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I’m such a sweet person. At least that’s what I have been told on many occasions. How I was able to write such an inherently evil story is beyond my comprehension. I had just finished another story, Revenge, for another inter-net site, when I started this one. This story just flowed into my keyboard as it appears here. You are forewarned.


Evil Step Daughter                 by: Carol Collins


Eighteen year old Michelle Lowmax sat in a window seat of the passenger jet as it lifted off from the runway. In the seat beside her sat Sam Smith, a middle aged pharmaceutical salesman, on his way home from a successful business trip. He had not been able to take his eyes off the ravishing blonde since he had seen her sitting in the airport-waiting lounge. It had only been luck that he had ended up sitting next to the young beauty. He took advantage of the fact that she was preoccupied with watching the ground fall away from under the rising airplane to get a close examination of her voluptuous body. Her naturally blonde hair was permed to give it body and was cut to shoulder length. She had a pretty face with an up turned nose, big blue eyes, a wide mouth, full lips, straight white teeth and a very pretty smile. Her white scooped neckline blouse was made of a shiny material that, with the sunshine streaming through the window, was too thin to wear without a brassiere. He could almost make out the pink color of Missy’s nipples crowning the large globes of her breasts in the direct sunlight. Sam had noticed that they had jiggled slightly as she had sat down in her seat when she had boarded the plane. He forced his eyes to move down from Missy’s ample breasts to the short red skirt that she wore. Her skirt only reached half way to her knees, and, since her legs were crossed, he could see just the hint of the dark tops of her black thigh high stockings that she wore on her shapely legs. On her small feet, were red high heel shoes.

Sam glanced around to see if anyone else was watching before he put his hand in his lap and rearranged the position of his stiffening penis. Missy had just turned her head from the window and, out of the corner of her eye, had glimpsed the middle aged business suited man with his hand on his pecker. Missy had learned to love the power she had over males. Even an older man such as this could provide her with amusement for the rest of the plane ride. She looked directly into the older man’s eyes and smiled. She knew what kind of effect her smile had on most men. It had even proven effective on many women. She could feel her nipples becoming erect as she thought of having some fun before the plane landed. The flight attendant had said that this was a direct flight and would take over an hour. Missy knew that she would have to work fast if she wanted to relieve some of the nervous tension that she had because of this being the first time she had ridden in an airplane.

"I’ve never flown before," Missy shared with the older gentleman. "I’m very nervous. Would you mind if I held your hand?" She did not wait for a reply, her hand reached into his lap, brushing against his erection, as her small hand, with her long red fingernails, gripped his larger hand. She managed to keep their clasped hands in his lap even when he had tried to move them away from his now fully hard penis as it strained against the front of his trousers. The back of Missy’s hand moved along the ridge of man meat that pushed against the restraining fabric as she squirmed in her seat. Her skirt rode up her thighs, exposing the elastic lace tops of her thigh highs and an inch of soft white thigh. Sam was speechless as his eyes widened and his heart pounded in his chest.

The "Fasten Seat Belts" sign went off as Missy leaned over and whispered in the businessman’s ear, "Would you please do me a favor?" She waited for his eyes to rise from her thighs before she continued. "I need to go to the little girl’s room and I don’t know how to work it. Would you go along and show me?" Her big blue eyes were so innocent looking, as her hand was slowly moving up and down on his throbbing hard penis. She waited for his answer with her lips slightly parted. Sam didn’t trust himself to say anything. He had a wife and three children at home and had avoided all the other opportunities he had in the past to cheat on his wife, but none of the others had been as pretty as this young blonde, nor had they played with his hard cock. Even with his mind saying, "No!" Sam’s head nodded, "yes."

They unbuckled their seat belts, stood up and walked down the aisle toward the restrooms. Some of the other passengers stared at the sexy blonde as she passed by. A few people tried to decide if Sam was Missy’s father or lover. All of the male passengers felt envious if he were her lover. If they had known what was to take place in the restroom, there would have been a long line waiting their turn to sample Missy’s talents. As it was, two men and a woman saw the odd couple go into the same restroom and heard the click of the door locking mechanism.

Airplane restrooms are always small. Sam had his back against the wall as Missy pressed her over sized breasts into his chest. Her high heels made her only a few inches shorter than him as her big blue eyes looked into his brown eyes. Her belly was in contact with his stiff throbbing penis as her lips came closer. "Well, are you going to kiss me?" She whispered. Sam leaned down and tentatively kissed her soft full lips as his hands went around her small waist. Her lips opened for him almost immediately and their kiss lasted several minutes. His tongue penetrated her mouth as his hands slowly moved down to cup her round bottom. Sam’s pulse was pounding in his ears. His fingers gathered her skirt until his fingers felt the bare skin of her buttocks. It was then that he discovered that Missy wasn’t wearing panties. His penis became harder than he had ever felt it as he realized that this blonde beauty was flying from one end of the country to the other without any panties.

Missy reached between them and unzipped the fly of his dress slacks. Her small hand found his hard cock and pulled it out. She sat down on the seat of the john and stroked his hard on in her hand as she smiled up into the stranger’s eyes. She was the most beautiful thing that Sam had ever seen as she wrapped her warm red lips around the head of his penis and began to lick. Missy licked the sides of his meat before she stood up on the commode seat and pulled him into position in front of her. With her legs spread and her short skirt pulled up out of the way, Missy slowly sank down on the long hard cock. She was smiling as she felt it spreading her vagina open as it slowly forced its way deeper into her belly. When her clitoris finally made contact with his pubic hair and trousers, she was eye to eye with the salesman.

Sam’s hands had moved to grip Missy’s bottom as she rose and fell on his hard cock. He knew that he would not be able to hold out very long as she worked her buttery soft vagina up and down on his sensitive erect penis. Missy had perfected her ability to have quick orgasms, and was able to reach a climax in only a couple of minutes. Her climax triggered Sam’s. He jerked around as his semen rocketed up into the pink depths of the young blonde’s quivering belly.

Sam and Missy clung to one another as their breathing and pulse rates returned to normal. Finally, Missy pulled back a little so that Sam’s softening penis would slip out of her wet vagina. When it had fallen out, she purposely smeared their combined juices across the front of his expensive slacks. Then she asked if he could leave her alone to clean up. She smiled at him as he stuffed his slimy penis in his pants and went out the door. She knew that he would still have a vaginal odor on him when he greeted his wife. She wiped up some of the sperm from her vaginal lips as it leaked out with toilet tissue. When she felt she had gotten most of it, she left the restroom and returned to her seat.

There were a lot of interested faces watching her as she sat down beside the elderly businessman. Most of the passengers had noticed that the mismatched couple had both gone to the restroom together and some had detected the odor of sex on them as they had passed down the aisle. Several penises had risen while their owners thought envious thoughts. There were even a couple of moistening vaginas.

Missy asked Sam a few questions about his name, where he worked and what he did for a living. She even found out a few details of his company’s product lines and family life. She filed those facts away in her memory for future use as she turned her attention to the window and the panoramic vista that stretched before her.

Michelle Lowmax’s memory went back to her earliest recollections. She almost remembered her mother and father’s divorce, which had happened when she was two years old. Her father, Jerry Lowmax, had hired a temporary secretary, an eighteen year old redhead just out of high school, to fill in for a secretary on maternity leave, at his construction firm. One night, after working late to secure a contract, he had taken the young redhead out to eat at a restaurant. A good meal and a few drinks later, they had ended up in bed together. She was not on birth control. Her father and the home wrecker became even more involved until the redhead became pregnant. Eventually, Jerry Lowmax had left her mother and her to marry Donna, the young redhead. That was almost sixteen years ago.

Missy’s mother had remarried, but had not chosen well. He drank and abused her mother and her. Her mother had to work to help support them since he seemed to never be able to hold onto a steady job. The child support check mostly went to pay the rent and help buy whiskey for her stepfather. When she was six and her mother was at work, he had pulled her onto his lap and had held her close to him. She had already become accustomed to his whiskey breath, but he had never wormed his fingers under the leg band of her panties before. He held her on his lap and played with her young hairless vagina. He told her to keep what they had done a secret or else something bad would happen to her and her mother. From that night onward, he played with her after her mother went to work. By the time she was eight, she was coerced into giving him a blowjob. By the time she was eleven, he was screwing her. A year later, he had taken her anally as well. At least he did give Missy an excellent education on how to please a man.

Missy began to let the boys in the neighborhood and at school screw her, too. Soon, the other girls looked down on her and the boys were only interested in her as a means of getting their rocks off. Missy became known as the town slut by the time that she was fourteen. When she was in high school, she did get revenge on the girls that called her names; she screwed their boyfriends. Then she told the girls about it. It made the girls even madder, but it did give her a sense of satisfaction as she learned to practice the art of revenge.

Missy believed that her mother suspected that her stepfather was having sex with her, she had put Missy on the birth control pill at an early age, but she never really admitted it. Her mother had started to drink excessively during the last few years. Missy’s stepfather always wanted some form of sex from her almost every night. Even when she had a date with another high school boy, she had to suck his cock or let him screw her before she left to go on the date. If her mother had not started her on birth control when she reached puberty, she would have had several babies by her stepfather.

It was a dark and rainy night a few weeks ago when her stepfather’s car had crossed the centerline and hit a tractor-trailer truck head on. Her mother was with him. Both had been drinking and both were killed instantly. They had no insurance and there were many bills to be paid. She was left alone in the trailer park that they lived in until the mobile home was repossessed. Her father had heard about what had happened and had called to invite her to move in with him and his new family. Donna, the redheaded home wrecker, had given birth to a baby girl when Missy was two. A boy, Jerry Lowmax, Junior, was born two years later. Missy had met Beth and little Jerry twice over the years. Both were redheaded and looked like their mother. Missy’s mother had always blamed her divorce on Donna, so Missy had blamed everything that had gone wrong in her childhood on Donna as well. She hated Donna with every cell of her body, and, now, she would be living under the same roof with her and her children.

Missy said, "Goodbye," to Sam Smith as they disembarked from the plane. He had given her his business card and had asked her to call him sometime. She had put it in her purse as they left their seats. She was looking for her father as she entered the terminal. When she saw him, she recognized Donna, Beth and Jerry, Junior, standing next to him. Missy put a convincing smile on her face as she approached her new family.

Donna Lowmax had brushed her short red hair and put on her make up as the rest of her family had gotten ready to leave to pick up Michelle at the airport. She had been the one to suggest to Jerry that they bring Missy back to live with them until she could make it on her own. She felt it was the Christian thing to do. The lord only knew what grief the poor child had suffered as she had grown up with a drunken stepfather and mother in a trailer park. Maybe, Donna and Jerry could make the years up to Missy by teaching her the Righteous Way of Life. Donna had had a talk with Beth and Little Jerry about being nice to Missy until she accepted them as her family. Beth had said that Missy could attend her Bible study classes at church. Donna was so proud of her two children. Both were on the honor roll at school and both participated in extra curricular activities. Beth was a cheerleader. Little Jerry was to small to play football or other sports, but he played the clarinet in the band.

Donna was nervous, as they had waited at the airport for the plane to arrive. It had been many years since she had last seen Missy. She certainly hoped that the girl’s attitude had improved since then. When she recognized Michelle, she was shocked. Missy dressed like a slut! A thin white low neckline blouse, bobbling breasts that meant that she was not wearing a brassiere, a short red skirt that was absolutely indecent, black nylon stockings and red high heel shoes completed the slutty ensemble. She decided that she would have to teach Missy how to dress in public. Donna put a convincing smile on her face as she greeted the new member of her family.

Jerry hugged his oldest daughter. He had not seen her in over four years and was surprised by the way she looked. He had never missed a child support check payment. He had sent presents every Christmas and birthday, and he had called to talk to her on the phone several times a year. The bad relationship with his ex-wife, his hectic schedule of being a company owner, and the fact that she had moved across the country, had prevented him from being closer to Missy. As she pressed her body against him to give him a hug, he was amazed at the size of her breasts. He remembered that her mother had a large pair of melons. Missy obviously took after her mother, and then some.

Beth was dressed in a cute dress that reached just below her knees. Underneath, she wore a plain white brassiere and panties, pantyhose and flat-heeled shoes. At fifteen, she was developing into a very pretty girl. Her red hair was cut in a Pixie cut style. She had a cute turned up nose, blue eyes from her father, a few freckles from her mother, red lips and a nice friendly smile which she turned on as she hugged her half sister. Beth’s B cup sized breasts were no match for Missy’s unfettered D cups but her body was very pretty. Beth was amazed and shocked that Missy would go out in public when she was obviously not wearing a brassiere. She hid her shock. After all, Missy was a relative and she was determined to accept her and to love her unconditionally.

Little Jerry was very impressed with the way his half sister looked. She was a hot babe! At the age of thirteen, he had just started to notice girls as his hormones were just starting to kick in. And there was one thing that he noticed about Missy; she was most certainly a Girl. When Missy hugged her younger half brother, she felt a stiff penis pressing into her belly. She looked into his green eyes and smiled her most dazzling smile. His freckled face turned red as he blushed. Missy noticed that his hair was longer than his sister’s was as she kissed him on the cheek. She had kissed him because she had wanted to be sure that his penis was hard. It felt rather small, but it was definitely erect.

Donna greeted Missy next. Missy wanted to scratch her eyes out, but smiled instead. Donna hugged her stepdaughter and welcomed her to her family. Donna had green eyes, upturned nose, a nice smile, full red lips, firm B cup breasts and a very nice body for a thirty-five-year-old. She went to the gym twice a week to keep her figure in such good shape. She smiled at Missy and welcomed her to their family. If poor Donna had only known how Missy was to affect her family, she would have sent her evil stepdaughter back on the next available flight.

The trip from the airport to the Lowmax home took thirty minutes. Missy sat in the back seat of her father’s new Mercedes. Beth sat on the left, Little Jerry in the middle and Missy on the right. The thirteen year old boy couldn’t take his eyes off of her creamy thighs as they were exposed to him as her short red skirt rode up over the lace tops of her black thigh high stockings. Beth sat on the other side of Little Jerry and did not see the leg show that her little brother was privileged to see. Missy, having noticed that Little Jerry was staring, wanted to pull her skirt up to her waist and let the little twerp see her blonde pubic hair as it protected her pink slit, but was playing it slowly. She smiled at her redheaded half brother, knowing that it would only make his stiff little dingy even harder. He, his sister and his mother represented everything that had gone wrong in her life and she was going to find a way to make them suffer.

The next few days were strained as Missy adjusted to her new family. Donna took her shopping and bought her an entire new wardrobe. Missy had kept her old clothing, but she now wore more conventional dresses, which hid her feminine charms from neighbors and members of her new family’s church. Missy had never gone to church while she was growing up and found it to be as big of a bore as school. She had never owned a pair of pantyhose before; her stepfather had hated them. She had worn only thigh highs with no panties so he could take advantage of every opportunity to feel her up or have sex with her. Now, Donna expected her to wear pantyhose almost every waking moment of the day.

Missy had been making some headway in her conquest of Little Jerry. She had timed it so that he had gotten glimpses of her as she was changing clothes on several occasions. She would sit in such a way so that he would be able to see up her dress when she sat down. She had even been playing touchy-feelly games with him whenever no one else was watching. He was such a shy young boy. She knew it would not be long until he was completely in her power. Her stepmother and Beth were going to be harder to corrupt.

A week after she had arrived, Missy pretended to have a headache one Wednesday evening when Donna was taking Beth to prayer meeting. They had left her at home to take a nap and had left. Her father had gone out of town for a few days to visit the site of a construction project. Half an hour later, Little Jerry arrived home from band practice. Missy had changed into her old clothing to wait for her half brother. He walked in the door to find Missy decked out in a bright red mini dress that was so tight, he could plainly see her prominent nipples sitting on her large bra less breasts. The hem of the short dress ended an inch above the tops of her thigh high nylon stockings, exposing the lace elastic bands. She was wearing bright red lipstick on her large soft lips as she smiled her most dazzling smile at him. His hormonal levels shot through the roof as he froze in the hallway to watch her descend the stairs. His little penis had never been so hard as he thought lewd and lucivious thoughts about his own half-sister.

Missy knew she had control of the situation as she asked Little Jerry to come up to her room to move a piece of furniture. She told him, "You’re so strong for your age, I bet you can move this table all by yourself." Of course, she had chosen a table that would be too heavy for the young boy to move. "Don’t worry about it," she had said, "I’ll get some of the big boys to help me move it later. Why don’t you sit here on the side of my bed and let me ask you a few questions." He did not have to be asked twice. He sat down and she sat next to him with her nyloned thigh touching his.

Missy looked into Little Jerry’s eyes and smiled as she said, "You are a good looking boy. In fact, you are so good looking, I bet you would even have been a pretty girl." Missy ran her fingers through his long red hair as she leaned closer to him and whispered, "You are so pretty." Her lips touched his before he could protest being referred to as "pretty." He was to timid to take an aggressive role and meekly let Missy push him until he was laying on his back and she was laying on top of him. Missy was kissing her half brother’s lips as her hands slowly massaged his chest. When she forced her tongue into his mouth, he almost felt as if he was going to pass out. Jerry was filled with conflicting emotions. He knew that what they were doing was wrong, but he could not bring himself to stop his half sister from doing the things she was doing to him.

When Missy pulled her lips away from his mouth, she pulled his tee shirt up and began to kiss on Little Jerry’s chest. He had never felt anything as good as her soft red lips as they slowly kissed every square inch of his young undeveloped chest. When she spent several minutes licking and sucking on his small nipples, he thought he had gone to heaven. Missy moved from one excited nipple to the other as she worked on the thirteen-year-old boy. When her hand began to unbuckle his belt and unzip his jeans, he was completely under her control.

Missy pulled Little Jerry’s jeans and cotton underwear off his almost hairless legs. She noticed that he was still thin and that his male hormones had not caused his body to change to a masculine shape. This was going to make her plan for her half brother easier. She straddled his waist and said as she rubbed her panty-less vagina on his stiff little member, "You are so beautiful. You remind me of a girlfriend that I had back home. She had red hair and was very pretty. Her name was Jenny." She leaned over and kissed his lips for a moment before continuing, "Every time I look at you, I am reminded of Jenny." This time, she leaned down to lick and suck his small nipples for a couple of minutes before she said, "I miss her so much. Would you pretend to be Jenny for me?" Little Jerry was incapable of speech as his half sister wiggled until his small, but very stiff, penis was in the wet groove of her vagina. "Would you please be Jenny for me?" She had asked as she sat down all the way on his diminutive tool. "Pretty please?" She could just see his head nod. He squirmed, out of control, beneath her as his penis fired salvo after salvo of boy cream into her already wet vagina. She felt that she now owned the redheaded youngster as his body convulsed beneath her.

Missy leaned forward and gently kissed Little Jerry’s panting lips. He had just had his first climax induced by a female. He had been playing with himself in his room late at night, with his door locked, after he thought that everyone else was asleep for the last six months, but he had never even felt up a girl. He was fairly short, a little skinny, had red hair and was extremely bashful around girls. His experience level with girls was, until a few minutes ago, zero. He felt wonderful! He had found the most enjoyable sensations of his young life and would do what ever was necessary to repeat the experience. Missy knew this and was smiling as her plan formulated in her evil mind.

"You know, Jerry, if you want a girl to keep coming back for more, you have to go down on her and make her cum, too." Missy licked his little nipples as she was talking. She rose up over her half brother and moved up until she was directly over his face. She pulled her short skirt up to watch as she settled her blonde hair fringed vagina onto the redheaded boy’s nose and mouth. Her gash was already wet, plus, it was full of his own semen. Little Jerry had barely even heard of cunnilingus. Now, all of a sudden, he was expected to perform it. The situation was complicated for him because the vagina was full of his own cum. Missy did not give him time to back out as her thighs imprisoned his head and she sat on his face. Like it or not, he was in the position of eating pussy.

Missy gave Little Jerry instructions on how to eat her as she wiggled around on his face. She dropped her skirt, letting it settle over his head, almost hiding him from view, as her hands moved to her over sized breasts and played with her stiffening nipples. She twisted her nipples through her red dress as she thought about her half brother eating his own slimy juice from her wet pussy. When she thought that this was most certainly not the last sperm Little Jerry would eat, she came on his face.

Missy fell over and lay beside her redheaded sibling. His face was shiny with the mixture of their combined juices. He had never imagined that he would be able to do such a thing with a girl. Especially when the girl was a babe such as his blonde stepsister. He had some feelings of guilt in the back of his mind. This was incest. However, the sexual sensations, and the smile that Missy was giving him, made him ignore those feelings of guilt. She took him into her arms and kissed his forehead, which was the only portion of his face that was not smeared with their fluids, and whispered, "You were great. That was just like what Jenny did for me." Little Jerry looked up into her big blue eyes. Was she serious? Had she done these same acts with another girl? He was lost in thought as Missy used her fingertips to lightly caress Jerry’s small pink nipples.

Missy got up off the bed and went to her chest of drawers. She pulled out a new pink pair of silky panties. She had not worn panties before she had arrived here, but Donna had insisted on buying them for her. These were so small; they would have been a little snug on her. She figured that they would fit the thirteen-year old boy just fine. When she asked him if he would put them on for her, he balked. But, when Missy begged him to do it for her, Jerry slowly let Missy slip the silky pink panties up his legs and pull them up until they were covering his small genitalia and rounded little buttocks. Missy told him how cute he looked as she kissed and hugged him and pressed her large firm breasts against his bare chest. Poor Little Jerry was virtually inundated with sensations as he enjoyed the after glow of his first female induced orgasm, the caress of the thin silk on his pubic region and Missy’s big breasts and feminine form pressed against his nearly nude body. The only thing registering on his mind was that this felt better than anything he had experienced in his short life and he wanted more.

Missy knew that she and Jerry would be alone for at least another two hours and wanted to take advantage of every minute of time. "Jerry, I can’t get over how much you remind me of Jenny. You are almost as pretty as she was." Actually, there never was a Jenny, but Missy had plans and the deception was part of them. Missy got off the bed and went to her vanity table. She found just the right combination of cosmetics and returned to the bed. At first, Little Jerry balked when she attempted to put eye make up on him, but when she pleaded with him, he was so infatuated with her, he consented to let her used mascara, eye color, eye liner, and lipstick to make his face feminine. She picked up her hair brush and back brushed his hair to give it body, then brushed it into a style like some of the girls wore to school. Jerry was very embarrassed. He knew he should not be letting his stepsister do these things to him, but he was currently under her spell. He only mumbled an objection when she went to her closet and retrieved one of her short tight blue satin dresses that she had brought with her when she had moved in and held it for him to step into. Missy surveyed her work and was very pleased. Most people would look at Little Jerry and thing he was a flat chested girl. She took Jerry’s hand and said, "Come. I want you to meet Jenny." Little Jerry allowed his stepsister to pull him up from where he had sat on the side of her bed for the last twenty minutes. He was reluctant to even look at his reflection in the full-length mirror when Missy had moved behind him so that she could look over his shoulder and see his facial expression. "Look at yourself and meet my beautiful new girlfriend, Jenny." She whispered in his ear. Jerry slowly raised his eyes to see his reflection. He had expected to see clown make up on his face. Instead, he saw his stepsister peering over the shoulder of a young redheaded girl that reminded him of his sister, Beth. Shock and amazement swept through him as he realized that the girl was actually a boy in girl’s clothing. He began to examine the reflection closer. A feminine hairstyle atop a slightly rounded face with eye make up of a shade of color that complimented her large green eyes. Long dark eyelashes that were so sexy when she batted her eyes. Full red lips of a shade just darker than the hair on her head gave her mouth the shape of cupid’s bow. The blue satin dress was just a little loose on the pretty girl. The lack of breasts seemed to the only flaw in what otherwise appeared to be a very pretty redheaded girl. Jerry could scarcely believe that the girl he was looking at was really he.

Missy was smiling as she observed her stepbrother’s reactions to his reflection. Her plan was beginning to be implemented as she whispered in his ear, "You make a beautiful girl, Jenny. I’ve missed you so much." Jerry turned around to say that he was not Jenny. He was going to say that he was a boy as he removed the dress, panties and make up. Missy’s lips on his prevented him from saying any of those things. Before he could pull away, his penis began to get hard. Missy’s tongue invaded his mouth and he lost interest in everything except the sensations that came flooding through his young body.

Missy walked Jerry backwards until the edge of her bed was pressed against the backs of his legs. Their lips lost contact as she pushed him onto his back. His dress had ridden up his smooth thighs as he lay on the bed. Missy was actually getting turned on as she saw her thirteen-year-old brother sprawled on her bed with his blue satin dress so high up on his legs that she could see his pink silk panties. Missy lay on top of Jerry as she kissed his lips again. He didn’t object this time when she called him, "Jenny", as she lay on top of him.

Missy pulled her lips from Jerry’s and slid downward along his body. She nibbled on his nipples through the satin material of his dress as she paused at his chest. When both nipples were hard and standing up, she moved downward. Her saliva had soaked the cloth of her dress and as it evaporated, it cooled his nipples and kept them hard.

Missy kept calling Jerry, "Jenny," as she moved to his bare thighs and she rained kisses along the inside of one thigh, then, the other. The silk panty material was caressing Jerry’s little penis and was driving him out of his mind as his blonde stepsister continued the seduction process. She demanded, "Tell me that you’ll be Jenny for me anytime I want you." She removed her lips for a moment. He squirmed towards her lips as he said he would be Jenny for her. Missy’s lips finally moved to the silk encased penis and she wrapped her lips around the erect penis. She felt it pulse and knew that it was about to shoot his little boy cum. Missy immediately pulled down the waistband of Jerry’s panties and wrapped her lips around his bare penis. He jerked around on the bed as he pumped out his cream into her sucking mouth. Even after he had stopped ejaculating, her tongue licked the head of his cock, making him writhe on the bed. She wanted to make sure that he would do anything she told him to do in order to experience these pleasures again. She made him squirm until he squealed like a young girl and nearly passed out.

Missy slowly pulled her lips from Jerry’s sensitive penis and moved back up on the bed. His chest was rising and falling rapidly as he recovered from his delicious orgasm. He was hardly even aware of the fact that as she kissed his lips, she was feeding him his cum juice. Missy used her tongue to force the mouth full of weak semen into her half brother’s mouth. If things went as she had planned, getting him accustomed to the taste of sperm would be necessary. Little Jerry was still high on the after effects of his climax as he swallowed the cum juice down his throat.

By the time that Donna and Beth returned home from their prayer meeting, both Missy and Little Jerry had changed into normal clothing. Jerry was more quiet than usual, but Donna and Beth were so excited about cheerleader practice the next night and the high school game scheduled for Friday night, they never noticed. Jerry felt guilty about what he and his half sister had done. Jerry knew that if the chance arose to do it again, he would. Missy had said that when they were alone in the house the next night, they could play some more. He was anxiously waiting for kinky new sexual sensations.

The next afternoon, Missy had called Sam Smith, the pharmaceutical salesman that she had sex with on the airplane. She had asked if he would be free that evening. When he said that he could be, she had invited him to come to her new home. He had agreed to be there at seven o’clock. Donna and Missy would leave at five o’clock, giving Missy two hours to work on Little Jerry before Sam got there. If everything went as planned, tonight would be an important step in her conversion of her stepmother’s only son.

As soon as Donna and Beth left for cheerleading practice, Missy led her thirteen-year-old half brother upstairs to her bedroom. She had given him a soda with vodka mixed into it to drink. Since Jerry had never even tasted hard liquor, he did not know that his drink was spiked. She then refused to even kiss him until he was dressed as a girl. Jerry had to admit to himself that the pretty red silk panties that she handed him felt very sensual as they slid up his bare thighs and covered his genitalia and round buttocks. Missy had found a brassiere that Beth had outgrown and had put in a box of clothing to be donated to charity. It was a white A cup bra with just a hint of lace trim. Missy adjusted it until it fit Little Jerry’s chest. The cups were a little loose, so Missy stuffed them with folded silk panties to fill them out. Missy then gave him a pair of tan nylon thigh high stockings to wear. Jerry drew the semi-transparent nylon up to almost the tops of his thighs. The elastic lace edging around the tops were only an inch from his red panties. The sensations of having nylon caressing his legs were making his little penis tent the front of his red silk panties.

Missy ignored Jerry’s stiff little weenie as she led him to her vanity table. He sat on the chair as she applied his make up, giving him instructions on how to apply them. She intended to have him do it the next time. She encouraged him to take big sips from his mixed drink as she worked applying cosmetics. When the mascara, eye color, eyeliner and bright red lipstick was applied to Little Jerry’s face, he once again looked like a she. Missy kept telling him how pretty he was and how much he looked like her ficticious friend, Jenny. She slipped a pair of Beth’s pink shoes on his feet. Poor Little Jerry was so confused by the many different sensations that his body was experiencing, he was just putty in his evil half sister’s hands.

Missy stood behind Jerry as she brushed his hair into a feminine style. She had him turn away from the mirror as she picked up a pair of scissors from her vanity and quickly trimmed his bangs even with his eyebrows. She figured that he would still be able to comb his hair the way it had always been, but the bangs made him look even more like a girl. She also picked up a pair of tweezers and plucked five or six hairs from each of his eyebrows. Jerry called a halt because he was worried that people would notice his arched eyebrows if he let her continue. Missy figured that she had pushed everything as far as she could for this phase of the conversion process, so she relented.

Little Jerry was shocked when he turned to look in the mirror. There was a very pretty girl looking back at him. Missy placed a gold necklace around his neck and hooked the clasp in back. It had a gold crucifix pendant and had been a Christmas present from her father last year. Missy thought that it would be appropriate for Little Jenny to wear it tonight. She pulled Jerry away from the mirror and showed him the pretty pink dress that she had found along with the brassiere. Jerry was almost eager to step into it and let Missy pull up the zipper.

When Jerry went over to the full-length mirror, he saw a redheaded girl that looked far more sophisticated than his thirteen years. Missy was taller than he was as they stood side by side. Missy moved behind him and put her arms around his waist as she hugged him to the front of her body. The press of two huge breasts against his back while the cool silk feminine undies caressed his body was too much for his young mind to comprehend. Her hands cupped his padded bra and he wished he actually had breasts for her to fondle. He had always felt that girls had it better than boys do and had been envious. People had always bragged on how pretty his sister was. Now, he was just as pretty as Beth.

Missy left Jerry standing in front of the mirror as she peeled out of her dress, plain white brassiere, pantyhose and white granny panties. She picked out a pair of black nylon thigh high stockings and drew them up her shapely legs until they were only a couple of inches from her blonde muff. Jerry had finally torn his eyes from his reflection in the mirror and noticed that Missy was practically naked. If he didn’t cum soon, he felt he was going to die. He was actually afraid that he was going to shoot off in his red silk panties as she put on a black button front short skirt and a white see through pull over top. The high heel shoes Missy selected from her closet made her several inches taller than he was.

Missy held out her hand and said, "Jenny, sit with me on the bed. I have a favor to ask you." When Jerry moved to the bed and sat beside Missy, he was unconsciously taking on the roll of Jenny. Missy smiled, as she looked him in the eyes. "Jenny, I really appreciate your co-operation." They held hands as Missy leaned forward and softly kissed Jerry’s red lips. There was still an hour before Sam Smith was supposed to arrive. Missy pushed Jerry back on the bed and kissed his lips some more before saying, "Tell me you wish you really were Jenny and I’ll make you feel very good."

The vodka and the situation over powered any shyness that the young boy had as he said that he wished he could be a girl like Jenny. Missy rewarded him with a deep French kiss and a fondling of his silken covered parts. He felt her hand on his nylons as her hand moved up his leg under the hem of his dress. Her hand slid from the nylon stocking across the inch of bare thigh to his red silk panty material. Jerry’s penis was very hard as she lightly pinched it through the silk panties. He moaned even as her tongue worked in and out of his mouth.

Missy told Jerry to keep telling her that he wanted to be a girl so that he could wear silky undies all the time as she moved down between his nyloned legs and kissed the front of his panties. At the moment, he would have been willing to say anything to keep her happy. He told her he wished he were a real girl. He told her that he wished he could be Jenny. He told her that he wished he could wear silk panties and brassieres all the time. He would have told her that the sun was green if he thought that was what she wanted to hear. When she told him to tell her that he wished he were a girl so he could have a boyfriend, he hesitated. Missy pulled down the front of his panties and licked the underside of his little cock. She told him again to say that he wished he were a girl so he could have a boyfriend. This time, he did not hesitate.

Missy licked the underside of Jerry’s little penis as she got him to say that if he was a girl he could have boyfriends and learn to suck cocks, too. When he had said this, Missy wrapped her lips around his penis and made him shoot his drops of cum within a few seconds. When he had softened a little, she bent his penis down between his legs and pulled his panties up to trap it between his legs. Missy moved up to lie on top of her little half brother and kissed him again. She had not swallowed his semen. She had saved it for him. Missy kissed Jerry and pushed her tongue into his mouth and forced him to drink his cum. When she had transferred all of the boy juice to him she said, "Think of the day when you can suck your boy friend’s cock until he fills your mouth with his potent sperm. Think how good it will taste as you swallow the cum that I shared with you." Little Jerry was embarrassed to admit that the images flashed through his mind and they did not sicken him as he swallowed.

Missy got up off the bed and pulled Jerry to his feet. She straightened their hair, looked at the clock and told Jerry, "We have almost three hours before your mother and sister get home, Let’s go to the kitchen and get a snack to nibble on." Jerry was reluctant to leave the sanctity of the bedroom but Missy was insistent. She reminded him that he looked like a very pretty girl and that no one would see him if they stayed in the house. ‘Besides," she added, "Jenny and I used to just play around when the family was gone. Let me show you how much fun two girls can have while the family is away." She had him convinced as she timidly followed her, hand in hand, down the stairs to the kitchen.

As Missy and "Jenny" entered the kitchen, Missy looked at the clock on the wall. Sam Smith was supposed to arrive in about fifteen minutes. Missy took care of the drinks as "Jenny" got the carrot sticks and dip. Missy managed to pour a liberal amount of vodka into Jerry’s drink with out him noticing. When Missy sat the vodka bottle and some extra cold sodas on the serving tray, she told Jerry that the vodka was for her as she carried the tray to the family room. She poured some vodka into her glass and asked if Jerry wanted some. He said no, but changed his mind when she told him to loosen up. She gave him and extra shot in his drink as she sat beside him on the sofa.

Earlier in the afternoon, Missy had set up the camcorder in the corner of the family room behind a potted plant. It had a clear view of the sofa, but was hidden from sight. She picked up the remote control from the end table and pressed the record button before setting it back down. Jerry was too busy trying not to choke on the very strong drink that Missy had mixed for him and did not see what she had done. He could feel the vodka causing a warm glow in his stomach as he tried to return Missy’s broad smile. "Jenny, I want to thank you for being such a sweetheart." Missy said as she leaned toward him and kissed his soft red lips. He was so infatuated with the beautiful blonde; he would do anything to please her.

Jerry could feel the alcohol coursing through his system as he listened to Missy telling him how pretty he looked and how every one who saw him would think that he was really a beautiful girl. As the alcohol made his thinking become fuzzy, he even visualized what it would be like as she described if he, as a girl, and Missy were on a double date. She described how the boys would think that they had dates with the best looking sisters in town. About how they would be so nice to them. They would open doors and are happy just to be with them. She told Jerry about how they would hold them close in their arms. About how they would want to kiss their lips. Jerry blushed as he thought of some tall handsome older boy trying to kiss him. Missy went on describing how "Jenny’s" boyfriend would want more than just a kiss. She described, in intimate detail, the art of sucking a boy’s cock. Little Jerry’s face was truly red by the time she had finished. He didn’t know if it was her description or the vodka that had made the room seem so hot. He gulped down another swallow of the potent mixed drink.

The ringing of the front door bell interrupted his embarrassment. Jerry went into a moment of panic. Missy held him on the sofa as she said, "Just sit here and I’ll see who it is. Maybe I can get rid of them." She had no intention of getting rid of Sam Smith as she walked to the front door with a fresh drink in her hand. She was all smiles as she leapt into his arms and kissed him on the lips. Sam had been reluctant to come to meet the sexy blonde that he had met, and screwed, on the airliner. He was a married man with children at home. He might end up jeopardizing his relationship with his wife and his job at the pharmaceutical corporation if it got out that he was screwing a teenage girl young enough to be his daughter. The saying that a man with a hard on thinks with two heads held true in this case. He could not stay away when she had telephoned and begged him to come and see her in her sweet sexy voice.

Missy whispered to him, "I wasn’t able to get rid of my whole family tonight." Sam looked as if he was going to turn around and leave. "Don’t worry. The only other person here is my little sister, Jenny. She is shy and bashful. I think you’ll like her. She loves sex as much as I do once she gets over her shyness. She’s a virgin, but I know she wants to learn how to give blowjobs. Maybe you can help me teach her how it’s done tonight. We’ll tell her that I forgot my sunglasses on the airplane and that you are returning them to me. Here’s a mixed drink to keep you occupied while I talk to her for a couple of minutes." Well, it certainly sounded interesting to Sam, as his cock did his thinking for him. Missy was the sexiest girl that Sam had ever known. He took a sip of the vodka drink as he wondered what type of a fox Jenny must be.

Missy entered the family room to find a frightened Jerry sitting nervously on the sofa. Jerry’s fingers had wrinkled the hem of his pink dress where he had been worriedly twisting the fabric between his fingers. Missy smiled at him as she smacked his fingers and straightened out his dress. "There is nothing to worry about. I forgot my sunglasses on the airplane and the nice older man sitting next to me has returned them. I told him that I was all-alone, except for my little sister, Jenny. He’s waiting in the hallway. I’m going to invite him into the family room to sit down for a few minutes. Just act like a girl and he’ll be completely fooled."

Jerry tried to talk his half sister out of letting the strange man see him dressed in girl’s clothing. Missy assured the thirteen-year-old boy that Sam Smith would only think of him as a very cute girl. It took almost five minutes for Missy to convince Little Jerry to go along with her plan. The vodka that Jerry had consumed helped in the decision making process. Missy left for a moment, returning with a man who appeared to be very old to young Jerry’s eyes. Missy introduced them, "Mr. Smith, I want you to meet my beautiful sister, Jenny Lowmax. And Jenny, may I present a very sweet man, Mr. Sam Smith." Missy enjoyed making the formal introductions considering the circumstances.

Sam’s eyes took in the image of "Jenny" as he was introduced. What he saw was a very cute redhead of about fifteen to seventeen years of age, rather petite, bangs that framed a pretty face, red kissable lips and little boobs that made the front of the top of her dress just barely stick out. "Missy, you are being modest when you say she is beautiful. Jenny, you are truly gorgeous! Only your sister can compare to your beauty." He saw the face of the young redheaded girl turn a bright red as she blushed and smiled. He hoped he would get a chance to sample the delights of both sisters before the evening was over.

Missy had Sam sit on the sofa beside "Jenny." Then she sat beside him. Jerry was nervously gulping his drink. He was already feeling the effects of the vodka and would be even higher in only minutes. Sam had already drunk most of his drink, too. Missy freshened everyone’s glass, keeping her drink weaker than the other two. After all, she wanted to ensure that the camcorder in the corner of the room would capture Sam and Jerry in a very compromising situation, and to do that, she needed to be sober.

Missy placed her hand on Sam’s thigh as she said, "Mr. Smith, I want to show you how grateful I am to you for returning my sunglasses." She leaned over and kissed him on his lips. She made it a short and sweet kiss. She looked over to see what reaction her half brother had to her kissing the elderly man. Little Jerry’s big green eyes were wide open as he watched his half sister kiss the man again, this time letting her lips linger on his for a longer time. "Jenny, " Missy said as her lips left Sam’s, "why don’t you give Mr. Smith a little kiss, too?" Jerry’s face turned a bright red again as he refused to kiss the older man. Sam just thought that the innocent young girl was shy as he sat next to her and hoped Jenny would actually kiss him.

Missy put her arms around Sam’s neck and locked her lips to his. Jerry watched with great interest as he could see that their mouths were open and that they were actually French kissing. He wondered how Missy could kiss such an old man even as the sexual nature of the situation began to cause a heightening of sexual feelings in the young boy. His penis, which was tucked down between his legs, began to stiffen as he saw the older man’s hand move to cup one of Missy’s large breasts. He could even see the man’s thumb and forefinger gently pinching her prominent nipple through her pull over top.

Missy stood up in front of Sam and smiled her brightest smile. Both Jerry and Sam were watching as she pulled her skirt up almost around her waist, showing off her blonde muff, before she knelt between his legs and began to pull down his zipper. Missy looked at Jerry as she dug into Sam’s shorts to retrieve his swollen penis, "Jenny, I’m going to give you your first lesson on how to give a good blowjob. Pay attention and Mr. Smith might let you give him head after I get through." Little Jerry shook his head "No" but watched with uncontrollable fascination as Missy pulled out an erect penis that was about double the size of his own.

Little Jerry’s eyes grew big and round as he watched Missy lick around the bulbous head of Mr. Smith’s penis as if it were an ice cream cone. Missy alternated between looking at Sam’s face and Jerry’s face. Her clitoris was very hard as she thought about the effects she was having on the two males sitting on the sofa in the Lowmax family home. Her plans to control both were moving as she had planned.

Missy worked her hand up and down on Sam’s shaft as she told Jerry, "Jenny, you really should try this. It tastes so good to have a big hard cock in your mouth. I know that when you try it, you’ll love the taste." Little Jerry’s eyes got as big as green saucers as he slowly shook his head "No." "Well, at least come down here so you can see better," she said as she pulled Jerry down on his knees beside her. Jerry found himself only inches from a grown man’s erect penis as Missy pulled him even closer.

Sam Smith was actually very turned on by the young redhead. He thought that Jenny was a very pretty teenage girl who was about to suck his cock. As sexy as Missy was, the innocence and shyness displayed by the young redhead was the biggest turn on that Sam had experienced in a long time. When the blonde forced her younger sister’s lips to make contact with his bloated penis, he was eager for the shy virgin to take it in her mouth and give him a blowjob, little realizing that the redhead was actually another male.

Sam watched as Missy held his erect cock in one hand and the back of her sister’s neck in the other as she pushed the young girl’s red lips to the head of his excited penis. A drop of fluid was on the head of his penis and was painted on the sweet lips of the teenage girl’s pouting mouth. He could hear Missy giving Jenny instructions on how to take his cock in her sweet mouth and suck on the head. He could feel his penis swell even larger as he saw the scared look in the big green eyes of the innocent redhead. When her mouth finally opened and Missy fed his cock into her sister’s mouth, Sam used all his will power to keep from cuming right away.

Missy whispered in Jerry’s ear, "Wrap your lips around the head of his big cock. Taste it. Isn’t it yummy? Use your tongue to lick around the head of his cock a few times. Look up into his face as you do it again. See Sam’s reaction to what you are doing? He loves having his cock sucked. That’s it, keep swirling your tongue around the head and watch his eyes roll back. Now just bob your head up and down on his prick a few times as you suck on it. Oh, you are good! Alternate between swirling your tongue around the sensitive head of his cock and bobbing your head up and down on his shaft. Wow! You are a natural cock sucker!" Missy used her hand on the back of Jerry’s neck to make sure that he bobbed his head up and down on the man-sized penis.

Jerry was very confused. He really didn’t want to be doing this, but he wanted to please his half sister. He felt Missy’s hand moving under his skirt and up his nylon-covered leg, above the smooth flesh above the stocking tops, to his panties. When it settled on the crotch of his red silk panties and began massaging his penis, he lost himself in the multitude of sensations. His penis was turned down between his legs but was very stiff. The motion of her fingers on the silk covering his penis was more than he could stand. When she whispered more instructions to him on the correct way to suck cock, he followed them implicitly. The large cock was now reaching nearly half way down his throat as he bobbed his head up and down on it. He was lost in the moment.

Sam felt his penis swelling even more as his balls tightened up in preparation to shoot cum down the cute teenage girl’s throat. He entwined his fingers in her red hair as he came even closer to his climax. Sam shoved his cock entirely down the innocent throat as he pumped his scalding sperm from his pulsating penis. Jenny’s throat muscles convulsed on his spasming cock, causing even more cum to shoot out. It was an orgasm that was even better than the one he had on the airplane with Missy. Sam was in love with Missy’s teenage sister!

When Sam’s fingers grasped the back of Jerry’s head and started to force even more of his erect penis down his throat, Jerry tried to pull back. Missy held one hand on the back of his neck as she whispered encouragement to him. Missy’s other hand began to rub his silk encased penis harder at the same time. Jerry spread his legs to give his sister more room to massage his hard little penis. Missy managed to time everything just right, as Sam pumped his sperm down her little brother’s throat; Jerry was cuming in his panties. From now on, she knew that Little Jerry would associate swallowing sperm with the sensations of having his own orgasm. Her plan was that much nearer to completion.

Sam finally recovered enough from his orgasm to open his eyes and look down at the two beautiful girls kneeling between his legs. The blonde was still whispering instructions in the redhead’s ear on how to lick his cock clean. He watched as Jenny’s pink tongue came out of her red painted lips to lick up each side of his softening penis. He thought that he had never seen such a beautiful sight as his cock began to re-inflate. Soon, his cock was standing straight as a flagpole.

Missy stood up and pushed Little Jerry’s head out of the way as she straddled Sam Smith’s lap and lowered herself onto his hard cock. Sam smiled up at her as he felt the wet folds of her vagina engulf the head of his erect penis. When Missy dropped down on him, his penis soared up into her young belly, sending shutters up and down both of their spines. Jerry continued to sit on the floor between Sam’s legs as he watched, close in, as the large cock disappeared from view. He could feel his own penis beginning to stiffen in his cum soaked panties as Missy rode up and down on the cock of the man who was old enough to be her father.

It had been a very long time since Sam had been able to cum two times in a row. The effect of having two luscious teenage girls working on him was simply to exciting to him. He figured that if he did not have a heart attack, he would remember this evening for the rest of his life. If he only knew how true he was!

Jerry could see the long penis appear and disappear as Missy rose and fell on it. He was so close he could smell their odors. His own penis swelled until it threatened to rip his panties as he watched Missy’s pink pussy lips being pulled out around the retreating penis, only to be shoved back inside as she dropped down on it once again. He saw the hair covered ball sack begin to tighten as Sam approached another climax. The balls seemed to bounce and pulsate as they pumped a load of sperm into the blonde’s belly. Missy screamed as she, too, came before she collapsed on top of the elderly salesman.

When Missy finally rose up and slid over to one side, Jerry saw the softening penis slide out of Missy’s slimy slit. Jerry’s cock was stiff as he licked his ruby red lips. Missy placed a hand behind his head and guided his lips to the slime coated cock. He did not object as the cream coating on the large penis was rubbed off onto his lips. His tongue came out and tasted of the sticky coating. He had been eating Missy’s sweet pussy. She had been feeding him his own sperm to eat. And, he had just given Mr. Smith a blowjob where he had swallowed the older man’s sperm. It did not require much effort to force the juice-covered cock into his mouth. He found the taste to be pleasant as he cleaned the cock in his mouth.

Missy smiled as she saw how co-operative her little brother was as he sucked cock for the second time in his young life. He seemed to be eager to slurp down the combined juices from the large soft penis. And Sam, he was grinning like a cat that had just swallowed a canary as he watched his penis being cleaned by what he thought was a beautiful teenage girl giving her first blowjob. She knew he thought that he was one very lucky man. She also knew that the video camera had recorded all the action and would enable her to blackmail both Little Jerry and Sam Smith. She smiled even bigger as Sam winked at her.

When Jenny had licked him clean, Sam had entwined his fingers in her red hair and pulled her cute little face up as he bent forward and kissed her lips. He felt her trying to struggle to free herself from his hold, but easily overpowered the young girl. His tongue penetrated the sweet red sperm coated lips as he kissed her for several minutes. The redhead surrendered to his kisses and he placed his hands around her thin waist and he pulled her up to sit on his lap. She had made him cum; now, it was his turn to make her cum. He held the young girl in his arms as his lips sealed her mouth, preventing her from protesting as his hand slid up her nylon covered thigh until it moved across the inch or two of bare skin to settle on the red silk panties. Sam’s penis was on the rise for the third time tonight as his hand cupped the crotch of the young girl’s panties. It was then that he made the discovery. He found a small hard penis turned down and clamped between the young girl’s legs. This was no girl! He panicked as he dumped Jerry onto the floor and jumped to his feet.

Sam looked at the young boy and could barely believe that the convincing looking girl was not what she seemed. He glanced over at Missy and saw that she was smiling at him. Sam stuffed his penis back into his pants and headed for the door. He left the house, slamming the front door, jumped into his car and sped away. He had never been so embarrassed in his life. The very idea that he had let a boy suck his cock! And, he had kissed him! He vowed to never return to this house the rest of his life. It was a promise that he would not be able to keep.

Missy helped Jerry to his feet. Jerry was beginning to feel guilty about what he had done. Missy didn’t want him to feel that way. At least, she did not want him to feel guilty yet. She pushed her half brother onto the sofa, flipped his short skirt up and pulled his panties down and off. She stroked his penis a few times to make it as hard as it could get. Making sure that it would show up on the videotape before she leaned down and took it between her soft lips. Between strokes, she told him how proud she was of him and how turned on she had gotten as she had watched him giving Sam Smith such a great blowjob. She wanted to make certain that Jerry was thinking of sucking another man’s cock as he reached his own orgasm. She was successful. Little Jerry pumped his weak semen into her mouth as he remembered the way Sam’s larger cock had shot cum down his pulsating throat.

Little Jerry had gone to remove his sexy feminine clothing and take a shower as Missy unloaded the video tape and made a copy of it before she went to do the same. By the time that Donna and Beth returned home, all the signs of the evenings activities had been put away. Donna didn’t even know that Missy had convinced her only son to sleep in a pair of silky pink panties to help him remember what he had done while entertaining Sam Smith. He had dreams of large cocks shooting cum down his suctioning throat.

The next morning, Missy took the copy of the videotape and went to visit Sam Smith where he worked. He was so upset about the previous night, that he had refused to see her. He had changed his mind when she had sent the tape into his office via his secretary. His secretary became very suspicious when, fifteen minutes later; Sam called her and asked if Missy was still in the waiting room. Missy was told to go on into his private office. Missy threatened to send copies to Sam’s wife and his boss if he didn’t co-operate. He slumped into his chair and mumbled, "You have me over a barrel. What do you want?" Missy gave him a list of the types of drugs she wanted. At first, he balked. When she told him that the young boy was only thirteen years old, he realized that not only would his wife leave him and that he would loose his job, but that he would probably go to prison as well. He spent the rest of the morning collecting the listed drugs from the storerooms.

Missy stopped at a porno shop on the way home. She had raided the cookie jar in the kitchen and had stolen all the spare cash that was kept there. She knew that after tonight, Donna would never again be able to tell her what to do. Several men carried on a conversation with her as she selected the items she wanted to buy. One of the men, a handsome black man over six feet tall, gave her his telephone number. She put it in her purse as she gave the clerk the money for the items she bought. She loaded the purchased items into the trunk next to the bag of drugs and drove back home. Tonight was the night to begin everyone’s training.

When she arrived at home, Missy found that Beth was going straight to the game and then to another cheerleader’s home for an after game party. She was told by Donna to be home by eleven o’clock. Little Jerry had not returned home from school yet. Additionally, her father had called and said that the construction project was having problems and he would not be home for at least another week. Missy looked at Donna, the attractive redheaded witch that had broken up her happy home when she was a little girl, and decided that there was no time like the present to put her plan in action. She slipped a few drops of liquid into Donna’s iced tea when her was not looking.

Donna was wearing a conservative blue dress and low heel shoes. Her hair was attractively styled, but she wore no make up except for some pink lipstick. Missy got up and turned off the cook stove after Donna passed out and slumped over the kitchen table. Little Jerry walked in as Missy was struggling to drag her stepmother up the stairs to the master bedroom. Jerry wanted to call an ambulance, but Missy talked him out of it. She told him that it was just a case of the flu and that his mother would be fine tomorrow. Jerry helped carry his mother up to her room, put her in her bed and stood by while Missy striped his mother’s dress, shoes and pantyhose of her shapely body. He felt guilty because his penis became erect when he saw his own mother in her white brassiere and panties.

Missy led Little Jerry from Donna’s room. She felt of the front of his pants and confirmed what she had suspected; his little pecker was hard from seeing his mother. Missy pulled her young half brother into her room where she had him remove all of his clothing and don a pair of her white silk panties. He didn’t question her when she gave him a glass of soda and told him to sit on her bed and drink it. When he became drowsy, she gave him several pills to swallow. He passed out within ten minutes. The drug she had given him in his drink was similar to the one she had slipped into Donna’s drink. It was a combination of knock out drops and hypnotic mind control drugs. Missy got the two audio tape players from her closet. She had used the types of tapes used in telephone answering machines. They were loops of tape in a cartridge that would play continuously. The message she had recorded for Jerry was, "Your name is Jenny. You are so happy to be a girl! You love it when men and boys look at you. You will wear make up, have your hair looking very feminine and dress in short skirts. You will be so pretty. You will flirt with every guy that you see. You will want all men to kiss you. You will want to suck their cocks! You will smile and tell them how much you love their cum as you give them the best blowjobs that they will ever experience! You will love to swallow long hard cocks down your throat and feel them shudder and shake as they pump sperm down into your tummy! You will even let guys screw you in the ass! A big long thick cock spreading your bottom will make you so happy. All girls love to be screwed and you will be a girl from now on! You will be such a sexy slut as you flirt with every guy you meet! You will obey Missy no matter what she tells you to do." Missy loaded the tape in the player and placed the headphones on her half brother’s ears.

The other audio tape recorder and tape was carried to the master bedroom. Missy placed the headphones over Donna’s ears and started the tape. In the quiet room, she could just barely hear her recorded voice as it repeated into her stepmother’s semi-conscious ear, "You are so pretty and desirable. Men want to make love to you. You love to let them. From now on, you will dress in sexy clothes. You will never wear a brassiere again, they are to constricting. You will never wear panties, either. You will wear short skirts, thin tops, thigh high stockings and high heel shoes. You will love to flirt with everyone. You will flirt with women as much as you do with men. A woman’s body is so soft and smooth. You will love to caress women’s bodies, to kiss their lips, to lick their luscious nipples, to slowly move between their sensuous thighs and to run your tongue between the moist lips of their vaginas! You will love to eat pussy as much as you love sucking a stranger’s cock or letting him screw you in your sweet pussy. You will especially love to eat Missy and Beth’s sweet pussies. From now on, Little Jerry is to be treated as a girl. Her name is Jenny, and you will love to see her suck cocks and take them up her cute little bottom. You will flirt with all men, but the only cocks you will let screw you from now on will be black! Only black men will be allowed to make love to you. Even your husband will not be allowed to screw you! You will seek out black men that will treat you like a slut because that is what you want more than anything else in the world! You will love to eat pussy, suck black cocks, and let black cocks screw your in your pussy or ass! From now on, you and Beth will be sluts! And, neither of you will use any form of birth control. You will obey Missy no matter what she tells you to do."

Sam Smith had made some statements about how strong the mind control drug was. It was actually a military secret that was developed for the Central Intelligence Agency. It was supposed to be so strong that it could convert foreign officials into spys for our government. Sam was reluctant to let her have some of the drug until Missy reminded him of the videotape. Missy was not sure if the drug would do everything Sam had said that it could, but was willing to give it a try.

As the audiotapes played over and over again, programming her stepmother’s and half brother’s minds, Missy striped Donna’s bra and panty set from her unconscious body and took a pair of padded leather cuffs from her bag and fastened them around Donna’s wrists. Next a pair of cuffs went around her ankles. Donna’s evil stepdaughter chained her cuffs to the posts of her antique bed before getting out the other toys that she had bought at the porno shop. A pair of nipple clamps was attached to Donna’s large nipples. A butterfly device was attached around her waist and positioned with its finger like projection on her clitoris. A six-inch butt plug was oiled and inserted into Donna’s rectum. A black vibrator nearly a foot long was lubricated and slowly forced up into Donna’s previously tight vagina. She made moaning sounds even though she was under the spell of the mind control drug. Missy had a smile on her face as she turned on the three vibrators.

Missy decided that it was now time to revisit her redheaded brother. She placed padded cuffs on him and tied him down on her bed. Missy had to suck on his little nipples for a few minutes before they would stand up enough to attach the nipple clamps. Next, she pulled down his panties to slip the greased butt plug into his rectum. He groaned as it penetrated his tight little anus. Her blue eyes shone brightly as she thought about the additional pills that she had him take. One was a chemical that would cause his testes to shrivel up and never produce sperm again. It had been developed to give to sex offenders to lessen their sexual drive. Another pill was a new super female hormone designed to give a woman, after having a hysterectomy, her complete monthly hormones in just one pill. Missy had decided to give him one a day for at least the first week. The last pills given to Jerry was an untested drug designed to take the place of breast augmentation surgery. It was supposed to cause a woman’s breast size to increase by at least two cup sizes. Missy was giving Jerry a double dose.

Sam Smith had said that the mind control drug would knock out a person for between one and two hours. Beth would be home in about four more hours. Missy couldn’t wait to get her hands on Little Miss Goodie Two Shoes! The fifteen-year-old redheaded half sister was so prim and proper! Her father had a special relationship with "his little Princess" and Missy wanted to corrupt her as much as she wanted to punish her stepmother. Missy giggled to herself as she went over her plans for her family.

Missy changed into a black mini skirt, red top, black nylon thigh highs, and black high heel shoes. She went down stairs to mix a vodka drink and relax as she waited for the drugs and audiotapes to work their magic on her stepmother and half brother. She picked up the telephone and called the number the black man in the porno shop had given her. She recognized his deep toned voice as he answered. "Hello," she had said in her sexiest voice. She found out that his name was Roscoe as talked to him for half an hour before she invited him over. She told him to show up at about midnight. She also asked if he had any friends. She explained that there would be four girls here and that more help might be needed. His deep voice chuckled over the phone as he said that she was such a bad girl and that he loved bad girls. He told Missy not to worry, there would be enough guys to go around, said bye and hung up.

Missy mixed another drink and went upstairs to check on the two brain washing subjects. Donna’s eyes were open and had a glassy look to them as she moaned and wiggled on the bed. The three vibrators were humming as her hips rose and fell. Her arms and legs strained at her bonds as she pleaded, "Missy what have you done to me? Please let me go." Then, she looked her pretty blonde stepdaughter up and down, let a smile come to her lips and added, "I’ll make you feel good if you let me go." Missy wanted her stepmother to get the full benefit of the brain washing drugs and tape. She left Donna writhing on the bed.

An hour later, Missy returned. Missy shifted the black vibrator in Donna’s stretched vagina, causing Donna to moan even louder. Missy felt her stepmother’s tethered hand on her stocking covered leg. Donna’s eyes were closed as she concentrated on the sensations of the vibrators on and in her belly. She was not even aware that her hand was slowly rubbing Missy’s nyloned thigh. Missy unhooked the cuff holding Donna’s hand to give it more freedom to rub her thigh.

Missy removed the nipple clamps from Donna’s swollen nipples. The blood came rushing back into her nipples, causing the pretty middle aged redhead to moan with excitement. Donna’s eyes flew open as she felt Missy’s lips wrap around one of her nipples and begin sucking. She moaned even louder when Missy switched to her other nipple. Donna’s fingers moved up Missy’s thigh as if by their own violition as they moved past the tops of her hose and onto the moist pubic hair that they encountered there. Missy could feel the long thin fingers of her stepmother moving through the soft blonde pubic hair on their way to her slit. Her own fingers began to shove the black vibrator in and out of Donna’s pussy as she spread her legs.

Missy moved up onto Donna’s bed and straddled the redhead’s face. Missy settled down on Donna’s face and felt satisfaction when Donna’s lips and tongue began to work on her wet slit. Missy now knew for sure that she had control of her hated stepmother as she sat on her face. Missy reached down and griped the foot long vibrator and started stroking it forcefully in and out of Donna’s overstuffed quim. Missy smiled as she felt a nose moving up into her vagina and lips and tongue on her clit. Donna may have split up her mother and father, but she sure understood how to eat pussy!

The headphones were still on Donna’s ears as her pretty blonde stepdaughter rode up and down on her pussy juice coated face. She had to catch gasps of air as Missy moved back and forth. Missy was really enjoying the act of corrupting Donna. The thought that she now controlled two members of her hated stepfamily hurried her orgasm. Missy was forcing the entire foot long vibrator inside Donna’s expanded vagina as both of them reached a simultaneous climax.

Missy re-hooked the cuff on Donna’s hand and left Donna lying on her bed, with the vibrators continuing to buzz as the tape played in her ears. Missy went down the hall and found that "Jenny" had also awakened. When Missy removed the nipple clamps from Jerry’s nipples, there was a noticeable swelling around them. Sam had said that the breast augmentation drug should act quickly, but, even though Jerry was given a double dose of the drug, this was faster than Missy had imagined. She bent down and began to suck on the prominent nipples as Jerry moaned and wiggled on the bed with his penis tenting the front of his white silk panties. Missy looked at the clock and saw that they only had half an hour before Beth was due home from the after game party.

An hour later, a car pulled up in front of the Lowmax home. Rodney, the handsome captain of the football team, slid closer to the pretty redheaded cheerleader as he put his arm around her shoulders. Beth’s boy friend tried to move his hand onto her left breast as she allowed him to kiss her goodnight. "Honestly," she thought to herself, "you can’t trust even the nicest boys to behave themselves." She pulled his hand away and opened the car door. They had said bye to each other as she got out of his car and went in the front door of her house. The sound of a car driving off was interrupted by her mother’s voice calling to her from the family room. Beth went to see what her mother wanted.

Beth thought that there must be a costume party. Missy and her mother both wore the type of clothing that streetwalkers normally wore. Missy had on a red tank top that left her midriff bare, and quite obviously she was not wearing a bra, along with a short black mini skirt. Black nylons, whose lace tops ended an inch before her short skirt began and a pair of red high heel shoes were the only thing that her blonde stepsister wore except for jewelry. Her mother was dressed even more obscenely! She wore a skimpy blue satin halter-top over her unsupported breasts. A blue satin skirt that was actually a skating skirt covered her loins. A pair of golden hued nylon and silk blend thigh top stockings covered most of her legs and a pair of white high heel shoes were strapped to her tiny feet. Beth had no way of knowing that her mother was not wearing panties, either.

What Beth found to be even more shocking than the way her mother was dressed was the way she was cuddled up to Missy. They had not been friendly toward one another, but they now sat on the sofa with their arms around one another and her mother’s head was lying on Missy’s shoulder. Beth obeyed her mother when she was told to come over to the sofa and sit with them. Donna and Missy slid apart to make room for the confused Beth to sit between them. Donna and Beth snuggled close to Beth as soon as she had sat down. She tried to jump up, but was held firmly by her mother and her stepsister. When she felt Missy’s lips touch the side of her cheek, Beth looked to her mother for help. What she got was a kiss on the lips!

Beth was in shock as she felt her own mother’s tongue insinuate itself into her soft lips. She thought that she was in some bad horror show that they showed on cable television as four hands began to roam over her sexy little fifteen-year-old body. When Beth managed to tear her lips from her mothers to protest, Missy’s lips locked onto her mouth. Just when she thought that she was able to break free from Missy and her mother, Beth felt another pair of hands on her body. When she looked down, she saw that there was another girl trying to pull her cheerleading skirt up around her waist. The girl had red hair with cute bangs and was dressed the same slutty way that her mother and Missy were dressed.

Beth’s mother’s hand had found its way under her cheerleading sweater and was unhooking her virginal white brassiere. Beth tried to struggle free but the redheaded girl between her legs had just pulled her cheerleading panties and pantyhose down to her knees, making it even more difficult for her to escape. Poor little Beth was bewildered by the actions of her mother, stepsister and the unknown girl between her legs. Beth’s sweater was pulled up over her bare tits as her pink nipples were fondled and pinched. Beth did notice that her mother was a better kisser than her inexperienced boyfriend was as her mother drove her tongue as deeply as possible into her daughter’s mouth.

Missy had moved so that she could suckle Beth’s pink nipples as Donna French kissed her daughter. Everyone heard the gasping sound come from Beth as Little Jerry finally was able to get his mouth on his sister’s red haired little pussy. Missy had taught Jerry well. He was already an expert in the art of eating pussy! Young Beth never had a chance of withstanding the onslaught of Jerry’s tongue and lips as he licked and sucked her sweet clitoris. Every few minutes, Missy and Donna would trade places as they kissed Beth’s lips and sucked her sensitive pink nipples. It only took about ten more minutes for Beth to experience her first orgasm of her young life. She was not given a chance to rest; Donna took Little Jerry’s place between Beth’s legs and began to eat her daughter’s pussy.

For the next hour, Missy, Donna and "Jenny" took turns making Beth cum time after time. She did not resist too much as Missy moved to hover over her face and gave her instructions on how to eat her blonde haired pussy. Missy screamed out that she was cuming just as Donna made her daughter reach another orgasm. Her mother was next to sit on her face. When Donna climaxed on her daughter’s face, she slumped to the sofa. When the other redhead exchanged places with her mother and moved over her, she finally figured out who she was. Beth was almost in shock when she recognized her brother. Donna’s talented tongue worked it’s magic on her daughter’s clitoris. Beth was experiencing yet another climax as Jerry pushed his semi stiff penis between his older sister’s red lips. Missy had to give her instructions on how to suck cock. Beth was so disoriented she followed every instruction. Little Jerry produced a weak bitter tasting fluid when he came in his sister’s mouth. Missy told her to swallow it, and she did.

The ringing of the doorbell caused Missy to leave the seduction of the beautiful cheerleader to her mother and brother as she walked to the front door. Roscoe had brought five friends with him. All were black and horny. She gave each of them a quick welcoming kiss before she led them to the family room. The six black men stood in astonishment as they saw the three seminude redheads on the sofa playing with one another. From the bulges in their pants, they were eager to join in the fun. Missy whispered to them to remove their clothes. She was delighted to see the size of some of the dark tools carried by their party guests. Three out of six were almost a foot long! Tonight would be interesting for everyone!

Donna was enthusiastic when she was pulled to one side and two large black men began to kiss her lips and rub their large black cocks against her smooth white body. One of the men pulled Jenny to one side and held his black dick to the cute redhead’s lips. Little Jerry did as he had been programmed to do; he sucked the big black cock into his mouth and gave the guy the best blowjob of his life. Beth squealed, leapt to her feet and tried to run from the room. Two of the black men grabbed her before she could move more than a few feet. Her small body was lifted up in the air and was sat down on a hard black dick that was over eight inches long. He held her suspended over his dark pole until he was sure of the alignment. Then, he let Beth down until her splayed vagina lips were positioned over his upturned uncircumcised cock. Beth let out a cry as she was dropped onto the black pole and it ruptured her hymen as it entered her young belly. Beth’s pussy was very wet or else the taking of her virginity would have been more painful.

Roscoe sat on a padded chair and Missy sat in his lap. Straddling his legs and sliding down on his foot long cock. She sat facing away from him so that she could watch as the large black men debauched her stepfamily. She had found out that her father had a vasectomy several years ago and that Donna did not use birth control. Beth until a few moments ago, had been a virgin and had never used birth control. If Missy were lucky, both her stepmother and stepsister would become pregnant tonight. She saw that Jenny had just sucked the sperm from a black cock and that another was waiting to sample the talents of the young redheaded cocksucker. Missy climaxed as she saw Donna taking a load of cum in her mouth at the same time as another huge cock was filling her cunt with black baby making sperm.

The orgy lasted most of the night. A couple of the guys got upset when they found out that Jenny was really a boy. The rest took it in stride and let him suck their big cocks so that they could fuck the other two redheaded women over and over again. One of the guys even gave Little Jenny her first her first anal screwing. The cute little redhead came for her man as he spurted his cum into her intestines. Little Jerry was left with a contented smile on his cute feminine face.

Donna was screwed repeatedly by practically every guy there. And, she was screwed in every orifice in her body capable of accepting a large cock. Her body was dripping thick sperm on the carpet by the end of the night. Her daughter, Beth, was practically in a state of shock by the middle of the night. Missy had to slip her some of the knock out/ brainwashing drug and get Roscoe to carry the former virgin to her bedroom where she placed the audiotape for Beth in the player and placed the headphones over the fifteen-year-old’s ears. Roscoe watched as Missy cuffed Beth’s wrists and ankles before fastening the young redhead on the bed. He found the sight to be so exciting, he got hard and Missy let him climb on top of the teenage girl and screw her one last time before they returned downstairs to join the others. He could feel the head of his cock bumping the cervix in the small white body beneath him as his black cock pumped her belly full of semen. As she lay on the bed, some of the sperm traveled up into her womb and found one of her eggs.

When Beth was released from her restraints the next morning, the brainwashing drug, and her experiences from the previous night, had turned the previously innocent virgin into a full-fledged slut. She now joined her mother and feminized brother in a quest for a supply of black cock. Roscoe brought over another group of large heavily endowed black men for their mutual enjoyment. They stayed all weekend. Some of Donna’s fellow church goers, when the Lowmax family had not shown up for church services, called on Sunday afternoon to see if she was sick. Donna told them that she had found another hobby. Just then, Beth cried out, "someone stick your big black cock in my mouth and fill it full of cum!" Donna figured that the woman that had called had heard her daughter when the phone line went dead. She hung up the phone and went to suck a big cock until it was hard enough for her to sit on.

Roscoe and Missy officiated over the entertainment for the next few days. When Jerry Lowmax, Senior, returned home the following week, the house had been cleaned up and everything looked normal as he pulled his car into the garage. He retrieved his bags from the trunk of his car and went into the dark house. When he reached the top of the stairs, hands grabbed him and he was forcibly picked up and carried into the master bedroom. He was set down in a heavy chair and cuffs were placed on his wrists and ankles. When he was secured to the chair, the lights were turned on. He felt panic when he saw that he was surrounded by several very large and muscular black men. "What have you done with my family?" He cried. In answer to his question, Donna, Missy, Beth and another redheaded girl entered the room. Except for thigh high stockings and high heel shoes, they were nude. Then he noticed that Donna and Beth’s breasts were at least two sizes bigger than they were when he had left. Thanks to the breast augmentation pills, they both had D cup titties. The drug had also had the side effect of increasing the size of the nipples to an inch in diameter and two inches long. The other redhead required a few minutes for him to recognize. Her tits were about a C cup and her nipples were not quite as big as the Donna and Beth’s, but she did have a small cock sticking out in front. Big Jerry stared in horror as he realized that his son was now more female than male.

Missy had moved to stand beside her father. He tore his eyes away from the strange shape of his son to look at his first born. She was smiling as she told him that she had helped Donna, Beth and "Jenny" become what they were today. He sat in shock as she described all that had happened this last week. As she spoke, the black men had removed their clothing. They had been selected for the size of their equipment. Big Jerry Lowmax sat in awe as all eight cocks were displayed for him to see. Every one of them was over twelve inches long.

First, Donna laid down on her back on the bed just a couple of feet in front of her husband. The man with the largest cock climbed between her legs and lined his fourteen inch long, four inch thick black pole up with the swollen lips of her vagina and began to feed the enormous penis to his wife’s belly. The ease with which Donna accepted him meant that this was not the first time he had screwed his wife. Donna looked up into her husband’s eyes as she told him how good it felt to have a "real man" inside her. Despite the sick feeling in the pit of Big Jerry’s stomach, his own penis was starting to rise as he watched the wetly glistening black penis as it stroked in and out of his wife’s formerly tight vagina.

Jerry’s penis was tenting his trousers as Donna continued to tell everyone just how good it felt to be a slut to big black cocks. He was tied to the chair and could do nothing to prevent the scene taking place in front of him as his redheaded wife was made to cum several times by the huge tool that was able to disappear completely inside her belly. Missy reached into his lap, squeezed his penis and unzipped him. Her hand reached inside and fished out his stiff dick. She left his cock standing in the air for everyone to see as the huge black cock inside his wife hosed her insides with black baby making cream. It required all of his control to keep from spraying his cum into the air as he heard Donna’s cries of ecstasy.

When the large black man climbed off from Donna, she turned to let her husband see the gaping hole between her legs. He could see the black man’s sperm puddled inside of her expanded vagina before she was helped off the bed.

Next was Beth, his little princess. She started out on all fours by sucking a large cock while another moved in from behind. Her cunt had no problem swallowing an over sized black cock as another was shoved half way down her throat. Jerry’s cock was still hard as he watched what he though was his virginal daughter take on two gigantic sized tools. His vision was momentarily blocked as Missy swung across his lap and sat down facing him as her legs straddled him. She dropped down onto her father’s swollen penis, as she looked him in the eye. "Daddy," she whispered to him, "I always wanted to fuck you."

She whispered about the way her stepfather had abused her. Told her father about the many times she had sucked her stepfather’s cock as she had grown up. She described the first time he had screwed her undeveloped pussy. She described all the other types of sex she had had as she had grown up in the trailer park. Jerry’s penis never softened as his older daughter described her sexual education to him. If anything, it got even harder as she bounced up and down on his lap with his cock reaching as far inside her as it would reach. "Daddy, you’d better enjoy screwing me because Donna is addicted to black cock and will never let you screw her again. Beth feels the same way, too."

Jerry found that he could no longer for stall his climax as he shot his cum into his daughter’s bouncing belly. Missy lifted herself off her father’s slowly shrinking tool and stood up. Little Jenny immediately took Missy’s place between Big Jerry’s legs. Jerry saw his son drop to his knees and reach to fondle his slime coated penis. Little Jerry’s hair was teased in a very feminine style. His lips were swollen looking and were bright red. His long fingernails were painted a matching shade of bright red. Earrings dangled from each earlobe. And, "Jenny" had a nice set of melons on her chest. Big Jerry tried to look away so that he would not see the big green eyes of the seductively feminine figure of his son on his knees as he played with his father’s erecting penis.

On the bed, just a few feet from him, were Donna and Beth. Both had a big black cock in their mouths, pussies and asses. Each was being triple teamed! Jerry’s cock sprang to attention as he watched the way his wife and younger daughter were being used by the well-endowed black strangers. That’s when he felt the mouth of Jerry Lowmax, Junior, engulf the head of his stiffening cock. He tensed up, but with in a minute or two, he had to admit that "Jenny", as the others referred to Little Jerry, certainly knew how to suck cock better than any woman he had ever encountered. As he watched the interracial fucking taking place on the bed, his cock received the best blowjob he had ever gotten. He tried not to, but he emptied his balls into Jenny’s throat as he saw the black men filling the orifices of his wife and daughter with potent black sperm.

Missy gave her father something to drink. The knock out drops/brainwashing drug was mixed in it. Four of the men lifted her father, chair and all, and carried him to her room where she placed the headphones over his ears, started the tape, turned out the light and left the room. The tape said, "You will never make love to Donna again. She and Beth belong to the Men of the Black Race and you are to encourage them to please their men in any way possible. It will give you a hard on to know that they are being screwed by black men. You will love to eat their cum filled pussies after they have been screwed by their lovers. It will make you happy when they have black babies. You will take care of their children as they go out on dates to get pregnant again. The only way you will get satisfaction from now on is when Jenny, formerly Little Jerry, gives you a blowjob. You will shave your body hair and always wear women’s panties to show Jenny that you are proud of what he has become. It will keep you excited to walk around construction sites with a pair of sexy panties under your work clothes. Around the house, you will wear panties, thigh high stockings, women’s high heel shoes and nothing else as you serve food and drinks to your houseguests. You will obey Missy in everything she orders you to do."

Missy returned to the master bedroom as the tape played over and over in her father’s ears. She smiled as she watched Donna, Beth and Jenny in action. Missy may be an evil stepdaughter, but she had gotten her revenge.



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