and told her that it was a magic talisman and would allow her to do great things. He had told her that she had an aura of magic that surrounded her and that she was destined to help save the Amazon Rain Forrest. Tammy had hoped to get to the Civic Center on Saturday afternoon to hear the Shaman’s speech. She asked herself, "How will I be able to fulfill the prophecy of saving the Rain Forrest if I can’t even go to hear today’s speech?"

Tammy sat on her bed and held the talisman in her delicate hands and wished that her father could understand what it was like to be a young girl like she was. At the same moment, sitting in his padded recliner in the den, Harry was wishing that Tammy knew what it was like to be a father and have to go to work everyday. Both became very sleepy, laid their heads back and were unconscious in only moments. Needless to say, Harry missed the game on television.

Tammy slowly awoke to the most pleasant sensation that she had ever experienced in her young life. It reminded her of the feelings she had felt when her best friend, Vickie, had spent the night with her and had talked her into letting her show her what some boy had done for her. Tammy had been masturbating for a couple of years already, but she was unprepared for the sensations that Vickie had given her when her dark haired friend had ducked her head under the covers and had slipped Tammy’s panties down and used her tongue on Tammy’s young vagina and clitoris. Tammy still remembered her orgasm very vividly. It now felt as if she was building up to another such orgasm.

Tammy’s eyelids fluttered open as she felt and heard the slight sounds of someone licking and sucking on her erogenous zone. The first thing she noticed, other than the delicious feeling coming from her excited crotch, was that she was not in her bedroom. She glanced down and almost screamed. Her redheaded stepmother, Dottie, was going down on her as she lay in her father’s reclining chair! That would have been shocking enough, but what had caught her immediate attention, and kept her speechless, was the fact that her stepmother was sucking her cock! Tammy was almost in shock. She wiggled around on the recliner as she felt her climax approaching. She wanted to jump up from the chair, but it was too late to stop the process now. It felt as if the entire center of her being swelled up and began exploding out of her pulsating erect penis. Dottie had large soft lips that were sucking every last drop of cum from Tammy’s balls. Tammy thrashed around and moaned for the minute of time that seemed to stand still for her. Finally, she collapsed back on the recliner as Dottie lapped up a few drops of semen that had gotten away from her in the excitement.

Tammy lay on the recliner panting for breath and trying to get control over the male body that she had awoken to find herself in. Dottie had moved up to kiss Tammy on the lips. Tammy tasted male sperm as her stepmother pressed her lips to hers. When their lips parted, Dottie smiled and whispered, "I saw that you and Tammy were asleep, and I know how much you enjoy me waking you up with a blowjob. How was it? Was it up to standard?" Tammy’s body was still trembling and she was in too much of a state of shock to verbally answer. She nodded her head as her stepmother pulled the front of her black shorts back up to cover her softening penis. Dottie smiled broadly with pleasure as she kissed Tammy’s lips again, then said, "I’ll start supper before I wake up Tammy." She left the room, leaving a dazed Tammy to ponder her situation.

The scenes on the television went completely unnoticed as Tammy tried to understand what had occurred. Looking down at herself, she could tell that she was in her father’s clothing and body. That meant that her father was probably in her body! She would have fainted with shock if she had not already been in a reclining position. Tammy felt of her chest. Her beautiful boobs, which she had been so proud of, were gone. Her father worked out at the gym twice a week, so she now had a muscular chest instead. Her large hands gently, timidly, slid down to the front of her body, across her flat stomach, until she felt of her new penis. Pleasant sensations accompanied the exploration of her new genitalia. Tammy looked over her shoulder to make sure that no one would catch her looking at "her father’s" penis before she lifted the waistband of the shorts and inspected the male equipment.

Tammy’s boyfriend, Bobby, had let her see and handle his penis several times. She had even gotten quite good at giving him hand-jobs. Last weekend, he had even convinced her to give him a blowjob. She had been hesitant, but had already secretly tasted of his semen after giving him a hand-job the previous week and had not found the sperm to be too repulsive. The way that her step mother had sucked down all of the sperm that she had gotten from Tammy’s balls made Tammy think that she should have been giving Bobby blowjobs for the last year or two. She now knew why Booby had seemed to enjoy it so much. Dottie had smacked her lips and swallowed the sperm as if she loved the taste. Of course, Tammy had enjoyed it, too.

Tammy was deep in thought as she was holding onto her new penis. She was startled when she heard her stepmother saying, "Don’t get too carried away with that thing, Harry. Remember, I’m your wife now and your cock belongs to me." Tammy jerked her hand out of her shorts and turned to see Dottie moving to sit on her lap. Dottie wiggled her rounded bottom on Tammy’s lap, causing her arousing penis to send signals to her brain. Tammy was trying to decide how to tell the voluptuous redhead sitting on her lap that she was not her father when Dottie pressed her soft red lips to hers. Her stepmother’s long red fingernails teased the back of her neck as her tongue penetrated her mouth. Tammy found herself in a situation that she could not even comprehend. This was her stepmother! Tammy also found that her penis was becoming erect as Dottie wiggled her soft bottom on it.

Dottie took one of her husband’s hands and pressed it against her right breast. Finally, she felt Harry’s tongue begin to move against hers. For some reason, he was slow to respond today. There had been a game on, but he had not seemed to be very interested in it. After all, he had been asleep when she had gotten home from the grocery store. Dottie had just come off her period last night and was wanting some loving. Harry’s cock was hard once again as she slid back and forth on it. Harry’s hand was timidly massaging her breast and was even pinching her excited nipple through her blouse and brassiere. She pulled her lips from her husband’s and asked, "The pot roast will take forty-five minutes to cook. Let’s go to the bedroom."

Tammy had sat there, in her father’s favorite chair, as her stepmother had managed to arouse her male body. Tammy had not meant to run her tongue into her stepmother’s mouth as they had kissed. Nor, had she meant to massage Dottie’s over-sized breasts or pinch her enormous nipples as Dottie squirmed on her lap. What had happened was, when Tammy’s penis got hard, it began thinking for her. When Dottie got off of her lap and pulled her to her feet, she let her stepmother lead her confused stepdaughter to the master bedroom. Tammy felt that she should be telling her stepmother that she was not her husband. She could try to explain that she was Tammy in her father’s body. At least, she could try. She did not believe it herself. Her hard cock, and the hormones that were being released into her male body, kept her quiet as Dottie closed the bedroom door behind them.

Dottie reached behind her, unzipped her green and white dress and let it slide down her body. Tammy had seen some of the men’s magazines and had wondered what was the fascination that men had for women in garter belts and nylons. Seeing her shapely redheaded stepmother in a low cut green satin D cup brassiere, matching bikini panties and garter belt, plus a pair of long length black nylon stockings answered her question! Tammy looked down to see that her penis was straining the fabric of her black shorts! Her stepmother moved closer, put out her hand and lovingly caressed the bulge in Tammy’s shorts. Tammy forgot about trying to tell Dottie that she really wasn’t her husband.

Every one has a natural curiosity about what the other gender experiences during the sex act. Tammy knew that she would not be able to explain what had happened to switch her and her father to the horny redhead that was gripping her hard penis through the nylon athletic shorts. Hell, Tammy couldn’t explain it to herself. Now, Tammy was as horny as her stepmother was.

When Dottie had moved up to mold herself against Tammy’s muscular body, Tammy noticed, for the first time, that she was now taller than her stepmother. Dottie lifted the tee shirt and pulled it off from Tammy’s masculine body. She leaned forward and gently nipped Tammy’s male nipples. That sensation was just as good as when Bobby had done the same for her last weekend. He had wanted to go farther, but Tammy would not let him remove her panties as they made out in her den after her mother had left for the store. Dottie’s hands returned to her stiff penis and her own hands moved to fondle the satin covered redhead’s breasts as if they had a mind of their own.

Dottie placed one hand behind Tammy’s neck and pulled her mouth down to her soft red lips. The male hormones coursing through Tammy’s body took over as her lips touched her stepmother’s. Her tongue probed the hot redhead’s mouth as their bodies pressed together. One of Tammy’s large hands moved to cup her stepmother’s shapely satin covered bottom cheeks, making the older woman moan in excitement. Tammy could not understand why fondling another woman’s breasts and bottom made her so sexually excited. Her penis was so swollen, she was afraid that it would burst. Her need to obtain sexual satisfaction was driving her to do things to her stepmother that she had never considered before today. She used her strong arms to pull the soft feminine body against her hard male cock. Tammy had never felt such intense sexual excitement in her young life.

Tammy found out what people had meant when they said that most men let their little head do most of the thinking for their big head. She was hot and needed to satisfy the primal craving that had taken hold of her masculine body. She moved her stepmother towards the inviting king sized bed as their tongues danced in each other’s mouths. Dottie reached behind her and unhooked the green satin straps that held her brassiere in place. Tammy found that her mouth was watering when she looked down to see the large pillow soft breasts wobbling on Dottie’s chest. She bent down and trapped one of the enormous pink nipples in her mouth and suckled on it for a couple of minutes before moving to the other one. Dottie pushed her green satin panties down and let them float down around her ankles.

Tammy knew she should not be doing this, but found her hand moving between the parted thighs of her stepmother to play in the moist groove located there. Her stepmother was very wet as her fingers tickled her hard little clitoris and her lips still sucked on the fat pink nipples. Dottie was moaning that she was about to cum. Tammy rubbed the stiff clitty even faster and sucked the stiff nipples that much harder. The hot redhead shuttered and shook in what she thought were her husband’s arms as she reached her climax. Tammy gently laid her stepmother on the bed.

Dottie lay on her back and watched as the black nylon shorts were pulled down over the stiff penis that had been giving her pleasure for over two years. It sprang upward and appeared to be longer and thicker than she had ever seen it before. She pulled her legs up until her body was practically doubled. This opened her vagina all the way so that Harry could sink his eight-inch tool all the way inside of her wet pussy in one long push. Harry moved into position, but had trouble lining his cock up with her hole. Dottie impatiently reached down and guided her husband’s thick cock to her hungry cunt. She moaned happily as it sank inside of her.

Tammy thought that this was the most wonderful feeling that she had ever known. Dottie’s vagina felt so warm and wet as it griped her rigid tool. No wonder guys were always trying to get a girl to put out for them. Putting her weight behind her penis, she looked down to see it disappear inside of the red haired vagina. At least, she now knew for sure that Dottie was a true redhead. When it was all the way inside of her stepmother, it seemed only natural for her to pull it back out so that she could drive it back in. Within a few seconds, Tammy was fucking her stepmother as if she had been doing it all her life. Dottie began to reach another orgasm, as Tammy’s hips were moving faster. It felt as it Dottie’s vagina was tightly gripping her pistoning penis as she came around Tammy’s cock. Tammy could no longer hold back. Tammy drove her cock deep into her stepmother’s belly and shook as her cock fired salvo after salvo of sperm up into her stepmother’s womb.

A few minutes later, they were both lying on the bed, cuddled together. Tammy’s breathing was slowing down to a normal rate. She was trying to decide how to best explain her situation to her stepmother when Dottie said, "You usually insist on putting on a condom when we make love. I guess you figure it is my safe period now." Tammy had been afraid of getting pregnant, as a girl, but, since she had become a guy, she had not thought about it during sex with her stepmother. She probably could make her stepmother pregnant if they were not careful. She remembered that her stepmother could not take birth control pills. She had not asked about what they were doing to prevent pregnancy. Now, she knew that her father was wearing condoms. It shocked her to think that she had just had sex with her stepmother and had not worn a rubber. What if she had made her father a father?

The door swung open and Tammy, or, what appeared to be Tammy, stood in the doorway. "What the hell is going on here?" She squealed in a high pitched voice. Dottie jumped up from the bed, wearing just her satin garter belt and nylon stockings, grabbed a light weight pink robe, ran into the bathroom and shut the door. Both Tammy and her father could see the juices running down the inside of the redhead’s thighs as she had hurriedly left the bedroom to clean up. Harry, in his fourteen-year-old daughter’s beautiful body, turned to his daughter, who lay on his king-sized bed, in the nude, and noticed that her cock was still coated with cum juice. "Look," he said, in his high pitched feminine voice, "I don’t know how you did this, but you have just ten seconds to change us back!"

Tammy lay back as she basked in the afterglow of sexual satisfaction and placed her hands behind her head, totally ignoring the fact that her male body was nude, and said, "What’s the hurry, Dad? I kind of like the new me." Harry wobbled toward the bed as quickly as the two-inch high heel shoes would allow him. He leaned down to look his daughter in the face and tried to growl in his new girlish voice. "Listen to me young lady, either you change us back right now or I’ll spank your bottom the way I did last year when your mother caught you sneaking out of the house to see your boyfriend while you were grounded! Plus, I’ll take away your allowance for the rest of the year!"

Ordinarily, Tammy would have done whatever she had been told to do. The threats would normally have had the desired effect. However, Tammy did not know, for sure, how the change had taken place. Plus, she was feeling the warm after-glow of her recent orgasm and was feeling entirely to good too let her father, in the small feminine figure of her own body, threaten her. And the talk of withholding her allowance? She was the one who could cash checks, not her father. She calmly smiled up at her cute girlish father from his marriage bed and stated, "I do not know how we were changed. Therefore, I do not know how to change us back." Still feeling the after glow of her male orgasm, she didn’t care if she ever found out how to change back.

Harry let out a feminine squeal and was about to begin cussing just as his wife came out of the master bathroom. Dottie was tying the sash of her pink robe around her small waist as she walked across the floor, bent over and kissed Tammy on the lips before going to the kitchen to check on the pot roast. Harry was speechless as he watched his wife kissing his daughter’s lips. He slowly sank to the bed and sat down as his mind comprehended what it was that his daughter and his wife had done in the privacy of his own bedroom. He turned his head toward his daughter, making the blonde ponytail tied high on the back of his pretty head sway back and forth, and said, "How could you?"

Tammy had been a man for only a few hours and had already had two great orgasms. So far, she loved being a male. She responded to her father’s question, "I can’t explain what happened. Dottie thought that I was you. She is really hot, isn’t she?" Harry thought that he was about to faint as he heard his daughter tell him how Dottie had awoken her with a blowjob. She had been doing that to him since before they had gotten married. Now, his wife had done it to his daughter. Well, it was his daughter, who happened to be in his body. He could not blame his wife or his daughter for that. But, to come to the bedroom and have sex with her stepmother, now that was different!

Tammy slowly stood up beside the bed. Her still wet cock was dangling down between her legs as she reached for the black nylon shorts. Harry found his eyes drawn to the slimy penis that, until a couple of hours ago, had been his, and found that his mouth was watering. He also noticed that there was a tingling deep inside of his belly. He averted his eyes so that he would not have to look at the wet glistening penis that now graced his daughter’s body. Tammy had noticed the look that her father had on his pretty face. She had no control over her penis as it almost leapt upwards and stood out straight in front of her. The male hormonal levels in her system caused her to want to tease her father before she slipped the nylon shorts on over her stiff penis. "Dad, how did you manage to keep this thing down? It seems to have a mind of its own. It even gets hard when I look at you. I guess they get hard over anything in a skirt?"

Harry could not control himself as he turned his head and saw the size of his daughter’s cock. He could not remember it ever being this big when it had belonged to him. It was so swollen; even the domed head was purple in color. He knew that his wife had milked cum from the hard cock twice in as many hours, yet, it was hard again and ready for use. He licked his pink-coated lips as he stared at the member that was even with his face and moving closer. Harry looked up into his daughter’s facial expression with his beautiful blue eyes. She had a smile on her handsome face and a gleam in her eyes. She stopped with her penis less than a foot from his watering mouth. Harry could smell the sperm and his wife’s juices coating the eight-inch tool that was bobbing up and down as if by magic only inches away.

Tammy had lost control and her cock was thinking for her again.

Harry looked up to see sexual excitement in his daughter’s masculine face. He knew this was wrong, so, when Tammy leaned forward the last couple of inches, and the big cock touched his painted lips and coated them with wet juices from his wife’s vagina and semen from his own testes, he pulled back. He was about to tell his daughter to move out of the way, or jump up and run from the room, when he made the mistake of instinctively licking his pink lipstick and cum coated lips. His pink tongue came out and tasted the juices on his lips and ended up licking them clean. Tammy’s mind was just as confused as her father’s. But, when she saw her dad’s pink tongue’s movement and his reaction, she automatically moved her prick back to his lips and coated them again. His tongue automatically came back out and licked his lips a second time. Tammy pressed her cock against his lips and held it there.

Harry wanted to protest the treatment that his daughter was giving him. After all, he was the father. He opened his mouth to complain, but Tammy pushed her swollen penis into her father’s pink lipstick coated lips and silenced him. He had never tasted anything so delicious in his entire life! Harry had gone down on Dottie many times. He had even gone down on her several times after he had shot his cum up inside of her red haired vagina. He told himself that this was no different than those times as his lips involuntarily formed a circle around the head of his daughter’s cock and he used his tongue to lick all of the juice that coated the thick eight-inch penis. His nipples and his crotch was no longer just tingling. They felt as if his nipples were tremendously swollen and there was a four-alarm fire blazing in his panties.

Tammy’s fingers moved to the back of her father’s head and began moving his blonde head back and forth on her stiff rod. Tammy knew that her girl’s body was still virgin, but still had an uncontrollable urge to screw her father. She reached down and played with her father’s pink sweater and brassiere covered breasts as she stroked her hard prick in and out of his soft pink lips. She reached down and pulled his sweater up and off from his teenage body. She looked down at the cleavage showing between his brassiered conical C cup tits and almost shot her cum down his throat.

Tammy pulled her almost ready to shoot cock out of her father’s mouth and sat down beside him on the bed. She pressed her own lips against her father’s mouth. She now knew what it was that Bobby felt when they had made out in the den of her mother’s house when her mother was not around. Her hands went behind her father’s slim back and unhooked the virginal white brassiere. His breasts were so firm and stood straight out in the shape of a pair of ice cream cones, each topped with pink cherry. Tammy pushed her sexually excited and now submissive father onto his back and sucked his nipples for the next several minutes as her hand moved up under his short skirt.

Harry was so confused by the physical wants and desires that dominated his actions. He simply could not understand why he had no self-control. Sure, he could not control his own daughter as she reveled in the sensations of the body of a man in his sexual prime. That was bad enough. What bothered him the most, though, was his inability to control his reactions to the hormonal levels in his daughter’s teenaged feminine body, which he now occupied. He experienced a state of complete surrender as Tammy sucked on his pink nipples and ran her large hand up his nylon-covered thigh to his vagina. His legs parted automatically as he had felt the hand approach his over-heated crotch. For all practical purposes, both father and daughter had no control over what was taking place. Each were prisoners to the elevated hormonal levels that were coursing through their bodies after the switching of bodies had taken place. It was as if they were on a run-away train and neither had control of the situation.

Harry had never experienced such a state of sexual excitement as he did when Tammy began to rub his virginal vagina through the pantyhose and white pair of panties. He was nearing a climax unlike any he had ever felt in his thirty-five years of life. Like huge ocean waves crashing on the beach, the waves of sexual pleasure built in intensity until a gigantic series of tidal waves devoured his consciousness. After having physical convulsions in Tammy’s strong arms for over a three-minute period of time, as he thrashed about in climax, he slumped back onto the bed, completely unconscious.

Poor Tammy was left sitting on the side of the king-sized bed with a raging hard on and a passed out father, in her own teenage body, in her muscular arms. She heard Dottie’s surprised voice from the bedroom doorway, "Harry! What are you doing to Tammy?" Tammy pulled her hands away from her father’s feminine body, jumped to her feet and turned to face her shocked stepmother. Tammy’s saliva covered rigid pole of hard flesh stood out in front of her body as she had turned. She opened her mouth to try to explain the situation to her stepmother, but noticed that the redhead seemed to be more interested in the size of her cock than her explanation.

Dottie untied the belt to her thin robe, shrugged it from her shoulders and let it fall to the carpeted bedroom floor. She still wore the green satin garter belt and black nylon stockings that she had worn when they had made love. Tammy’s eyes rove over the voluptuous figure of the horny redhead. Dottie moved in closer and gripped her husband’s saliva slicked cock in her hands and stroked it a couple of times as she whispered to him. "I never knew you had a thing for your own daughter. I always thought the two of you were too reserved and proper to do anything like this. Seeing the two of you like this reminds me of what my father and I did when I was a teenager. When he was killed in that car wreck, I lost a lover as well as a father." Her fingers played up and down the hard length of Tammy’s penis as she added, "I don’t mind you wanting to have sex with Tammy. She is a beautiful girl. Just remember, I’m your wife and you have to share her with me."

Tammy’s mind was really confused now. Her stepmother had just admitted that she and her father had incestuous relations, that she did not mind if Harry and Tammy had sex with each other and had implied that she wanted to have sex with her stepdaughter, too. Tammy’s libido overloaded with sensations as soon as Dottie lowered her wet sucking lips to the head of her pulsating cock. It felt like a milking machine had hold of her cock until a series of explosions was blasting the insides of her brain as she shot pulse after pulse of sperm down the ravenous redhead’s throat. Tammy collapsed backwards onto the bed beside the unconscious teenage girl’s body of her father. Dottie quickly climbed up and straddled her helpless form and sank her wet cunt onto Tammy’s still hard penis. It never had a chance to go down as the excited stepmother rode up and down on it until she had a climax of her own.

Harry had regained consciousness just in time to see his wife obtaining her orgasm as she bounced up and down on his daughter’s stiff penis. The shaking bed and their loud moans is what had awakened him. His own female body was still in a state of stupor from his mind numbing orgasm. He certainly had no room to criticize the actions of his daughter or his wife after the performance that he had put on for Tammy. He watched as his wife lovingly kissed his daughter’s masculine lips. He could tell that they were swapping tongues. His hand had idly moved to cup one of his bare breasts. He was amazed at the level of sensation that he got from his new boobs and their strawberry sized nipples. "How do women ever manage to keep their hands off from themselves?" He thought to himself as his fingers stroked his tender swollen nipples. That’s when he noticed that Tammy and Dottie were watching his fingers toying with his big pink nipples. He shyly pulled his hands away and pulled the bedspread up to cover his naked breasts.

Dottie was the first to speak. "Don’t be bashful now, Tammy. It’s too late to try to pretend to still be the innocent virgin. Besides, I like you much better this way. I think you and I are going to be very close friends after this. I love your father very much and I have tried to not interfere with your relationship. Now, I believe that we can all three share and become more than just friends." Dottie leaned over toward Harry and gently kissed his soft lips. "As much as I would love for us to stay in the bed for the rest of the night, I know that Harry has to recharge his batteries and we have to eat. So, supper is in ten minutes."

Dottie lifted up and off from her husband’s body, letting the softening penis slip from her wet dripping channel. She pulled Tammy, in her husband’s body, up to his feet and propelled her towards the bathroom. "Harry, take a quick shower, put on your bath robe and come to the dining room." She smiled as she watched her husband’s male buttock’s move through the bathroom door. She turned her attention to her stepdaughter, well, it was really her husband, but he was in his daughter’s body. She held out her hand and helped Harry up too. She looked down at the pair of tits that defied gravity as she said, "Tammy, I have fantasized about you since I first saw you. I go both ways. I like men and women. As much as I love your father, I sometimes find myself wanting the soft touch of another woman." She had moved closer, slipped her arms around her husband’s narrow waist and pulled him into an embrace.

Harry was almost in shock. Dottie had always been a free spirit. One of the things that had attracted him to her, besides her looks, was her enjoyment of life. His first wife, Gwen, had always been too strait laced. Now, Dottie gently touched her soft lips to his as their bare breasts pressed together and he realized that there were things that he had not known about her before today. Before they were married, she had mentioned that she had sex with other girls when she was younger. It had been a turn on for him when she had told him. Of course, he never imagined that she had the hots for his teenage daughter. Her tongue insinuated itself between his lips and he let it into his mouth. After all, this was his wife that he was kissing, even if she thought that she was kissing her beautiful blonde stepdaughter, instead of her husband in Tammy’s body. Their kisses were sweet and slow; the kind of kisses that most women really enjoy. Only the sound of the water being turned off in the shower stopped the two females from exploring each other’s body farther. Harry put on Tammy’s pink sweater over his bra-less boobs when Dottie told him to as she slipped on her robe. Harry could feel how wet the crotch of his panties was as they then went to put the food on the dining table.

Harry had, at least on special occasions, helped to set the table before. He had never felt two large bra-less tits wobbling around on his chest as he had done so! He found out why women wear brassieres. Every time he moved, his large cone shaped breasts shifted around under his pink sweater. The almost constant friction of his pink strawberry sized nipples rubbing against the sweater material kept them hard and excited. The crotch band of his panties and pantyhose were still very wet because of the workout that his new feminine body had been given in the bedroom. Dottie was carrying the serving dishes with food on them as he poured the wine into three wineglasses as Tammy, dressed in her father’s body and bathrobe, entered the room. Dottie signaled for Tammy to sit at the head of the table, Harry’s traditional chair; which she did with just a little hesitancy. Harry figured that they would tell Dottie about the switch after the meal as he sat on the side of the table where Tammy normally sat.

One of the many things that Harry had liked about Dottie, besides her beauty and sexually playful attitude, was that she was essentially an old fashioned girl that liked to take care of the home. Whereas, Gwen was a career woman that was always running off in her own direction, many times leaving Harry and Tammy to fend for themselves when she was out of town on business. This is not saying that Dottie is in any way boring to be around. She was the most inventive sexual partner that Harry had ever known. In fact, this afternoon, he had found out even more about his playful, sex kitten redheaded wife. He looked across the table to see her wink at him as she flashed him a big smile. Tammy, sitting at the head of the table for a change, was enjoying the act of carving the pot roast and serving it, along with the red dinner wine. Normally, Tammy was limited to one glass of wine with her meals. Tammy poured a second glass for everyone to drink. Too bad her father’s present body was not better able to handle the alcohol.

Dinner had been excellent. Tammy gave her father a third glass of wine as they carried the dishes to the kitchen and put them in the dishwasher. Harry noticed that the cabinets all seemed taller. Of course, he was just shorter! They then went to the den to sip their last glass of wine. Harry had planned on telling his wife about the switch that had taken place, but his teenage girl’s body was a little dizzy and had to be helped to the big sofa in the den. He was giggling in a high pitched little girl’s voice as he realized the he was drunk after only three glasses of wine. The world had been turned upside down when he had awoken in his daughter’s body. Now, he found himself, in Tammy’s beautiful young blonde body, sitting between his daughter, who was in his male body, and his wife, who thought that he was her young sexy stepdaughter. His fuzzy brain sure thought that life had gotten complicated.

The wine had loosened everyone’s morals even more than the raging hormones had previously. Their earlier actions had been the result of Dottie’s love for her husband when she had awakened him with a blowjob, even if it had been her stepdaughter in his body, and Tammy had been introduced to the joys of male sexuality. Once her fires had been ignited and her penis had gotten hard, she, like many men, had no control over her actions. Men had their entire life to learn to control their hormones when they had a stiff cock. Poor Tammy naturally lost control of her actions, even when the actions included her own father in her own teenaged feminine body. Things had gotten really complicated then, but was about to get even more complicated this evening!

Harry heard his daughter’s masculine voice speaking, "Dottie, don’t you think Tammy is getting to be a big girl now?" When Dottie said that she was a mature and beautiful young woman Tammy continued. "Thank you, Dottie. Tammy, you should show your stepmother how grateful you are for the compliment. Go on, give her a hug." Even Harry’s alcohol fogged brain could see where this was going to lead. He found himself hugging his wife anyway. His breasts were covered only by his thin pink sweater and Dottie’s were covered only by her thin robe. When her lips moved to his, he did not turn away. After all, she was his wife and he loved her. Her tongue delved deep into his mouth as she kissed his soft pink lips.

Before everyone fell asleep for the night, Harry found out what it was like for two women to sixty-nine. He had gone down on Dottie before, and he had sixty-nined with her when he was a man, but this was very different. He discovered what was like to have a man’s penis ejaculate down his throat. Now that was very different! And, his daughter, in his male body, took his female virginity as Dottie sucked on his swollen pink nipples. Now that was an experience that he would never forget!

The three of them spent the night in the king-sized bed in the master bedroom. Harry never did get around to explaining the switching problem to Dottie. He had lost consciousness again when his daughter had filled his vagina full of sperm and he had climaxed for the sixth time that night.


The sun coming through the bedroom window awakened Harry the next morning. He had a slight headache from drinking too much wine the night before. He slowly opened his eyes as he remembered the wild and crazy dream he had the night before. Then the other memories came flooding back through his mind. Harry sat up right in bed, which had two effects. First, his hangover induced headache got worse. Second, his large bare boobs wobbled around on his chest. He glanced down with his big blue eyes opened wide and realized that it had not been a nightmare! He was in his daughter’s fourteen-year-old body!

Harry also remembered the sex that he had with both Dottie and Tammy. He remembered that he had actually sucked his daughter’s cock until she had sprayed the back of his throat with her cum. Later, she had gotten hard again and had climbed on top of him and had broken his hymen. It had not been a case of rape, however. Far from it. Harry remembered his eagerness as he had felt the big stiff penis penetrating his lubricated vagina. He had climaxed several times before he Tammy had shoved her cock as far up into his belly as it would reach and had pumped his uterus full of sperm. That was the last thing that he remembered. He came to the conclusion that he must have passed out again as Tammy finished.

Harry looked at his daughter as she lay sleeping beside his wife.

Tammy had a six o’clock shadow and would need to shave this morning. Harry chuckled, despite his hangover, and thought that Tammy would find out what it felt like to wake up with barbwire on her face. Harry’s crotch was sore as he climbed up from the bed and made his way to the bathroom. After drinking the three glasses of wine with last night’s dinner, he had to relieve his bladder. He raised the seat of the toilet out of habit. He had nothing to take in his hand and aim at the toilet bowl! He sighed softly as he put the seat back down and sat on it. He relaxed and let the water flow out of his bladder. It was completely different, but felt the almost same. He knew enough to use some tissue to pat him dry.

Harry opened the cabinet, picked out a fresh wash cloth and towel, turned on the water in the shower and stepped inside. The warm water cascading over his teenage curves was very refreshing. He let the water run down over the top of his head, wetting his long blonde hair. The water was invigorating him as it washed away the soreness and revitalized his feminine form. Harry was well aware of the sensations that he was receiving from his new female body as he soaped its more intimate parts. It required all of his will power not to masturbate in the shower, although, he did do a little exploring. Finally, he felt clean and perky enough to turn off the water and reach for the towel. He used his old toothbrush to clean his teeth.

Harry found that his old robe was far too big for him now. He borrowed a blue silk robe from his wife. He had bought it for her for an anniversary present. He hoped that she would not mind. He wrapped his wet hair up in a towel the way that her had seen Gwen, Dottie and Tammy do many times. He stepped out of the bathroom to see that Dottie and Gwen were still in deep sleep. He did not know that, last night, after he had passed out that they continued on for another two hours. He padded in his tiny bare feet to the kitchen to make some coffee. His hangover was almost completely gone. A little coffee, he figured, would make it disappear completely.

Harry had to stretch to reach the shelf where they normally kept the coffee can. As he filled the filter with fresh grounds, he thought about the changes that had occurred since yesterday. The day had started out with him watching a ball game until he had suddenly fell asleep. Then, he and his daughter switched places. He had awakened to find his daughter screwing his wife in his own bed. Then, while he was still in a state of shock, his daughter had shoved her dick in his mouth and he had slurped on it as if it were an ice cream cone! Then, his own wife makes a play for him, now a fourteen-year-old girl, and he cooperates! Finally, after years of preaching to his daughter about the virtues of celibacy, last night, he lets her seduce him and take his, well, his daughter’s body’s cherry! Talk about a freaky Saturday!

"Still," Harry mumbled to himself, "we have yet to tell Dottie about the transformation." He had not thought of any plausible explanation for the switching into each other’s body. How would he ever explain it to Dottie when he did not understand what had happened? Especially, now. He heard some one behind him and turned to see Dottie staggering into the kitchen. She had evidently just woke up and was here to make coffee. She saw that the coffee was almost finished and gave Harry an affectionate hug.

"Thanks for fixing wake-up-juice for us. I have to have it in the mornings." She pulled back a little to look Harry in the eyes and asked, "How are you this morning? Any regrets?" Harry was trying to think of something meaningful to say when Dottie added, "Don’t ever regret what you have done. You can’t change it with regrets. Your biggest decision is deciding if you want to do it again. I, for one, enjoyed last night immensely and hope you want to do the same things each time you spend the weekend with us." She again hugged Harry tightly. Before he could respond, she exclaimed, "Oh, good. The coffee is ready."

After Dottie and Harry had sat and talked about last night for a few minutes, she said, "Well, as much as I am enjoying our talk, I need to wake up your father. We gave him quite a work out last night. He shot his wad at least five times yesterday. That’s average for an eighteen-year-old boy, but may be a record for a thirty-five year old attorney." She laughed, which made her husband laugh too. He would have felt proud if he had exhibited such stamina before yesterday. The switching of roles must have had something to do with increasing everyone’s libidos.

Dottie filled a coffee mug and went to wake "Harry" up. Harry, the real Harry, sat at the table and tried to think of anything that could have caused the switch. He remembered that Tammy had wanted him to take her to the Civic Center to hear some speech by some Amazon River Rain Forrest Indian Medicine Man. "That was it!" He cried as he almost jumped to his feet. "Tammy had told me some nonsense about him levitating her up into the air. I had thought that she was just being fooled. Maybe he wasn’t using trickery? Maybe he really did have magical powers? Maybe he was responsible for the switch that had occurred between Tammy and me?" Harry remembered waking up with some kind of a small leather bag in his hand yesterday afternoon. Maybe it had something to do with the change?

Harry rushed from the kitchen and went to Tammy’s room. On the floor, next to the bed, was the leather pouch that contained the scared talismans. Harry was so eager to open the bag; it was a wonder that he did not break one of his long pink fingernails. The contents of the bag were unimpressive. "Surely," he thought, "these rocks, twigs and stones aren’t responsible for this?" Even as he tried to deny it, he knew that they were.

Harry thought he saw himself sticking his head in the doorway, until he realized that it was just Tammy in his body. "Good morning," was the greeting from his daughter. He replied back as she came over and sat on the side of the bed next to him. Tammy had taken a shower and had shaven. There were several nicks and cuts on her masculine face to prove that it was her first time to shave her face. "I see you found the talisman. The Medicine Man had said that I was destined to save the Amazon Rain Forrest from destruction when he gave that to me. Perhaps our switching places has something to do with that." Harry put the contents of the bag back into the pouch and handed it to Tammy.

Tammy held the bag in her much larger hand for a moment before she said, "The Medicine Man is supposed to give another speech tonight across town. I think that we need to go and ask him a few questions. What do you think?" Harry agreed. He was not sure that he liked the idea of spending the rest of his life as a girl, but he did not tell Tammy that. "Dottie is fixing us a real breakfast. You know, when you first married her, I did not like her very much. I guess I felt that if you had her, you never would get back together with Mom. Now, I like her. I like her a lot!" Tammy and Harry both laughed at the insinuation. After last night, Tammy had shown just how much she liked both Dottie and him.

When Tammy leaned over to gently kiss Harry’s soft lips, he closed his eyes and let her. He felt the tip of his daughter’s broad tongue penetrate his mouth and parted his lips to let it in. The kiss lasted only a minute or so, but was a commitment of more to come later in the day. Dottie called them to breakfast.


Dottie didn’t understand why Harry wanted her to drive while he sat in the passenger seat. He had always said that other people’s driving made him nervous. Harry had a license, but it was for his male body. Tammy had a driver’s license for her male body, but did not know how to drive. Therefore, Dottie drove. She also did not understand why Harry wanted to go to hear someone speaking about ecology. Harry had once said that all trees needed to be burnt for firewood with a tree hugger tied to the trunk. But, that was right after his law firm had represented a mining company and had lost a multimillion-dollar settlement with an environmentalist group. Normally, he did not talk that way. Harry, like most Americans, was generally apathetic about the environment.

There was a small crowd to hear the speech. The Medicine Man told of the destruction of the "World" of his people. He told of the wealth of plant and animal life. He talked of extinction. Harry was interested. Dottie learned of the problem almost for the first time. Tammy was entranced. She found her mission in life. In her father’s body, with his attorney’s license, she would be able to make a difference. She thought about what she could do to help and found that she still retained her father’s knowledge of the law. She would file a petition the next week for an injunction against the logging and mining companies that were raping the jungles in Brazil. Perhaps his prediction could come true!

After the speech, Tammy and Harry went up to the Medicine Man. He nodded at Tammy, in her father’s body, and said, "I see that you have made the change. That is good. You now have both the will and the means to help us." He turned his gaze onto Harry, "You will learn many things over the next few years as well. Enjoy your new life for it has many pleasures for you to experience." He paused for a moment before adding, "Rejoice. This way, both of you will live a better life." The Shaman turned and walked away.



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