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Fictionmania Strikes Again                 by: Paul G. Jutras


The sound of thunder crackled outside the window of Steve's house. With Steve's parents at his sister's school play, Steve entered his sister room and slipped into a pair of clean panties and then pantyhose. He even tried her bras and blouses enough to know how to fasten both of them. Then came the skirt, which was short to show off his stocking legs.

Steve then pick out a pair of low heels that was easy for him to walk back to his room in. He sat cross legged at the computer and turned it on. Lighting seemed to turn night into day, but Steve preferred to dress up when going on the internet. He could only do that when he was alone in the house.

He turned on the computer and put in his access code for the internet. Within a few moments he was on line and checked his E-mail. Unfortunately his special mailbox didn't have any mail in it. His real surprise came when he went to scroll down his list of favorites. He saw a site he never added to the list.





"Let's give it a try." Steve clicked the mouse on enter and watched as the monitor screen filled with a blinding white light. Shielding his eyes Steve toppled backwards in his chair and landed on his back, starring at the ceiling. The light seemed to spread throughout the room and then the house.

As Steve got to his feet he noticed that the posters and sport pennants were gone. His room how and pink and blue floral wall paper and white lacy curtains. "What was that?" he said as he felt his body all over and found it was the same. When he looked in the closet, he only saw girls clothes in it. "What's going on?"

Steve set his chair back up on its legs and sat down. The monitor screen wasn't just blank, the computer itself was shut off. "Did the storm knock the computer out?" he wondered as the sound of the front door opening got his attention.

"Oh, no." Steve thought as he remembered he was dressed in his sisters clothes. He turned to his closet and was also reminded that all his clothes were gone. It was like Steven Mouse didn't exist, only Stephanie.

Reluctantly Steve gave a sigh and stepped out of his room. He waited to hear his mother start to giggle, but she didn't. She didn't even give a passing glance at the way he was dressed. He quickly ran his hands over himself a second time to make sure he was still male under the clothes. He was.

"Gloria, what's going on?" Steve asked as they walked upstairs together. "Mom and dad doesn't even notice how I'm dressed."

"It's not the first time you borrowed something of mine, Stephanie." Gloria said as she started to take off her play costume and hung it in her closet. "Though I really wish you'd ask permission when you do so. After all, you might be wearing something I want to wear."

Steve just looked even more confused as he returned to his room feeling embarrassed about being caught dressed like a girl. He turned the computer back on and went back on the internet. To his surprise, the site was not only not on his favorites list, it wasn't listed anywhere on either the net or the web. "Where did it go?" he thought as he noticed as a red number 1 appeared on the screen.

"You Have Mail." The computer's voice told him.

Steve opened his Stephanie mail box and brought up the message. "I wonder who it's from?"

Dear Stephanie,

Thanks for logging onto Our service provides new lives for those we consider worthy. In this altered world, everyone has accepted your plans to have a sex change. Just enjoy your new life and be as happy as youcan be.


For Steve it was a dream come true. He turned off the computer and ran to his new dresser to put on a clean pair of panties and a nightgown. However the world was altered, he noticed he already had electrolysis done. Since he already had practice with tucking his equipment under, he could wear the panties with comfort. He put on a robe and tied it shut before joining the family for some pre-bed time TV.

The next morning, Stephanie changed into a fresh pair of panties and a padded panty brief. She unrolled a new pair of pantyhose and slid the nylon over her smooth legs and bra. She got help from Gloria in tying up his corset. She then sat down before his dresser and started to apply make up. Other than the translucent powder, she decided to go for only some eye shadow and lipstick for now.

Stephanie then opened a jewel box and selected a pair of clip on earrings and a matching necklace. A little perfume behind the ears and in the wrists as he had often seen Gloria do and he felt ready to get finish dressing. "Better take the perfume with me." Stephanie thought as she put it in her purse and went to select a blouse to go with the purple skirt she wanted to wear.

"Glad to see that you're dressed." Mrs. Mouse said as she picked up her own purse and watch . Stephanie take her hormone pill. "You have an appointment at the beauty salon at 9. I know you'll be missing some of your morning classes, but it was the only time they could fit you in."

Stephanie stepped into a pair of heels and followed her mother to the car with a female bounce to her step. She felt a little embarrassed, but remembered what the computer message had said about everyone accepting his cross-dressing. "I could get use to this."

She and his mom walked into the salon and was greeted warmly. "Good to see you again Mrs. Mouse." Amy said with a cheerful smile. "You too Miss Mouse. Just take a seat and we'll have you fixed up in no time." Amy helped Stephanie pick out a style. She didn't think anything of the fact that Stephanie was really Steve as she tucked the sheet about the neck. "I think you'll look just lovely in that style, Stephanie. We'll have you fixed up in no time."

Stephanie just loved the pampered feeling she got as she leaned back with rollers in her hair while under a dryer beside her mother. After the dryer started, Amy then did Stephanie's finger nails, which Stephanie hadn't notice were longer than they were before finding the web site. Amy gave Stephanie a purple color to go with the outfit he had on. The time just few by as she had the rollers removed from her hair. Being turned toward the mirror all traces of Steve Mouse was indeed gone.

Mrs. Mouse was already done and paid for both appointment. As they left, Stephanie thought that the next appointment she wouldn't wear pantyhose. That way she could have her toes painted to match her fingers. Once in the car, she used her pocket mirror to look herself over. She did look lovely and felt very sexy.

"Here you go." Mrs. Mouse said as she pulled up in front of the school. "I'm sure you haven't missed much, but I've got a note for you to give the office for being late. I don't want my daughter to get in trouble with the principal. Lucky for you the principal is female and understands how important looking good is for a girl."

As Stephanie walked in the office, she saw Paula sitting in front of the principal's door with a detention slip in her hand. It was at that time that she remembered that Paula was once Paul. Somehow when had altered Stephanie's world, her memory of Paula's real identity was brought back. She figured it was the web site's idea to make her realize that she wasn't alone and had someone to talk to if she needed it.

After giving the note to the office, Stephanie walked over and saw Paula sitting with her legs crossed. Paula looked up and Stephanie smiled and whispered one word: Paula's eyes widen as she hook her head yes. "It's not how I thought it would be." Stephanie said giving Paula the comfort that she wasn't alone. "I'd better get to class."

Stephanie went and sat in her regular seat feeling that all eyes were on her, even though they weren't. Everyone in this altered reality had accepted her cross-dressing and she was just glad she didn't have to stand in front of the class to be re-introduced as a new student or anything. "Class, take out a piece of paper and write a poem about you father animal." The teacher said as Stephanie pulled out a Sailor Moon supply case and took out a Barbie pencil. "If you have a pet, write about it."

Stephanie didn't know how hard it was to write with long finger nails. She knew it was just something she'd get us to like the high heels she took off. Paula could tell that Stephanie felt out of place since finding the web site, and would need her support. After the bell rang, Stephanie went to the water fountain in her stocking feet. She had to brush her hair out of her eyes before taking a sip. When done, she notice that Paula was standing behind her. "It'll be okay." Paula assured her. "It just takes a couple days to get use to. You're such a knock-out, it shouldn't be hard for you to gave all the boys asking you out."

By the time Stephanie got home, she was already feeling better about herself. She went to her room and put her heels in her closet shoe rack. She then set down at her vanity and began her homework. She found the work went a lot easier and wondered if it was because she didn't have the problem of hiding her cross dressing habit anymore. When it came time to go down to dinner, Stephanie told her folks how her day went and acted every bit the girl she always wanted to be.

After taking his shower, Stephanie was glad to cover up his body in his feminine clothes and bath robe again so she wouldn't be reminded of her male body. As she sat on her bed and looked at her painted fingers, she decided to go over to Gloria's room and borrowed her polish to do toes like she wanted to that morning. "That's much better." She said pleased with the result. She had placed a paper towel under her feet and pointed her toes up so not to drip.

A remembered to take her hormone pill before bed and was glad when Saturday came. She spent the day shopping with Paula and then remembered to bring her hormone pill over to Paula's house for their sleep over. Stephanie couldn't believe how much she was getting into talking about boys, hair and clothes. How she enjoyed going through fashion magazines. "So you're on Estrogen medication huh?" Paula said remembering how she was changed into a 100% female and forced on birth control pills. "Are you going all the way."

"I guess so." Stephanie lowered her head with a smile forming on her face. "It's what I always wanted and that gave the chance to be the real me. "I've always wanted to go all the way, but was afraid to talk to my folks. Now I don't have to."

"You don't have to feel embarrassed either." Paula giggled as she went into her dresser for a dildo. Inserting it into herself to look sexless, the vibrator began to pleasure her. "Maybe after the operation, I can loan you this."

On Sunday, Mrs. Mouse took Stephanie to the electrolysis and spent 30 minutes with a laser treatment. She would have to do it for the rest of her life if she didn't want to go in for the more painful needles. She was glad when it was done, even if she did look like she had a sunburn. A little cream and she would look perfect for school the next day.

On Monday Stephanie met Paula in the girls bathroom at school. The two checked their make-up in the mirror. "I'm starting to wonder which of us got the better deal. You have to put up with periods and I have to put up with electrolysis and such."

"I think it all balances itself out." Paula said as she stepped into a stall. "At least with those special panties out these days you can take your time getting use to sitting down to pee. I had to figure things out the very first time I had to go after the change."

"Girlfriend, have you notice how Tim been looking at you in class this week?" Paula asked as she flushed and stepped out to wash her hands. "Every time you turn in his direction, he darts his head the other way."

"Uh, uh." Stephanie blushed with embarrassment. "As much as I hate to admit it, I find him quite attractive too. If he asks me out to the dance at the end of the year, I just might say yes. The problem is that I just don't have anything proper for the dance."

"Don't worry." Paula said. "School doesn't get out for four months. We've got plenty of time to find something smashing for your every changing figure to wear. This is the 90s. There's nothing wrong with a woman asking a man to a dance."

A couple of months went by and the hormone pills had changed her in ways she couldn't image before. She found herself wearing more revealing clothes to show off her new figure and a more revealing make-up jobs. She was glad when she didn't need the corset anymore. Looking at herself in the mirror she decided to make an appointment at the salon. "Do you think it's time for a style change?" she asked as she flipped through a fashion book. "There's so many to choose from." This time she had the salon do both her fingers and toes a bright red. Being pampered at the salon had become of my her favorite things.

With only four weeks to go before the dance, Tim still hadn't asked Stephanie to the dance. She did buy herself a bikini for a pool party she invited Tim, Paula and other friends from school to. The special panty kept her looking and feeling feminine when she approached Tim. "You know Tim, there's a dance in a couple of weeks. If you didn't already have a date, I was wondering if you might like to go with me."

"With you." Tim almost fainted at the thought. "I - I'd love to."

The next day, Paula and Stephanie were dropped off by Mrs. Mouse at the mall. Going to a dressing room, Paula had Stephanie strip to her panties as Paula soon returned with a back less, strapless gown and matching heels. She then picked up a purse that cried out "BUY ME." "You'll be the bell of the ball in this out." Paula sounded a bit jealous and the result.

They didn't stop with one outfit, as the girls later returned home with bundles of clothes and things for Stephanie to drag up to her room. One by one, she opened each package and put the clothes way where they belong. Despite how uncomfortable a push up bra was, Stephanie finally choice the first when the day finally came. "Can you zip me up, Paula?"

"Sure." Paula smiled as they helped one another finish dressing. Stephanie had to return the favor of zipping Paula into her dress with the low cut front and back, slits up both sides and a single strap that wrapped around the neck. They both had just the right necklace to show off their outfits.

"Damn, girlfriend, do we look hot or what?" Stephanie asked as she stepped in front of the mirror. Paula only nodded her head in agreement before suggesting to Stephanie that she used brighter make-up and to make sure to show her assets when she stepped up to her date. "I just hope I can get use to following in a dance step instead of leading."

The school gym looked a little like a 70s disco with the big silver ball hanging from the ceiling, but 350 degree video screens attached to the walls showed modern music videos for the kids to dance to. Stephanie was just glad that the coach had a policy of no shoes on the gym floor. She had gotten use to walking in them, but dancing was another matter. After putting her shoes in the corner, she and Paula joined their dates at the punch bowl. "Looks like the school gone all out this year." Stephanie said making conversation as she finished the drink. They then paired up and went out onto the dance floor.

"Don't be so nervous, Tim." Stephanie smiled as Tim kept his eyes more on her chest than her eyes. "By the way, my eyes are up here."

"S- Sorry." Tim said as Stephanie cupped his chip in her hand and pressed their lips together. As Steve his father had her kiss him good night when little. This was something different. She actually liked the taste of him and wanted more.

At the end of the dance, Tim handed Stephanie his class room. "Will you go steady with me?" he asked and then smiled when Stephanie nodded yes. Stephanie was unsure if he knew of he was cross dressed or thought she was a natural female. His kissed made her heart flutter and didn't really care.

Summer had started and the time Stephanie was waiting for had finally come. She was flown to a hospital in Canada where she checked into her room wearing a light blue turtle neck and a darker blue skirt with her hose and heels. "Will you do the honors, mom?" Stephanie asked her mother to take her final pre-op photo before the operation.

Hours later, it was over and Stephanie's eyes slowly fluttered opened. It took a moment to adjust to the light in the room "It's done." The doctor said as Stephanie reached down under the bed sheets and felt the emptiness where her treasures once were. She couldn't wait to get back to the states and see Tim again.

That summer, Tim and Stephanie week out every week. She used the dildo and was glad to be able to wear her bikini's without the V string panty. It was in the back seat on Tim's car, during a drive to lookout point that summer that Stephanie lost her virginity.

Tim and Stephanie had one year of school left to go. As soon it was over the two had gotten married. Mrs. Mouse had sent out her wedding dress to be adjusted to fit her daughter. It was a lovely ceremony which everyone cried.

Twelve years later, Tim and Stephanie's son which Stephanie named after her former male self. He was logging on the virtual- net. What had become the future for the internet. A energy visor formed before his eyes and two web sites appeared before his eyes.



 PRESS TO ENTER                         PRESS TO ENTER


"Never seen either of these sites before." Steve said to himself s his VR gloves allowed him to type on a transparent virtual keyboard. "Wonder what they're about.



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