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Class Magic                      by: Ariel Davidson


Mark and Cheryl Thomas sat curled together on there living room couch watching a late night TV movie. A few years ago they might have gone out to a movie or dancing on Saturday night, but lately they spent almost every evening at home. Even though they were childless and didn't have to worry about the expense and trouble of finding a baby sitter, they didn't feel like going out much. Mark worked as a service writer for a Ford dealership and Cheryl worked in the bakery of the local supermarket. Together they made just enough money to support their modest home with very little to spare. They didn't have much money left over for dinners out or movies and even if they did, they really didn't feel much like going anywhere.

Mark was starting to drift off to sleep, when his wife picked her head up off his shoulder. Something on television had grabbed her attention. It was one of those cheap ads that often play in the wee hours of the morning, soliciting business for bankruptcy lawyers or peddling the latest kitchen miracle device. But this one was even flakier than most. It was advertising a magic class! And not card tricks or slight of hand aids. This commercial promised that you could learn real magic. Teleportation, levitation, transformation and so on.

"Like those real psychics that you can call for two dollars a minute." said Mark disdainfully. "Lets turn that junk off and go to bed."

But Cheryl was already looking for a pencil to write down the phone number.

"I'm going to call them first thing Monday morning. The first class is free and it can't be a bigger waste of time than watching these stupid movies on TV."

She did have a point there. So during the day on Monday she called Mark at work to tell him that they were both enrolled. The first class was scheduled for that very evening in a nearby storefront. The last time Mark had noticed the place it was being used by Jenny Craig.

They arrived about five minutes before the class was scheduled to start. In addition to the instructor, there were nine new students in attendance. Besides Mark and Cheryl, there were three other couples, plus a single man in his late twenties. His nametag identified him as Charles Ross and Mark didn't like him from the start. He figured that a single guy could only be there for one reason; to pick up women. All the women in the class were married. Which, Mark figured, won't necessarily stop him from trying.

The instructor started the class by demonstrating some of his own abilities. In front of each of the students was an unlighted candle. He quickly glanced around the room. As his eyes settled on each candle, it would immediately burst into flame. He then told them that in two or three weeks, each of them would be able to perform this simple act.

"But I realize that is not very impressive. So watch me closely."

Where he had been standing a blink of an eye before, now stood a young girl, perhaps ten years of age.

"Many of you will be able to do this in as little as two months. Or maybe even more unbelievable things."

He said all of this in the young child's voice. And then, just as quickly, he returned to his original form. He then proceeded to start the class. The first lesson was for each student to learn how to light the candle in front of his or her seat. And even though none of them were able to produce as much as a puff of smoke, by the end of the class, all nine of them enrolled.

By the time the next Monday came, Mark was convinced that they had fallen victim to a scam, but since he had already paid for the class, they showed up just the same. Five minutes into the class, Charles succeeded in lighting his candle. Mark now figured that in addition to picking up women, Charles was there as a plant, placed there to convince everyone to stay in the class. But before the class was over, Cheryl's candle was also burning in front of her.

The next Monday, the instructor pulled Cheryl and Charles away by them selves to start working on some simple transformations, while the remainder of the class continued to work with candles. By the time two more lessons had passed, The entire class had learned to light the candle. All, that is, except Mark.

"You're just too skeptical." Cheryl told him. "That's the only reason you can't do any magic."

By now Cheryl could consistently turn apples into oranges and perform other similar transformations, both in and outside of class. In fact, she was the most advanced of all the students, except for Charles. He was progressing at a rate that amazed even the instructor.

At the next class, the instructor brought everyone together to demonstrate what they had learned. Cheryl turned her mousey brown hair to a brilliant blonde and received everyone's admiration. Mark, of course, had nothing to show. He still hadn't learned to light his candle. When Charles's turn came, he smiled and concentrated for a bit. Then everyone in the class, except for Mark, began to chuckle. Cheryl looked at Mark, then pointed at his legs. Instead of the khaki dockers that he had been wearing when he came in, Mark was now wearing a light colored knee length skirt and tan pantyhose!

The instructor chuckled as well. "All right Charles, you've had your little joke." he said, but even after Charles reversed the transformation of Mark's clothing, the instructor's shy smile was a clear indication that he was pleased with the progress of his star pupil.

"OK, class, have a little social time." When everyone's eyes were off him, the instructor motioned to Cheryl, indicating that he want to speak with her privately outside the classroom. They conferred together for about ten minutes. Then Cheryl returned and told Mark that the instructor needed to speak with him now.

"I'm removing you from the class." he told the still embarrassed Mark. "You're just not making any progress and that little demonstration today should have given you a small taste of what could happen to you if you stay around those of greater ability."

Mark was relieved. At least he could avoid any further humiliation. "I suppose Cheryl knows."

"Yes. I wanted to tell her first so that she could have some time to decide if she wanted to stay in the class without you. But she came to a decision very quickly."

"I'm sure she must be very disappointed."

"Oh, you don't understand! She decided to stay in the class, and I think she made the right choice. A talent like hers could actually become dangerous if she doesn't receive the proper training."

Neither of the Thomas couple said one word during the drive home. The next Monday, Cheryl went to the class alone. She came home bubbling with excitement.

"The instructor is going to give special instruction to me and Charles after class, starting next week."

"After class? How late will you be?"

"I should be getting home around 1:00"

"Don't you think it's dangerous for you to be out that late by yourself"

"I already thought about that. But Charles has offered to pick me up and take me home! Isn't that sweet?"

Mark didn't think so, but he held his tongue. He wasn't at all pleased with the way this was going.

The next week, Mark was asleep by the time Charles dropped Cheryl off. The week after that, he resolved to stay awake. At 1:30, Mark started to become concerned. Cheryl should be home by now! Just after 2:00, he heard voices coming up the walk. It didn't sound like Cheryl's voice, but whoever it was apparently had a key to his front door. When the door opened, a very attractive black couple entered. The woman was dressed in short shorts and a tight top, displaying a traffic stopping body. The man was tall and athletic, and his tight pants showed that he was also well endowed.

"Oh, Mark, I didn't think you'd still be up!" exclaimed the woman in a southern accented voice, "But I'm so happy you are. Just look what we did!"

Mark then realized that the couple was Cheryl and Charles, showing off some of their new skills. Mark was visibly displeased.

"Are you feeling left out?" Charles apparently wanted to rub it in. "Maybe you'd like to join the family."

Mark knew that Charles was going to perform another one of his little demonstrations. And he was right. He found himself transformed into a black teenaged girl, just past adolescence.

"That's not funny! Change me back right now!" demanded Mark in a high pitched voice.

"Why would I want to do that?" replied Charles. " Just sit here and watch some TV, while me and Mamma have some fun back in the bedroom."

Now it was Cheryl's turn to look displeased. "Change him back, Charles. I think we've had enough fun."

Charles complied with her request. But he wasn't through.

"What do you want with him? I'm clearly better equipped to take care of a woman's needs."

"I think you better go now, Charles."

As soon as he was out the door, Cheryl restored her normal appearance.

"I promise that won't happen again." She tried to reassure Mark, but he was still very upset. Cheryl had taken his side this time. How long would she continue to do so?

Mark didn't have to wait too long for the answer. On Sunday afternoon the phone rang. Cheryl answered it.

"Oh right, Charles. How could I forget? I'll be over in half an hour."

"Mark, I need to get something from Charles. I'll be back in an hour or two."

Mark didn't like the idea of Cheryl spending any time at Charles' place, and asked to go along. Soon they pulled up in front of Charles' townhouse. From inside they could hear a large dog barking. Then they heard Charles yelling at the dog to be quiet. Soon afterward he opened the door.

"Come in. Don't mind Lady. She's just a little excited because she's in heat. I was going to have her bred, but the dog I wanted wasn't available. Hey, you don't suppose?"

He turned and looked at Mark.

"No! absolutely not!"

"Come on Mark", Cheryl chimed in. "I'm sure it would be fun. And I promise I won't get mad at your for being unfaithful to me."

Mark can't believe his ears. His own wife wants him to mate with a dog! He briefly considered escape, but where can he go? He can go home, but he will have to face Cheryl eventually.

So Mark decided to go along. At Cheryl suggestion he removed his clothing so that Charles wouldn't have to make it vanish as part of the transformation. The next thing he knew he was on all fours on the floor. After he was changed back, his memory of his time as dog was very unclear. Cheryl explained to him that in order to get him to mate with Lady, Charles had to actually make him a dog, rather than a human in dog form. To get the proper sexual response, Mark needed a dog brain, which of course did not include a human speech center. Not only was he unable to talk, he was also incapable of verbal cognition.

So Mark's memories consisted of images of the world from a dog's perspective and the experience of sounds, some of which was human speech that he was incapable of deciphering. But most vivid was the memory of an overpowering scent that almost directly dictated his actions. One thing was clear to him. From a combination of the images and sounds, along with some very intense (and pleasurable) sensations, he knew without a doubt that he had "done the deed' with Lady. And to add to Mark's "experience" Cheryl and Charles decided to wait to restore Mark to human form until Monday night after class.

Cheryl seemed to think that the whole thing was a big joke. Mark could no longer avoid the painful truth that his relationship with his wife was starting to break down. He wanted to contact the class instructor, but the storefront was apparently unused except for the Monday night class. Before then, there was another event that Mark had to deal with; Cheryl's birthday was Saturday.

Mark was hoping that Cheryl wouldn't let Charles interfere with what might be their last celebration together. For a while, it would seem that he would get his wish. Charles had asked Cheryl out for Friday night, so that they could celebrate early. This was not exactly the way Charles wanted things to turn out, but he was too afraid of the rapidly developing powers of his wife and her paramour to object.

Mark's fear was overridden by his jealousy as he watched Cheryl prepare herself for her date with Charles. She spent over an hour showering, shaving her legs, and working on her hair and makeup. He couldn't remember when she had gone to so much trouble for him. She even put on a new set of lingerie that he had never seen before. He really didn't care if Charles had given her such an intimate gift, or if she had purchased it herself with her meager personal spending allowance. Either way he resented the way that Charles had come between him and the love of his life.

"I don't want you going out with him", Mark said with determination in his voice.

"What's wrong with me going out with a friend? That's what he is, Mark. A friend that I share a common interest with."

"Is that all you share with him? A common interest! What about that night you came home as a black couple? Where did you go before you came home?"

"We did stop at a club for a while. To see how people would react to us. And I enjoyed it! But it doesn't mean that we are having an affair, if that's what you think. Would you feel better if you went along with us?"

Cheryl turned away from the closet to face Mark. She saw that his face was red and flustered.

"Yes! Yes I would feel better!"

"The choice is yours. Of course Charles did make the reservations for two."

Mark fell back against the bed and collapsed. He tried to get up, but he couldn't move a muscle. He could only look straight up at the ceiling. Soon he saw Cheryl bending over him with a smile on her face.

"I really am getting good at this!" she said, obviously very pleased with herself. She bent down and easily picked up Mark and held him against her body. She turned to face the full-length mirror and Mark could see that she had turned him into the legendary little black dress. This time, she had given him the form of a dress, rather than actual making him into a dress, so he could see and hear as he normally would, although he was completely incapable of speech. She dressed herself in her husband's latest form, and continued getting ready for Charles.

Their evening out did seem to be perfectly innocent. But Mark was still upset by the fact that Charles had taken her to a much nicer restaurant than he had been considering for the next evening. There was no way that Mark could possible afford to show Cheryl such a good time. And she clearly enjoyed it. It wasn't until the end of the evening that Cheryl let Charles know how she had obtained the stunning dress that he had been admiring all evening.

"Why, hello Mark!" was his response. "I hope you had an enjoyable evening. Maybe I should have let you pick up the check."

Mark was thankful that Charles didn't accept Cheryl's invitation to come in as Charles dropped her off. Then, she surprised him by being somewhat apologetic as she undressed and restored Mark to human form. She even tried to make love to him, but not surprisingly, Mark was unable to perform.

The next day Mark made up his mind to confront the enticing magician who was stealing his spouse. He told Cheryl that he need to run a few errands, then drove to Charles' town home. He walked up to the door and rang the bell. He was relieved not to see any sign of Lady when Charles answered the door.

But Charles was not going to leave that situation alone. "Here to see your lady friend?" he asked with more than a little sarcasm in his voice.

"No! I'm here to see you about my wife! I want you to stay away from her! Starting immediately."

"Its not my fault that you don't have what it takes to keep her. Why don't you admit it? You've lost her. And I think I know just how to make her realize it"

Suddenly, Mark's world went entirely dark. Just like when he had been in the form of a dress, he was unable to move, but there was a difference. This time he felt like he was tightly folded up on himself. Then, everything around him started to move. After a while he realized that he was in a box, and someone, Charles probably, was carrying him. His suspicions were confirmed when he heard the muffled voices of Charles and Cheryl in an excited conversation. He could understand enough to realize that Charles was presenting whatever he was now to his wife as a birthday present!

He could feel the vibrations as Cheryl unwrapped her present. Light flooded in as she opened the box and, for the second time in as many days, lifted him up by his 'shoulders'.

As she shook him out she shrieked, "Oh thank you Charles! Its lovely"

"I want you to try it on right now."

She blushed for a few seconds, then swallowed and replied "All right." Leaving Charles in the living room, she went back into the bedroom to change, clutching Mark in one hand.

Once in the bedroom, she removed all her clothing and dressed herself in Mark's latest incarnation. When he could finally see their combined reflection in the mirror he was horrified. He was now a very revealing ice blue teddy with white lace trim. Cheryl was enthralled with the image in the mirror. She started to gently caress her body through the sensuous garment. Mark found her touch was exciting him, as if she were stroking his most erogenous area with cool smooth satin.

When Cheryl returned to the living room, she found that Charles had changed clothes as well. He was wearing a dark colored silk robe, which was open to display his matching boxer shorts. He was sitting in the corner of the coach, inviting her to join him. On the coffee table was an iced bottle of champagne. She thought just for a second about Mark's expected return. Hoping that he wouldn't return too soon, she curled up next to Charles. Soon the two of them were making out like teenagers.

As their lovemaking progressed towards the inevitable, Cheryl started to remove the teddy. "No, please", purred Charles. "I want you to leave it on."

Soon, Cheryl was lying back, invited Charles to enter her. She moved Mark's crotch aside to facilitate her lover's penetration. Mark was in total despair as his wife, wearing him, was pleasured by another man. Her eventual orgasm seemed to be more intense than any that Mark could recall her having in all the years of their marriage.

Afterwards, Cheryl and Charles lay together in each others arms. "Maybe you should go now", suggested Cheryl. "Before Mark gets back"

"But Mark's already here."

"What!" Cheryl reflexively jumped away from his arms.

"Settle, down, dear. It's all right. You're wearing him."

She pulled at the bodice of the teddy. "You mean this is Mark?"


"I want you to turn him back. Now."

"No. I want you to think about it for a while. Let me stay the night. If you still feel the same way in the morning, I'll change him back then. Just give me a chance to show you my love."

Cheryl agreed. If Mark still had eyes, he would have cried them out that night.

Things got a little better for Mark the next morning. Over breakfast coffee, Cheryl told Charles that she wanted him to restore Mark to human form, then leave the two of them together for the day. She said that she realized that continuing their marriage wasn't really possible the way things were now, but she still loved him. She didn't want to leave him like this.

Cheryl went back to the bedroom to take Mark off and change into shorts and a top. She came back out carefully carrying her husband, as if he were fragile and would break if she dropped him. Charles restored him, then left without a word. He had lost a battle, but he was still confident that he would win the war.

Mark and Cheryl had a pleasant day together. They had both resigned themselves to the future. How could they continue their lives together with the chasm between them that was created by Cheryl's new abilities?

Late in the day, Cheryl excused herself to make a private phone call. When she was finished, she told Mark that she had spoken with the instructor. He wanted to see both of them together. He would come to the house in an hour.

As soon as the instructor arrived, Cheryl's entire attitude was transformed. She clearly held him in the highest regard and treated him with complete deference. Mark was certain that whatever advice he gave, it would be accepted by Cheryl without question. Initially, he seemed to ignore Mark's presence. Cheryl told him their story from her point of view, but Mark felt that she presented the facts fairly and accurately. When she was finished, the instructor turned his attention to Mark.

"I fully expected this, Mark. In my experience, relationships between adepts and non-adepts just do not work. The adept's power gives too much advantage in what should be a balanced partnership, and can even put the non-adept partner in danger, as you are beginning to discover. It would be in your best interests to grant Cheryl a divorce, move on, and forget her."

Mark was not at all willing to accept this. "No! I can't just forget her. It's not that simple. I will fight this. It's all your fault! You continued to teach her when you knew what it would do to our marriage."

"I suppose I should assume some responsibility. Since you are not willing to give Cheryl her freedom, I will try to make things easier for you."

Mark's world suddenly shifted. It was not nearly as drastic as becoming a dog, but everything became a little bit taller. Not knowing exactly what he would find, he looked down at his body. The first thing that he noticed was two large breasts, followed by a trim stomach and waist, a strangely flat crotch, and two smooth legs.

"Cheryl, say hello to your cousin, Marcie"

"But my name is Marcie, I mean Marcie!" What have you done?"

"It is quite simple. I have given you a push towards a new life. You are now Cheryl's 20 year old cousin, Marcie. Since you are in a sense starting over, I gave you back several years to make up for the time you spent married to Cheryl. You can even stay with here with her for a few months until you get more established on your own. But at the same time, I made sure that you couldn't continue your marriage or your relationship as you did before. But you are a very attractive young woman and I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding a new partner."

Without any further discussion, the instructor left Cheryl and Marcie to sort things out. They found that the once empty spare bedroom now contained a bed and dresser, plus a reasonable wardrobe for a woman Marcie's age. But there were other practical matters to address, and Cheryl brought them up right away.

"Without Mark's income, you're going to need to get a job right away," She was right. The instructor had done nothing to pad Cheryl's meager back account, and Cheryl was not comfortable with trying to live on her magical abilities until she had a little more experience.

So Marcie spent the first few days looking for work. Her options were somewhat limited, given her lack of background or experience. She ended up using the one asset she did have, her figure. Marcie was hired as a waitress by the local Hooters restaurant. Soon she realized that it was an excellent situation for her. The work was somewhat physically demanding, but her youthful athletic body was well equipped to handle it. The tips were good and her constant exposure to the public forced her to deal with the issues of living as an attractive female. She even started to make friends 'her own age', which was a good thing, since much of Cheryl's non-working time was spent with Charles. However, Cheryl did refuse Charles' request that she move in with him. She wasn't going to even consider it until Marcie was able to take care of herself on her own.

But for the most part, Marcie was happy. Cheryl was even a little envious of her developing youthful enthusiasm. One Wednesday afternoon she mentioned this to Marcie.

"Well, why don't you try it for yourself? It's well within your power to match your age to mine. Tonight's my night off and you don't have any plans. We can go out together. It'll be fun!"

"I wonder why I didn't think of that?" Soon both young women were ready for a night on the town. They did the kinds of things together that Mark and Cheryl once did when they were dating. They went from club to club, had a little food, drank a little together. They even found a place where two attractive young women could dance together without appearing out of place. And later they found themselves in a dark corner of that same club, in each others arms. They decided that they should continue their activities in greater privacy at home.

When they got home, Cheryl was too distracted by her impatience to resume things with Marcie to notice that the light on the phone answering machine was flashing. By the time Charles arrived, Cheryl and Marcie were both naked in bed together, enjoying each other's bodies. Cheryl had given Charles his own key, so he let himself in without knocking. He burst into the bedroom, startling the two young lovers. Then he started screaming.

"I've been trying to call you all evening! What have you been up to?"

Quickly he realized how silly that question must sound. Still furious, he began thinking about how to take his revenge on both of the Thomas girls.

"A couple of bitches in heat, that's what you are! And that's what you'll be!"

But to his surprise, nothing happened.

"I don't think so", said Cheryl calmly. "But on the other hand, you seem to have trouble finding mates for Lady. I think I can fix that, permanently!"

And there was a male German Shepherd standing in place of Charles, barking furiously.

The following Monday, Cheryl and Marcie got an explanation from the instructor.

"Initially, Charles had more ability as an adept than Cheryl. But it is well know that lesbians make the most powerful magicians. Once her passion for Marcie unlocked her full potential, Cheryl was easily able to block anything that Charles could do and deal with him anyway she chose."

"So you had it planned this way all along?" Marcie asked shyly.

"Not at all. I was just doing as I thought best. But I did realize that the situation had a certain...

uh, potential."

And that was all the explanation that they ever got.



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