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The Bimbo

by Sissy Emily


"Fucking faggot", I said as I barged Lee Garret over as he tried to tie his shoelace. My friends laughed as the slight, girlish looking boy went down onto the floor.

"I’m not gay" he said as he brushed a wave of long brown hair behind his ear, his voice seeming way to high and lilting for a guy of sixteen.

It was the last year of highschool and most of the year was now anxious to escape the confines of school and journey out into the wide world. I was no bully, but Lee deserved all he got, simply because he was so damn camp. He had always been so ever since the first year, quite short and quite slim, a very girlish frame really, with quite long brown hair parted in the centre that he was constantly playing with, twiddling it, or brushing it behind his ears. Even the way he walked and talked made him seem a complete fairy, mincing so his arse and hips swayed and wiggled like a girls and talking in a high breathy voice. This all added up to make him an obvious target for bullying. Everyone did it to him, pushing him over, or insulting him, but nothing ever really nasty. We all knew it really wound him up though and that made it a laugh.

"I’m really not gay" he repeated after receiving a look from one of my friends.

"Leave it out!" shouted another high voice. Looked behind me, and saw Emily, possibly the most desirable girl in the school. Blonde hair in a neat bob and a fantastic figure, about 36 inch hips, slowly curving into a 22 inch waist and then sensuously curving back out to a 36 chest with breasts at least a good C-cup. As well as this, she had legs to die for and soft kissable lips. Despite her obvious beauty, she did everything she could to hide it. School uniforms are not the most flattering clothes in the world but her long skirts and lack of make-up was simply her way of hiding her looks. She could be so hot if she wanted to be.

"…Can’t you just leave him alone, he hasn’t done anything to you" I snapped back to reality. Emily was now helping Lee up. At that point the bell rang signifying the end of lunch and the start of last lesson, Biology today. Me and my friends left, leaving Emily and Lee behind, thereby missing their conversation.

"Those arseholes!" cursed Emily, "Why do they always pick on you?"

"Cos they think I’m a puff" said Lee, "and they’re a bunch of homophobes"

"Are you?" asked Emily

"No!" protested Lee, a hurt look in his eyes

"Only asking" said Emily, "But all the same, how do you fancy getting revenge on them, or at least their ringleader?"

"Sure," said Lee, "but why would you want to help?"

"Didn’t you see the way the ogle me all the time, besides I like to help nice people out"

"Fine, we’ll get revenge together, but how?" asked Lee

"Can you keep a secret?" asked Emily

"Sure" replied Lee

"I’m a witch" she said.


* * *


Biology was boring as always. I don’t like to brag, but I had it all going for me. I was quite tall, quite athletic, short brown, almost black, hair and blue eyes that the girls loved. Further unlike most sporty types, I was quite clever too. Taking no less than thirteen GCSE’s and predicted A/A* in all of them. As such, most lessons were boring, except PE which was always a laugh. I was particularly good at rugby and was on the school team.

The lesson past quickly and I left to catch the bus home. I lived in quite a nice area with my Mum. I had an older sister, who although still had a room in our house was currently at university so we only saw her at the holidays. My Mum was a full time worker and as such, I rarely saw during the week at all. Still, it did not bother me, I could always just go out with friends. Once home I did my homework, had a quick sandwich for dinner then watched TV to around 11:00, at which point I went to bed. It was that night that Lee and Emily the witch, something I was not aware of, started their revenge.

The next morning, my alarm woke me early as usual, but something felt different that I couldn’t put my finger on. From my Mum’s open bedroom door, I could tell she’d been home and left again in a hurry to her second job. I began my daily routine the same as always, starting with a shower. It was then that the first weird thing happened. As I was showering, without thinking, I reached for a bottle containing a pink liquid with the word "Nair" on it that I knew was my Mum’s. I then proceeded to cover myself with the contents then watched as all my body hair came away. I now stood under the shower, shocked at what I’d just done. I was completely hairless, except for that on my head. I then noticed that my little sissy-clitty was trying to grow but was much smaller than usual. Sissy-Clitty! Where the fuck did that come from?!? What I did next was even weirder. I walked to my sister’s room and opened the drawers. From them I took a tampon, a sanitary towel and a matching black g-string and padded bra set. I then proceeded to bend over and force the tampon up my own arse. It looked ridiculous, I could see the string coming down between my legs. I then pulled the black nylon g-string up my smooth legs, and pulled it tightly up my anus. I placed the sanitary towel in the sexy panties and then finally put on the bra, the padding causing me to appear to have some figure. My mind was screaming at me to stop, but my body wouldn’t obey me. I looked at the clock, and discovered I was already late. At that I quickly went to my own room to finish dressing in my own uniform, tie, shirt, blazer and trousers, the latter strangely seemed very tight around my bum and hips. The bra was very obvious through my white shirt, but my body wouldn’t let me do anything about it. I knew I had already missed the bus so I walked to school, but still something seemed different. If I had seen myself walking I would have seen an obvious faggot walking like a girl, swaying my hips and wiggling my bum.

I made good time and by the time I arrived, the register was just about to reach my name. I sat down quietly trying not to be noticed.

"Craig Smith" called the teacher

"Here sir" replied Craig

"Lee Garret"

"Here sir" he said his voice still high and breathy

"Emily Rivers"

"Here sir" Emily looked at me as she spoke, and flashed me a very evil looking smile.

"Bambi Bigtits"

"Here Sir!" I practically shouted my voice high pitched and soft, like a sexy bimbo girl’s. Wait that’s not my name! I thought, but as I concentrated that’s the only name my mind came up with. Bambi Bigtits. This was really starting to freak me out now, what was happening? I became quite red and waited for the end of registration. When it came, I minced out of the room, now quite aware of the way I was walking, my hips swaying, and my bum wiggling in my now ridiculously tight trousers. It’s a good job I wore a g-string in such tight trousers I thought only then to think Why am I thinking like that?!?

Before I realised it, I’d come to a room. This wasn’t my class I thought as I walked in, this is a much lower set than I’m in… For some reason I’d gone to a class that in my opinion was for retards, yet here I was, sitting at a vacant desk as if I was meant to be there. The class took far longer to settle than I was used to, but once it had, the teacher took another register, myself once again responding to the name Bambi Bigtits in a breathy feminine voice. The lesson was maths and simple maths at that. Despite this, I found myself unable to do the simplest of the work set, despite my knowledge that I would usually do pieces as simple as 2x2 with the greatest of ease. This worried me but my body refused to allow me to show it, my only features being the chewing on the end of my pencil, no wait it was more sucking and the occasional pout of my lips. Were they bigger than usual? If I’d looked around, I’d have seen every guy in the room staring at me with lust. A tress of long blonde hair fell across my eyes. I brushed it aside, a decidedly feminine gesture. Wait a sec, my hair isn’t blonde or long! The bell went before I could dwell on that and I minced out to the hall. There I saw Lee and suddenly had the strangest urge to suck his cock. My mind was only filled with images of me on my knees sucking his cock. Before I knew what I was doing, that was exactly the position I was in, unzipping his flies with me teeth. People stared as I took his 9 inches in my mouth but I could do nothing to stop myself. I deep throated his cock, savouring the taste as if it were nectar. He moaned slightly but I found myself moaning and groaning like a bitch in heat, loudly and enthusiastically. He came in my mouth and I swallowed it all before standing and mincing down the hall. I then went straight to the ladies room.

To my surprise, when I wiggled in Emily was waiting inside as if she knew I was coming.

"That’s a nice sexy wiggle you’ve got there" she said

"Thanks!" I gushed breathlessly, "I hope all the cute guys notice" It was at this point I realised I had really no control and resigned myself to my fate.

"However," continued Emily "you’d look so much cuter in a nice short skirt"

"Do you really think so?" I gushed

"Yes," said Emily condescendingly, "and that’s just what I have here" she smiled as she handed me the shortest skirt I’ve ever seen, a small black pleated uniform skirt, but only one or two inches in length, more of a belt really. I took it in my hands, now noticing how small and feminine they were, each finger with a two inch long bright red nail. I wriggled out of my now tight trousers and pulled up the short skirt, knowing it barely covered my g-string covered arse, now bigger and girlish. Further, the skirt now rode out on my far wider hips.

"Like your new hips and cute little bum there?" asked Emily, "the hips are now a good 38 inches around. Very sexy. But you know those guys shoes just don’t go with the outfit" At that she handed me a pair of very sexy looking heels, black and strappy, the heels at least 6 inches tall. I anxiously put them on noticing how my feet now appeared far smaller and daintier, the nails painted a matching red to my fingernails. Despite the additional 6 inches of height, I found that suddenly shorter than Emily. She then proceeded to tell me that my guys shirt also needed to be changed, at which point she gave me a tight lycra blouse that hugged my now obvious breasts. I then, again against my will, tied it at the bottom, making it a crop-top and exposing my belly. It was white so showed off my black padded bra, the padding no longer really necessary, my breasts seeming to have grown to at least a D-cup, made to look even bigger by the bra. Further the nipples were now bigger and stood prominently through the material. Finally I opened the two top buttons to show off plenty of cleavage.

"God you look so hot now" said Emily "all the guys are gonna want to fuck you, but they’ll have to settle for blow jobs and anal sex as I think you should keep your sissy-clitty to remind of who you were, but it will be the smallest little pee-pee in the whole world, less than an inch erect, and only cute guys will make it so. One more thing though, my blonde bimbo Bambi, a slut like you should always wear full makeup. At that point, I went to one of the mirrors above the sink and began to apply the makeup Emily handed me. Instead of my reflection though, I saw a total slut. A sexy bimbo with long blonde hair, big blue eyes with long dark lashes, and sultry eyeshadow. The cheek bones were high and highlighted with a sexy blush and the lips were bright red, moist and kissable. Nice and big for the perfect blowjob. A tight sexy boob hugging blouse, low cut showing plenty of tit and the obvious nipples and sexy black bra. An exposed belly and super short skirt, showing off a sexy little bum and black g-string, going down long smooth legs to tight sexy high heels.

I was every guys wet dream.

"Now you look about ready Bambi Bigtits. But before you go you should know some more about yourself. You’re a straight girl so only cocks for you, but your not picky and will have any guy. You can only talk about girlish things and you hate all sorts except netball, aerobics and dance. You will only use terms such as boobs, tits, hooters and jugs to talk bout your breasts. You will always walk, talk and act like a total slut. Finally you should know Bambi Bigtits, I’m behind your lovely little transformation, a little thankyou for your constant arrogance and for pushing Lee about. Oh, by the way from now on your gonna be his bitch. However, that doesn’t mean he won’t be willing to share you, you sexy little bit of crumpet. Kind of ironic, you always oggled me and now every guy in the world can oggle you!" Emily laughed. "Now say thank you, blow me a kiss and leave bimbo Bambi."

At her command I blew a kiss, and said in a ridiculously fem voice "Thank you", before mincing back out in my new outfit to begin my new life.


* * *


The headmaster looked out from his office window as the students came into school. One caught his eye, Bambi Bigtits, quite possibly the worst student in the school, a failure in all subjects, a true bimbo. A sex obsessive and she never obeyed the uniform policy. Just look at her now as she wiggled that sexy arse into school. A short black skirt that rode high up her legs to show off her peach arse and red lacy thong. Her stocking tops were also clearly visible below the skirt hem. Her shoes had to be at least 7 inches, how could she walk in them. Her blouse was low cut and quite see through, super tight. Beneath it a lacy corset could be seen. It whittled her waste down to around 18 inches. Her hips were made more dramatic, at least 40 inches, and her breasts, gravity defying 42 inch D-cups. Her blouse showed plenty of them. Her hair was long and platinum blonde, coming down to that sexy butt. Her makeup was daring, dark, large eyes with dark eye-shadow, eyeliner and mascara making the lashes even longer than they were. Her nose was petite and lips were a bright red, large and perfect for a blowjob. Finally, her cheek bones were high and covered in a nice rouge that created a permanent blushing embarrassment look. Very desirable. But not the uniform, she would certainly have to be expelled, but if only she didn’t give such great blowjobs……


* * *


Bambi minced into school, God she was so hot. Lee stood there.

"Hey honey!" she said as she saw him.

"Hey, give me some sugar" he replied and she happily obliged, with a french kiss and then at the same time felt for the bulge in his trousers. Yes, he was ready. She knelt down and then opening, his flies with her teeth, took out his now rigid member and sucked his cock, making more moaning noises than anything else. She seemed very happy.

"Hey!" said one of the teachers who walked up just as Bambi finished her little job.

"Bambi Bigtits! This is disgraceful, report to my office immediately!"

Bambi then wiggled dejectedly, to the mans office. Once there she turned to him.

"I’m sorry sir, but…"

"Shut up slut," said the teacher as he locked the door, "now hike up that nice little skirt and bend over my desk, show me that sweet little peach arse." He began to unzip his flies.

"Yes Sir, thank you sir." Said Bambi breathily ands sexily. And she meant it……




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