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Part three. Lynn gets along better with Beth, but Bob is hard for Lynn to deal with. Lynn escapes the situation, or does she. This part gets a little on the BDSM side, so beware.


Betting My Life Away

by Karens Wife


I awoke to the clock radio buzzing. It was a Saturday, but it was still a work day for me. I had many chores to do, and I was expected to be dressed properly before I made breakfast for Mistress Beth and Master Bob. The name Master made me upset just thinking of it. I hate Bob, and he's supposed to be my Master now.

After I finished dressing, and putting on my 3 inch weekend heels, I headed for the stairs. As I walked by the master bedroom, Beth called to me to enter, which I did. "Good morning Mistress Beth, Good morning Master Bob" I said as I curtsied to them. They were both sitting up in bed, and Beth motioned for me to come closer.

"See this bell Sissy, when either of us ring it, you are to come immediately to see what our needs are. You better not be too slow to answer, unless you enjoy being punished.", Beth said as she held up a small bell and rang it for me. The bell was not that loud, and I worried that I might not be able to hear it in every room of the house. "Your Master thought you would like the bell, so he bought it for you" Beth finished.

I curtsied to Bob, "Thank You Master Bob, it was very thoughtful of you"

Bob smiled and said, "It's the least I can do for you Sissy, this will aid in your maid training. I also convinced Beth that you should have breakfast before us." He then threw back the sheets exposing their nakedness, "Now get up here and eat, Beth first." I obeyed and climbed on the bed doggy style and went right to Beth's cunt and started to tongue her, she loved it, I didn't. After she climaxed I had to do Bob .I hesitated to even put my face near his crotch, and the next thing I know is his hand slaps my face so hard, my head turns. "Get busy Sissy, I want you to take me all the way in, and make the yummy slurpy sounds to show us how much you like being a cock sucker." Bob yelled. I took the head of his cock in my mouth and tried to deep throat him, I just couldn't get him all the way in. I slurped and made moaning sounds like he wanted. He came within 10 minutes and I swallowed his cum, only spilling a little bit which I licked off my arm. "You still can't get it all the way in. You're going to have to practice a lot. You can suck me more often, or we can get more guys for you to suck. What do you want to do Sissy?

"I want to suck you Master Bob, please let me practice sucking you more, please!" I begged.

"OK, but you better learn how to deep throat me by the end of this week, now go fix us breakfast, we'll be down in half an hour. And fix your make-up, you look like a slut." As soon as Bob finished, I curtsied and backed out of the room, thanking him once again for his kindness. As I was descending the staircase, I knew that I couldn't take much more of this. Beth was one thing that I could deal with, but Bob seemed vicious towards me. I didn't know what else he would do, and I didn't want to experience it.

I started the coffee and the bacon then went outside to get the paper, as that was one of my duties. I was embarrassed to be out in my maid outfit. It's one thing to be out in public in a dress, but a maid's outfit? I tried to walk fast, but even the 3 inch heels slowed me down, damn, I'll never get used to heels. I entered the house and laid the paper on the dining table, and went back into the kitchen. I turned the bacon over, and got out the eggs that I would need for their omlets. I wanted to wit for them to come down stairs before I started the omlets. 40 minutes went by till they came down to the dining table. I served them coffee and started the omlets I served them their omlets, bacon, and toast, re-filled their coffee cups, and came back out and stood like a good maid at waiting. When they finished, I cleared the plates and refilled the coffee again without being told to. Beth then looked at me and said, "very good Sissy, you're learning. You have pleased me so far today, so as a reward, you can make 1 piece of toast, 1 piece of bacon, 1 egg, and 1 cup of coffee for breakfast, you have an hour so enjoy your free time." I curtsied and thanked her for her kindness, to which she responded with an evil grin.

Just as my half hour was up, I heard the bell ringing, and I rushed to the living room. Beth was sitting alone and said, "Your Master is going golfing with the boys, go upstairs and help dress him like a good servant."I went directly to the master bedroom, Bob was still in his robe. I curtsied and asked,"May I help you Master?"

Bob smiled and said,"Take my robe off girl", which I did. "Now help me step into my underwear". I got his underwear from a drawer and knelt down in front of him. He moved closer to me so that the head of his dick was in my face. I held the underwear so that he could step into it, and then pulled it up, stopping when I got to his dick, he wasn't going to help, so I pulled the underwear up and arranged his cock so he would be comfortable. This went un with his slacks, shirt, socks, and shoes. He didn't do anything to really help, I felt like a slave. When I had him dressed, he spoke to me again,"Well Sissy, I know that you will miss my cock today, but us guys like to get together on the weekends, something you don't have to worry about. When I come home, I expect you to be on your knees ready to give me a blow job. Now kiss my zipper good bye." I puckered up and kissed the zipper of his slacks, he then turned around and left for his golf game. I was humiliated, and almost in tears. Then I heard the bell again, and I was up and heading for the stairs.

Beth had some news for me, "Lynn (yes, she actually called me by my name), go put on that pink angora sweater with the low cut front, the black leather mini skirt, and the heels you have on. We're going out as a reward for you being such a good girl. Now hurry up because we have to be back home before Bob." I hurried up to my room to change. I didn't want to go out in public, especially dressed in that top and mini. The skirt was very short, and I could barely sit down without showing my panties off. But beth was in a good mood, and said that this would be a reward. I finished dressing and went downstairs. Beth had got dressed and was ready to go, the only thing was how she was dressed. She was wearing a sleeveless turtleneck and a pair of blue jeans. She wasn't wearing socks, and had on plain white deck shoes. We did not look like we were heading in the same direction. "Come along Lynn, thay day is going by fast!", with that we went out to her car. I got in very lady like, like I was told to do. Beth just stepped in one foot at a time, like I used to. She didn't talk to me on the way, and I had no idea where we were going. Ahh, the mall. We pulled in to the parking lot and parked at the far end of the lot. After we got out of the car, Beth told me that she wanted me to act very feminine today, and that I better wiggle my ass for the guys. I started wiggling as we walked to the entrance, Beth was 2 steps behind me, and I could hear a little giggle from her. When we got to the entrance, I held the door for Beth, and a couple of guys watched us enter. Beth told me not to hold the door for her again, that's a man's job.

Beth walked and I followed. I could feel the stares of the guys that were there just to girl watch. My skirt was so short, they were waiting for a chance to see my panties, how gross of them. Finally beth headed into a Penney's store, and once again I was in the shoe section. This time, I was being fitted for 1 heels in patent black and patent red. This was my reward, lower heels. I sat to be fitted, I knew that the salesman could see right up my skirt, hell, I wasn't even sitting on my skirt, there was only my panties between me and the seat. After we got the shoes, Beth announced that we were going to lunch at a restaurant. We waited for the hostess to seat us, and again I felt like I was on display. I was still wearing my 3 inch heels, and still wiggling my ass. The hostess gave me a looked like "what are you supposed to be". I was so humiliated I wanted to run, but to where? Beth ordered two salads and two ice teas, not what I call lunch, but it was far more than my breakfast.

After our lunch, we were back in the car, but Beth was not driving towards her house. Instead, we ended up in a x rated part of town, where all the x-clubs and bars were. I couldn't imagine why we were here. Beth saw my jaw hanging down and said,"Better close that mouth before you give the wrong impression. We're hear to shop, and I don't want one word out of you, just do as your told."Then I noticed the storefront100 feet away. It had body harnesses in the window, even bridals and bits for people. Yep, that's where we were heading. Beth held the door for me and I walked in to a world I couldn't believe. Beth went up to a slightly overweight woman about in her forties. She was dressed in leather, and had a name tag that said 'Slave Trainer'. Now I was getting worried.. Beth told her, "here's a list from this Sissy's master (now I was Sissy again, not Lynn), he wants these items incase Sissy doesn't behave. The woman smiled and pointed to a chair by some shoes. These were not ordinary shoes, these were high platform shoes.

The woman told Beth,"My name is Torment, and I'll get the fittings started, you do know these things are expensive?" Beth smiled and nodded. Torment told me to take off my shoes. She then measured my feet and left. She returned with a pair of shoes like I had never seen anyone wear. "There called ballet shoe Sissy, something every Sissy should own." She started to force my feet in them, bending my toes, feet, and calves into an inline shape. She laced them up snugly, and then fastened ankle straps at the top. Then she produced two small locks, and put one on each strap, locking the shoes on my feet. "Stand up and walk for us Sissy". Oh my God, pain shot up from my feet and calves. I couldn't balance and almost fell down immediately. Beth than grabbed my arm and held me steady, Torment was not too pleased. "She has to learn to walk in them, and serve in them if you want a good Sissy. Stay standing and take off your top, I'll get the waist cincher." She returned with a satin garment with metal hooks in the front, and shoe like laces in the back. It had 6 metal strips from top to bottom, 3 on each side. It was wrapped around me and hooked in the front, then Torment started pulling the laces tight, cutting off my breathing. She continued to pull until I thought I would pass out .She double knotted the laces and chuckled, "That will hold her in for now". The next thing I knew, I was measured for wrist and ankle cuffs. Then I had a very high collar placed around my neck, it forced my head upwards. I was told it was called a posture collar. I also got a 2 inch collar for when I was "good". Then something that really bothered me, a sheath in red leather that both my hands and arms went into. It laced up to my elbows, making my hands and arms useless. There were some rods and bars put in our order too. Beth wanted me back in my 3 inch heels (thank God!!) For the trip home, but the cincher, arm sleeve, and posture collar were to remain on. After Beth paid, that old witch Torment gave her a bag full of free "goodies" for being such a good customer. I don't know how much was spent, but we needed help to get everything to the car. I was very self conscious on the trip home, my collar was visible to any one going by us. My head was tipped back, and I had to sit very rigid and straight with that damn cincher on. When we got home, Beth removed the arm sleeve, and I had to unload the car before I could change. Beth told me that I could wear my 1 inch black heels with my maids uniform. It was so nice to wear the low heels, but the collar was very bothersome.

There's the bell. I hurried to Beth. She told me to start dinner, then added, " The items we purchased at that store were Bob's idea. He thinks it will help in your training to be more feminine. You will wear the cincher 24/7, except when you bathe. We'll get you some tube body stockings to wear underneath it to keep it fresh. You are to wear the posture collar until you can deep throat Bob. If you screw up from now on, Bob will be the one to mete out the punishment" I started dinner, baked chicken on wild rice. Then I heard Bob's car door slam, and I ran to the door and knealt down. In this position with the collar on, I was in the perfect position for giving blow jobs.Bob came in and walked right over to me. Without any words spoken by either of us, I unzipped his pants and lowered them. Then I lowered his underwear. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it to hardness. The collar did help me to get more in, but I still couldn't get it all in. He came, I swallowed and cleaned him up, then redressed him. He went to beth and gave her a deep kiss. I didn't know what to do. "Well get up and take care of the dinner Sissy!", Beth said..

My duties went on like this for the next five days, and I still couldn't deep throat Bob. My week was up, and Bob said he was looking forward to my weekend of punishment. Beth was nice to me all week. I spent a lot of time licking and cleaning out Beth's cunt. She was happy with my performance, but she was still going to let Bob punish me. I saw Bob getting things ready for the punishment session that will start tomorrow, Friday afternoon, and continue through the weekend. I made my mind up, it was over, I was going back to my apartment, this had gone too far.

Friday was a casual day at work, so I wore a short denim skirt with a yellow blouse, pantyhose, and 2 inch heels. I could drive in these heels, so I took my car to work. After work, I went home. HOME! My home, not Beth's. I parked in the apartment's lot. It felt good to be back home and I couldn't wait to change out of these clothes. I looked around to make sure no one was in sight before I hurried to the security door. I put my key in, turned it, opened the door and rushed in, barely getting my keys out of the lock. I went up to my apartment, 204, and unlocked the deadbolt and the door lock. I wasn't expecting what I saw when I opened the door. Freshly painted walls. That's it. Freshly painted walls and nothing else. No couch, no table, no chairs, no tv, nothing. Everything was gone. I was robbed of everything I owned. And all of my clothes were gone also. Now what? Dare I go to the manager and tell him? I mean dressed like I am, what's he going to think? I had to do something, I just couldn't start over from scratch, maybe they moved everything to storage to paint. Yeah, that's it, everything must be in storage, I better ask.

I knocked on the manager's apartment door, he always appeared to be an honest man to me. He opened the door, looked at me and said, "May I help you Miss? You here for the apartment?"

"Bill! Bill, it's me, Lynn. Lynn from 204. I come back home and my apartment is empty. Where's all my stuff, in storage? I need it back now!"

"Lynn? You gave the apartment up, broke the lease. There was a gal who came over here with papers that she had power of attorney over you to handle all your debts. She paid me 3 months rent to break the lease, and it's up for rent now if you want to rent it again. I'll need first and last month's rent, plus damage deposit, and you can rent it again. I gotta say that when she said you wanted to have a sex change, I didn't believe it, but after seeing you now, I know she was telling the truth."

Where's all my stuff Bill? It's all gone. I need my clothes and a place to stay. I don't have any money right now, but I will in a couple of weeks when I can straighten this out. I need my stuff back Bill!"

"Well you better ask that lady friend of yours, she's the one who had it moved out. Some moving outfit came and packed everything up and hauled it off. As far as the apartment goes, it's not yours anymore, sorry, but the lease is broken."Bill said.

Screwed! That's what I was. Screwed .I headed back to my car trying to think of my next move. I searched my purse. I had 89 cents in change, hardly enough to get a motel room. There was only one way I could think of to get any money, but that would be short term, just to get enough for one nights rent. I thought about it for awhile. How much should I charge? How do I go about it? What about STDs. It was no use, I would rather deep throat Bob than prostitute myself. I had no choice. I had to go back to Beth's.


When I got to Beth's house, I saw that Bob was already home, and I knew that he would be pissed about not getting his welcome home blow job from his Sissy. I went in the house and started crying, "Please excuse me Master Bob for not being here for your welcome blow job. Please excuse me Mistress Beth for being late. I crawled over to Bob and started his blow job. I came very close to getting him all the way down my throat. I did my best to please him and I was oh so close. After I finished sucking him off, he Got a little bit of an angry look on his face.

" We got a call from the manager of your old apartment building. What were you thinking? Don't even answer, I don't want to hear it. Now I want you to go empty your bladder and get ready for your punishment to start." When I did as told, I went back to kneel in front of Bob. " We start down in the basement Sissy, and you better remember the drill. Now go down and sit on the chair at the bottom of the staircase. Now Get going."I went down and sat on the chair. I saw the ballet shoes were there already, and the arm sheath, and my posture collar. Then Bob and Beth came down to administer my punishment.

"I'm going to go easy on you this time Sissy, no whips or canes, no paddles or straps. Now put your new shoes on." Easier said than done. I could barely bend with the cincher on, lucky for me it had loosened up a little. When I had the shoes laced up and straps buckled, Bob gives me 2 locks which I put on the straps. I now can not take the shoes off. "Put these cuffs on your ankles, than lock them on with this chain and 2 locks" was Bob's next command. I did as told, and noticed that the chain was only 12 inches long. Bob then put my posture collar on very tight. Then he had Beth help me stand while he placed the arm sheath on my arms, behind my back. This was extremely uncomfortable and I whimpered and cried some tears. "This is only your clothes, not your punishment, Sissy."what did that mean? Before I knew what was happening, a round ring was placed in my mouth, and a harness was placed over my face. I had straps going around my mouth, nose, under my chin, over my ears, and one over the top of my head. They were connected to the round ring in my mouth. I couldn't close my mouth, and I started to drool. Then Bob showed me a big penis gag before he pushed it into my mouth. I couldn't refuse it, and it made my jaws hurt .Next thing I saw was Beth with a tube of k-y jelly. She was putting it on the largest but plug I ever saw. It looked 8 inches long, with a 1 inch diameter head. Over the next seven inches of shaft, it grew to a 2 inch+ diameter, then back down to a 1inch diameter very quickly .Beth put it on a coffee table, sticking upwards. "Well Sissy, look what your Mistress gave you. You better put it to use and sit on it. We'll help you."Bob said while laughing. Beth held the plug, while Bob guided me onto the plug. My feet and legs were going to go out from trying to squat. I felt the head press against my sphincter, then suddenly make a small movement inwards. I was straining to keep it out, and stand up, but the shoes and my bonds kept me in this position. Beth and Bob pulled up some chairs and poured some drinks, then proceeded to watch me suffer.

Tears were running down my cheeks, and I was crying, although muffled by the gag, Bob and Beth were enjoying my predicament. Slowly the plug was going in me. Finally it seemed to stop at the spot where it had the largest diameter. Bob and Beth got up and came over, "Can't wait all night Sissy, Beth hold his shoulders, and I'll get his feet." With that, Bob lifted my feet and turned me back and forth, suddenly in a burst of pain, the plug bottomed out and my ass was now rather full. Bob said to me, "Just remember that it goes in easier than it comes out, but it will get easier each day. Now for your punishment, you have to walk across the basement to your new room, the old storeroom." The store room was 8x8 feet. Bob had removed all the shelves, but placed a large hook in the middle of the ceiling. Once inside the room, Bob threaded some rope through the 2 D-rings just above my wrists on the arms sleeve. He then threaded the rope through a pulley that he hung on the hook. Then he pulled, and I let out a loud moan. As he pulled my arms up, I was forced to bend over, my whole body hurt. The waist cincher dug in tighter, the but plug became even more uncomfortable, my arms were being pulled backwards, and I was trying to balance on my ballet shoes. I was forced to stand on my toes, very painful, and if I lost my balance, my arms would be pulled on harder.

"We're going to leave for the time being. We haven't had any supper yet because our Maid wasn't here to make it. So we're going out for dinner and drinks. Don't know how long we'll be, but we will check on you when we come home. Don't go anywhere, and make yourself comfortable." was Bob's snide remark as they shut the door to the storage room, leaving me in the dark. What will tomorrow bring?


END of part three Do Bob and Lynn ever make peace? It may surprise you .

As certain events have made it difficult for me to type, my stories are taking longer between parts. I am sorry about this, but I can't fix the problem, I can only deal with it on good days. What you read here is more than 5 hours at the keyboard, so please bare with me. Karen's Wife




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