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  ~ From Part I ~

"I know you told me that the ponygirl was forbidden to talk, Mistress, but I just had to understand where her head was at. I accept whatever punishment I earned for being disobedient."

"I'll not punish you, Amber. Go on." Judy reached to pat the girl's hand; reassuring her that it was all right.

"I'd worked her very hard all morning and not judged how exhausted I'd made her, I whipped her a few times when she stopped prancing like I'd told her to. Crimson Breeze straightened, whinnied then began again. I was about to whip her more for moving without my command, but it suddenly clicked. I walked her then until she'd cooled and let her water in the trough. I had to have a better understanding of why she did this; just what drove her."

"Daddy," Amber met his eyes, "Crimson Breeze wanted me to train her. Somehow, the fact that her owner had turned her over to a relative stranger, completely entrusting her to me, gave her a big thrill and motivated her to try to please me in any way that she could.

"Mistress Judy had never told me they had discussed this after the previous summer, but they had. Recall that first time, Mistress had been here the entire time. Crimson Breeze thought it would be fun if I had complete control.

"The point I'm trying to make is, things are discussed, even if in just general terms, and agreed to before they are acted upon. Yes, I discussed her training with her in depth and it was a lot of the ideas in Crimson Breeze's head that I used the rest of last summer, I'm confident that the slave girl agreed to even the punishment she's serving now."


Excuse for Punishment


Karen Anne Summerfield

writing as

Cynetta Cynthia Cynclaire

Copyright © January 2004


Part II

Pet Girl


At the barbeque, young mistress-to-be, Amber, had revealed that she had willfully violated Judy's orders the previous summer when the mistress had entrusted her with the training of her slave girl, Karen.

Karen had started ponygirl training the summer prior to that and, in that role, had been named 'Crimson Breeze' because of her auburn hair.

Judy had been quite explicit in stating that her animals do not talk and that Amber was not to even try to talk to her as if the ponygirl were human.


Next morning at the stable yard, before going inside - "Amber, I would like to chat with you a moment, please?'

"Certainly, Mistress."

"If you were teaching another how to train slaves and you gave your pupil an order, you would expect that order to be obeyed, would you not?"

"Absolutely, Mistress?'

"I trusted you to obey my orders last summer and you volunteered yesterday that you had not done that."

"Yes. It was wrong, but I just had to find out what was in her head, Mistress."

" 'Had to?' I don't understand."

Amber, knowing she was wrong, fidgeted before answering. "Are you going to punish me, Mistress? You said yesterday that you wouldn't."

"Do you think I should punish you? Do you need to be taught that when I give you explicit orders, I require them to be obeyed?" Judy paused to allow her pupil to think about the act.

"Do you think I should just let this incident pass, Amber?"

"No, I don't think that you should, Mistress. I should be punished so I do not forget again, Mistress."

"And, as a Mistress, Amber, what would you consider a fitting punishment would be, if an order were knowingly and willfully disobeyed by your student?"

Amber took a moment more to consider the question then replied, "I would think a caning would be fitting, Mistress."

Judy nodded. "How many strokes?'

"Ah ... ten, if it were her first offence; double that if her second and double again if she were foolish enough to repeat her error a third time. Some girls just have to have common sense beaten into them."

"Would you do the same if she were your slave girl?"

"Absolutely not! My slave would need at least double, Mistress." Amber was overly enthusiastic in meting out punishments and Judy knew she needed to put a stop to that too.

"Why is that, Amber?" Judy asked.

"Just to teach her that my orders are to be obeyed," there was a twinkle of delight in the young mistress-to-be's eyes as she spoke.


"Wait here. I'll return in a minute and we shall continue this lesson." Judy went in the stable and placed the needed items in the carry all.

"Sit and remove your britches, Amber, then put your boots back on." Judy casually leaned against the hitching rail while her pupil obeyed. Just as Amber tied the second bootlace, a pair of suspension cuffs landed between her heels.

"Put those on!" Judy snapped.

"Mistress..." the girl stared in question. The four-foot spreader next landed at her toes.

"Mistress ... why are you doing this?"

"Hesitation or questioning orders is the same as disobeying them, Amber. Forty strokes!

"Forty!" Amber exclaimed.

"Eighty," Judy stated calmly.

Amber scrambled to buckle the leather cuffs then fastened the spreader between her ankles.

"Position yourself under the hoist and connect your cuffs to it, Amber."

"But, Mistress, I've done..."

"One hundred sixty," Judy nearly whispered.

Once Amber was hoisted up with her head hanging at waist level, Judy approached with the jaw spreader gag. "You have already earned considerable punishment. Be a good girl and put this in your mouth." Knowing that it would only be worse, the girl did as she'd been told then spread her jaws painfully apart on her own. Judy went behind and Amber positioned her hands for the cuffs in the spreader her teacher held. It was the same length as the one already holding her feet apart.

Once they were fastened, Judy lifted her arms causing the young body to bow until the wrist cuffs could be attached to the same two catches on the hoist. She left Amber to fret and worry over the consequences of what she'd brought upon herself.

Inside the stable, Judy disconnected the gag tube and waste hoses from her slave, Karen. Once she'd unlocked the cage, she eased Karen from its confines then removed the spreaders.

"Kneel so I can remove your helmet, Karen." Judy guided her into position. Confused, Karen was well enough trained to do as she'd been told.

"Enough play for you, Karen. There are clean clothes in the wardrobe. Take a bath then get pretty for me. I've a girl waiting to be taught her lessons."

Karen knew she'd been granted a reduced sentence, it had happened before.

Amber recalled the first time her mother had caned her. It was announced to be only ten on her bare bottom when she was fourteen at the beginning of her training.

"You can never be a good mistress if you have never experienced what it is like for your slave when you mete out corrective discipline or punishment, Amber," Samantha, her mother, had said while stretching her over the bolster in the large dungeon built in their barn. It had only been five strokes that first time, but every one was delivered with the full force that the experienced professional could muster. Most of her male clients could not take the caning that Amber had felt that day.

Unlike some pros that charge more for harsher treatments some clients foolishly thought they wanted, Samantha's fee schedule was just the opposite. The wimps and sissies that used her services had to pay a premium to be let off lightly.

Amber got only the best her mother could give her. The girl did not want to sit for several days afterwards and her welts didn't completely disappear for three weeks.

Judy had never beaten her before, but used other methods to teach her what future customers might feel and experience. That first summer when Judy had brought Crimson Breeze to the farm, Amber didn't see her until the following day when she was led from her own stall and hitched to the opposite arm of the hot walker.

Saffron Flax, the ponygirl name Judy had christened Amber with, learned how to prance or learn what the bite of a stiff braided leather, twenty-foot training whip was like on her rump.

"One hundred sixty strokes, I said," Judy grinned as she set down a half dozen canes before the frightened trainer who idly spun slowly with each gust of wind. Tears wetted her eyes and strings of drool hung from her lips.

Judy slashed the air with one of the rattan instruments of correction. Without warning it landed high on the tender skin inside Amber's left thigh. Her scream could be heard at the house.

"I thought I'd start there while this lesson can best be learned and before you are in so much pain that you'll not appreciate it. A double welt appeared on the right side. Ten purple welts were raised on each sensitive thigh before Judy switched her target. The cane was aimed for the bottom curve of the girl's cheeks and tops of her thighs, right where she'd sit, if she attempted to.

"That's forty, Amber, a fourth of what you've earned. I'll deal with Karen for awhile before I return to continue."

Judy had no thought of punishing the girl to the full extent, the lesson had been taught. She never had any intention of meting out any more punishment to Karen either. For the mistress and her slave girl, it had been a game, a diversion. Sometimes, Karen received full measure, just as often, she did not, but she never knew.

Judy always decided after the play, what price she'd extract from Karen for losing the game. She was anxious to see Karen in the puppy role that Amber had dreamed up and for her slave to get the most out of it she would need to rest and heal from the beating Amber had given her the day before.

Karen stood naked next to the outdoor trough in front of the stable lacing on a fresh corset when her mistress came around the corner.

"How you doing, Karen? All clean and refreshed?" she beamed.

"Oh yes, thank you. Thank you for a good game, Mistress," Karen curtseyed. Her legs pained her terribly, but she did not allow herself to manifest it.

"You did well, much better than I expected."

"Thank you, mistress. It was a definite challenge. You should try it sometime."

"You think?" Judy grinned. Unlike her friend Samantha, Judy played both sides and practiced what she preached about experiencing what she required from her slave. Only one other knew of the games they played together and that was Karen.

"I want you to put on your yellow and white pageant dress and do your hair and makeup nice. You may wear the panties that go with it."

"Thank you, Mistress," Karen curtseyed.

"Go to the house and wait on the porch for me." Judy returned to her student hanging limply in the suspension.

She grabbed a handful of blonde hair and pulled Amber's head up so their eyes met. "Shall I resume?" No answer was needed - Judy moved her gloved hand up and down so Amber nodded in the affirmative. "Good, I'm pleased that you agree."

She picked up a cane, cut the air once and delivered another savage blow to her inner thigh. Amber was only given five more to each target there before Judy returned her attention to the secondary objective and landed ten of equal intensity.

"Stop crying, Amber, it's over," Judy said as she lowered the girl to the ground.

"You going to obey me?" Amber, still with the steel jack in her mouth nodded, 'yes', on her own.

"Very well. I want you to bathe and shampoo in the water trough then put on the pink and white outfit hanging in the wardrobe. You may remove the gag when you are ready to put your lipstick on as the last thing before going to the house. Karen is waiting on the porch. I want you to stand facing her and talk with her until I come to fetch both of you.

Amber knew exactly what her teacher expected; she'd worn the ensemble that Judy had given her that spring just once before. She absolutely hated it! Wisely, she showed no sign of how she felt about putting it on again. Her punishment caning was far too recent to let her forget and slip again that quickly.

Karen was startled to see the young apprentice mistress, dressed identically as she was, but for the substitution of bright pinks where Karen wore bright yellow.

"Hi, Karen," Amber smiled. "How are you doing?"

Karen was a bit taken aback; their dresses and full petticoats did not begin to cover their ruffle-covered bottoms, much less, their well welted legs from the knees up. Only ruffled trimmed white anklets covered their legs, and their feet were perched on seven-inch heeled white, ankle strapped pumps.

"I'm doing well, thank you, Mistress." Karen couldn't help, but focus on the double purple welts that lined Amber's thighs. She was curious, but Judy had painfully taught her that curiosity in her slave girl was unacceptable and she didn't vocalize her question.

Amber forced a giggle, even though she was not in a happy mood. "I was disobedient, Karen." That was all she was going to say on the matter.

"Do you know what's planned for us, dressed up in these ridiculous outfits like two sissy CD's?"

"No, I can only guess, Mistress Amber. May this slave girl offer a lesson I've been taught, please?" Karen dipped a proper curtsey.

"What's that?"

"Were I to state a negative opinion voluntarily regarding how Mistress Judy had ordered me to dress to please her, she would be very displeased with such an expression of that opinion."

"In other words, the slave is telling the mistress to keep my mouth shut?"

"I would never be so presumptuous to advise a mistress regarding her conduct, Mistress Amber." The blonde mistress-in-training giggled.

"No, I know you are better than that, Karen. I will ponder the significance of the lesson you recounted to me." Though in pain from her hips to the middle of her bare thighs, Amber laughed.

"OK, Karen. Use your imagination and tell me your thoughts about why you are dressed like that."

"I imagine I'll be taken out, perhaps to a nice restaurant, Mistress Amber."

"You've got to be kidding me? We can't go out dressed like this!" Amber denied that such was even remotely possible.

"And why is that, Amber?" Judy had stepped out of the house and heard what her pupil had stated. She grinned from ear to ear.

"Put this on Amber, Karen, while I do yours." Judy tucked the two, coiled leashes into her armpit and handed her slave girl a harness of white leather. Wisely, the blonde trainee went silent.

The harnesses were adult-sized baby ones with broad bands that went under the girls' breasts. Straps went around them, over their shoulders and crossed in back then buckled to the chest bands. All the buckles locked and noisy jingle bells were fastened about the leather.

Judy clipped a rein in the middle of Karen's back then repeated the move to leash Amber. "Precede me to my car then get in back girls." Unwillingly, Amber obeyed. Karen knew better than to even hesitate. Judy tossed the strips of leather over the front seat, closed the door then got behind the wheel. She waited until they were on the highway before speaking.

"I thought I'd give you a little reward and treat you to a nice meal, Karen."

"Thank you, Mistress. That's wonderful."

"I'm curious, Amber; why is it you thought that I can't have dinner out with two attractively dressed girls, like you and Karen?" Judy asked cheerily.

When the sulking mistress trainee didn't immediately answer, Karen nudged her in the side. "My thinking was flawed, Mistress Judy," she reluctantly offered.

"Perhaps you think that your dress isn't attractive – I assure you that it is very attractive. Perhaps you are embarrassed knowing that strangers will stare at the pretty girl wearing such a pretty dress. Some girls might even feel ashamed because others will see that her pretty legs clearly evince that she was recently punished."

Judy let her student stew on her words and addressed her slave girl. "What do you think you might like to eat, Karen?"

"A small steak would be very nice, Mistress."

"We shall see." Amber was not consulted.

Though she could intensify this scene by going downtown then walking her leashed charges a few blocks along the main street before going in a nice restaurant that Judy knew to be there, Judy was experienced enough to not over do the lesson she was teaching to Amber. If sixty strokes with the cane were enough to have sufficient impact, inflicting one hundred more would not create twice the lasting memories of that lesson. A nearly empty roadside steakhouse in the mid-afternoon would teach Amber what Judy wanted her to know and she'd not learn more by performing the scene in a crowded bar during a Friday happy hour.

"Climb out, girls," Judy rippled their leashes.

"Look at me, Amber." She waited until their eyes met. "I want to see nothing but happy companions during our meal. If I see you sulking, pouting or acting like you hate being here, I will conclude that you would prefer to be treated like a big baby instead. Am I clear, or would you like Karen to tell you in detail exactly how big babies are dealt with in public?"

"I'll be a good girl, Mistress." She didn't feel happy, but Amber did force a smile. Judy removed two rubber balls from her purse and handed one to each of her girls. Karen smiled and began to bounce hers on the asphalt.

"Go inside, girls," Judy instructed. Karen started to skip toward the entrance, bouncing the ball and ringing her bells until her leash drew taut then she skipped in place. Judy was looking away from her blonde student. Feeling totally stupid and very embarrassed, very reluctantly, Amber imitated the older slave girl.

Her legs hurt when the welts inside her thighs rubbed together, but she did what was required and skipped until her leash tightened too. Judy started to slowly follow them and drew their leashes up close outside the door. The balls went back in her purse.

She looked first at Amber then at Karen. "Get us a table for three inside, Karen." Her slave acknowledged with a curtsey and a smile.

Staff outnumbered patrons at that time of day. Though they were gawked at, the hostess guided them immediately to a corner table. Seeing that Karen stood erect and hadn't moved to sit, Amber pushed her chair back in and waited also.

"You may be seated, girls." Amber blushed; Karen had curtseyed before she'd sat. She was very embarrassed after opening the menu before her while Karen placed hers beside Judy. Quickly closing it, Amber followed suit. Judy seemed not to notice.

"Would you … ladies … like something to drink?" the server, unsure of what she was seeing, asked.

"I'd like a glass of Merlot, Karen, in the yellow dress, will have a draft Budweiser® … Amber … I think she would like grapefruit juice please?"

Judy made her selections and set the menus aside before their waitress returned with the drinks. "We'll order, please?

"I'd like the Cordon Bleu with string beans and baked potato with butter, salad with Italian. Karen will enjoy a porterhouse, very rare please, string beans also and steak fries. Amber will enjoy spaghetti with garlic bread."

"Would you like appetizers today?"

"Yes, thank you. Karen and I will share a basket of your delicious onion rings."

Thinking she was doing the right thing, Amber sat still with her eyes lowered. She didn't touch her juice until given permission.

"I did not tell you to be silent, Amber. What I did say was that I expected happy companions to join me for lunch. Note - plural includes you."

"Yes, Mistress," Amber straightened.

"Why don't you tell Karen what you'd like to do to her this summer?" Judy suggested.

"Ulp…" Amber glanced to Judy then explained, "I thought it would be neat to train you to be my pet puppy." Amber was a little embarrassed to state her desires. Though her mother had never allowed her to observe, much less participate in sessions with her clients, Judy's approach to Karen was the opposite of Samantha's.

Samantha listened to what her customers thought they wanted, established a fee and time then went to work earning her money. Judy's approach, at least with Karen, was to tell Karen what she would like to do, establish the details then negotiate differences. Some aspects were left ambiguous, as neither liked to play by a script, and others needed not to be discussed. Karen had been taught what was acceptable behavior and what would guarantee her punishments.

When Judy wished to indulge in Karen's games, they would switch roles and, for a brief period Karen played a domme, a role she was very good at pretending to be in. Just as with the opposite games, they negotiated and discussed. In order to avoid punishment, Judy had to play within the standing rules she'd established for her slave.

"Fill Karen in on some of the details you've worked out, Amber."

"Well, I found this place on the Web that offers a dog mask, tail and harness that keeps your pet in position."

The mistress-to-be was totally blown away when Karen said, "Please order me the Dalmatian suit when you get everything from Doggie Pet dot com, Mistress? I think that one looks the sexiest."

"You agree to this, just like that?" Amber blurted.

"Sure, it should be fun.

"Do you have a dog whip, Mistress?" Amber was totally befuddled by what Karen was asking. Her behavior was completely opposite what her mother had related about her clientele.

"Mother has a lot of different whips, but she never pointed one out as a 'dog whip' per se. Can you describe them?"

"They are usually short, eighteen to thirty inches with a single tail, much like a quirt. Actually a short quirt would do nicely, Mistress."

"I want the lash removed, if that is your choice, Amber," Judy interjected. "I was not pleased when you broke skin while whipping Crimson Breeze during that race last summer.

"It is why I've permitted you to only use a crop or cane on her since."

"Yes, Mistress Judy."

"What else, Mistress Amber?"

"You'll be on a leash all of the time, Karen," the mention of that reminded Amber that she was then on a leash, "except when you are in a pen.

"We can use the stable to kennel you."

"I'd like a doghouse." Karen sipped her beer and nibbled an onion ring.

"These are really good, Mistress Judy. Thank you." Karen reached to place a small one on Amber's plate. Her behavior wasn't very slave like, Amber believed. She did manage to thank her though.

"How do you picture the doghouse you'd like, Karen?" Judy coaxed the conversation.

"It should be about three feet high and wide, four feet long and have a wood floor so I don't have to lie in mud in case it rains. I'd like it white with a gabled roof, please?" Amber just listened and stared with disbelief for a moment.

"That shouldn't be a problem, Karen.

"What else?" she asked.

"Your puppy will have a chain locked to her collar and the other end of that free to slide to a cable to create a long dog run. One end of that would be fixed to her doghouse and the other to something permanent, like a tree."

"There will be another chain attached to the doghouse so you can just go in and out, but not wander far," Amber felt she should assert herself.

"Certainly," Karen countered with a grin.

"The site said that the dog mask I want requires I remove the ring gag so you can feed and water. That is going to require a signal of some sort so you can water. What do you suggest?" the blonde mistress asked.

"Karen can water with a ring gag in her mouth, so there will be little worry she'll dehydrate, but remember, you've a responsibility to keep her water dish full," Judy instructed. "She'll be hot in that suit especially since it's summer."

"What about feeding?"

"Schedule my feedings for morning and evenings and remove the ring gag at those times please?"

"Normally, Karen is only fed twice a day," Judy pointed out.

"I think … dogs should only be fed dog food," Judy's student hesitantly stated her thought and waited to be overruled.

"You are correct, of course, Mistress," Karen moved her side dish aside as the waitress began to serve their entrées.

"Would you like more juice, Amber?" Judy asked.

"May I have a Diet Coke® please, Mistress?"

"No," it was spoken calmly.

"Karen and I will both have another. That will be all now, thank you," Judy dismissed their server. Amber realized she just been slapped down.

"There are such things as doggie bags, Amber," Judy suggested.

"Yes, I know… I'll see."

All three had a lot to think about as they rode quietly back to the farm. Judy wanted Karen to rest and heal before her upcoming ordeal, but she also wanted to play herself. Amber was still trying to cope with the searing pain in her bum and between her thighs. Karen was trying, without success, to deal with the frustrated erection she was unable to touch beneath her personal prison. Concentrate as she did, her kinky mind had been stimulated by the thoughts of again being given to the young Amber for the summer.

Outside the house, Judy sorted their reins then led them inside and upstairs to Amber's rooms. She locked Karen's rein to the post of Amber's canopy bed. "Kneel," she ordered.

"Let me unlock you then you may change into what you'd like, Amber." Judy removed her key ring from her purse."

"With your permission, Mistress, may I be permitted to keep all of this on until mother sees how I looked when you took us out?"

"You may." Judy locked Amber's rein to another bedpost.

"Why don't you two use the computer and put together an order for everything that's needed then call me for my approval and to order it."

"Thank you, Mistress," Amber said. Karen only curtseyed.

"Remember, Amber," Judy paused at the door, "negotiate with Karen and it won't hurt you to give in and indulge her, if she desires something."

"Yes, Mistress Judy."

Amber booted her computer and logged on to the pet site. "Come over and kneel beside me so you can review the things with me, Karen."

The first page selected contained the fundamentals. There was only one basic harness and Amber placed it in the Shopping Cart. "You stated you'd like to be a Dalmatian," Amber was on the 'Tail' page, "tell me why? I'd make you a French poodle or a Bejion-Freize."

'If you prefer those breeds, I'll not object, Mistress," Karen answered.

"It's that, wearing the harness you'll not have the leggy look of a Dalmatian or a lot of other breeds." Amber had switched to the 'Bitchsuit' page. They'd both have preferred photo images, but had to settle for realistic looking illustrations. After looking at the black spotted Dalmatians, she switched to the poodles.

"Mistress Judy suggested I negotiate with you. I'd like you as a black poodle, what do want, Karen."

"Could I be one with a coat that matches my hair color, please Mistress?"

"I'll match your hair to your coat, if you'd like," Amber stated and Karen giggled.

"Give me your second choice?" Amber asked. The page displayed the coat colors offered.

"May I have a white coat, please?"

Amber highlighted a cream color. "Compromise on champagne?"

"How about pink champagne, Mistress?" Amber moved to highlight and clicked on it then returned to the French poodle coats.

"I like the classic show dog cut. What do you think?" she asked the kneeling slave girl.

"Yes, that is the nicest." Amber selected that and was surprised to see another page appear offering options with their choice.

'The perfect ears if your bitch has long hair,' Karen had no comment to offer. 'The ears are hollow shaped pockets that are intended to be filled with the girl's hair to weight them so they'll flop realistically when she moves.'

A motorized tail was chosen without discussion too and Amber paged to the poodle snouts. 'New!' the banner blinked. 'No longer do you have to remove your bitch's snout so she can feed. At the press of two buttons, the ring gag will collapse allowing her a moderate ability to chew then easily swallow while it remains in her mouth." Karen fought to suppress what was trying to happen under her steel crotch shield.

"Please, Mistress, I'd like that?"

"I would too," Amber confirmed. She added it to the cart.

She navigated to the accessories page. Together they picked a pretty, but stout, red leather, locking collar with anti-barking control device and remote controlled punishment features. Though there were no plans for an 'invisible' fence to be installed at the farm, that feature was included with the collar too. Amber also placed a choke chain collar in the cart before moving on to identification tags.

"Face away from the monitor Karen, I want one of these for you." Dutifully Karen turned around until Amber had filled in the information in the boxes.

Amber bought stainless bowls, a few leashes and selected a dog whip after receiving Karen's concurrence that the loaded two-foot quirt was acceptable to her.

"What kind of a doghouse do you want? There are about twenty here, Karen?"

"Click on the second from the bottom on the right, please, Mistress?" Amber opened it to enlarge the thumbnail and together they read the details.

"What do you think?" Amber asked.

"It's a idea great, but their price is obscene, Mistress. Together, we could build it in a day for a tenth the cost."

"What's that, Karen?" Judy entered with a tray and placed it on the desk.

"I brought you a snack and some soft drinks."

"This doghouse. Karen said it's ideal, but costs too much, Mistress." Judy read over her shoulder.

"Fifteen hundred dollars and three hundred for shipping – they're out of their minds. Yes, Karen could build that with help. I'll take you to the lumberyard tomorrow to buy what's needed.

"Print that page for reference then kneel on the floor with Karen and face away while you enjoy your snack and I'll have a look at what you've selected." Amber moved away and Judy sat before the screen and keyboard.

She changed some things, revised details of other selections and added a few items of her choice then placed the order. "They say we should have everything in five to seven days." Judy read from the email confirmation on her ISP's page.

Judy unlocked Amber's rein from the bed and removed the harness locks, but didn't take it off. "I've told your mother that I wish private time with Karen. Show her what you wore out today then you are on your own until morning. Dress as you wish then.

"Good night, Amber."

"Good night, Mistress Judy," she curtseyed.

Judy led Karen to the guest room and closed the door. "Kneel.

"Karen, I want to play the pasture game, please?" They grinned at each other.

"You'll need a dress and contact lenses, Mistress. We'll need to repair some of the other things too."

"I know. I'll start looking for them tomorrow while you and Amber build the doghouse.

"After all the doggie gear arrives, Amber gets to try it out first, but don't tell her. I've Samantha's permission to keep her in it for up to ten days then it's your turn until school starts in September," Judy looked to Karen to agree.

"While Amber is experiencing the game, you are responsible for her."

"I am?" Karen blurted. "Is Mistress Amber going to agree to that, Mistress?"

"You and I would both prefer it that way and ask her nicely. Samantha is prepared to overrule her daughter, if she doesn't."

Judy took out the beeper to be used for her upcoming game. "Let me show you how this works and how to set it. Don't forget to check the newspaper for sunset time on the day you put me in the pasture."

Judy explained what her temporary mistress needed to know.

"How far do you want me to go with the game, Mistress?"

"The basic rules are the same ones you agreed to play by. You had no idea what I put in the enema bag or how long the time bomb suppository would hold out, I shouldn't either. I'll not restrict you with them. You've permission to fill the bag if you want."

"And the punishments?" Karen wanted a clear understanding of how she was expected to play.

"The rules are the rules, Karen. I'll not soften them for myself. You earned thirteen hundred, eighty-seven stokes and the cage time that went with them. I had you work off a little more then ten percent before I canceled the remainder. You are ordered to give me at least ten percent of whatever I earn. I'll not hold it against you if you make me work off all of it.

"Samantha will carry out whatever you order, if you have to stop because it's your turn in the doghouse."

"When I was playing, I thought of a neat addition to the uniform, Mistress."

Judy lit up, Karen's imagination was a good one and it usually could improve a scene the mistress had thought up on her own. "Tell me?"

"We should add a very frilly pinafore with extra punishment for spots, tears and the bow becoming untied.

"Agreed," Judy grinned. "Spots and tears same as for the dress. Thirty-five for untying my bow."

"Fifty," Karen counter-offered with a grin. They both started to giggle when Judy nodded 'yes'.


"Is that everything, girls?" Judy asked after they selected all that was needed at the lumberyard the next morning.

"Yes, that should cover it, Mistress." Judy rippled their reins and went to the counter to pay while the men loaded the pickup she'd borrowed from Samantha.

Amber waddled forward while Karen strutted like a catwalk model. The blonde mistress in training had strenuously objected to the matching printed pink rompers that Judy had told the girls to wear in the morning with the white anklets and the same heels as the previous day. It was Samantha who put her over her knees and paddled her bottom until it was deep red then put her daughter in diapers and crinkly plastic baby pants.

"Behave like a baby and I'll treat you like one, Amber. If Karen can wear her outfit without a problem, so can you. You are supposed to be a mistress, yet you allow a slave girl like Karen to show you up.

"You'll be in diapers until you show me you have grown up."

A spot a hundred feet from the house in the side yard had been selected to locate the doghouse. Samantha had been busy while the others were out. She'd run two extension cords from the house, carried out her husband's tool chest and a few power tools then an old roasting pan filled with water. From her dungeon, the mistress had brought out chains, cuffs and a handful of locks along with two steel collars.

As the girls unloaded the truck, Samantha came out, bringing more things with her. "Here's a bonnet for each of you. It's shady now, but when the sun comes around this afternoon you'll need something to protect your faces from sunburn. Karen accepted hers with a smile and a curtsey then started to put it on. Amber grimaced.

"Do you need another paddling, Amber?" her mother warned.

"These are more appropriate than carpenter's aprons to hold nails, screws and some tools," she offered each of them a printed plastic, bib-like tabards. The pockets in front were intended to catch food when the baby was sloppy, but Karen immediately understood the practical use her mistress had suggested for the task at hand.

"Water is by the tree

"Karen, if you need to pee-pee, just find a spot." She looked for Amber to protest what she'd have to do, but there was none.

"This is Amber's cell phone. My number is speed dial number one. Call me if there is anything you need." Samantha clipped it to the Peter Pan collar of Karen's romper.

The last indignity Amber was going to have to endure was her mother locking the collar around her neck. The chain locked to it would allow her to move twenty feet from the tree and no further. Karen curtseyed when hers was fitted.

"You are in charge, Karen," was the last order the mistress issued before walking back into the house.

It took Amber about an hour, working with Karen, to stop feeling sorry for herself. Karen made no attempt to talk her out of her self-inflicted bad mood.

The girls worked well together. Not knowing a thing about carpentry, Amber could follow instructions and quickly picked up the skills Karen taught her. While Karen measured, cut and fitted the pieces, Amber used the power driver to install all the screws. Minimal instruction was needed to teach the mistress trainee how to lay cedar shake shingles and she was proud to complete one side of the roof all by herself.

Around three o'clock the two mistresses came out to inspect the progress. Amber and Karen were applying the second coat of white, latex paint.

"You did a wonderful job," Samantha complimented.

Judy jumped in to state, "As did you, Amber. If mistressing isn't suitable, you could always get a job as a carpenter. I hear they earn about thirty dollars an hour."

"Well, that's a lot more than a secretary, but I'll stick to my current career plan, thank you, Mistress Judy."


While waiting for the gear to arrive, Karen, dressed in relatively normal attire, accompanied her mistress as they shopped. The first item that they found was in a thrift shop; a very fancy communion dress with a lace overskirt.

"No fair, Karen, that lace will easily tear," Judy giggled.

"Since you are aware of that, you'll just have to be that much more careful how you conduct yourself, Mistress." Judy stuck out her tongue.

"This one should fit you and we need to replace your dress." Judy held and even fancier dress under Karen's chin.

When Karen picked three veils from the display and started to carry them to the checkout, Judy told her not to forget three for her own outfit.

Judy's boots were the biggest problem. Karen solved that when she found a pair of white knee high ones with acrylic platform wedgies on the Web in Judy's size. A shoe repair shop added the double locking straps to cover the tops of their laces.

"Are you game to make this a little harder for you, Mistress?"

"Harder like how?" Judy asked.

"I thought while I took off the rubber soles that it would be fun to see you walk after I rounded the bottoms on a belt sander." Karen showed her mistress a sketch of the boot from the side. The toe and heel were about an inch above the center and joined in a continuous smooth curve.

"What's in it for me?" Judy was skeptical.

"I'll let you have a day to practice, which is one day more that I had, Mistress," Karen had a playful smile as she teased. Judy liked it when Karen sometimes acted like her sister instead of her slave.

"On one condition, you do the same to yours. We'll both spend the day out shopping wearing our challenge uniforms; only you'll wear the bondage gear."

"OK! You've got a deal, Mistress." Judy was skeptical – Karen had agreed too easily.


"All the doggie stuff came, Mistress Judy," Amber announced when Judy and Karen returned from picking up Judy's contact lenses one afternoon. The blonde mistress trainee was seated on the living room floor like a child at Christmas with everything arrayed around her.

"Great!" her teacher exclaimed.

"Mistress, I don't understand why you bought two ID tags though. One's for Fifi with me listed as her owner and the other says, 'Cuddles' with Karen as the owner." Amber had been kept completely ignorant of the planned introduction that she would have to pet girl training.

"At first, your mother thought it might be fun if she had some experience training a puppy girl," Judy lied.

"Have you tried on anything, Amber?"

"No, Mistress. I'm not wearing slave gear. You tricked me before to play Saffron Flax. I've had enough of being an animal."

"Just put on the collar so Karen can see, please? Once she's wearing it, she won't be able too." Not suspecting the trap that she was stepping into, the ignorant girl picked up the heavy red collar and placed it to her throat.

"Thanks, Mistress," Karen curtseyed and smiled politely.

"Let me help, you, Mistress." Karen moved behind to do the two buckles.

"Hold your hair up out of the way, please, Mistress?" Innocently, Amber gathered up her blonde tresses and pushed them up to the top of her head. Karen fastened the straps then tightened them.

"That's too tight, Karen," she mildly protested.

Judy moved close, "Let me check." She worked two fingers under the leather and turned on the switch.

"Amber's correct, this isn't tight enough, Karen." Before her student could react, cold steel ratcheted about her closely spaced wrists.

"H…" her attempt to protest ended with a loud yelp as the capacitors discharged through the contacts under Amber's ears. Judy quickly grabbed her to prevent her charge from falling to the floor. Karen tightened the collar then positioned Amber's cuffed hands at the back of the collar so the shackle could capture the connecting chain, as she placed the second padlock.

Hearing her daughter's stifled yelp - Samantha entered the room. "Let her sit down, Karen, while I explain the situation to Amber."

Realizing that the plan had changed and the painful consequences if she attempted to speak; Amber allowed her tank top to be cut off and Karen to undress her completely.

Samantha snapped one of the new leashes to the front of the collar then led her naked daughter outside to her well-equipped dungeon in the barn. Judy and her slave girl gathered up all the new toys and followed behind.

For a long time, Amber had dreamed of participating in a scene in her mother's dungeon, but she never imagined being the one hanging by her wrists with her toes a foot off the floor in the lacing bar.

"You know that Mistress Judy believes that in order to be the best mistress possible, the mistress should place herself in the slave's situation in order to learn from the experience, Amber," Samantha explained. "I do not subscribe to this philosophy for myself, however, the two weeks that Saffron Flax spent in the stable helped you immensely, to have a much better understanding of training Crimson Breeze.

"This time, Karen is going to train Cuddles first." Amber cringed as her mother explained what was about to happen to her.

"Karen, I'm turning the responsibility of training my new puppy dog over to you this summer." Samantha had chosen those words carefully, so that Amber would believe that she'd be the slave for the next two and a half months.

'How can my own mother do this to me?' she thought. While the concept of being enslaved was abhorrent enough - that a slave girl, Karen, would be her trainer compounded the insult ten fold.

"Will you need help, Karen?" Samantha asked.

"I don't think so, Mistress Samantha. Thank you."

"Judy and I will just watch and learn from a real mistress in action then," she joked.

The slave girl lifted the black corset Samantha had selected then fastened its busk. "Fifteen inches, Karen. Her normal corseted waist is an inch larger," Samantha ordered as her daughter's waist shrank in response to the constricting leather.

"The chastity belt next, Karen." Amber's eyes flew open upon hearing her mother's words.

"Your Bitchsuit completely exposes your sex, Cuddles, as well as your rump and teats. I don't think you'd enjoy being humped by some big dog that might stray onto our property this summer. Besides, I've instructed Karen not to hold back when she learns how to use the dog whip to train you. Accidents do happen and I don't want you injured there or worse … pregnant." Her mother's explanation did not soften the horrible feelings in Amber's belly as the lock snapped closed in back."

Karen knelt to carefully pull the sensitive labia through the parallel slits in the front shield of the belt. Before standing, she ran her talented tongue sensuously over them until her victim started to writhe in response then installed the perforated secondary shield and locked it securely.

"I need help with these please, Mistress?" Karen was unsuccessful with bending Amber's leg into position so the Velcro® could be closed with it in proper position. Judy came over.

"This is a four-hands job. I'll move Cuddles' paw in position. When I tell you it is, smooth the flap in position and press it down, Mistress." Cuddle's right hind paw was easily fastened.

The hoist was lowered until Cuddles balanced the points of her knees on the gel-filled rubber cushions under them – not only would they protect her knees when the puppy walked, but they also acted like shock absorbers to soften the impact. Just one hand was released then Karen hoisted her off the floor again.

"My compliments, Judy, you've taught bondage to your slave girl well."

"She taught me, Samantha," Judy laughed.

Karen fitted Cuddles' fore paw into the mitten then bent her arm into position so her mistress could do the closure. There was a strap on the end of the sleeve that went over the shoulder, crossed the back then mated to a similar strap from her opposite hind paw at Cuddles' belly button.

Lowered again, the other fore paw was fastened while Cuddles balanced on three points. Similar pouches protected her elbows.

"Mistress Judy, spread her knees with your feet while I adjust these, please?" Judy positioned herself then pushed the knees apart with her boots.

"A little more … that's good." Karen had laid on her back to tighten the straps beneath. "Make sure her hands are lying flat and pressed tightly to her shoulders, Mistress."

"They are now."

With the straps adjusted, Karen stood. "The stupid instructions should allow for corseted puppies. It's all wrong," Karen proclaimed.

"How so, Karen?"

"When we groom Cuddles next weekend, we'll put her corset on over all of this, Mistress Samantha. The profile will be better and it will make it impossible to loosen anything, unless you'd like me to do that now."

"No. Please continue?"

Judy helped Karen lift the puppy onto a leather covered bondage slab to fit the Bitchsuit. Made of thick Lycra®, they both had to stretch it and work it over Amber's legs. Karen smoothed it into position to expose the girl's ass and steel covered sex then worked everything up her torso and her forepaws.

"I didn't realize that the hood was part of the suit. I'll need to remove the collar, Mistress," Karen announced as she pulled Amber's ringed breasts though the cut outs provided. Seeing how the circles constricted Amber's smaller breasts, Karen wasn't looking forward to having her much larger ones pulled through the same tight holes when it was her turn.

"Wait, I want her gagged first." Samantha selected a rubber covered jaw jack from her collection and handed it to Karen. Not needing to be told, Amber opened to accept it without resistance.

Seeing the discomfort in Amber's expression when her slave adjusted it, Judy asked, "Must you open it so far, Karen?"

Her girl answered by positioning her mistress's hand on the levers, "Go ahead and test it, Mistress. It is far less pressure than you applied to one of these in my mouth." Judy shivered; knowing that she couldn't relax the rules she enforced on Karen when they switched roles.

Judy and Karen parted Amber's long hair then used their fingers to stuff it in the floppy ears of the helmet. Karen pulled that up over the girl's head to cover her forehead, eyes and half of her cheeks. Samantha had stayed close to observe the care that Karen exercised in fitting her daughter.

Behind the dark domes covering her eyes, Amber's vision was dimmed, but not overly so, looking through the tinted plastic. It wasn't more than if she was wearing sunglasses. The lower part of her face and most of her neck were bare. Behind the puppy's head and neck - the fabric was four layers thick. The intent of this was to pull the dog's head up, so it was erect and she faced forward most of the time, though, with effort, she could overcome the elastic to lower it enough to feed and water.

Karen looped the choke chain then slipped it over Amber's head to lie at the base of her neck.

"That is armed, Cuddles," Karen warned after replacing the leather control collar. "Do not talk. The instructions state it should tolerate things like a cough or sneeze, but you know what the result of talking will cause."

She carefully read the instructions for the snout then examined it prior to releasing the steel jaw jack. "Open," she ordered.

Karen positioned it and Judy buckled it behind Cuddles' head. The buckle was locked. Using an Allen wrench, Karen peered in her mouth to assure the ring gag was properly placed as it unfolded behind Amber's teeth.

Judy handed her girl the steel cage muzzle that she had added to the order that Amber and Karen had assembled. "You don't want to be sued if your new puppy were to bite someone," she giggled then helped fasten and lock it. They all giggled as Karen did the straps around Cuddles' head, all but Amber – nothing about how she'd been dressed and felt was amusing.

"That comes off her only to feed or on my orders," Karen stated.

It became worse for Amber. Karen liberally greased her rear and the long, weighted plug section of the tail. Cuddles hated things up her rear and whined as it slowly went in. Seated in place, Karen inflated the tail so a sphere, three inches in diameter formed inside, just beyond her sphincter ring. She closed the valve, removed the inflation pump then turned it on. Much to their delight, every time Amber clenched her muscles in a fruitless effort to expel her tail, the pressure switch caused the pom-pom on the end to wag vigorously. Karen would teach her to wag her tail at appropriate times.

Samantha handed Karen the ID tag and a pair of pliers, she expected it to be fitted to the front collar ring and laughed when the slave girl squeezed the S-hook closed around Amber's left nipple ring.

"Perfect," the bitch's mother pronounced. Together, they set the dog on the floor after Karen clipped the leash to the choke collar.

"Wait," Samantha instructed. "Turn off the other collar. If she barks during the day, it's OK. Be sure to turn it on every night though."

Judy raised a welt when Cuddles didn't respond quickly to the gentle tug Karen had applied to the leash. "Move, puppy! Outside!"

Cuddles found it difficult to 'walk' on the points of her elbows and knees. The way the straps joined to the sleeves holding her rear legs bent double along with the way the slave leading her had adjusted them, it was far more uncomfortable to try and bring her knees closer together. The designer had intended the paws to be spread so her sex was exposed for a dog or her master to use. Never had Yosihi Yamoto considered that his creations might be coupled with a stainless steel chastity belt.

Her tail, bothered her, the ring gag, the first one ever fitted in her mouth, was horrid, that she was belted was repulsive, but the worst was the total humiliation Amber felt, having been reduced from a mistress to an animal in only two hours!

Karen led her to the corner of the house where one end of the dog run was fastened. Its other end was connected to the big oak tree near the doghouse. Samantha crouched to lock the waiting chain to the ring on the choke collar then unclipped the leash. Without a word they went into the house and closed the door. Cuddles attempted to voice her vehement protest.

"Do not teach her how to bark, Karen. Let her figure out that attempting to speak only earns her a few welts."

"Yes, Mistress," the slave curtseyed.

"Remember, you've an animal in your care now," Judy added. "Do not deal with Cuddles on a human level. You won't be when it's your turn."

Karen made lunch for the two Mistresses, served and cleaned up the kitchen.

"We are going to get dressed up and go out to diner together tonight. Would you like to join us, Samantha?" Karen asked.

Before the mistress could fully react to hearing a slave girl address her by her familiar name and vocalize her objection, Judy interceded.

"Calm down, Samantha," she said, seeing Samantha's shocked surprise. "I ordered Mistress Karen into Mistress mode. I'm in slave girl mode now."

"Quiet, Slut!" Karen ordered calmly. "I'll explain.

"On your knees." Judy sank to kneel beside Karen

"Mistress Samantha, no disrespect intended, I apologize if I offended." Karen stood and curtseyed.

"No offense. Please sit and explain, Karen? It is acceptable for another mistress to address me on a friendly basis – Samantha, please?"

"Mistress Judy sometimes switches with me. She likes the experience and plays my games. She is a much better mistress as a result. When we play that way, I'm Mistress Karen and she is 'Slut', or 'Slut Slave'.

"I was instructed that, unless she changed her orders, I was to assume my role after putting Amber in her role and serving both of you lunch."

"I see," Samantha nodded. "I'll not interfere with your play then."

"Mistress, I invite you to participate, please?" Samantha had started to rise, but lowered back into the chair.

"I'm curious – it might be fun and my calendar is clear until Friday afternoon. What do you suggest, Karen?"

"In the morning, Slut is going to fitted out like I was the other day and placed in one of the fields to play the same game I did when I arrived."

"I see. And will she also be punished for her failures."

"Yes, that is the way we play together."

"You offered for me to participate too. How do you see my role in this, Karen?"

"I could put you out to pasture too, Samantha," Karen grinned.

The blonde mistress had heard her friend tell about playing with her slave girl in reversed roles before, but this was the first time she'd witnessed it. She considered her options.

"Mistress Karen, may I have your kind permission to converse with your slave, please?" Karen answered by pointing to the floor in front of Slut. She sank to her knees and faced Judy, but turned a questioning look to Karen. The auburn haired mistress nodded, rose from the table and poured herself a beer.

"No touching. I've granted you permission to talk, go ahead, Lotti." Judy snickered, but controlled herself quickly.

"Explain, Slut." Karen went outside with her beer, but left the door open.

"Karen just named you, 'Harlot', if you'd not guessed.

"Please agree to playing this, Samantha? I promise you this; you'll be better for the experience."

Karen walked towards Cuddles by the doghouse. The new poodle was trying to water from the bowl. She knelt beside the puppy.

"Look at me, Cuddles. We are playing by my rules." Amber turned to face the red haired mistress.


The End of Part II




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