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Cuckold In Tights

by Jacques Hughes


I rang your doorbell. Your wife let me in. She was wearing a white blouse and a black skirt. She welcomed me in and asked me to sit on the sofa. I could see her white bra through her blouse. I stared at her legs; she was wearing a short black skirt and sheer black tights.

"Honey, Mr. Hughes is here. Come and meet him" she shouted.

You came into the room, dressed in a black leotard and black opaque tights.

"This is Mr. Hughes. He answered our advert on the web-site. Say hello to him, darling!"

You are embarrassed and mutter a "hello".

"My husband likes wearing tights. He has been looking forward to your visit all afternoon. See how excited he is!". She pointed to your erection and you blushed even more. "And see how wet his tights are! You have something you want to ask Mr. Hughes haven't you?"

You nod.

"Well go on then" she demanded.

"I .. I would like to watch you ... um ... make love to my wife, please , Mr. Hughes." you say quietly.

"Will you do that for him, Mr. Hughes? He would really like that. And so would I.... Darling, go and make Mr. Hughes a cup of coffee, please. And one for me, too!"

You leave.

"So, would you like to fuck me Mr. Hughes?"

I agree.

"Good, can we do it doggy style, then my husband can see what we are doing better? OK?"

You return with the coffees.

"And you told me on the phone that you like to wear tights too! Are you wearing some now?"

"Yes, some new red, opaque ones."

"That sounds nice! Do you like my outfit. I think these sheer black tights really show off my legs."

We drank the coffees and chatted about hosiery and cross-dressing. We have e-mailed each other before, but this is the first time we have met. Your wife tells me all about your fetish, your collection of women's underwear and your sex life. She spares no details. She is obviously flirting with me in front of you, almost as if you were not there.

"Well shall we get on with it, Mr Hughes?" She stood up and started to unbutton her blouse. You stand up and she hands you the blouse. I look at her breasts in the white lacy bra.

"Oh, Mr. Hughes likes my tits, darling. Help me take my bra off so he can see them better."

You unhook the back of her bra and help her slip out of it. You place it with her blouse on the chair arm. She played with her breasts and pinched her nipples to make them stand out. Bending forward, she asked me "Would you like to touch them?"

Of course I did!

"Darling would you help me take my skirt off?"

You unbuttoned the back of her skirt and unzipped it. It fell to the ground and she stepped out of it. She was not wearing a normal pair of tights; they were suspender-tights and she wore a pair of red nylon panties over the top of them.

"Darling, pull my panties down for me so that I can show Mr Hughes my pussy!"

She had shaved her pussy; I could see her lips clearly.

"Would you like to take your trousers off Mr. Hughes?" I stood up and undid my trousers and took them off, revealing my red tights. I kept my red tee shirt on.

"My, you are a big boy! And ready for action too. I am very wet for you. Look!" She parted her legs and touched her pussy, pushing her fingers between the lips, and then she looked at her hand. She showed it to you and me. Her fingers were sticky.

"Lie down on the floor, honey!" she told you. You laid down on the rug. And then she knelt down, over your face, facing your feet, then leans forward, getting on to her hands and knees. Her bald pussy was right in front of your eyes. She wiggled her bottom at me as an invitation. I knelt down behind her and pulled down the front of my red tights.

"Open my pussy-lips for Mr. Hughes please, honey ... there you are Mr. Hughes, you can just slide your dick inside me now... Oh, that feels good! Can you see Mr. Hughes fucking me, honey? Can you see his big dick sliding in and out of my pussy? Oh he is much bigger than you. He really fills my pussy and I can feel his dick rubbing against my cervix. You never do that. Hey. Stop that, honey, did I tell you that your could play with yourself? Stop rubbing your tiny prick and just watch Mr. Hughes fucking my pussy. Oh, that feels so good! Push it deep inside me! Harder! "

She kept talking to you as I slid in and out of her sticky pussy. Getting faster and faster until I came, shooting my cum deep inside her. I waited until I had stopped ejaculating then sat back. My cock slowly slipped out of her wet pussy. I could see my semen starting to trickle out of her. I wiped myself clean with her red nylon panties.

She sat up and told you to finish her off, sitting down on your face and making you lick her clit so that she came.

"Please lick Mr. Hughes' sperm out of my cunt for me honey!" she instructed. You obeyed.

Then she wiped her pussy clean on the front of your leotard and got up. She sat on the settee with me and told you to stand up. You did; we could her vaginal juices and my semen on your face and smeared over the chest of your leotard. She made you put her cum stained red nylon panties over your head.

"You can have a wank now" she told you, and you started to rub yourself through your wet leotard and tights. "It won't take him long to cum", she told me. She was right - you had an orgasm in front of us; blobs of white semen pushing through the material of your tights and showing up on your black leotard.

"Aren't you going to thank Mr. Hughes then, honey?"

"Thank you for letting me watch you fuck my wife, Mr. Hughes. Would you like another cup of coffee, before you go?"




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