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For Fraternity Brother to Sorority Sister

by Jena Corso

Chapter 3


What the hell I was in for now? Erased were all thoughts that I was actually getting out of here soon. This was crazy and once again they positioned me so I could not see my reflection. I was at the point where every part of my body was uncomfortable. I had tears in my eyes and I was scared to death of what was going on next.

"Ok, please come over here and sit down Carla" Said Jeanine as she released my arm and walk across the room. "I'm going to take good care of you honey".

"Why" mumbled Carla as this looked nothing like any place I'd every gotten a haircut in before but more like a salon my mother would go to.

I felt like I couldn't breathe but I wasn't sure if it was because the corset was so tight or it was just my nerves based on the element of not knowing what I looked like or what I'd soon be. I knew that was wearing full female attire but still had not seen my reflection. I could glance down and see my high heeled sandals and feel the jewelry on my body but just could not see the whole picture.

Awkwardly, I walked on my own for the first time in heels as I obeyed Jeanine and took a seat in a chair where she asked me to. She ran her fingers through my hair and thanked me as she undid my braid and wrapped some plastic cape around me. She then lowered the back of my chair and spun it around while holding my hair upward as she released my it into a large basin and began washing it. She began vigorously messaging my scalp and hair as this actually was relaxing. Before I knew it she was rinsing my hair again and continuing to change water temperatures as she added something with a southing smell to my hair.

"Let the conditioner just set in a few minutes while I mix the base". She said.

Before I knew it she was rinsing my hair again and this time I could see her placing rubber gloves on her hands. She was now messaging in something with more of an ammonia type smell as everyone stood over me and watched.

"Ok, now close your eyes Carla. We need to let that set in and I'll set the timer". Said Jeanine. "You can do your part now Mary".

"Eyes closed" ordered Mary. "How many should I do Saphire"?

"Let's go with 2 in each for now and we'll see as time goes on if we want to do more". Said Saphire.

With that I could feel something being rubbed lighly on my ears with what felt like a cotton swap and then a cold sensation on my ear lobe. Then it felt like they were coloring dots on my ears and before I knew it I heard a POP and felt a pinch in my left ear. And then another.

"What the hell"! I mumbled.

"Quiet Immediately". Said Saphire as I felt the girls move over and repeat the process on my right ear. I knew now that they just pierced my ears and I assumed it was twice in each ear. When they finished the timer went off and Jeanine went back to work rinsing and squeezing my hair. I could now see that my hair looked shiny but was wet and I was trying to strain to see it. Quickly before I could get a good look Jeanine wrapped it in a towel turban style.

"I can't believe how good her hair looks can you girls" Said Jeanine as she marveled at their work with my extensions. "I think we better put in her drops Saphire as I think Carla's trying to peek again".

Quickly the girls grabbed my face and held each eye open as they restrained me from blinking as they put some type of drops into my eyes followed by a dark contact lens.

"Don't be scared Carla". Said Saphire. "These are just black contact lenses which will prohibit you from seeing until we are done. I don't want you peeking while we do your hair and I don't want you to see the new you until we are finished. Isn't that exciting honey? I bet you can't wait".

All I could see now were dark shadows as I was asked to stand up. I was again held by the arm and let to another chair and reseated in an upright position. I could feel them now positioning me as I knew I was about to get some kind of haircut.

"Now girls before we begin let me explain why I selected each of you in the order I did to work on Carla". Said Saphire as she lectured the girls. "I want you to know that I loved all of your ideas and as you know have approved certain looks and styles for a reason. Jeanine, I selected your ideas first because I loved the hairstyles you selected for long hair and also many of your natural looks. Mary, you will be going second and I love some of your ideas for color and also they will work a little better when we mix in a few formal things next week. And I selected Mona to go third because I felt like some of her more dramatic looks would be best last or we'd have to redo a lot of the extension work after she was done if she went before the other girls. Now with that established and certain ideas approved please continue Jeanine".

"Yes Saphire. I'm on it immediately". Said Jeanine as I could feel her begin combing my hair straight down all around my head.

Next I could feel her adding some clips to my hair and pinning some of it up on top of my head. As she would comb a section she would pull at it and cut it as the sound of the scissors was crystal clear in my ears. She seemed to work very slowly and diligently as I could tell she was probably a little nervous as her colleagues were watching her every move. Within about ten minutes she seemed to be finished snipping and was again sectioning my hair as I could feel her tug at it and it was pulling at my scalp very tightly. I could feel the hair being tugged at constantly and I assumed she was rolling my hair with curlers as I could hear here fiddling with pins and clips but wasn't to sure.

Jeanine started in the back of my head and she was using some form of clips to awkwardly hold my hair up. Next, I could feel her holding my hair outward very tightly and sectioning it. Then some form of spray was used as I heard the spritzing followed by a tight pull at my scalp as the roller was inserted. She seemed very skilled at this as she seemed to constantly be combing my wet hair and inserted the rollers. She worked for quite a while at each side until I could feel that there was no more hair hanging freely at that side of my head. When she finished the sides and was at the front of my head I could only see her shadows with the dark contacts but could make out the shape of the large roller in her hands. Before I knew it she was done and seemed to place something on top of the rollers which held it all together.

"OK Carla, please stand up its time to get you under the dryer". Said Jeanine as she grabbed my arm and lead me to another chair.

When I sat down I could see the shadow of the dome dryer being lowered over my head and before I knew it hot air was flowing all around my hair. I heard her setting some form of timer and telling me to enjoy and relax. Once the dryer was switched on I could see the girls huddling together to talk but could no longer hear them.

"Now Jeanine, please describe to the girls your concept for today and why I selected it". Said Saphire.

"OK girls, what I am doing is giving her a classic look. I'm setting her with large rollers, after I have given her a few long layers, lightened her base, and just trimmed the ends a little. I have decided that for her first true day I want her to feel very girly and natural and nothing makes us feel more girly than some great romantic curls". Said Jeanine as she addressed the other girls. "The plan for today is to give her a natural introduction to her feminine side with a cute outfit and a daytime look. When we are done we will just go for a walk around campus, maybe do a little flirting, and get her to get used to normal everyday things. Then after a few hours we'll come back get changed and all go to dinner. I'll pick something more appropriate for her to wear to dinner and give her more of an evening look and we'll have a few drinks".

"Oh my God" Said Mona. "That's such a great idea girlfriend! That is why you have been selected to go first. I think that's probably a great way to start".

"Plus that is going to be so much fun". Said Mary as she was laughing. "I can't wait to see how she reacts around campus".

"Girls, remember she will be scared to death". Said Saphire. "You just have to hold her by the arm and walk around casually like you would when just the three of you hang out and strut around campus. Just treat her like she's the shy new girl that she will be. Now enough giggling and get back to work. I want her toes polished and a good manicure done. Work together girls".

With that said the girls quickly pulled a rolling table in front of Carla. Mary took the left hand, Mona the right hand, and Jeanine went to work at her feet.

First some form of spacing devices were inserted between my toes and fingers. Then, I could feel the girls buffing and trimming my cuticles. Next I could smell glue as acrylic tips were being added at each finger. At my feet I could feel her clipping and shaping and it felt like cotton between each and every toe as my shoes had been removed. The unmistakable smell of nail polish filled the air as it was a scent I remembered from my previous girlfriend as suddenly the dryer temperature changed from hot air to cool air. Once again I could see nothing but shadows but I knew I was getting my nails done which was scary but actually southing in a way.

Before I knew it, it seemed my hand were now under some form of hot dryer as my hair was being cooled. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the shadow of Jeanine lift the dome dryer and feel my hair before setting it back down on my head. When she dropped it back down the cool air was once again replaced with hot air and I could feel tightness at my scalp. I was realizing the curls were setting and becoming tight which gave me even a deeper tightness in my stomach. My mind was drifting again and I was just in shock.

Suddenly a loud buzz rang out and Jeanine returned and lifted the dome. I could feel her check all different spots around my head and felt her unroll one of the curlers. Next I felt the dryer being switched off my nails and felt them check my toes as well.

"Looking good". Said Jeanine as she re-rolled the curler she checked and Mary removed the cotton from between my toes and slipped on my shoes.

"Time to finish making you gorgeous" Said Jeanine as she once again stood me up and let me back to a chair in which I sat upright.

"Now, don't be too dramatic". Said Saphire. "Remember today's day time agenda and leave yourself some room to pump it up later".

"Got it". Said Jeanine as she began rubbing something all over my face.

I knew she was putting makeup on me now. First I could feel her dotting a cream all around my face, neck, and forhead and then I felt something like a sponge rubbing it in. Next came what felt like a brush rubbing hard at my cheeks and dabbing here and there at my chin, nose and forehead. Then she held my forehead so I could not move and seemed to be drawing forcefully at my upper and lower eyelids and spouting out orders at me.

"Eyes open wide" Said Jeanine as she was pushing at my lashes. "Now closed! Open again. Closed again".

This went back and forth constantly, but finally was over as I could see nothing but shadows which appeared to be staring at me.

"That looks very pretty". Said Saphire. "I'm glad we did the lash extensions though because they look better than doing false ones all the time and she needs the length. OK, now continue and thin her out just a touch more".

With that the pinching sensation was back as I could feel her plucking out my eyebrows again. When she was done, she ordered me to close my eyes and not move as she was softly touching my eyelids with a brush over and over.

"Open wide and then give me a big smile". Said jeanine as she finally removed the mouthpiece. "Looks good Carla. Nice and white. You must have had braces as a kid. Now this is just going to sing a touch honey as I'm going to plump you up a little. Not so bad right after what you've been through. Now give me as big a smile as you can and don't move".

After everything, it was just a minor sting as I could feel my lips swelling like I got a fat lip. Next I could feel something outlining my lips with a similar feel to what happened to my eyes.

"OK, close down that smile for now". Said Jeanine as I could feel the lipstick being applied to my mouth. "I see you approve of the taste. Now rub your lips together and sit still".

Next a wet cream was being added which I knew from kissing my girlfriend was lip gloss. When that was done I felt a light powder being applied around my face with a fluffy brush. When she was done, again there was silence and what appearing to be shadows of the girls staring. This made me very uncomfortable but thankfully only lasted seconds before I felt Jeanine at the back of my head removing the rollers.

As she started in the back she seemed to be picking and pulling at each strand of my hair as she released each curl. As she worked she sprayed and spritzed me with what I knew was hair spray. As she worked I could feel the hair resting on my shoulders and back and felt the volume on my head. It was a very different sensation than that of the rollers or of my hair being pulled back in a braid. I could no longer tell the difference between extensions they added and my actual hair as it all felt so natural now.

This part of her work seemed to last forever as she seemed to pay attention to every detail. It was an odd feeling to feel my hair resting on my shoulders and slightly touching my cheek.

"OK, girls let do some final touches and what do you think"? Said Jeanine.

The girls were giggling which made me uncomfortable as I knew the moment of truth was coming. I wasn't sure whether they were going to take out the dark contacts so I could see or I was just stuck in the dark. I felt Mary messing with the earrings at each lobe and inserting something fairly heavy at the bottom hole on each side. Next I felt Mona slipping some rings on my index and ring finger on my left hand and on my pinkie and middle finger on my right hand. The smell of perfume then filled the air as I felt Mary gently touch each side of my neck and each wrist.

"Fabulous work girls, just fabulous". Said Saphire as I felt her pinch each eye and remove the contacts while keeping my eyes closed. "I bet you're excited to see yourself aren't you Carla"?

Before I knew it the girls pulled me from the chair, held me on each arm and stood me up. Holding a hand over my eyes they lead me across the room and let me go.

"Behold the new Carla day one". Said Jeanine as I opened my eyes and stared at myself in a three way full length mirror.




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