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Conditioned into Love               by: Pink Mia



It was the dream. All week long it was the dream. I could almost feel and taste it. It was the same dream over and over. I sat there all day long thinking of the dream and what I wanted to do to it. It was always the dream.

Let me explain.


A year and a half ago, when I was 16, just ready to turn 17 my Dad got married again. This time to a woman named Stephanie. Stephanie had a 22 year old daughter named Shannon. Stephanie, my stepmom was a knockout. She was everything you could want in a second wife- blonde, well stacked from top to bottom, legs that went on and on, crystal blue eyes, long delicate fingers that ended in pretty nails and swish in her walk that made men’s eyes turn. Stephanie wasn’t too bright up top, however, and that’s maybe why Dad married her in the first place. She was the ultimate second-wife. Her daughter Shannon inherited her mother’s looks, but not her IQ. Shannon was a very sharp girl owing to the fact that at 22 she was still living at home while she got her Masters in Psychology.

Shannon looked a lot like Brittany Spears, in that she preferred the pulled back hair into a pony tail with shiny silver eyeshadow, light pink blush, high arched brows and very light pink, almost silvery lipstick. She was a knockout and I was shocked all those 18 months ago when her and her mother moved in.

I remember back then when they moved in that "hunting" would finally be good for someone like myself. By hunting, I’m referring to the pursuit of panties and other pretty girl stuff. Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve always had a driving compulsion to look at and feel pretty satin panties and bras. Other lingere like camisoles and garter belts were wonderful as well. I remember before the divorce that I had a little collection of pretty clothes stashed away in my room and I would dress and pretend that I was the girl many a night. Now my pretty clothes collection was in dire needs of replenishing and suddenly my Dad had married 2 women that would feed my desires for a very long time to come.

Or so I thought.


Now I’m 17 almost 18 and Shannon is almost out of school. She and I have a cool relationship- not to friendly, not to cross. She looks down on me because she is so very beautiful, and all I can do is worship her and her beauty. Stephanie is a ditzy step mom, but she keeps Dad happy and out of my hair. In addition she doesn’t realize that every so often I raid her drawers to find any articles of satin or lace that I would like to wear.

Now my collection is very full, in the oak box in the top of my closet. I even managed to appropriate a pair of red heels from Shannon’s room that fit me, and how I love the sound of high heels clacking on the wooden floor. I like to spend most nights with my oak box open and thankfully, my Dad, Stepmom and Stepsister don’t bother me too much.

One night, after spring break I had the dream. It had been a funny week though. My fantasies were going very strong and all week I had desires to check out the men on the streets and in school. I couldn’t help it, I was compelled to check out the crotch of any man I saw. All week long I would find myself thinking of opening my box at home and changing into something racy and unzipping a man’s zipper and doing what comes naturally…

… and then I’d stop myself and remind myself that I wasn’t a homosexual. I liked girls, I just liked being a girl as well.

That went on for a couple of days while I drooled over men, I was feeling very, very strange. Every night that week it was something different. I was watching TV one of the nights and I lost myself in a fantasy about Tom Selleck and what it must be like to be his wife and do to him all night what a wife would do to him. Luckily I kept this to myself and Dad nor Stephanie noticed. Shannon, on the other hand, was looking at me intently. I smiled a sweet smile and fell back into my fantasy almost uncontrollably.

That night I had the dream.





The dream came to me that Thursday night. Dad and Stephanie were leaving to go out of town for 12 days and that left me and Shannon to fend for ourselves. I went to sleep that night and somewhere in a fog of a dream I saw him. It was Brad Wallace who went to my school. Somewhere in the back of my dream I wondered why I’d dream about him, but the answer came all too soon.

In my dream Brad walked through the door over to me. I was on my bed and everything was hazy and I couldn’t focus too well on anything but Brad. I could, however, focus on Brad and his blue jeans. He walked over to me and put his hand on his crotch as if he were offering it to me. I could hear him saying something to me, but I got lost in my fascination with everything associated with his belt buckle and zipper.

He slid the zipper down to the bottom of his pants and put his fingers into his groin. Slowly he maneuvered his hips around and finally fished his cock out.

A big meaty cock that I had never seen up close. It was awesome. It was so powerful. It was so close to me that I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It had a crooked upwards point to it that made it look almost menacing, but I knew that wasn’t the case. I didn’t know what to do. This was my dream, but I felt like a passenger in it.

Brad took a step towards me as I was reclining back on my bed and pillows. His cock was hard and pointing at me. His eyes were fixed on my lips and the second step he took towards me put his cock and my lips in immediate proximity to each other. He slid his cock on my lips without putting it inside my mouth. I immediately accepted his cock on my lips and slowly opened my mouth to let my tongue play with it. I don’t know why I started to lick his hard, perfect cock. I just know that it was something that was so appealing to me that I felt like I didn’t have a choice in the matter. I closed my eyes as his cock slowly slid back and forth on my mouth, with my tongue gleefully playing with it as I woke up from my dream.

That was the dream.

I woke up that morning when I heard the door slam. I figured it was Shannon going to school so I laid there in bed and just let my mind wander. Of course It wandered back to my dream and how incredibly realistic it was. I slowly slipped myself out of bed, and while I was remembering in detail, the events of my dream I walked into my Stepmom’s bathroom at the other end of the house. Thinking of Brad’s cock and only thinking of his unit, I sat down on the chair in Stephanie’s bathroom and found a bottle of red nail polish and thought about Brad’s cock and the dream. Somewhere in the foggy gray of the dream, I could swear that I saw my toes with red nail polish on them. I kept thinking about the dream until the sweet-biting smell of the nail polish aroused me from my thoughts. I looked down and was shell shocked to see that my own toes were now as red as the bottle. I caught myself as I was finishing the second coat of the bright red lacquer on my toes and just looked at my feet.

I reminded myself that I was a guy and not interested in the things that I was apparently dreaming about. I looked at my toes again and my resolve about such things wavered just a bit. I put the nail polish down and walked out into the living room intent on putting these disturbing, yet vaguely appealing, thoughts down as something that would be dealt with later. It as just after 9:00 in the morning and I padded onto the couch and flipped on the TV to watch my morning shows.

I didn’t really consider the fact that my toes were bright red as I went through the channels. My fingers kept putting it on one of the local woman’s show and I found that I was more interested in what they were saying then my sports show. I paid it little mind as I watched the show and how they were talking about dressing and putting makeup on and what to do during that time of the month. I found myself getting lost in the show and how they were doing everything they could to make each other pretty and pretty soon after that I was thinking about the dream again, trying to make out more of the grey fog that was in my room. Soon my thoughts drifted back to Brad in front of me and I laid back on the couch and replayed the dream in my head, amazed at the pleasure that it was bringing to me.


I lost myself in my fantasy and like I was on auto-pilot I got up from the couch and walked back into Stephanie’s bathroom. Somewhere back in my mind I heard my little voice telling me that I should go back, that nothing good was going to come of this. But there was no control. My eyes settled on her pink razor on the tile of the bathtub. I lost myself in the dream and found myself replaying it over again. The look of his cock, the feel of it against my lips and tongue took me into someplace I’ve never been. I just sat there on the edge of the tub and with the warm water running, I shaved off all of the hair on my legs, crotch, arms and chest. Within my fantasy I looked at my red toes and pretty slim, sexy body and sat there concentrating on the task at hand without having anything to do with the task at hand.

Finally when I came out of my fantasy I saw that I had shaved myself. The razor was still in my hand as I examined each leg for some clue as to what the hell was happening to me. None presented itself and I got up and left my Stepmoms bathroom again.




I walked to the kitchen to get a drink of water. It was just past 10:00 in the morning and the sun was streaming into the kitchen. My toes passed underneath the sunlight which just set them off and I was back in my dream again feeling the wonderful, though disturbing feelings.

I saw in my dreams that on my sexy legs were a pair of very sexy seamed stockings, a garter belt and a pair of satin black panties. I watched myself slowly walk out of the kitchen and even though I could hear myself going "no…no…no…no.." the voice was very weak and the power and allure of the dream and Brad’s cock were overpowering.

I walked into Dad and Stephanie’s bedroom and went right to the drawers that held her stockings. I grabbed a pair of black seamed nylons that she had in her drawer and took them over to her bed and laid them down. I moved to another drawer and grabbed the black lacy garter belt that I had often looked at but never claimed possession of. Then I found the panties that called to me in my dream. I put them all on Stephanie’s pillow and sat down next to it. Slowly I slid the panties over my smooth legs and up around by hips. The feelings were so nice and beautiful that I barely noticed that I had slid the stockings onto my legs and then attached them to the garters. I came out of the dream to see to my surprise…dismay.. glee that I was wearing panties just like in my dream. I don’t know why that became important to me, but it was even though there was something nibbling at my subconscious mind.

I left the bedroom and sat down in the kitchen to eat my lunch, honestly thinking that everything was okay, and that I would be able to do something about these feelings later.

It went like that for the next 2 hours. Every few minutes I would think about the dream and then as I was lost in the dream, my body would get up and find some way to make myself prettier. The thoughts of Brad and his penis were so strong sometimes that I felt like I could taste him. As I ran through the dream in my mind I wanted to have him in my mouth, not just sliding across it, and I began to wish that my dream had gone a little further.

When it was getting on towards 1:00 in the afternoon, I was sitting in the kitchen on a stool. I had replayed the dream in my head at least every 15 minutes, and as a result when Shannon unlocked the door she saw me sitting, and waving my hands around in the air to try and dry the nail polish that was on my very long fingernails.

I tried not to blush, but was unable to do anything as she looked at me. I can’t imagine what went off in her head, but she smiled a sisterly smile and looked me over. I had painted both fingers and toes with the bright red that I had used earlier this morning. I was wearing a pair of French cut black lace and satin panties and a matching garter belt and a size 33C matching bra. My toes were covered in the black seamed stockings and my red toes glinted from underneath. I had gotten a pair of black 3" slippers from Stephanie’s closet and I sat there with my legs crossed, under Shannon’s gaze waving and blowing on my red fingertips and dangling my shoes from off of my toes.

I was thunderstruck.

Shannon looked at me and smiled again. She said simply, "I think you’re very pretty Mark."

"What…?" I stammered.

"Look at you little panty thief. You’re so pretty and you seem to enjoy making yourself pretty. I think that you should keep it up. Soon you’ll be as pretty as Mom and me."

"I don’t understand…" I stammered again as she passed by me and went into her room.

She turned back towards me with a sweet, pretty smile. She walked over to me and put her hand on my stocking encased knee.

"You see little step brother, I know your secrets." She said with a wink, and a vicious little smile. "And now you begin pay for your little trips into Mom’s and my drawers. You might have gotten it past her, but I knew every time you went into my panty drawer, closet and shoes."

"What do you mean, Shannon?" I asked almost not wanting to hear the answer. The shame of being caught by her and never getting it by her was humiliating. Now here I was sitting waiting for my second coat of nail polish to dry and she kept going on.

"Did you have a nice dream last night, dear?" She asked so sweetly, innocently changing the subject catching me off guard.

The mention of the dream immediately got me thinking about Brad’s cock and like I’d been doing all morning I got up and started walking out of the kitchen. She followed just behind me and I answered her question.

"Yes," I paused. "I had the most real dream I’ve ever had last night." I didn’t wait for her to prompt me, it just came pouring out. "I was in my room when Brad Wallace… you know, one of my friends from school. Well I’m in my bed, and there’s all this fog all over the place, except that if I concentrate I can see through it, and he walks into the room and stands right in front of me..."

I walk straight into Stephanie’s room and go to the drawer with the corsets in them and choose a very sexy red satin corset out of her drawer. I hold it up to my waist automatically. I’ve seen this all day, and I know I can’t fight it, but I can still here the little voice in me trying to free myself from the lace prison that I seem to be dressing myself in. I keep talking to Shannon who hasn’t left my side.

"and then he pulls his great big cock out of his pants..." I stop momentarily giddy that I was so frank with my sister and she didn’t bust me on it. I smile at her, she is only looking at me with that same you-deserve-this look.

"and he starts to rub it on my face and lips and cheeks. Oh Shannon, I can’t tell you how…right… it feels. I’m sticking my tongue on it and licking it and I feel so right that I love it. I only wish that he’d stick it in my mouth."

That stops the conversation as what I’d just said sank into my psyche. I only wish he’d stick it in my mouth. The little voice in me was silent as I finished slipping the corset onto my waist. The squeeze that it put on me felt restrictive, but it felt sexy and sensual at the same time. I just looked at Shannon while I was sitting on Stephanie’s bed, confused in the extreme by all the conflicting emotions.

"Mia." Shannon said

"Yes." I answer immediately looking up.

Shannon smiled at me. "Your new name is Mia."

"I don’t understand" I said.

"Let me explain so you’ll understand it. It’s not like you can do much about it anyway." She said with a look at me. "I’ve known about your dressing for a very long time, like as soon as we moved in. I didn’t like the invasion of privacy for me, but I was all set to go along. When you started to get into Mom’s clothes, that’s when I knew that I was going to do something. Here it is, little Mia. You are part of my Masters thesis entitled "Can Love Be Created."

She paused to let that sink in.

"Last week I started you off on a combination of drugs that was designed to weaken your mental resistances. I used hypnosis on you during the night, and yes Mia, we’ve had lots of night sessions. During these sessions I brought out the girl in you and allowed her to grow without the intervention of your masculine side. Then last night I gave you your dream. I also gave you several compulsions one of which is that every time you think of your dream, you will feminize yourself. You will do anything you need to do to reach your ‘beautiful self’."

I listened to her words and slowly the comprehension of the situation I was in started to sink in on me.

"But wait, there’s more. You see I am in class with Marcia Wallace and she’s been doing the same thing to Brad as I’ve been doing to you. Except that he’s all boy, but Marcia is conditioning him to respond to you like you were the most beautiful and slutty girl in the world. We are going to send you two on a date tonight and I suspect that by tomorrow you will be back here kissing my foot with appreciation."

I looked at her, blinking. I thought that maybe thinking about Brad was a better thing right now then being with Shannon.

She walked over to me just as I was beginning to think about Brad and whispered into my ear the coup-de-gras.

"Just wait until you drink your first load of cum."





I laid back on the bed thinking about Brad and what Shannon had just said. I wanted him now on some kind of primal level and I didn’t know how she had made me feel this way. She said she had hypnotized me and I could hear her whispering words in my ears as I laid there. It was very much like some of my memory was being restored. She said. "When you think of your dream and replay it in your mind you will find the need to dress yourself as a pretty girl would. You will spare no effort in your quest to make yourself beautiful. Anything that you have ever fantasized about you will turn into reality if it brings you closer to becoming a real woman. You love the feel and taste of lipstick and the look of a elegantly made up face. Manicured and maintained nails on your fingertips and toes are a compulsion and you will endure any and all torment associated in your quest for beauty. Your compulsion to become beautiful will be a source of humiliation as you are painfully aware that you can never satisfy a man fully. You will make up for this in your efforts with your lips. In other words, my little Mia, because you have a dick, you will feel unworthy of being as pretty as you are. You will make up for this with your enthusiastic blowjobs."

I remembered all of this as I lay there on the bed with one part of my mind trying to absorb the new personality that had been inserted into my psyche, the other part envisioning what I’d look like with Brad’s cock spurting all over my face.

More of what Stephanie had said to me as I thought about Brad’s cock cumming all over me. "You will crave the taste of cum once you’ve had your first taste. When you finally give in to your cravings you will have an uncontrollable desire to freshen your lips for the coming blowjob. This will be a constant compulsion with you for the rest of your life. Whenever you are about to give a blowjob or swallow a load of cum, the most irresistible desire will come upon you to put your lipstick on. When dressed as a woman, for the rest of your life, you will always have your lips moist, and sexy."

All of this crashed into my brain and I felt myself retreating from those thoughts into the dream. I wanted now to be with Brad and escape the reality of the silken trap I was in. I felt myself drifting off into a sleep filled with the loving affections of Brad and his infinitely delectable cock.


I woke up some time later, but there wasn’t any waking to it. I just came to. I was sitting at Stephanie’s makeup table and with a freshly scrubbed and moisturized face. I looked into the mirror and saw my reflection wearing a stunning red corset with black panties, bra, and stockings. My brown hair was put up into 20 or 30 small pink curlers and I was sitting at her table looking into my eyes trying to find some semblance of the male that I once was.

I put my red tipped finger into a small jar of foundation and began to spread it across my face and forehead and chin and cheeks. The result was that my skin looked tight and flawless. I dusted myself with powder after that and opened my eyes to look at myself. I had lost the masculinity in my face with the powder and now my face looked like a portrait with no paint on it. I pulled a straight razor out from the drawer and shaved my eyebrows into a medium-high arch. The effect was startling, it opened up my eyes so much and made them that much prettier. A few minutes later I pulled a blue eyeliner and lined my eyes to make them look bigger. I chose a deep purple as a backdrop for my eyes and highlighted it with silver and gold. I used one of Stephanie’s red blushes to match my own nails and then I went looking for the lipstick. From among her 10 or so lipsticks, I couldn’t find one that was just right. I looked in the mirror a little disappointed and I saw Mia looking back. My old male personality was buried and Mia looked at me with those sex-kitten eyes. I felt the flicker of humiliation as I thought about the fact that I was a boy who was getting ready for a date with another boy, but that faded as I got up and went over to Stephanie’s closet.

I chose for my outfit a black leather miniskirt that came up a good 3 inches from my knees, close to showing the garters I was wearing underneath. I then chose a black see-through blouse that went way up my neck and down to my wrists, but clearly showed off the red corset that I was wearing underneath.

I walked into the bathroom and pulled the curlers out of my hair and carefully brushed out each curl. It was painful work, but I realized that beauty was work, and I had been compelled to do anything to become beautiful.

I walked out of the bathroom at 5:45 in the afternoon with my hair falling into loose curls around my eyes and ears, and looked into the approving eyes of Shannon. When she had come in I don’t know, but she was just looking at me with a triumphant smile on her face.

"I think I have something you need." She said and reached into a red bag. She pulled out a lipstick and it was like she read my mind. She gave it to me and I looked at the name of it. ‘Cherry Red’. What a perfect name. I quickly turned back to the bathroom mirror and opened the tube and slid the rich creamy cosmetic out of its case.

I painted my lips as if it were the most sensual thing that I’d ever done and in reality I felt a delightful sexuality come down upon me like a fine mist. I looked at Shannon and smiled.

"Oh Mia, you are going to drive the boys wild tonight. I just hope you don’t cause too much trouble."

I felt my lipstick with my tongue and it tasted wonderful. I loved all the experiences that I was having at that moment, even though more was to come that evening.








Before I could do much more than taste my lipstick I heard a car come up to the drive and my heart froze. This was Brad’s car. I had heard it hundreds of times, but now he was coming to see Mia.

He walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. Shannon went to the door, I was do dumbstruck to do anything except strike a pose and smile. I heard Brad ask Shannon if her cousin Mia was home and Shannon smiled wide and said that I’d been waiting for him all evening. Shannon opened the door and I saw Brad as he saw me.

I could swear I could see his cock jump in his pants. I knew that it was growing as was the silence as he just looked at me. Shannon broke the silence by giving me a purse with all my "needed cosmetics" and pushed me into the arms of Brad.

I had known Brad for some time and I had spent the night at his house on many occasions. I remember talking to him about girls and what it was that he liked about them. I remembered all this, but I never thought that his arms would feel so good wrapped around my corseted waist. I never remembered him smelling so good.

"It’s nice to meet you finally Mia. I felt like I’ve known you for a long time."

How true that was. I, however, was on autopilot. I barely heard my response to him, but I know that as we were walking down the steps I was snuggling in closer to him. The feelings of overwhelming desire for his cock, cum, acceptance and love were so strong I thought I was going to burst.

We got into the car and he opened the car for me and I gave him a show of leg up to my garter. His crotch was so close to me that I almost reached out for it before the date ever started.

He came around and got in. There was so much sexual tension that I flirted and kept trying to increase the tension, but at the same time dreading the moment that all the tension came to fruition on me.

The light of the sun was fading and he drove me up into the hills. The sunset was amazing and my feminine side kept up the conversation. Somehow there was a part of me that had separated itself from the situation, except I could feel everything that was happening. I heard the conversation like it was on mute, but from some of the things that were being said and the amount of small physical contact that was being maintained, I just knew that intimaticy was imminent.

But it wasn’t. Brad and I watched the sun go down and the lights come on and light up the city. We didn’t say much for the last half hour or so we just watched the night fall. The stars came out and somehow there was an instant of communication when we just looked at each other. Deep into each other’s eyes.

"You are so beautiful." He said and I blushed.

"I mean it." He said. "You are without a doubt the most attractive and sexy girl I’ve ever been out with." He smiled at me and his eyes were telling me that he wanted his girl to be his girl now.

My female side was most happy to comply, but somewhere inside I wanted nothing to do with this. This was my friend from school and now I was going to lick his dick like I’d wanted to do all day and all week long.

Again, my male side was thunderstruck, but that didn’t keep Mia from acting. She reached into her purse that Shannon had given me and looked at the contents. A 10 Dollar bill, 3 lipsticks including the one she had given me at home and a condom, just in case I supposed. I disengaged myself from his side and pulled the passenger side mirror down. I licked my lips and looked at myself in the little mirror. I had the most irresistible urge to fix my lips just so they would look good for Brad, so I pulled the shiny tube of lipstick out and applied it slowly to my lips.

I heard a small groan slip from Brad lips and a smile came to mine. I knew he was watching me and it gave me a real thrill to know that he was being turned on by this. I turned to him with my very sexy red lips and smiled at him. There looked to be a log in his pants and it was moving.

The male side of me didn’t want the next thing to happen, but it did and I never looked back. He slid his hands over the buckles of his jeans and undid his belt and snap in one try. His cock was literally crawling over the side of his underwear as if it were going to jump out to get me by itself.

I loved it.

I reached over with my long fingers and red nails and slowly separated Brad from his underwear. He propped himself up so I could pull his cotton underpants all the way down and let his cock swing free. It was so stiff that it was standing at attention, waiting for me. I looked into Brad’s eyes as I slowly grabbed his cock with my left hand. I stroked it up and down slowly and while I was still looking into his eyes, I felt a little of his love juice on my fingers.

Slowly, like I was putting a show on for him, I put my finger in my mouth, careful not to touch my lips. The little drop was soooooo good and I wanted more of it worse than anything in the world. I looked down at his cock and I couldn’t resist the feelings anymore. I bent down into his lap.

I opened my mouth wide and slid his dick into my mouth closing down on him, sucking slowly, smearing pretty red lipstick all over his cock and my chin. He moaned in excitement as I warmly massaged his manhood with my lips.

"Oh Mia. Oh Mia." Brad said as I felt his palms on the back of my head. There was no pressure being applied, but I knew they were there to ensure that I didn’t take my lips away.

I pressed harder down and felt his cock probe into the recesses of my throat. I didn’t gag, instead I wrapped my lips harder around him and used my tongue which was well hidden on the inside to slide up and down on his shaft like I would lick a lollipop.

I tickled the bottom of his balls with a fingernail, stroking it slowly as I was working up and down now on the shaft with my lips. I could feel his cock get harder and harder as I worked it, but he had some fine staying power.

Brad reared his head back and his fingers latched into my hair. He started to buck his hips wildly. As I would go up, he’d go down and then reverse it on the next move. His cock was as red as my lips and that was very thrilling to me to know that I had painted his cock with my lips. He was becoming slippery in my mouth and the cum now was trickling out of his little pee hole constantly and giving me a taste in my mouth that somewhere deep down I was craving.

I’ve been craving that cum all week, I thought.

"Oh Mia, you are a cocksucker!" he said with force as he pushed his cock deeper in my mouth and just for a second it got even harder and longer before he exploded. Explode he did. His first spurt was hot and it hit the back of my throat like a bullet. I swallowed it without even thinking about it. If I hadn’t it would have stained his leather interior, I thought. The second and third spurts I had time to savor the taste and as strong as it was, and though I was humiliated to think so, it was a wonderful, wild taste that I knew I loved. He kept cumming and I kept drinking. It was the most liberating thrilling thing I’d ever done and I licked his cock even more passionately because this was something that I needed and wanted.

Finally his cock softened and the cum stopped and the fingers that were knotted in my hair freed themselves so I could sit up and look at the damage. His cock was Cherry Red and rapidly going limp. Brad was sitting with his head leaned back and a smile on his face that only girlfriends see. I adjusted the drivers mirror to see what I looked like and I could see the look.

The same look that all women get once they’ve had their first load of cum. I thought about Shannon and what she had said once I’d given my first blowjob. Without a thought I cleaned my chin and then found myself applying the lipstick again.

I smiled




The rest of that trip was like the first part. I gave him 3 blowjobs that night, including one in the driveway of my own home. When I walked in at midnight, Shannon was still awake and she just smiled. She knew by looking at me that her Thesis was right and that if you chose the right type of person, a different personality could be inserted. Shannon is now a top-flight psychologist for the military. Brad is working hard at getting his 4 year degree because he has to support me.

And me, well you should be looking to all the She-Male porn stars because that was the final suggestion that Shannon gave me. I’m compulsively in love with Brad and I’m also a compulsive exhibitionist when it comes to oral sex. Movies were the most natural course of action. Bye for now… look for me in the movies.




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